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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 PAGE 61B 20720. 112,Season-Flo 528812676-2681, S4.933.15, timeshare intePst thDugh the ot publishinq. lt you il to you a cunant in detauW &oded in O.R. Book (See uu x m . b an due under the Wee Float Unh, 4000-30, 21/ 82.43; David E Coop6r and trustee foreclosuR p cedure cu the deauW Bs sat torfh of your obligations to pay Exhib A,at Page(Sea Exhibrf IDELGnDo) Drfgag6 in th8 amount of ODD, 1124/2018, 528812983- Regina J Cooper, 11814 6stablish8d in Sertion 721 .855, in this notice or teke othet aueN Bnts due to We gate A . ot th6 Public Records ot On 0&2312018 11:00 mn, (s Exh A . wrfh interest 2988, $2,746.40, $1 .35; Mogan Horse T,Huntenville, Florida Statutes. You may appDpriate a ion wNh regad on the tollowing destribed al Os ola Coun . Florida. and GREENSPOON MARDER, aK ing al Me te ot (See Benjamin J Konrad, 1214 Snipe NC 28078, 112 Floating, 4000- choose to sign and send to o this I0&I05u mawer, you p p6r loc ed in OSt Me undenigned T ee as 201 E. Pine W &. SuWe Exhibh A per day, pursuant Courf, Hope Mills. NC 28348. 1 38B, 331EVEN. 1/V2016. the undenigned twstee an risk losing own8Rhip of your Coun,Florida: (S68 Exhibk appoi ed by We gate, he by 5,O ando, F rida 32801, lo Me Morfgage, advances, Fixed. 5300-5341, 41 H0LE, 528&2676-2681,$1 ,658.49, objertion torm, exercising your timesha inte rf th ugh the A Ti a Sha lme st(s) brmal notmes (See Exhibrf as Twstee punuant to tha rf any, under the terms of 1/v2014, 528812983-2988. $0.82: Jayne E Gair, 8 Fontburn, rightto objerttothe use ofthe twrtee foreclosu p tedu (See Ewhibh A") a5 defined in "A that due to your failuR to Appointment of T A86 said Mortgage. chages and $6,820.92, S3.36; B6njamin Amble Northumbe and twstee loBlosu procedu . 6 ablishedin &ion 721.855, Me Declaration ot Cov8nant5. pay Me annual ass8Nm8nt(s) &orded on 4119 2018 in 8xp6ns8s of the T stee and Lopez and Maria Femanda NE65OBL. ENGLAND. 1 All UponMeund signedt stee's Florida Sta utes. You may Condkions and Rertrirfions due on (See Exhibk A and omclal R8colds Book 5320, ot the t s c ated by sald Lopez. 9629 SW 152 Av, Miami, Season-Floa WeeMloat &eipt ot your signed objertion choose to sign and send to lor the Wa ate Vacation all assessma (s) therea er, and Page 718 of the Public Mo gage. Mo gagor(s) shall FL N196, 1 Floating, 5600- Unk, 4000-80, 25 H0LE, form, the toreclosure of the th6 undarsignad t stee an Villas xv, Gial Recods you a cu ent in de uW R8GOrds ot OKEOLA have the right to ture the 5627, 3 H0LE, 1/v201 5, 1/v201 5, 5288/2676-2681,lien wrfh respe to tha default obje ion lorm, exerclsing our Book 1072, at Page 1194, of ot your oblig&ions to pay Coun . Florida. by ason dafauW and any junior lienholder 5288 2983-2988, S5,273.44, $4,161.98, $2.05; Michaal T sp8cifi6d in this notice shall righlto objectlothe use o e the Publit Recods ofOK8ola ass8sM nts due to g e of a now con nuing de&W shall hava e right to redeem $2.60; Ancelmo Madera, 1806 Beadenkopf. 16308 Baden be subjart to the judicial t ee for8clo5u pDc8du . County, Florida (the Plan and on the following d8Krib8d al by Obligo s), TSee Mibk ks ime up to the date the N Mrd Ave, Stone Park. IL Naylor Rd. Brandywine, MD lo closuP pDt6dura on . Upontheundenign6dt 's all ndment(sl theao. rf pDp8rty IOGa8d in la A,whose add N is (S T rteeiswesMeCe lrltateof 60165, 112 Flxed Week/Float 20613. 112 Fixad. 5300-5346, You havetheright o ture your r6c8iptolyoursign8dobi8rtion any. Togeth wrth Me right to Coun Fbrida: (See Mibk Exhibrt A,in the pa t or S&ebypa ng eamountsdue Unk, 5700-5723, 2610DD, M/ODD, 11V2015,528&2676- detauW inthe manner setform form, the to&low of M6 ocwpy, punuant to tha p n. A,Sha lm8l8Ws) p6rfom nc8 ot the obligations as oullln above. By: Amanda 1/v2015, 528812983-2988, 2681, 83,252.75, S1.6o: inthisnoticeatanyti bafore lien whh Rsp6 toth8 detauW Building-Un (s) (See Exhibrt (See Exhib A a o ing to sew by s d Claim ot Len L.Chapman,ArthorizedAgent. 82,T46.4O, 81.35: Robert Leesa E B6ad8nkopf, 1 28 a undenigned urtee's sale spetmed in is noticB shall A,during Un W k(s) (S86 the D6tla tion ot Covenants, &orded in O cial R olds HIBrr A" - NOTICE OF J Palombo, 1439 NW 97th S n Lane, Hagemow, otyourtimeshareint .ltyou be subje to Me ludlcie Ewhibk A,du ng Assigned condkions and ri ions for Book(See Ewhibk A ,atPaqe TRusnE's SALE Te ace, Co,Springs. FL MD 21742, 112 Fixed, N - dondobi6cltotheus8otth8 fo&losuR pDc8du on . Yea s),(S Exhib A .77 We gate Towen, Bod8d (s68 Exhibrt.A ,ofthe Pubic Owne s) Add N Bullding 33071, 1 Value season-no 5346, 3310DD, 1/2n015, tw ee &losu pmedu,You havelha rigMto cu our We gate Blvd Ki5slmm88, in the O clal Retords Book Reco s ol OSCEOLA CouW, UnW w k Year TS Undivided WeeMloat Unk. -53A, 528&2676-2681,$3,252.75, you will not be subjert to a detauWinthe mannerset rth FL 34747 (herein Tlme Sha 1364, at Paga 427, ot the no da,includinqtheb ach or lnte n Amount Per -NB, 16, 1 EN, $1.6o; 8 Mac Adam deficiency judgment even if inMisnoticeatanytim6b&o (P pe y) Add N"). As a Public R6co s ot OK6ola detauW,noticeo whidwass& DiemMTGRetlnto EVEN, 11v2014, 52 983- and Ka& M Mac Adam, 590 the pDc88ds hom the sale the undersignedtw ee's sale r6suW of the afo mentioned CouW. Florida (Me Plan . rmln a Not eotDetauWand ANGELAcwHmaMATTHEW 2988, $4,0T4.52. S2.o1; Maria Main St t, Woodstock, ON ot your timesha inte st ofyourtlmesha ime st.Nyou d8tauW,W8 gat8h8 by8 rt5 Tog6h wrm e right to lntenl to Fo&lose pD d s wHm 20 Washin4on St Gabnella Ponte Jimen ,4311 N4S1V6, CANADA, 112 F ed. are insu cianl to omal the donotobjerttotheusaotMe to sell e p p&ly punuant wpy, punuant to the Plan, to 6 la known add ss or Unh 1 No Earton. MA sw 160th Avenue Apt 210, 5400-,ODD. 11v2015. amounls s6cured by the lien. t ee fo&los re pmedu,to &ion 721.855, Fbrida Unrt(s)(S Exhibrt A ,during oblig ls Mibh.A .by 2356, BBB, 3, 2. WHOLE, 1. Mir,FL MO27, 1 Value 528812676-2681, S2,746.4o. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, you will not besuble to a Statrtes. Pleasa ba advi98d Unh weeWs) (See Exhibk certm egi M,or by #| s n-noat WeeWFloat Season-Flo W Flo Unk, S1.35; Antonia One me, PO LLP, T ee. deficiancy judgBt even rf th in Me event Mat your A,during Asslgnad Yea s), publitation bythe un gned Unh, t12,436.w, $6.01, 4685- 58 -53A, 5800-NB, 16, Box627,BDnx,NY1O4N,1l2 NIBIT A" - NoncE OF the pDte8ds tom the saB obligat nisnotb ughtcu& (See Exhibrt A .7 w o Tw ea, will sell public 565; JAMES M DENSON B 16nvEN, WEN, 11v2014. Flo ing, 550 5524, 8 0DD, DEFAULT nND INTENT TO of your ti B inle [lncludingthe payTant otany B n5on Me rial Highway, auction to the highert bidder TRACEY Y DENSON 714 5288n983-2988, a,o74.52, 1/v2015, 52 676-2681,FORECLOSE a insu ciem o oWset e f s incunad by We gate in KiNi,FL 34T4T, Building tor la ul mon ofthe Un ed Nlgh lnd Way Stockbridge, 82.o1: Erion Buza and Fabiola 83,253.4o, S1.6o; Deboa Owne sVObligo s). Tl sha unts secu,by th6 lien. com ncing this fo&losu me in Time Sha Plan Statas otA rica.on Mehont GA3O281,8BB,5,21,WHOLE, Bua 1725 Chuwh w &. khulz, 39126 D&Dk Rd. lnte,Building-Un,Wee By: GREENSP N MARDER, pD N) w hin thirty (30) (PDp Add ss"). As a rf6ps ot the OK8ola Coun 1,#| n-f1oatWee Float Conway, sc 29526, 112 #| Avon, OH 44011, 1/2 F ed, AMign8d Y6ar, DefauW D e, LLP, T stee. days hom the fint date ot wW o the ato mem ned courmous6, 2 courmouse UnW,t13,582.31, S6.55, 4107- season-noat WaeMloat Unh, 5600-5627, 7 0DD, 11212015, BooWPage of R6cod8d Lien, WHIBlr A" -NOTICE OF public ion, the undenigned de uW,We gateh&abyele s Squa,Kissim,Florida 2702; TAMARA M HAASE a 59 -110D, 1010DD, 11u2015. 528&2676-2681, S2, 46.4o, Amount, Per Diem Amount DEFAULT AN INTENT ro Tw ea sh,pDc88d wWh to sall the PD punuam 34741,allright.thleandim FREDJ HAASE2283Windland 528&2983-2988, S2,243.2o. 81.35: Whai T NgWen, 7014 Helen v Jackson and James FOREC.OSE the sale of the p perfy a5 to &ion 721.855, F rida in e pDp8rty s uat6din Ma Dr Law ville, GA 30044, $1.11; Anibal Caball8D and 3d AvB s, Minn lis, MN Jackson, 26 ood Dr, Owna sVObligo T, Tl sha pDvid8d in Se ion 721.855, SBrtes. Please be ed sed Coun ol OSCEOLA. norida, BBB, e. 6, WHOLE, 1, Flxed LssetRulan,6836SW16thCt, 55423. 1 Flo ing, 5T00- Jackson, TN 38305, 1 F ed lnte . Buildinl-Unk, w lorida rtes,inwhich,a in Ma ev&rt that your d8Krib8d as: (SEE HIB W Fb Unrt, 814,569.o4, Hol wood,FL33o23,1nvalue 5762, 28 H0LE, 1 v2015, WeeM ed Unk, PD1, 211 Assigned Year, DetauW Data, the undenigned Tw ee shall: obligation notbDughtcuat A Tl sha lnte ms)(sEE S5.91, 723; JOSEPHINE Season-Flo W Flo Unk, 528&2676-2681, S5,273.44, WHOLE, 11N015, 52881270 8ooWPaga of &oded L6n, (1) p vide you whh wrmen (iMluding M6 paym6nt ot any HIB .A a ordingto e L BRm 21021 Crazy Ln 59 -207D, 4510DD, 11v2015, $2.60: El abeth Ma D, 2T80 2703, S3,722.71,$2.52; Amount. p& D m A Dunt notice ot the sale, including t s incu by Agate in fi SharingPlantorWe gate RehoboM B6ach, DE 19971, 528812983-2988, S1,677.13, Nngsbridge Te a Apt 5B, William J Gillespie and June Rithard J Buahowski end the d e, ti and location com nting thls fo clow Vacation Vlllas, XIX, O ciel BBB, 6, 46, ODD, 1/2, All 8o.83; Te Munoz, 1431 BDnx,NY1O463, 1 2 Floa ng, Gillespie, 21 c Shol8 Rd. Maga t A Buakowsh, clo the r, (2) Recod the notice pm8N) wWhln thir (30) Recods Book 1132, Paga n-Float W Float Unil. Ford Cirtle. Lehigh Ac,FL 5700-5766, 4V0DD, 11v2015, North Aynhi,Skelmo i, Robe Buubwski, 804 ot sale in lhe Public Reco s days hom tha Rm dee of 1485,otthe PubliG Re rdsot t9,O44.TO, S4.31, 4989-825: 33936. 1 Value Season-Flo 528an676-2681, S3,253.4o, SCOTLAND PA175EH, 1 Fixed Winthester Dr, W6Amlnst8r, ot Osceola Coun,Florida; and publieion, the undenlgned OK la CouW, Florida ( e CHRISTOPHER T PARKER wee noat Unk, B-1515, 21 $1.60; Melissa J Geoge 917 W klFlw6d Un,p-04, 131 MD 21157, 1 Fixed w (3lPublishacopyofW6notic6 Trurt68 shall pm wWh .Plan .Tog&h&w h 18rigM 6 SHERRV A PARKER 4644 WHOLE. 1 v2016, 528&2983- E Chu h St &, Union c y, WHOLE, 11v2015, 5288/2700- Fixed Unit,aa- ,42 HOLE, o sale o(2Ttln s,onceeach Me sale ot the PDp8rty as tooccupy,punuanlto ePlan. sh&by Ci la G wood. IN 2988, S3,412.72, S1.68. TN 38261, 112 Floeing, 5900- 2703, $2,446.72, $1.85; Olga 11v2016, 281/8 -812, w86k, tor two (2) SUGC6N 8 pDvidad in on 721.855, Building-Unrt (SEE HIB 46143, KC, 7, 47, WHOLE, A urf 3, 10, 18 109B, 4V0DD, 1/v2015, M Saavedra, Calle152 N 53A- 82,414.56, S1.e; Ma o A weeks. in an OK8ola County nondaslaM6s,inwhid . .A,during Unrf Week (SEE 1 n-no WeeWFloat L 169762 528&2676-2681, S2.596.4o. 20 lo 502,12, Bogota. Chacon and B Chacon, n8wspap6r, pDvid8d wch a e undenigned T ee sh |: HIB A,duriq AN n8d UnW, t18,556.48. S7.58, 4872- S1.28:fi Dthy D Geoge,917 COL MB,1 F ed Wee UrbLasLomasheSuc a, news exirts at the tln (1) p vide you whh wr en Yeat - (SEE IB A . 192; YSIB205MillPond E Church St t, Union c y, Fix6d Unrf, p-06, 42 H0U, Nel KarinaNu T173,B ot publishi w you f,to notice of the sBB, including wEsTGATEvAcAnoN VILLAS AveMiWon,DE19968,CCC,12, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND TN 38261, 1 2 Floating, 5 1 2015, 528&2700-2703, Cri obal, NNPUELA. 1n cu Me d uW as B for th6 dale, ti and bc ion 7700 westq&e Boulevard 4,WH0U,1, ISeason-Float INnNT ro FORECLOSE 109B, 4V0DD, 1M015, g3,722.71, S2.52; Ga K Fixad Mix&Unrt,aa-09, in mis notice or take om& th& f, (2) R ord the not Mimm,L 34747 Said Wee Flo Unk, $14,849.18, WESTGATE TOWN cENnR 52 676-2681, S2,596.4o, Cowlay Jr, 2016 Manton St, 371EVEN, 1121z,52811806- appDpri 8 arfion wkh gad of s&e in the Publlt Reco s s e will b6 de (w hout S5.21, 4768-1023; CYNTHIA FIU: .O S1.28: Jeny Bugin and Joan Philadelphia, PA 19146-4328, 812, 81,258.96. 1.21; Nelson to thi5 to&losu ma er, you ofOwaola County, Flo da;and cov6nants,orw ty,6xp N M LANHAM a CUFFORD w Punuam to &ion 721.855, Bugin, 11121 S aWold Way, Tyrika s Cowlay, 5 5 N Hernandez a J8an8n8 risk losing ownenhip ot your (3) Publish a copy orthe noti or implled, gading Me tkle, LANHAM 1 Chantilly Lane Florida Sl rtes. WESTGATE Firnen, IN 46038, 1n Flxed, Ma ine St, Philadelphia, PA Hemandez, 36 Weshin2on timasha inte lhrough th6 ofsaletwo(2)tin s,onceeach poN8ssion or encu a) Madison, AL 35758, ww, 4, TOWN cENnR OWNERS 5900-505A, 610DD, 11v2015, 19141. 112 All S6ason-Float Avenue, AmWWiB, NY 11 01, t stee toBlosu protedu week, tor two I2) SUCC8NIV8 to paythaunpaid aM ts 34,MN,1n,Allseason-Float AMoc noN, INC. 528812676-2681, $2,634.31, WeeMloat Unk, p-11, 201 112 Fixed We&Fixad Unk, esteblishedinSe ion721.855, w hs, in an O la Coun due in We um ot (s WeeM & Unk, $8,963.90. 6 inaWar t to as $1.30;2710388rnic6ESt8wa ODD, 11v2014, 528812700- RR-03, 201,1 2 014, Florida S t rtes. You n y newspap&, pDvld sud a Mibh .A,w h ime W.5T, 46N-568: ABRAHAM Westg e . has rded a Rollins, 217 S 4lh St et, 2703,$3,755.49,$1.31;Mawn 52811806-612, $2,685.12, thoose to sign and send to nawspap& ex s at the ti a wing the Be of (s MEOINA ISMAEL MEDINA Claim of Len in the amount Hookerton,NC28538,2Fixed, Nea,1 E Nola Dr, Clever, 81.94; Ma J o and PauB th6 undenigned h ee an of publishin w you 1,to Exhibk.A p day,punuamto a MAR MEDINA B KAREN of (See Exhibh A,wkh 6000-34c, -34D, 15, 15 MO 1-6669,1F edWeehl L OWo, w348s37o Coloni& obi ion rm,exe isingrour w the de uW a5 theTl she Plan,advanc,MEDINA 11 w Mon ana i &e actwing althe le ot WHOU, WHOU, 1/v2014, F ed Unk, a-01, 35 H0LE, Drive, Eagle, w 53119-1341, righttoobjerftothauseo Me in is no or tBk6 other rf any, und&thetanw ofsaid Chicago,IL6O639,WW a ww, (See Exhibk A p day, and 528&2676-2681, S6,527.99, 71u2015, 528&27 2703. 112 Fixed wed UnW, twA86 osu pmadu . appDpri 8 artion w h gad Claim of Lien, chages and 10a13,24a24,0DDaEvEN, r dad in O.R. Book (See S3.22; Ebony p ano, 314 Foy $3,650.N,$2.48:NickLF nch RR-05, 1410Dl. 1W12014. Uponth6und8nign8dtw 66's to this &losu maw6r, you expensesottheT and ot 1, All Season-Float Wee Exhibh.A ,alPag8(S86Exhibk Ave, Lexington, NC 27292, 2 and Lula s F nch, 571 Watson 5281/8 -812, $3,986.T6. iptotyoursigned obj ion risk losing ownenhlp ot your th6tw sc t8d bysaid Cl m Float UnW a All Season-Float A,of e Public Recods of F ed, -34C, -34D, Road. E ang6r, KY 41018, S1.31; Curtis h Turner and torm, the toBlosu of the timesha int6r8 thDugh the ofL8n.Obligo s)shallhav8th6 Weeklflo& Unh. 811,592.57. Oweo County, norida, and 15, 15 H0LE, WHOLE, 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, Davida Tumer, 5201 Haines li8n wkh Rsp8rttoth8 datauW t stee b&losu pDc8du righttoGu th8d6tauWandany S5.57, 4177-1836; VALERIE L Me undenigned T ee as 11v2014, 528&2676-2681, a-02, 501WH0LE, 1/212015, Rd. G enwood MO 64034, spacified in this notice shall 6 ablishad in &ion 721.855, junior lienholder sh&| have the MC DOWEU 6213 85th Place appointed byWe gate,h&eby 86,527.99, $3.22; Aaron T 528&2700-2703, 83,722.71, 112 Fixed WeB Fixed Unrf, be subjett to tha judicial norida S rtes. You By rightto daem hsim rt up Hyab lle,MD2o784,ww,I3, formal notmes (See Exhibrf HamiWon, 5803 Mu ang Ct, $2.52; Alberfo A Barb&, 6210 RR-05, 15/0DD, 112/2014, fo closu procedu on . choose to s n and send to to e date e T ee isw 50,MN,1n,#lsaason-Float A Mat due to your t lu to lndianapolis,IN 46228, 1 Valu6 s Dale Mab HWY APT 1, 5281/806-812, $3,986.T6, Vou hav6th8 rightto GU OUr the undenigned tw 68 an theCerfiWeotSa bypa ng g Unrf, $6,713.60. pay the annual ass8Mmant(s) Season-Float WeehlFloat Unrf, Tampa, FL 33611-4830, 1/2 $1.31; Ga c Riggs Sr, 2433 defauN in the ner B orth obi ion form, exe ising your the an ums due as oMined 36-2718; dua on (See Exhib A and B-1308, 44 H0LE, 11v2015, All Season-Float WeeMloat Gr nland Ct, PuntaGo a,FL inthis noticeatanyti be rightto objerttothe use otthe above. By: GREENSPOON hugurt3.1O, 18 all ass8Nm8nt(s) the aWar, 528&2676-2681, S5,273.44, Un,Q-10, 4010DD, 11V2015. 33983-8669. Diana Riggs, I534 the undenigned t ae's sale tw &losu p c6du . MARDER, LLP, Tw ee. L 169749 you a tu ent in da uN $2.60; David Van Gompel and 528&2700-2703, S2,476.43, Do he er w, Porf Cha o e, otyourtim8sha int6 . ltyou Upon the undenigned t rtea's HIBrr A" - NoncE OF of your obligations to pay Ca lerine Van Gompel, 3 $1.31; Ehen c Diaz and Hazel FL M952-24,112 Fixed do notobjarttothe use otthe B8iptofyoursqn8dobl ion TRusnE's SAU ass8Mn ms due to We gate Condor Place. Winnipeg. MB CCaponong,91447thStFc#3, Wee Fixed Unrf, RR-07, 4v tw ee loBlosu p cedu,lorm, the bBosu ot the Own6 s) Add ss Building NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S onthetolb ng deKrib8d R2R1W2, CANAD 1/2 V u6 B ok n. NY 11219, 1 Fixed EVEN, 112 014, 52811806- you will not be subjact to a lien w hrespettto ha defauW Unk w68k YearTS Undivided MLE pD loc in OK la Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, WeeMixed Unrt, Q-10, 51/ 812, $4,242.82, $1.94; Ann daficiency judgmant evan rf specmed in this notlce shall lntere Season A Dunt Per wEsTGAn VACATION Coun . Florida: (s Ewhibk B-1609, 1&0DD, 11v2015, WHOU,1/V2O15,5288/27OO- c Mack, Po Box 682646, the pmeeds f m tha sale be subjert to tha judicial DiemCOLReclnfo LLns .0246 A Tln Sha lm8 (5) 528&2676-2681,$2,746.40, 2703, $3,722.71,$2.52: Orlando, FL 32868-2646, 112 ot your timesha inte st fo&losuR pD du on . SILV# DELGADO 420 (JIMENV (s68 Exhib A aKoding $1.35: Russel A K6 8r, 515 Elizabeth Kel,1668 Blossom Fixed Wee Fixed Unh, RR-11, a insu cient to of & tha You havethe rightto w your Lodgepole Cir ParachLrt8, On 018 at 11:00 am, to the fi Bsharing Plan tor John Muir Drive ApQ319. Ter. Lady Lake, FL 32162, 3510DD. 11v2014. 52811806- an ounls Bu d by the lien. de uWin e ners&torfh CO 81635-9572, FFF, 5, 15, GREENSPOON MARDER. ` th6 We g e Town Center, San FranGisco, CA 94132, 1l2 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unk. 812,$4,148.13.8l.31:Reginald By: GREENSPOON MARDER, lnth noticeatanyti abeto ODD, 1 2, F 6d WeeM ed 201 E. Pine St et. Suite recodedintheomcialReco s Floa ing, B-1802, 3T10DD, R-08, 19 H0U, 11V2D15, DGDWlll&ndAnd wG Wand L T rt . te und igned burf 's 5al8 Un,$2,456.99, So.83, 5266 5,O ando, Florida 32801, Book 1564, Page 1479, of 11u2015, 528&2676-2681, 528&2700-2703, 83,722.71, D orahGroW,2 4FALMOW EXNIBIT n" - NoncE OF otyourti a int .Wyou M1-3M; GREG DEL as Tru punuam lo lhat t p b R rd5 ofOs a S2, 46.4o, S1.35; Wirapong S2.52; ScoW ShaRer, 51 RD, Fal Drth, E 04105, 112 DEFhULT hND INTENT TO do notobjertto e use otMe 32956 R er FDntag8 Rd siw, Appolntm t ot Twstee Coun,norida he .Plan . N ga.515JohnMuirDrive K rer Way Machanicsbug, Fixad WeeMix Unk, RR-12. FORECL E tw ee to closu pDc6du,CO 81&52-9573, FFF, 5, I5, Bo 8d on 03/27/2018 Tog&her w the right to AptA319. San F nciKo, CA PA 17055, 1 Fixed w 44 NEN, 1 N016,52811 owne sVobligo sl. Tlm85ha you will not b6 subi to a ODD. 1k, F ed WeeMixed in O cial Retods Book occupy, punuam to Me Plan, 94132, 112 Floating. B-1802, Fixed Unk, R-11, 51 H0U, 812, S1,249.28, S1.2O; Steven lnta,Building-Un . WeeW deficiency judgn nt avan rf Un,$2,456.99, $0.83, 5266- 5307, and Page 1381, ot the Unk(s)IS Exhibk.A ,during 3T10DD. 11v2015,528&2676- 10M015, 528&2700-2703, J BaNtord, 15 Lanta er w, Assigned Year, De uW Date, the pDc88ds hom tha sale 331-N3; KAREN M CURREY Public R8colds ot OSCEOLA Unrt k(s) (S Exh rt A,2681,82.746.4o. 81.35. S3,614.44, 82.46; Zhong Hua Fo ed R er, NJ 08731-5657, Boo Paga ot Racoded Lien, of your limesha lntal8 3 2 F nk Tu Dr, Plainfield, County, Florida, by ason during Assign6d YQs). (S68 Augu8t3,1O, 18 L and Zhong Lang Li, 1830 Gianna Bassfod. 33 Sunset Amount. P6r Diem Amou a insumcienl to oWset the IL 60586-8674, FFF. 14, 16. of a now continuing default ExhibW A . 7700 w qaa L1697 w &h St. 2nd Roor, B ok n, Dr,ForkadR er,NJO8731,1 2 Fidel Valle and Rosa M &nounts sew d by Ma lien. ODD, 1 2, F ed Wee F ed by Morfgago s), (See Exhlblt Bhd Mim,FL 34 47, NY 11223, 1 Fixad Waak/ Fixad WaeklFlxed Unh, RR-12, Rodriguez De Valle, Ped D6 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Unh, 83,95o.74, S1.18, 5266 A,whose add N is (See Bu ding e in finP Sha Fixed Unk, R-12, M HOLE, 5010DD, 1121z014, 52811806- Alvarado 675, Fract Reforma, P.A Tm 88. N1-3N: JOHN v CURREY Mbk A,in Me paymentor Plan (Plop8rt Add u"). As NOTICE OF DEFAULr AND 1/v2015, 528812700-2703, 812, S3,986.76, $1.31; veracruz, M ICO 91919, 1 2 NIBrr A" - NoncE OF JR 1719 Caton Ridqa Dr w De m nce otthe obligations a suW ot Me ato mentioned INTENT TO FORECLOSE $3,713.13, $2.51. Cornelius RWhWeand R6ch8|I8 F ed W M ed Unk, LL-104, DEF^ULT hND INnNT TO Pl nfi6ld,IL6O544, FF,14,16, Bu by a Mo gage d&ault. gate ha by ele s wuTGAn vhcAnoN Augu t3, 10, 18 M Whke, 2903 Richland Spring, 3V0DD, 11N015, 52 2- FORECLOSL ODD, 1n, F ed WeeklFwed ed in O cial Records to sell the Prope y puRuant VIUAS,FILL ZTT . L169759 Suga and,TX 77479, 112 Fixed 2996, S2,o49.69, $1.06; Ray J Owne sVObl o s), fiea Unk, S3,95o.74, t1.18, 5266- Book(Sae Exhibrt.A"). al Page to Sartion 721.8M, Florida Punuant to S ion T21.855, WeeWFlxed Un ss-08, 4& T& ||, 9221 erton Pkwy lnte,Buildin nk, w86k, 331-3N; JEFF WHEELER a (See Exhibrt.A,ollhe Publlc St rfes. Pl be advised Florida StaMe5, wEsTGAn NEN, 1/2/2014. 52811806- Apt 168, Dallas, TX 75243- De uW D e, oklPage of TARA WHEELER 65 BenneW Pl R od5 ofOS EOLA Coun . th in the event M your vAcAnoN VIUAS OWNERS NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 812, 82,674.9o, S1.94; willle 3211, Pa la J Te ell, 4212 R orded B, A Dunt, Par Am Wille, NY117O1, |||,4, 16, Florida, intludinq the breach or obligation is not bDugMcun8nt ANoclAnoN, INC. INnNT TO FORECLOSE c Carter and Ronda A Carter, Fai ay Dr, Flowar Mound, TX Di8mAnDunt: ODD, 1n, Fixed W68M 8d deauw,noticeo which was set flMluding Me payPnt ot any me inaRer Pfe to as wuTGAn vncnTloN 16618 Jamestown Fo st Dr, 75028-8515, 112 Fixed Wee Ca os D Urdaneta, 6541 sw Unk, $3,950.74, 81.18, 5266- foMin a Notice ofDetaultand tees intu by w6 ga8 in We gate . has &oded a LLAS xvl FILE: 2r1 . Florissant,MO63O34-1708,112 Fixed Unk, LL-107. 4610DD, 41 N, Davie, FL 3M14, 331-N3: JOHN R CASSATA lntent to FoBlos8 provided com cing this foreclosu Claim ot Lien in tha amount Punuant to Sertion 721.855, Fixed Wea Fixed Unk, TT-02, 1/212015, 528812992-2996, 112 Fixad w ed UnW. JR 5797 Windhov Drive to le la known address of p c8s5) whhin thirty (30) ot (See Exhibk A,wkh florida Statutes, WESTGATE 4310DD, 11v2015, 52811806- S2,526.81, S1.31; Joyce M Harf WTA-104, 40 0DD, 1 2015, O ando, FL 32819, |||, 7, 10, Mortgago (See Exhlblt days hom the fim dale of inte st accwing at the rate of VACATION VILLAS OWNERS 812,$2,501.62, $1.31; B6rnad and Judrfh R Hart, 89 Covey 5281 786-7,S2,o31.32, WHOU, 1, F ed WeeM ed A . by e m eglstered publicaion, the und8 ign6d (S6a Exhibk A") per day, and ASSOCIATION, INC. Co on, 8025 Thus Rd, S nt Ct, Au in, m 78758, 1 2 F ad S1. ; Mario A Pe&, 1 Unrt, g3,722.71, S1.24, 52 M,or by public ion by the Twstee sh,pD whh Bod8d in O.R. Book (See mereina er te ad to as Loui5, MO 63114, 112 F Mixed Unrt, LL-210, 5 sw 307th sl, HoBead, FL M1-N3; und&signed Tw5t68, will sell the sale of the PDp8 y as Exhibrt A ,atPage(SeeEwhibk Westgate . has Bod8d a WeeWFiwed Un . TT-02, 50/ ODD, 1/2n015, 5288n992- MOM, and G8n6 so Rpes hugu I3,1O, 18 at public aurfion to the highest pDvid8d in Serfion 721.855, A"). ot the Public Records ot Claim ot Len in the a Dunt EVEN, 1l2no14, 5281 806- 2996, S2,o49.69, $1. : and L6sli6 Reyes. 137644 w L 169747 bidd& for law,money of Florida St es, in which,OK8ola Coun,Florida, and ol (See Ewhibk A,w h 812, $2,868.26, $1.85; Angala Stephane Fortin and Jeanne 149 Cr Ln, Miami, FL M186, the Un ad St es of Amerlta, the undenigned Tw ee shall: Ma undenign T ee as inter aKwing a the rat6 of C CoWon, 14030 Davey Dr, G ndin, 368 Eme -Gabou,Zaida R Reyes, 15240SW45th on the hont eps of the (1) p vide you wkh wrmen appointed by Wertg e, he by (See Exhibk A per day, and Florissan ,MO63D34-2516,1/2 Gatineau, Qc, CANADA T6,Apt G, Miami, FL 33185, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Osceola CouW Cou house, notita ot the sale, including to,notmes (See Exhibk r oded in O.R. Book TSee Fixed Wee Fixed Unrt, TT-02, J8V2R9, 112 Fixad WaeklFixad 112 Fixed Wee Fixed Un,snLE 2 Courthouse Square. the d e, ti P and location A th due to your failu to Exhibrt A ,atPage(SeeExhibrf 50/EVEN, 11v20.4, 52811806- Unrf, LL-311, 2/0DD, 1/v2015, WTA-306. NnvEN, 1M014, WUrGATE vnchnoN Kissimm68, Florida 34741, the or, I2) Recod the notice pay the annual assessment(s) A"), ot the Public R8cod5 ot 812, $2,868.26, 1.85: Ramon 5288/2992-2996, $1 .092.N, 5281 786-790, $2,983.68, LLAS rigM, tkle and interest ln ot sala in the Public Recods du6 on (See Exhibrt .'A and Osceola Coun,Florida, and A Diaz Sanchez and Aligna R $0.57; Dave T Wilcox and S1.47; Nel Hua ayQ Urb Nm the p s uated ln tne otOsceolaCoun ,horida;and all ass8Nm8nl(s) the aWer, the undersigned Trustee Bs Vazquez Morales c128 Calle Carol A Ertel, 13 Forman Dr, Chataria C le La Pradera On 0&23n018 11: am, CouW ot SCEOLA, Florida. (3) Publish a copy of the notice you are cu ently in default appointed by westgate, he by 3, Rio G nde, PR 00745, T nton, NJ 08690, 1 F ed 115 Apt 302. Di San Boja, GREENSPOON MARDER, deKrib8d as: ISEE EXHIBIT otsaletwol2)times,onceeach ot your obhgations to pay tormal notifies ( ee Exhibrt 112 Fixed WeeVFixad Unrt, W88Mix6d Unrf, LL-311. 51 Lma, PERU, 1n F ed w kl 201 E. Pine St &, Surfe A fin Sh& lnterest(s)(SEE week. tor two (2) succ8Niv8 aMessmants due to Westgate A that duato yourtailu to TT-09, 21nvE,1 v2016, WHOLE. 11v2015. 528 992- F ed Unrf,WTA4 .2VEVEN, 5 . O ando, Florida 32801, HIB A ac ding to thL weeks, in an Osteola Coun on th6 following d8Krib8d al pay the annual ass8ssm8nt(5) 52811806-812, S1.258.96, 2996, S3,o83.34, S2.o4: Gl n 11V2012, 5281 86T90. as T punua to that fi B Sharing PlanforWestgale newspaper, pDvd8d such a p party lotated in OK8ola due on (See Exhib wA and $1.21; Gavril limutiu and Nichols,5O26 B okfiald Driva. S2,983.68,S1.47;Rudy R Lepe Appoin nt ot Tw 68 VaBion fillas, lv, OWlclal newspapar exists at the time County, florida: (See Exhibk &| aN8u nt(s) a a er, Floa a Sim iu, z8o Sareh N, Forf Collins, co 80528, 1l2 and L8sli6 L Lg,182o Beath recorded on ' 2612018. R ods Book 0766, at Page of publishing. lt you il to A fi ShaR lnte rt(s) you aP Cut m in detauw Ea S oudsbu PA 18301- Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, MM-02, Pkwy w, Cape oral, FL 33914, in omcial R8cod5 Book 0854,ofth6 Public Records or w We detauW as set fo h (See Exhibk A as definedin of your obligations to pay 7932,1 Fixedw&nixed Unrf, 1510nD, 11v2015, 528812992- 1/2 Fixed WeeklF ed Unlt, 5357, and Page 195, ot the OK8ola Coun,Florlda (the in this notice or take oM6r the Decla tion of Covenants, aN8Nments due to WeAgate UU-02, 17 H0E, 11V2016, 2996, S2,526.81,$1.31; WTA-505, 17 EN, 1nn014, Public Recods of OSCEOLA Plan . Tog&her whh the right appropri 6 action wkh Rga Condrfions and R6 rirfions on the ollowing destribed real 5281/806-812, $55.00, $0.47; Ch 6s c Leo and K6r J L,5281 786-790, $2,983.68, County, Florida, by n toocwpy.punuanttothePlan. tothisto&losu maWer, you tor he Wertga e Vacation property located in Osteola Ronal Simon nd Blanca 95RunrfodRd.KingsPark,NY S1.47; Ericka Cousley, M44 ot a now continuing de uW 8ui ing-Un (SEE WHIBIT risk losing ownenhip of your vlllas vll, O cial Records Counly, Florida: (See Exhibk Simon,19O17Waior8 ohDr, 11754, 112 Fixed WeaM ed Falcon G ve, New Brauntels. by Morfgago s), (s Exhlbrf A . during Unk Week (SEE ti share inte through the Book 845, at Page 724, ofthe A") Tlme Sha lnte (s) Germanlown, M[ 20874, 112 Unrf,MM-O5,7lODD,1lV2O15, TX 78130 ch& E Dng, A,whose add w is (s HIB .A,during Asslgned tw ee toreclosure proceduP Public Records of Osceola (See Exhibrf A as defined in Fixed WeeklFixed nrt, uu-04, 528&2992-2996, S3,395.54, 115 JeW n Ave, Lehigh Exhibk A ,inu epayaor Yaar - (SEE HIBIT "A.'T. e ablishedin Section 721.855, Coun,Florida (the "Plan tha Declaration ot Covenants, 2VEVEN, 11v201, 52811806- $1.31: Roopchand Devou Ac&. FL N936, 1 2 Flxed perfom nce ofthe obligalions wEsTGAn VACATION VILLAS Florida Stalutes. You may and all amendment(s) theeto, Condkions and Ra rirfions 812,$1,25&.96,S21;Kenn&h and Deb athie D6voun. 4 A WMiwed Unh. WTA-509, secu by a Mortgage 7700 weAqate 8oulevar choose to 5ign and send to rfany.Togetherw hthenghtlo tor the We gate Vacation D Pawenon, 901 Cheval Ln. HewoodDr.LmhlancaRocks, 19nvEN. 1MO14, 5281 786- 0 6d in O cial R ord5 KiNim,L 3474T Sald lhe undenigned tw ee an occupy, punuant to the Plan, vlllas xvl, O cial R ords Upper Ma boD,MD 20772- Durban Sa,SOW AFRICA, 1 790, S2,oo8.57, So.99; Feliks Book(seeExhibrt A ,atPaqe sale will be made (without ob rtion torm, exe ising your Building-Unms) (See Exhibk Book 1072, at Page 1234, ot 5238, Michelle . p&n n. F ed W Mixed Unrf, MM- Sokolin and Yelena Sokolin, IS Exhibk A,ot Me Pubit covenams, orwa an,express rightto obi tothe use ot le .A,during Unh Week(sT (s lhe Public Recods of OK8ola 2021 Wint8gr68nPl, Rosedale, 05, 511WH0LE, 1/2n015, N Sp ce Lane, St an lsland, Retords ot OSCEOLA CouW, or implied, gading the tltle, tw ee toBlow pDceduR. Exhibk A,during Assigned Coun ,Florida(Me Plan")and MD 21237, 112 ixed Wee 5288n992-2996, $3,798.45, NY 10309, 112 F ed w Florida, includinqlhe b eGh or poss6Nion or encumbrantes Upon the undenigned t e6's Yea s), (See Exhib A . 77 all amendment(s) the to, it Fixed Unh, uu-,36nvEN, $2.52; lsella Julca, 952 w fioga Fixed Unrf, WT8-112, 201 detauW. notice o which was 5at to pay w unpaid princlpal ipt ot your signed objertion We ga e 8lvd KiNimm88, any. Tog&her wrfh the right to 1/V2014, S81/8O6-812, St, Allentown, PA 18103-4961. ODD, 11V2015, 5281 86-790, lorfh in a Noke of DetauW and b&an due under the torm, the &losu ot Me FL 34747. (he in Tl Sha occupy. punuant to the Plan, 84.242.82, S1.Q; Cedric 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, MM- S2,O31.32, S1. ; Clara lnas lntant to Fo&losB pD dBd Drtgag8 in e amount ot lien wrm sperftoMedefauW (PDp8rty) Addr8N"). As a Building-Un (sT Ts Exhibk Hawkins, 1189,Wert End 10, 33 H0LE, 112n014. Zamora.1163OPupBLlac Dir, to a la ow add u of (s68 Exhibh A,wkh lnterest sp6cm8d ln this notice rnall suN ol the ato mentioned wA,during Unk Week(s) TSee Ave Apt D9, FaaWevilla, AR 52 992-2996, $5.236.07, O ando, FL 32837, 112 Fwed Mortgago s). (s Exhib ing al e e of (Jee be subjert to the judici de uN,We gatehe byeB s Exhibrf A,during Assigned 72703-1138, Dl Hawkins, 83.25: Ra Dn Vazquez and M ed Unk, wfB-114, A,by am R8gi &Bd Exhib A p6rday, pursuant fo&losu procedu on . to sell the PDparty punuant Yea sl, (See Exhibk A . 7700 3935 Pa er Ave,Salnt Louis, Nildavazquez,23943sw11rm 4WN, 1nn012, 52811786- Mail or by publica on by e to e Mortgage, advantes, YouhavetherigMtocu your to &ion 721.855, Florida We e Bhd Mimm88, MO 63116, 112: 8d Ave, Ho 6ed, FL MO32, 790.t2,983.68,S1.47:Santiago und ned T rtee, will sell rf any, under the terms or d8tauWinth6 mann& Bfo h S trtes. Plaase be advis6d FL 747 me n fime Sha Fixed Unk, uu-o, 19 EN, N halie VBzqu6z, 12221 sw Olmos and Sandra Gonz ez, &publicaurtionto T8high8rt said Mortgage, thages and inthisnotit8&anytin betoR Mat ln Me event M your (PD ) Add N"). As a 11v2014, 581/8 -812, 26&h St, Hon ead, n Fuerfe Vantu 558, v le Lo biddar tor law,Dnay of 6xp8ns8s ot the Twstee and the undenigned t ee's s e oblig ionisnotbDughtcun8nt BuW ot the a Rn ntion8d $4,242.82,S1.94. NO32-7949, 112 Fixed Weakl Campino, Santiago De, CHILE, the Un ed slaes of Am6 ca, of the tw s c ated by said otyourtim6sha i .Wyou flncluding the pa t of any de uN, gate he byalerfs Auguat3, 10,Fixad Unrt, MM-11, 3610DD. 112 F ed WeeklF ed Unk, on the hont st ot the Mortgage. Mortgagor(s) shall do notobjertto e u58 ofthe 5 intu ed by gate in lo sell the PD punuant L16976O 11u2015, 52 2-2996, B-118, 6nvEN, 1 2012, O la County u ou98, hBv6 e right to cure the tm &I05u p u,Gomn ncing this &low to &ion 721.855, Florida S2,526.81, 81.31; Garman A 5281 66-790, 82,983.68, 2 Courthouse SquB,d&auWandanyjuniorlienholder you will not b6 wbj6rt to a pmess) wkhin Mir (30) Stat as. Please be advised Pabon and Aura J Briceno De S1.47; Federico Maya Leal KINla . norida 34741, shelhev8 I8 rightto redeem deficiency judgB even h day5 hom the fir d&e of that in the event th your NoncE OF DENULT^ND Pabon, Calle Vlllavendim and Ve n e atande, a all rigM, thle gnd int ln hs t& uptothe datethe Me pm s t m the sal6 public ion, the undenigned obligationlsnotb ugMcunant INnNr ro F ECLOSE Num. 2 1ED- . Vlllavede Gabri& 205, F Kionam mo the p p s &6d in M6 Tw 6C6 lfitateor ot your ti sha inte T ee sh&| pDc88d wkh ncludingthe gayn&totany wEsTGAn v cnnoN AWo, Madrid, sP N 28021. 1 lla Los ae,T&npico Coun SCEOL norid& S&Bbypa ng eamountsdue a insumciant to o et the the 5al8 of e p pet as eas incur d y W6 gat8 in Lus nLvrT . F ed kn ed Unrt, NN- 891,M IC,1n F ed d8K as: (SEE HIB asortl ve.8y:Amanda unts sew d by the lien. pDvid8d in &ion 721.855, Gomm8nting Mis to&losu Punuanl to n T21.B55, 01, 5VWH0LE, 1 015. Mb Un . WTC-125, .A Tl Sha lnt& (s)(SEE LCh,orizedAgent. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, noridaslatlrtas.inwhich,proc8M) wrmin Mir (30) Florida StgtL 6S, wEsTGAn 52 992-,S3,798.45, 23 0DD, 1 2015, 5281 786 HIBrr .A g o ing to Ma QNlalT n - NOTICE OF LL,T rt . We undenigned T ee shall: dBys hom Me firA d a ot VACATION VILL& OWNERS t2.52. 790, W.o26.46, 81. ; koW n sharing PBtorwg&e TRWE'S SALE HIBrr h" - NOTKE OF (1) p v 6 you w wriWen publi ion, Me undenigned Assoc noN, INC. nu urt3,1o, 18 D NoBe, 2 Clear BDok Vac& n Vlllas, a. Gle Own& s) Add M Building D nuLT nND,TO notice ot the s e, including T sh,pm d wkh me ina ar ta d to as L169761 Xing, K nebunk. ME,R ords Book 1123, al Pege UnW k Y TS Undivided FORECLOM e dae, ti and loca ion the sale of the PD as .We gate,hasr orded a 1 2 Fixed WaeklFwad Unh, 0 1,otthe Publ R6 ldsof lnte rt n Amount Per Owe sVO lgo fim a m f; (2) R8cold the not pDvid6d in &ion 721.855, Claim of Lian intha amount WTC-126, 510DD, 1 N015, Osc la County. 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