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August 11, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 11, 2017

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 11, 201T PAGE z9B ._ $8,397.21; lnte_st: $1.291.38; mu_ Rmk the amount you now 72023. Timeshare Unk 160802, 33309, as Twstee pursuant to T LAWSON, 116 WINDTREE Obligo_s), (See Exhibrt "A_. by MILES, 2339 us HIGHWAY 158 Exhib _A_ whose add_ss Late Chages: $40.00; TOTA_ owe, as set forfh in Exhibrf _A", Week 41, Biennial ODD, that Appointment of Trustee CT APT A GREENWOOD, sc CertifiedlRegi_e_d Mail or by ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC 27870 is (See Ewhibk "A_. in the $9,728.59 through 03_06_201 7 including the per diem amount Timeshare lnte_st 1/2, Per recorded on June 12, 2017, 29649 9257, Timeshare Unrt publication by the undersigned 8359, Timeshare Unrt 160103, payment or performance of Der diem: 84.1 4/day thereaWe_. for each day following the da_ Diem $5.24, Detault Balance in O.R. Book 5162 at Page 211107. Week 32. Triannial C, T_stee, will sell at public Week 6. Bienni_ EVEN, lhe obligations secured by said A 64.000/420,960,000 ot this notice through the date $17,839.93. DetauK Date 274 of the Public Records of Timeshare lntePst 1/3, Per auttion to _he highest bidder fimesha_ lnte__ 1/2, Per Mo_gage Pcoded in O.R. undivided interest in Phase |; payment is made. lf you choose 1211/13, Mortgage Recorded Osceola Coun_, Florida, by Diem $4.15, DefauN Balance for law_| money of the Unked Diem $5.45. De_uW Balance Book (See Exhibrf _A_, _ Page AnnuaUallocated 64.000 Points to CUR the defauW set forth in 4/4/13 in OR Book 442O, Page reason ot a now continuing $1 1 ,314.18, De_uW Date Stales ot A_Prica. at the hont 814,713.01, DetauW Date ISee Exhibk _A_. ot the Public for use by the Grantee in Each this Notice, the hll amount due 2412 MCDONALD C detault by Obligor(s), (See T/15/15, Mortgage Retoded _eps ol Me Osceola Coun_ 7_15_15. Mortgage Retorded Records of OKeola Coun_. year. mu_ be remiWed to: LANDO WHARTON. 9359 103RD ST Exhibrt "A.') whose address 3/11/15 in OR Book 4746. Courthouse, 2 Courthouse 4l29l15 in OR Book 4771, Florida, including the b_ach or Cont_rf Number: 641346796 RESORTS CORPORATION, LOT 193 JACKSONVILLE, FL is (See Exhibit "A'_, in the Page 2490 KELISA A DAVIS. Squa_, _Nimmee. FL 34741. Page 1138 JORGE ALBERTO detauW, notice of which was set - PAMELA A. BEDELL, 1235 w. Ann: Janet Cuebas, Debt 32210 8656, TimeshaR Unit payment or performance of 7225 FIRELAND RD APT B26 all righl. thle and interest in the DE CARDENAS SANCHU. AV torth in a Notice of DetauW and Sand Canyon Dr, Casa Grande. Resol_ion Department, 5405 15308, Week 25, Biennial the obligations secured by said COLUMBIA, sc 29223 8301. prope_y skuated in lhe Coun_ HELIOS 137 APTO 1c EDIF lntent to FoBlos8 pDvid8d AZ 851 22-6645: Principal Diplomat Circle Ste. 106, EVEN, TimeshaR lnterest 1/2, Morfgage recoded in O.R. Timeshare Unk 211107. Week of Osceola, Florida, de5cribed VILLAS NOGAL Plso 1 SANTO to the last known addRss of Balance: $12.309.85: lnterest: O_ando, FL 32810 betore th6 Per Diem $5.75, Defaull Book (See Exhibrt _A"), _ Page 32, Triennial c. Timesha_ as: DOMINGO BELLA VISTA. Obligo_s), (See Exhibrf _A_, by $1.166.32; L_e Chages: sale date and time set forth in Balance $17.278.32, Default (See Exhibit _A'_. of the Public lnterest 1/3, Per Diem $4.15, (SEE _HIBIT _ Tlme Sha_ 101 1 1 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, cerfmedlRegistered M_| or by $10.00: TOTAL: $13,486.17 this Notite. Date 9/15/14, Mo_gage Recods of Osceola Coun_, Default Balance $11,314.18, lntere_(s) as defined in the Timeshare Unk 160209, Week publication by the undenigned through 0111012017 Der Dated: Ju_ 27. 2017 Recorded 4123/13 in OR Book Florida, including the bRach or Default Date 711 511 5, Morfgage Declaration of Covenants, 19, Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha_ Twstee. will sell at public diem: $5.90/day therea_er). By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 4431, Page 1103 MICARCHER defauW, notite of which was 5et Recorded 3/11115 in OR Condhions and Restrirtions lnte_st 112, Per Diem $5.16. au_ion to the highest bidder A 166._01490.299,000 T__ee ANASTACIA WHARTON torth in a Notice of Detault and Book 4746, Page 2490 ROY for Vacation Vlllage at Pa_ay, DefauW Balance $13.929.65. for law_| money ot lhe Unrfed undivided intere_ in Phase _HIBrr _A" HODGE. 6870 103RD ST APT lntent to Foreclose provided GENE MIDDLESTEAD. 419 as _corded in OMtial Records DetauW Da\e 711 511 5. States ot America. _ Me t_nt ||: AnnuaUallocated 166,ooo MANUEL ALBERTO QUIJANO 808JACKS0NVILLE,FL32210 to the last known address of s FRONTAGE RD WEST Book 1591. al Page 379, ot Morfgage Recoded 9_21115 steps of the Osceola Coun_ Points for use bythe G_ntee in DUQUE a MAIRA BEATRIZ 6885, Timeshare Unk 15308, Obligo_s), (See Exhibk "A"), by ALBERTON. MT 59820, the Public Recods ofOsceola in OR Book _, Page 1599 Courfhouse. 2 courmouse Each year. GARC_ PORTO, KM 3 5VIA Week 25. Biennial EVEN, Cerfified/Regis_ered Mail or by Timeshare Unrt 210706, Coun_, Florida _he Plan), as NEIL HUMBERTO VELOZA Squa_. KiNimme8, FL 34741, com__ Numbar: 641348727 SAMBORONDON URB TimeshaR lnterest 1/2, Per publication bythe undersigned Week 36. Biennial EVEN. amended t_m time to tin_. ALARCON a ANA FEUPA allright,trfle andinteRrtinthe - CLAUDIA G. CONTRERAS CAMINO DELRI GUAYAQUIL, Diem $5.75, DetauW Balance Trustee, will sell at public Tim8shaR lnteP_ 112. p& Togeth& wrfh the right to PEREA MORENO, CALU 25 p_perty skuated in the Coun_ and JUAN CONTRERAS- ECUADOR, fimesha_ Unit $17.278.32, DetauW Date au_ion to lhe highe_ bidder Diem $5.73, DefauW Balance octupy, punuanl to the Plan. su 858 BOGOT_ COLOMB_ ol Osteola, Florida, deKrib8d SOTO, 1472 Martin Nash Rd 141o5, Week 14, Annual, 9115/14. Mortgage Recorded forlawhlmoney otthe Unrted 815,586.23, De_uW D_e ANign8d Un_ Week (SEE fi_Bsha_ Un 211008. Week as: sw, Lilburn, GA 30047-1988; Tim8shaR lnte&t 1, PerDiem 4123113in0RBook4431,Page States ofAmerica, at the hont 711115, Mortgage R8told8d _HI8_ A) and Assigned Unh 31, Biennial ODD. fin_sha_ (SEE _HIB_ _ fime Sha_ Princip Balante: $12,693.56; $10.47, DetauW Balance 1103 LUIS A CALVO MASIS _aps ot the Osteola Coun_ 7114/15 in OR Book 4808, Pag6 ISEE _HIB_ A). in ANign8d lnte_st 1_2, Per Diem $6.19, lnt8r6rt(5) as defined in the lnterert: $1 ,903.15; L_e $38,896.90_ DetauW D_e _wALulsALaERTocALvoa Courthousa, 2 Cou_house 1188 PAUL BURGARD, 25472 Year(SEE _HIB__. De_uW Balance $16,849.93. Decla_tion of Covenants, Chages: $45.00: TOTAL: v15l13, Mortgage Recoded MARISLEYDY SANCHU, 659 Square. KiNimm8e, FL 34741. HOMESTEAD DR DENHAM 3001 p_ayBhd,KiNimme8, DetauW D_e 7_1/15, Mortgage Condhions and Rerfrirtions $14,641.71 th_ugh 0111012017 v2&12 in OR Book4236, Page PHILADELPHIA ST MEMPHIS, all right, thle and i_e_st in the SPRINGS, LA7O726, fimesha_ FL 34747 me_in _me ShaR Recorded v17l15 in OR Book torVacation Vlllage at Pa_way, Derdiem:$6.O8ldaythe_a_e_. 2002 _APMOTTON,6195 TN 38104, Tlmesha_ Unrf pDp8rty srfuated inthe Coun_ Unrt 19108. Week 21, Annual, Plan(PDp8rty)Addr8N_ 4736, Page 2400 JORGE asrecodedinO_cialRecords A 166,_0149D,299.0_ N M_OR DR APT 713 170910, Week 48, Biennial ol Osceola, Florida, described Tin_sha_ lnleR_ 1. Per s_d salewillbe made(wkhort BRISENO SANCHU. CALLE Book 1591, at Page 379, of und_id_ inteR_ in Phase BEAUMONT. M 77713, ODD. fimeshaR lnte__ 1/2, as: Diem $9.92, DetauW Balance covenants,orwa_anty.exp_ss 5 NORTE NO 112 FRACC SAN the Public Recods of OK8ola |||; Annua_allocated 166,000 Tlm_haR Unrt 14402, Week p& Diem $4.50, DetauW (SEE WHIBIT A) Time Share $26.387.24. DetauW Date or impliad, regarding the thle, ANGEL VIUAHERMOSA TAB. Coun_, Florida (the PlanT, as PointstorusebytheG_nteein 22, Triennial C, Tlmesha_ Balance 812,807.95, Detault lnta_st(s) as defined in the 8/15115, Mortgage Recoded poss8Nion or encumb_ntes) 86017 M_ICO, Timeshare a_nded hom ti_ lo _me. Each year. |_e__ 113. Per Diem $2.02. Date 4_1_15, Mortgage Declaration of Covenants, 11/19/15 in OR Book 4874, to s_is_ the unpaid balance Unh 211101, Week 43, Together wkh the right to ALL ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO DetauW Balante $6,400.62, Recorded 9/24113 in OR Book Condrfions and Restri_ions Paga1999 CARLOSALBERTO of each _spect_e Mortgag6 Annu_. fiaa_ lnt__ occupy, pukuant to Me Plan, AT STAR ISLAND, together De_uWDate&15_14,Mortgage 4507, Page 1912 ENRIQUE forVacationVlllagea_Pa_way, OPORTO DEL CASTILLO a Recoded toge_er w_ 1, Par D_m S9.42. De_uW ANign8d Unk w_k (SEE w_h _| appurtenances thereto, Recorded 10131/11 in OR Book MARTIN VASQUU as &ordedin omcialRecods MARIA PATRICIA ZABALA acc_ad inte__ inthe _unl B_ance t25,o37.56. De_uW _HIB_ AT and Assned Un_ accoding and subjert to lhe 4193, Page 2798 RONALD ORBEGOSO a CARMEN DEL Book 1591. at Page 379. of ZEBALLOS, c 29 ACHUMANI ot (See Exhibh _A_, whh D_e &15_15, Mortgage (SEE _HIBIT AT, in Assigned Decla_tion ot Covenants, MOTTON. 35076 HIGHWAY 1 PILAR GUEVARA CAICEDO, th6 Public Records ofOsceola FINAL URB EUROPA NO 21 inle__ aKwing _ _e rate Recorded 4129_15 in OR Book Yaar(SEE_HIB_A). Condrfionsand Restrirtionsfor N DONALDSONVILLE, LA SAN MARTIN 900 SULLANA Coun_, Fbrida (lhe Plan), as LA PAZ, BOLIVl_ fim_ha_ ot (See Exhibk _A_ per day, 4771, Paae 1305 ANTONIO 3_1Pa_wayBhd,Kis_m_, Faimeld O_ando _ Starlsland 70346 9557, TlmeshaP Unk PIURA, PERU, fimesha_ Unk anandad hom time to time. Unh21O111.Week2O.Annual, punuant to Me Tl_aR AREUAN CAMPUZANO FL 34747 merein TinP Share asBodedin OMcialRecods 14402, Week 22, Triennial c, 160410. Week 40. Biennial Tog&her wkh the right to Tlnasha_ lnt&e_ 1, p& Plan, advances, rf any. undar _WA ANTONIO ARELLANO, Plan(PDp8rfy)AddRN_ _ Book17O9, Page17O1 etseq.. fim8shaR lnteR_ 113, Per EVEN. fimesha_ lnte__ 112. occupy. punuant to the Plan, Diem $10.03, DetauW Ba_nce the tema of s_d Mortgage, 2345 OLD L_NGTON HWY Said salewillbemade(wrmo_ Public Re_ds of Osceola Diem S2.O2, DerauW Balance p& Diem $3.40, DetauW ANign8d Unrt Week (SEE $26.882.41, DelauW D_e chagas and expens_ ot CHAPIN, SC 2g036 7918. cov8nants.orwa_anty.exp_N Coun_. Florida, tog_her wrfh S6,4oo.62, DefauW Date Balance 811.o48.49. DetauW _HIBIT A) and Assigned Unk 7115115, Mortgage Re_ld8d Ma Twstee and ot the t_rts Tl_rna_ Unh 12201. Waek or implied. _garding tha tkle. any and all _ndn_nts and &15_14, Morfgage Recorded Date 1115115, Mortgage (SEE _HIBIT A). in Assigned . 1011v15 in OR Book 4855, c_ated by said Mortgage. 21, Biennial ODD, fimeshaR possession or ancumb_M8s) supple_Pnts theRto (Me 10131111 in OR Book 4193, Recoded 9124/13 in OR Book Year (SEE WHIBIT A). Page 1754 LISAC GROSSMAN, Obligo_s) shall have the right lnte__ 1_2, Per Diem $5.40, to satis_ the unpaid b_ante _Declaration_. Together wkh all Page 2798 KOU VANG a BAO 45o7, Page 1286 JACQUELINE 3001 Pa_wayBlvd,Kissimmee. 51 TUDOR CT SPRINGFIELD, to cu_ the defauW and any DetauW Balance $14,414.97, ot each Bp8rt_8 Mortgage the tenenPnts, heRdka_nts YANGVANG.8_RICHBEEDR ANN WOOD, p O Box 137 FL 34747 (he_in 'ime Share NJ 07081, Timeshare Unk junior Lenholder shall have DetauWDate8l15l15,Mortgage Recorded tog&her wkh and appurtenances the_to ALTAMown SPRING, FL NUNAPITCHUK, AK 99641, Plan(PropertyTAddPN") 9604, Week 43, Triennial c. the rightto _eem hsinteR_ Recorded 4n9_15 in OR acc_adint_inthe _nt belonging or in anywise 32714, fi_PshaP Un_ 15403, Tlmesha_ Unk 19803, Week Said sale will be lnade (wrthout Timeshare lnterest 113, Per up to th6 data the T__ee Book 4771, Pag6 13_ JOSE of (s86 Exhib_ _A_, wkh apperfaining. W_k 42. Bienni_ ODD. 50, Biennial EVEN, fimesha_ covenants,orwarran_,express Diem 84.24, DetauW Balance iNu8s the ce_mcate of Sale TORRES CAMPUZANO. 2009 int_ actwing _ the r_e me owen mu_ pay the Tlmesha_ lnte_st 112, Per lnte_st 112, Per Diem $4.55, or impliad, regarding the tkle, $1 1,504.07, De_uW Date by paying We a_Dunts due BAY ST CAYCE, SC 29033. of (See Ewhibrt _A_ p& day. TOTAL lirted above plus the Di6m $3.53, DefauW Balance DetauN 8alance $12,652.23, possession or encumbrances) 8/1/15, Mortgage Recoded as o_lined in _e p_eding fin_sha_ Unk 12201, Week punuant to th6 Tl__e per diem. Failu_ to cuP the S1 O,45O.82, DetauW Date DefauW Date 6115/15, Mortgage to satis_ the unpaid balante 7/16/15 in OR Book 48O9, paragraph. To cure me detauW 21. Biennial ODD. fin&ha_ Plan, advances, rf any, under defauW s_ brth he_in or 211115. Mo_gage Recorded R8cord6d v25l14 in OR Book of each Rspective Morfgage Page2716 RENEWREGENCIA expl_ned in this Noti_ you lnt8R_ 1_2, Par Diem $5.40, the terms ot said Morfgage, take other app_pri_e arfion y29l12in OR Book4275, Page 4574. Page 2627 AL_DER Recoded together wrfh JR, 507 WASHINGTON AVE mu__mrftheamountyounow DetauW Balance $14,414.97, chag85 and expensas of _gading this maWer will PsuW 1224 MARCELLA A JONES, WALKER,47O9 SW56THTERR acc_ed inteP_ in lhe amoun\ KENILWORTH, NJ 070N 1228, owa, as sat torth in Mibh _A", DetauW Date 8115115, Mortgage the Twstea and of the t_sts in the loy ot owe_hip ot the 1307 LIVINGSTON AVE GAINESVIUE, FL 32608, ot (See Exhibrf _A_, wrfh Timeshare Unk 9604, Week includingthe perdiem amount Recorded 4129115 in OR Book cPatedbysaidMortgage. tin_5haR through the t__ee COLORADO SPRINGS. co fimashaR Un_ 170608. Week interert act_ing at the rate 43, Triannial c, TlmeshaR breach daytollowingthedale 4771, Page 1306 SERGIO Obligo_s) shall have the righl to&losu_ p_cedu_ setform _ 5589. fi_Psha_ Unrf 12, Biennial ODD. fimesha_ ot (See Exhibrt _A'_ per day, lnterest 113, Per Diem $4.24, ot this notice through the d_e ARELLANO CAMPUZANO to cure tha default and any in F.S.721.856. You have the 160103. WeeK 44. Biennial lnte_st 1n. Per Diem $5.74. pursuanl to the Timeshare Default Balance $11,504.07, payment is made. lt you choose _WA SERGIO ARELLANO, junior Lienholder shall have right to wbmk an ob_ertion ODD. fimeshaR lnt_ 112, DefauW Balance $15.903.15, Plan, advances, if any, under Detault Date 8/1/15, Mortgage to tU_ tha detauW set fo_h in 307 UTTLE CHRIS LN WEST Me right to _deem rfs inteR_ form. 8x8Kising your right to p_ Diem $4.37, DetauW DefauW Date 5/1115, Mo_gage the terms of said Mortgage, Recoded 7/16/15 in OR this Notice, the hll a_Dunt due COLUMBIA, sc 29172 3168, up to the date the T__ee obje_tothe useof_et__ee B_ance $13.250.54. DelauW Recorded 1131114 in OR Book charges and expenses ot Book 4809, Page 2716 JUAN must be remmed to: LANDO fim6sha_ Unk 12201, Week issues the Cert_cate of Sale to_closuR p__duR. lf the Date 7l15l14, Mortgage 4563, Page 2987 SARA the Trustee and ot the trusts MANUEL RIVERA, 127 OLEY RESORTS coRPoRAnoN. 21, Biennial ODD. fimeshaR by paying the a_Dunts due objerfion is filed lhis maner R6cord8d 712U11 in OR Book MCLAUGHLIN. 3001 SE LAKE created by said Morfgage. ST APT1 READING. PA 19601. AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt lnte_st 1_2. Per Diem $5.40, as ortlined in the pB8ding shall be subjert lo the judicial 4155, Page 2410 sTARRLm WIR AVE APT 1407 OCALA, FL Obligor(s) shall have the right Timeshara Unil 210115, Week Resol_ion Department, 5405 DetauW Balance $14,414.97, paragraph. To CUR the de_uW bBlosu_ proc8duR only. c JOHNSON a RUO u 34471 6733, fimesha_ Unit to cure the detault and any 46. Annual, TimeshaR lnteRst Diplomat Ci_le Ste. 106, DetauW Date 811 5115, Mortgage explained in this Notice you me detauW may be cu_d any JOHNSON. 7334 ROSE 170608, Week 12. Biennial junior Lienholder shall have 1, Per Oiem 89.76, DetauW O_ando, FL 32810 belore the Recorded 4129_15 in OR Book murt remrf the a_unt you now time betore the t__ee.s sale TERRACE Cr CHARLOTTE, ODD, Timeshare lnteRst 1/2, the right to _daem rfs interest 8alance DefauW s_e date and ti_P set torth in 4771, Page 13_ ALTHEA c owe. as set forth in Exhibk _A", _ of your timeshaP intePst. lf NC 28215. fimeshaP Unh Per Diem $5.74, Default up to the date the T__ee Date &15115. Mo_gage this Notic6. OSBOURNE, 100 CASALS PL including the per di6m a_Dunl you do not objecl to \he t__ee 160103, Weak 44, Biennial Balance 815,9o3.15, DefauN issues the Cert_cate of Sale Recoded &3115 in OR Book Dated: Ju_ 27, 2017 APT 6E BRONX, NY 10475, for each day following the date toreclosu_ pm8duR, you will ODD, Tlmesha_ lnt8Rst 112, Date 511/15, Morfgage by paying the amounts due 4819, Page 1536 MOISES By: GREENSPOON MARDER. Tl_sha_ Unk 4304, Week otthis noticeth_ugh the date not be subjerfto a deficienty Per Diem $4.37, DetauW Recorded 1131114in OR Book as outlined in the preceding GUTIERRUCARMON_11644 Tw_ee 34, Tri_ni_ A, fimesha_ paymentismade.ltyouchoose judgmant even rf the pDt8eds Balance S13,25o.54, DetauW 4563, Page 2987 EUZABETH paragraph. To cuP the delauW LOCKWOOD DR APT 102 EXHIBIT "A" lnteRrt 113, Per Diam 82.81, to CUR the detault set torth in hom _he s_e ot your \imesha_ Date TI15l14. Mortgage ROY, 19 BRIDGE ST explained in this Notice you SILVER SPRING. MD 20904 AUSTIN RHOADES 6 ASHW DetauW Balanc6 $7,437.63. this Notice, the hll amou_ due ime__ areinsumcientto oRs& R8cold8d 712v11 in OR Book CHELMSFGRD, MA 01824, must_mrttheamounlyou now 2313. TimeshaP Unrt 210115, RHOADES, 445 BEAMSVIUE DetauW Date 8115115,Mortgage must be _mmed to: LANDO the anDunts secuPd by We 4155, Paga 2410 JAMES A Tlmesha_ Unrf 171005, Week owe.assetfo_hin Exhibk"A'.. Week 46, Annual, Tlmeshare ROADUNIONCl_ OH4539O. Recorded 9121115 in OR Book RESORTS CORPORATION. li8n. UE, 151 HARBOR CIRCU 2. Biannial EVEN. Timeshare including the per diem amounl lnterest 1, Per Diem $9.76, Tim8shaR Unh 9503. Waek 4844, Page 1063 DERRICK AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt Pukuant lo Me F_r Debt MATHIS,TX 7_.fimeshaR lnte__ 112. Per Diem $4.64, tor each day following the date Detault Balance 826,O34.5O, 1, Biennial ODD. Tl_shaR B CAMPBEL_ 830 E 220TH Resolution Departmant. 5405 Colle_ion Prartices Art, rt Unrt 161_, Week 4, Biennial DetauW Balante $13,273.03, ot this notice through the date Detault Date 8/1 5/15. Mo_gage lnte_st 112, Per Diem $3.34. ST APT 2 BRONX, NY 10467 Diplom_ Circle Ste. 106, is _uiRd that we 5_te Me ODD, fim_he_ lnteRst 112. DetauW Date 411/15, Mortgage paymentis made. |_you choose Recorded 8/3/15 in OR Book DetauW Balanc6 $8.543.76. 5312, Ti_Bshar8 Un_ 4304. Orlando, FL 32810 bebR We tollowing to you: THIS ls AN Per Di6m S3.56, DefauN Recorded u27l14 in OR Book to cu_ th6 default set to_h in 4819, Pag6 1536 PORFIRO De_uW Date 1v1_15. Week34,TriennialA,TlmeshaP sale date and time B fo_h in AmMPT TO COLUCT A Balance 81o,o7o.o9, DefauW 4576, Page 905 MICHAEL s thisNotice,thelullamountdue GUTIERRU CARMONA, Morfgage R8colded 4_1_14 lnteR_ 1_3, Per Diam $2.81, this Notit6. DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION Date 611115, Mortgage ROY,1BRYANCIRBIUERICA, must be _mi_ed to: LANDO 11628 LOC_OOD DR APT in OR Book 4596. Page DefauW B_anc6 87.437.63, D_ed: Ju_ 27. 2017 OBTAIWDWILLBEUSEDFOR R6cold_ 5125112 in OR Book MA 01821 5674, Timeshare RESO_TS CORPORATION, zo1 SILVER SPRINGS, MD 1902 CARL H. BRUNSWICK. DetauW Dal6 &15/15. By: GREENSPOON MARDER. THAT PURPOSE. 4274,Page495 MARLAT LEE Unh171OO5,Week 2,Biennial Ann: Janet Cuebas, Debt 20904 _300. Tim8shaR Unrt 4234 CHILDREN'S HOME Mortgaga R6cold8d 9_21_15 Tw_ee By:GesdickSlanton Ea_y.P.A., _WA MARIA T GUSBl, z833 EVEN. fin_sha_ lnte_rt 112, R_olrtion Department, 5405 210115, Week 46, Annual, BRADFORD ROAD in OR Book_.Pqe1o63 EXHIBrr _A" T__ee. 1601 W.ColonialDr., S_NT PmR ST CORPUS Per Diem S4.64, De_uW Diplomat Ci_le We. 1_, Timesha6 ln_e__ 1. p_ GREEWUE, OH 4N31. MARIO _RO HAW JOSE WALTER WIWHES O_ando, FL 32804 CHRISTl, TX 78418 5744, Balanc6 $13,273.03, DetauW O_ando, FL 32810 befoP the Diem 89.76, DefauW 8alance fimesha_ Unk 9503. w_k PERU VALDES B VANESSA OLAYA a DIANA ESPERANZA \ nugurt 11, 18, _1T fi&a_ Un_161O9.Week4. Date 4/1115. Mo_gage sale date and tme s_ forth in S26.o34.5o, DetauW Dale 1, Biennial ODD, fim8shaR DAVILA RODRIGUQ, BLVD GONZALU TELLU, CRA L156711 Bienni_ ODD, fimesha_ Ratorded v27_14 in OR Book this Notice. 8_15115. Mortgage R6cod_ lnt_st 112. Per Diem S3.34. MANUEL AV CAMACHO 109 99 NRO 69A81 INT _304 lme_rt 1n, Per Diem $3.56, 4576, Page 905 CYWIA J Dated:Ju_27,2O17 8/3/15in OR Book 4819,Page DetauW Balance S8,543.76, LOMAS CHAPULTEPEC DF. URB NUWA nERRA GRATA De_uW Balance S1o,o7o.o9, BATSON B DALTON B By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 1N6 ALVARO FRANCISCO De_uWDa_e1V1l15,Mortgage 11000 M_ICO, Tlmeshare ALAMOS NORTE BOGOTA, NoncE OF TRWE'S DetauW Dale _1115, Mortgage BATSON, 1447 SCENIC ST Twstee DELAEsPRIELLABuRGosa Recoded4l16l14in OR Book Un_ 211106, Week 47, COLOMBIA Tlm8shaT8 Unrf MLE __ 5125112 in OR Book LEHIGH ACRES, FL N936, EXHIBIT "A" ILIANA MARGAR_A GARZON 4596, Page 1902 SHARON Annu_, Timesha_ lnte_st 14104.Week36,Bienni_0DD, UNDO RuoRn 4274, Page 495 JOY FOBBS, fimesha_ Unk 160401,Week ROBERT WAYNE HAYWARD SALADEN, CALLE 66 3 135 LYNN WISE a BRIAN J 1, Per Di6m $9.58, De_uW fimesha_ lntere_ 1n, Per coRPoRnnoN, a norida 613N65THSTPHILADELPH_, 12, Biennial ODD, fimeshaP a ANITA LIVINGSTON MONTERIA CORDOBA. BARNm, 74 MARBUHEAD Balan_ 825,N8.68, DefauW Diem $3.59, DetauW Balance ___ PA 19151, fimeshare Unk |_e_rt 112, Per Diem $3.75, HAYWARD, 67 S WOODSIDE COLOMBIA. Timesha_ Unh LN COLUMBUS, MS 39702, Dale &1115, Mortgage $9,8_.37, DetauW Dale 711115, On August 31, 2017 at 2:30 160402, Week 20, Biennial DetauW Balance 81o,654.52, AVE BERGENFIELD, NJ 07621 210112, Week 52, Annual, fimesha_ Unk 9503, Week Recoldad 7/14115 in OR Mo_gage Reco__ 1_1&12 p.m. GREENSPOON MARDER, ODD, fimesha_ lnte__ 112, DefauW Date 4/15/15, Mortgage 2430, Timeshare Unit 15508, Timeshare lntere_ 1, p_ 1. Biennial ODD, fin_shaR Book 4808. Page 634 JAVID in OR Book 4336, Page 2467 100We_CypRNC_8kRoad, Per Diem 84.99. D&auW Recorded 519/14 in OR Book Week 29, Annual, Timeshare Diem $15.18, D6tauW Balance lnte_rt 1n, Per Diem $3.34, M GAYU a DoRRm M ROOPCHAN R_KUMAR Suhe 700, Fo_ Lauderdale. FL Balance $15,315.26, DefauW 4607. Page 193 JULIO JOSE lnte_st 1. Per Diem $5.18, 84o.61o.o1. DetauW D_e De_uW B_ance 88.543.76. GAW, 5491 QUEENSHIP a ZORIDA R_KUMAR, 78 33309, as T__ee punuant to D_e &1114. Mortgage URDANETA DOMINGUU 6 DefauW Balance 816,971.18, 8/1/15, Mortaage R_ded De_uW D_e 1v1l15, CT GREENACRES, FL M463, CALCUrrA RD 2 FREEPO_ th_ Appointment ot Twstee Recorded 9118113 in OR Book KAnusKA COROMOTO DetauW Dale 4115114, 1011v15 in R Book 4855, Mo_gage Recorded 4116114 fi_Psha_ Unk 171010, _k TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, &od6d on April 18, 2017, 4503, Page 2613 YOLONDA MEDERO RAMIRU, AV 63A Morfgag6 Racorded 5125/12 Paae 1690 JORGE ALBERTO in OR Book 4596, Page 1902 40, Biennial EVEN, fi_shaR Timesha_ Un 15404, _k in O.R. Book 5134 _ Page cLAYaAvERYcLAY,8651Nw CALLE 91 63A 45 SECTOR in OR Book 4274, Page 878 LE N coBo B GEORGINA CHRISTOPHER JAMES |_eRrt 112, Per Diem $5.48, 44, Bienni_ EVEN, Timeshare 1232 otM6 Public Records of 80TH ST TAMARAC. FL 3N21 LOMAS DEL VAUE CHARLESWILLIAMS a MARIE MARTINU JUARU, PASEO SUDGE. 923 ELBON RD De_uW Balance 814.8o2.98, lnte_rt 1l2, Per Diem S3.73, OK8ola Coun_. Florida, by 1666, Tlmesha_ Unrf 1_7. MARACAIBO ZUL_ WIUIAMS, 1147 OLD GLORY DO LOS LAURELES 172 CLWELAND. OH 44121 1426, DefauWD_8T_15l15.Morfgag6 DefauW B_ance $11,_5.91, 18as0n ot a now conlinuing Week 12. 8iennial NEN, NNUUELA, fimesha_ Un_ LN UPLAND, CA 91786 8152, PASEOS DE TAXQIENA DIF. TlmeshaR Un_ 9504, Week Recorded 611&15in OR Book DefauWDate1_15_15,Mo_gaga detauW by Obfigor (sT, (See Tlmesha_ lnt6__ 112. Per 3306.W_k45.Bienni_ NEN. Timeshare Unrf 161009, Week 04250 MWICO, Tlmesha_ 42. Triennial B, Tlmesha_ 4795, Page 1460 SHELLEY Recorded 4/23l13in OR Book Exhibrt .A_ whose add_N Diem 83.33, D&auW Balan_ Tlmesha_ lnte__ 1/2, Per 3, Annual, Timeshare lnterest Unk17O3O6,Week38,Biennial ln\e_st 113, Per Diem $8.08, DENISE LIVELY 6 TREVOR 4430, Page 2726 ANTONIO is ISee Exhibk _A_, in Me $11,112.02, DetauW Da_e Diem $4.52, DefauW Balance 1, Per Diem $2.38, DefauW EVEN. Tlm6sha_ lnte_st DetauW BalaM8 $33,346.26, GENE UVELY, Po Box 12 REYES CARDOSO 6 ELNRA payent or performance ot 1v15_14, Morfgage Recoded S12,a.77, DefauW Date Balance $6,347.68, Default 1/2, Per Diem $6.08, DefauN DefauH Date 5/1112, Mo_gage sow BEND. M 76481, ELV_ CORONA MAYA, th6 obligations secu_d by said 1V5_12in OR Book4361, Page 6_15_15. Mortgage R6corded Dat.e 10/1/15, Mortgage Ba_nce 816,383.o8, DefauW Recold8d 4_21_15 in OR Book Tlmesha_ Unh 211101, w86k _NALONSOPIWON1N Mo_gage _rded in O.R. 1681 LYNEAYA N LEGGINS, 1/29/15inORBook4728,Page Recoded 4/6/11 in OR Book Date 7/15/15, Mo_gage 4766. Page 2914 MELANIE 23, Annu_. fim6sha_ lnte_st RES COLON TOLUCA 50120, Book (s_ Exhibk _A"), at Page 3204 ELMLEY AVE 1223 MARITSE VALENTINA 4113, Page1629 BABATOTH, Recorded 8/4/15 in OR Book BROOK SUDGE. 4197 1, Per Diem S9.38, De_uW M_lco,fimerna_unk36o2, (See Exhibk .A_, of Me Public BALTIMORE, MD 21213, RIOS MAVA a CESAR 29 INVERARY CT WHITBY 4820. Page 1798 LlsmE COLONY RD CLEVELAND, B_an_ 824.976.56. DetauW week 10, Annual, Tl_sha_ Recods ot Osceola Coun_. TlmeshaP Unk 170903, wk ALFONSOTOVARARZA, URB ON, L1R 2R2 CANADA. MESINA GARCIA. SIMON OH 44121 3171, fim8shaR Date &15115, Mortgage lnteRrt 1. Per Diam W.46, _ Florida. intludinqthe b_ach or 29. Triennial A, TimeshaP LOMAS DE SANTA PAULA Timeshare Unit 160308, Week BOLIVAR 6850 LA REINA Unk 9504, W6ek 42, Triennial R_orded 11_19115 in OR Book DetauW B_ance $17,155.59. defauW,noticeo whichwasset lnt__ 113, p& Diem $3.41, COND 1 TOWN HOUSE 4 43, Biennial EVEN, TimeshaP SANTIAGO, CHILE, Tlm8shaR B. fin&hare lnte_rt 1/3, Per 4874, Page 216_ LORENA DefauWDate1OI1l14,Mortgage forfh in a Notice ol De_uW and De_uW Balanca $10,488.98, LIBERTADOR CARABOBO, lnteRst 1/2. Per Diam 84.68, Un_ 19604, w68k 34, Bi6nni_ Diem $8.08, DelauW Balance ERIKA VEGA ANGELES R_oded 6/1112 in OR Book lnt6nt to Foreclose provided DefauW Date 1011114, Mortgage VENUUELA, fim8shaR Unrf DefauW Balance $12,498.26. EVEN. fimesha_ lntePst $33.346.26, DetauW Date a DANIEL RODRIGUU 4277, Page 2125 ABDULAZIZ to the last known addRN of Recorded 9125113 in OR Book 210504, week 45. Biennial DefauWDale9/15l15,Mortgage 1/2, Per Diem 85.76. DefauW 511112, Morfgage Racoded oRnGA, RETRO LLANO DEL KH R M A ALNUFAIS B Obligo_s), (See Exhibk _A_, by 4507, Page 2343 SHERRY T ODD, Tlmesha_ lnterest 112. Recoded11_25ll3inOR Book Balance a15.37o.2o, DetauW 4121115in0RBook4766.Page CONVENTO 13 A COFRADIA MUNIRA YOUSIF ALAROUJ, c8rtm8dlR6girt8r8d Mailorby SCALES, 512 s ROADWAY Per Diem 85.11, DetauW 4536. Page 2192 KURTIS Date &15/15. Mortgage 2914 CARLOS VON DWIGHT DEsANMIGuELcuAunTLAN ALOURAN B 3 ST. 31 H29 public_ion by the undenigned BALTIMORE. MD 21231. Balance $14,160.84, DetauW CROSBY, 22511 376TH ST Recorded &21/15 in OR BUMPERS. 332 THALIA DR IZCALU. M_ 54710 M_ICO, KUWAIT, Timeshare Unk 5105, T__ee, will sell at public fimesha_ Unrf I7_3, Week Da_e 6_15_15, Mortgage LE CENTER. MN 56057 4161. Book 4830. Page 716 HUGO NEWPORT NEWS, VA 23608, fimesha_ Unh 160403. Week week 17, Annual, Tin_share au_ion to the highert bidder 29, Triennial A, Tl_PshaR Retoded 7118/14 in OR Book Timeshare Unit 170903, Week E ROSA 6 MARIA | ORTIZ fimesha_ Unk 211008, Week 29, Annual. fimasha_ lnte_st lnterest 1, Per Diam S9.15, tor lawhl money ot tha Unrted lm_rt 113, Per Diem $3.41, 4638, Page 1960 MARIA DA 11, Triennial B, Timeshare CORDOVA B MARIA J ROSA 44, Biennial ODD, fimesha_ 1, Per Diem S12.65, DefauW DefauW Balance 827,611.93, St_es ofAmerica, atthe hom De_uW Balante 81o,488.98. CONCEICAO CORRADI B lnterest 1/3, Per Diem $3.10. ORTIZ. 7906 SUMAC RIDGE lnt8Rst 112, Per Diem $5._6, Balan_ $33.390.57. De_ult D&auW Date 1v1114, Morfgage _eps ot the OKeola County De_uW Date1OI1l14, Mortgage ELIZABETH CORRADI PAOLl, DetauN Balance $8,577.52, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78250, DefauW Balance 815,o48.5o. Date &15_15, Mo_gage R_orded 6_1112 in OR Book courmouse. 2 Cou_house Recorded 9/25/13 in OR Book AV EST JOSE JULIO DE Detault Date 6/15/15, Morfgage Timeshare Unrf 170708. _k De_uW Date 7l1l15, Mortgage Retoded 5/13115 in OR Book 4278, Page 1425 JOSE L Squa_. Kissimmea, FL 34741, 4507, Page 2343 HORACIO M SOUZA 980 APTO 1201 VILA Recoded 2/18/14 in OR Book 38, Biennial EVEN, fimeshare Retoded1U19_14inORBook 4778, Page 1154 MAURICIO HERNANDU CLAUDIO B all rigM, trfle and inte__ in the DERICIA a SUSANA G VELHA ES.291O2 010 BRAZIL, 4572. Page 515 NIKKI CROSBY, lnterest 112, Per Diem $5.59, 4711. Page 485 MICHELE A ENRIQUE LACHARME IVONNE MORALES BAQ, pDp8r_ srtuat8d in the County GARLATl, TOCUMAN 90 fim8sha_ Unrt 210605, w88k 328 MAIN STWWATERVILLE, DefauW Balance $15.194._. RIDW, 870 LUCAS CREEK PARADA a MARCELA DEL Bo MARICAO APTO 5_6 ot Osteola, Florida, described CORDOBA, 5000 ARGENTINA, 14. Biennial ODD, Timesha_ MN 56096, Timeshare Unk DefauW Date 7/1/15, Mortgage RD APT 47 NEWPORT NEWS, SOCORRO LACHARME VEGA ALTA, PR _92, as: Tlm_ha_ Unrf 210503, Week lnte_st 112, Per Diem $o.oo, 170903, Week 11, Triennial B, Retoded 813115 in OR Book VA 23_8, Tl&a_ Unh p_A a BLANCA ROSA Timeshare Unrf 16o11o, Week (SEE _HIBIT A) Tlme ShaR 43, Biennial ODD, Tlmesha_ DetauW Balance 86,12o.98, Timeshare lnterest 1/3. Per 4819. Page 2742 DAMIEN 211_8, Week 44, Biannial PARADA DE LACHARME, 14, Bienni_ ODD. Ti_sha_ lnteRst(s) as defined in the lnt__ 112, Pet Diem $5.40, DefauW Date11l1l14, Mortgage Diem $3.10, DelauN Balance THOMAS B DANIEUE ODD, Tl_rna_ lnt_ RUIT COND BAHIA 25 lnt8R_ 112. Per Diem 84.92, Declar_ion ot Covenants, De_uW Balante $15,251.67. Reco_ed &26114 in OR Book $8.577.52, De_uW Date RAY. 3442 SAINT CLAIR ST 112, Per Diem $5.56, D6_uW BUCARAMANGA, COLOMBIA, DetauW Balance $14,712.34, Condhions and Ro_ri_ions DetauW D_e 511115, Mortgage 4656, Page 1670 ESTE8AN 6115115, Morfgage Recoded DETROIT. Ml 48214, fimesha_ Balance $15,048.50, DetauW Tlmesha_ Unh 211206, DetauN Date 1115115, torVac_ionVlllage_ p_ay, R_ord_ &4_14 in OR Book GARC_. 82 HAMILTON AVE V18l14inOR Book4572,Page Unk 6207. Weak 43. Triennial Date 711115, . Morfgage w66k 22. Annual, Tlmesha_ Mo_gage Recorded 12n110 asR_d8dinOMci_ Recods _. Page 2122 HENRIQUE NEW ROCHEUE, NY 10801 515 DELISA ESPADA, 10o8 c, TimeshaR lnte_st 113, P6r R8cold8d1V19l14inORBook lnte_st 1, Per Diem $9.92, in OR Book 4067. Page 2950 Book 1591, _ Pag6 379, of LARRl DA SILVA. RUA DR 2805, Tlmesha_ Unrf 17109, MILES XllNG HINESVILLE. GA Diem $2.81. DefauW Balante 4711, Page 485 MICHAEL DetauN B&ance S27,241.95, MARILYNNE A SCHRADER, the Public R_ods ol OK8Ola cuMENnNo 320 123 BELEM Weer. 50. Annual, Tim8shaR 31313, Timeshara Unk 170808, $7,496.42, DefauW Data D HILL, 42859 59TH ST w DetauW D_e 111115, 2431 NW 41ST ST APT 3209 Coun_, florida (the Plan), as SAO PAULO, sP 03059 030 lme__ 1, Per Diem S6.55, Week 26. Annual, TimeshaP 8/15/15, Mortgage Retodad LANCASTER, CA 93536, Mortgage Recorded _1&15 GAINESNLU, FL 32606 a_&d6d hom time to ti_P. BRAZIL fimesha_ Unh DefauW 8alance $20,907.05, lnterest 1, Per Diem 811.55, 11/18115 in OR Book 4874, fim8shaR Un_ 211203. Week in OR Book 4795, Paga 1437 7407, fi&aR Unk 1_. Tog_h6r wrm the right to 170107, w86k 35, Biennial DefauWDate6l15l14,Mortgage Default Balance 826,4o1.84. Page363 2, Biennial ODD. fimesha_ MARTIN ALBERTO ARGon Week 34, Annua, Tl&a_ occupy, punuant to the Plan, ODD, fimesha_ lnte_rf 112, Recorded 9/4113 in OR Book Default Date 8/1116, Mo_gage (40839.0109) lnt8Rst 1n, Per Diem 85.38. ROYERO a LUISA BEATRIZ lnte__ 1, Per Diem S2.19, \ ANign8d Unrf Weak (SEE Per D_m $4.99, DetauW 4497, Page 2648 CRAIG Recoded V25l14inOR Book Augu_11,18,_1T De_uW B_ce S14,457.16, oRnGA onRo a PEDRO DefauW Balance $6.413.41, _HIB_ _ and ANign8d Unrf Balanc_ $15,993.41, D6tauW CAMARDA. 1031 MACCO RD 4574, Page 2426 JOSEPH c L156871 DetauW Date &1115, Mortgege RAUL ARGOTE ORTFGA a De_uW Date3l15l15.Mortgage (SEE _HIB_ A), in ANigned Date 411114, Mo_gage COCOA. FL 32927 5037, HISAW, 22411 BUTTERFIELD Recorded _4115 in OR Book LUl_ FERNANDA ARGon R8colded1V1V11 inORBook Year (SEE _HIBIT A). R8cold_ 1v4112 in OR Booh Tlmesha_ Unk 170502. Week RDAPT513RICHTONPARK.IL 4788. Page 1610 REGINA D ORTEG_AV1912249LOCAL 4207. Page 2636 MARV E 3001 p_ayBlvd.KiMimmee, 4360, Page 375 ALFREDO 19, Annual, Timesha_ lnte__ 60471, fimeshare Unrt 145o8, NoncE OF TRusnE's MYUS HIU. 2590 GRISSOM 19 BOGOTA DC. COLOMBIA, MORRISON B HERSCHEL N FL 34747 me_in _Tlma Share cAsnLLoJR,11oHAYhEs LN 1. Per Diem $7.22, De_uW Week36,TriennialC,Timeshare SALE DR SAN PEDRO, CA 9_10 fime5haR Unk 210211, MORRISON ll. 12320 SHELL Plan (Prope_y) Add_ss_ BROWNSVILU, TX 78521 Balance $21.691.93, De_uW lntere_ 1/3. Per Diem $2.71, _DO RuoRn 1901. fi_Bsha_ Unk 211203, Weak 27. Annual. Tlmesha_ BEACH RD THOMVILLE, Said sale _|| be made (wrtho_ 2812, fimesha_ Unk 1701_. Date 1 1115114, Morfgag6 DefauW Balante $7,332.67, coRPoRAnoN, a norida w_k 2. Biennial ODD, lnt8R_ 1. Per Diem S13.49, OH 43076, Timeshare Un_ tovenams,orwa_an_,8xpRN Week 18, Annual, fim6sha_ Recorded 3/19113 in OR Book DefauW Date 8/1/15, Mo_gage copo&on fimesha_ lnle_st 1l2, Per De_uW Balance 837,O42.23, 14302, Week 44, Triennial C, or implied, Rgading the tkle, lnt__ 1, Per Diem $6.85, 4414, Page 76 LARNELL Recoded 412V15 in OR Book On August 31, 201T at 2:30 Diem $5.38, DefauW Balance DetauW Date 711115. Mo_gage Tin_share lnterest 113, Per poBion or encumb_nces) DetauW Balance $21,332.35, FRANKLYN SMITH, 2800 4767, Page 1855 RAFAEL p.m.GRFENSPOON MARDER, S14,457.16, DefauW Date Recorded 81y15 in OR Book Diem $2.03. DefauW Balance to s_is_ the unpaid balance DetauW D_e5l15l14.Morfgage SAINT IVES RD COLUMBIA, R RUELAS AIWA RAFAEL 100 Wes Cypress C_ek Road, 8/1115. Mo_gage Recoded 4819,Page1764 86,135.18, D&auW Date 1_1115, of each Rsp8rtiv8 Mortgage Recolded11n&12inoRBook sc 2922312137, Tim6sha_ DORSEY B MELISSA M Surfe 70|. Fo_ Laudedale. FL 6_4/15 in OR Book 4788. (40839.0111) Morfgage Retolded &29113 Recoded logether wkh 4356.Page2265ELSANACIVE Unk 170808, Week 8, Triennial RUELAS, 14434 ECOLORADO 33309. T_stee pursuant to Page 1610 INES E ONOFA Augusl11,18,_1T in OR Book 4495, Page 1384 acc_ed interest in the amount RODELA,32O4 RESACAVISTA A, fimeshare lnte_st 1/3, Per DR APT 203 AURORA, co that APlointment of Tw5t88 CARDENAS a ANDREA L156863 WILLIAM c BRYAN, 103 BURL _ of (See Exhibk wA_. w_h DR BROWNS_LLE, N 78526, Diem $3.48, Delault Balance 80012 5923, Timeshare Unrt recoded on June 02. 2017. M MARTILLO ONOFA, ST coRINnw, TX 76208, imeP_ acc_ing at tha rate fimesha_ Unk 170109, Waek $9,715.15, Default Date 9607, Week 18, Biennial EVEN, in O.R. Book 5158 at Paga CIUDADELA LETEL MANZANA fin_sha_ Unk 1T1001, w_k of (See Exhibit _A._ p8l day, 18, Annual, Timeshare lnt8_5t 5/15/15, Mo_gage Recorded Timeshare lnterest 1/2. Per 1215 of he Publit Records of 12 v3 GUAYAQUl_ ECUADOR, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 37. Annual. Tlmesha_ lnt8R_ punuant _o the fim6shaR 1, Per Diem $6.85, D&ault 8/1/14 in OR Book 4645, Pa9e Diem $3.97, Detault Balance Osceola Coun_, Florida. by fimesha_ Un_ 210312, Week _E 1, Per Diem $7.63, DetauW Plan. advances, rf any, under Balance $21,332.35, DalauW 84 $12,071 .90, Default Date reason lt a now tontinuing 22, Biennial EVEN. Tlmesha_ LANDO RESORTS BalanGe $22,676.35, DetauW the terms of said Mortgage, Date 5/1 5_1 4. Mo_gage (40839.009_ 9/1/14, Mortgage Retorded de_ult _y Obligor (s), (See lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $6.04. coRPoR^noN, a norida Date 11l1/14, Mortgage chages and exp8nse5 of Recorded11/2&12inORBook August11,18,2O1T 1112v13 in OR Book 4536. Exhibrf 'A_ whose addPss De_uW Balance $16,262.20, topo_on Recoded 6111114 in OR Book the Twstee and ot the t__s 4356, Page 2265 LEAH ANN L 156883 Page 447 RAFAEL R RUELAS is (See Exhibk wA_, in the DetauW Date 7115115, Mo_gage On August 31, 2017 at 2:30 4621, Page 1688 ESTRELLA created by said Mortgage. ROE. 15 MUSTANG DR AIWA RAFAEL DORSEY a payment or performance ot Recorded1OI1V15inORBook p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER, s CASARU _WA ESTRELLA Obligo_s) shall have the right CABOT. AR 72023 9322. MELISSA M RUELAS. I4434 the obligations secured by said 4855, Page 1518 CHRISTIE 100 We_ CypRss Creek Road, SHYENNA JACOBS. 8964 to cuP the derauW and any TlmeshaR Unh 1_2, Week NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S E COLORADO DR UNIT 203 Mo_gage recorded in O.R. LINDA MCPEAKE, 106 OLINE Suite 700,Fo_ Lauderdale, FL FINCH DR NE LELAND. NC junior _enholder shall have 41. Biennial ODD, Tlm85ha_ SALE AURORA. co 80012 5923, Book (See Exhib_ _A"), at Paga DR ALBERT LEA, MN 56007. 33309. as Twstee punuant to 28451. fimeshare Unk 11504, the right to Rdeem rfs interest lnteP_ 112, Per Diem 85.24, LANDO REsoRn Timeshare Unit 9607, Week (See Exhibit _A_, of the Public Timeshare Unrf 4508, Week that Appoint_Pnt ot Twstee week 50, Biennial ODD, up to the date the Tw_ee DefauW Balante $17,839.93, CORPORATION, a Florida 18, Biennial EVEN. Timeshare R6cords of Osceola Coun_, 49, Biennial ODD, TimeshaR recoded on June 12. 2017, Timeshare lnterest 112, Per iNues the certmcate of Sale DefauW Date 1V1113, Mortgage copoBion lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $3.97, Florida, including the b_ach or lnterest 112. Per Diem $5.57, in O.R. Book 5162 at Page Diem 85.O5. DefauW Balance by pang the amounts due Recoded 4l4_13 in OR Book On August 31, 2017 at 2:30 Default Balance 812,o71.9o, dafault, notice or whith was set OetauW Balance S14.845.45, 267 of Me Public Records ol $15,354.1O, DelauW D_e as o_lined in the pB8ding 4420, Page 2412 PAULA SUE p.m. GREENSPOON MARDER, Default Dale 9/1114, Mo_gage forth in a Notite ot DetauW and DetauW Date 811 511 5. Mortgage Osteola County, florida, by 1111114. Mortgage Recoldad parag_ph. To cure the defauN MCNEW. 1321 WEST 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Recoded 11/22/13 in OR lntent to Foreclose provided Recoded 11119/15 in OR Book _ason ot a now continuing 4117114 in OR Book 4596, explained in this Notice you HIGHWAY 89 CABOT, AR Suite 700. Fort Lauderdale, FL Book 4536, Page 447 JAMMY to the lart known address ot 4875, Page452 JERMAINE EBA detauW by Obligo_s), (See Page 2220 LUIS GABRIEL