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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 64B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 Halt Hollow Rd Deer Pa,NY Exhibrt "A") per day, purwan Public R oTds ot OSCEOLA to lhe Mo gage, advances, j Ave, Milfo,Ml 48381 a ANA CONTINENTAL WAY RALEIGH, Saason-Float WeeMloat Un,accwing at the rate or (See 11729, c, 5, 12. WHOLE, 1, to the Mortgage. advanc,Co,norida. by reason it any, under the terms ot c ESTUPINAN 675 E Slreet NC 2 610. A, 5, 17, ODD, 112, 4000-12C, 3610DD, 1/151201 7, Exhibk wA") per day, pursuant to ,Season-Flo waeklnoat fi any, under th8 t8nM ot of a now tontinuing detault said Mortgage, chages and Rd Apt 706 Warminster, PA All Season-Float WeeWFloat 507N45, $2,721.30, $1.34; lhe Tlmeshare Plan, advances, Unk, 815.542.9o. $7.62, 4958- said Mortgage, chages and by Mortg o sl. (Sae Ewhibit expenses ot tha T stee and 18974, H, 9, 11, EVEN, 112, Unrf, $7,620.70, $3.80, 4920- Patrick J Burns, 3600 w if any, under the terms of said 860: MATTHEW J WILLIAMS axpensas ot the T ee and .A,whose add ss is (See ot the twsts c ated by said ' #| Season-Float WeehlFloat 2545; TONICA A BOYD 603 Main St, Mobile. AL 36612, Claim ot L6n, chargas and 5651 fillage Pond Ci le of the twsts crealed by said Exhib .A . in tha payment or Morfgage. Mo gagor(s) shall Unit, 89,656.99, $3.75, 4511- Bellmeade 8ay Dr Dumam, 1n,S8a5on-Float Wee axpenses ot the Twstee and ot Jacksonville, FL 32222, C, 7, Mortgaga. Mortgago s) sh,perf ot the obligalions hav6 the right to cu,lh6 513; STEPHANIE GARZON 373 NC 27703. A, 5. 17. ODD, floal Uni,4 12C, 36/ the t sts created by said Claim 49, WHOU, 1,#| season-noat have the rigM to cure the by a Morfgaga default and any junior lienholder CEDAR ST WARMINSTER, PA 1/2, All Season-Float w66kl ODD, 111512017, 507N45, ot Len. Obligor(s) shall have lhe wkmoat Unrt, $19,025.24, datauW and any jun r li6nhold in omcial Records shall have the right to redeem 18974-4734, H. 9, 11. EVEN, Float Unil. $7.620.70, $ .80, $2,721 .30, 81 .34: Tara L right to curethe detauN and any 87.79, 5070-2557; MARCIE 5hall have the rigM to B k (s Mibk A,at Page rfs intarest up to the dale tha 1n,Season-Floal Week/ 492 2545; ERIC E BONNER Woolson and Jamie w Nolan, junior lienholdar shall have the T BOYKIN 1203 80RDER its inta up to the date th6 (S Mibh A"), ot the Public Trustee iNuesth8 Cerfificat6 ot,Flo Un . 89.656.99 83.75, 8511 Lakewood Ave G hrie, 1705 Sun Vall6y Dr, Windsor, right to d6em rfs interest up ST PENSACOL FL 32505- Twsteeissuesthecerfmc eot ot OSCEOLA County, Salebypayin9thaamountsdue 4511-513; CARLO.S M ALBIZU OK 73044, A, 5, 34, ODD, 1l2, ON, CANADA N9C3R1, 1 2 to the dat6 the T st86 iNuas NO5, c, 7, 49, WHOU. 1, #| s ebypayinglhaanDumsdu8 . induding the breach or as outlined abov6. By: Amanda a MAGALY ALBIZU 55 Midvale All Season-Float VeeklFloa All Season-Float WaaMloat lhe ce mcale ofSale by pa ng Season-float WeeMloat Unit, as o lined above. By. w, n otwhich was set L. Chapman, Authorized Agent. Av6 Waterbu,CT 06708, |, 2, Unrt, 88,381.o8, 83.99, 4833- Unh, 4000-22B, 441EVEN, the amounts due a5 outlinad S19,o25.24, $7.79, 5070-2557; L. Chapman, A horized Agert. torm in a Notice ot DetauW and WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF 10, ODD, 112,Season-Float 1985; DANA BONNER 11379 517 2017, 487v314, $1 ,554.92, above. By: GREENSPOON WLLY D DRINKARD ELLIS EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF lm&rt to Fo&lose p vidad TRUSTEE'S SALE wnoat Unit, $7,409.26, s SARAH RD EDMOND, OK $0.77; Tanya L Lawson, 5691 MARDER,L Twstae. 1523 INDIAN HIW RD NE TRusnE's w to la ow address of Ownar(s) Address Building $3.54, 4767-1968; ARUNE 73025, A, 5,ODD, 112,Winne e Av ua, Cincinnati, HIBlr A - NoncE OF UNITBHARTSEW,AL3564O- Owe s) Add Bui ing Mort s), (See Exhibil Unk Waek Year TS Undivided F WALLACE 6702 Plantation Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, OH 45232, 1 2 All Season- TRusnE's SALE 4308, C,9, 21, WHOLE, 1,#| Unrf Week Year TS UndMd .A,Q W8 R8gi 8r6d lnte rt Season Amount p& Fore Dr Spotsylvania, VA 88,381.o8. S3.99. 4833-1985: Floal W68Mloat Unrf, 4000- Ower(s) AddreN Building Saason-Float We6Mlo Unit, lnterest Season A mm p M,by publication by the Di8mMTGR6clnto 22553. |. 2, 32, ODD, 112, CASSANDRA T VINSON 416 45B, 27 0DD. 311v2017, Unrf Week Year TS Undivided 811,6O3.N, 85.65, 4503-1990; Diam MTG Reclnfo und T 68, will sall SHERYL Y SIMMONS B,Saason-Floal w86klnoat ARNEU LN AUBURN, AL 49a475, $1,a75.36, $0.92; lnte t Season nounl p JAMES E ELUS 1204 Pine JUAN J RODRIGUQ a al blicauc ontothahigh85t CHARLES WSIMMONS 250 E Unit, $8,311.86, $3.25, 4337- 36830, 5, 38, ODD, 112, #| AhaD Ag da and Claudia Di8mCOLRaGlnfo Vlew Ciwle Sw Harf58|I8, AL CATHY T RODRIGUQ 2 w,nDn8y ot 3 h St etApt3A New York. 1629; PAUL MC DOWAU season-Floatweekmoat Unit, Sanchez, Calle 151 No 6-33 LAWRENCE nssARl 5871 35640,C,9,21,WH0LE, 1,C aMicko Rd Hou,TX P Unrf at85 ot rica, NY 10O16, Q, 10. 16,WH0U, B ANGELA MC DOWAU S6.3o7.96. 8>.96. 4931-2821; Apt 103, Bogota, COLOMBIA Pine Str68t Taylor, Ml 48180, Season-FloatWeeMloat Unk, 77068,s,1,6,0DD,1n,F a hom s ot the 1.AllSea5on-FloatW6e f1oa T lawny Chap6| Road lndian IRA G TOUS JR 1321 RIVER 57. 112,n-Float WT 103. 30. ODD, Fixed S11,6O3.33, 85.65, 4503-1990; WaaMloat Unk, S7,864.O4, la CouW ourfhouse, Unit, $16,294.43, 87.94, 4669- Qu86ns Comwall, T 6 4LD STGADSDEN,AL359O3,A.5, oat Unk, -48D, Waa xed Unh, $3,059.98, DEUNTAE M RICHARDSON 83.75, 46N-636; MARK A 2 C ouse Squar6, 1008; uNlnD KINGDOM, |, 4, 11, 38, ODD, 112,Season-Float 1WN, 4 7 2017, 478,80.92, 5244-615 17; GLADYS 10635 Bedto own Driva COUGHLIN a BONNIE J,florida 34741, Auguat3,1O,2O18 EVEN. 112, #| Saason-Float WaeMloat Unh, $8,307.96, $1,936.82, So.96: Luisa F HARRIS4245QuanyStApt11 Raleigh, NC 27614,c, 12,41, COUGHUN 211 Nor Mill a m e and interert in L17OO91 w86kmoat Unit, 85,997.61, 83.96, 4931-2821; KIMBERLY LaverdeandAmparoM Pinedo, do a, Ml 48192-6946, ODD, 112, #| season-noat Ave Blooming Prairie, MN s u ed in the $2.76, 4197-2641; BRUCE JOHNSON sTAnN 4766 Big c 5Ta #37B-9 Tona B, 1D3, 30, ODD, Fixed WFloat Unh, 81o,198.96, 55917,s, 1, 13,WHOU, 1,Nl ol OSCEOLA, Flo da, T HICKSON B VERRESE M D w D North Las Vegas, NV Apt 402 Edrf Fomainebl u, xed Unk. 83,o5g.98, 84.92, 5 3-1701; SANDRA Season-Float kmo Un : ((SEE HIBIT NOTICE OF TRusnE's HICKSON 12346 Raleiqh 89031, 5, 45, ODD, 1n,lbague, COLOMB 1 Flxed $0.92,5244 15-617;J0RGEL R B ANT-RICHARDSON 815,638.84, $7.62, 48N1970; .A fi lnt8 st(5l (SEE SAU Ridg6 Dr So Jacksonvilla, L saason-noat WeeMloal Unk, w6eklno Unk, 4000-49, 61 AcosTAaLIDIAAcosTA9836 12449 CHMOND RUN TANE R GOOD N Po Box IBrr.A accodinglotha WUTGATE vAcAnoN 32225, |, 4, 22, ODD, 112, #| 88,o94.76, S3.85, 5052-2409; WHOU, 3v2017, 509512581, s Burma Ave 1342 Od6ssa, DR RAUIGH, NC 27614- 6302 BuWalo, NY 14240, s, 1, T M antorWestgat6 LLAS v . 45 s6ason-no WeeMloat Unk. MARGARET E SANTOS 375 $4,365.50, $2.15; J A M 79766-9215,WTA,201, 28, 6415,C,12,41,0DD,1/2,#| 22,0DD,1/2,All -no vll s, xvl, OMcial (DONAHU 87,627.29, $3.47, 4653-262; REDONDO AW LONG Johnson and Joey L Johnson, MN, Flxad WeeMixed Unh, Season-Float W68Mloat Unit, WeeMloat Unh, S1o, 7.13. s 1072, at Page On 0&2812018 at 11:00 am. STEVEN R TORBERT 1121 BEACH, CA 90814, A, 7, 46, 7871 Whh luR Lane mo1, $1,122 So.38, 5244-615- 81o,198.96, 84.92, 50N-1701; 84.82, 50a2 M; JOHNY 1W4.ot P Publit Records ot GREENSPOON MARDER, old Cahaba Cir Halena, AL EVEN, 1 2, All S8a5on-Float Memphis, TN 38119, 112 617;DEBRALSCHMIDT1611 OMAR VAZQUU MARTINU A MARnNu DOB c my, Florida (tha L 201 E. Pina Str t, Suhe 35080, |, 6. 9, EVEN, 112,WeaMloal Unh, 85,614.84,Season-float w kl Dov6r TraG8 Drive F6nton, MO B4 CALU 4 BAYAMON, 6 LAURA A MEUNDQ . .T 6rwhhtharight 500, O ando, norida 32801, n-floatw68klnoat Unh, 82.23. 4047-727: WARREN noal Unh, 4 -528, 301 6,WTA,402,36,WH0U, . PR 00956-2313, D, 1, 13, ROMERO 3815 Dolmin Ln. to ,punuantto haPlan, as T slee punuam to that $8,698.01, 83.83, 4337-1630; J NURSE 610 S NT JOHNS,3127n017, 504812488, 1, fixed Wee xad Unk, EVEN, 112, #| Saason-Float La Porfe, M 77571, s, 2, 4, Bui ingUnh (SEE HIBIT Appointment of Twstee MEUSSA R TORBERr 4112 PL APT2 BROOKLYN, NY 81,111.92, $O.M; Anthony J 81.745.78, So.64, 5244-615- WMloat Unrf, 81o,931.o6, WHOU, 1,- -A . durirg Unk Week (SEE ratorded on 0312712018 OLDCAHABAP HELEN 11238, 7, 46, EVEN, 1/2, Mt Gill, 3606 RooseveW Bl, 617: $4.41, 5021-174: XIOMARA WeeMloa Unk, S13,461.48, QHIB -A . during AMign6d in omcial Racords Book AL 35080-8018, |. 6. 9. MN, #| Season-Flo w66wnoat Midd tow,OH45O44,1l2#| Augu8t3,1O, 18 GONZALU SANTOS Jadin6s $5.40, 4412-2566; JAMES M Y - n HIBIT A"). 5307, and Paga 1476, ot 18 112, #| season-noat Waekl Unh, 85.614.84, $2.23, 4047- n-Float Mloat Un,L17O112 DeCount Club 12Calle43 HILL II 1025 PACIFIC HIW wEsTGAnvAcAnoN VILLAS Public Recods ot OSCEOLA flo Unrf, 88,698.o1, $3.83, 727; DOUGLAS w BALL 8241 4 62c, 20 0DD, 51v2017, Carolina, PR 00983, D, 1, 13, PT APT H2O3 COLO 77 gate Boul6vard Coun,Florida, by ason 4337-1630; VICTOR HUGO Al Rd B son c y, NC 507v511, S2,16o.68, $1.07; EVEN, 1,| Saason-Flo SPGS, co 8 -,s. 3, m,FL 34747 Said ot a now continuing detauW oMANAaALEIDAFIGuEREDo 28713,B,1,31,EVEN,112,All Teri L Mack, 1836 Spring NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Mloat Unrf, $10,931.06, 2,WH0U, 1,n-no,be de (without by Mortgago s), TSee Exhibk Ave Anzoategui Urb Mo o,Saason-Float aklFloat Unrf, GDV8 Lane, Middlatown, OH SALE 84.41, 5021-174; JULIE L WaaMloat Unrf, S14,756.14, v orwananly,8xpr8N .'A"), whose add N is (See conjunto R El Arbol Para 87,452.26, 83.45, 487 2038; 45044, 112,Saason-Float wEsrGAn TOWERS PEIRCE 203 DAKOTA DR $5.74, 4721-471 ; CECIU or inQ d, gading the title, Exhibit A"l. in the payment or Vlvir Apt 425 Latheria, 016 RASHEEDA T FLOURNOY W oat Unk, 4000 2c, 2TT5T.0110 (NOWARD) SPRING HIU, TN 37174- p HILL 3689 REBKCA w po on or encumbrances) performanca ottha obligations VENUUELA,|.8.>O,WHOLE, a RAMOND T FLOURNOY 20 0DD, 512 2017, 507v511. On 0&3012018 at 11:00 am, 6197, D, 2, 44, WHOU, 1,COLORADO SPRINGS, co to pay e unpaid principal s8cur6d by a Mortgage 1,#| Season-Float WeeklFloat 161 Hillsid6 Ava Hill5id8, NJ 82,16o.68, $1.07; Ryan CastD, GREENSPOON MARDER, Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, 80917-5066. S. 3, 2. WHOE due under the racorded in OMcial Recods Unit, 814,852.1O, 87.15, 4586- 07205, B, 8, 50, EVEN, 112, All 3511 162nd St, Flushing, NY L 201 E. Pina Street, Suita $15.068.09, $7.38, 4847-27; 1,AllSeason-FloatWee oa Drtgage in 18 amount ot Book(SeeExhibk A"), Page 213: BE ND L EVANS Season-Float WeeMloat Unrf. 11358. 1 Fix8dWe6MloatUnrf, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, cHARQumA MCCOY 103 Unit, $14,756.14, $5.74, 4721- (s M h A ), whh intarest (Sae Exhibit A',ol tha Public a SHANA A EVANS 1021 89,699.75, 84.67, 5070-2830; 4 67, 6 H0LE, 1l28n017, as Twstee pursuanl to lhat SPRING ST # 90 LAGRANGE. 471; MARIA VEW 257 w a wing al th6 rate ot (See Records ot OSCEOLA Coun,Willow CPst Lndg Austell. GA August3, 10,2018 491&1947, $4,269.75. $2.11: Appointmanl ot T st86 GA 30240, D, 2, 49, NEN, p i6w Drive Addison, IL Mibh .A p6r day, pursuant Florida, including lhe b ath or 30168. |, 8. 34, WEN. 112, L17O111 Da een L L6 Bow, 375 Re ord record6d on 4l19l2O18 in 112. All Season-Float Waehl 60101, S, 3, 21, NEN, 112,to 18 Mortgage, advantes, detauW, notica ot whith was set,Season-Float WeeklFloat Ave, Staten lsland, NY 10312, OMcial Records Book 5320, Float Unrf. $10,712.26, $5.20, Season-Float w68klnoat Unk, rf any, under the terms ot forfh in a Notice of Detault and Unit, $9,902.58, 84.56. 4212- 1n Fixed W oat Unk, and Page 459 ot the Public 5062-1117;ANGELA LovmE $7,077.19, 83.o9, 446 2602; said Mortgage, charges and lntent to Foreclose provided 320: ERNESTO AMUQUITA a NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 4 77, 14nNN, u8l2o17, Recods of OSCEOLA 18919 Volga River Dr Ka,RAYMUNDO GARCIA 17w026 e of the Twst68 and to the last known address ot OFELIA SANDOVAL Avenida INnNT TO FOREGLOSE 4968T1153, $3,203.60, 81.58: Coun,Florida, by reason M 77449, D, 2, 49, EVEN, 2ND AVE BENSEWW, IL ot the bvk waated by said Mortgagor(5), (See Exhibit Frantisco Miranda To e Klm WUTGATE TOWN cENnR Kelly A Malhis, 162 Pina St, of a now continuing detault 112, All Season-Float Wa6 60106-2311, s, 3. 21, MN, Mortgage. Mortgago sl shall "A,by C6rtifi 6gi ered,Piso 6 6D Caracas, 01060 FILE: 292 . Kingston, NY 12401, 112 All by Obligor(sl, (See Exhibit float Unit, $10,712.26, $5.20, 1/2, All Season-Float W have Me right to cure the Mail or by publication by he VENUUELA. |. 8, 41, EVEN, Pu uant to Se ion on-Float W Mloat Unit, A"), whose add ss is (See 5062-1117; JOHN CLIFTON a Float Unit, $7,077.19, 83.O9. detauW and any junior lienholder undarsigned T stee, will sell 112. All Saason-Floa WeeW 721 .856, norida Statutas, 4000-85C, UODD, 32V2017, Exhibk A,in the payent or CARMELITA CLIFTON 10132 4464-2602; JOSEPH w rn,have e right to redeem at publit auction to the highe Float Unit, 85,197.88, $2.46, the undanigned Tw ee as 505v2827, $2,088.10, $1.03; performance of the obligalions Ba er Caldwell Dr Cha oWe, BUCKINGHAM 20 T ks im up to the dat6th8 bidder for lawhl money ot 4432-411: MARK L VARELA appoint6d by WESTGATE Davorah s Bow6n. 8144 s secured by said Claim ofLian NC 28213. D, 3, 38, ODD, Dr Belleville, IL 62221, S, 3, Tw i the Certificale of the Unrted States ot rica, 310 Woodwad Ave Ea vAcAnoN VILLAS, LLC Com6|| Ave, Chicago, IL 60617. recoded in O cial Records 1/2. All Season-Float Weeh 46, ODD, 1/2, All season-noat bypa ng We amounts due on the hont steps ot the Providente, Rl 02914, |, 11, eRina 8r rete ed to as 112 All Season-Float w68h/ Book (Sae Exhibrt A"), at Page float Unit, S5,973.14, $2.81, WeeMloat Unk, $12,341.05, as ortlined above. By: Amanda Osteola Coun Cou house, 49, EVEN, 1/2, #| Season-Float Westgate") he by formal noal Unrf, 6100-28E, 21 (See Exhibit A"), ot the Publit 4684-2634; JOSE L DIAZ 53 85.99, 5059-635; TARRA D LMapg,AuthorizedAgent. 2 Cou house Square. WeeMloat Unit, $6,072.44, notifies you that you have MN, 4115n017, 4121/1451, Retods ot OSCEOLA Coun , EDELWEIN DR WOODRIDGE, MASON 2137 ROBERr AN QHl&T A" - NoncE OF Kissimmee, Florida 34741. $2.82, 4597-581 ; defauWed under tha Note $1,973.04, $0.97; Ray E Florida, including the breath or NY 127B9. D, 3. 42, EVEN, GRANln cl IL 6204 TRUM'S SALE all righ . tkle and int&est in nuguA 3, 10, 18 and Mortgage by tailing to Daniel, 1906 Hamby Pl Dr defauW.noticeotwhith wasset 1 2, All Season-Float WeeW 2413, S, 3, 46, ODD, 1n, #| &ls) Add ss Building the p p6 skualed in the L 170094 make the payment due on NW, Acworth, GA 30102, '/ forth in a Notice ot Detault and Float Unit, $8,540.58, $4.12, Season-Float Weeklhoat Unh, Unh k Y6ar TS Undivided Coun of SCEOLA, Florida, (See Exhibk A") and all,Season-float WeeMloat lntant to Fo close provided 4870-2051 ; NICOU A $12,341.05, $5.99, 5 9 35; lm on Amount Par d8sGribed as: (SEE WHIBIT subsequent paymen s. You Unh,B-1O54,1&ODD,2l22 17, to the last known add N of BENIZZI 60 MEADOWLARK RUSSELL M wHln lii 1612 D&nMTGRaclnto "A") Tlme ShaP lnterest(s) (SEE NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S cu ently owe Westgate lha 494411119, $2,529.66, $1.25; Obligo s), (See Exhibrt A"), by w WOOD DGE, NY 12789, MELVILU ST APT 3 8R0N L B KS a MELISSA WHIBIT A accoding to the SALE amount ot (s Exhibk A") rmony c Mann, 1745 Red C8 ifi6dlR8gi 8 d Mailorby D, 3, 42, EVEN, 1/2, All NY1O46O-3O36,S,3,46,EVW, M 8R00W 6220 Wolverine Pl TlmaSharingPlantorWestgate wuTGAn vAcAnoN wrm interest aKwing C ar Dr Apl 15, Forf Myen, public ion byth6 undersigned Season-Float weeklnoat Unit, 112,Season-Float kl Wa orf,MD2 O3,QQ,3,41, Vacation Vlllas, v, omcial LL,29 S.02N lhe r e ot (Sea Exhibk A") flM9O7,1 2 ISeason-Float Twst68, will sell at public S8,54o.58, $4.12, 4870-2051; Float Unrf, 86,163.75, S2.88, WHOU, 1, #| Season-Float Records Book 0775, at Page (PERNELL) per day, with ragard to tha WeehlFloat Unh, B-1504, 31/ au ion to the high t biddar KATHLEEN M BRANDQUIST 4567-2879: ROSE E wHm Unk, $19,153.02, 2N7, otthe Public Recods ot On 0&2812018 at 11:00 am, tollo ng al property located EVEN, 1/23120|7, 5100/973, tor lawhl Dn8y otlhe Unrt6d 357 MOUNTAINDALE RD 1612 Melvilla Sl-Apt1 8 .35, 4952-2965; NICHOLAS Ostaola Coun,Florida (the GREENSPOON MARDER, in OK8ola County, Florida: 82,848.5o, $1.40; Sarai Nun6z, StatBs of Am6rica, on tha hont WOODRIDGE, NY 12789- NY1o46o,s,3,46,MN,1n, M GmNrm a NICHOLAS M Plan").Tog&herw the rigM 201 E. Pine Str68t, Suke (See Exhibrf A T Tlme Sha 1745 Red Cadar Dr Apt 15, steps ot the Osteola Coun 5141, D, 3, 42, EVEN, 1/2, All S6ason-Flo w68 GENNrm JR 1212 10lh Ave tooctupy,pukuanttothePlan, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, lntarast( ) (See Exhibrf A Fort Myen. FL N9O7, 1/2 #| Courfhouse. 2 Cour ouse #| Season-Float Mloat Unk, S6,163.75, $2.88, 4567- Wal&vfi&, NY 12189, QQ, 9, Building-Unit (SEE HIBIT as Twstee punuant to that atcoding lo the Tlmesharing n-Float W Mloat Unk, Squa,Nimm68, Florida Unit, 88.54o.58, $4.12, 4870- 2879; TAMARA T BOUS 23,WH0y1,#ISeason-Float A,during Unh W66k (SEE Appointm6nt ot T stea Plan for the Wastgate Town B-1504, 31 EN, 112312017, 34741, all right, tille and inte 2051; SMRIA E SELPH GuW Rd w6 Jac n Unh, $10,833.70, HIBIT A"), during sign rded on 03 2712018 c6m6r, &orded in the omcial 51 73, $2,848.50,; Kandale in tha property 5rfuat8d in the . . 2210 w 117th Pl Chicago, IL 32244, s, 3, 50, WHOU. 1, W.29; ED LAMBERT a Year - (SEE HIB A . in omcial R6cods Book Re rds Book 1564, at Page B aua,2204 Speidel Dr, Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida, 3, D,4,43,ODD, 1/2,#|,season-noat M al MROLYN LAMBERT 2110 wEsTGAnvAcAnoNNLLAs NO7, and Page 1598, otlha 1479, ot tha Public Records PRuge ille. m T,112,d8Krib6d as: (SEE WHIBIT Season-flo Wee float Unit, Unrf, S16,945.42, S8.11, 4851- Flm A e 2508 New Yo,v 7700 Westgata Boulevad Publit Racods ot OSCEOLA Dt Ostaola Coun,norida n-Float Mloat Unh, A Tlme Shar6 lnl8r6 (sl $5,775.68, $2.75, 4363-755; 2574: WONGDUEN D cow NY1 ,R 11,46,WHOU, KiNimm88, FL 34747 Said Coun,florida, by ason (the Plan . Tog6th8rwhh lha B-1703, 1gNEN, 915n015, (SEE HIBIT A asd8fin6din BURTRELL D SELPH SR 3525 SHIPMAN 6712 N D 1,#| -noat Mloat sale will b6 made (wMol ot a now continuing dafauW ngM to occupy, pursuant to 4761 2656, 85,N9.8O. 82.73; lha Declaralion ot Cov an,r, w FRANKLIN BL CHICAGO, CIR FAYmEvlw, NC Unh, 13.N1.18, $6.37, 4570- tov8nanls,orw ,6xp N by Mo gago s), (s68 Exhibrt the Plan, Building(sWnrt(s) Ra5h88dah A aua es, 9307 Condrfions and Restrirtionsfor IL 60624. D, 4. 43, ODD, 28314-6442, s, 5, 17,1833; DOUGLAS p IRVINE a or implied, ragarding thelhle, A"l, whose add s is (Saa (See Exhibh A,during Unh N lls Brand p Austin, gate Towan, ra ld8d in 1n, #| Season-Float Wee 1 2,Sea on-Flo BoBBl J,NE 1165 Rabbit poN8ssion or ancumb na) Mibh A ,inlha paymentor week(s) (See Exhibk A,TX 78728,1 2 #ISaason-Float omcialRe ds Book1364,at noat Unk, $5,775.68, $2.75, Floal Unk, S9,794.25, 4.67, sl p m Bay, fl 32909, ss, 5, o pay th6 unpaid principal performance ot the obligations during Assigned Y8ar(5), (See Wa6klFlo Unk, B-1703, 191 Paae427, otth6 Publit Recods 4363-755: HARRELL BIRTS 4826-169; NCTOR N.WHOU,1,#ISeason-Flo b ance dua und6r e d by a Mortgag6 Mibk A . 7700 Westgate EVEN, 9 512015, 476112656, of scaolaCounly,Florida(the a JENNIFER L POWELL 7423 95 BONE HEIG ST CAYE Unh, $6,282.36, mo gage in the amount ot rded in O ci Recods Bhd Nimm,FL 34747, S5,N9.8O, g2.73: Rosarta Plan"), and all dment(s) Spring Run Dr Louisvill6, KY CAGUAS, PR 00725, s, 6, 10, t1.6o, 4N1-2340; GABRIEL (Sae Exhibk A"), wkh inte st Book (Saa Exhibk A,at Page 8uilding merain fime Shar6 And&son, 86 Dupont Pl, tha to, it any. Tog&her wrfh 40291, D, 9, 22, WHOU, 1, WHOLE, 1,-F al M MIERA LMA A MORAN accruing at the rate ot (Sea (See Exhibrf A ,otthe Public Plan properfy) Add sshl. As Bridgeporf, CT 6610, 112 All tha rigM to otcupy, punua #| Season-float weehmoat WeeWflo Unh, S16,473 DM 21523 Ea 41st Place Exhibk A") per day, punuant R6tods ot OKEOLA Coun,a suW of We arorementioned Sea on-Floal w68hnloal Unh, tothe Plan, BuildingT5)IUnh(s) Unit, $15,396.44, 87.54, 5021- $7.91, 4826-170; MIGUU A co 80249, ss, 6, 11, to the Mo gage, advances, horida, includinq tha bRach or delauW, Westg e hereby elacls B-1704, 1&EVEN, 3 712017, (SEE WHIBIT "A"l. during Unit 11; JOSE R AVILES CRUZ MARICONDA a EUZABFrH WHOU, 1,Saason-Float it any, under We t&ms ot detauW,noticeo whithwassel to s&| th6 PDp6rty pursuant 5 512661, 82,o55.68, $1.01; w68k(s) (SEE HIBIT "A' l 610 L6gacy Drive Herndon,VA N MUNOZ Calle Unk, $15,088.56, said Mortgag6, chag6s and tormin a NoticeolDetauW and to Se ion 721.856, Florida BrianATa or,7O1WBDadway ANign8dY8ar(s),(SEEWHIBIT 20170,D,11,44,0DD,112,All 37 Azuqueta De H a S6.12, -2735; JOSE A expensas ot the T st6e and lntent lo FoRclosa pDvid8d Watutes. Please be advised St Lot 9, Naw Lexin on, OH A . wEsTGAn TOWERS Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, 19200, 19200 SP N,S,6,22. w aa SARAH Y PINA ot the twsts c ated by said to the last know addrew ot that in the avenl that your 43764, 112,S6ason-Float 7600 W.| o 8ronson Memorial 89,46o.71, $4.55, 4737-1618; WHOLE, 1, All - JOSE L NLASQUU 1950 Mortgage. Mortgagor(s) shall Mortgago s), (See Exhib obligationisnotbroughlcu enl WeehlFlo Unh, B-1803, 3/ Highway Nimm88, FL 34747 ANA G PENA 634 CENTER WaaMloat Unk, 83,259.23, s Bridge Rd Yadkinville, have the rigM to cu th6 A,by Certifi egiste d [lncluding the payent ot any ODD, 3 10n017, 507512224. Said sale will be made (wrthout ST HERNDON, VA 20170- $o.oo, 4567-2880; MARGARrrA NC 2T055,TT, 11, 21, NEN, All detauN and anyjunior lienholder M,or by publication by the tees incu ed by We gale in 82,327.42, S1.15; K&ly D covanants. or wa,8xpraN 5037, D, 11, 44, ODD, 112,FLORES 6642 sw 18TH CT hF al WeeklFloat Unit, shall have the right o d86m undenignad Twstee, will sell commencing this toreclosure KauWman, 1244 We sell Av6, or implied, garding the t le, season-noat waeklnoa Unit, POMPANO BEACH, FL N & t12.o29 S5.77, 4679-727: ks interest up to th6 date the a public au ion to th6 highe procass) wkhin thirty (30) Lancaster, OH 43130, 1/2 poss8Nion or encumb ntas) 89,46o.71, $4.55, 4737-1618; 5220, S, 6, 30, ODD, 1n, #| h 10, 18 T stee iNues tha C6rtific 8 ot bidder for lawtul money ot days hom the first date ol All season-noat Mloat to pay the unpaid assassm8nt5 August 3, 10, 2018 Season-Float WaeMlo Und, L 170089 Sale by paying th6 amounts due the Unrted States ot America. publication, th6 undenignad Unit,B-1 803,310DD,3 1 0 201 7, du6 in the amount ot (See L17O121 81O,764.53, $5.20, 5021-44: as outlinad above. By: Amanda on th6 hont stees ot he Twstae shall p t86d wrfh the 5075 2224,S2,327.4Z,$1 .1 5. Exhibrf A ), whh int8R JAN c NAvARRm 6842 SW L.Chapman,A horized Agent. O5ce0la Coun ourthous6, saleofthe Properfyas p vided Augu8t3, 10,2018 atc ing the rate ot (See 18TH CT POMPANO BEACH. NOW OF TRusnE's WWIBIT "A" - NoncE OF 2 Courthouse Square, in Section 721.856, Florida L 17o117 Ewhibrf A )perday,pur uantto NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S FL 33068-4328, S, 6, 30, ODD, ShLE TRusnE's SAU Nimm86, Florida 34741, Statutas, in whith tase, the the Timeshara Plan, advantas, SALE 112, All Season-Float kl GATE vAcAnoN Owner(s) AddreM Building all nght, trfle and inte&t in undanigned Twstee shall: (1),it any. under tha terms of said WESTGArE VACATION Float Unit, $10,764.N, 85.2o, UN,29205.0243 Unrt Weak Year TS Undivided the properfy srfua ed in the p vide you wkh wrmen notice NoncE OF TRusnE's Cl m ot Len, chages and VILLAS vl 29 .0251 5021-44; ALVARO N flORES pWOLDS) lnterest Season Amount Par County ot OSCEOLA, Florida, of tha sale, including he dat8, SAU 6xp8nses ot he T ee and ot (RODRIGUV 6842 sw 18th Ct Pompano On 018 11:00 am, Diem MTG Rec lnto described as: (SEE HIBIT time and location thereot; (2) wEsTGAn TOWERS,th6 t sts craated by said Claim On 08/28/2018 at 11:00 am, Beath. FL 33068, s, 6, 30, GRE SPOON MARDER, JO ANNA DONAHUE 352 North A fime Share lnte st(s) (SEE Recod lhe notice ot sale in 2TT5T.01 rrENARl) ot Len. Obligor(s) shall have the GREENSPOON MARDER, ODD, 1/2, All Season-flo 201 E. Pine Streel, Suita St Lebanon, KY 40033, G, 3, HIBIT A") accoding to the lhe Public Recods or O5ca0la On 0813012018 at 11:00 am, righl lo cure the detauW and any LLP, 201 E. Pine Streat, Suite WeeMloat Unk. $10,764.N, 5,O ando. Florida 32801, 11, ODD, 112, All Season-Float Tlme Sharing Plan for Westgat6 County, Florida; and (3l Publish GREENSPOON MARDER, junior lienholder shall hava the 500, O ando. Florida 32801, $5.20, 5021-44; BR N E as Tw punuant to that Wee Float Unit, 89,778.84, Vacation Vlllas |, O cial a topy ot the notice of sale two LLP, 201 E. Pina Street, Surfe right to redeem ks int6 sl up as T stee punuan to that NAvARRm 6861 sw 20TH ST inbT&t of Twstee $4.59, 4572-808; FRANCIS Records Book 0629, at Page (2l times, onca aach week, for 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, to the date the Tw5tea i55ues Appointment of Twstee POMPANO BEACH, FL 33 & on 02/28/2018 w DONAHUE 167 w HIGH 0186, ot the Public R8cord5 two (2) successive weaks, in as Twstee punua to lhat theCertificateotSaleby paying recorded on 03/2712018 4841, S, 6, 30, ODD. 1 2,in O t Racords Book ST LEBANON, KY 40033- of Ost la Coun,Florida an Oscaola Coun newspap&, Appointment of T stee the amounts due as outlined in OWlcial Retords Book Season-Float Wee Float Unk, 5292, and Page 2697, ot the 1423, G, 3, 11, ODD, 1/2, All (the Plan"). Together wim lhe provided such a newspaper recorded on 4119/2018 in above. By: GREENSPOON 5307, and Page 1574, ol the $1O,764.53. $5.20, 5021-44: Public R ds ot OSCEOLA Season-Float Weeh Float Unit, right to occupy, pukuanl to exi s al the time of publi5hing. omcial Recods Booh 5320, MARDER. L Twst . Publit Records of OSCEOLA PAULA PITTS 6 LAWRENCE Coun,florida, by reason 89,778.84, 84.59, 4572-808; the Plan, Building-Unk (SEE lf you tail to cura the detault and Page 451 of the Public EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Coun,florida, by reason FRASER 9 Dale Sba& of a now continuing detauN wlLLIAMMPARRAaMIRIAMG HIBIT Ahl.during UnkWeek as sel to h in this notica or R ods ot OSCEOLA TRUSTEE'S SAU ot a now tontinuing default weanesbu,ENGLAND, S, 6, by Morfgago sl, (See Exhibit PARRA GUEVARA 14205 Park (SEE HIBIT A,during tahe other appropriate action Coun,norida, by reason Owner(s) AddRN Building by Morfgagor(s), (See Exhibit 36, ODD, 112,Season-floal A,whose add ss is (Sae Ave Burnsville, MN 55337, G, 4, Assigned Year - ISEE HIBIT w h r6gard to this fo closu of a now continuing detauW Unk Week Year TS Undivided A"). whose addreN i5 (See WezMloat Unrf. 86,591.35, Mibh A,in the payment or 23, EVEN, 1/2, All Season-Float '.A"). 2770 Old Lake Wilson maWer, all sums dua and by Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf lnt8R Season Amount P6r Exhibrt A,inthe paymentor 82.87, 4054-940; YAR rf ofthe obligations WeeklFlo Unrt, $8,521.91. Road, KiNimm88, FL 34747 owing under the Note and "A ), whosa addreN is (See Diem COL Rac lnfo performance otthe obligations MEDINA 4229 N MARSHAU by a Mortgag6 $3.76, 4667-654: ROBERT erein Prop6 y Add N") Morfgage shall be acc8larat6d Exhibk .'A"l, in the payment or MICHEUE HOWARD AKA sacured by a Mortgage ST PHILADELPHIA, PA1914 rd in OMcial Records KNIGHT a LYNmE KNIGHT wEsTGAnvAcAnoN VILLAS and will b8com6 immediately p8rformanc6 olthe obligations MICHEUE DERRICKS 355 rBcorded in O cial Recods 2522. s, 6, 51, WHOU, B k (Sea Exhibit "A',al Page 44 Ba alier Ave Woodbeny 2770 old Lake Wllson Road dua and payabla. Additionally, se red by s d Claim of Lien Allaband Mill Road Camden, Booh (See Exhibrf .'A"), at Page 1, Fixed wee noat Unrt, (S Mibk A"), ot the Public Nsw, 02322 AUS IA, G, KiNimmee, FL 34747 Said as a sult of the detault, you recorded in omcial Racords DE 19934, WTA, 105. 15, (See Exhibit A . ot the Public 818,367.91, $9.00, 4 586: R rds ot OSCEOLA County, 4, 44, ODD, 112, All Season- sale will be made (witho risk losing owership ot your 8ook (See Exhibrt A"), at Page EVEN, 1l2, Fixed Weeh/Fixed Records of OSCEOLA Coun,CHRIS E FRAZIER a DE J norida. intluding tha bPach or Float WeeMloa Unk, covenants, or wa an,exp M tim8shaR interest through the (Saa Exhibit "A"), of the Publit Unk, $2.946.89, 8O.81, 5266- Florida, including the breach or FRAZIER 918 GoldsboD Ava defau,notice ot which was set $9,585.08, $4.49, 4651-1851; or implied, regarding the title, t stee toreclosuP pDc8dure R ods ot OKEOLA Coun,346-351: GARRY p HOWARD detault, notice of which was set Statasville, NC 28677, s, 7, 20. torth in a Notice ot DetauW and CARLOS ARIANNA MIRABAL possession or encumb nces) established in Se ion 721 .856, Florida, including th6 b ath or 15210 67TH N LoxahatGhee, to h in a Notice of DetauW and wwou, 1, #| S n-float lmem to Fo clos6 provided a MARGERIS J ARNALO G. to pay the unpaid principal Florida Statutes. Any right detauW, notic6 ot which was set FL 33470-5331, WTA, 105, 15, lnlent to Foretlose provided WeeMloat Unk, 81o.548.15, to e la own address ol a JOSE L ARIANNA AREVALO bal lce due under the you may have to reinstate the to h in a Notica of DetauW and EVEN. 1/2, Fixed WaaMixed o lhe la known address ot 84.2o. 4555-2086; CARLOS D Mortgago s), (See Exhibit U anizacion El Caicet Calle 5 mo gage in the amount ot n rtgage aWar acc8|6ration lntent to Fo close pDvided Unk, 82,946.89. $0.81. 5266- Mortgagor(sl, (Sae Exhibit GARCIA 2305 CALLE LAUREL A,by C8rfifi8d R8gist6 d 16 Puerfo Ayacucho ona5, (Sae Exhibh A,whh inl6Bt will ba punuant to the terms to the last known add N of 346-351;PATRICIAFARQUHAR A"l, by CerfifiedlRegistered PH 1 SAN JUAN, PR 13- Mail or by publication by the 07101 VENUUELA, G, 4, 46. accwing at lhe r e of (See of the morfgage. You may Obligor(5), (S68 Mibrf wA,by 13, ChUrth StRet Windsor, SL4 Mail or by publication by the 4609, S, 8, 4, EVEN, 1 Z. #| und& gn Twstaa, will sell ODD, 112,Season-Float Exhibit '.A") par day, punuant choose o sign and send to Cerf edlRegistered Mail or by 1PE ENGLAND, WTA, 106, 46, undenign6d T e6, will sell Sea5on-Float W6e t al publ auc ion to he highest Wee Float Unit, $6,295.73. to th6 Mo gage, advances, the undersigned t st68 the publication by the undenigned EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMixed at publ c au ion to the highest Unrf, $8,233.92, S3.86, 484J lor lawhl money of $2.95, 4432-408; HECTOR if any, under the tarms ot entlosed obje ion torm, Tw ee, will sell at public Unk. $3,303.90, $0.89, 5266- bidder tor lawhl money ot 2159; MARISOL FLORES 2 d e Unhed ates ot Amarica, A RIOS Po Box 173702 said Mo gaga, chages and 6x8kising your right to objert aurtion to the highest bidder 346-351; JOHNNIE G RICE a the Uni ad Stat ot America, RIVERVIEW CIR ROSWELL on e hont 6ps ot the Hialaah, FL 33017, G, 6, 37, expanses ot tha Tw ea and to the use ot the twstBa ror law,money ol the Unhed SHARON RICE T Rowmills Rd on the tront steps ot the NM 88201-9197, S, 8, 4, MN, la CouW Courfhouse, WHOLE, 1,Season-Float ot tha twsts c ated by said foreclosu proc6dura. Upon States of Ameri,on tha hont Scunlhope, DN161HP GREAT Osceola Coun Courthouse, 112,S&ason-Float 2 c rmouse Squar6, Wee Float Un,812,354.27, Mortgage. Mortgago s) sh,the undersigned twstea's staps of the Osceola Coun BRITAIN, WTA, 202, 18, ODD, 2 Courthouse Square, Flo Unit, $8,2M.92, W.86. m,florida 34741, $5.80, 4653-677; M c have the righl to cura th6 B8iptofyoursignedobi8ction Courthousa, 2 Courthouse 112. Fixed W8eklFix6d Unit, XNimm6a, Florida 34741, 4845-2159; MICHAEL NARINE,rigM, tMe and inter t in BARONA 70 NW 186TH ST detaultandanyjuniorlienhold torm, the to&losure of lh6 Squa,Nimm,florida 83,o89.96, 8o.92. 5266-346- ,righl, tkle and intere in BNATALIASUITE NARINE24A lh6 pop situated in the APT 227 HIALEAH, FL 33015- shall havethe right to r8d6am mortgage w h Rsp8rf to the 34741,allright,thleandinterest 351; EVEAUA D GRANDISON the prope shualad in tha Pinewood Gadans p&h v &, Co#ty ot SCEOLA, Florida, 3124, G, 6. 37, WHOU, 1, All ks interest up to he date lh6 detauW sp8cifi6d in this notice in lhe prop6rfy s uated in the awEulE N GRANDISON1362 Coun ot SCEOLA, Florida, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, s. 8. 15, as: (SEE HI8lT Season-Floal W68hlFb Unrf, T 8eiMu8sthaCertificat8ot shall be subje to thajudicial County ot OSCEOLA, Florida, Armo Dr NE Palm Bay, FL described as: (SEE WHIBIT WHOLE, 1, Flxed W6e hoal .A fi Sha lnte st(sT(SEE $12,354.27, $5.80, 46N-6n: S abypayinglheamountsdue to&losu proteduta only. d6Krib8d as: (SEE WHIBIT 32907, WTA. 204, 36, EVEN, A' fime Shar6 lnt6r8st(s) (SEE Unit, 812,66 .94, 86.17, 472J HIB -A according to the BILAL A SBEITANI a SHANA a5o linedabov8.By. Amanda You have th6 right to cu A fime s lnt6 (s) 112, Fixed W M ed Unit, HIBIT A'.T acco ing to the 2062; KEITH A JACKSON a TN Sh ng PlantorWestgata M SBEITANI 1143 Mo swood L Chapman, A rthorized Agent. your d6 uW in the mann6r set (SEE HIBIT A as dafinedin S2,o7o.1o, So.62, 5266-346- TlmeSharing PlantorWastgate nNA M JACKSON 104 Ra n Vlllas, vll, OMcial Drive JoeWon,TN 370B0. G, 9, WHIBIT "A - NOTICE OF to h in lhis notica at any time the D laration of Covanants, 351; ARACEUS MENDIZABAL Vacalion Vlllas, vl, O cial StKalamazoo,MI49 1,S.8, B k,Page 20,WH0U,1,#IS n-Floal TRumE's E befo hatwstee's sal6 otyour Condhions and Reslrirfions lor 6 RAFAEL MENDIZABAL 556 Racods Book 0845, at Pag6 22,WH0U,1,-ho OT24,ottha Publit Records ot W oat Unk, $11,444.32, Owe s) Add N Building lim ha int st.ltyoudonot W g e Towe,dad in ENex s B oWy, NY 112o8, 86, otthe Public Records ot WeeMloat Unk, 812.34o.73, la CouW, Florida he $4.61, 4685-1599: JAMIE F Unk Weak Year TS Undivided obj loth8us8otth6tw aa omtial R ords Book 1364, at WT 2O7,35,EVEN,1l2,Fixed OKeola Coun,Florida (tha 84.93,44o1-951; .P n .Togeth6rwith tha right NEAL a SCOTT p NEAL 7611 lnt6r6 S6ason nount Per toBlosu pDc8du,you,Paae427,otthePublicRetods W68 x8d Unrf, 82,OTO.1O, Plan"). Togeth& wkh the right Augu,3, 10, 18 to py, punuant o the Plan, R I8dg6 Pike R ledga, TN Diem MTG R lnto not b6 subje to a deficiency or Kaola Counly, horida he 8o.62, 5266-346-351; DIANA to oKupy, punuan o lhe Plan, L17 Bui gUnh (SEE HIBIT 37861, G, 12, 2, EVW. 1n, DOMINIQUE M PERNELL judgm8nt8v6n rfthe pDc68ds an ), and all ndment(sl MARIE, L L c a Conn icut Building-Unh (SEE HIBIT .A . during Unit Week(s) (SEE,Season-float W oat 7650 s FAIRFAX RD. APT hom esale otyourtimesha theBo, it any. Tog&her w h Lmked Labil y Company, 87 A") during Unh W68k(s) (SEE QHIBrr.A,during ANign8d Unk, 86,284.62, $2.83, 4174- BLOOMINGTON, IN 47401, inte rt ara insumci6nt to lh6 rigM o py, punuant Chu h Sl et Suh6 204 East HIBIT A") during ANign8d NoncE OF TRUM'S Y s) - (SEE WHI8lT "A"). 1331; MIGUEL A ESPINAL G A, 3, 10, EVEN, 112,o 6 e anDunts Bu d tothePlan,Building(5llUnh(s) HaMod,CT 1O8,WT 306, Yaa s) - (SEE HIBIT A"). 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