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August 11, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 11, 2017

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 11, 201T -- PAGE 19B choose to sign and send to You havethe rightto wre your the unde_igned T_stee shall: | annual asseNm8nt(s) due NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 86,594.o8, $1 .72; Randall CA 90045-3490. Yanira A Diem Amount: the undenigned tw_66 an detauW n the manner set fo_h (1l Provide you with wen | on (See Exhibit _A'_ and all INTENT TO FORECLOSE L Nitkell and Patricia A Artola, 933 S Eucalyptus Ava, Co_iss Chatman, 11407 objertion torm, exewising yout in this notice al any time b8foR notice ot _e s_e. including _ asseNment(s) the_a_er, RVS AT ORLANDO Nickall. 11600 Audelia Rd lnglewood, CA 90301 , 1 Season Shap Crest Lane, Houslon. rightto obj6_\olhe use otthe the undenignad twstee's sale the date, tinP and location you ar6 tu_ent_ in d6tauW CONDOMINIUM 31_._ Apt 67, Dallas. TX 75238. 1 3, L-370. 37_H0LE, 1l2/2009, M 77072, 1 Season 3, twstee to_closu_ pDc8du_. of your timashare intere_. lt you the_of: (z) Record Me notice ot your obligations to pay Punuant to ation 721.855, S6ason 1, R-351. 7_H0U, 201 60038192,$6,594.08, 81 .72; L-170, 43_H0LE, 1l2/2009, Uponth6 unde_ignedtw_ee.s do not objartto lha usa otthe otsalain Me Public Recods ot _Mm8nts due to Westgate Florida StaM6s. RVS- 11212010,20160038191, Cha_6s A Mo_s and Melody K 201660038193. 86,428.o8. r8c6ipt ot your signed obj_tion twstae tor8clo5ur8 procedura, Orange Coun_, florida: and (3) on the tollowing described r6_ ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM $5.428.08, $1.49; Stanley R Morris, 10357SoMridgeDriva, $1.72; Cla_nca Booher and torm, th6 toBlosu_ ot tha you will not be subjett to a Publish a copy otthe notice ot p_perfy located in Orange AssoclAnoN, INC. Parher and Donna L Pa_er, AWa Loma, CA91737. 1 Season Ava L Book_ 1739 Aubum li6n whh _spert to the detauW deficianty judgment even if sal6 two (2T times, onc6 aach County, Florida: (See Exhibit _eRina_8r _t&_d to as 1665 old Rockma_ Rd SE, 3, L-372. 33_H0LE, 11v201 1 , Dr., Ca_olWon, M 75_7, 1 spacmed in this notica sh_| \he pmeed5 hom the s_a week, tor two (2) succ8Nive | _A_)Tlm8Shar8lnteresl(sl(S66 ..Westgate_), has &orded a Silver CPe_ GA 30173, 1 20160038192,$3.531.73, Season 2, L-174, 31_H0U, be subjart to the judici_ of your timesha_ int&e_ w_ks, in an O_nge Coun_ Exhibrf _A") as defined in the Cl_m of Len in the _unt S6ason 2, S-160, 28_H0U, 81.1o; Majorie Sanchez, 1 /2/2004, 201660038193, to&losu_ pmedu_ on_. aP insumcient to o_et tha newsp_, pDvid8d wch a D_la_tion ol Condominium ot (s_ Exhibh wA_, with 1/2/2011,20160038191, 189301 Atascocha Trace Dr, $12,171.19, $2.63; EllioW You hav6M8rigMtotu_your amounts secu_d by the lien. n_s_ axi_s at th6 time tor _S AT ORLANDO, A i_eRstacc_ing atthe r_e ot 84.2OO.68, 81.26; Daniel S Humble, M 77346, 1 Season R Saunden and E_inda M daraultin _e mann6r s6ttorth By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ol publishiny. lt you f_| to CONDOMINIUM, _ord6d in (See Mib_ _A_ p_ day, and Cro5by and Nilza c_5by, 2,L-374.30_WH0U,1/V2_9, Saunden, 3704 RuNe_ Maple inthis notice atanytime beto_ P.A, T__ae. tu_ the detauW as s6| torm om__ R_ords Book 5283, _d8dund6rDoGuBNo. 2730 Oak Tr_ Dr Apt 2601, 20160038192.86,613.39, Ct, Dummes, VA 22025, 1 lhe undenigned t___'s sale EXHIBrr _AH - NoncE OF in this nolice or tak6 other at Pag6 4636, of the Public (See Mibh_A_,otlhe Public Ca_llton, M 750_, 1 $1.72; J_ w Vlal and Season 2, L-270, 23_H0U, otyourlim_ha_int6_st. ltyou DEFAULTAND INTENT TO appropriata artion whh r8gald Retords ot Orange County, Recods of O_ng6 Coun_. Season 2. s-264, 18_HOU, B&daMVl_.955Conn6_ic_ 1_V2009, 201_193, do not objerf to the usa ot the FORECLOSL to this to_losu_ maWar, you Florida (the _Plan"l, and all florida, and the und_signed 11212010.z0160038191, Ave, Suh6 4104-B-1 1770, S6,346.68, S1 .72: Dani& t__tee to&losu_ pm6du_, Owne_sTIObligo_fimesha_ risk losing owenhip ot your _nd_nt(s) th6_to, if any. Twstee as appointed by 85,428.O8, $1.49; Jatk R Bridgeporf,CT66O7. 1 Season T_ts, 61 N6wan Road, you will not be wbj6_ to a lnt_, Buildin nh, Weeh, ti_a_ inte__ thDugh the Tog6th6r wrm tha right to Westgale_ h&eby torm__ GlasstoGk and Dahlia s 2,R-152,32_H0U,112_2009, SUN8X, NJ 7461, 1 Season 3, d8fici6ncy judga 6v_ rf DetauW Data, BooklPage ot t_rt86 toBlow_ pmedure occupy, punuant to th6 Plan, notmes Ts_ Exhibk _A") th_ Glaswotk, 2881 Beasley 201_8192,$6,594.08,$1.72; L-272, 4VWH0LE, 11v2010, tha pm_s hom w6 s_e R_ordad Len, AnDunt, Per __blirnedins6tl_n 721.855, Building(5)_Unh(s)(S88Exhibrt dua to yourt_lu_to pay the Dr, Garland, M 75041, 1 Anthony p Anguilm and Opha 201660038193, 85,428.o8, ot your ti&a_ inl_ D_mAmount: horida Sl_rtes. You may _A_,during Unk _k(s)(Sea annu_ _entls) dua Sea5on 2, s-362, 22_H0L_ A Anguilm, 1818 Pin Oak _, 81.49; Jimmy Ca_il6, 25718 a_ insuMti_t to ot_6t the fim ca_me, 967 N. M_n St, ch_ to sign and ad to Mibh wA_, during _signed on (Sea Exhibh _A_ and _| 1_212010,20160038191, RocMon,IL61O72,1Season3, Water Ridga Dr, Hu_, amounts s6cu_d by the lien. Laconia,NH 324, 1 Season 2, the undenignad hu_ee an Yea_5)-(S_Mibrt_A.).695O _t(s) th&eaR_ $5,428.08, S1.49; Laura A R-253, 44_H0U, 1n_2007, M 77N64230, 1 Season 1, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, s-160, 2VWH0LE, 11v2011, objerfion.torm, 8xarGi5ing your Vllla d6 Co_a Drive, O_ando, you a_ cua_ in d_uW Hall, 12512 E Com6|| Ave 20160038192.S7,904.11, L-275, 13_H0U, 11v2008, P.A., Tw_ee. 201_8188, $4,200.68, righttoobj8rttoW6usaofthe FL 32821, me_in _fime Share ot your obligations to pay Apt 203, Auror4 co 80014, 1 $1.97; #lan A R_se 201_193, $7,747.56, _HIBIT _^" - NoncE OF $1.26; Paul A Bege_en and twstee fo_lo5u_ proceduP. Plan (P_p6rfy) Addrass_). As ass8Nm8nts du6 to Wastgate Season 2, S-364, 22_H0U, and Ronda D R8_6, 908 S1.94; Tamig uc A Nevada DEFhULT hND INnNT TO Sandra Luz Begenen, 4440 Upontheundanignedt_stee's a &uW ottha aforamantioned onthefollowing d_cribed _al 112/2003,20160038191, Darbyow Rd, Grand p_rie, Limited Labil_y Co_pany, FORECLOM TMle c_k Blvd. Lot 243, &6ipt0ty0ursign8d0bj8_i0n d6tauw,w6_gat8h6_by8|8rfs p_pe_y located in O_nga $15,996.72,$3.26. TX 75052, 1 Season 3, 3605 AiportWaySo_h,Suke Ow8_sVObligo_5), fimashaR Manha_an, KS 66502, 1 torm. lhg fo&losu_ of the to sell the roperty punuant CouW, Florida: (See Exhibrf August4,11,_1T R-352, 43_H0LE, 112/2007, 200, S8awl6, WA 98134, 1 lnt&_t, BuildinQUnh, w_k, Season 1, L-271, 131WH0U, lien w_h Bp8rftoth6 datauW to S_ion 721.855, Florida _A_Tlme Sha_|__a_(s)(See L1566O9 20160038192,$8,939.40, Season 3, L-275, 47_H0LE, DefauW Date, BooklPage of 1_v2010, 20160038188, sp8cifi6d in this notice 5h_| St_ut6s. Please be advised Mibh _A_ a5 defin_ in the $2.14; p_ricia A Buslamante, 1/212010, 201660038193, Retorded Len, AnDunt, Per $5,428.08, g1.49; Melissa K ba subjart to lha judicia that in the event th_ your Declar_ion of Condominium 727 Cumbe_and St.. Dallas, $5,428.08, $1.49; Vlrtor Ga_a, Diem Amount: Full6rand moma5 A Simpson. foreclosu_ p_ceduP on_. obligationisnotb_ughtcu_ent tor _S AT ORLANDO, A NoncE OF DEFAULT AND TX 7203, 1 Season 3, 5601 Loma Lnda W_t. William E B_lerJr. and Doloras 305 Princa Ot Wales, Conroe, You havethe righlto cure your [lncluding the payment ot any CONDOMINIUM, r8toTd8d in INTENT TO FORECLOSE s-161, 37_H0U, 11v2010, Hou_on, M 77085, 1 _on M Butler, 38N5 Stata Ro_6 37, M 77304, 1 Season 3, defauN in the mannar se\ forth f86_ incunad by Wastgata in OMcial Records Booh 5283, RVS AT ORLANDO 20160038192.85,428.08, $1 .49; 2, L-371, 18_HOU, 11v2_9. meresa, NY 13691, 1 Saason 3, L-274, 34_H0LE, 2/1/20n5, in this notice at any time betore tommencing this toreclosure at Paga 4636, ot lhe Public CONDOMINIUM 310Q._24 Danial A Foster. 815 Moore Rd, 201 6600381 93, $5,428.1 7, N-11O, N_HOU, 11v2003, 201 600381 aa, g11,741.oo, the undewigned t___'s s_e p_cess) within thirty (30) Recods ot Orange County, Pursuant to Sertion 721.855, Mansfield, M 76063, 1 Season $1.49; Tarnig LLC, A Nevada 201 6029572, $1 8,587.59, $2.54; Valerie Y Gonzales and ot your tin_share intarest. lt you days hom the hnt data of florida (the _Plan.'), and _| Florida Statutes, RVS- 2, S-163, 18_H0LE, 1/2/201 1. Limited Lability Company, $3.76; Phillip _ and Tami | Joa B Gonz_es, 2515 ldeal do not ob_t lo the use otthe , publicalion, the undenigned amendment(s) !hereto, if any. ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM 201 60038192, $4,330.68, 3605 Aiporf Way So_h. Suhe Jean _, 1584 Wagon St, Hou_on, M 77009, 1 t_stee fo_clo5u_ proceduP, | Twstee shall protaed wkh Together wrth the right to AssoclAnoN. INC. | $1.26; Tamig LLC, A N6vada 200, Seawle, WA 98134, 1 W6al Drive. Ocaansida. CA ' Season 1, L-275, 11_H0LE, , you will not ba wbjert to a the s_e ot the PDper_ as otcupy, pursuanl to the Plan, (heRinaWer rete_ed to as | Lmiled Labil_y Company, ' Season 2, M-105. 24_W0LE, 92057, 1 S8a5on 3, N-114, 1/v20_, 20160038188, | deficiency judgmant even it p_vided in Se_ion 721.855, Building(s) l Unh(s) (See Exhibit ..Westgate.'), has &orded a 3605 #port Way South. 1/2/201 o, 201 660038193, 351WH0U, 11V201 1 , 81O,195.64, 82.34; S\evan L the proceeds hom the s_e Florida Stat__. in which case, .'A), during Unk Week(s) (See Claim ot Lien in the amount _ Sea_le,WA98134, 1 Season 2, $5,428.08, 81 .49: Dauid 2016029572, 85,3N.44, 81.54; Rico, 32850 Cedar Dr, Lake ot your timesha_ interest the undenigned T_stae shall: Exhibit _n"). during ANign8d or (See Exhibk _A_. wkh _ S-165, 23_WH0U, 1/21201?, Skinner. Llc, C/O Holiday Michael Stanford and Michelea Elsinore, CA 92530-061 8, aP in_uMcienl lo oWs& the (1) p_vide you with wriwen Yea_s) - (Sea Ewhibit _A_). 6950 interest accwing at the rate of ' 20160038192.$4,640.44, Equ_y, 3605 Aipo_ way S. S_anfod, 2917 W Poplar , Rach6| L Rico, 4509 w 137Th amounts secu_d by lhe lien. notice ot the sale. including Vllla de Costa Drive, Orlando. (See Exhibrf _A") per day, al_d _ 81.26: Bobby Mayon and Ste 200, SeaWle, WA 98134, 1 Circle, RiaWo, CA 92376, 1 Pl, Hawthorne, CA 90250, 1 By: GREENSPOON MARDER. the date, time and localion FL 32821, _erein "fime Share racorded under Document No. | Gwendolyn Newsom_Mayon. Season 2, N-210, 24_HOU, Season 3. p-134. 35_H0LE, ' Season 3, L-370, 35/WH0LE, P.A., Twstee. thereol: (2) Record the notice | Plan (Prop6rty) Address"). As (See Exhibit .'A"), otthe Public | 277 Poplar Ave., Hayward, 1/212009, 201660038193, 1/2/201 1 , 2016029572, | 11v2008, 20160038188, _HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF ot s_e in _he Public Records of a resuW ot the atoren8ntion6d Records of Orange County, CA 94541, 1 Season 3, $5,782.9_, $1.60; Ca_is E 85,332.84, $1.54: Patritia K | 87,747.56, $1 .94; Robart DEFAULT AND INnNT TO Orange County, Florida: and (3) detault, Westgale hereby elects Florida, and the underslgned s-360, 38_H0LE, 112/2007, Roberts Jr., 2555 Count_ Dr, Joseph, 5505 Port Road, Forf _ Robinson and Janet Robin5on, FORECLOSE: Publi5h a topy of lhe nolice of to sell the Proper_ punuant Tw5tee as appointed by 20160038192,88,939.40, Fremont, CA 94N6-531 9, Myers, FL 33917, 1 Season 1, | 10374 Poulsen Ct, Monlclair, Owner(s)IObligo_s). fimeshare , sale two (2) limes, once each to Se_ion 721.855. Florida Weslgate, hereby lormally , 82.14; Samuel SchoW and Vlctoria Carlson-Robe_s. 4613 p-234, 9/WH0LE, 1/2/2O12, CA 91763, 1 Season 3. lnterest, BuildingNnit, Week, week, for two (2) successive Statutes. Please _e advised notifies (See Exhlbit _A") that _ Celia DelahouNay8, AWn. S. Sloan St, Fremont. CA 945_8, 2016029572, $4,245.68, $1.30; L-371, 43_H0LE, 1/212008, DetauW Date, BooWPage ot weeks, in an Orang6 County that ln the event that your due to your t_lure to pay the | DelaschoW, 12360 Richmond 1 Season 1, p-131, 11_H0LE, Daniel P. Bid and Renae E. 201 600381 88. 87,747.56, Retorded Len, Amounl, Per newspaper, p_vided such a obligation is not broght cu_ent annual as5essm8nt(s) due ' Avenue #1738, Houston, M | 1/2/2007, 201660038193, Bid. 114 lndigo Springs Dr $1.94: Penjamin J Ramsey, Diem Amount: n6wspaper exist5 at the time [lncluding the payment of any on (See Exhibit _A") and all 77082, 1 Season 1, S-363, $8.939.40, 82.14; Tlmeshare D. Columbia. SC z9229, 1 7205 Denver C_y Dr, Fort Robe_ Bloodwo_h and Meny of publishing. lt you fail to tees incu_ed by Westgate in asses5ment(s) there__er, 1 3_H0LE. 1 /2/2009, lndependente, LLC A Nevada Season 1, p-3N, 1_H0LE, | Worth, M 76179-2542, Joni L Bloodwo_h, 2980 Cortina tUR the defauW as set forth commencing this roreclosure you are cu_antly in delault 20160038192,$5,455.69, Coporation, 2298 Horizon 1/21201 4. 201 6029572, Ramsey. 6721 Bear Hollow cl., Drive. Colorado Springs, in this notice or tahe other p_teN) wkhin thirty (30) | of your obligations to pay $1 .50. Ridga Parkway, Suite 104, $2,308.64, $0.80; Joe Ga_ia | ForfWorth,TX76137, 1 Season CO 80918, 1 Season 1. _ app_priate attion wkh regard | days hom the fint date ot assessments due to Westgate Augu5t 4, 11, _1T Hendenon, NV 89052. 1 Jr. and Janniter L Garcia, 1114 2, L-372, 18_H0LE, 1/2/2007, L-170, 12_H0U, 1/V2_9, to this toreclosure maWer, you publication, the undersignad on the rollowing described re_ L 1566O4 Season 1, p-133, 8_H0LE, Sou_hgale, Ga_and, M 75041, 201 6OO381 88, $8,939.40, 1079_/7674, $5.134.14. S1.46; risk I05ing ownenhip ot your T_stae sh_| pDceed with property located in Orange 7/1 /2009, 201 6600381 93, 1 Saason 3, Q-342, 47_H0LE, $2.14; Lawrence C Johnson Sr. Debo_h M Radley and David timeshare intePst through the the sale of the p_per_ as County, Florida: (See Mibit ' $6,559.78, $1.72; Eric S 1/212010, 2016029572, and ch6_i8 L Johnson, 4513 w Radley, 1171 DavmoR Lane, twstee toreclosura procaduP provided in Sertion 721.855. _A") Time Share lnterast(s) (See | NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Andenon and Connie E 85.265.19, $1.55; David A Von Kress St, Houston, TX 77026, Lincoln, CA 95648, 1 S_n 3, established in Section 721.855. Florida Stat_es, in which casa, Exhibit _A") as _efined in the | INnNT TO FORECLOSE Andenon. 7304 Ewing Ave, Homnann and _mba_y E Von 1 S6ason 1, L-375, 151WH0U, L-371, 37_H0LE, 112_2009, Florida Statutes. You may the undersigned Twstee shall: Declaration ot Condominium RVS AT ORLANDO Fo_Wo_h, M 76116, 1 Season HoWmann, 22128 Rose GraN 1/v2o1 1 , 20160_8188, 10793/7674, 85,274.14, choose to sign and send to E1) Provide you wrfh wriW6n for RVS AT ORLANDO, A CONDOMINIUM 31023._25 3, p-23z, 47_H0LE, 1/2_2009, Ln, Spicewood, M 78669, 1 &4,N0.68, $1 .26; Joseph 81.46; John B Gonz_es li tha undenigned t_stee an notice ot the sale. intluding CONDOMINIUM, recorded in Pursuant to Se_ion 721.855, 201 6600381 93, $6,458.63, Season 2, R-252, 20_H0U, M Barone and Anisabal A and Rae L Gonz__. 2602 obje_ion lorm, axercising your lhe dat6, _ime and location O_cial Records Book 5283, ' Florida Stalutes, RVS- $1.72: Lesley Manring- 11u2011, 201 6029572. Barone, 952 San Gabriel Ave, serendiPy Cir w Apt 106, right to obje_ to the usa of lhe th&eot; (2) Recod the notice at Page 4636, ot the Public ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM Borchen, 12395 w 34m Pl, $5,318.76, $1.54; Roxanne K Handarson. NV 89002, 1 Colorado prin3s. CO 80917, 1 t__aa loreclosur6 procedu_. ot s_6 in tha Public Recods of Records ot Orange County, AssoclAnoN, INC. Wheat Ridga, CO 800M, 1 Hielkema, 660 250th StRet, Saason 3, M-104, 48_H0LE, Season 2, M-1_. 22_H0U, Upon the undenigned twrtee's | O_nga Coun_, Florida: and (3) Florida (the .'Plan"). and _| _ereina_er refe_ed to as Season 3, Q-140, 4VWH0LE, Woodville, wl 54028, 1 Season 11V2008, 201 600381 ee, 1 /V2OO8. 1 0793_T674. receip\ ot your signed objertion Publish a copy ot lhe notice of amendment(s) therelo, if any. _Wa_g_e"), has recoded a 1n12009, 2016600381 93, 3. R-352, 38_H0U, 1/V2007, 87,724.57, $1.94; Jana S $6,337.46, $1.68; Howad form, the lor8closur6 of the sale lwo (2) \imes, once each Togelh_ wrth lha right to Claim of Len in the amount $6,594.08, $1.72; Lois 201 6029572, S1O,156.16, p_mer, 817 Yala St, Forf Wo_h, M Rubin and Lois Rubin, lien with respert to tha defauN waek, for two (2l successive occupy, punuant to the Plan, of (Sea Ewhibk _A"), wkh Gold_ein, 909 E Northem $2.42; william H LawRnt8 M 76114-2827, 1 Season 2. 12040 Conlomo Vlsta _, Las sp8tifi6d in this notiG8 shall we8k5. in an Orang6 County Building(s) / Unh(s) (See Exhibit int6r8_ accwing al the Ave Apt 107, Phoenix, AZ and Edrth A Lawl8nc8, 17n M-301, 32_H0U, 1/V2011, V_as, NV 89138, 1 _son 3, ba wbje_ to the judici_ new5pap6r, provided such a "A_), during Unit W66k(s) (See r_la ol (See Exhibit _A_l par 85020-4189, Gil Goldst6in, 49 #a Moana Blvd Apt 844, 20160038188, $4,342.13, M-201. 34_H0LE, 11V2008, foBlosu_ procedu_ only. newspap6r exists at the time Exhibit "A"l, during Assigned day, and recorded under Hunlingdon Dr, Southamplon, Honolulu, Hl 96815, 1 Saason $1.26; Flo_ntino Riv&a and 10793_7674, $5,947.97, $1.61: You have _e rightto cur6 your , of publi_hing. w you tail to Yea_sl - TS6e Exhibh _A_. 6950 Document No.(S86 Exhibit PA 18966, 1 Season 2, 1, S-365, 5_H0U, 112n011, Maria-T_vino Rivara, 4000 Marcia Homer. 318 N May St, d6_uW in the mannar set torth tU_ the defauW as set torth Vllla de Costa Drive, O_ando, _A"), ot the Public Records of Q-342, 17_WH0U, 1/2_2010, 2016029572. 85,333.44, 81 .54: Ace Lane #467, Lewisville, Aurora, IL 605_, 1 Season 1, in Wis notice at any time betore in this nolite or taka othar FL 32821, merein _Tlme Sha_ Orange Counly, Florida. and 201660038193, $5.428.08, Augu_t4, 11, _1T M 75067, 1 Season 1, 0-120, 10_H0U, 1M012. the und_sign6d twsta6's s_e appropri_e arfion wkh regad Plan property) Add_N"). As lhe undenigned Twst68 as $1.49;JulioCGa_iaandMaria L156512 N-111, _IWHOLE, 1/212009, 10793_7674, $2.262.19, 8o.76: ofyourlimesha_int6__. lfyou to this roreclow_ maWer, you a P5uW ot the atoreme_ioned appointed by We_gale, he_by E Car_, 134O3 Lydonvilla 20160038188, 85,541.9o, _ D CoW_ll and ShaDn R do no\objerttothe usa otthe risk losing ow&5hip ot your d8tauN,W8stgat8h8_by8|8_5 torm__ notifies (See Exhibk Dr, Houston, M 77041, 1 81.51; Wayne R Conat, 1107 Co__||, 1001 Cooper Point t__ee toreclosure proc8duR, tim85ha_ inte_st through the lo sell _h6 PDp8rty punuan_ _A_l lh_ due to your tailure to S6ason 2, R-250, 24_H0U, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Lombardy Rd, Oklahoma Road Unrf 14_223, o_i4 you will not be subjerf to a \wstee to_closura procedu_ to Section 721.855, norida pay lha annual aN8ssm8nt(s) 112/2011, 2016_193, INnNT ro FORECLOSE c_y, OK 7316_2425 Che_| WA 98502, 1 S_son 1, deficiency judgment even it 8stabli5h8dinS_i0n721.855, Statutes. Plaase be advised dua on (s_ Exhibh _A") and $4,330.68, $1.26: Brian D RVS AT ORLhNDO L Cona_, 837 Cadan Pl, 0-321. 51_H0U, 1nn010, tha pm_ds IDm the s_e norida Stat__. You may lhal in the event that your all aNeNme_(s) tha_aWer, Ha_ and Lo_e D Hart, 9713 CONDOMINIUM 31_._ Moo_, OK 7_160-2425, 1 10793_T674, S667.35, So.2_: ot your tim6sha_ int&_ thoose _o sign and s_d to obligationi_notbroughtcu_nt you a_ cu_ntly in de_uW WoodDck Pl. OWahoma Punuam lo Sertion 721.855, Saason 3, Q-142, 34_H0U, Edyhe C. Zing_lli aha a_ insumcient to oWse\ _he tb6 und6_gned twrtae an flntluding _6 pay_totany of your obligat_ns to pay City, OK 73130, 1 Sea_on 3, Florida _atut6_, _S- ___2003. 2O160038188, Ed_he Zinga_lli,4_#marDr, a_mnts secu_d by the lien. obje_iontorm. exa_ising _our lees incu_6d by Bgate in a_ts due to Westgate R-351, 47_H0U, 1_2_9, ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM $14,483.30, $3.01; Ang6a L Pmsbugh,PA15237,1 S_n By: GREENSPOON MARDER, rightto obj_to _B use o th6 tomn&cing thi5 to&losu_ on thetollowing d8Krib8d ra_ 201660038193, $6_594.08. AssoclAnoN, INC. _nman, 11219 Cold Spring 2.P-130,31_H0L_1M_8, P.A,Tm_a8. t__86 f_ow_ pmedu_. proceu) whhin mirty (30] pD_ located in Orange 81.72;Garin Bills,372 _ngsley _e_inaW_ _t_ to as Dr, Houston,M 77043-4601, 1 10793_T674, 86.179.46. 81.68; EXHIBIT "AN - NoncE OF Uponth6und8nign8dtrurt68'5 days hom tha fir_ d_e ot Coun_, Fbrid (S86 Exhibh Dr. Ca558lb8r_.FLO,1 _on _W_g_e"), has _od6d a Season 2, a-240, 191WH0LE, Philip s Eatherton and Melody DEFAULTAND INnNTTo &aiptotyoursigned objertion publication, lhe und_signad _A.)fime Sha_ lnte_st(s) (See 1, s-263, 8_H0U, 1M_, Cl_m ot L_ in the _um 1_u2010, 201_8188, D E_herfon, 27_ Anton_ Dr, FORECLOSE: torm, the to&losu_ ot tha T_st66 shall proc6ed wM Exhibh _A_ as defined in the 201660038193, 86,594.o8, ot (See Mibh .A_, w_ S5,34o.91, $1.49; Wllliam p Camarillo,CA93O1O,1_n Owne_sVObligo_Tlmeshal8 li6n wM &perftotha detauW the sale ot the Property as Detla_tion ot Condominium $1.72; Steve Nithols, A_h im&_acc_ing atme_teot H_ and _n L H_. 1.P-132,1_H0u,112n_7, lnt_, Buildin nh, Wee_ _med in Ul_ notice sh_| provided in &ion 721.855, for _S AT ORLANDO, A Rep,POBox3O49,Claveland, (See Mibrf_A_ p& day, and 1016 Wade H_pton St., Fort 10T93_7674, S7,442.36, S1.88; D&auW Data, BooWPage ot ba wbj_ lo the judicial FloridaStatut6s,inwhichca58, CONDOMINIUM, _cordad in GA 30528, 1 _on 2, _tod6d und& _ua No. Worth,TX 76126, 1 S8a5on 3, Wllliam J Na_sh and Janis R__6d Len. A_Dunt, Per to&owR pmedu_ on_. the undenigned T_stee sh_|: omci_ Records Book 5283, S-364, 17_H0U, 511_2_, (See Exhibk_A_, orthe Public R-1N, 36_H0U, 1_v2006, c Naash, 1027-D Wynfield DiemAmoum: You havemerigMto cu_your (1) Provid6 you wkh wWen at Page 4636, ot the Public 201660038193, $6,573.88, Reco_s ot Orang6 Coun_, 20160038188, S1o,195.64, Courf,Elgin,IL6O12O,1_n Esm__BSisonandMewedes datauW in _la mann_ Btorth notice ot tha s_e, intluding R_olds ot O_n2a Coun_, $1.72; Tamig Ut, A N6vada Florida, and tha und_signed 82.34; Duron K Cwbi_h Sr. 2,P-2M,3_WH0U,1M_7, N Sison, 1B7O5 Sagebwsh T_, inthi5notic8atanyti_b6to_ the date, tima and location florida _he _Plan , and all Lmited LabW Company, Tw_ea as appointad by and Fa_e L C_birfh, 5501 10T93_7674, ST_442.36, $1.88; D85ert Hot Springs, CA 92241, _a undenigned |_stee's Mle the_ol; (2) Recod tha nolica _nd_m(sT the_to, rf any. 3605 _port Way So_h Suh6 _gat6. h&eby torm__ Lakeviaw Pkwy _ 138, William J N_ash and Janis 1S_n1,M-101,12_H0U, ofyourlim8shaRint8_st.lfyou ots_8inth6PublitR8codsot Toge_er _th tha right to 2_, Sea_le, WA 98134, 1 notm_ (s_ Exhibk .A_ th_ RowleW,TX75O88,1 ason2, c N_ash, 1027-D Wynfie_ 1n12_9, 11_515972, do nolobj_lo _a us6 otthe O_nge County, Florida; and(3) otcupy, punua_ to the Plan, S6ason 2, s-365, 26_H0U, dua to your t_lu_ to pay Me R35O, 1&WH0U, 1_2010, Court,Elgin,IL6O12O,1_n 86,594.o8, $1.72; Godot_do t__ae to&low_ procadu_. Publish a copy ot lhe notice ot Building(sT l Unrf(sl (Sea Exhibit 11212010, 201_38193, annu_ __s) du6 201_8188, 85,428.o8, 1.P-234,1_0LL1M_7, L Pin_a and lm&da Mia you _|| not b6 subject to a s6 two (2) tim6s, once each _A"), during Unh Weeh(s) (S86 $5,428.08,$1.49. on (s68 Mib .A_ and _| S1.49; J&hay s Willis, 43_ 107_674. t7.442.36, Cunanan and EI6na c Pineda defic_nty judg_t 6v_ rf w_k, tor two (2) SUC_N_8 Exhibk _A_. during As5ign8d Augu_t4,11,_1T ass8M_&t(5) lh_w_ North Shr Apt 2504, |_ing, S1.88; Fogb6n_ Ownn 2404 York Drive. CanolWon, the pm8_5 hom the s_e w_, in an Orang6 Coun_ Y_sT-(S_Exhibrt_A").695O L1_7 you a_ tun_rt_ in detauW M 75038 Conni6 s Willis, and Bobbia L Ownn, 468 M 75_, 1 S6ason 2, ot your ti&are int_t n8wspap6r, pD_d_ wch a vllla de Co_a Drive.O_ando, ot your obligation5 lo pay 1M5 Meadow Rid_e Drive, Porf hmba_and Road, M-303, 28_H0LE, 1nn010, a_ insumci_rf to oW5& me n8w5p_ exi_s at the ti_ fl 32821,_e_in_Tl_ Sha_ _nt_ dueto Bg_a |_ing.M 75038, 1 aason 1, Milhilla, NJ 08N2, 1 S_n 1100515972, S5,461.5o, $1.49; amou_s s_uRd by the lien. ol publi5hinq. lt you fl to Plan p_) Add_N"). As NoncE OF DEF^ULT nND onthetollo_ng d_cribad _ s-161, 9_H0U, 112n009. 1, p-3N, 7_H0U, 1n12_3, D E Stanga Jrand Ma_ Ann6 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, cu_ tha d6auW as s6t toM a _suN orth6 ato_ntionad INnNT TO FORECL_E pD_ |_ated in Orange 201_188, $6,594.08, 1079317674,S18,048.49,S3.67; Stanga, 216 Tomillo, Socono, P.A.,Tw_ee. in this notite or take other detauW,We_g_e h_by6|8rt5 RVS ^T ORUNDO County, Florid (s_ Mibrf S1.72. David A H_n, 410 DOt_ NM 8T801 H6di Kay Stanga, EXHIB_ _hh- NoncE OF appDpriat8 a_ion wkh _ga_ to sall the p_pe_ punuant CONDOMINIUM 31__T _A_fi_ M_lm&_sl(_a ___,11._1T Pa_Dr,Koh_,IN46_1,1 5_ Melody Ln N, Soco_, DunuLTnND INTENTTO tot_sloBlosu_ maW&, you to &ion 721. 5, florida Punuant to S_ion 721.8M, Mibk .A_ a5 dafin_ in _a L156517 _n 2. p-334, _HOU, NM 87801-5225, 1 Se_ 1, FORKLOW ri_k losing own&hip ol your Statut_. PI8a58 ba advised Florida S\__e_, RVS- Da_ar_ion ol Condominium 1M012, 1079w674, N-214, 15_H0U, 1M_, ow&lsVoblgo_5), fim_ha_ ti&a_ int&_ th_gh the th_ in the 6v8nt that your ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM tor _s AT ORLANDO. A g2,267.19, $O.T6; Dona_ 11_y5972,S6,626.27,S1.72;, lnt_, Buildin_nk, __ tw__ toBbw_ _u_ obligalion_notbDugM_at Assoc_noN, INC. CONDOMINIUM, _rd_ in NoncE OF DEFnuLr AND Smkh and To_Dnow Moniqu6 216 Tomillo, SOCOrD, NM De_uW D_e, kRag6 ot e_ablishedin&ion721.855, [lncluding _e pay&t otany m&einaR& _t_ to as omci_ _o_s Book 5283, INnNT TO FORECLOSE Simmons, 1_ s Van N8N 87801.1S8a5on1,N-214.15_ _rd_ Len, _unt. p_ norida St_ut6s. You _y f_ ___ by _tgal6 in _Bgate"), has r_rd_ a _ Page _, of _16 Public RVS AT ORLANDO Ave Apl F, Los Angelas, CA WHOU.1_V2OO9,11OO5l5972, Diem_unt: choos6 to sign and s6nd lo c_nm_cing this toBlow_ Cl_m or _ in _18 _um Re__s ot o_qe _W, CONDOMINIUM9|_._1_ 9_47,1 _n3, _143, 361 $6,626.27, 81.72; ScoW L RobertGonz__Sr.andMagie Me und6nignad t___ an pDc_s) w_hin thirty (30l ot (s68 Exhibrt _A_, w_ florida _ha _P ), _| Punuam to S_ion 721.855, WHOU, 1M_, S5,569.52, H_lman, 1514 TDwbridg6, B Gonz_es, 901 Mtdaniel, obje_iontorm,axe_isingyour days hom me fim data ot inte_taccwinq_the rate ot am_d_t(5) _l_&o, rf any. florida St_rf6s, _S- t1.52; Dav_ H Samo5 _d Ga_and,TX75O44,1S6ason2, Hou_on, M 77_2. 1 S6ason rigMtoobjecttotheuseotthe publiG__n, th6 undenigned (S66 Exhibrf _A p6rday, and Tog&h_ w_h _e rigM to ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM JulieASantos,72O_DSl., N-214, 18_H0U, 11v2_7, 3,N-212,_0U.1_V20_, t__aa to_closuR pDt8du_. Tw__ sh_| pmeed wh r8Go_8dund&Docum8mNo. oc_py, pu_uant to _I8 _an, ANoc_noN, INC. FaHon.NV_,1 _n1, 11_y5972, S8,939.4o, $2.14; 201_191, 86,594._, Upon_8und8nignadt__8a'5 the _ of the PDp8r_ as (See Ewhibit _A_, ottha Public Building(s)_Unh(s)(S_Mibh __inaR& a8_6d to as _243, 51_H0LL 1M_7, Jav_ _court and |_ t1.72;Etoy D BDW and p_ B8iptotyoursn8dobi_ion pro_d_ in &ion 721.855, Records ot Orange CouW, _A_, durinq Unk _(5) (_ __g_e"), has _cord6d a 10793_674, t7,442.36, t1.88; R Ba_urt, 1015 E Fay sl. M Magae. 5410 Ov6_ook torm, the |_low_ ot the horidaS_Mes,inwhichcasa, Florida, and _18 undenign_ Mibk _A , during _5ign6d Cl_m ot Len ln the amount Anthony _ye Had6y ll. Edinbug,TX78539,1 Season Pl, Lakaland, FL 33813, 1 |_ wkh_pa_to_F8d8tauW the unda_gned T__66 sh_|: Twrta6 as appoint_ by Yea_sl-(S_Mibrt.A_.695O of (s_ Exhibh "A_, whh and _ J_n Hadley, 1244 2,N-311,24_H0LE,1M0_, _ 3, N-310, 47_H0U, _med in thi5 notic6 rn_| (1) p_vida you w_h wrmen Wertg_e, h_y tom_ly Vllla de Co_a Drive, O_ando, int6__ a__ig, gthe rat6 of Windy Maadows Dr., Bu_n, 1 1005_5972, $6,494.08, 81 .72; 11212008,20160038191, b6 subi6rt to the judici_ not_ of _e s_e, including notifies (Sae Exhibh _A_ M_ FL 32821,_n_Tl_ MarB (See Mibk _ day,and TX 76028, 1 _ 2, Brian M T K_szewsh, 6459 87,772.12, 81.94; Shana to_tlosu_ pDcedu_ on_. the date, ti_ and location du6lo yourt_lu_to pay\he Plan pro_) Add_"). As _orded in O.R. Book (See R-2N, 2_0u, 1n__B, C_ga_ Woods Ln, Ka_, Aulenkamp, 1202 SE Belmont You havetherightlocu__our th&aol; (2l Record the notice annu_ aN_nt(s due a _w ot the ato&arfion_ Mibh_A_,al_g,_a(s_Mibh 10793_674, _,342.46, M n494-2657, _eWe N D.,m. Ankeny, IA 5_21, 1 detaultinthemann&s& orth ots_8inth6PublicR8codsof on (See Exhibk _A_ and _| d6tauW,_g_8 heabye_s _A_, of tha p G R_ods ot S1.6B; Jr. Roberf C Blan_we, K_szewsh. 2_14 Slone Oah Se_ 2, _220, 22_H0LE, inthisnotit8_anyti_b6to_ O_ng6 County, horida:and(3) aN8ssm8nt(s) the_aRer, to 58|| M6 Ro_ punuam O_ng6 Coun_, norida, and 7391 Coun_ Road 466, Pkwy Apt 821, San Amonio. 11212003.20160038191, the undekignedtw_ae.s s_6 Publirna_pyotthenotiteof you are cunant_ in defauW to Sertion 721.8M, florida the undenign_ Tw_aa as Princ&on,M754O7,1_n TX 78258, 1 _n 2, S14,392.31, S3.11: lane_e otyouttimesha__t_.Wyou s_e two(2)times, once each ot your obligations to pay StaMas. PI6as8 be advisad appointedbywestgate,h_y 3, R-353 2 B8dDom, 4& N-311, 28_H0U, 1M010, Ro5__ and #had do notobj6_totheus8 otthe w_k, for two (2) wK_siv8 aN8ssm6nts du6 to W6_g_8 that in the event that your fom__ not_85 ( ee Exhibit WHOU, 1n2_8, 1073_674, 11005_5972, S5,423.69, Jeanjaquet, 529 Lan_hi_ t__aa to_bw_ pmedu_, w_, in an O_nge County onthetollowing d6scrib_ _ obligationisnotbDughtcur_m _A")_latdueto yourtailu_to $6,337.46, $1.68; Gloria E $1.49; Heather Lyn Mea_, Pl, Lexin4on, KV 405_, 1 you will not be subjact to a n_5pap&, pDvid8d such a pDp&ty loQed in OTang8 [lncludingthe pay& otany paylhe annual aM8Mm8nt(5) Davis, 540 La_s School 1440 16th S\_t. O_nge SBason 3, _320, 49_H0LE, defitiency judg_Pm 8v6n if n_spp e__s _ the time County, Florida: (See Exhibk te_ in_n_ by We_g_a in due on (s_ Exhibrf _A'_ and Road, LekchfiQd,KY 42754, 1 Crfy, FL 32763, 1 Season 1, 1l2l2010.2016oo38191, th6 pDc88ds hom th6 s_a ot publi5hing. lt you tail to _A_Tlm6Sha_lnt8ra_(s)(S86 co__ng __ foBlow_ _| asseymem(s) M_aRer, _n 3, s-161, N_HOU, N-312, 111WH0U, 1n12010, S5,428.o8, $1.49; James L ot your timesha_ ime__ cu_ the detauW as set torth Exhibrt wA_ as d6fin6d in _le pD_N) w_in Mi_y (30l you a_ tu_t_ in detauW 1nn010, 107_674, 11_5_5972, W,427.13, S1.49; Read,7O6 Madrid, Duncanville, a_ insumci6nt to oWsat th6 in this notite or take other Declaration ot Condominium days hom lhe fim date ol ot your oblig_ion5 to pay S2,314.2o, $0.76;Gloria E J__a A Rodri_, 914 M 75116, 1 _n 2, amount5 Bu_d byth6 |en. appopriat8arfionwkhr_ald tor RVS AT ORLANDO, A publication, the und_igned _N_Bn_ due to W6_g_a Da_5.54O L_ _IRoad, m__ G_ Ln, ncanvill6, p-132, 32 WHOLE, 1_V2010, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, to thi5 to&losu_ ma_er, you CONDOMINIUM, _od6d in Tw_ee _h_| p_ w_h onth8followingd8Kribed _ Le_chfield,KV42T54,1Se_ TX 75137-2954, 1 _n 2, 201_9191, 85.428.o8, P.A.,T__e6. risk I05ing ow_ip ot your omci_ R6cods Book 5283, _e sal6 ot Me PD_ as pDp8rty loGat8d in O_nge 3,s-162._0u,1_n010, _120, 27_H0LE, 1n12010, 81.49; N8ph6n A D_k6 and _HIBrr _A_ - NoncE OF ti_ha_ int_ thDugh th6 at Page 4636, ot the Public pDvid8d in S_ion 721.855, County, Florida: (See Mibit 10793n674, a,2o6.84, 81.23; 1100y5972, $5,428.08, Tanya D_ke, 2725 G_y Rock DEFAULT hND INnNr TO tw__ to_closul8 pD_dur8 R_od5 or O_ng6 Coun_, floridaSt_utes,inwh_h_, _A_fim6Sha_|_8__(s)(S_ Pat s Rite, 22N John_on 81.49; Mi_y D Rodriguez, 843 Dr, Fort Wor_, m 76131. 1 FORECLOSL _lishedin S6rfion 721.855, Florida _he _Plan"), and _| the und_ign6d T___ rn_|: Mibk _A") as d6fin6d in the Rd, EKondido, CA 92029, 1 Middle Run Ct, Duncanville, Season 3. p-134, 47_HOLE. Owne_s)IObligo_s), Tlmesha_ norida Slatrt_. You Q amandme_(s) theBo, rf any. (1) PDvida you wh wrm_ D6claration ot Condominium _n 1. S-261, _OLE, TX 75137, 1 Season 2, 11212007,20160038191, lnt6r6st, BuildingWnk, W68k, choose to sign and send to Tog6th6r w_h th6 rigM to notice ot th6 _, including tor _S AT ORLANDO, A 1M011, 107_674, 0-120, 27_H0U, 1_2n010, S9,17o.24, S2.o9: Steven p DatauW Date, BookPag6 ot the undenigned twstee an occupy, punuant to Wa Plan, We d_e, time and bt_ion CONDOMINIUM, _ld8d in S3,2o8.14, S1._; _ J 11_y5972, S5,428.o8, S1.49; Zuhosh and Lori A zuhosh, Retordad Len, Amount, P6r objecliontorm, 6xawising your Building(s)IUnh(s)(S86Exhibh theraot; (2l R_rd lhe notica omci_ R_olds Book 5283, Pless and Hya_n_T E Pl_, .Tl_D_y Ha_son and Jillian 3432TenyDr,Plano.M75023, Di6mAmount: righllo obj8rfloth6 use otthe _A.), during Unh _k(s) (See otsal6inth8Publ_R__sol _ Page 4636. ot th6 Publit 485 _ Ro58 T_ Road. Ha_son. 201 _ Round 1_2,P-232,26_H0U. M6lAD_gl8andJani8SD_gl8, lw__ toBlow_ pDc8du_. Exhibh _A_, during _sign_ OrangaCounty, norida:and(3) R8GO_S ot Orange County, Mad_, PA 1_, 1 _ 1, G_ve Road w1422, Lewisville, 11212010,20160038191, 34104DouglasRd,H_np_ead, Uponth6undanign_t__66.s Yea_s)-(SeeMibrt_A_.695O Publi5hacopyof_8notic8ot florida eha _Plan"), and all s-363, _ou, 1M_7. TX 75_7, 1 Season 3. S5,428.O8,81.49;SaHParkand TX 77445, 1 S_n 3, __ptotyoursign_objerfion Vllla de Co_a Drive, O_ando, s_e two (2) tim_, once 6ach _dment(s) th6_to, rf any. 10793_674,87.442.36,S1.88. 0-120, 34_H0U, 112_010, Es__ Par_ N52 Good_ck L-172, N_HOLE, 1_2n_, torm, lha to&losure of Me FL 32821,_e_in_fin_ Mal8 w86k, tor lwo _) w_iva Tog6th6r with tha right to hug__,11,_1T 11_5_5972, $5,428.08, 81.49; Way, No_u, GA 30071, 1 20160038192,S6,632.71, lien wrm __tothe de_uW Plan pD_) Add_.). _ w_, in an O_ng6 CouW otcupy, punuant to th6 Plan, L15_ Billie w Simpson and John S6ason 2. _141, 27_H0U, 81.72:ChristopherLClarhand _med in thi5 nolice sh_| a _uW ofth6 alo&__on6d nawspap&. pD_d_ wch a Building(s)IUnh(s) (s66 Mib_ Umph_u, 606 Tr_ls Pkwy, 112_2010,20160038191, EllaLouisaCla_,835C.R685, ba subj_ to Ma judicial d&auW,Westg_ah&eby&_ n6wsp_ ax_s al _a ti_ .A_, during Unh Week(s) (s_ Ga_and,M75O43, 1 Season 2, g5,12o.77, t1.45: John Dayon,M77535, 1 Season 2, for_losura pDc8dur8 only. lo s6|| the PD_ punuam ot publihing. w you _| to Mibh _A_, during _signed NoncE OF DunuLT _D p-1u. 22_H0U, 1nn010, 8 G_drid and Cindy M L-173, 1&WH0LE, 11212011, You hav8th6righttocur8your to Se_ion 721.855, Florida cu_ _e d&auW as 5at torth Y_s)-(S_aEwhibh.A_.695O |_ TO FORKLOW 11_w5872, $5,428.08, Goodnch, 163 Lakeside Dr, 20160038192,84,330.68, defauWintha mann&atoM Slatrtes. 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