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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 66B HERITAGE FLORIDA JWSN NEWS, nwusT 10, 18 201B; O.R. Book T536 at ANNUALinCOCONUTPALMS CUWN FAMILY vAcAnoNs, D & . ,C s. on, p gCBn gByand you 6m,to - GEOROE SHIODS SR Pag6 4534 PubliG RaGo 5 ot BEACHRESO ll. uc, Noli D&auW and @ OF U d w ot mDugh, M,r me you,tothapD ot & d Y BER 1922 lusiaCoun,FL.Total Du6: DEREK WILCOX, Noti lm m to Fo los6 sant v Nob is g an, Ma D iD,N D &d ks);Un ow ass . p @TORAVE.PHILADELPH S3,171.61 as ot F8b aly 8, ot DetauW and lnt rf to c6rtm 6gi 8 d M U pu toFlnalJ &ot and#IO &P&sons ParfiesinP onn1,c Court Adn ni hha PA 19134-15 : Princip 2018; d8Krib8d as: 3201- 41 Fo closa s6m via c m pu iG n to: E 2nd F losu tor mm t c ngB dmDg, or CiMh Court or lus 3 ,Courthous6Ana, 125E. 8m G8: W6,215.57: lm : ANNUAL in COCONUT PALMS R8gist6 d Mai blic&ion W,Casp WY826O9;CUUEN in listaus8on Ju 1B,2o1a, Und&, ga meNam County,Florida;MarkD.8BGk O n2 Av6 ona Bead, M,4 .84: L a as: BEACH RESORT, ||. to: 716 UPPENCO ST c12, FAMILYvAcAnoNs, uc, c o in the Cir k Courf ot Vo s D& ndant(s);JPMogan Build lnc. FL 3 114; Tel.: 386257,t4o. : TOT S29.71 .41 MKHAEL v. SMITH and KNOWW, TN 37920; Cl m coRPoRAnoN SERNCE Coun,nDnda, Lauta E. Ro,ChaseBan Nalional D& (s). at 7 day b&ol8 yow wo18 D& di : KAREN B. SMITH, Notica ot 6n Bo 6d on April25, COMPA REGlsnRED cBh ot the Ci uh Court. socialion.SuccBNorin NoncE OF nrnoN Khedubdcourf . s12.9vdaS R . A of D6tauW and lntenl to 2018; O.R. Booh 7N6 AGE 1821 LOGAN AVE,s&| e pr skualed lm toAnchorsaving5 FORECL RE im iatByupon&ew g 210, .704. und idad Fo closa s6nt via C8rtifi6dl Paga 4581 Public Records of CHMNNE, WY 82001-5007; in Volusia Coun,norida Bank;CFNAR eivablesrm, PRoc mNQs-PRoPERN notifitation rf 16 n bat t am-in n t sinpl Re steed Mai publicalion Volusia County, FL Tot Dua: Cl m otLan &ordad onApril d rib6d : uc, hG r in lnta to TO: Mark D. Black Builder, th8a i5 7 ime in e pD o: 408 5TH ST E, CARLYLE, S3.892.15 as ol Fab a 8, 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7N6 LOTS 4 AND 5, BLOCK ChiRnancial Equ Se it,lnc.:LASTKNOWNADDRESS, day:rfyoua hearingorvo G S ow as Unhs SK m ORO, CANADA; Claim 2018; d a : 3101- 48 Page 4461 Publlc Retords ot 34, cou CLUB lnt.; Capilal One anhNS,323 wlld ang6 Drive, Naw impai d,c I711.THESEARE 1612- 1 19 orOCEAN WALK ot Lan Bord6d on April 25, ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS Volusia Coun,FL. Total Due: GARDENS, ACCORDING N ional tia on; Baw Wa B th. n32168 NOT COURT INFoRMAnoN RESORT. A CONDOMINIUM 2018; O.R. Book 7u6 BEACHRESO ll. S3.11O.M ot Fabwa 8, TO THE MAP OR PLAT F ce Co pany ot G,| ou ARE HEREBY NUMBERS. 6d in Pag6 Public R6tordsor DO E. GOEU and 2018;d6 b8d a5:33O4-N THEREOF, AS RECORDED norida, lnG.: M6adowlaa NonFIED lhB an aNion ha W NENmyh dand omc 46T0, Volu a County, FL Tot Due: KAREN M GOEU, Noti ot ANNUALinCOCONUTPALMS IN MAP 7, PAGE lmpDv hmi& n,lnc.: co toto&losa olM Courtontha2OMdayot Pag8 1341 & s8q publiG S3,776.43 as ot F6b a 8, De uN dlm rfto Fo o BEACH RESORT,ll. 59, OF THE PuBuc RE- Unknown Parti in Poss u n a Drtgaga on th6 t lowing Ju ,2O18. or C n , 2018; a5:32O3-10 at via c rm rt&ad ROY SIDNEY u s, JR CORDS OF VOLUS 1, lt living, and all Unknow al,ly g and b8ing Laula E. RoM Fbrida t w all ANNUAL in COCONUT PALMS MaiUpublKabon to: 1 N No te otD&auW andlm6ntto couw, noRIDA Pa i Glaiming by, thDugh. and 5rtuat in Volu5 CouW, Cirwk and CouW appurf o and BEACH RESO ||. mombush Cir, Ham d, wl Fo closa s rf a and a know Bs: und&andag&n8lth6 ov8 Fbrida, m partiwla y Courf5 D ot wi Plan CHARUS M. STRINGER and NO29- ; Claim ot L RBgi &Bd MaiUpubliGa on 71& BOSTON AVE, sow Det dant(s)who bed as lolbws: B : J. Bead t F Da ona B ad a1 SUSAN HURST STRINGER, ad on Q 25, 2018: to: 750 s Ln ln A,DAYTON FL32119;induding a nothnowtobedaador LOTS 11147 AND 11148. (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) w as in Notice ot DalauW and O.R. 7N6 Pag6 CoDna, CA 92a82; Cl m ot building, rt8nanc85, & 6,wh6h6rs dUnkn0w BLOCK 356, FLORIDA D6pu cak Book 4673, lnt t to Fo lo56 nt via 4462 Pu ic R lds ot L r ld on @| 26, andfi u loc&6d in, Partiesn yGl manint SHORES NUMBER 14, nug 3, 1D, 18 Paga 2462 & 5aq Public c&tme Regi5t MaiU Volusia Coun ,FL Tot Due: 2018; O.R. B k 7N7 a publ sa ,toM hga nd a SpDu ,H R,D8vi,ACCORDING TO THE L16 39 R o lusia Coun , publicationto: 6176 KURT ST, W. 6.4& or Fabwa 8, Pag 2813 Publ R rds ot b bidd,tor,onlin ,or harClaimank; PLAT THEREOF AS RE- n . t r whh any BROOKS W, FL 34604; 201a; d b6d as: w - 31 V usia Coun,FL Tot Du6: at www.volw . Blosa. UnknownParti6sinPo n CORDED IN MAP BOOK and,d&s and a notL ordedonApril ANNUALinCOCONUTP MS M,O77.T6 ot Fabwary 8, a, on Augu v, 2018 m,ltllving,andallunknow 19. PACE 215, OF THE IN THE CIRCU suppl o. 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at BEACH RESO ll. 2018; d bed as: 3405- 42 11: AM. Pa es claiming by, MDugh, PuBuc RECORDS OF COURT OF THE me pD d bad above Paga 4539 Public Rato s ot MARY LOU GRWIER. Nobc6 ANNUALinCOCONUTP MS y s da g an und andagain&thaabove VOLUSIA COUN noR- SEVEW JUDIC L is an Annual Ow6nhip Volu9ia Coun . fl. Total Due: ot Da uW and lnt rf to 8EACHRES0 ||. im& in tha wplus hom n D6t danl(sT o IDA. CIRCU ,INANDFOR lnt as d crib d ln the S3,892.15 a5 ot Febwary 8, FoBlos8 at v am DANIEL DUGQ and DANA the 5 8,ilany,0th than e notknowlobedeador D Gom Dn hnow VOLUSIA COUW, D la ion tor la pDi8 s and 2018; described as: 3401- 47 Regi & d Mai publ ion DUGQ, Not ot uW p ow a5otMadal or ive,wheth&sald Unknow a5 2608 Wlllow ak Driv6, FLORIDA suGh owanhip int has ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS to: 350 cENnNN L and lntem to Fo os6 6 U lispand sw fil6aclaim Pa smay aimanim& Edgawat FL 32141. CASE NO.: 2018 CA,ad 210, 0 Poims BEACH RESO ||. FOREST DR, MILTON, ON via C6rfi agi w hin6OdayaR th6sa . as Spou5,H k, D6vis s, mis a ion has filed 010291 as d fin6d in th6 D tion tor AU IN ONE REAL ESTATE, L9T 5x3, c Claim ot M Upublic ion to: 78 Bow NidolasJ.Ro&aD G m s, or h6r Cl mantE ag n you and you a QUICKE LOANSINC u in Ead y6a s). INC Notica or DatauW and L r orded on April 25, M dows Dr Cochrane, AB (813l229 D6t6ndam(s) . ui to e a copy ot PlaintiW, meowanw paythaToTAL tent to For lo e 58nt via 2018; O.R. Booh 7N6 at T4C 1N2, Canad4 Cl m ot KauShul P.A NoncE OF ^rnoN your wrm d6t6ns6, rf any, -vs- li 6d abova plus the per diam 6 adlR6gist8 d MaiU Pag6 Publit R old5 of L6n 6d on April 26, 15D5N.FloridaAv6. FORECLOSURE upon SHAPIRO, F HMAN a UNKNOWN HEIRS, and a t25o.oo t6a tor t a6 publication lo: 1232 SOUTH Volusia Coun,FL Total Due: 2018; O.R. Book 7537 at T ,FLN6 -2613 OCEE NOS-PROPERN GACHE, A omey for BENEFICIARIES, DENSEES, to low s e plus costs a5 EAST 8TH ST, CAPE CORA S3,372.69 as ot Fabma 8, Page 2814 Publ R ords ot Fo Gbsu it6 aw. TO: Tmani 8 w: LAST Pl m,who58 addr s is463O CREDITORS, GRANnEs, thay cwa, it any. Failu to FL N9O4: AU IN ONE REAL 2018; d8Krib8d as: 3101- 50 Volusia CouW, FL To al Du6: tom KNOWN ADDRESS, 61 1 Woodland Copotata Bhd ANIGNEES,UENORS, tU Ma d&auW s& torm he in EsTAn, INC clo WIUIAM ANNUALin COCONUTPALMS S1 682.38 a5 ot Feb a 8, nugu t 1o, 1a t 29M t, AMabula, Suhe 1,T . FL 33614, TRusnEsANDALLoTHER or taka oM& appDpri 8 arfion J. EUISON, REGISTERED BEACHRESO ll. 2018; d6Krib a5: 28 L17 21 OH44 4,Unknow on or bet Sept 6, PARnEscLAIMINGAN ga ing is men6r will BuW AGENT,1516SE14THSTREET UNEU BROWN and RENEE ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS H k, Davi,Gtame,2018 d fi I6 origin w h INnREsTBY,THRouGH, in th6 ION ot own ip ot tha e, CAPE CORAL, FL 33990; s BROWN, Notica of Detault BEACH RESO ll. si n s. C dhon, Lenon, Me Clerh or Mis Court ehher UNDERORAG NSTTHE ti arB Dugh lha tw ae ClaimotLenrecordedonApril and lntam to Fo lo56 6 ROBERTO RODRIGUU, IN THE CIRCU and wrt sotMarvin D. b lo 58MC8 on Pl mms EsTAnoF LUIS E.NEGRON; toBlow pm6du 5a torfh 25, 2018; O.R. Booh 7536 at via c8rtm 6gi & M U Notice otDetauW and,entto COURT OF THE 8Gh, D8c8a58d, and awom y or imm i e ETAL, in F.S.721.856. You hav6 thB Page 4541 Public R6co s ot pubhcation lo: 3v M FoBlos6 s t via B edl s JUDIC L h p ns Cl ming By w o & s6 a defauW D8|8ndanl(5) r M o wb an objartion Volusia Coun,FL. Total Due: UE DR, HAMPTON,VA236 R6gist MaiUpubliG ion CIRCU IN AND FOR dm ugh, und&.Aq n will b6 t ag n you NoncE oFnrnoN t m, ex t ing your rigM to $4,075.48 as ot Fabwa 8, 3604;Cl molL8nBord8don to: 1983 D6war Dr St6 1245, VOLUSIA couw, m6 Namad Deadam s): lor a l d6d in M6 TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS, oQ to 16 u56 ol tha t st68 2018; dascribed as: 3201- 45 April25,2O18;O.R.8ook7536 R k Springs, WY 82 1; FLORIDA ADDRESS UNKNOWN, m. BENEhCIARIES, DENSEES, t lowra pm ulB. lt e ANNUALin COCONUTPALMS Page4467PublicR sof Cl motL6n dedonApril CIVIL AcnoN Unknow H n, D6N,REQuun FOR CREDITORS, G ES, ob n fil i5 maW& BEACH RESO ||. Volusia Coun,FL Tot& Due: 26, 2018; O.R. Book T537 CASE NO.: 2018 Grant s, ANlgn s, AccoMMoDnnoNs ANIGNEES, UENORS, sh,b6 wb rt to 6 juditi ROBERT J. 8USCH, Notica or . g,164.25 as ot Fabwa &, Page 2815 Public R6tords ot 30140clcl C d on, L on, and B PE m TRusnEs AND AU OTHER t w u on . DetauWand lntanlto Fo tlose 2018; d8Krib8d as: NO3- 3T Volusia Coun,FL Total Dua: u.s. BANKNAnoNAL Tw ees otV Jean G y, Lmw PARnEs CL#MING AN The de uW gy any s6nt via C6 ihadlR8gist ANNUALinCOCONUTPALMS W,115. as ot F6bwa 8, AssocNnoN,AsTRusnE ,and#| h6r w you a w INTERESTBY.THROUGH, b6t buA 's sal6 Mai publiGation to: 7131 HUD BEACH RESO ||. 2018; d6sc as: 3204- 23 FOR MASTRASSETBACWD p&sons Cl ming By and a d il y who any UNDERORAG NSTTHE ot your b a im . lt LN, TUSCALOOS AL 35405- JOHN T. BENSON, Notic6 ot ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS sEcuRmEsTRusT2 4- mDugh, Und,Ag n m n in ord& to EsTAnoFLulsE.NEGRoN you do not ob to 6tN 8a &221;Cl motLienretordadon D6tauW and,e to FoB BEACH RESO ||. HE1, MORTGAGE PASJ ma B6d Dat dant(s): parti p e in i5 pmeeding, La Mow d u:2367 t,u will April25,2O18;O.R.Book7N6 s6m v cerfm egi JAMES STACY, JR Notic6 THRouGHcERnflcAns, ADDRESS UNKNOWN, you a t d, no tO to LAKEKEuNomENRoAD, not be wb rt to a defi cy atPag84542PublitR8Gordsot Ma public&ion lo: 402 w ot DetauW and lment to SERIES2 4-HE1, Unknow Spouse otTmani you. to a pDv on ot tarfain DELTON fl32738 judgn m ev w e s Vo sia CouW, FL. Total Due: MOUNT NRNON ST m3o, FoBlo58 s t via c8 6dl ntm, 8rown: LAST KNOWN te. coma LOUISENRIQUENNRON hom our t g3,197.7o as ot Febwa 8, NIXA, MO 65714; Cl m of Regi & d MaiUpublication v6. ADDRESS, 611 Courf Ad ni tion Suke AIWA LOUIS E. NNRON im e oomet 2018;described as:31O2-48 L6n Bod8d on April 25, to: 1490 Quartapath Rd, GRNORVT.KAEUNAIWA St et, AsMabul4 3,CouMou Ann6x, 125 E. Know d ss: 12341 t by Me ANNUALin COCONUTPALMS 2018; O.R. 8ook 7N6 at WilliaMbug, VA 23185-&544; GREGO VKAEUN,6tal, OH 44 4 and Unhnow ga Ave Daytona Beath, SW124TH CT MIAMl, n li . BEACH RESORT, ||. Page Public ds ot Claim orL6nr8cod8d on April D&andam( . H n, Devi,G nta,FL 32114; T&.: 386257-,33186 Punuam to a F r Deb RORY G. CHIPP, Notic6 ot Volusia Coun,FL Total Due: 26, 2018: O.R. Book 7N7 at WENDED oncE OF iqn68s, C drton, LBnon, 7 day beto your Youarenotm th anartion Col p rt,h DarauW and lntenlto Fo tlosa a,oo1.o5 as of Febwa 8, Page 2816 Public Recods ot nrnoN and w 68s orSamu sdadul8dcourfap t6,or toto&los6 a morfgage on a is qui a we al6 la s6nt via certmedlRegistered 2018: described as: NO4- 45 Volusia CouW, FL Total Dua: To:JENNIFER BARR AIWA Ma rosimone, Deceasad, and inunedi e upon &a ingthis tollowing p in Volu a tollo n&to you: THIS ls AN MaiUpublication to: p o Box ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS $2,241.11 as ot Febwa 8, JENNIFERLYNNEBARRAIWA #| h6rP8nonsClaiming By notm tion rf th ti batora couny: AmM TO COUKT A 327, COUAX, CA 95713; BEACHRESO ll. 2018: d6Krib6d as: 3302- 29 JENNIFER KAEUN and m ugh, Und6r, Aqainst 18 appearanca is u han 7 LO 32, BLOCK 1887, DEBTAND ANY INFoRMAnoN UNKNOWN BENEFICIARIES G RALD WAYNE NWON, ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS La MowAddl8y: me Named Det danl s): day; rf you a h8aring or voic6 DELTONA LAKES UN OBT NED u BE USED FOR AND THE UNKNOWN Notice ol D6 uW and,em to BEACH RESO ll. I213 San Josa Boulevard ADDRESS UNKNOWN imB d, call 711. THESE ARE SMNTY FOUR, AC- THAT PURPOSE. SUCCESSOR TRusnEs OF Fo lose sent v am COURTENAY REAMS and Da onaBeach,FL32117 YOU ARE HEREBY N T COURT INFoRMAnoN CORDING TO ME PLAT 8y Ga5dick s mon Ear,P.A THE CHIPP FAMILY TRUST Regi e d Mai public ion aulNns REAMS, Notita ot Cu& AddT8u: Unknown NonFIED lhat an artion has NUMBERS. THEREOF, RECORDED IN Tw,1601 w. Colonial Dr AMENDEDAS9l23l2OO2, 1260 to: 118 SATUR DR, GOOSE DetauW and lmentto Fo closa ANYANDAUUNKNOWN comn nced to to&lose WITNEN my hand and saal PLAT BOOK 29, PAGE(S) O o, FL 328 SAGE ROAD, COLFAX, CA CREE sc 2 : Claim of s6nt via c8rtm qlEt&ad PARTIESCLAIMINGBY, a morfgage on the tollo ng otWi5Court ontha 23rd dayof 28 THROUGH 44, INCLU- DOWNJ NoAo71a 95713; Claim otLen Boded Len ded on April 25, MaiUpublication to: 13 7 Eqg THROUGH,UNDER,AND property, ng and b ng Ju ,2O18. SIVE, OF THE PuBuc nugurt 3, 10. 18 on April 25, 2018; O.R. Book 2018; O.R. Book 7N6 at andBuWerRd,Ochlotknae, AGAINST THE HEREIN and 5kuat8d in Volu5ia Cou Lau E. Roth RECORDS OF VOLUSIA L 169864 7536 at Page 4569 Public Page Public Records of 31773; Claim ot Len r6to 6d NAMEDINDl DUAL Florida, more pa iGul Cirwk and County COUN FLORIDA. RaGods ot Volusia Coun,Volusia CouW, FL Tot Dua: April 26, 2018 O.R. 8ook DEFENDANT(SIWHOARE d6Krib8d as tollows: Courts Prop6rty Add M: 2367 FL.TotalDue:83, 7.14 as ot $3,171.61 as ot Feb a 8, 7N7 Paga 2818 Publit NOTKNOWNTOBEDEAD LOT 22, BLOCK F, ul- BC J. Beath LAKE HELEN osnEN RwNaownnE LIEN, INC. Fabwa 8, 2018; dewribed 2018; d85rnb8d as: 3101- 43 R ods ot Volu5ia Coun,ORAUVE,WHETHERSAID SURE WORLD PARK, (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) ROAD, DELTONA, FL PMa as: 3501- 27 ANNUAL in ANNUALin COCONUTPALMS FL.Total Du6: S2,252.26 as ot uNKNowNPARnEsMAY ACCORDING TO THE D6puty Cle 32T38 Q1 COCONUT PALMS BEACH BEACH RESORT,ll. F8b a 8,2O18;d6Krib8da5: CL MAN INnREsTAs DEcLARAnoN OF cov- g 10, 18 ma artion wa5 in itWed Hol w d, n 1 RESO ||. KARL B. BREIDENBACH, 3401-8ANNUALinC0C0NUT SPOUSES,HEIRS,DMSEES, ENANTS. coNDlnoNs L169842 in the Circuk Court, S8v6nth GE WIUIAMS and Nolice ot DatauW and lmem to PALMS BEACH RESO ll. GRANnEs, OR OTHER AND REsTRlcnoNs RE- Juditial Citcuh in and tor Rainbow Tkle a Len, lnG. will MARIA WIUIAMS, Notice ot FORCIOS6 s6m via carfm6dl SONDRA L ALUS, Noti CLAIMANTS CORDED IN O.R. BOOK . Volusia, Florida; Ca58 No publits eatauc onthe DetauN and lntant to FoBlos6 Regist&ad MaiUpublic n ot tauW and lnt rf to MowAdd :Un ow 13T6, PAGE 599, AND IN THE CIRCUIT 2018-CA-010291; and is tollowing v iclesto s iy lian senl via am egi e d to: 211 HADW AK Fo bse 5 t v c6rtmedl Cu Add M:Unknown AMENDED IN O.R. BOOK COURTOFTHE s I6d QUICKEN LOANS punua to Chapl 71 .585 MaiUpublication to: p o Box DAYTON. OH 45419; Cl m R i &ad M ugublitation YOU ARE NOnFIED that an 1386. PAGE 483. AND SEVEW JUDICIAL INC. vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS. ol the Fbrida W&ul on 3055, DANBU CT 06813: ofLen r orded on April25. to: 22 DOVE c EW DR, at ontoto&b a Drt9a96 AMENDED IN O.R. BOOK CIRCUrrlNAND FOR BENEFICIARIES, DEVISEES, no18at1oA.M. ction ClaimotLen&ordedonApril 2018; O.R. Book 7u6 at LON# AR 72173-8014: .on 6 tolb nap in 1518, PAGE 304, OF THE VOLUS COUN CREDITORS, G ES r wh vah las ara 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at Page 4470 Publ R6co s ot C motLan ord onApril Vo Coun da: PuBuc RECORDS OF flORIDA ASSIGNEES, UENORS, t ' Page 4571 Public Records of Volusia CouW, FL Total Due: 26, 2018; O.R. Booh 7N7 a LOT 17, 8L0CK 5, CUF- VOLUS couw, FLOR- Cl L DMSION TRusnEs AND AU OTHER 2 Bud Volusia Coun,FL Tot Due: 83,139.14 as ot F8b aly 8, Paga 2819 Publlc R o s ot TON PARK AKORD- IDA Ca N: 201&10762- PARnEs CLAIMING AN NNmG4wN2Jo4119T426 $4, 5.41 as ol Febwa 8, 2018: d tribed as: 3201- 38 Volusia Coun,FL Tot Due: ING TO PLAT TH F TOGETH W H THAT CIDL INTEREST BY, THROWH, um:t4,938.93At:5MN 2018; described as: 3204- 41 ANNUALin COCONUTPAIMS t2.325.57 as ol F6bwa 8, AS RKORDED IN MAP CERT N MANUFAG DMSION: 02 UNDER OR AG NST THE BdSl,Da ona ,fl32114 ANNUAL in COCONUT PALMS BEACH RESO ||. 201a; b as: - 34 BOOK w, PAGE 36, PuB TURED HOME, : hnT Morfgage, lnt. EsTAn OF LUIS E. NEGRON; 2012chyB BEACH RESORT, ||. TODD R. WRIG and MARY ANNUALinCOCONUT LMS uc RKORDS OF VOLU- 1986, MAKE: SKY- r W, LOUIS ENRIQUE NEGRON NN1NCC8BB4CN16425O nDDY R. SPEAKS, NoliG6 JO WRIGHT NotiGe ot D6 uW 8EACH RESO ll. s aw, noRIDA UNE BUDDY, Nn: -v5- WA LOUIS E. NNRON; um:W.495. At:N3N ot Detault and lntant to and lntentto Fo lose s6nt nw STAR PLAnNuM WA 334 EUIE AVENUE 2363 21AV AND NNn: V la T. Van L van aMa ANGEL DA D NNRON 8dsl.Daylona .n32114 Foratlose sent via Ce ifiedl via C& fi eg MaiV WORLDWIDE vAcAn ON HOU HILL n 32117 2363 21 Bv. VD T. VanL van; Unhnow WA ANGEL D. NN N; No to Ow&orL Ragi a d MaiUpublication to: public ion lo: 240 Mo SAUS, LLC, NotiG8 ot D W has h ag n you and nDre comtDn know as Spou otVl a T. Van Lauvan ROSE M. WRKIN WA h6h 8rigMtoah8aring 800 PYLE RD, CLARKSVIUE, St, Brooh n, Ml 49230; Claim and lnt&rt to Fo o56 & you i to ea 166 p m Driva, D aly, fl kla VDlaT. V Bv ; m6 ROSEMARIENNRON; to 6 Kh u d d aof OH 45113: AMY . SPEAKS, otLenBord6d onApril25, via certm i MaiU ot your wrm by u713. C ot Ed ew&ar, horida: A MORA NWA RWIE A byfilingw C kof 8604 CANYON CREST RD, 2018: O.R. Book 7N6 a public ionto:1 13C6nt,s6m 7,2o18,on ali mis arf n has fi d Un ow inPo ion MOR sTAn OF flORIDA Cou . &has I8rigMto CLARKSVILLE, OH 45113; Page 44T1 Publ R ods ot Surfe 403- Wllmin n, DE Law,Pl mmsa omay, n you and you n1,n ng,and lun ow DEPARTMENT OF RWENUE: v of v ClaimotLanrecordedonApril Vo sia Coun,FL Total Du : 19805; FNE STAR p nNuM add is P.o. Box 23028, ui d to a a copy ol Part&cl ngby,thDugh, uNlnD sTAnsoFAMERK by g bond c6 25, 2018; O.R. 8ook 7536 at $1 857.45 as ot F6bwa 8, WORLDWIDE vAcAnoN Tampa, FL u623, and fi e your wrm6n d&6ns8, rf any, und&andag n th6abova UNKNOWN nNANT IN w flaW S .M9.917 Page 4572 Public Recods ot 2018; d6Kribed a5: 3101- 25 SAUS, uc, c o AMERICAN o in wrm this Courf & upon SHAPIRO, FISHMAN D6| dam(s)who PONENION 1: UN OWN hom e sa6 ot Volusia Coun,FL. Total Due: BIENNIAL MN in COCONUT INCORPORATORS LTD b o & on p 5 GACHE, AWomeys tor & n knowto daador n IN PONENION 2. w v6hid8 aRer payarf . $4,080.89 as ot Febwa 8, PALMSBEACHRESORT,ll. REGlsnRED AGENT, 1013 aWom6y, or i ialay Pl ntm,who add Ni5 e,wh6h&saidUnknow You a qui to &6 a byl or be 2018; describ6d as: 3203-22 RICHARD c. JEST, Notic6 ot Cen a Rd, Suit6 403-A th oth ,a d&auW land Coporate Bhd p maytBmanim topy otyourw d6t . d w GI8 ot I8 ANNUALinCOCONUT PALMS Da uW dlm tto Fo se Wilm ngton, DE 198 ; Cl m,be em again p hha 1,Tampa, FL M614, Spou ,H n,Devi,rfany,tow amonon MalkW. urt. Any (s) t r ng BEACH RESO ||. senl a B 8dlR8girt6 d or Len rded on pl 26, torth6 i6t d8din 8 on or beto S t 7, Gram ,or h6rCl mank; Hem d m Ps aW,any rf&@s) in e abova ROGER L. SNOW and MaiUpu ion to: 243 s 2018; O.R. Booh 7 37 at co pl morp&kion. 2018 and fil6 Me origin wM UnknowPart sinP Nion whos6 add w is 2M v d R NBOW RHONDA R SNOW, Nolice ot HARRISON ST APT 4G, EAST Pag6 2820 Public Reco s ot REQurm FOR e CI6rk ol this Courf m,wliving,and&lunknow Oranga Avanue, hha,mu UEN. INC. 54-92 DetauW and lntentto Foreclose ORANGE, NJ OTO18: MLYN Volusia Coun,FL Total : ^KoMMoD^nob be 5 viG8 on p nti p rti ngby.thDugh, O ando, norida 32 1. on or q ALL AurnoNs ARE sent via Certi agi ered P. JEST, 35 BARCLAY ST, t1,o86.94 a5 ot Feb 8, BY PERSONS awomay or n i &y u andag n theebova b to Sept 6. 2018, ( HELD RESE E 25 M Upublitation to: 9255 RT NEWAR NJ 07103-3T06; 2018; d6strib8d as: 32 - 8 D lunv th otha is6 a d tauW namadD& dant(slwho 30.days hom e fim d a ol 8W 5 v8h, 242.UTTUVALW,NV14755; aimotL ldad onApril BIENNIAL MN in COCONUT lt you al a paD whh will ba am again5t you a nothnowtobadeador publicalion) andR F6oq n yhave priorto Claim ofLenracorded on April 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at PALMS8EACH RESO ll. a di5abil who n any rtha rai& d and6d in M6 6,wh&h6rsaidUnkn0w wkhth8Gl&kDt lis@rf6M dala. 125 25, 2018: O.R. Booh 7536 at Page 4453 Publit R ords ot nMEsHARETRADEINs,LLc, a o a on in ord& to Comp nt. Parti y c im an int & b&ora s on Pl m s lm& Parti c lon6 Page 4573 PubliG R6cod5 ot Volusia CouW, h Total Dua: Notit6 ot DetauW and lntantto parficipate in th ing, REQU FOR Spousa, Hai,Devi,aWomey or im di &y ak day to .No u Vo sia County, FL Tot Due: W,573.25 m ot Fabwa 8, Fo los6 s6nt via C t adl you a amM6d,al no lo nccoMMoDnnoNs G nt 5, or harCl mants iG6; oth6 is8, a deew w . $4, 4.93 as ot Fabwa 8, 2018; d cribad a5: 32 - 14 R6girt Ma[ publiGa on you, to a pD on ot G& n BY PERSONS wnw D&andant[s). will be 6m ag n you 10, 18 2018; dewribed as: 32 - 26 ANNUALin COCONUTPAIMS to: 10923 St&6 H hwa 176, a tance. p G DNnalunu NoncE OF hcnoN tor tha liat d d6d in the L 170479 ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS BEACH RESO ||. Waln Shade, O T71- Court Ad ni n a hka W you a a n w h FORECLO8URE complaint or p& on. BEACH RESO ||. PATRICK M. DOBBM, Noti 9265; aimotLan 6don 3 ,CourthousaAnnax,125 E. a d abilhy who na s any PROCUDl OPE m6 Court ha5 au in RW HAEUSSUR, Notica ol Da uW and lntent to Apnl26,2O18;O.R.Booh7N7 O ng6 Av6 Da ona,mmod&ion in ord6r to TO: olaT.VanL van a this su to 8nt6r a judgB or ot DetauW and lntent to Fo&o s6nt via c6rtm6dl atPag82822PubllGR ot FL w114; T .: 3 257,pa cip 6 in this p ing, VlolaT.VanLauvan:LAST d8t 6 ln th6 Pl m s rm& Foreclose sent via Certifiedl Regi Mai public ion Volusia coumy, FL Total Du6: at lea 7 day bato your you are 6mhl8d, a no co to KNOWNADDREN,233O which will ba binding upon you. Regi MaiUpublication to: 1-165 nR NEw t1,4 .91 as ot Fabwa 8, Kh6du court ,or y ,toth6 p vision otcert n Ku uatDriv6,Edgawat6r,FL REQUESTS FOR to: 2417 INDIAN AVE APT 3, CRESENT, GUELPH, ON 2018; d8Krib as: MO4- 19 i ayupon ingMi5 sistanc6. PIBas6 3214 andUnknowSpou56ot AccoMMoDAnoNsBY BEUE R BLUFFS, FL 33770; N1G N8, c C m ANNUALinCOCONUT p MS n t rf Me tin b6 Court A istration at Suh6 VlolaT.VanLauvanaMaVDla PERsoNswlTHDlsABlunEs ClaimofL8n coTdadonApril ot on April 25, BEACH RESO ll. th6 than 7 3 ,Cou ous6Ann6x,125E. T.VanLeuvan:LASTKNOWN lt you a e pa on w a 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at AU ol COCONUT PALMS day;ityoua h6aringorvo oranq6 Ave Dayona Baad, ADDREN,2NOKumquat disabil y who n any Page 4574 Public Records or Pag6 Public R ds ot BEACH RESORT, ||, A impa ,call711.THESEARE FL 3 114; Ta.: 386-257-,Driv6,Edg at&,FL32141 accommoda ion in ord to Volusia Counly, FL. Tot Du6: Volu5ia County, FL Total Due: Condominium,aGcording o I6 NOT COURT INFoRMAnoN 7 day b&ora your YOU ARE HEREBY participate in this pD ing, 83,776.43 as ot Feb a 8, 83,171.61 as ot F6b aty 8, D6 aration ot Condominium NUMBERS. sd8dul6dartapp n ,or NonFIED tha an aclion ha5 you a anthl6d, at no co to 2018: described as: 3405- 9 2018;daKri as:NO2-44 th t dad in O N W NEM y hand and im iatayupon vingthis com ntad to to&lose you, to M6 pDvi on ot rtain- ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS ANNUALin COCONUTPALMS R ods Book,al Pag olMis@rton 24Mdayor notmcation lt the ti beto a Drtgag6 on the lollowing aMi enc8. conta BEACH RESORT, ||. BEACH RESORT, ||. -3967, inclu va, ot 18 Ju ,2O18. a aPp nc6 is Man 7 pD,lyinq and being Courf Admini ion at Surt6 EUZABETH L. HENSW, DAND GIL NotiteotDe uW Publ R olds ot Volwia LAURA E. ROTH days; youar6h nn vo 8 and s uat in Vousia Coun,300,Courthou Annek, 125 E. Notite ot Detaul and lment to and lnt6m 1o For lose at CDunly,Fbrida. CURK OF THE i i ,c I711.TH EARE norida. parficula y oranqe Av6 Da ona B ch, Foreclose sent via Cartifiadl via c rm 6giste8d M U Obligon sh lhav6 6 rigMto CIRW COURT N T COURT INFoRMAnoN d bed astollows: FL 3 114: T6|.: 386-257- , Regi a d MaiUpublitation to: publitation to: 8020 ABBOTT cu M6 d6tauW and any ju or BbJ. Bead NUMBE . LOTS 4678. 4679 AND I6a 7 days b&o your 16550NW170ST,Williston,FL AVE APT7,MIAMl BEACH. fl,nhold shall have th6 r ht (CIRCU URTSEAV TNEM my d 6,BLOCK 161, FLOR- 5Gh6dulad cou or 32696:Claim otLien &orded N141;Claim otLan & to n m im& up to B ot Mis Court Dn tha 24M dBy ot IDA SHORES, UNIT NO. imm6diat&y upon ing on April 25, 2018; O.R. Book on Apnl 25, 2018; O.R. Book th6 d eM8 ru i u6s 8 g,1o, 8 Ju,2018. 6, ACCORDING TO THE notmGa on rf M6 tima b6o 7536 at Page 4575 Public 7N6 a Paga Public ca mc 8ot bypa ngth6 L 1a9875 LauFa E. RoM PLAT THEREOF, AS RE- tha ap nce 7 R6tords ot Volusia Coun,Reto ot .Volusia coumy, a n sduaasoWin8din I8 . Ciwuh and Coun CORDED IN MAP BOOK day; rfyou a haaring orvoi FL. Total Due: $3,948.95 as ot FL Total Dua: W,981. as ot in2p agQs. C rt5 23, PAGE 1,OF THE i ted, call 711. THESE ARE Febwa 8, 2018; d8scribBd F6b a 8,2O18;d scri as: CPllNJ OLNOS 18-NOS IN THE cl u : J. B6ach PuBuc RKORDS OF N T COURT INFoRMAnoN as: 3205- 49 ANNUAL in 3101-4ANNUALinC0C0NUT 1Q1T, 16 COURT OF THE (CIRCU OURTS2 VOLUS couw, FLOR- NUMBERS. COCONUT PALMS BEACH PALMSBEACHRESO ll. L17 SMW JUDIC L Clerk IDA DAnD: Ju 23, 2018. RESORT, ||. ALEVA HENDERSON AKA CIRCU INANDFOR 3,10, 16 n know LAU E. ROTH KEVIN A. MORRIS and MARY AWA B. HENDERSON, VOLUS couw, L1 1 2N0 Kunqu Driva, CURK OFTHE LINDA MORRIS, Notica ot Notit6 otD tauH and lntentto IN THE CIRCU FLORIDA Edg atar, FL 32141. COURT , DetauW and lnlentto Fo clos6 FO GIOS8 sent via c6rtmadl CIVIL COURT OF CWIL DMSION mis i has filad B : J. Bead sent via Certified/Registered Registe d M Upublit ion THE SEVENTH Ca N: 201&10784 IN THE CIRCUIT ag n you and you a (CIRCU OURTS2 Mai publication lo: 37842 to: 235 WAWERS ST APT JUDICIAL CIRCU CIDL COURT OF THE ui to a a copy ot D6puty cl&k AVALON DR. ZEPHYRHILLS, 142, UNOX, MA 01240-2762; OF FLORIDA, IN Dl SION: 02 SMW JUDIC L pr wan de6ns6, rf any, nug 9,1o. 18 FL 33541; Claim ot Len ClaimotL6n God6donApril AND FOR VOLUSIA JPMogan Chas6 Ban CIRCUITINANDFOR upon SHAPIRO, nsHMAN a L1 recorded on April P5, 2018; 25, 2018; O.R. 8ook 75 COUNTY Nat n mialion VOLUSIA COUW, GACHE, A omeys tor O.R. Book 7536 at Pag6 Page 4458 Public RaGo s ot CIVIL DIVISION Pl mm, FLORIDA Pl ntm, whosa add is 4630 4576 Public R8tod5 ot Volusia Coun,FL. Tot Due: Case No. 2017 31386 -vs- CINL Dl SION Woodland Copo e Bhd NonGE OF DEF^ULT nND Volusia Coun,FL. Total Due: $4,075.48 as ot Feb a 8, clcl Tmani B w; Unknown Casa : 2016-11034- hk6 1,T a, FL 33614, INTENT TO FORKLON 84,o16.92 a5 ot Febwa 8, 2018; described a5: 3201- 46 Division 32 Hein, Devi,Gra,CIDL on or beto September 4, Gasdick Stanton , 2018; destribed a5: 3401- 39 ANNUALin COCONUT PALMS DEUTSCHE BANK NAnoNAL ign,Credkon. Lenon, DIVISION: 02 2018andfiletheorigin wrm P.A. has inted ANNUAL in COCONUT PALMS BEACH RESO ||. TRUST COMPANY, AS and T 6 ot Ma in D. u.s. Banh Twst, N.A a5 6 c otth Court akher as T ee by WYNDHAM BEACH RESO ||. JEFF w. HICKMAN and JOY TRusnEFoR MORGAN Go8WKh, D easad, and #| T 66 lor LSF9 Mast6r b6to sB ica on Pl ntm.s VACATION RESORTS, INC ALONZO JACKSON, RUBY L HICKMAN, Notice ot OetauW STANLEY MORTGAGE h& Penons Claiming By and Participation Tnlst aWomey or immedia e FIWA F RFIELD RESORTS, M. JACKSON and JOHN D and lntem to Fo&lo5a nt LOANTRUST2OO -5AR, mDugh, Und6r, Aqain me PlaintiW, tha aW ; othe se a d&auW INC FnvA F RFIELD COOPER Notice ot DetauW via C8rfifi 8gi5t6r8d M U MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH Na Detendant s); Unknown -vs- will be t6r8d against you coMMuNlnEs, INC A and lntant to Foretlose sent publiGation to: 8953 sTAn cERnFlcATEs,sERIEs Heirs, D6vis s, Grante85, Randy Domurad; Cha o a tor tha r6li8t demanded in the DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN via C8rfifi8dlR8gi 8r6d MaiU HIGHWAY EE, SPRINGFIELD. 2005-5AR ANigne85, C dkon, Lenon, Auger, Cindy Rayi Tammy Complaint. tor the pupoB ot in itrting publicationto:5445 SAINT LO MO 65802; Claim ot L Plai m, and Tw ees ot val Jean Young; Unknow Spouse ot REQUNTS FOR a T stee Foreclosura and Sal8 W, AnANTA, GA 30349-3445: Go onApril25,2O18;O.R. vs. Gray, Deceased, and,Cha oWe Auger; Un ow ^ccoMMoDAnoNs under Fla. St . 721.856. m6 Claim ot Lian racorded on April Book7N6 atPaq64459 Public MICHAELANTHONY her p&sons Claiming By Spou58 ot Cindy Ray; BY PERSONS WITH tollo ng owen a h&eby 25, 2018; O.R. Book 7536 at R6cords ot Vousia County, CAPALDOAIWAMICHAEL and mDugh, Under, Aqainst Unknown Hein, Davisaes, DlsABlunu not ed lhal you a in detauW Page 4579 Public R8Gords ot FL. Total Due: S3,776.43 as ot A CAPALDO,UNKNOWN m6 Named Defendant 5): Gran 6as, AssiBnees, Credhon lt you are a penon wkh ofthe note and mo gag6 tor Volusia Coun,FL. Total Dua: Febwa 8, 2018; daKrib6d as: SPOUSE OF ANGEUNA Unknown Spouse ot and Lienon of ennis Anthony a di5abil y who n ds any thetollowing pDp6rfi locat6d $3,912.98 as ot Febwa 8, 3503-9ANNUALin COCONUT CAPALDO,AND UNKNOWN T ani BDW; Unknown Domurad a D8nni5 A. accommoda ion in order to in Volusia County, Florida: 2018; de5cribed as: 3203- 16 PALMS BEACH RESO ||. nNANTyowNERs, Hein, Davi,Grant s, Domurad, and #| her participate in this proceeding, Contra Number. 641439708