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August 11, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 11, 2017

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PAGE 36B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 11, 201T $1,886.62, $0.66; Randy w specified in \his notice sh_| ot your limeshare intere_. lt you newspaper, provided such a Building _erein _Time Sha_ Statutas. PI6as8 be advised on the following d6scrib8d re_ NoncE OF TRusnE's Pulley and Cindy L Reid, 5218 ba subja_ lo the judici do not objert to lh6 us6 ot th6 nawspap& 6xi_s at the time Plan (Properfy) Add_ss"). As that in the 6v8nl that your properfy located in Os_la SAU Ch8Nwood Driv6, Richmond, toreclosu_ p_ceduR only. t__ea to_closure pDc8dur8, ot publi5hing. lt you fail lo a resuW ot the alorementioned obligationisnotbroughtcun_nt Coun_, Florida: (See Exhib_ wuTGAnTowERs NORTH VA 23237, 1n _| S6ason- You hav6 \he right \o cu_ your you will not b6 subi6_ to a cura lh6 detauW as set forth default. Weslgate he_by el6_s flncluding th6 payment ot any _A") Tlme Share lnte_(s) On Seplember 5, 2017 at float WeeWfloat Unit, 4000- detauW in Me mann& set tor_ deficienty judgment even it in lhis notic6 or \ahe other lo sell the Proper_ punuant fees incunad by Wastgata in (s66 Exhibit "A'_ aKoding 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON 75A, 31nNN, 11v2014, in this notice at anyti_P befo_ the p__s hom the sale appDpriat8 a_ion with r6gad to Section 721.855, Florida commencing this to_closu_ lo the Timesharing Plan for MARDER, P.A.. 201 E. Pine 4995l458-463, 81 ,907.02, the undenigned tw_ee's s_e of your timesha_ int6_st to this tor6closure maner, you Statut85. Please be advised p_c6ssT wrfhin thirty (30) the Westgate Town Center, StPel, Suke 500, Orlando, $0.66: Kavin Long and K6nya ot yourtimeshaR inter_. Wyou aR inwmcient to oWs& the risk losing owne_h_ ot your th_ in the event that your days hom the first date ot recordad in the omcial R8colds Florida _2801, as T_stee Long, 25_ Merchan_s Row do not obj6_ _o Me use ot \he _unts s6cur6d by th6 li6n. tim6snar6 inte_st th_ugh the obligation is not brought GUr__ public_ion, the undersignad Book 1564, at Page 1479. of punua_ to that Appoin_ment Blvd., T_lahauee, FL 32311- t_st_ to&losuR p_uP, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, \wstee toreclosuP pDc8dura [lncluding the payent of any Twstaa sh_| pDc_d wrm the Public Recods otOweola ot Twrtee recorded on May 3663, 1n _| S8a5on- float you will not be subj_ to a P.A.. T___. 6stablish8d in S6_ion 721.855, tees incu_ by We_gate in the s_6 ot th6 Prop6_y as Coun_, Florida (the _Plan_. 23. 2017. in O.R. Book 5152, WaaMloat Unk, 4000-85A. deficienty judgment even rf QHIBIT _A" - NoncE OF Florida Stat_es. You may commencing this foBlosu_ pDvid8d in Sertion 721.855, Together with the right \o a\ Page 2114, ot th6 Public 810DD, 11v2015, 4995/458- lhe pDteeds hom the s_e DEFAULT AND IN_ENr _o choose to sign and send lo proc8NT whhin Mirty T3o) Florida SlatW6s. in which case, occupy, pu_uant to the Plan, Recods ot Osceola Coun_, 463, 8956.12, 8o.33; Maria ot your limeshare ime__ FORECLOSE tha und6nign8d tw_ea an days hom the fint date ot Me undenigned Twst68 shall: Unit(s) (See Exhibit _A_, during norida, by rea_n ot a now L Lchtenleld and Andre J are insumcient to oRset \he Owne_sVObligo_s), Tlmesha_ objection torm, exercising your publicalion, the und6rsigned (1) p_vide you whh wen Unit Week(s) (See Exhibk _A_, continuing default by Obligor(s). Lcht6nt6ld, 11045 John Street amou_s __d by the lien. lntePst, Building-Unk, Weakl righl to object to the u58 of the Tw_ee sh_| p_ceed whh notite or the sal6, intluding during Assigned Yea_s). ISee (See Exhibrf _A_, whose Road, Murillo, ON POT2GO, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ANignad Yaar, DatauW Data, \_stee foraclosure pDcedur8. the s_e ot the p_perty as the date, time and location Exhibit _A"). 7700 W_gate add_M is (See Exhibk wA_, in CANADA, 112 Fixed W68h/ P.A.,Tw_ee. Boo_Page of R8cord6d Len, Upontheundekignedtwstee.s p_vided in Sertion 721.855, the_t; (2) Record the notice Blvd., Kissimme6, FL 34747, the paynent or performante Fixed Unrf, 5100-5134, 41 EXHIBrr _Ah - NoncE OF Amount, Per Diam Amount raceipt ot your signed objerfion Florida Stat_rt85, in which case, ot s_6 in th6 Public Recods Building meRin _fima ShaP ot the obligations secu_d by ODD, 1/212015, 4995/458-463. DEFAULT AND INnNT TO Michael E Malnick, Tw_86 of torm, lhe to_closure of We the undersigned Twstee shall: otOK8olaCoun_,Florida;and Plan (Prope_y) Addl8M_. As s_d Cl_m ot Len &oded in $1,427.33, $o.46; steghanie FORECLOSL the Raymond V6ra Twst Dated lien whh Pspe_ to the defauW (1) PDvid8 you whh wrin6n I3) Publish a copy ot the notice a _sult ot the atoRmentioned O.R. Book 5060, at Page 2945- Wilson, 734 Powelton hu_h Owne_sVObligo_s), Tlmesha_ July 24, 2001 and Raymond specified in this notice shall notice of the sale, including ot s_6 two (2) times, once aath detault, Westgate h_by elerts 2951, ot the Public R6tords Rd, Sparta, GA 31087, 112 lnl&e_, BuildinglUnk. Weeh. Vera. 3703 Bethany Trce, be subje_ to tha judicial the date, _ime and location week, tor two (2) succ8Niv8 to sell the Proparty punuant of OK8ola County, Florida, #| S6ason- Float WeehlFloat DetauN Date, BooklPage ot G_6nsboro, NC 27406, 112 for8tlo5ue procedure only. thereot; (2) Recod th6 notice w86ks, in an Oscaola County to Section 721.855, florida including the b_ach or detauW, Unit, 5200-5225, 810DD, Recorded Len, Amount, P6r Fixed W68klFix8d Unrf, T-02, You have the right to cure your ot s_e in th6 Public Recods nawspap_ provid6d _uch a Statutes. Please be advised notite ot whith was s6 to_h 112_201 1 , 4995/458-463, Diem Amount: 34nvEN, 1l2l2OO8, 5033/225- detauW in \he manner s6t forth ot Osceola County. Florida; and n8wspap6r 6xi_s at the time that in the eve_ that your in a Notice ot DelauW and $4,614.00, $1.25; Shawn A Miguel Velasquez and 230, 86,823.97, $1 .75; D6vhan in this notice at any time betore (3) Publish a copy or lhe notice ot publishing. lt you tail to obligation is not b_ught w_t lntent lo Fo&losa pDvid6d Mo_is and Valari6 T Conner, 49 Jenniter Le Page, 3155 M_n Bridg6n, 6844 S Evans Ava, the undenigned twstee's sale of s_e two (2) times, once each cure the detauW as set torth (including the pa_t of any to _e last know add_M of N Sycamore Lane, Glenwood, St., Bondsville, MA 01009, chigo, IL 60637, 1 Fixed of your timeshare inte_st. lf you weeh, tor two (2) succ8Niv8 in this no\ic6 or lahe othar tees incurPd by W_tgate in Obligo_sT, (See Mibk _A"), by IL 60425, 112 All Season- Float 1/2 Floating, 4000-39, 1/ W6a Fixed Unit, T-05, 27/ do notobjecttotheuseof\he weeks, in an Osceola County appDpriat8 artion wkh _gaTd tommenting this foBlosure ce_m_agi___ M_| or by WeaMloat Unh, 5300-N45, ODD, 112n015, 49951491- WHOLE, 1/212012, 5033/225- t_stee toreclosure procedure, newspapar. pDvid8d such a to this to&losu_ n_W&, you proc8N) wrthin thirty (30) publication by the undenigned 20nvEN, 1lv2o10, 49951458- 494, $777.39, $0.31; Tyisha 230, S6,o98.o1, $1.89; Lionel you will not be subjart lo a newspap6r axists at the time risk losing owanhip ot your days tDm the fim date ot Twstee. will sell at public 463, S5,198.27, $1.47: M_ E Jones, 5527 Media St, H Boivin and Ma_lin E Boivin, deficiency judgment even it ot publishing. lt you tail to tim_ha_ im_t through the publication, the undenigned aurtion to the high_ bidd& Ann Culmer and Rosina RUN6|| Philadelphia, PA 19131 Byon 2N3 Westmin_er Te_at8, lhe proc86ds hom the sale cur6 the d6tault as set lorfh twstee to_tlosu_ pDc6du_ Twstee shall proceed whh torlaw_|_Dn8y ofthe Unrt6d andHad_Marche,Edward E Jon_, 808 S 16th St., Ov_do, FL 32765, 1 Fixed ot your timeshare interest in this notica or tak6 othar establishedinSerfion721.855, the sale ol the PDp_ as Stat_ot_ca,on\hehont Birche Fai_ay Manor 305, Philad&phia, PA 191462014, WaaMixed Unrt, T-08, 371 a_ insumcient to oWset the app_priate action with _gard Florida Stat_es. You may provided in Sertion 721.855. st6ps ot Wa OK8ola Coun_ F_rt 41951, BAHAMAS, 1/2 _| _n- Float _kl WHOU, 11212012B,__331225- amounts secured by the lien. to lhis toreclosure ma_6r, you choosa to sign and send \o Florida Slatute5, in which _, courmousa, 2 Cou_housa 112 #| Season- Float weekl Flo_ Unk. 52_5225, 441 230, 86,o98.o1, . ; Alite By: GREENSPOON MARDER. rish losing own6rship ot your the undenigned twstee an the undenigned T_stee shall: Squa_, _uimmee, florida no_ Unrt, 5400-5424, 4& ODD, 1M011, 49951491- Young and Felicia L Pin8D, P.A., Tw_ee. timeshara inte__ through tha obj_ion form, exe_ising your (1) Provide you w_h wrmen 34741. all right, title and inte__ ODD, 1_2013, 4995145&463, 494. 84,651 .86, S1 .25: 1229 U6w8|ly Rd, Mount _NIBIT _n" - NOTICE OF t_stee toreclosure pDt8du_ right to obje_ to the use otthe notice ot the sale, intluding in \h6 prop&ty skuated in th6 S2.941.96, SO.8B; Shemida Nicholas Tutk_ and Traty Ple_t, SC 29464, 1 Fixed DEFAULT AND INTENT TO establish6din Sartion 721.855, t_sl86 toBlosu_ procedu_. the date, tim6 and localion Coun_ ot OK_la, Florida. Tum6r, 22634 p_iew Drive, Tuck_ 26 Langsbam_ Av6, WeeW_xed Unk, T-09, 351 FORECLOSE: Florida Statut6s. You may Uponth6und&sign8d\w_88's lhareot; (2) Record Me notica d_tribed as: (See Exhibk Rithton Park, IL 60471, 112 NoM PDv_t8, Rl 02911, WHOU, 11v2012, 50331225- Owe_sVObligo_sT. fimashare choose to sign and s6nd to &8ipt0ty0ursign6d0bj_i0n ot sal6 in the Public R_ords _A_ fime Sh_a ln\a_(s) _| Se_on- noat W66_ 1 #| _n- float Waekl 230, $6,098.01 , $1.89: lnl6_st, BuildingNnk, Week, lhe undenigned tw_86 an torm, the to&losure ot the otOsceolaCoun_,Florida;and (See Exhibh _A_ as d6fin8d in flo_ Unrf, _-5616, 91 Flo_ Unrt, 52_5227, 46_ Hasumati C. Chauhan, 48 D6tauW Date, Boo_Page ot objerfiontorm,axercising your lien wkhresp_tothe d&ault (3)Publish atopyofthe notice the Declar_ion ol covanams, MN, 11v2014, 4995145& WHOU, 1_2015, 49951491- #lerfon Drive, Haathley Pa_, R_orded Len, _unt, Per rightto obje_tothe use otM6 spacified in this notice sh_| ots_8two(2)tim6s.onc88ach Condkions and Re_ri_ions ., 463, g2,72O.62, SO.92; Ca_a 494, S2,2_.22, SO.81; Ma_in L_ta_er, uNlnD KINGDOM Diem_um: tw_aa tor8clo5u_ pmedu_. ba subj6rt \o th6 judici_ week, for two (2) succeNiv8 lor Wa_g_e Towers Norfh, Geoga and Vlncent Geoge, E Ga_on and Sand_ J u3 9EG, 1 Flxad w86kl John R Lewis and Stephanie Uponthaundenignedt__ea's to&losu_ pDt8du_ only. weeks, in an Osteola County recoded in O_cial Reco_s 10936132ndS\,So_h Ozona Ga_on, 6729 NatDw Lane Flxed Unrt, u-04, 52_H0LE, K Le_s, 423 Bant& Tr_ls &8ipt0ty0ursiqn8d0bj6_i0n You havetharightto tu_your newspapar, provided such a Book 1823, at Paga 414, ot Par_ NY1142O, 1 #|_n- Rd, Momg_, AL 36116, 1M012, 50331225-230, Dr., Houston, M 77049, torm, th6 to&osu_ ot th6 datauW inth6 mannersettorth newspaper exi_s at the tima the Public Reco_s otOsceola float w68kmoat Unh, 4_ 112 no_ing, 5_5622, 171 86,_8.o1, $1 .89; Cha__ 1n noating. 4_81B, 2v lien whh I85parf to th6 datauW in \hi5 notice at any ti_ b6to_ ot publishing. lt you tail to Coun_, Florida (the _Plan"). NC, 40_-ND, 4910DD. 491 MN, 1_v2_, 4995_491- E PaW6non and _n s MN, 1_v2012, 4995_495- sp6cmad in thi5 notice sh_| th6 und6nign8d twstee's s_e GUr8 the detauW as s6t torfh Tog6th6r whh the right to ODD, 1nn015, 49951458- 494, S6,M9.84, S1.64; PaW_n, M28 H&_age 5_, S3,O43.12, _.94: Luis A be subjarf to tha judicial otyourtimesha_inte_.Wyou in this notice or take other occupy, punuant to the Plan, 463, $1,05g.26, 8o.4o: Judy Ca_os R Grana and __M Dr, Fort Waye, IN 4_, Rive_ and Rafa&a Rodriguaz, to&losu_ pDt6du_ only. do notobj6_toth6 usa ottha approprial6 artion wkh _ard Building-Unh(S68 Exhibh _A"), E L_mrfe and Lau_n M Femand6z, Jos6 Cat_a 23n, 1 Flxed WeeMixed Unrf, Hc 04 Box 5652, CODZ_. PR You havetherighttocu_your tw5t88 to&losu_ pDt8dur8, to\histo_closuP maw_ you during Unk Week(Saa Exhibh Y_hka, 214 Raynolds Mon\avid_,uRuGuAY,1n _| u-07, 30_H0U, 1_2012, _783, 112 #| Season- Float d8taultinth6 mann6rsatorfh you will not be wbjert to a risk losing own6nhip or your _A_, during Assigned Year Drive, Brockville, ON K6V1X9, Saason- float W_oat Unrf, 5_3_225-230, S5,6o4.81, w_klnoat Unrf, 51_5112, inlhisnotic8atanyti_b6lo_ daficienU judgment 6v6n rf timeshare int_est th_ugh the (See Ewhibh _A_. 76_ w. |_o CANADA, 1 #| Season- Float 570_5723, 410DD, 1_v2011, S1.77;Bald8ni8A_aviaPhillip5 2010DD, 1n12015. 4995l495- the und6nign8d twst66's s_a the pm88d5 hom the s_e tw_ee to_closu_ pD_du_ BDn5on Memori_ Hi_way, WeeMloat Unrf, 60_-14c, 49951491-494, S3,943.42, Sr. and Jacquey Hawkins 5_, $1,379.40. $0.46; Eldon olyourtim_ha_int8Bt.ltyou ot your \i_a_ imerert 8_ablish6din Sa_ion721.855, _Mimm88, FL 34747 &eln 600_14D, 1610DD, 16_0DD, 81.o8; Stephanie w Wllderand Phillips, 110 s Chari_ Ln, E Houston and Shi_ey M do notobj6_lotha u_a otthe ar6 insumcient to otk6\ lh6 Florida Slatutas. You may _Tlme Sha_ Plan [P__) 11u2015, 4995/458-463, Edwin v Wlldar, 232 H_IW WamerRobins,GA31O88, 112 Hou_on, 1812 Eaton Rd 8, t_stee to_closu_ pm6du_, _ounts secu_d by the lien. thoose to sign and ad to Add_N_ s_d s_a will ba $1,159.z6, 8o.4o; lan CanEon way, Hol_pring5, NC 27540, Flxed W68klFix8d Unh, u-08, HamiWon, OH 45013, 1/2 Fixed, you will not be subi6_ to a By: GREENSPOON MARDER, the und6nign8d t___ an made (wrfhout covenants, or and Dana Mulrain, 17851 112 _| son- Float _kl 3&0DD, 11u2009, 50331225- 51_5134, 8nvEN, 1/v2016, deficiency judgmant 8v6n it P.A.,Tw_ee. objertion torm. exercising your w__, 6xp_ or implied, Pi6n8tonds Blvd, Pieneronds, Floal Unk, 590_210D, 401 230, S5,539.85, S1.39; Mrfchell 49951495-500, $1 .235.96, the procaads r_m the sale _HIBrr _n" - NoncE OF right to objert to the usa ottha _ga_ing th6 trfle, pouession ac H9J3L1, CANADA Elisa ODD, 11v2015, 4995/491- D R86d and J6ssi8 B R68d, $O.48;MichaelN Chunn.6618 ot your tim85har8 inte&t DEFnuLr nND INnNT TO twstee foreclosu_ pDcadu_. or 6nwmb_nc8s) to pay the Canson and Eric Canson, 494, $956.12, $0.33; Ha_us 3519 IDnwood Ct, MurPlls Alder Ave., S_nt Louis, MO a_ insuMcienl to ot_6t the FORECLOSE Upon the undenigned tw_aa's unp_d _M_nts due in the 22 Valmount Rd, Dollard- H Wo_field and Roxanna lnl&, sc 29576-6021, 112 63134-1304 O_sha Fowler amounts secu_d by th6 lien. Owna_s)IObligo_s), fin&hare &eiptotyoursignedobjertion _unt ot (See Mibrf _A_, D8s-Orm6aux, ac H9B2V6, Plant Wo_field, 49 Crane Flx6d W86klFix6d Unit, u-09, Chunn, 2227 Cheshi_ Dr., By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ln\6_st, BuildingWnh, w_ lorm, the toreclosura or the wkh int_ accwing at the CANADA, 2 All Season- Float Street, Newa_, NJ D71O4, 43/ODD, 1/212007, 50331225- Birmingham, AL 35235-3370, P.A., Tw_ee. DefauW Date, BooklPage ot lien with respe_ to the de_uW rata ot (See Exhlbrf _A") p6r weekmoal Unrf, 6000-61A, 2 Floating, 6000-51A, 6000- 230, 86,886.59, $1.64; 1/2 All Season- Float Weekl EXHIBlr "A" - NoncE OF Record6d Len. Amounl, p& specifiad in this notice sh_| day, punuant to the fi_&hare 6000-61B, 36_H0LE, 361 51B, 6000-51c, 600_51D, 471 Michaal Ross, 67 Francine Dr Float Unk, 5200-5212, 5/ DEFAULT nND INTENT TO Diem Amount: be subje_ to the judici_ Plan, advance5 rf any, under WHOLE, 11v2015, 49951458- ODD. 4710DD, 4710DD, 47/ N, Massapequa, NY 11758, ODD. 1/v2015. 4995/495-500, FORECLOSE: Don_d M Wood and p_riciaA foreclosure p_tedu_ on_. the terms ot s_d Cl_m ot 463, $2,200.22, $0.81; Jo6| ODD, 112n015. 49951491-494, 1 Fixed Weeh/Fixad Unit, $1.364.18, $0.46; Marcella Own6r(s)IObligor_, Tlmesha_ Wood, 19O4 Cha_a Lee _, You have lhe right to cure your Len, thag6s and 6xp8ns8s ot R Addison, 16171 BeckeW $1 ,558.02, $0.53; Anthony u-10, 22_H0LE, 1/2/2012, c La_art, 2271 Clea_ater, lnt6r8st, Bulldin Unit, W68k, Vlrginia Beach, VA 234M, delault in _he manner _at torth the Tw5tee and ot th6 lwsts Ln, p_ntar, VA 23420 Slella s Eskew and Joie H_ey, 1521 50331225-230, $6,098.01, Lawrencebug, KY 40342, Detault Date, BooklPage ol 1/2 _| Season-floal Waek_ inthis notica _ anytime bafo_ craatad by said Claim ol Len. Addison. 10352 |_n Mill Rd., Janke Road, Vlginia Beach, VA $1.89; Vlgilio A Ambut and 1 All Season- Float Waek/ Recoded Li6n, Amount, Per Float Unil. 4_77, 39nvEN, the undenigned trust66's s_a Obligo_s) shall have the right No_h chestemeld, VA 23235- 23455, 1_2 Flo_ing, B-1304, Piarina Loaya, 9392 s w 155 Float Unrf, 5200-5245, 3/ Diem Amount: 1/v2014, 49951524-528, ol your timeshare _6_st. w you to cu_ the d6tauW and any 3952, 1n _| Season- Float 48nvEN, 11v2010, 49951491 - Ave, Miami, FL33196, 112 Fixed WHOLE, 11212012, 49951495- Gasper Flores and Luz Ponce, $1,906.59, $0.66; Gregorio do not object lo lhe use ot me junior lianhold& sh_| have weeklnoat Unrf, B-1522, 381 494,$4,3_.08,81.21. WeeMixed Unit, U-10, 37/ 500, $5,974.30, 81.85; Alan G 10626 Hempstead Rd, Trailer Neris Pabon and Sahina twstee toraclosu_ procadure, the righl lo r6d_ ks inte_ ODD, 11212009, 49951458- Augu_t_, 11, _1T ODD, 11212007, 50331225-230, Smrth and Vlcki R Smi_h, 704 14, Houston, m 77092, 112 #| Ru6mmele Sua_z, Urb Vllla Del you will not be subje_ to a up to th6 data the T__ee 463, a,344.56, $1.16; Cherita L 156516 87,219.87, S1.67; Mohammed Caudill Rd., Chapmanville, _ Season-Float Week nloat Unit, Rey, 2D9 Calle Ca_o Magno, deficiency judgment even if iuues the cartmcate ot Sale R MonDe and Dematrious Yousut and Deyanira Yousut, 25508-9686, _ _| Season- 4000-18D, 40_EVEN, 11v2014, Caguas, PR 00725, 1 _| the procaads trom the 5_8 by paying the _unts dua as MonDe, 16929 Sunset Ridge PO Box 151, Pocono Summit, Float WeeMloat Unrf, 5300- 50331278-281 , 81 ,946.53, Season-Float Wee_ Float Unh, ot your timesha_ im6_st o_lined abov6. By: AMANDA L. Drive, Count_ Club Hills, IL NoncE OF DEFAULT hND PA 18346, 1 Flxed w86hl 5316, 37_H0LE, 112/2014. 8o.66; Michaal A Tyson and 4000-89, 34_H0LE, 1/u2o13, a_ insuMtiant to oWsat th6 CHAPMAN,AuthorizedAgent 60478, 1_2 #| Season- Flo_ INTEM TO FORECLOSE Flxad Unk, U-12, 35_H0LE_ 49951495-500, 83,977.94, H6|8na w Tr5on, 11806 Flora 49951524-528, $3.944.96, amounls s8Gur8d by th6 lien. EXHIBIT "A" woncE OF WaeMloat Unit, B-1618, 481 wvrGhn vhc^noN 1/v2012, 50331225-230, $1.38;MaJeNicalVkant8 and Ln, Mitchalvilla, MD 20721, $1.28; Janal M Leach, 4323 By: GREENSPOON MARDER. TRUSTEE'S SAU ODD, 11v2013, 4995145&463, _LLns w nLL 2n_.0Tz5 S6,o98.o1, $_.89; Roberf SollielVhente and N6m8sio T 1l2 All Saason-Float Week l Slata Hwy 23, BDok Park, P.A.,T_st68. owne_sVobligo_sVLa_ known &2.456.79, 8o.75. Pu_uam to S_ion 721.855, A Dilello, 10 Ridgec__ Dr, Vrfente, 816 Peachtr86 Way, Float Unit, 4000-31D, 50/ MN 55007, 1 Flxed Weekl _HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF add_N; Tlme_ha_ lntaR_: Augu_| 4, 11, _1T florida Statrtas. wEsTGAn MiWon, NY12547-5203, 1 Fixed Pomon4 CA 91767. 1_2 All WEN, 11v2014, 50M/278- Fixed Unrf, 5100-5122, 131 DEFAULr AND INrENT ro BuildinQ Unit; W6e_A5signed L156515 vAcAnoN NLLAS OWNERS Wae_xed Unk, v-07, 511 Season-flo_WeeWFloatUnh, 281. 81,946.53, $0.66; Gillis WHOU, 1lv2014, 49951524- FORECLOSE: Year; Len Amoun\; P6r Diem ANoclAnoN. INC. WHOU, 112n012, 5033225- 5__, 49lODD, 1/2_2015, Cha_es, 14206 _light Ridge, 528, $4,142.01, $1.38; Jan6 Own6r(s)IObligo_Tlm8shar8 Amount me_inaR& r8t8_6d to as 230, 86,o98.o1, $1.89; Hen_ 49951495-500, 81 ,379.40, San Antonio, 78230, 1 M Leath 4323 S\_e Hwy 23, lnterest, Buildin nh, Wee_ Mario Aparicio Maria Del NoncE OF DEFAULTAND _Wastg_a_, ha5 __ad a Loewan and Anna L Loewen, $0.46: Ka_a A Tavarez, 18001 Flxed WeeklFloat Unh, 4000- Brook Pa_, MN 55007, 1n Default Dat6, BooklPage ot Carmgn Diaz 56 Norfe 1809 INnNrTo FORECLOSE Claim ot L6n in tha _unt 2036 Nighthaw_ Marion, NW4RhAve.,MiamiGadens, 15C, 40_15D, 1WEN, 14_ Flxed W_Mlxed Mk, 510_ Reto_ad Lian, Amount, Par Casa 16 Ftat. Vllla VardP . WUTGATE TOWN CENTER ot (s_ Exhibh _A_. whh KS 66861, 1 Fixed WaeW FL 33055-3223, 1 All Season- MN. 1/2_014B0_033n78- 5141, 13_ODD. 1_2015. DiemAmount: Puabla. 72303 MWICO. 1_2 _ FIU: _._01 intar6st actwing at the r_a ol Flxed Unrt, W-_, 37_H0U, Float w86klnoat Unrf, 5600- 281, 82,361.61, . 9: Ca_os 4995/524-528, 81,171.35, CliWon J Davanpo_, 120 Fixed Week l Fixed Unit, W- Pu_u_t to &ion 721.855, (See Exhibrt _A_ p& day, and 1n_o12, 5_31225-230, 5656, 42_H0U, 1_V2012, E Valle Lainfi_ta and Monica $0.40; Janet M Leach, 4323 Oahb_okVlllag6Rd.Columbia, 132, 28 EVEN, 83,643.3o. $1.07 Florida Sl__as, wEsTGAn r8cod6d in O.R. Booh (Sea S6.o98.o1. $1.89: Chri_opher 49951495-500, 86,541.42, J Aguilea Mansill4 o C_le 16 State Hwy 23, BDoh Park, MN sc 29223-4247, 112 All B_lu Patel Manjula Patel _35, TOWN CENTER OWNERS Exhib__A_,_Page(S_Mibh Labonte and Lori Labonta, &1.93; Dante L Sampler and 60Zona15,ColoniaEIMae_ro, 55007, 1_2 Fixed Wee_xed s8ason-Floatw86hlnoatunh, D_ncourt Road" Leica_er, AssoclAnoN, INC. _A"), ottha Public R_o_5 ot 8 Memo_ Lane, Paln_r, MA And_aCWard,25SFemwood Guate 01015, GuAnMALA, 1 Unh, 51_5166, 13nvEN, 4_19, 410DD, 112n013, LU 6GJ ENGLAND, 1 Fixed me_inaWer _fer_d to as Osc6ola County, Florida, and 01069, 1 Flx6d W6e_xed Drive, Bolingbrook, IL _O, Fixad WaeMlo_ Unrf, 4_- 1_V2014, 4995_524-528, 4995l5O6-511, $2,166.46, Week / Fixad Unrf. WTE- _Westgate"), has &odad a th6 undenigned T__ee as Unrf, w-08, 41_H0U, 1n Floaling. 590_412A_ 43_ _8C, 4000-38D, 6nvEN, 61 $2,313.67, $0.79; Benjamin 8o.63; Tracy D StDman. 1875 132. 42 WHOU, S4,723.1o, Claim of Len in th6 amount appoint6d by w6stgat6, h6_by 1/v2012, 50331225-230, MN, 1lv2014, 49951495- EVEN, 112n014$0_0N1278- Chow and Calherine C_t6au, CaDlina Ave., O_nRebug, $1.45 D6Rk J lngham Lsa L of (See Exhibh '.A"), whh lormal_ notmas ( ee Exhibrf $6,098.01, $1.89; Deborah M 5_, $2,289.70, So.79: Tomeca 281, S2,361.61, . 9; Delmy 35 Be_in Str86t Unrf # 12, sc 291 15-4363, 1 _| Lakusta lngh_ rfo LyeWe interest acc_ing at the rat6 ot '.A_ lhat du6 to your tailu_ to Belsho,38 Euclid Rd,SauWSte T __, 26 Logan St.. New Martinez, 8851 NW 119lh sl Clinton, MA 01510, 112 V_ua S6ason- Float weawnoat Unh, Lakurta 7251 Copenhagen (See Exhibh _A_ per day, and pay the annual a558Nm8nt(5) Marie, ON, CANADA P6B 1A2. Bm_n, CT 06051-_, 2 All Unit 6207, Hi_eah, FL 33018, s_n-no_ Wklhoat Un, 4_0-19, 410DD, 1_NO13, Rd Miuissau_ ON UN2H6 reco_6d in O.R. Book (S6a du6 on (Saa Exhib_ _A_ and 1Fix6d__FixedUn_,W-10, Season- Float W68Mloat 1 _| Season-Float Weeh l 570_5764,4V0DD, 1_v2_. 49951506-511, 82,166.46, C__ 1n Fixed Week / Mibrf_A"),atPaga(SaeExhibit all ass6ssm8nt(5) therea_er, 5_H0LE, 1_V2012,50331225- Unit, 4_14_ 4000-14B, 361 Float Unh, 4000-44C, 4_ 4995l524-528, $3,588.48, 8o.63; Blanca R Samarin, Urb. Fix6d Unrt, W-137, 43 ODD, _A_, otth6 Public Reco_s ot you a_ cuBtly in derauW 230,$6,098.01,81.89. WHOLE, 361WH0LE, 1TV2015, 44D, 25, 251MN, EVEN, $0.94; PaulA Grimn and s__ San Miguel,Vlllas DelTo_n, S2,475.N, So.72 Danica N OK8ola Coun_, Florida, and ot your oblig_ions to pay AugQ4,11,2O1T 4995/495-500, $2,200.22, 1/v2014, 5033127&281 , L Gnmn, 22 Union St Apl 1, Valancia, MaraGay A_gua Buckn& Marws L 8ucknerJr the unde_igned Twst86 as ass6wm6nts du6 to W6_gate L1566O2 $0.81; Marh A Jon85, 7 $2,361.61, $0.79; Pedro s Pi_on,ONKOWTO,C__ 02102, VENUUEL_ 112 _| 4985 SE SdoonerOaks Way appoint6d by WBstgat6, ha_by on lha following described _al HilWopp_ Ct., Byhewood, Nav6a and Rotio p Po_ugal, 1/2 flo_ing, 5900-207D, 29_ Season- FloatWae_hoat Unh, Stuarf, FL 34997, 112 Flxed form__ nolm6s (Saa Exhibit pDp6_y loG_6d in OK6ola sc 29016-8745 Joy L Gerald, Call6 CondoDma113 Dpl4O2, ODD, 1/2_011, 4995_524- 4__11B, 49_EN, 1_2n016, week l Flxed Unrf, w-141, _A_ th_ due to your t_lura to Coun_, Florida: ISee Mibit NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 219 Hamptons Grant Court, Ubanizacion Higuerela Surco, 528, $3,265.11, $0.90; Lnda 49951506-511, _.80, So.34; 30 MN, $3,643.30, S1.o7 pay the annu_ aN6ssmant(s) "A") Tlme Sha_ lnta__(s) INTENT TO FORECLOSE Columbia, sc 29209, 1 _| Lma, PERU, 1 _| Season- K Adhns and Pea_ey w Francis M Padilla, Urb 8ase Han_McL8a_LndaMtLealy du6 on (See Exhibk _A"l and (See Mibh _A_ as d8fin6d in wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER Sea_on- FloatWeeMloat Unrt, Float w86k /Float Unrt, 4000- Adhns, 32 Still Str_t, Naw A_gua Resd Aguada G_nde, 4 North fiew Ea_nQon Colli&y all _8_sment(5) theraaWar, tha Datla_tion ot Covenants, nu: 2__._ 40D0-23A. 400_23B, 25_0DD, 58C, 4000-58D, 35nvEN, 351 Cum_and,_26O47, 1_2#| To_a 2 Apto 261 Pi5o 6, P6t6_8e Co Dumam,sR8 3NF you a_ cu_antly in datauW Condrtions and R6_ri_ionsror Punuant to Serfion 721.B55, 25_0DD, 1_2_2013, 4995_495- NEN, 7/1/2012, 5033/278- Season-Floal Weeh_ Float Unh. Maracay, VENUUEL_ 1_2 #| ENGLAND, 1 Flxed, w-142, ot your obligations to pay tha wa_gata VaGation Vlllas florida Statutes, WESTGATE 500, $2,476.80, $0.75; Chung 281, $3,703.88, $1.13: Howad 590_407D, 910DD, 11v2015, S6ason- Float waaklnoat Un, 2 WHOU, 84,723.1o, $1.45 aNeNme_s duato Wastgat6 lx,omci R_o_s Book 882, TOWN cENnR OWNERS Ho Laa, 116 N. Ca_ Ava., Hamilton, 5166 OWer Creek 4995_524-528, $966.20, 4000-11B, 49nvEN, 1M016, Jean Lucian 3400 sw 67th on th6tollowing d_cribed _al at Paga 2709, ot the Public AssoclAnoN, INC. Lata_eWe, co 80026-1002, 2 Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, $O.N; _hBdo Ba_eda and 49951506-511, 8856.8o, $0.34; Ln Hol_wood, FL NO23, 1 pD_ loc_ed in OK_la R6co_s ot OK_la County, _ereina_er refe_ed to as _| _n- Float W_Mloat FL 32082, 1 All Season-Float Triny Ma_eD, 12795 sw 10 JimmyLFrancis,42OBuW_n_ FixedWeeklFlxad Unk,W- CouW, Florida: (S86 Exhibk norida _ha _Plan_ and _| _W_tgate_, has recorded a Unk, 40_-61D, 4000-71c, 11 Week nloat Unit, 4000-84c. St. Miami, FL 33184, 1 All Dr, Rockwall, M 75087, 1n _| 240, 21 WHOU. a,723.1O, wA_ Tlme Sha_ lnte__(sl _endm_t(s) \h6_to, rf any. Claim ot Len in the amounl WHOLE, 1_H0LE, 112_2013, 4000-84D, 41nvEN, 41lEVEN, Season-Float Weekl Float Unrf, S6ason- Float W6aWfloat Unk, S1.45 Osv_do J Flores V&ez r - (See Exhibk _A_) acco_ing Together w_h m6 right to ot (See Exhibrf _A_, wrfh 49951495-500, $4,766.50, 112/2014, 50331278-281 , 400_13A, 4000-13B, 50_0DD, 4000-31D, 45/EVEN, 1M014. Milag_s Ortiz 2c 12 C_le 33 to lha Tln_sharing Plan tor occupy, punuant to the Plan, int6r_ accwing at the rate ot 81.54; Ta_nt6 L L8onald and 82,361.61, So.79; Dorothy A 5010DD, 11v2013, 49951524- 4995/506-51 1 , $1,886.62, Carolina_ PR _87, 112 Fixed the Bgate Town C6nt8r, Building-Unh(s) (s86 Mibk (Saa Mibk _A_) per day, and TanisTLeonard,37O5 pW Hill Rains,15O1 Pa_sideAve.,Apt. 528, $2,275.93, 8o.73; Ralaal $0.66; Andraa J F_ncis, 420 Waek l Flx_ Unh, W-N3, re___inth8omtialR6colds _A_, durinq Unh Week(s) (s_ r_orded in O.R. Book TSee Ave., BaWimo_, MD 21236- 9B, Ewing, NJ 08638-2624, 1 Ramos and Sh6ila K Ramos, BMarnut Dr, Rockwall, TX 11 MN, $3,544.16, $1.07 Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot Exhibk _A , during _signed Exhibk_A_,alPage(SeeExhibrf 3509,1_ISaason-FloatWeaW #| Season-Float w_k nloat 4995 NE 60_h Ta_ace, Silver 75087, 1/2 All Saason- noat H6rib8rfo | Arias Camacho th6 Public Recods ot Osceola Y8a_5). (S6a Exhibrf _A_. 77_ _A_, ot th6 Public R6cords ot Float Unk, B-11_, 11_H0LE, Unit, 6000-51c. 6_0-51D, Spring5. FL 34488, 1 #| W86_Float Unit, 4000-31D, Adriana M L6vano Silva Rua Coun_, Florida (th6 _Plan_. W_gate Blvd., _Nimm_, OK8ola Coun_. Florida. and 1/2n016, 4995_495-5_, 3nvEN. 3_EVEN, 1lV2014, Season-FloatW_ floalUnh. 451EVEN, 1/2_2014, 4995_506- Canal De M_ndi N1OOO Tog&her wkh Me right to FL 34747 _e_in _fi_ Sha_ the undersigned Twstee as 81,o4o.96, So.41: Rob6_o L 5033/278-281, $2,361.61, 4_28A, 4_28B, 3710DD, 511, $1,886.62, So.66; Donnia Bloqu6 2 Apt N1OO3 Rio De occupy, punuant to the Plan, (Prop6r_) Add_#"). As a appoimed byW_gate,he_by To_Dsigu6 and Yana Palricia L $0.79. 3710DD, 11v2013, 49951524 M Youman5 Sr, 6601 Bo_ood Janeiro, RJ 22631-050 BRAZIL, Unk(s)(See Exhibk_A"), during _suW ot m6 ato&_mionad torm__ notifies (See Exhibh samos,R Prin_ Leopoldina, Augusl4,11,_1T 528, $2,499.72. 8o.75: Manu6| Dr, Hollywood, FLNO23, 1_2 #| 112 Fixed w_h / Flxed Unk, Unh W_k(s) (S_ Exhibit _A"l, d8tauw,w_gat6 h&Bby ele_s _A_ that due to your t_lu_ to 75, Jaldim _vorada, Osasco L1565O8 Du_nandAnaDu_n,545 Park S6ason- Floatw86kmoatunk, W-335,48 MN,$3,643.3O, during ANign6d Year(s), (See to s6|| M6 Dpa_y punuant pay _e annu_ aN_sm8nt(s) 0611_130, BRAZIL, 112 _| Ave., Apt. 1C, East Orang6, NJ 4000-38A, 38_0DD, 1nn013, S1.O7 Mawos Goldillo Dolor_s Exhibrt _A_. 7700 W6stgat6 to Sertion 721.855, florida due on (See Exhib_ _A_ and Season-Float_MloatUn_, 07017-1912, 1 #| Season-flo_ 49951506-511, S2,o44.26. Sa_os B Guayacanas 3 Etapa Blvd., XMimm88, FL 34747, Stat_es. Pl_ be advised all __nt(s) thereaWe. B-1204, 3710DD, 1_v2015, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND w_kl Float Unk, 5800-24_ So.63; Anita p Youman5, 6601 Mz 130 v37 29 Guayaquil, Building m&ein _Tlme Share that in the event __ your you are cur_nt_ in detauW 49951495-500,8956.12,S0.33. INnNT TO FORECLON 580_24B, 9nvEN, 91EVEN, 8oxwood Dr, Hol_wood, FL ECO9O112 ECUADOR, 1 Flxed Plan (PDp6rtyl Address"l. As obligationisnotbDughtcun8nt of your obligations to pay Augu&_,11,_1T WESTGATE TOWN CENTER 11v2014, 49951524-528, 33023, 112 _| Season- noat Week l Fixed Unh, w-u7, a rasuW ot tha atorem8ntion6d flncluding Me payent ot any aamen_s due to Wastgata L 1565o7 FIU: _._T $2,313.67, So.79; Femando W68klFloatUnrf,4_38_ a 37 WHOU, 83,421.84, $1.12 d6tault, Westgata he_by 8|6_s taes in__ by Bgate in on _18 tollowing daKribed _ Punuant to Se_ion 721.855. c S_vacion and Beatri_ F ODD, 112/2013, 4995_5_511, Jemey L Long Michelle M Long to sell the Property punuant comm6n_ng this toBlosuP pro_ lotated in Osc6ola Florida St_ut6s, WESTGATE S_vacion, 13074 Shi_ay Ln, S2,O44.26, 8O.63; Jonathan 4440 Renwood DrDayon, OH to S_ion 721.855, Florida pDc_s) wkhin thir_ T3ol County, florid (See Exhibrf NoncE OF DEF^ULT AND TOWN CENTER OWNERS Huntl6y, IL 60142--7544, 4 #| s Baca, 2517 Denning Ln, 45429, 1 F_ed w_k l Flxed Stat_85. Please ba advised daSs hom tha fim d_e of _A_ fime Share lnte_st(s) INnNT TO FORECLOSE AssoclAnoN, INC. season-noatw_noatunh, Chesapeake,VA2M21, 1n#| Unh, w-340, 10 WHOU, that in tha avant that your pu lication, the und&sned (Sae Exhibrf '.A_T according wuTGAn TOWN cENnR _e_ina_& _te_ed to as _13_ _-13B, _ s8ason-Floatw6Bhmo_unrt, 84,7_.88,S1.45 End&JVega obligationisnotbroughtcu_ant Tw5t88 shall pDta8d whh to the Tlmesharing Plan tor nu: _.__5 _W6stg_8"), has _coded a 13C, 6_13D, 43_H0U, 5100-5143, 2010DD, 1M013, Eva Rosado 226 Camino Dal (including tha payment ofany the sale or lhe PD_ as the We_gate Town Cent&, Punuant to Sa_ion 721.855, Claim ot Len in the _unt 43_H0LE, 43_H0LE, 4y 49951506-511, 82.586.o1, Yag_nD p_ Los Corales teas incu_ad by W8stgat6 in provided in Se_ion 721.855, &ordedintheomcialRacords Florida Stat_es, wEsTGAn ot (See Exhib_ _A"), wrm WHOU. 11v2013, 49951524- So.83; C_n A Baca J_. Do_do, PR _6, 112 Flxed commencing this toraclosure Florida StatLrf8s, in which case, Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot TOWN cENnR OWNERS inle_st acc_ing at the rate ot 528, $5,528.72, 81.76: Ralael 2517 Denning Ln. Ch_ke, Week _ Flxed Unrt, W-439, p_c8N) wrfhin thirty (30) th6 und6nign8d Tw_ea sh_|: the Publit Recods ot Osceola ASSOCIATION, INC. (See Exhibk _A2 perday, and _s and Sh6ila Ramos, VA2M21,1_2#IS8a5on-hoal 39 MN, S3,643.3o, S1.o7 day5 hom lhe fim data ot (1) Provide you whh wrmen County, Florida (the wPlan"). m8r6ina_8r rat_ to as Rcoded in O.R. Book (See 4995 NE 60M T6_ac8, Siher Wee_Float Unh, 510_5143, Robert A Tong Sang W6nQ publication, th6 undarsignad notice ot tha sale, including Together with th6 right to "W8_gat6"), has racordad a Exhibit "A"T, at Page (See Exhibh Springs, FL _, 112 #| 20_0DD, 11v2013, 4995__ M Karto_djo Tub_sshaat T_stee shall pDc6ad with the data, time and location occupy, punuant to the Plan, Cl_m ot Lien in lhe amount _A"), ot lhe Public Recods ot Season-Float w68hl ho_ 511, $2,586.01, So.83; De_ck 6 Po Bow 12765 Par_bo, the sale ot th6 p_perty as the_ol; (2) Re_d the notice Unh(s) (See Exhibit "A"), during ot (See Exhibh _A"), with Osceola County, Florid4 and Un, 40_-28A. 4_0-28B, 371 J Bias, 3095 Waketem Place, SURINAME, 1 Fwad Weeh provid6d in S6_ion 721.855, ot sale in tha Public Recods Unit Week(s) (Se6 Exhibit .'A_), interest acc_ing at the rate of the undenlgned Tw_ee as MN, 1lV2014, 4995l524- Columbus, OH 43224, 1 l Flxed Unit. WTE-441, 6 _ Florida Stat_85, in which case, ot Osceola County, Florida; and during Assigned Yea_s), (Sa6 (S66 Exhibil _A_ par day, and appointed by Wes\gate, hereby 528, $2,313.67. 8o.79. All S6ason- Float _kl WHOLL $3,421 .84. S1.12 tha undarsignad Twst86 shall: (3) Publish a copy ot the notice Exhibh _A"). 7700 Wastgate r8cord6d in O.R. Book (See tormally not_es (See Exhib_ Augu_| _, 11, _1T Float Unit, 530_5367, 241 Jose Martinez Vlllagomez Jose (1) PDvida you wkh wrman ot sala two (2) times, once each Blvd., KiNimm88, FL 34747, Exhibk "A"), at Page(See Exhibit '.A") that due to your failure to L156518 WHOLE, 1/2/2012, 4995_5_ Martinez Ramirez 2920 w notice ot tha sala, including waah, tor two (2) succeMive Building _erein "fime Share _A"), ot the Public Recods ot pay th6 annual ass8Nment(s) 511, 87,28o.72, $2.19; Roger Spn_ce St Tampa, FL N6O7, the date, time and location weeks, in an Osceola County Plan (P_perty) Add_ss"). As Oscaola Coun_, Florida, and due on (See Exhibit '.A") and C Dolaman, PO Box 654, 1/2 Fixed Week l Fwed Unrf, th8r6ot; (2) Record the notice newspaper, provided such a a resuW of the ato_mentionad tha undenigned Twstee as all assessment(s) _herea_er, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Kearneysville, WV 25430 Elvira w-441, 23 MN, 83.652.51, ot sale in _h6 Public Records newspaper exists at lhe lime detauW, Westgate hereby elects appointed by Westgate, hereby you are cu_ently in defauW INTENT TO FORECLOSE L Doleman, 522 Reyad Rd., $1.07 Paul D Landels Jenny of Oscaola Coun_, Florida; and ot publishing. ll you t_| to to sell the Proparty punuant tormally notifies (See Exhibit ot your obligations to pay wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER Kaarneysville, wv zm3o-2732, Landels Newby CrON Farm (3) Publish a copy ot the notice cure the defauW as set to_h to Seclion 721.855, Florida '.A") that due to your failure to assessments due to Wastgata FILE: 268_._23 112 All Season- Float Weehl Newby CDN Ca_isla, CA5 or s_6 two (2l times, onte each _ this no\ice or take other Statutes. Pleas6 be advisad pay the annual ass8Nmant(s) on the following described real Punuant to S6ction 721.855, Float Unit, 5600-5645, 461 6JP ENGLAND, 1 Flx6d Week weeh, tor two (2) successive appropriate artion wkh regad that in the event that your due on (See Exhibrf _A'_ and prope_y located in Osceola Florida Stat_as, WESTGATE EVEN, 1/2/2016, 49951506- l Fixed Unrf, W-442, 43 weehs. in an Osceola Coun_ to this foBlosu_ maWer, you obligalion is not bDught cu_ent all ass8Nm8nt(s) thereaWer, County, Florida: (See Exhibit TOWN CENTER OWNERS 511, $1,235.96, $0.48: Jose L WHOLE, $4.723.10. 81.45 newspaper, provided such a risk I05ing owership ot your (including _he payent ot any you are cu_ently in default "A") Time Share lnteresl(s) ASSOCIATION, INC. Booth, 2 Rd 118 3, AguadiHa. Donald p Pa_s Ka_n M newspaper exists at the time timeshaR interest th_ugh the fees incu_ed by Wastgate in of your obligations to pay (See Exhibit .'A") accoding _ePinaWer rete_ed to as PR 00603, 1/2 All Season- Float Pa_s 837 Mt Labanon Road _ or publishing. lf you tail to t_stee to&losuP proceduR commencing this foreclosure aN8Nm8nts due to We_gate to the Tlmesharing Plan for .'W6_gate"), has _co_ed a Weeh/Float Unit, 5900-211C, Toney, AL 35773, 1/2 Fixed cure the defauW as set torth established in Se_ion 721 .855, process) within thirty (30l on tha tollowing dascribed real the Weslgate Town Center, Claim ot Lan in tha amount 19/0DD, 11212011. 49951506- Week / Fixed Unk, WTE-539, in this notica or take other Florida Stat_es. You may days hom the first date ot property located in Osceola recoded in the O_cial Records ot (See Exhibit .'A"), wrfh 511, 82,612.63, 8O.76; Keran 8 EVEN. 83,643.3O, $1.07 appropriate a_ion wrth _gad choose to sign and send to publication, the undersigned County. Florida: (See Exhibit Book 1564, at Page 1479. ot interest acc_ing at the rate ot Montalvo Vega. 2 Ca_ Km 118 Memo_ble Vacation. LLC, A to this toretlosure maWer, you the undenigned t_stee an Tw_ee shall procead with .'A") Tl_ Share lnterest(s) the Public Records ol Osceola (Sae Exhibrf _A") per day, and 9, Aguadilla, PR 00603, 1l2 All Florida Coporation PO Box risk losing ownanhip ot your obje_ion form, exercising your the sale ot the Prope_y as (See Exhibh _A_ accoding County, Florida (_he .'Plan"). racorded in O.R. Book (Sea Saason- Float WeeMloat Unrf, 138039 Clermont, FL 34713, 1 timesha_ in\ePst through the righl lo obje_ \o the use ot the provlded in Section 721.855, _o the Tlmesharing Plan tor Together whh _he right to Exhibit _A_), at Page(See Exhibit 5900-21 1c, 19/0DD, 1121201 1, Fixed Week l Fiw6d Unk, WTE- t_staa toreclosure protedure twstae toPclosure p_tedure. Florida Statutes, in which casa. the Westgate Town Center, octupy, pursuant to lhe Plan, _A"), of the Public Records of 4995/506-51 1 , $2,61 2.63, 632, 26 WHOU, $4,630.31, eslablished in Section 721.855, Upon the undenigned tw_ee's the undersigned Trustee shall: retorded in lhe OMcial Retods | Unit(s) (See Exhibit _A_), during Osceola Coun_, Florida, and $0.76; Maritarmen Rivera, $1.45 Leonard B Hin6s Diane Florida Statutes. You may _ceipt ot your 5igned objection (1) Provid6 you with wriw6n Book 1564, at Page 1479. or Unit week(s) (See Exhibit _A"), the und8nign6d Twsle6 as 155 Calle _egria, Guayama, Hines c/o Ston8h6ng6 Po choose lo sign and sand to form, the foPclosure ot lhe notice ot the sale, including the Public Records ot Osceola during Assigned Year(s), (See appoinled by Westgate, he_by PR 00784-8719, 1 All Season- Che5terfeild District St James \he undersigned twstee an lien with respect to the defauW the date, time and location County, Florida (the wPlan_). Exhib_ .'A"). 7700 Westgate tormally notifies (Sea Exhibit Float WeeWFloat Unh, 4000- wesl lndies, JAMAICA, 1 Fixad objection form, exercising your spetified in this notice shall thereot; (2) Recod the notice Together wkh the right to Blvd., Kissimmee. FL _4747, _A_) thal dua to your tailura to 53A. 4000-53B_ 8nvEN. 81 Week / Fixed Unil. WTE-633, righl to objett to the use ot the be subje_ to the judicial or 5al8 in the Public Records occupy. pursuant to the Plan. Building (herein .'Time ShaP pay the annual assessment(s) EVEN, 1/2/2014, 49951506- 47 WHOLE, 84,723.1o, $1.45 |_stae toreclosure procedure. toreclosu_ procedu_ only. or Osceola Coun_, Florida; and Unk(s) (See Exhibrt _A"). during Plan (Properfy) Address"). As due on (See Exhibit '.A") and 51 1. $2,289.70, 8O.79. Jose Patheto Gilda Cano S M Upon tha undersigned trustee's You have the right to cure your (3) Publish a copy or the notice Unit Week(s) (See Exhibrf "A"), a resuW ot lhe aforementioned _| assessmant(s) thereaWer, Augurt 4, 11, _1T 102 Mza 100 Lotes 1 Al 5 Por receipt of your signed objertion detault in the manner set forth ot sale two (2) times, once each during Assigned Year(s), (See default, Westgate hereby ele_s you are cu_ently in datault L156519 CaNe 145 No_e Por 16 Cancun, torm, the toreclosure ot the in this notice al any time beroP week, tor lwo (z) suctessive Exhibrf "A"). 7700 Westgate to sell the Proper_ pursuant ot your obligalions lo pay MWICO, 1 Fixed W6ek / Fix6d llen with respett to the default the undekigned twstee's sale weehs, in an Osceola Coun_ Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34747. lo Se_ion 721.855, Florida as5es5m6nts due to Westgate Unil, WTE-639, 18 WHOLE,