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August 11, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 11, 2017

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+ PAGE 32B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 11, 2017 w192l a di_ance ot 30.00 Penon_ Rep&en__ive: ' ANociation, lnc., Gloria J. RuncKl: WASHINGTON _ 2424 North Federal Highway, | 3001 p_ayBlvd, Kissimmee, CHAGAS PEREIR_ AV lorth in a Notice ot Detault and feet to a point; Menca _n snPHEN STARR Benitaz, Unknown Party #1 MUTUAL BANK. A ! Suka36O FL 34747 merein _fime ShaP CARLOS MOREIRA LIMA 450 lntent _o Foreclose provided Solrfh 0040'01" _ a A_omey ror P6nonal nka Zorobabel Bastida, are FEDERALAssoclAnoN; _ Bota Raton, Florida 33431 Plan p_party) Address_ APT 702A VITORIA ES. 29050 to the last known address of di_ance or 30.00 taet to Representative: datendants, the Oscaola GMAC MORTGAGE, LLC; | (561) 998-6700 Said sale will be made (w_ho_ 652 BRAZIL, Tlmeshare Unit Obligo_s), (Saa Exhibk _A"), by a point; th8nc6 wn No_h Sean F. Bogle, Esq. Coun_ Cle_ ol the Circuil cELEBRAnoN RESIDENTIAL _ (561)998-6707 covenants,orwa_an_,expPM 170604, week 34, Biennial ce_m_agi__ Mail or by _35.45" _ par_lel to Florida Bar No. 0106313 Courf will s6|| to tha highest OWNERS ASSOCIATION, | 16-303883 FCO1 SUT or implied, regading the thle, EVEN, Tlmeshare lntarest publication by tha und6nigned So\rth line of sd Stata BOGU LAW FIRM and best bidder tor cash in/on INC.; MARK RuncKl; | Auguat4,11,_1T | poN8Nion or encumbrancesl 1/2, Per Diam $5.7_, Detault Twstee, will sell at public Road No. NO. a di_ance 101 S. New Yo_ Ave.. Suke Suite 2600/Room #2602 ol the CO-COUNSEL FOR TWE L 156681 to satis_ th6 unpaid balance Balance &15,262.69, Detault aurtion to the highast bidder ot 13.50 t68t lo the point ot 205 Osceola County Courthouse, 2 PL_NnFF; JAMES N. ot eath resp6ctiv8 Morfgage Date 10/1115, Mortgage for lawhl monay ot the United beginning th6nce hom s_d wlmer Pa_, FL 32789 Cou_house SquaP, Osceola CHARLES. ESQ.; UNKNOWN Retorded together wrfh Recorded 9/21/15 in OR States ofAm6rica, attha hont point ot beginning contin- Tal6phone: 407-834-M1 1 Coun_, Florida at 11:00AM TENANT # 1; UNKNOWN | IN THE CIRCUIT accwed inte__ in the anount Book 4844, Page 1211 steps ot lha Osceola Coun_ ua to _n NoM 8936'45" Fax: 407-834-M02 on the 24th day of August, TENANT#2 _ COURTOFTHE ot (See Exhibk _A_, with PAULO ROBERTO RAMOS B Courthousa, 2 Cou_house East par_lel to So_h lin6 Email: 2017, lh6 following described Detendant(s). ! NIW JUDICIAL interest acc_ing at the rate THELMA SANTOS RAMOS,AV SquaR, _Nimm88, FL 34741, ot 5aid Stale Road No. 530 Secondary _ : jodi_ property a5 58t forfh in said NoncE OF SAU CIRCU_ IN AND FOR of ISee Exhib_ _A") per day, VISCONDE DE GUARAPUAVA l right. tkle and inler6st inthe a di_ance ot 16.50 teet to Final Judgmant of Foreclosure: NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN OSCEOLA couw, punuant to the fimesha_ 4977 APTO 2_1 cuRlnBIA p_p_srfuatadintheCoun_ a point; _ence _n South August4, 11,_1_ LOT 173, CELEBRATION punuam to ordar raschaduling FLORIDA Plan, advant_, it any, under PR, 80240 010 BRAZl_ ofOK8ola, norida, d8Krib8d _40'01. Ea_ a distant6 L156583 SOUTH VILLAGE UNIT 4 to_tlosure sale or Final . CIVIL DIVISION the _erms ot 5aid Mortgage, Tlm85haR Unk 160410, Week as: ot 20._ t_; thanc6 wn REPLAT NUMBER 1, AC- Judgment, anta_d in Ci_| Case Case #: 2016-CA- chagas and expensas ot 40, Biannial ODD, Tl_share (SEE _HIBIT _ fime Sha_ So\rfh _6'45" _t CORDING TO THE MAP No. 2013-CA-001422 of the 001296-MF the T__aa and ot the twsts lnterest 112, Par Diam 85.81, lm_(s) as defined in the __ to Sorth line ot IN THE CIRCU_ OR PLAT THEREOF, AS Ci_uit Courf ot tha 9lh Judici_ Federal National Mortgage c_ated by s_d Morfgage. Datault B_ante $15,592.53, Declaration ot Covanants, S\a_a Road No. NO a COURr OF THE 9TH RECORDED IN PLAT Ci_uk in and tor Osceola Assotiation Obligo_s) sh_| have the right DetauW Da_e 911115, Morfgaga Condrfions and Re_n_ions d_ance ot 16.50 laa to JUDICIAL CIRCU_ IN BOOK 22, PAGE(S) 89 County, horida, wh_in Pl_ntiW, to w_ m6 detauW and any R6cord8d 9121115 in OR Book torVacation Vlllage atPa_way, a point; th6n_ wn North ANO FOR OSCEOLA THROUGH 100, INCLU- JPMogan Cha58 Bank, -vs.- junior Lanhold& shall hav6 4844, Page 1218 ROBSON a5 _old6din omcialRecods _40.01_ _rt a di_anca couw, FLORIDA SIVE, OF THE PuBuc Nation_ _ci_ion, Pl_mm CarolW. Ribas _a Carol W8rigMtor8d68m hsint__ ASSUNCAO a ANA PAULA 8ook 1591, at Paga 379, ot ot2O._te&tothe point ot CASE NO.: 2017 CA RECORDS OF OSCEOLA and MARK c. RuncKl aP Ribas_aCa_IWeame; up to lhe dat6 _6 Twstea MIRANDA ANUNCAO, the Public R6cods of OK8ola b6ginninRT _129T COUN_ FLORIDA. defandan\(5), |. Clerh ot Court, Unknown Spous6 ofCarol w. iNu_ me Cartifitate ot Sale RUA VERMEUUN 185 County, norida (th6 Plan), as EASEME PARCEL5: RMRSE MORTGAGE 1597 cAsnLE STREET, Armando Ramirez, will sell to Ribas _aCa_| Ribas_a by paying th6 _unts due IMIGRANTES HOLAMBRA _dad hom ti_B to tim6. Tog&h_ w_h a 20 foot FUNDING uc, cEuBRAnoN, FL 34747 the highe_ and be_ bidder CarolW8am6;Association as outlinad in the p&6ding sP, 13825 BRAZl_ Tlm85har8 Toge\h_ wrm the right to _d6 rtil_y ea_nt d& __nlm, Any p_n cl_ming an i_a__ for carn AT 2 COURTHOUSE orPoincianaVlllag8s,lnG.; paragraph. To GUr8 the detauW Unk 210314, Waek 38, Annua, o_upy, punuanl to the Plan, Kribad as tolb_: vs. in the suplus hom lha s_e, il SQUARE, suln 26001R00M Poinciana Vlllage Two 8xpl_n6d in this Notice you TlmBsha_ |_e_st 1, P6r A5sign8d Unk Waak (SEE A 20._ foot _de _il_y CATAUNA FLORES AKA any, oth& than the pDparfy m6o2, KINIMMEE, FLORID_ _sotiation, lnc.; Unknown must_mhthe amountyou now Diem $10.00, D6tauW B_anta _HIBIT A) and Assigned Unrf __m ac_N a part ot CATAUNA w FLORES, owner as ot th6 date ot tha 34741, AT 11:00AM on Parfi6sinPoN8ssionN1, owe, as s6ttorth in Mibk _A", $26,650.97, DefauW Dat6 (SEE _HIBIT _, in _signed &ion 19, Towship 25 AS TRusnE, UNDER L5 P8nd6ns must file a tlaim Augu_ 29, 2017, _e follo_ng ltliving, and allUnknown including the p6r di6m _unt 9115115, Mortgag6 R_old8d Yaar(SEE _HIBIT_. So_h. Range 29 East, THE CATAUNA FLORES whhin 60 days a_ar the sala. d_cnbad pDp8rty as set tor_ Parfias claiming by, thDugh, toraad daytollowing Me date 9121_15 in OR Book 4844, 3_1Pa_wayBlvd,_Nimmaa. OKaola CouW, Florida; R_OCABLE LMNG TRUST, Dated in Hillsbo_ugh in said Fnal Judq_nt, to-wrf: under and ag_n_ the abov6 ofthis notit6thDughthe d_e Page 1056 MILENA RAMOS FL 34747 _e_in Tl_P Share b6ing mo_ particul_ A DEc_noN OFTRUST Coun_, Florida, this 24th day ot LOT 283, c uBRAnoN named Detendan\(s) who payn8mismad6.ltyouchoos8 BUERRA a WILANILDO UMA p_np_)Add_ss_ d_bed _ e_anding DAnD 22ND DAY OF July, 2017. VILLAGE UNIT 2, AC- a_ not known to be daad or to cu_ _e d&auW sel rorth in COSTA, R DEMERVAL LOBAO Said sale will b6 made (wrfhout 10._ f_ on each side AUGUST, 2005, & _., #be_elli Law CORDING TO THE MAP aliva, whelher said Unknown this Notice, the _|| amountdue 1626 APT 104 nREslNA Pl, tov6nant5,orw__,exp_N ot tha folb_ng d_rib_ Delendants. AWom6y for PlaintiW OR PLAT THEREOF AS Parfies may claim an interest must be remmed to: LANDO 64048 100 BRAZIL TlmeshaP or imphed, _gading me lhla, _nt8_in6: NoncE OF ArnoN P.o. Box 23028 RECORDED IN PLAT as Spouse, Hein, D8vis86s, RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, Unit 19801, Week 40, Biennial poN6Nion or encumbrancas) Commence a_ the Norm TO: CATAUNA noREs AKA Tamp4 FL N623 BOOK 8, PAGE(_ 185- Grantees, or _her claimams; A_n: Jan6t Cuebas, Debt EVEN, Tlmesha_ lnt_est to 5atis_ the unpaid balanca quarter _m& ot &ion CATAUNA uv FLORES (813 221-4743 | 212, PuBuc RE ORDS Unknown Partiesin PoM8Mion Resolution D6part_nt, 5405 112, Per Diem $5.81, DetauN of each _sp6_iv8 Mortgag6 19, Towship 25 So_h, 827 MASSY COURT 813) 221-9|71 taNimil8 | OF OSCEOLA couw, m, lt living, and _| Unknown Diplom_ Ci_le Ste. 106, Balance 815,149.57, D6tauN R_old8d tog&her wkh Rang6 29 Ea_, thance KISSIMMEE, fl 34759 eS_ice: s_vealaw_ FLORIDA. Parti6s claiming by, through, | O_ando, FL 32810 beto_ the Date 11l1l15, Morfgage accruad inte_ in the amou_ So_h 0040'01_ East, CATAUNA noREs AKA alb8rf6| | ANY PERSON CL_MING AN underand againstthe above s_a d_6 andtima setfo_hin Recorded1OT1V15inORBook of (s68 Exhibh _A"), wrfh \ _ong lh_ _ lina ot CATAUNA uv FLORES AH-16-018234 INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS named Defendant(s)who | this Notice. 4855, Page 1924 SERGIO int_d ac_ing a_ the rat6 the Nor_ea_ 1_4 ot s_d 826 MASSY CT lf you a_ a panon with a FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, arenotknowtobedeador | Dated: Ju_24, 2017 YUJI TAKAI 6 CLAUDIA of (Sea Exhibk _A_ par day, &ion 19, a distanc6 MNIMMEE. n 34759 disabil_y who needs any OTHERTHANTHE PROPERrV aliv6,wh8lh8rsaid Unknown By: GRE NSPOON MARDER, TAEKO MIDORIKAWA TAK_, punuant to the fime_ha_ of 132._ f_t to a point CATAUNA noREs AKA aKommodation in oder to OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF Parfies may claim aninteres\ | Tw_86 RUA CORIFEU DE AZEVEDO Plan, advances, rf any, undar on the SoLrfh right-ot- CATAUNA w FLORES participata in this proceeding, THE LIS PENDENS MUST FIU as Spouse, Hain, Davisees, | WHIBIT Nn_ MARQUES 3202 APTO 251 the t8rM ot s_d Morfgage, . way line ot u.s. Highway KEYSTONE REHABILITAnoN you are emkled, at no co_to A CL_M WITHIN 60 DAYS Grantees,or_herClaimants ALDINEIAAUGUSTASOSINHO D SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS chages and expenses ot 192 (CouW Road 530); AND HEALTH cENnR - 1120 you, to lhe pD_sion ot c6rfain AFTER THE SALE. D6t8ndant(sT. ' LOBATO 6 EDIVALDO sP, 12240 780 BRAZIL tha Twstae and ot the t_sts lh8nt6 Norfh 8936'45" w DONNAN AVE aMistanc8. PI8as6 tontart lt you _6 a person whh a NoncE OF SALE DE OUVEIRA LOBATO, Tlmesha_ Unit 210112, c_ated by said Mortgag6. East, _ong So_h right- WNIMMEE, FL 34741 Court Administration at Two disabili_ who neads any NoncE ls HEREBY GNEN PASSAGEM DO ARAME 229 Waek 27, Annual, Tlmeshare Obligo_s) shall have the right ot-way line ot said u.s. CATAUNA noREs AKA Courthouse Squa_, Surf6 accommodalion in order to pursuantto orderrescheduling | APT 702 BELEM PAR_ 66087 lnte__ 1, Per Di_ 813.31, to cu_ th6 datauW and any Highway 192, a distanca ot CATALINA LIV FLORES, 6300, KiNimm88, FL 34741, participat6 in lhis proceeding, for8closuR sale or Final 230 BRAZl_. Tlmeshar6 Unrt Derault Balance 833.256.92. | junior Lenholder sh_| have 420.50 fe&; thence South AS TRusnE, UNDER Telephone: (40_742-241 7, you are entrfled, at no cost to Judgment, enterad in Civil 210110, w66k N, Annual, DefauW Data v1l16, Mortgage | th6 right to _deem ks inl6r8st _40'01" Ea_ leaving s_d THE CATALINA FLORES wrfhin two (2l working days you, to the pDvision ofcarfain Casa No. 2016-CA-001296- fim85ha_ lnt8R_ 1, Per Retoded 8120115in OR Book up to the date the Twstee South rigM_f-way line, RNOCABU UNNG TRUST, ot your Pceipt ot this notica: aMistanc6. Please conta_ MF of \he Circuit Cou_ of Diem S12.33, DefauW Balance 4829, Paqe 1680 ANTONIO iNu8s th6 cartmcate ot Sale a di_anca of 230.00 le& A DEc_noN OF TRUST lt you aT8 hearing or voice the ADA Coordinator, Court th6 9th Judicial Circuit in and $31,282.88, DefauW Date MENDON A DE OUVEIRA a by paying the amoums du6 to Me point of b6ginning DAnD 22ND DAY OF impai_d, t_| 1-800-955-8771. Admini_ration,OKeolaCoun_ for Osc6ola Coun_, Florida, 1/1116, Mortgage Recorded MARIA DO SOCORRO UMA as o_lined in the pr8c6ding ot _e &e_ine he_in AUGUST, 2_ To fil6respons6 pl6asa contart CouMouse, 2 Courfhousa whe_in Fedaral National 7116_15 in OR Book 4809, DE OLIVEIRA, ALAMEDA paragraph. To cure the detault _bad, thanc6 South 827 MASSY COURT OsceolaCountyCle_ otCou_, Squar8,Suk863OO,_Nimm88, Morfqage ANociation, Pl_ntm Page 2715 HELDER FREITAS DOS BAMBUS 1034 BOA expl_nad in lhis Notice you 89_6'45" We_ along said WSSIMMEE, FL 34759 2 Courthouse Squar6, Suite Florida 34741, (40_ 742-2417, and arolW.Ribas Ma CaDl ALW a NISW FERREIRA VISTA RR, 69309 395 BRAZl_ mustr8mrfth6amounlyounow _nt6_in8 a distancB ot CATAUNA FLORES AKA 2_0, _Nimm6a, FL 34741, at lea_ 7 days befo_ your Ribas _a Carol W8amB aR ' BARBOSA FREITAS, AV fin_sha_ Unk 210410, Waeh owe,ass&torthin ExhibkwA", 145.50 t_ to the point ol CATAUNA uv FLORES, Tal: (40_ 742-3479; Fax: (40_ 5ch8dul8d courf appe_ce, or detendant(s), |, Clerk of Courf. MIRAGE QD A LT 14A B_RRO 32, Bienni_ ODD, Tl_&hare including tha per diem _unt t8rmination. AS TRusnE, UNDER 742-3652. immediately upon race_ingthis Armando Ramirez, will sall lo CAUMOLANDIA 2 ETAPA lnterast 1n, Per Diem 86.71, tor each day following the d_a EASEMENT PARCEL 6: THE CATALINA FLORES Augu_t 4, 11, 201T notificalion ot the tim6 b6to_ the highest and b6st bidder ANAPOLIS GO, 75130 670 DetauN Balance 818,324.43, ot this notice thDugh th6 data Tog6B w_ th_ cer- REVOCABU U_NG TRUST, L156521 the schaduled appearance s tor cash AT 2 COURTHOUSE BRAZIL,fim8shal8 Unrf153O7, DetauN Date 811115, Mortgage pay8nti5 made.ltyou choosa tn 25 fool wide lngr_J A DEc_noN OF TRUST I855 than 7 days; if you a_ SQUARE, SUITE 26001 Week 39, Biennial EVEN, Recoded 9_10_15 in OR Book to cure \he d6_ult se_ torth in Eg_ eas_n_t b&w_n DAnD 22ND DAY OF hearing orvoice impPd, G_| ROOM #2602, KISSIMMEE, fimeshara lnte_st 112, Per 4839, Page 1461 TIAGO thisNotice,thehllamountdue Tri-_e lnns, lnc., and AUGUST, 2005 IN THE CIRCU_ | '. . FLORIDA, 34741, AT 11:00AM Diem $5.70, DetauW Balanca JOSE LOPES DE BARROS must be remi_ed _o: LANDO &r_ Fbrida PDp6r- 826 MASSY CT COURT OF TH bmmed By: on September 14, 2017, the $14,965.45, DetauW Date a FRANCILENE APARECIDA RESORTS CORPORATION, ti_ r_dad in O_cial KISSIMMEE, FL 34759 NIW JUDICIAL ATrORNEY FOR PLAINnFF: rollowingdescribed pDperfyas 1111_15, Mortgage Recordad PEDROSO, AV DR EDUARDO AWn: Janet Cuebas, Dabt R8tord5 Book 923, Pag6 CATAUNA flORES AKA CIRCUIT IN AND FOR SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a _ettorthinsaidFin_Judg_Pnl, 31&16 in OR Book 4923, CURY 150 AP 55 SAO JOSE R_olution Department, 5405 2583, Public R6cods of CATAUNA uv FLORES, OSCEOLA COUN_ GACH_, LLP to-wh: Paga 2513 CIRO VINICIUS DOS CAMPOS sP, 12242 Diplomat Circle St6. 106, O5_0la Coun_, Florida. AS TRusnE, UNDER FLORIDA 2424 North Fader_ Highway, LOT 15, BLOCK 542, | DO AMARAL BrmNcou_T 001 BRAZIL. TlmashaP Unh O_ando. FL 32810 beto_the has _ fil_ again_ you and THECATAUNAFLORES CIVIL ACTION Suite 360 POINCIANA NEIGHBOR- a FLAVIA _CTOR PERES 210214, Weak 16, Biennial s_edata andtin_setto_hin thal you _ _qui_d to se_e a RNOCABLE UVING TRUST, CASE NO.: 49-2014- Boca Raton, Florida 33431 HOOD 1, VILLAGE 2, BlmNcouRT, RUA CABO EVEN, fimesha_ lntare_ thisNotite. _py ot your wrmen daten_, A DEc_noN OFTRUST CA-000005 MF (561) 998-6700 ACCORDING TO THE BASIUO ZEQUIM JUNIOR 1_2, Per Diem $6.71, D6tauW Dat6d:July24,2O17 rf any, to tha Compl_nt on w6 DAnD 22ND DAY OF JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, (561) 998-6707 MAP OR PLAT THEREOF 36 AP 203 BLO2 SAO PAULO Balance $17,628.61, DetauN By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Pl_nt_'s anom6y. S\ephen AUGUST, 20_ NAnoNAL ASSOCIATION. 15-292212 FCO1 w5o ' AS RECORDED IN PLAT sP, 02180 BRAZIL, Tlmeshara Date 11/1_15, Mo_gage Twstee M. Stone, whosa add_M is #YSTONE REHABIL_AnoN Plaint_, _ Augusl_,11,2O1T BOOK 3, PAGES 69 Unh 12404, waeh 37, Biannial R8cold8d 1_13/16 in OR Book _HIBIT "A" 725 No_h Magnolia Avenue. AND HEALTHcENnR-112o vs. . L 1565oo THROUGH 87, INCLU- MN, Tlm85har8 lnterest 4899, Pag6 2490 LUCILIA MARY LAMPHIER, 6600 O_ando, Florida 32803, on or W DONEQ AN NOEL TRUJILLO et al, SIVE, PUBLIC RECORDS | 112, Par Diem 85.77, Detault MARIA CORREA DE ARAUJO PORTAGE LAKE RD LOT 135 b8toR 30 days tDm th6 fir_ KISSIMMEE,FL34741 Defendants). OF OSCEOLA COUNTY. _ Balance $15,358.20, DafauW a NRGIN_ MILITAO DE MUNITH, MI49259,Tlmashara dat6.of publication, and file the UNKNOWN BENEFICIARIES NOTICE F RESGHEDULED IN THE CIRCUIT FLORIDA. Dat6 10_1_15, Mortgage ANDRADE, RUA DR ALVARO Unk 14202, _k 18, Biennial original wrm the Cla_ ot lhis OFTHECATAUNAFLORES SALE COURT OF THE ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN Recoded1OI1U15inORBook FERRAZ 44 D JORAO BAIXO MN, Tl_shaR lntere_ 112, Court _ 2 COUt_OUS6 Squa_. REVOCABU LIVING TRUST, NOTICE ls HEREBY NINTH JUDICIAL INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS 4855, Pag6 1640 HECTOR RECIFEPE,5125O35O BRAZIL P8rDi6mS2.5O,D8tauWBalanc6 NNim_, horida 34741, ADEc_noNoFTRusT GIVEN Punuant to an Order CIRCUIT IN AND FOR FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, NOE MANRIQUE a NINFA Time_hara Unh 14108, Week 87,56o.44, D6tauW Date b&o_ _ite on Pl_miR's DAnDTHE22NDDAYoF Rescheduling Foreclosure OSCEOLA COUN_ OTHERTHANTHE PROPE_ BUENDIA ROJAS, CALLE 33, Biennial WEN, Tim6shar8 1l15l15, Mortgage R8cod6d aWomey or immedi_e_ AUGUST2_5 S_e docketed May 31, 2017, FLDRIDA i OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF 2E 1D 40 GARZON HUILA. lntere_ 112, Per Diem $6.58, 8124111in0RBook4168,Page th_a_ lt you tail to do so, 827MASSYC0URT | and ente_d in Ca58 No. | CINL Dl_SION THE LIS PENDENS MUSTFILE COLOMBIA. Tlm6shar8 Unit DetauW Balance S16.742.87. 1497 ELIZABETH DUNCAN, judge by detauW will be WSSIMMEE, n 34759 ' 49-2014-CA-000005 MF _ Case w: 2016-CA- A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAVS _ 8401, w68k zo, Trienni_ A, Detault Date 1/1_16, Mortgage 19412 115TH AVENUE SAINT r ant&ad ag_nst you forlhe _lief YouAREHEREBYNonFIED or the Cirtuk Court of the 002686-MF,nc | ___R THE SALE. Tlmasha_ lntePst 113, Pet Recordad 1212115in OR Book ALBANS, NY 11412 2710, d8mand6d in the Complaint. tha\ an a_ion to ro&lose a Nin\h Judicial CirGui_ in and SunT_st Mortgage, . | | u a_ a penon wkh a | Diem 84.15, DefauW Balance 4879, Pag6 213 EURICO TlmeshaP Unk 1 60804, lt you a_ a panon whh a mortgage on the tollowing lor Osceola County, Florida PlaintiW, , disabili_ who naads any 81 0.731 .66, DetauN Data REYME DANTAS E SILVA a Waak 1, Annu_, Tlmashare disabil_y who neads any d8scrib6d pDperty locatad in in which JPMorgan Chase -vs.- | accommodation in order to 1V1115. Mortgage Recorded EDNA LEILA DANTAS E SILV_ lnt6_st 1, Per Diem $5.66, accommodation in order to OK8ola Coun_, norida: Bank, National Association, Noami Rivera; Unknow | pa_icipale in this pDteeding, 814115 in OR Book 4820, Page RUA31 suLLon9APTo 1508 D6tauW Balance 817,398.88, particip_e in this pDc88ding, LOT 33, BLOCK 2150, is the PlaintiW and Falls Cove Spouse of Noemi Rivera; you are antitled, at no tost to 1701 CARLOS EDUARDO AGUAS c_s BRASIUA DF, DetauW Date 1 1_15_14, you are enNled. at no cost to POINCIAN_ NEIGHBOR- Homeownan Association, lnc., Association ot Poinciana | you, to the provision of ce_ain NAZARETH GOMES DOS 71805 412 BRAZIL, Timeshare Mo_gage Recoded 1120112 you, to M6 pDvision ot Bain HOOD 1. NLLAGE 5, AL JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., vlllages, lnc.; Poinciana | as5i5tanc8. PI6as6 contart SANTOS a SUELLEN ALVES Unil 210410, w86h 45, Annual, in OR Book 4222, Pag6 1670 aNi_anc8. Plaase toma_ CORDING TO THE PLAT Marina |. Twjillo, Mercedes vlllage FlveAs5ocia\ion, lnc.; lhe ADA Coordinator, Court DE LIMA, RARUJA222 MOGI Tlmashara lntarest 1, Par RUTH DUNCAN a CHARLES the ADA Coodinator, Court THEREOF AS RECORDED Dal Buendia, Noel A. Twjillo, _ Unknown Pa_iesin Poss8Nion | Administration.O5t8olaCounty | DAS CRUZES sP, 08771 Diem $9.52, DetauW B_anca DUNCAN, 11211 205 STREET _ministralion_ Osc6ola County IN PLAT BOOK 3, AT Noel Dejasus Twjillo Rodas, | #1,Wliving,and _IUnknow , Cou_hou58, 2 Cou_house 289 BRAZl_ fimeshare Unrt 823,857.34, DetauW Date SAINT ALBANS, NY 11412, Courthouse, 2Courthouse PAGES 144-158, PUBUC aR detendants, the Osteola Pa_ies claiming by,thDugh, | Square,Suh863OO,KiMimm88, 210209, Week 30, Annual, 211116, Mort_age R_oded Tl_ashaR Unrf 160804, Squa_, Suite 6300, RECORDS OF OSCEOLA Coun_ Cle_ ot the Ciwuit underandagain_Meabove , norida 34741, (40_ 742-2417, | Tlm_ha_ lnte_st 1, Per 121V15in0R ook4879,Page w66k 1, Annu_, Tlmeshare NNimm88, Florida 34741, COUN_ FLORIDA Cou_ will sell to the highest namad Detendantls) who | at least 7 days before your Di6m $12.54, DetauW Balance 644 WILUAMS BARBOSA lnte_st 1, Per Di6m S5.66, (40_ 742-2417, at laast 7 days has baen filed against you. and besl bidder tor cash in/on a_ not known to be dead or Kheduled cou_appea_nce, or ' 833,9N.67, DetauN Da\e FERNANDES B NADJALA DatauN B_anca $17,398.88, b8foR your Kh8duled court and you al8 _quir6d to Suhe 26001Room #2602 otthe aliva,whethers_dUnhnown immediataly upon receiving this &15115, Morfgage Racoded CARVALHO BARBOS_ RUA DetauN Date 11115114, appearanca, or immediate_ &6 a copy ot your wrmen Osceola County Courthouse, 2 Parfiasmaycl_manintar6st notitication ot the time batore 8/3115 in OR Book 4819, CASTRO PINTO 98 SAOJOSE Mortgage Recoded 1120112 upon _iving this notmcation detena, it any, to _is artion, Cou_house Squa_, O5ce0la | as Spouse, Hein, Deviseas, the scheduled appearance is Page 1546 UCELIA FREIRE CAMPINA GRANDE PB, 58400 in OR Book 4222, Page 1670 rftheti_ b6to_th8 sthaduled on G_Mpoon Malder, P.A, Coun_, Florida al 11:_AM on Grantees,or_h&Claimants; lass than 7 days; it you are LOYOLA a WALLACE 420 BRAZIL Timesha_ Uni\ MARITZA FERNANDU DE appe_ceisl_sman7days; DatauW D8partm6nt, Anomeys the 1_h ofAugust, 2017, the UnknownParfiesin Poss8Nion h6aring orvoice impaiRd. t_| MOREIRA CORREA, RUA 210209, Week 43, Annu_, CURIEL a DANIEL ALBERTO rf you _ hearing or voice for Pl__iW. whose addr_5 is followingd_tribedproperfyas #2,ltliving,andallUnknow 711. DUBUN 32 GRA DUQUESA Tlmeshare lnt6__ 1, Par CURIEL. PARCEL AMIENTO imp__, call 711. Trade Centre So_h. Suk6 700. s&to_h in s_d Final Judgment Pa_ies c_ming by, th_ugh, Submmed By: ! GOVERNADOR VALADARES Diem S9.9o, DetauW B_anc6 RAFAEL @LARDO VILLA Daled: July21, 2017 100 we_ cyp_# c_h Road, otFo&losu_: under and again_ the abova ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF: : MO, 35057 160 BRAZIL, $26,165.86, DatauW Dale MARnzA CORO FALCON, ARMANDO RAMIRU Fort Laude__e, FL 3M09, and LOT 204, FELLS COVE na_d Detendant(s) who SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Tlmesha_ Unrt 7601, Waek 10115115, Morfaage R_orded 4101 VENUUELA, Tlmesha_ Cla_ ofthe Court fil6 the origin_ wrm Ma Cle_ UNITS 3 AND 4 - PHASE a_ not known to b6 dead or GACH_, LLP 39, Biennial MN, Tlmesha_ 11120/15 in o Book 4875, Unrf 16704, w_h 37, Annu_, By: Suzan Vlz wMin 30 day aR& lha fim 2, ACCORDING TO THE aliva, whether s_d Unhnown 2424 North F6d8ral Highway, lnt8r85t 1l2, Per Diem 85.85, Page 1573 EUSANETH DA fimesha_ lme_ 1, Per (CIRCUrr COURT publit_ion otthis norlc6 in THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RE- Pa_ies may cl_m an inter_t Suite 360 DefauW Balance $15,762.98, COSTA BUERRA a PATRICIA Di6m S7.96, D6tauW Balance SEAU HER_AGE FLO_DA JEWISH CORDED IN PLAT BOOK as Spouse, Hein, D6vis66s, Boca Raton, Florida 33431 DefauW Date 9_1115, Mort_age ALMEIDA DE SOUZA, QDRA S21,37a.46. DetauW Date _PW Clerk N_S on or beto_ Sept&nber 17, PAGES 74 n_RouGH Grant_s, or _her Claimants (561T 998-6700 Retorded 1N115 in OR ook 102 CONJ 2 LOTES1lV3 BLD 9_1/15, Mortgage Racoded _.. Augu__ 11. _1T 19, 2017: o_l&_s8 a detauW 76, OF THE PUBLIC RE- Datendant(s). | (561) 998-6707 4880, Page 2722 cRlsnNA APTO1O1 8RASILIADF,72300 611_12 in OR Booh 4278, L156511 andajudgB_yb88rh6_d CORDS OF OSCEOLA NoncE OF NU 16-299707 FCO1 wcc | D'ENUNZIO SANDOVAL 603 BRAZl_ fimeshare Unit Paga &95 _ J TORRES, ag_nst you tor the Bi6t COUNTY, FLORIDA. NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN Augurt_,11,_1T CONTRO_CLAUDIO SERGIO 19503,Week16,Bienni_EVEN, 1o12 s 8UTUR LANE demanded in th6 Complaint. 3202 DOUBLE OAK DR, punuant to od& Bch8duling L1_2 CONTRO JUNIOR, RUA Tlmasha_ lnlar_t 112, Per INDEPENDENCE, MO 64056, IN THE CIRCUIT lt you a_ a penon __ a KISSIMMEE, FL 34744 toreclosure sale or Fin_ PARAGUACU198CASA7STO DiBm &6.58, De_uW B_ance fi&a_ Unk 12704, Week COURT FOR disabil_y whD n8_5 any Anyp&son claiming aninta__ Judgm6nt,8nt8r8dinCivilCas8 ANDRE sp. 09_0 190 BRAZIL, $16,621.51, DefauW Dat6 24, Bienni_ EVEN, Tlmeshare OKEOLA couw, actommod_ion in o_& to in the suplus hom the sale, if No.2O16-CA-002686-MFoflhe NOTICE OF TRUSTU'S Tlm6rna_ Unh 210310, Week 1115/16, MortgagB R_orded lnta__ 1_, P6r Diam a.65. FLORIDA parfi_pat6 in _is pm86ding, any, oth6r than \he pDperty CircuitCourt oftha _h Judici_ SALE 32, Bi6nni_ ODD, Tlmesha_ 1113116 in OR Book 4899, DetauW B_anta S1o,659.18, PRoBAn DMSION you a_ _mlad,_ no cortto ower as ot the date ot tha Ciwuit in and tor Oscaola LANDO RNo_n lnte__ 112, Per Diem $6.58, Page 2110 ALESSANDRA DelauN Date5T25_16,Morf_age Fll6 No.: 2017-CP- you, to Me pD__on otB_n Ls Pendans must file a claim Coun_, Florida, wha_in coRPoRAnoN, a norida DatauW Balance 817,613.21, CARMEN LUQUE OGEDA R8told8d1V28l11inOR ook 36&PR assi_ance. Pl_ tonta_ ' Whin 60daysa_6rlhes_e. SunT_st Mortgage, lnt., to_o__on DetauW Date 9115_15 FERREIRAaRlcARDo OGEDA 4213, Page 2046 DAVID JOHN IN RE: EsTAn OF the ADA Coordinator, Court | Dated in Hillsbo_ugh Plaintm and Noemi Riv_a are On Augu_ 24, 2017 a_ 2:30 Mortgag6 Recordad 7123115 FERREIRA, AV BRIGADEIRO BAGWEU a LYNN EDIM UNDA STARR, Admini__tion,OK8olaCoun_ Coun_, Floridathis31_ day ot dafandant(s), |, Cle_ ot Court, p.m.G EENSPOON MARDER, in OR 8ook 4814, Page 67 RAFAEL TOBIAS DE AGUIAR BAGWELL DHFCS CYPRUS Dec8as6d. Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Ju_,2O17. Armando Rami_z, will sell to 100 WestCypressC_ek Road, RAMON NARVAU SEQUEIRA 856 CAMPINAS SP, 13033 SALTLAWS_ERAFAKROTIRl NoncE TO GREDITORS Squa_. Suhe 6300, AlbertelliLaw the highe_ and bast bidder Suke 700, Fo_ Lauderdale, FL a MAR_ ELENA UGARTE 010 BRAZIL, Tlm6sh_e Unit BFPO57LONDON ENGLAND, me admini__tion of the _Nimm86, Florida 34741, AWorn6ytorPlaintiR for tash AT 2 COURTHOUSE 33309, as T_stea pursuantto CHMS a MONICA ELENA 12404, Week 20, Bienni_ NW7 1PQ uNmD KINGDOM, _e of UNDA STARR, (40_742-2417,all_7day P.O.Box2_O28 SQUARE, suln 26001 that Appointment ot T_st6a NARVAU UGARTE, 200 M EVEN, Timesha_ lntere_t fiwhare Unrf 170606, Week d_, whosa date ot bero_ your whaduled courf Tampa,FL33623 ROOM #2602, KISSIMMEE, | recoded on May 24, 2017, in NoRnY2ooMoEsnY25M 1/2, Per Diam &5.84, DefauW 35, Bienni_ ODD, fimesha_ da_h was M_ 27. 2017, is appearance, or imm_iately (813) 221-4743 FLORIDA, 34741. AT 11:00AM , O.R. Book 5153 at Pa&e 1 of NoRn DE LA nRMINAL DE Balanca $14,503.64, Detault lnterast 112, Per Diem $4.60, pandinq in tha Ci_uh Court upon &_ving this notmc_ion (813) 221-91 71 facsimile | on Sept_nber 12, 2017, the | the Public Records ot 5c80la BUSES MUNICIPAL UBERIA Date 2/1/16, Mortgage DafauW Balance 813,558.16, br os EOLA County, Florida, rf_etime beto_ _e Kh8duled | 8S8NiC8: se_ealaw_ _ _lowing d_cribadp_pertyas Coun\y, Florida, by Rason GuANAcAsn, COSTA RICA, Recorded 4112116 in OR Book DetauW Data 211115, Morfgaga PDbata Division, the add_M appaarance _leNthan 7 days: | ttorthin5_dFlnalJudg_nt, | ot a now continuing detauN fim_haR Unrf 210311, 4941, Page 2080 SERGIO Recoded 4123113 in OR Book ot which is 2 Courthouse h you a_ heanng or voice | JD-13-123346 to-wh: | by Obligo_s), (See Exhibrt | Week 34, Annu_, TlmeshaR SARTORI JUNIOR a FABIOLA 4430, Page 2661 SHADAE Squa_, KiNimm88, FL 34741. imp_red, call 711. . lt you al8 a person wkh a LOT 20, BLOCK 2138, _A") whosa address is (Sae | lnte&t 1, Per Diam $9.62, DO NASCIMENTO SARTORl, ALUN a DONNA MCLAREN, me n_s and add_sses of WITNESS MY HAND AND disability who needs any POINCIANA, NEIGH- | Exhibit _A_, in tha payment or | DetauW Balance $24,982.46, RUA BENTA PEREIRA 310 401 1315 BOUGH BEECHES lhe penon_ _presenlative and SEAL OF SAID COURT onthis accommodation in oder to BORHOOD 1, VILLAGE ' performanca ot the obligations DelauN Date 1 1l15/15, APTO 111 SAO PAULO sP, BLVD MISSISSAUGA ON, L4W the p&son_ _presentative's 28th day otJu_, 2017. parficipate in this proceeding, 5, ACCORDING TO THE _ securad by said Morfgage Mo_gage Recorded 8121115 02451 BRAZIL, Tlmesha_ Unk 4A1 CANADA, TlmashaP Unh aWomey a_ set torfh below. ARMANDO RAMIRU | you are antkled, at no cost to MAP OR PLAT THEREOF, | Ptodad in O.R. Book (See in OR Book 483o, Paqa 718 4605,Waak36,Bienni_ NEN, 15708, Weeh 19, Biennial ODD, _| aadrfon of the decedent A5 cl&h ots_d Court _ you, to the p_vision ot cerfain AS RKORDED IN PLAT Exhibit "A'., at Page (See MARCOS VITOR MA osso Tim6shai8 lnterest 1/2, Per Tlm8shaR lnterest 1/2, Per and oW& _n5 ha_ng B_: Suzan Vlz | aNistanc8. Please contact 800K 3, PAGE(S) 144 | Exhibit. "A", ot the Public B JOSIANI APARECIDA. Diem $5.86, Default B_anc6 Di6m $4.82, Dataull Balance Cl_M or d_ds ag_n_ (CIRCUIT OURT sEAV __:rt Administration at Two THROUGH 158, INCLU- | Records ot Osceola Coun_, CASSIN MAGOSSO, RUA RUI 814,665.35, DefauN Dat6 $14,447.04, Dalault Date _ d_ent's _t_e, on whom a Depu_ Clark _ rthousa Square, Suita SWE, OF THE PUBLIC Florida, includingthe breach or BARBOSA N 109 JARDIM 2/1/16, Morfgage Recorded 1v1/14. Mortgage Recorded topy ot this notice is requi_d August_ 11,_1T 6300, _ssimmee, FL 34741, RECORDS OF OSCEOLA _ _etault, nolita ot which was sat IMPERADORVARZEAGRANDE 5/16/16in0RBook4960,Page 511v14 in OR Book 4607, to ba s8_6d, mu_ fil6 thair L 156601 Telephone: (40_742-241 7, couw, FLORIDA | orfh in a NoliceotDefaultand ' MT, 78125 620 BRAZIL, 1517 Paga 2028 LUIS M SANCHU _aims whh this court ON OR w_hin two (2) wo_ing days ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN | lntent to Fo&lose provided TlmeshaR Unrf 210314. Waek (40839.0105) 6 LUCILA CORCHUELO a BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 of your receipt of lhis notice; INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS to the lasl known addr8M of 39, Annu_, Tlmeshare lnteres_ AuguA4,11,2O1T AMPARO CORCHUELO a MOWS AFTER THE nME IN THE CIRCUIT lf you are hearing or voice FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, Obligor(sl, (s68 Exhibrt _A"l, by 1, Per Diem $o.oo, Default L 156576 ROSA MARIA ESPINOSA OF THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN COURT OF THE impairad, call 1 -800-955-8771 . OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY Certified/Registered Mail or by Balance $8,429.62. Detault ADARVE, URB CLUB EL OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS NIW JUDICIAL To fila rasponse please contact OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF publication by the under5ignad | Date 911 511 5, Mortgage CIGARRAL TORRE A APTO AFnR THE DATE OF SE_VICE CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OKeola CountyCle_ ofCou_, THE LIS PENDENS MUSTFILE Twsta6, will sell at public Recorded 8/3/15 in OR Book NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S 6D A CARACAS, VENUUELA, OF A COPY OF THIS NoncE OSCEOLACOUN_ | 2 Courthousa Square, Surfe A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS auction to lha highest bidder 4819. Page 2310 TIAGO SALE Timesha_ Unrt 210201, ON THEM. FLORIDA : 2000, _ssimmee, FL 34741, AFTERTHESALE. tor lawlul money olthe Unk6d DUARTE CARDOSO FARIA a LANDO RESORTS Week 19, Annual, Timeshare _| oth& c_dkon ot tha Cl_L ACTION _ Tel: (4o_ 742-3479; Fax: (40_ lr you are a person wrth a States ot America, at the hont _ MICHELU KIZUKA PEREIRA, coRPoRAnoN, a nDrida lntePst 1, Par Diem 86.8o, d_anl and other panons CASE NO.: 2016 CA 742-3652. disabil_y who needs any | steps of tha Osceola Coun_ ' AV RICARDO MUYLAERT Gorpo_on DetauW B_ance $18,491.29, having clms or demands 002229 MF Augu5t4, 11, 201T accommodation in order lo _ Courthou58, z Courthousa SALGADO 901 vc4 LOTE On Augu_ 24, 2017 at 2:30 DetauN Dat6 9_1_15. Morfgage ag_nst d6cadent's estat6 FBC MORTGAGE, LLC, L156619 participate in this proceeding, | Square, Kissimmee. FL 34741, 2T3B MACAE RJ, 27930 ' p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER. Recoded 4/2v15 in OR Book _ mu_ file their cl_ms _th this Pl_ntm. you are entilled, at no cost to all right, title and interest in the 860 BRAZIL, Tlmeshare Unit 100 W6st Cypress Cre6k Road, 4767, Page 1660 CARLOS court WITHIN 3 MONTHS vs. you, to the provision of certain prope_y situatedinthe Coun_ | 7302, Week 44, Biennial Suit6 700, Forf Lauded_e. FL RAMIRO MALDONADO AFnR THE DATE OF THE GLOR_J.BEN_U,etal, | IN THE CIRCUIT assistance. Please contact ot Osteola, Florida, described ODD, Tlmesha_ ln_erest 33309, as Tw_ee punuant to ORDONU a JENNY MOLINA nRsT PuBucAnoN OF THIS Det_dant(s). COURT OF THE the ADA Coordinator, Court as: 1/2. Par Diem 85.69, Default that Appointment ot Twstea CHAVES, BOSQUES DEL NoncE. NoncE OF SAU NINTH JUDICIAL | Admini5tration,Osc8olaCoun_ _ (SEE WHIBIT Al Time Shara Balance $14,882.15, DetauN recorded on May 24, 2017, VALLE 44 CONOCTO QUITO, ALL CL_MS NOT FIUD PURSUANT TO cHAPnR 45 CIRCUITINANDFOR | Courthouse, 2 Courthouse | lnlarast(s) as defined in the Date 1 1/15/15, Mortgage in O.R. Book 5153 at Page ECUADOR, Tlmeshare Unit _IN THE nME PERIODS NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN OSCEOLACOUNTY, | Square,Suk863OO,_Nimmee, D6tlaralion of Covenants, _ Recorded 9121115 in OR Booh 21 ot the Public Recods of 210102, Waek 42, Annual. SET FORTH IN FLORIDA Punuanl to a Fln_ Judgment FLORIDA ' Florida 34741, (40_ 742-2417, Conditions and Restrictions | 4844, Page 1054 MARCIO Osceola County, Florida, by TlmeshaP lnterest 1, Per sTATuns sEcnoN 733.702 of Foreclow_ datad April 26, CIVIL DIVISION at least 7 days before your | forVacation vlllage atPa_way, , FERRARINl. RUA VITORJA reason ot a now conlinuing Diem $5.89, DetauN Balance _u BE FOREVER BARRED. 2017, and ent&ad in Case Case N: 2013-CA- scheduledcourfappearante,or i as _corded in O_cial Recods | REGIA N 486 AP 4 SANTO ' datault by Obligor(5). (Saa $15,192.91, Datault Date NOTWITHSTANDING THE No. 2016 CA 002229 MF of 001422 immedia_elyuponrateivingthis | Book 1591_ at Page 379, ot ANDRESP, 09080320 BRAZIL, ' Exhibit wA") whose add_N 9_1115, Mortgage Recoded nME PE_OD SET FORTH tha Cirwrf Court of the Nin_ JPMorgan Chase Bank, notification of the time berore the Public Records ot Osceola Tlm_ha_ Unk 8403, Week is (See Exhibit _A"l, in the v6l15 in OR Book 4732. Page ABOVE. ANY CLAIM FIUD Judici_ Ci_uk in and tor NationalAssoGiation the schedul6d appearance is County, Florida (the Plan), as 21, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare payment or performante or 1643 HECTOR A ARANCIBIA TWO (2) _s OR MORE OKeola Coun_, Florida in Pl_ntiW, I8N than T days; if you are amanded trom time to time. lntePst 1/2, Per Diem $5.83, the obligations secuPd by said a TANIA K AMARO, ESCOCIA AFnR THE DECEDENTS which FBC Mortgage, uc. is -vs.- hearing or voice impaired, call Together with the right to Detault Balance $15,672.79, Mortgage recoded in O.R. 5445 SANTIAGO, CHILE, DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. the Pl__m and Celebr_ion MARK c. RUTKKl; 711. occupy, pursuanl to the Plan, De_uN Dat6 911115, Mortgage Book (See Exhibk "A"), at Page Tlmeshare Unit 210102, Week me date of fim publicalion Joilrf Conunmae. lnc._ UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF submm6d By: AMign8d Unh Week (SEE Recoded1O_1V15inORBook (See Ewhibit "A_), ofthe Public 11, Bienni_ EVEN, Timeshare otthis Noli_isAugu_ 4, 2017. Cel__ion Non_idemi_ MARKS c. RUTECKl; SEASON ATTORNEY FOR PL_NnFF: WHIBIT A) and ANign8d Unh | _. Page 17o3 CARLOS Records or OK8ola Coun_, | lnterest 112, Per Diem $5.92, Signad on lhis 17M day ot Ownan _ci_ion, lnc, N. RuncKl; UNKNOWN SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a (SEE WHIBIT A), in ANignad , _cENn RAMOS PEREIRA Florida, includingthe breach or | DetauW B_ance 815.98o.43. Ju_, 2017. Celeb_tion R8sid6ntial Ow_5 SPOUSE OF SEASON N. | GACH_, LLP Yaar (SEE WHIBrr A). | a MAGDA APARECIDA | detauN. notice orwhich was sel DefauW Date 911/15, Mo_gage