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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 PAGE 63B 33B, 40 B 40. EVEN a EVEN, 1 receipt ol your signed obi ion Condkions and Restrirtions of your obligations o pay 339, $1,2o8.24, 81.16; Alan T stee, will sell at public 365; EDGAR A HERRERA B 1l2, Fixed W Mixed Unrf, a 1, Value Season-Floal W6e torm, the fo&losuP ot the for the We gate Vacation assessments due lo Westgale Russell and Catherine Russell, aurtion o the highest bidder SILVA S. DE HERRERA Nueva 82,o71.44, $0.56, 5266-352- Float Unrt 6 #| Season-Float li6n wkh spert to the defauW Vlllas x, OMtial Retord5 Book on lhe tollowing described r8al Hillview, WiWon Dean, Hawick, tor lawhl money of the Unked San Salvador Res Primavera 358; ROBERTO DELGADO 84 Wee Float Unk, 83,3o4.o5, specified in this notice shall 927. at Page 2730, of the p per located in Osceola SCOTLAND TD9 7HY, 1 Fixed States ot America, on the hont Plazuela Las D ias. 22 La old Nod Rd Apt 1B Clinlon. CT $0.92. 5265-2728-2733; be subject to the judicial Public Records of Osceola Coun,Florida: (Sea Exhibk WeeMixed Unk, NN-07, 4v steps of he Osceola County Libertad, EL SALVADOR, WTD, 06413, WTA. 403, 19, EVEN, GAMAL ZAYED 7414 Bel Vlsta foreclosuR p ceduR only. Coun,Florida (the "Plan") .'A Time Sha lnterest(s) WHOLE, 1/v2016. 5266/334- Cou house, 2 Courthouse 227, 36, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed 112, Fixed WeeklF ed Unk, Tr RocMod, IL 61107, 4000 You have the right to cure our and all amendment(s) thareto, (See Exhibrf wA") as definad in 339. $2.388.72, 81.78: Wayne Square, Kissimmee, Florida WeeMixed Unk. $3,303.90, $2,071.44, $0.56, 5266-352- B 4000. 42A a 42B, 38 a 38, defauW in the manner set o h it any. Together wkh the right to lhe Declaration ol Cov8nants, c Kong and Tina N HyWon 34741,all right, tkle and inte st $0.89, 5266-359-365: ALTON 358; VERNA D SCHUYLER EVEN B EVEN. 1 a 1, V ue in this notice at any ime b8foR occupy, punuant to the Plan. Condhions and Rastrirtions Kong, Po Box 39 Red Hills, St in the property srtuated in the G LEWIS a DEE R LEWIS 1114 8078 Conrad Ct Pensacola, FL Season-Float WeeklFlo Unk Me unde igned,ee's sale Building-Unk(sl (See Exhibk for the We gate Vatation Andrew. JAMAICA. 1/2 Fixed Coun of OSCEOLA, Florida, Johns Branch Rd Gatlinbug, 32507, WTB, 118, 22, EVEN, a Value Season-Flo Wae ot your timesha inta&t. ll you A.'), during Unh Week(s) (See Villas xv, O cial Retods WeeklFixed Unk. NN-08. 3& described as: (SEE HIBIT TN 37738, WTD, 329, 17, 1l2. Fixed. 82.O86.78. $0.62, Float Unk, $2,745.13, $0.79. do not obje to the use of the Exhib A . during Assigned Book 1072, at Page 1194, of EVEN, 11v201 4, 52661334-339, A Time Share lnteRst(s) EVEN, 112, F ed WeeMixed 5266-352-358; IRVING w 5265-2728-2733; JAMES twstee fo closu pDc8duP, Yea s), (See Exhibrf A . 7700 the Public Reco s ot Osceola $4.499.76. $1 .91 ; ScoW ShaWer. (SEE HIB A' as dafinad in Unrf, $3,303.90, $0.89, 5266- SCHUYLER 527 SOUTH AVE HOWSE B D NE HOWSE 24 you will not be subje to a Westgate Blvd Kissimmee, Coun,Florida (the "Plan and 51 K86t8r Way, Methanicsburg, the Detla tion of Covenants, 359-365; UNIT 61ST PENSACOLA. FL Stockbridge Cove Humboldl, deficiency judgment even if FL 34747 me in .'Tima Share all amendment(s) thereto, if PA 17055, 1 Fixed W M ed Condkions and Re rirtions tor Augu t 3, 10, 18 32508, WTB, 118, 22, EVEN, TN 3 ,4000, 60, 16,ODD, the pDc88ds hom the s e (Proper ) Add N"). As a any. Tog&herw hthe ri9htto Unk, NN-09, 23 H0LE, Wertgale Towen. Bord8d in L17OO 112, Fixed, $2,086.78, 8O.62, 112,Season-Float Wee ot your timesha i e suW of the ato mentioned oKupy. punuant to the Plan, 4/v2016, 52661334-339, omcial Recods Book 1364, at 5266-352-358; MICHAEL T Float Unrf, S2,57o.42, $0.83, a insumcient to o et the d6tauW, Westgate hereby elerts Building-Unrt(s) (See Exhibk $2.350.68, $1.76; Steve L Page 427, otthe Public R ords CUELLAR B LAURA CUELLAR 5265-2728-2733; MANUEL amounts setu d by Me lian. to sell the PDp8rty pursuant "A,during Unrf Week(s) (s86 Williams Sr. 8417 Ann Ave, ofOscaola County, Florida he NoncE OF rRUSTEE'S 1326 N a D Rd #amo. TX J RAMIRU C le 11 Res By: GREENSPOON MARDER. to Se ion 721.855, norida Exhibk A . during igned Kansas c y. KS 66112. and Plan,and all amend t(s) SALE 78516, WTB, 118, 29, EVEN, Dacota Apt21B Urb La Paz El UP,T ee. Statrtes. Please be advised Yea s), (s Exhibrf A . 7700 Sama p Melson, 503 s. 137th the to, rf any. Tog&her wkh WESTGATE TOWERS,1 2, Fixed WaeM Un , Paraiso Ca cas, VENUUELA, EXHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF that in tha evant that your Westgate Blvd Kiuimmee, St BonnerSprings. KS 66012, the right to owupy, punuant ms .o113 (PEC S2,o7o.1o, So.62, 5266-352- 40,60, 43, ODD, 112,DEFAULT AND INnNT TO obligationisnotbroughtcu ent FL 34747 e in "Time sh 6 1w Fixed WeeMix Unh, to Me Plan. Building(s) Unh(s) On 0&2&2018 11: am, 358;J0YCE K CAMARA1O259 S n-ho W Flo Unrf, FORECLOSE (including Me payme ot any (P per ) Add N ). As a 00-10, 31nvEN, 1/v2014, (SEE HIB A,during Unrt GREENSPOON MARDER, sw 144th Pl Miami, FL N186, $2,570.42, So.83, 5265-2728- Owne s)IObl o s), Tl BshaR tees incunad by Westgate in suW ot the afo mentioned 52661334-N9,S3,866.96. Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A L 201 E. Pine St,Suha WTB,118,3O,NEN.1l2,F ed 27M; CARLOS D EsnMBo a lnte,Building-Unk, Weekl commencing this fo&losure d6auW.Westgate he by ele s Augurt3,1O, 18 Awigned Yea s),(SEE HIB 5,O ando, Florida 32801. Wee F ed Unk, S2,o7o.1o, MARY J EsnMBo 15523 Rio Assigned Ye De uW Da e, proc8N) wrfhin thirty (30) to sell the PDp6rfy punuant L17O119 .A . wEsTGAn TOWERS as T rtee pu ua to that 8o.62, 5266-352-358; Plm Dr Hou on, TX 77083, Boo Page ot R8cold8d Len, days t m the fim date ot to S ion 721.855, norida 7600 w o BDnson M8 Drial Appolntment of Twrtee MARCELO J SILVEIRA 13167 4,69, 45, MN, 112, #| A DUm, p Di&n An ou publit ion, the undenigned Stat es. Please be advised High Kiyimmee, FL34747 &orded on 4 19n018 in sw 143RD TERRACE M Ml, season-noat WeeMloat Unh, Nitolas A Jackson, PO Box T stee sh,pm d wkh that in th6 event that your NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Said willbe n de(w houl O cial Reco s Book N2O. FLN186,WTB,118.3O.EVEN, S2,266.o5, SO.66, 5265-2728- 9, No N. GA 30 1 and the sale of th6 PDper as oblig ionisnotbDughtcunent SALE venants,orwa anty,exp ss and Page 53T of the Public 1n, fixad WeeM ed Unk, 27N:JENE M KING 623 Lee Sha ka s R6nd,2691 pDvid8d in Setlion 721.855, including Me paynent otany wEsTGAnTowERsNoRm or implied, gading the trfle, R ords ot OSCEOLA 82,o7o.1o, $0.62, 5266-352- Rd Way M, GA 31503, 52,Pleasantwood Dr, D alur, GA Florida Statutes, in which case, ees intunad by W6stgat8 in,ZTTS8. T (JOHNSONl pouession or 8ncumb1an s) Coun,norida, by n 358; MARY JANE p HARRIS 5246,1,0D 12,FixedWaek1 30034. 112 F ed W6eklF 8d the undenigned Tw ee shall: commencing this to&losure On 0&2&2018 at 11: am, topayth8unpadaN8 ts of a now ntinuing de uW a KATHUEN A HICKS 1020 Fixed Unh, ,568.74, $0.83, Un ,AA-O2,34lODD,1 2O14, (1T p vide you wrth wrmen pDcess) wrmin thir (30) GREENSPOON MARDER, due in the &TDunt ot (s by Obligo s), (See Exhibk Buq8N Rogers, m 76569, 5265-2728-2733; JOHN E 52671324-331,S4,319.52, notice of the sale, including days hom Me fil date ol LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suke Exhibk A,wkh int .A"), whose add ss is (See WT,125,2,MN, 112, F ed SM H JUDYA SM H 11261 $1.30; Laura Cald8Dn, 8736 the date, time and location publication, the undenigned 500, O ando, Florida 32801, aKwing a the te ot (s Exhibrf A,in tha payment or W86 F ed Un . g3.3o3.9o, Lake Ple t Rd Union c,96thSt 2,J ica.NY11421, the of; (2) Recod We notice Tw ee shall proceed wkh as Twstee punuant to th Exhibk A p&day,punuantto m nc6 otth6 obligations SO.89,5266-352-356;JOYCEE PA16438,53 ,N67,4,ODD, 112 Flxed W F 6d Unrt, ot s e in the Public Recods lhe sale ot the PDp6r as Appointmem of Tw ee Me Tlmesha Plan, advana, Bu by said Cl&im ot Lien PERRY a FRANK J PERRY 15 1n, F ed W wed Unh, BB-02, 11nvEN, 11w014, otOweolaCoun ,Florida;and p vided in Sartion 721.855, coded on 4119/2018 it any, underthe te ofs d ded in O tial Ratods Count ClubRoadWillingboD, S3,O48.65, SO.96. 5265-2728- 52671324-331,$4.242.82, (3T Publish a copy ol the notice lorida Stat es, in which cas6. in omcial Records Book Claim ot Lien, cha es and Book(s88Exhib .A ,atPaq6 NJ 6, WTC. 126, 29, . 27N; EDWARD B CROWDER S1.93; Mirtha M Deven, 190 ols etwo(2)times,onceeach th6 und8Rign8d T ee sh |: 5319, and Page 1883 ot the exp sesottheTwsteeand ot (See Exhibh .A,otthe Pubic NEN, 1n, F ed Fix6d aAMANDA LCROWDER5O35 Wumpel St, BPntwood, NY w k, tor two (2) SuCC8Niv8 (1) PDvid6 you wkh wrmen Public Racods ot OSCEOLA thet sc edbysaidCl m R olds ofOSCEOLA Coun,Un,82,OTO.1O, So.62, 5266- Kannedy Rd Munrm, MI49259. 11717 and Arirtides Pe Wa w ks, in an OK8ola Coun notice ot the sale, including CouW, Florda, by ason otLi6n.Obligo s)shallhav8th8 no da.includingthe b ch or 352-358; JONA w C N 55 .5563,6,0DD, 112,F ed 257 We mini er Pl, Lodi, newspaper, pDvid8d such a the date, tim6 and location ot a now co inuing de uW rigMtocuR I6d&auWandany de&W,nditeotwh h ss& 6JAYNECCAIN69ManorAve w klno Unrt, S3,o48.65. NJ 07644 and Diu a Y newspaper exi s the time the r, (2) Reco e notice by Obligo sT, (s68 Exhib juniorli8nhold8rshallhav6th8 to hinaNotic6ofD8tauWand H8mpA6ad, NY 11550, c, So.96, 5265-2728-27N; D8V8R, 319 PARKER AVE, of publishinq. N you fail to ot sal6 in the Publit Reco s wA,whose add N is (See rigM to deem ks inte up lnt6nt to FOt8cbs6 pDvld6d 322, 17. EVEN, 1 2, FlxedW DARNELLDCAMPBELL411W Hackansack, NJ 07601, 112 cure Me deauW as B brth otOweolaCoun ,Florida;and Exhibk A,inthe pay ntor lo the dae Ma T rtea iMu8s to 16 M know add w ot F Unh, W,3o3.9o, So.89, Bal ood Dr Apt 32 Spokane, Fixed WeeklF ad Unk, BB-10, in this notice or take other (3) Publish a py ollhe notice perfom nte ot me obligabons thec mcateof bypaying O igo s), (s Mibk .A,by 5266-352-358; RICARDO WA 218, 59,101 8, 3V0DD, 11v2014, 526 324- app priate artion w h tegard otsal8two(2)tim8s,onG88ach secu d by s d Claim ot Len me unb due as oLrflin8d am Regirt& M lorby BORGES 1M00 sw 16TH WHOU, 1,S n-flo& 330, $3,986.76. g1.3o; Juan to Misto&losu maWer, you weak, tor o (2) sutc8ssiv8 rded in omcial R6cods above. By: GREENSPOON publication byMe undenigned LANEAPT4 M Ml,FLM175, WeeWfloat Unh, S4,1o9.73, De Santiago and Julia De risk losing ownenhip ot your weeks, in an Osteola Coun Book(SeaExhib .A"), Pag6 MARDER, Tw 6a. Tw,will s&| publlG WTC,322,3O,ODD,1l2,F 81 .23, 5265-2728-27N; Santiago,9O Dallon RdAptE-6, timesha int8T8rf thDugh the n8wspap6r, pDvid8d such a (s Exhibh A2, ofth6 Public HI8rr A" - NoncE OF au ion to the higha bidder W68M 8d Unk, a,41o.16, PATRIC YARBROUGH 1665 HiWon Head ls nd, sc 29926, tw ee B su p ceduP newspaper 6xi 5 M6 time Re ds otOS EOLA County, TRUSTEE'S E for law,money of the Unked S1.19, 5266-352-358; JAIME StochngStDa onaBaach,FL and Vl orManualMoBo and 8s blish8dinS6cti0n 721.855, ot publishlng. lr you tail to Florida,includinqthebreach or Owne sT Add u Building S tes ofA na onMehont o RINCON a GLOR c 32117.5900, 1T,WH0LE,1,Rubi Mo no, 10 IND N TR Florida Statutes. You may tu the detauW as set to h d&au .notiteo whithwasset Un Week Year TS Und idad s ot e OK la Coun RINCON 10 BDoksid8 Dr3PT Season-Fb W6eklflo Un,HiWon Head, SC 29926, 112 choose to sign and send to in this notice or take other toMinaNot eofDe uWand lm Season Amount Per Courfhouse, 2 Courthousa 2E o G nwich, CT O, 815.271.66. $3.56. 5265-2728- F ed Wee xed Un . CC-05, Me undanigned twstee an appDpriat8 a ion whh gad lntent to FoBlos8 pDvid8d DiemCOLRaclnfo Squa,Kissimm86, Florida WD,229,34,ODD,1l2,Fixed 27N; JIM DANIEL KEARSE JR 35nvEN, 1 v2014, 5266^24- objerfion form, exewising your lo this to&losu man6r, you to the last known add ss ot JACKIE LAVON B ROCHELU 34741,allrigM,tkBandime rt W68 Fw8d Unk, S3,o89.96, 1618 3rd St Da ona Beach, MO, $2,685.12, S1.93; Kathy right to obje to the use ot the risk losing ownenhip of your Obligo s), (See Exhib A,by D JAMES-ROBINSON 521 in 18 pD sku ed in tha So.92, 5266-N2-358; J ME FL 32117. 59 . 17. WHOU. Canoll, 16 2 Letcher Rd. tw ee foBlow procedure. timesha inte MDugh Me certm egist&ed Mailorby SHARON NEwcAsnE ROAD Coun of OKEOLA, Florid4 o RINCON a GLORIA c 1. All Season-Fb w w B&dy ne. MD 20613, and UponMeundersignedt ee.s t 68 to&losu proc6duP publication bythe undenigned FARREU,PA16121,WTA1O6, desc bed as: (SEE HI8 RINCON 10 BDoksida Dr3PT Floal Un,S15,271.66, 83.56, Danyl A Grigg, 1815 R& dolph &eiptofyoursigned objertion establishedinSe ion721.855, Tw ee, will sell at public 39, EVEN, 1 2, Fiwed w kl .A fi Sha lnte rt(s) 2E G wich, CT o, 5265-2728-27N: RosmA Ln.Lu5by,MD2O657,1l2Fix8d form. the foreclosure of the Florida Statrtes. You may au ion to 6 highe bidd Fixed Unh, $3,303.90, So.89, (SEE HIB .A asd6finedin WTD,229,34,ODD, 1n,Fixed WATWNS 74 Mountain VI6w W F ed Unk. CC- . 161 lien w h respe to he d6tauW thoose to sign and s6nd to tor lawtul Dn8y otMe Unrfed 5266-359-365;MARTINCRAFT the D laration ot Covenants, Wee F ed Unk, S3,O89.96, way Bdover, MD 20T85, ODD, 1n12014. 52661324- specmed in this notice shall the undersigned trustae an StatesotAmerica,onthahont a IRENE CRAFT M WinB Condhionsand Re rirtionsfor $0.92, 5266-352-N8; A B A 61 a 6100, 71A a 71B, 13 MO, $3,986.T6, $1.30: David be subje to the judicial objertion rm, 6x8rcising your st6ps ot th6 OK8ola County Gald8ns Bicerter, ow6 2u gate Towen, o in MORT GESPEC UST, LLC, B 13, ODD 6 ODD, 1 a 1,Hyppolhe. and Joca ne lo&losu pDc8duR on . righ toobj8rttoth8us8otth6 Courthous6, 2 Courthouse ENGLAND,WTA, 107, 1, ODD, O cial R olds Book 1364. at A FLORIDA LIMmD LIABILTY Season-Flo W oat Unh Hyppolrfe, M Ba Dr, You havethe rightto cure your t ae toreclosu p cedu . Squa . KiMim 8, Florida 1/2, Fixed WeeM ed Unrf, Paae42T,otthePublicRecods COMPANY, 6529 Tower Dr a All Season-Floal WeeMlo Holmdel, NJ 07 N, 112 Fixed defauW in the manner set lo h Upon the undenigned t stee's 34741,Bll right, thle and inte st 83,O89.96, 8O.92. 5266-359- of sceola County, Florida he Fa h Awhambeau Hudson. FL Unh. $4.043.73, $1.18, 5265- WeeklFixed Unrf, CC-09, 471 inthis notice anytimebeto receiptofyoursignedobjattion in the property srtualed in Me 365: PAUL A MCNALLY 764 Plan,and all ndment(s) 34667, WTD, 32T, 15, NEN. 2728-2733; RUSSELL ZERVOS EVEN, 1/v2014, 52661324- the undenigned twstee's sale form, th6 for losu of the Coun of OSCEOLA, Florida, Lake Como Dr a Lake Ma,theao, rf any. Tog&her whh 112, Fixed WaeMixed Unk. 426 NW BayshoR Blvd Porf NO, $4,242.82, $1.93; Gladys ot yourtim8shal8 interert. lf you lien wkh spe to the detauW described as: (SEE HIBIT FL 32746. WTA, 204, 15, EVEN. the right to ottupy, punuanl $2,070.10, 8O.62, 5266-N2- Saint Lutie, FL 34983, B, 1309, Camilo, 1807 Ke igan Ave, do not obja to lhe use of the sp6crfi8d in tris notice shall "A Tlme Sha lnt8Rst (SEE 112, F ed WeeM ed Unk, to the Plan, Bullding(s) l Unk(s) 358; GEMINI INVESTMENT 45, ODD, 112,Season-Float Union c,NJ 07087, 112 Fixed t ee fo closure procedure, ba subjerf to the juditi WHIBIT A . as dafined in 82.o7o.1o. 8o.62, 5266-359- (SEE HIB .A . during Unh PARTNERS, INC A FLORIDA WeeMloat Unk. $2.570.42. WeeklFix Un,cc-10, 491 you will not be wbje to a loBlosu pDc8dur8 on . th6 Declar ion of Cov6nants, 365; MARIO ROMERO 29 Week(s) (SEE HI8 A l CORPORATION Po 8ox So.83, 5265-2728-27M; MN, 1 v2014, 52661324- deficiency judgment even i Vou havathe rightto cure our Condkions and Rertrirfions M STREET NE WASHINGTON, ANign8dY8a s),ISEE HIB 138039 CI8mDnt, FL 34713, REGINA DEWARDINS 521 MO, $4.242.82. $1.93: p&er the proceeds hom the sale datauWinthe rnannerset orth lor We gate Towers North, oc 20002, WTA, 302, 45. WEN, A . WESTGATE TOWERS WTD,327,24,EVEN,1l2,Fixed Pa wood Avenue Daphne, AL Robe Hen Bower and of your timesha interast inthisnoticeatanytimebetore dadintheO cialRecods 112, F ed WeeklFwed Unk, 7600W.| o BDnson M&norial WeeMixad Unk, S2.O7O.1O. 36526, B, 1517. 51. WHOLE. Mau R Bower, PO Box 119, a insu cient lo otket the the undersigned t Aee's sale Book 1823, Page 414, ol S2,o7o.1o, $0.62, 5266-359- High KiMimmea, FL 34747 8o.62, 5266-352-358; 1, Fix W68Mlo Un,Gonubie, sow AFRICA, 112 unts s6cured by the lien. ofyourtimesha inta rt.lfyou the Public Records ofOKeola 365; NORMA ROMERO 12N Said ewillbe de(Whort nugu t3,1o, 18 $3,848.50, $1.24, 5265-2728- F ed WeeMixed Unk, DD-03, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, do notobje lothe use otthe Coun,Florida lthe Plan . Trinidad Ave NE Washington, cov8nant5,orw ,8xpRN L 170088 27N; JERRY w FAIRLEY a 44nvEN, 11v2014, 52661324- L Tw ee. t ee toreclosu procedu,Tog&her w h Me right to DC 2 02, WTA, 302, 45, or implied, ga ing Methla, SHIRW D FAIRW 12341 NO, $4,242.82, S1g3; Juan M QNIBrr A - NoncE OF you will not be subject to a occupy, pursuant to he Plan, EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeklFhed poss6uion or encumbrances) Colinwood cl Laumibug, NC Ca llo and Maria E Chava a, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO daficiency judgmant even rf 8uilding-Unk (SEE HIB Unk, $2,070.10, $0.62, 5266- to paythe unpaid ass8Nm8nts NO ICE OF TRumE's 28352, B, 1722, 4, ODD, 1/2, Po Box 465 1250, EKaz,FORECLOSE the proceeds hDm the sale A,during Unk Week(s) 359-365; MIRIAM CECIUA due in the an unt ot (See SALE v ueseason-noatweeklFloat San Jos . COSTA RICA, 112 Owne s)/Obligo s), Timeshare of your timesha inte (SEE HIB A . during ORTIZ DE BERNAL B YALILA Exhibk .A,wrfh inte st WESTGATE vAcAnoN Unrt, $2,570.42, $0.83, 5265- F ed WeeMixed Unk, FF-12, lnte st, Building-Unk, weew a insumciant to oWs& the Assigned Yaar- (SEE WHIB GUISELLE BERNAL ORTIZ a a wing the te of (See VIL@ II .0244 2728-2733; yEVEN, 11v2014. 52661324- ANign8d Year, Default Da e, amounts secu d by tha lian. "A' . 7600 w o Bronson LIDA MARGARITA BERNAL Exhibrf A per day. punuant to IBROWN) Augurt 3, 10, 18 NO, $2,685.12, $1.93: Ehain Boo Page ot Recoded Lien. 8y: GREENSPOON MARDER, M&norialHighway, KiNimm86. ORTIZ Canara 12 w 140-91 the Tl Bsha Plan, advanc,On 0&28n018 at 11:00 am. L1697 6 Mun DeAb u Jrand Maya un . Per Diem un Tw 68. FL 34747 (he in Tlme Sha lnterior 3 Apt 311 Edmcio rf any, und8rth6t8rms ofsaid GREENSPOON MARDER, L Caceres. 1917 lsland vlew exa Gonzal6z, B574 A hena WHIBIT "n" - NOTICE OF Plan (Ploperty) Add w ) Bosque Panorg Bo a, Cl m of L6n. thag6s and L 201 E. Pin6 St t, Surfe Cou,Mesquka, TX 75149, Ct, Lehigh Awes, FL 339T1- DEFAULT AND INnNT TO WESTGATE TOWERS NORTH COLOMB ,WT 4O3,8, D, e sas ofthem and of 5,O ando, Florida 32801, OEOU.AULTAND 112 Fixed W Fixed Unrf, 3752. 1/2 Fixed, E-01. 40/ FORECLOSE 7600W.| o B nson Memorial 1 2. F ed M ed Unk, thetwstsc tadbysaidClaim as Tru ee punuant to Mat INTENT TO FORECLOSE FF-12, 27 0DD, 1 2015, ODD, 1 2015, 5288/2689- owner(sVoblig (s), Ti asha Highway Kissimmee, FL 3474T S3,o89.96, $0.92, 5266359- of Len. Obligo s) shall hav6 the Appointmenl of T ee wEsTGAn vhcAnoN 526 324-330. $2,501.62. 2693, $2.476.23, $1.31; Daniel lnte,Building-Unk, WeeW Said sale willbe mad6(w ho k 365; ROSA MAR MORAN rigMtocuRth8d au andany r oded on 03271201 8 L wl FILE: 2Tr . $1.30: Ca os Armendariz R Copas. 22 Sowhheld Rd, AMign8d Yaar, DetauN Date, cov8nants,orwa anty,8xp N cAsnJoN a KAR JADIRA juniorlienhold& sh lhavethe in omci Reco s Book Punuant to &ion 721.855. and Silvia Flo s, Francisto Middle lsland, NY 11953- BooklPage ot Racorded Len. or implied, gading the thle, ZUNIGA Colonia Sat&ha 5 rightto deem m int up 5307, and Page 1192, of the Flonda es. 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WTA. 410, 34, 0.89. 5z w2-358; DANNY Wui,F 34T41, the Balion otCovenen,1 21 sw 9&h Ave, Mlan,S1.31;Jo V andCa a FL 33467, 1 2Fixed w F41659, F rt Bah,ODD. 1n, F wad R MULLINS 1071 MEADOW &| rigM, M and t in Condk ns and R t ons FL M176, 1n F ad M R s. 2 N Pa de, F ed Unk, U-I7, 11nwN, W,143,M, N,1n,Fw Unk, M,o89.96, 0.92. 5266 LANECOLUMBUS,OH432O7. Ma pD s ated in la lor 18 rt a V&c n F ed Unh. YD7, 2 EN, C o, IL 9, 1n Fix6d 1M016, 266 334-339, Fixed Un,S1,156.6O, 359-365; JORGE @nuo wTA,2o5,27,MN,1n,nxed Cou SCEOLA, Fbrida, Vlllas wl. 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As a S2,685.12, S1.93: ail A RenaWa K W eside, 473 E 82.oo; Ca os H8mand6z RdC llo,CA93O1O-9120, AKA RENE VELASCO a 358; JORGE L HERNANDQ during ksigned ear - (SEE r6wW ot e ato & oned Moo ,434 Longwood Ct Apt Kodiak,KaGhi, KS 67 7- and Llliana Caba, Ma ella W,636,3,ODD.1 2.F ad ROSA M DE VELASCO Ave 708 BANCHORY COURT HIBIT .A . wEsTGAn detauW,We gateha byele s G. Baton Ro LA 7 . 7609,1 F 8dW88klFlx6d Unk, w14 Fratt Vist Esmeralda, Wee Fixad Unrt, S2,34o.85, Ateos Block T 12 Utb Ja NTJOHNS,FL3W59,WT VACATION VILLAS 77 to sel the p p punuant and Slalla M dald, 18428 E-10, 41 H0U, 11N015, At an, gol, E ado De $0.77, 52N-213-215; JAMES D6 La Li d Me iol, EL 205,40,0DD,1n,F w Wertg&e Bhd. Mim . to S ion 721.8,Florida p nt&ion Bhd, p villa. LA 528&2689-2693, g3,722.71, Mexito, M IC(5293O, 1n M FETcHaJANlcEM FETCH SALVADOR, WT8, 215, 12, Flxed Unrf, g3.o89.96. to.92. FL 3474T Said s&le will be Slalrtes. 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Flxed Unh, E-11, 3610DD, p Espana and MbP Espana, Unrf, $2,340.85, So.77, 5253- PINILLOS Granja Sta Monita LIMmD L BILnv COMPANY or encumb nces) to pay the t incu by We g e in nugurt3,1o, 18 11v2014, 528812689-2693, 833 Brentwood r, Norfolk, 213-215; Ent daPrincip Bosq Dea 1220 Norm Mark& W et unp d princip& balance due tom ncing is bRclosu L17OO2O $2,893.83, $1.25; Nancy Jo VA 23518, 112 AISeasonFloat Augu I3,1O, 18 Lutas Coacomal San Lua Ste 808 Wilmington, DE under Me mortgage in Me pD N) wkhin Mirty I30) Da dson, 4611 w Lakesho weenloat Unrt,LL-310, 24T L17OO87 Sacat u6I, GuAnMALA, 19801, WTA, 208, 24, NEN, unt ot (See Exhibk A , days hom the fim date of Dr, MKullom Lake, IL 6 50- EVEN, 7/11201F 52671334- wrB, 215. 15. EVEN, 1 2, 1n, F ed WeeklF ed Unh, whh int aK ing & e publw n, Me undenigned NoncE OF DEFnuLT AND 2417, 1n Fix6d WeaklFixed 340, $949.25, D.g3; Je e F ed WaeMixed Unk. 82,o42.65. So.62. 5266-352- rae ot (See Exhibh A per Twste& sh,pD wkh INnNT TO FORECLOSE Unrt, F-03, 51EVEN, 1/v2014, T Bringle and Bh A 8ringle, NOTICE OF TRusnE's $3,303.90, 8o.89, 5266-359- 358; OZEU JULIUS 7503 day, punuantto the Morfgage, the s e of We PDp8r as wuTGnTE vncAnoN 528&2689-2693, 82,62o.98, 613 Hummingbil Ct, Saint SUE 365; GUSTAVO JOSE SILVA 2ND AVE s BIRMINGHAM,AL advences, rf anS, under Me pDvid8d in &on 721.855, UAS x nu: m . 1 $1.92. Johns, FL 3229, rt Fixed WESTGATE TOWERS,GOMUCalle81,7368ogda, 352,WT 304, 46, EVEN, tenw of s Mortgage, Florida Stalrtes, in which,Punuant to S ion 721.855, Augusl3,1O, I8 WeeWFixed Unk,MM-02, 261 2Tr5T.0111 (Lnvo COLOMB#, WTB, 217, 37, 1 2, Fwed W M Unh, chag85 and expenses ot th6 undenigned T ee shall: Florida Statrtes, WESTGATE L17OO15 EVEN. 11V201E 5267 334- On 0812&2018 at 11: am, EVEN, 112. Fix6d W w6d S3,3o3 So.89, 5266-N2- the T ee and ot the tw s (1) PDvid8 you wkh wrmen VACATION LLAS OWNERS 340, 81,246.28, 1.18; David GREENSPOON MARDER, Unrf, W,3o3.9o, $0.89. 52 - 358; nRE p ROLLINS 701 c ated by said Mortgaga. notic6 ot the sale, including ANoclAnoN, INC. Sco Cash, 11 Poinciana LLP, 201 E. Pine St &, Surfe 359-365; LUIS MARTINU MAsnRRoGLwALuN,vA Mortgagor(sl shell have Me the d e. ti P and lotation e inaWer rete to as NOTICE OF DEFhULT AND Drive,KeyLago,LMo37,1n 500, O ando, norida 32801, a MAR GARC Urb Do,23059, WT 3,17, EVEN, right to cu e de1auW and th&eor. (2) Record the notica ertgate,has rded a INnNTTo FORECLOSE #lseasonFloawanloatunrf, as Twstae punuant to th No 6 Ave12 Con cele 34E 1n, Fwed W M Unk, anyjuniorlienholder shallhave otsale inth6 Publ Re ds Claim ot B in the nt wEnGnTE v^c^noN MM-04, 45nvEl, 7n12016. Appoint nt of T rtee Ma caibo,VENUUELA,WTC, S2,o7o.1o, $0.62, 5266-352- the right to Rd88m hs inte otOK laCoun ,Fbrida;and of (s Ewhibk A,wrfh LLAS FILE: 2TT . 5266 334-339, $1,170.20, rded on 411912018 in 121, 37, EVEN, 1 2. F ed 358; RANDVJ ROLUNS9421 up to tha dat6 the Tnaee (3)Publish acopyot 6 notice ime rt accwing atthe ree of Punuant to &ion 721.855, $1.14;nmothyvlole,8181&h omcial Recods Book N2O. W Mixed Unh, t2,428.48, Hunga Ridge Dr GI6n #len, iMu8s the amc&e ot Sa otsal8two(2) Bs,onc88ach (s68 Exhibk A perday, and Florida St&utes, WESTGATE st &,washineo,Dc 200,and Pa9e 534 of We Public $0.63, 5266-359-365; JUAN B VA23O6O,WT 3 ,1T,MN, by payingthe unts due as week, r two (2) w 6 lded in O.R. Book (See VACATION NLLAS OWNERS 1 F 8dWe6 ixd Unrf,MM- Recods ot OSCEOLA HUIZAR 6805 Lake Sho Dt 1 2, F 6d W Mixed Un,o lined above.By: da L w86ks. in an OK8ola County Exhibrf A .al qe(SeeExhib ASSOCIATION, INC. 07, 51 H0LE, 101v2015, Coun,Florida, by ason Portage, IN 4 . WTC, 125, S2,o7o.1o, to.62, 5266-352- Chap,o z Agent. newspaper, pDvid6d such a A . ofthe p llc Recods of ereinaWer re ed to as 52661334-M9, 83,614.44. ol a now tontinuing detauW 47, EVEN, 112, fixed kl 358:ALICIACALVARAD0 847 IBlr ^" - NoncE OF newsp exi s at We ti O la coumy, Florida, and We gate,has rded a $2.41; Angela Clu,138 by Obligo s). (See Exhibh F ed Unrf, S99,166,655 PadillaStUnrt2O4SanGabriel, TRusnE's MU ot publ hin W you,to tha undenigned Tw as Cl m ol Len in we unt Mill St, wallkill, lv 12589, 2 A,whose Bdd ss is TSee $0.89, 5266-359-365; CA91776,WTA,3O9,29,ODD, Owna s) Add N Bullding cu the de uW as sel torm appoint8dbyW8stgale.h6 by ot (See Exhibit wA,wrfh F 6d WeeWFixel Unrt, MM- Exhibk A,inthe pay entor RO8ERTAHOWE1119O hard 112. F ed W M Unk, Unk Week Ye TS Und id6d in this notic6 or take otner lom,notmes (Sae Ekhibrt inte aKwing at etate of 11, 19 H0LE 1n12016, perbn nce otMe obligations Vlew Road Reuding, PA1,M,o89 So.92, 5266-352- lnte Season Amount p& appDpriat8 arfion wkh gald .A") Wat dueto yourt lu to (s Exhibk A per day, and 52671334-340, $955.00, Bu d by seid Claim of Len WTC,126,18,EVEN,1 2.F ad 358;R0MANAPERQ16N EL Diem MTG Raclnfo o thisfoBlosuR maner, you pay e annual asseNm8nt(sT rded in O.R. Book (See $0.47; Timothy R Connon co ed in omcial Racods WeeM ed Unh, $3,303.90, MOUNOSTREETALHAMBRA, EvERm N BROWN 10209 risk losing owenhip of your due on (s86 Exhibrf A") and Exhibrt A"),atPage(SeeExhibrf and Judrth A Comon, 118 N. Book (s86 Exhibrt A,at Page 8o.89, 5266-359-365; DAVID CA 91801, WTA. 309, 29, THUNDERCLOUD CT timeshaP inteP thDugh the all ass8Mment(sT Me aWer, A,otthe Public Recods of 5th St, FRmont, H 43420, 1 (See Exhibk.A ,ofthe Public J HOWE SR 50 Pleasam St ODD, 1n, F ed WeeWFixed SPRINGDALE, MD 20774- tw ae toBbsu pmedu you a cu t in de uW OKeola Coun . Florida, and Fixed WeeMix6d Unrf, NN- Recods ofOSCEOLA Coun,Hartland, ME 4943.WTC, 126, Unk, S3,O89.96, SO.92, 5266 2589, C, 1, 28, EVEN, 1n, ertablish in Serfion 721.855, ot your obligations to pay tha und6nign8d T 68 as 01, 1 H0LE, 11v2015, Florida, including the breach or 18, EVEN, 112, Fixed w86 352-358; IDA TOWNSEND 24 All Season-Float WeeMloat norida Statutes. You may assessments due to We gate appointed by We gate, hereby 52661334- 39, 83.722.71, defauW, no ce otwhich was set Flxed Unk, S3.3O3.9O, $0.89, COTrAGE LANE STARWLU. Unrf, $10,871.08. S4.4o, 4826- . choose to sign and send to onthefollowing d8Krib8d al formally no fies (See Exhib $2.46; Rosme fisse e torth in a Notice ofDe uH and 5266-359-365; REINFORD MS 39759,WTA,403, 1,EVEN, 21B; LANCE L CLARKE 24350 the undenigned t rtee an plop8r located in OK8ola A thatdueto your ilu to Gil Santos, Calle El Cua el lnlent to Fo close provided TRAIL a JOY TRAIL Blue Hills 112, Fixed Wee Flxed Unk, MAYDA RD ROSEDALE. NY obje ion torm, exe ising your Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk pay the annual ass8Nm8nt(s) 176, Los Lima es Nagua, lo he last known addPss ot Road Provinciales, TURKS- $2,070.10, SO.62. 5266-352- 11422-2M2, C, 5, 12, WHOLE, right to objert to the use ot the A") Time Sha lnte (s) due on (See Exhibrf A and DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 112 Obligo sl, (See Exhibh A,by CAICOS, WTC, 325, 16, NEN, 358: LUZ c DELGADO 109 1,All season-noat W Mlo t ee fo&losuP pmedure. (See Exhib A as defin6d in all aN8Nmem(s) the aW Fixed Waek F ed Unk, NN-02, certmadlRagistared Mail or by 112, Fixed WeeMixed Unk, cARPENnR AVE MERIDEN, UnW, $15,542.90, S7.62, 4958- Upon Me und8n n8dtw 88'5 me Declaration ot Covenants, you are cunantly in derauW 19/NEN, 4/212016, 5266/334- publication bythe undersigned $3,303.90, $0.89, 5266359- CT .WTA,4O3,19,EVEN, 860; KEISHA N CLARKE a