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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 60B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 torm. the to tlosure ot the oKupy. punuant to the Plan, 2n5T.01 6 227, 82,9o2.3o, 81.43: Gail p Diem Amount: n6wspap8r ew at Me time ot (S68 Exhibrf A,whh 31422. SAUDI IA; lian wrth spect to the detauW Unh(s) (Sae Exhibrt A"), duri unuant lo Sa ion Valley, 2009 Somerset St Ste Evelyn M Wans and Ca a D ol publirning. lt you t,o inte acc ing at tha rata or lnd n Namasivayam sp6cm8d in lhis notica shall Unh Week(s) (s68 Exhi 21 .855, Florida Stat 6s, 101, HyaWsvill6, MD 20782, WansTone 525 Pin8val6Av8, ture the d6 uW as & torth (See Ewhibk A per day, and Rajap y 69 Gold St w6B, be subje to th6 judicial A ), during Auigned Yea s), WESTGATE TOWERS 112 Flxed WeeMixed Unk, Distrirt He ts, MD 20747, 1 in this notica or take othar recordad in O.R. Book (s68 New York, NY 1 Bi ndra toBlosu p c6du only. Ts86 Exhibk A' . 7600 w o OWNERS AssoclAnoN, WTA-406, 3010DD, 11v2015, Fix6d WeeMixed Unit, 5100- appDpri 6 a ion wkh gad Exhibk.'A' ,atPage(SeeMibk Namas ayam Rajap y 156 You have th6 right to cu your BDnson Memorial Highway, INC. m8r6inaR8r fenad to 5277n22-227, $1,921.60, 5117, VWHOLE, 1/v2016, to lhis toBlosu ma you wA ), ot he Public Records ot warfhi nagarAnnex, Chena datauW in the mann6r set torth NNimm88. FL 34747, Building as W85tgat6,has tordad 8O.95; Susan A Reyolds, 5281/828-834, 85,277.89, risk losing ownanhip ot your Osteola County, Florida, and TamiUNadu. INDIA - 87, 1 in this notica at any time batora eRin Tlma Share Plan a Claim ot Lan in tha amount 34B16 Swan c Blvd Unk 28, &2.60; Juan v Vega, 10111 timesha int& through tha tha undanignad Twst86 as Floating, B-1412, 4VWH0LE, th6 undanigned t stee's sale proper ) Add N"). As a ot (See Mibk A"), wkh Richmond,MI48 2,1l2Fixed NW 24th Pl Apt 302, Sunrise, t stee to&low p tedu appoinled bywestgate,ha by 1M015, 528&2682-2688, ot yourtimesha interast. lfyou rewW ot the atorementioned inter t a ing at tha ta ot Wee xed Unrt, WTA-504, 5/ FL 33322, 1 Fixed Weeh/ tablish6din&ion721.855, tormally nolifies ( ae Exhibh $5,241.24, S2.58; Tony S&o, do not obj6rt to the use or the defauW, W6slgala haraby ele s (See Mibrf A per day, and ODD, 112 013, 5277 222-227, Fixed Unit, 5100-5123, 191 Florida St u es. You may "A") that dua to your tailu to 45 Pa Avanua Apt 2003, t ee toraclosu procedu,to sell the p perty punuant r orded in O.R. Book (See 82,o31.32, $1.00; A p Lewis, WHOLE, 11v2016, 5281 828- thoosa lo sign and ad to pay the annual asasm8nt(5) New Yor NY 10016 Vanessa you will not be subject to a to Se ion 721.855, Florida Ewhibrf A,at Page (See Exhibrf 2 Portland Lane, Sandys, 834, 84,498.2o, 82.22; Segio the und6nign8d tw ee an due on (Sea Exhibit A") and Y Tai, 10326 68TH AVE APT defitiency judgment even it Statutes. Please ba advis6d A,of the Public R6tord ot BERMUDA MAO4, 1 2 Fixad D Guadado an Ruth E5trada, obi ion torm, exe i ng our all ass6Mm6 (s) th6 aWar, 6C. For t Hills, NY 11375, the proceeds hom the sale that in the 8v6nt that your OK8ola Coun,Florida, and W86Mix8d Unk. WTA-505, Las Norias De Bajan #79, Frac right to obj6rtto e use o h6 you are cu ently in d6tauW 1n noating, B-1514, 451 ot your time5har8 interest obligationisnolb ughttu 6nl the und&5ign8d T st68 as 40 0DD, 11V2013, 5277/222- Hacienda Del Monta. Jesus w 86 to&low p u . ot your obligations to pay ODD, 1 2 015, 528812682- ara insuMcient to oWset th6 (including the paymant ot any appointed by w Sate, h6 by 227, $2,031.32, 81.oo; Jose N D6| Monte, Moralia 58350, Upon tha und gn tnlrt68's aN8uments du6 to Wa gate 2688, $2,746.40, $1.35; koW amounts secu d by tha lien. t68s incu ed by W6stgat8 in tormal notifi85 ( ee Ewhibrf Da Fraga,5O7 Cre Vlew Av6. M ICO, 1 Fixed Weehl Rtaiptotyoursign8dobj Dn onthetollowing described al 8 Hitks 6N9 Twin Bridg6s By: GREENSPOON MARDER, commenting this foraclosu A")tha dueto yourtailurato B6lnDnt, CA 94 2, 1/2 Flx6d Fix6d Unrf, 5100-5127, 5v torm, the to u ot th6 p per locat6d in O la Drive, zephymills, n N541, uP, T ee. proc s) wkhin thi y (30) pay the annual aamant(s) Wee xed Unh, WTA-505, WHOU, 11v2016, 5281 828- li6n wrth to le d&auW Coun,florida: (Sae Ewhibh 1n noating, B-1613, 4&0DD, WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF days hom the first date ot due on (See Exhibk A") and 411EVEN, 1 212012, 5277/222- 834, S3,799.84, $1.87; Edrfh sp8cifi6d in this nolic6 shall A fime Sha lnt (s) 1nn015, 52 682-2688, DEFnuLT AND INnNT TO publiGation, the undersigned all a nt(s) lhereaWer, 227,$2,983.68,S1.47; Kalia c mompson, CIO Angaliqua ba subjert to M6 judicial (See Exhibk A a oding $2,746.40,S1.35;TesaLHicks, FORECLOSE Tw 86 5hall proc86d wrm you a cu em in detault Da Co a,7611 Lghthous6 Dr momp5on, 7 Granaway oBlosu pD ur only. to the Tlm6sharing Plan tor 20234 StillWlnd Driva,Tampa, Owe sVObligo s), Tlmesha the sale ot e Propa y as of your obl ations to pay Apt 203, StocMon, CA 95219, Lane, South Hampton sBo4, You havatha rightto w our he We gate Town &er, FLN647,1n noating,B1613, lntere,Building-Unk, Weehl pDvid8d in &ion 721.855, assaum ts due to W6stgat6 112 Fixed kl xed Unrf, BERMUDA, 1 Fixed w86 d6tauW in lhe mann s6 orm cordedintheomcialRacords 4&0DD, 1 2 015$ 2 2682- Auign6d Year, DetauW Date, horida atrt6s, in which ca 6, on tha tollowing daKrib6d real WTA-505, 41nvEN, 11V2012, Fixed Unil, 5100-5137, 31/ inthis notice anyti b6to Book 1564, at Pag6 1479, ot 2688, t2,746.4O, .35: Lyda BooklPage ol Recoded Len, e unden ned T st68 sh |: pD,ad in O5t80la 5277n22-w7, $2,983.68, WHOU, 11v2016, 5281 828- th6 und8nignBd tw '9 sale th6 Public Reco s otO5 ola M Hen,30 W hi6w t, un . P6r Diem noum (1) PDvid8 you wkh wriWan Coun,norid (Saa Exhib 81.47; and nor and 834, S4,124.34, $2.03; Vlrtor otyourtim ha inl& .ltyou Coun,Florida (tha Plan"). Philadelphi4 PA 19119, 1 MauritioVllledaandMariaElena no c6 ot th6 s 6, including A fime Sha lnt6 st(s) PaulaSua z,Km27.5,Ca AE Mando a and Ma De Loudes do notobjertto M6us6 orthe Together with the right to Floating, B-1616, 49 H0LE, D6 Vlll6da aka Ma. Elena De lha date, tim6 and location (s86 Mibrf A aKoding to LSahador,MunicipioFr janes, Gallagos, c I6 Zapopan N283 twst to closu pDc8du,otGupy, punuam to th6 Plan, 1nn015, 52 682-2688, Vlll6da, R6s. Vla D6| Mar.Ave. th6 r. (2) R8GOd the notice th6 D n ot Cov6nents, GuAnM A 1 Fwad w66hl B Apt. w, Montenay 64610, you will not be wb to a Unh(s)(SaeExhibit A ,during 85,o71.89, $2.50; G g D LosManglares,W2,Can tara ot s e in M6 Public Recods ndrf ns and ioM tor Flxed Unh, WTA-508, 111 M ICO, 1 Fix6d W66Mix6d deficianty judg t 6v6n rf Unh w88k(5)(s68 Ewhibh A,T holm and lri5 M kpinoza o Lbartad,Nuevo Cuscatlan, otOs olaCoun ,Florida;and We g a Towen, ordad WHOU, 1M015, 5277n22- Unh, 5100-5166, 2&WH0U, the pmeeds nom M6 sala during Assign6d Y6a . (S8B T&holm, 231N Kannedy EL SALVADOR, 112 Fixed (3l Publish acopyotth6noti in tha O ti R ods Book 227, $3.054.78, S1.51: Dar n 1 v2016, 5281 82&834, ot your ti im Exhib A"). 77 q a Rd, SuWon w6,ON LOE1RO, Mixed Unit, llA-02, 1V o 5al8tw0(2)tim8s,0nc88ach 1364, at Page 427, ot lh6 lland MelindaD Sh6 on, S3,451.31, S1.7o; William R a inwmcient to t the Blvd KiNimm,FL 34 47, CANAD 112 hoating, B-1722, ODD, 11212015, 530411210- w86k, tor two (2) 5UCC8N 8 Public lds ot OsG8ola 119-17 231St, Cambria Makhbanks, 2101 Monttl r amoums by e,n. Building me in Tlm6 Sha 110DD, 112 015, 528&2682- 1216, $2,552.00, $1.31; lnelda w,in an Ost6ola COM CouW, Fbrida (th6 Plan"). Heighk, NV 11411, 1n Flx6d Av6, Flint, Ml 48503, 1 F 6d By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Plan pDpar ) Add . 2688, 82,746.4o, 81.35; La6 T Diaz and lnelda Diaz, 42T newspaper, p vidad such a TogeMar wkh he right to W6ahlFw8d Un B-114. klFixBd Unh, 52 - LLP,Tw . a suN otthe ato&& on6d NgWan, 226 Glad6 bridge Ea5t Atoma Rd, Midvale, nawspaper 6xists at th6 time ocwpy, punuam to the Plan, 1nvEN, 11V2012. 52 71222- 52N, 20 H0LE, 1 V2016, QNIBrr n" - NoncE OF datauW, stg 6 h yela s Lanes, D hn5on, TX 77N9, UT 84047, 1/2 Fixed Wa6kl or publi9hinq. lt you lail lo unh(s)(s Mibh A"),duri rqf,S2,983.6B, S1.47; Segio 52811628-834, $4,345.05, DEFnuLr nND,TO to sell the p p6rfy punuant 1n ho g, B-1818, 451 Flxed Unit, llA-04, 52nvEN, cu th6 d6auW a5 se torfh Unk k(5) (SB8 Exhi tan&, 67N R ston B6ath 82.14; Silvio Rui Co a#meida, FORECLOW to Sertion 721.855, norida ODD, 1M015, 52 2682- 11212014, NO4l121O-1216, in this notica or take other A"), during sign6d Yaar(s), Cir, Tampa, fl M614, 1 Fix6d Rua Caphao Gustavo 3156, Own6 s Obligo Tl ha Stal es. Plaase b6 ad sad 2688, S2,746.4o, t1.35: m 83,791.4o, $1.94; Ros5 Miriam appDpriat6 a ion wrfh gard (See Mibk wA . 7600 w o W klFixedUnit,WTB-116,171 Pi6dad8, Fo aleza 60120- lrk6ra,Bui in nh. w68k, that in tha avant that your NgWan. 1 p n Sua z, Colonia El Mae ro, 1 1 to this to osu ma 6r, you B nson Memorial Hlghway, WHOU, 11V2015, 5277 222- 140, BRAZIL, 1 Fixed Weekl D6tauW Date, Boo Page ot obligationisnotbDugMcu& S,Hou on, M T7 2, Calla A 12-38 Zona 17, Ciudad risk losing ownenhip or your Nimm8a, FL 34747, Building 227, S3,835.2o. 81.89; Lui E Fixed Unrf, 5200-5238, 2/ Recoded L6n, unt, Per Flncluding the gaynent ol any 1n no ing, B1818, 45 0DD, De Guatemala, GuAnMALA, tim hal8 int thDugh tha in fi Sha Plan To and Pa cia DelCa n WHOLE 11v2016, 52811828- DiamAmount: t s incu 6d y Wa5tgat8 in 1 2015, 528&2682-2688, 112 Fix6d WeeMixed Unk, tw to closu pDc8du pDp6rt Add N.l. A5 a Manar,San Juan D6 Dios, 834,85,197.64,$2.56;DanielA Eric Vlll 9316 commancing thi5 to losu S2,746.4o,81.35. | -08, 51nvEN, 11v2014, abli5h8din &ion 721.855, uW or th6 ato m6 ion6d 5N V pa so, CHIU, 112 Pri6to and Marta Cabizosu D6 W6stmini &, Aub y, M procass) wrfhin thirty (30) nugurt 1o, 1a uo4l121o-1216, $3,791.40, horida Stat 6s. You may d8tauW, gal8h6 byal6rt5 Fix6d W Mixed Unrf, wrB- Pri6lo, Suipacha 161, Ramos 76227, 1,n-Float days from lha fim date ot L 168n2 S1.94; Gavin mompson, 2 choo58 to sign and s6nd to to sell th6 PD y pu uanl 117, N EN, 1 2012, M6jia, ARGENnNA, 1 Fixed W66Mlo Unit, 4 11A, publitation, th6 undar5ign8d Main St et, Clelend North th6 undersigned twslae an to &on 721. 5, Fbrida 5277n22-227, S2,983.66, W WFix6dUnit,52OO-5247,& 4000-118, 16, 161ENN,MN, Twstea shall proceed wkh Lana shir6, sconAND obj ionform,exe ising your Statlrt . Pl be advised $1.47; He or L Lop62, 1M7 WHOLE, 11v2016, 5281 a28- 1/v2014. 528 3 1-3005, tha sale ot the Proper as NoncE OF DEFnuLr AND ML15QN,1l2FixedWaeMixed rightto obj8cltoth6useotthe that in h 6v6m that your Hidd GL G vine, M 834, $3,799.84, 81.87; Ron d $4,074.52, $2.01; H th& provided in Se ion 721.855, INnNT ro FORECLOSE Unit,llA-11,41lODD,1/V2O14, tw5t to closu pDcedure. obligationisnotbDugMcu 6nt 7 2, 1 Flxed W88hl x6d Gaynon, 36 Hamlin Ave, Vllla aal, 1918 Union St e, horida Statutas,in whith tase, WUTGATE TOWN CENTER 530411210-1216, 84,o51 .72, Uponthe und6nignedtw ae's flncluding th6 paynant ot any Unh, wrB-212, 45 H0U, Babylon, NY 11704 Gloria L Claa FL N763, 1,the und6nign8d T 5 shall: nu: .OTOT S1.31; Angela D Robinson &6ipt0ty0ursign6d obje ion f incu by W85tgat8 in 1n12015, 52n1222-227. Rhodes, 541 WERGREEN Season-float w noat Unrf, (1T Provide you th wriWen Punuanl to Se ion 721.855, 1065 Dr Martin Luther King Jr torm, the to closure ot the commancing thi5 loretlosure $3,835.20, 81 .89; Nereida AVE # 1, BrooWyn, NY 11221, 400 1 1A, 40 -11B, 16. notice ot the sale, including Florida s,wEsTGAn BlvdApt6H,B nx,NY1O452, li6n thr65p8rfto h8 detauW procass) wkhin lhirty (30) Lop,759 Calle Me edes 1 Fix6dW88MixadUn ,53OO- 16nvEN, MN, 1M014, the date, time and location TOWN cENnR OWNERS 1/2 Fix6d Waek/Fixed Unit, sp6cifi6d in this notice shall days hom tha fint date ot Sola, Urb Cou Club, San 53N, 71WH0U, 11v2016, 528&3001 -3 5, S4,o74.52, thereot: (2) Record the notite ANoc noN, INC. llA-18, 28/EVEN, 1/2/2014, ba subj6ct to the judicial publication, tha undenigned Juan, PR 00924, 1 fixed w86 5281 828-834, $5,197.64, $2.01: Chri5 A R,2330 of sala in ha Public R ords m naRar t& d to as 5304/1210-1216, $3,791 .40, toBlosu p cedura only. T stee shall procB8d with Fixed Unk, WrB-212, 451 $2.56; Amold Otero Jr and Felciana S e,New O eans, ot Osc6ola County, Florida: and W6 gat8,has Bod6d a $1.94; Stua K Robinson, 2881 You have the righl to cuP your tha sale ot the Properfy as WHOLE, 1/v2015, 52771222- Barbara A e,14921 N LA 70117, 1 Flx6d, 4 14c, (3) Publish a copy ol the notice Cl m ol Len in Me amount S6nak Rd, Abington, PA 19001, defauW in the manner set forfh provided in Se ion 721.855, 227, $3,835.20, $1.89. 75th Dr, Peoria, AZ 85381, 1 400 14D, 26, 2 0DD, ODD, of sale two (2) times, onta each of (See Mibk A"), with 112 Fixed WeeWFixed Unrt, in thi5 notice at any time betore florida Stat es, in which tase, Augu& 3, 10, 18 Fixad WeaMixed Unit, 5300- 1/V201 4, 528&3001 - 005, week, tor two (2) sutcassive inl&e aKwing at Me te ot llA-18, 2&EVEN, 11V2014, tha undenigned tw5t8e's sale the undenigned T ee shall: L 169872 5336, 22 H0LE, 11V2016. $2,746.40, $1.35; Che,R weeks, in an Osceola Coun (See Mibh A per day, and 5304/1210-1216, $3,791 .40, or your timeshare inlerest. lf you (1) PDvida you wrfh wri en 5281 828-834, $4,498.20, Robert, 3251 Wall Nlvd Apt nawspapar, pDvid8d suth a r oded in O.R. Book (Sae 81.94; Romie Walkins and do not obj6rt to lhe use ot the notica ol th6 sale, including 82.22; Ratael E Gue a and 2504, Gr6tna, LA 70056, 1 newspapar 8xist5 al the time Mib .A,Page(See Ewhibrf Barbara J Watkins, 1677 Rose tw tor6closu pDtedure, the date, ti and lotation NoncE OF DEFAULT AND icia De Gue a, Calle 1 Fix6d, 40 -14c, 4000-14D, of publishing. lt you fail to A,ot th6 Public R6cods ot i w Dr. Columbus, OH 43209, you will not be subje to a the t; (2T Record the notice INnNr TO FORECLOSE Casa 12 El Centro, Maracay 26, 2610DD, ODD, 11v2014, cure tha datault as set forth Osceola County, Florida, and Fixed W86M xed Unk, dafici6ncy judgm6nt even it ot 5al8 in the Public Records WTGATE TOWN CENTER Aragua 02104, VENUUELA, 1 5288/3001 -3005, $2,746.40, in this notice or take other th6 und6nignad Tw ee a5 llA-22. 391EVEN, 1/v2014, w6 pDc88d hom the s e otOK6olaCounty,Florida;and nLL .DT Flxed WeeMixed Unit, 5300- 81.35; Eduado Briceno and appropriat6 action with regard appointed by w6 gat6, hareby NO4l121O-1216, $5,369.92, ot your timashara int est (3) Publish a copy ot lh6 notice PunLant to &ion 721.855, 5336. 36 H0LE, 1/V2016, Rosa,Ca llo, 33 Oahwood to this to closur6 ma 6r, you formal notifias ( 86 Exhibrt S1.94; Luis A Na aez and are insumci6nt to oWset Me ot sale two (2) tim,once 6ach Florida StatLkes, wEsTGAn 5281/828-834, 81,182.OO, Drive, Brewst,NY 10509, 2 risk losing ownenhip ot your A2 that du6 to your tailur6 to Consuelo Collazos, Calla amounts sacu d by lhe lien. w86k, tor two (2l 5UCt8Niv8 TOWN cENnR OWNERS 8o.58; Salwa A Gustatson All Saason-Flo Weaklfloat timesha interest thDugh the pay the annual ass6Nm8nt(s) 13 N 66 Bis-57, Local 153 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, w . in an Osteola Coun ANoclAnoN. INC. 5000 Woodland Ave, Lncoln, Unh, 4000-14c, 4 14D, 41, twstee ror6closu pDG8dur8 due on (s68 Exhibk A and C6ntro Com. La Fontana, Cali P.A,T st66. n6wspap6r, p vided 5uch a eina & t to as NE 68516. 1 Fixed wee 41 Hou,wHoE1 2n016, e tabli5h8d in Serfion 721.855. all aN8um6nt(s) th8 a 6r, Valle, COLOMBIA, 1/2 Fixad EXHIBIT "n - NoncE OF newspap& 6xisk at the tim6 W gate.). has rded a Flxed Unrt, 530 5337, 161 528&3001-,S3,141.92, Florida Stat es. You may you a cu nt in detauW W68Mixed Unit, llB-13, 11 DEFAULT nND INnNT TO ot publishin lt you tail to Claim ot LBn in e amount WHOU, 11v2016, 52811828- S1.55: Tommy c H r Jr and thoose to sign and send to ot your obligation5 to pay EVEN, 11v2014, 530411210- FORECLOSL cura tha d6 uW a5 58 lo h of (s Exhibk A ), with 834, 84,498.2o, $2.22; Ma Shajuanne Wash 4on, the undenigned hu ee an a s dueto Bgate 1216, $5,369.92, $1.94; Ka a Own8 5VObligo 5), Tlmeshare in lhis notita or tak6 other int taKwing ha ra e ot A Gu afon 6891 A St etSTE S Sang on Ave, Micago, IL obje ion torm, ex&cising our on the tollowing d bad Vlrginia A Pinheiro. Bl 3 Casa lnt,BuildingWn,Week, appropriata arfion with regard (See Exhibh A per day, and 210-215, Lncoln, NE 68510; 60621, 112 #| -noat righltoobjarttotheuseo Me p loQed in OK la . 6, Av Glaucio Gil, 777 RCR DatauW Dat6, Boo Page ot tothisto closu maner, you recold8d in O.R. Book ISee Kerfh E Newbetry and Jaan W86klFlo Unk,27 t stea tor6closu pr u . CouW, norida: (Sa6 Exhibh Bandai ntas, Rio Da Janeiro, R6cod6d L6n, Amounl, Per risk losing owership ot your Exhibh A,Pag6(S88Exhibrt M Nawber,485 s T pical ODD, 112 015, 528 3001- Uponth8und6nign8dt 68's A fi Ma lm (s) BRAZIL 22795-170, 112 Fixed Diem unt: timasha int8Bt through the "A,ofthe Public Recods ot T il Apt 212, Ma W lsland, 3005, 81,83o. ,So.9o; malma G8iptolyoutsiqn6d objarfion (Saa Mibk A ding WeeMixad Unk, llB-14, 51/ Duan6 L La5kowsh and twst86 to&losu pDG8dur8 OK8ola Coun,Florida, and FL 32952, 1 Fixed Waekl D Williams, 7192 GA Highway torm, tha to&osu of w6 to tha Tlm haring Plan tor MN, 11v2014, 530411210- Angelique J T mbley, 6265 a ablished in S6ction 721 .855, the undanign6d Tw ee as Fixed Unk, 5300-5354, 151 376, Lake Parh, GA 31636, lian with raspe to the detauW the W gat6 Tow Cemer, 1216, $3,791.40, 81.94; Nanci w Broadway Ave. BrooWy Florida Statutes. You may appoint6d by w6 gata,h8 y OLE, 1/v2016, 5281/828- 1/2 Fix6d W o Unit, spetified in this notic6 shall r o inth O tial rds Santos, 12713 River Mill Dr, Par MN 55428, 1/2 F ed, choosa to sign and sand to form notm (Sea Exh. rt,$4,498.20, $2.22; C85ar 5500-5522, w, 1n 2014, be subjact to lhe judicial Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot Hudson, FL 34667, 112 Fix6d WTA-105, 17nvEN, 1/v2014, the und6nignad tw5t an A that due to your failur6 to Augusto Sanchez Mellado and 528&3001-,84,824.12, toraGlo5ur8 pDt8du only. the Public Rato s ot OK la xed Unrf, llB-17, 171 5281 74-779, $2,983.68, objac ion torm, exe ising your pay tha annu au sment(s) elia D8lPilarMac6do Ba os, S2.38: Amb& M Cobbs, 122 You have the right to cure your County, Florida (w6 Plan' . /r MN, 11v2014, 530411210- S1.47; o R6quejo and righttoobj8 tom6usBotthe due (s86 Ewhibh A and Mar Coral 179 Urb Neptuno, G a OakWay,Wam&Robins, detaultinthe mannars6lorfh Tog6har whh tha rigM to 1216 S3.791.4o, S1.94; Lauta Riva5,3656SeWI8rRidg8 tw 66 I0 I05u p u nt(s) Me aher, Suwo, PERU, 1 Flx6d Weekl GA 31088, 112 Fw Weekl in his notlce atanytimebefo ottupy. pu u&nt to M6 Plan. 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Po Box By: GREENSPOON MARDER, to &on 721.855. florida Hemp ead, ENGLAND R Femandez, Calle 26B Da otyourtimesha i ere .ltyou Booh 1564, at Page 1479, ot 03290, SOUTH AFRIC 1 68,No Side.GrandCayman, LL ,T st68. Sl ut . Pl ba ad s : HP27aB, 112 Fix6d waehl Los Pinos Nun ro 6. 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S2,OT3.59, VA 24343, 1 #| s n-no w,in an OK CouW 112 F ed W xed Unrf, H r Woods, Ml 48225, 52771222-227, $2,983.68, public ion, th6 und6nignad Exhibh A ,atPag8(S68Exhibk S1.o2; Marfin J Szuur and WeeklFloat Unk, 64c, n8w5p pDvid8d sud a wc-03, 39nvEN, 11v2014, 1n Flxed W Fwad Unk, S1.47; ex c man and Tw 86 5hall pm d wkh A"l, olth6 Publit Ratods ot NicholasJ Szuur,815 Ma r 4000-64D, 24, 2410DD, ODD, nawspap& axi s 18 tim6 NO4l121 1216, S5,369.92, WrA4O5, 1&0DD, 1 2013, Ca lin6 M W man, 25488 the sale of lhe PDp8 y a5 Osc6ola Coun,Florida, and Blvd, Toledo, OH 43612, 1 1/212015, 528&2682-2688, ot publishinq. lt you il to 81.94; c ig OWe, Twst68 5281 74-779, 82,o31.32, Gold6n Beach Rd, BameW, pDvid8d in S6rtion 721.855, e und8nign6d Twst68 as 112 #| n-noat ekl $1,880.61, $0.93; LuGaia A cu th6 d6auW as s6t torfh ma Mansdorf Fami T 5t S1. ;Juan A Hemandez.and MO 65011, 1 2 Fixad kl Florida ,inwh hcase, appoint byw6stg 8,h y float Unk, 61 51 610 Wa 6n and DominikC WatB, in this notiG8 or taka other D ed Makh2,2O11,PO Box San Juan a H andez, 3002 Flx6d Unk, WTA-104, 201 the un gn T 68 sh |: fo,notmas ( 66 Exhibrf 51B, 610 51E, 48, 48, 4& 101 fimbe ce Courf 23, appDpriat8 aclion whh ga 700 Londonda NH 030u, Blain6 St, o, M 78043, ODD, 11v2013, 5277/v2- (1) PD d8 you w w6n A )M du6to yourtailu to ODD, ODD, ODD, 1M015, Columbia, sc 29212. 112 o Misro losu er,you 112 Flx6d Waa ixed Unrf, 1 2 Flxed W6BklFix8d Unk, 22T. 82,o31.32, S1. ; F ddia notic6 ol We . including pay Me annual asseumam(s) 5z 1-,2,T06.78, Fixed, 5200-5232, &ODD, 5k lo ng ow&ship ot your wc-07, 3 EN, 11v2014, WTA41O, 3WN, 112 014, D6lgado and Ru Rosario, the dat6, ti and location dua on (s68 Exhibit A") and S1.N;ArfhurR Da s Jr91N 1 2 2015, 528&2682-2688, tim ha lm thDugh ha NO4l121O-1216, $5,338.69, 5281 T74-779, $1,960.36, 407 C le Tava Urb.Las th6r r, (2) R od a not e,aN smant(s) thar6aW8r, s Drax6| Avenua. M go, IL S3,O86.74,$1.52;Ma PShaw tw ae to lo5u pmedu S1.94; Rafael agon, 8 Avda $0.97; Andres Co,D and Palmas, San Juan, PR 00915, ot sa in the Public Recods you a cu 6n ly in d6tauW 60619, 1n noabng, B-1308, and Maria Hanar Maw, lishedin ion721.855, 21-60 Zona 11, Casa 23, Diana De La Fuente, Canera 1 2 Fixed W66Mix8d Unh, otoK6olacoun ,norida;and ol your obligations to pay VODD, 1M014, 528&3 1- 3 Bi5hoprit Court, Honham norida Statrt6s. You may Los m8ndDs li, Ciudad De 38 - #MB-26 El Ba al, WTA-107, 26nvEN, 112 2014, (3)Publish acopyofthenotice ass8Nm6nts due to Westgate 3 5, 82.746.4o, t1.35; RH12 1TH, GREAT BR N, GhOo to sign and send to Guatemala, GuAnMALA, 1 Vlllavi ncio, COLOMBIA, 52771222-227, 82.514.26, ot sal6 two (2) times, once 6ach on the following d85trib8d al Rach6 R Dav,11634 SouM 1n Floating, 550 5515, 111 th6 undanign d bu an Flx8dW68Mix8dUnil,WE-09, 1 2 Fixed We6klFix6d Unit, S1.24; Maria M6rt6d6s De La week, tor two (2) suKeNive p p6rty loc ad in Oscaola OaWey, Chi go, IL,ODD, 11V2015, 528812682- ob rtiontorm,6x& ising your 48/0DD, 11v2015, 5304/1210- WTA-502, 1nvEN, 1/v2012, Fuente, Apartado Po5tal 4009- waaks, in an OK8ola Coun County, Florida: (See Exhib 1/2 noaling, B13,VODD, 2688, $3,253.40, $1.60; Ema rigMlo obj totheuse ot e 1216, S2,552.oo, 81.31. 5281 774-779, 82,983.68, 1000, San Jo58, COSTA RICA, n6wspap6r, provided such a A fime Sha lnterest(s) 11v2014, 52 1-3005, E F,500 Grand Ave Am tw ea tor low pmedu . Augurt 3, 10, 018 $1.47; Juan J Conaa, Pobox 112 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, nawspap& axi s at the time (See Exhibit A") according $2,746.40, $1.35; Tomeka 913, Wausau, wl 54403, 1 2 Uponth undenignedt 's L 169844 902 1563, San Juan, PR 00902, WTA-107, 50nvEN, 11212012, ot publishing. lt you tail to to tha fimasharing Plan tor L Wooten and Christophar Floating, 5500-5515, 5010DD, B pt ot your signad obj ion 112 Fixed, WTA-503, 30nvEN, 52771222-227, $2,983.68, GU the detauN as set forfh tha We gata Town Center, E Wooten, 108 Millrtone Dr, 1121201 5, 528&26&2-2688, torm, the for8tlo5u ot the 11v2014, 52811774-779, 81.47; Padro E Sanda and in this notite or taka othar racordad in the O cial Recods Lzalla, GA 31052, 1 2 All $3,253.40, $1.60; Ka a G lien whh spa to the defauW NoncE OF DEFAULT AND $2,983.68, S1.47; Gu avo F6manda Barabaschi D6 appDpri 8 attion wrm regad Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot s6ason-noat hoat Unrf, Agui e, 3680 Ki patrich Circla sp6tm6d in this noti shall INnNT TO FORECLOSE A Rodriguez and Erika v Sand6, Ave Callao 1520 Piso to thi5 to&losure maWer, you the Public Racords of Osceola B-1619, 45 EN, 1 v2014, Unit 7, Jacksonville, FL 32210, ba subja to the judicial wuTGAn rOWERS FILE: Rodriguez, 32 PraWwood 7, Buenos res. ARGENTINA risk losing ownenhip of your County, Florida (th6 Plan' . 5288 3001 -3005, a,O74.52, 1/2 Floating, 5500-5522, 311 toreclosure pDc8dur8 only. 27T5T.0115 Lane, Palm Coa,FL 32164, 01024. 1 Fwed WeeMixed timesh e intere thDugh the Together wkh the right to 82.o1; Tarah D Lych, 7622 EVEN, 1/2 2014, 528812682- You have th6 rigM to cure your Punuant to Se ion 112 Fixed Wee Fixed Unrf, Unrf, WTA-108, 3 H0U, t ee toBlosur8 procedure occupy, punuant to tha Plan, Lealand way, Columbus, OH 2688, $4,270.30, $2.11; Cynthia dafauW in the manner s6t torth 721 .855, Florida Statutes, WTA-504, 34nvEN, 112/2012, 112/201 5, 52771222-227, 8 ablish6d in S6tlion 721 .855 Unit(s) (See Exhibit A"), during 43235, 1 Fixed Mloat Unk, R Davis, 1052 Babineux Road, in this no ice at any lime before wEsTGAn TOWERS 5281 74-779, $2,983.68, 83,831.85, 81.89; Lsa L Florida Stat rtes. You may Unit W86k(s) (Sae Ewhibrt A"), B-1620, 14 H0U, 1 v2014, Cade, LA 7051,112 Floating, the und&signed t stee's sala OWNERS ASSOCIATION, $1.47; Maureen Bames. 3411 Waideman. 726 Southport choose to sign and sand lo during Assigned Year(s), (See 528&3 1 -3005, $6,820.92, 5500-5534, 8/0DD, 11212015, otyourtimesha i e st. lt you INC. me inawer rete ed to NE 26lh Ave. Lghthouse, FL St, Elmira, NY 14904, 112 th6 und&sign6d t ee an Mibrf A . 7700 We gate $3.36; Patri a A Hagan, 7622 528&2682-2688, 83,253.4O, do not obje o the use ot the as Westgate"), has recoded NO64, 112 Fixed, WTA-508, Flxed WaaMixed Unrf, WTA- objerfion torm, exercising your Blvd Mimm88, FL 34747, Lealand Way, Columbus, OH $1.60; James F Scully and tw aa toreclosure procedu , a Claim ot Lien in tha amount 31 EN, 11v2014, 5281/774- 110, 5nvEN, 1/21201 4, right to obi to the,se of the 8uilding 6r8in Tlma Sha 43235, 1 Flxed W Mloat Unrf, D6spina Scully, 21 Sarah Ann6 you will not be subjerf to a ot (Saa Exhibit "A"), wkh 779, $2,983.68, $1.47; Ma G 52771222-227, $2,961 .44, t stee for losure procedure. Plan (Property) Add N ). As B-1620, 14 H0U, 1M014, N, Miller Place, NY 11T64, 1 d8fici6ncy judgmem even it interest acc i q, the rate of Cinelli, 5296 Glenliret Rd, Fort 81.46: We L Loud8nslag6r, Upon the undenigned t 's a resuN of the atorementioned 528&3001 -3 5, t6,82o.92, Fixad, 5500-5565, 14 H0U, the p ceeds hom the sale (Sea Exhibit " ' er day, and Myers, FL 33907, 1/2 Fixed, 355 Rivenide Ave, Elmira, raceipt ot your signed obje ion detault, Westgate he by elerfs $3.36; Fabio nak 4225 1/21201 5, 528&2682-2688, ot your timesha inleRst r8cord6d in O.R. Book (See WTA-508, 311EVEN, 1/2/2014, NY 14904, 112 Fixed WeeW torm, tha toraclosure of the to sell the Property punuant Summrf c h Blvd Apt 6204, $6,244.20, $3.08; Beve y a insumcient to otket the Mibit A ). at Page (See Exhibit 5281 T74-779, $2,983.68, Fixed Unit, WTA-1 10, 5/ lien with spert to the detauN to S6 ion 721.855, Florida O ando, FL 32837, 1n All p,21932 141 Ava Apt 1, unt5 s6cuRd by the lien. A"), of the Public Records of $1.47; Maw J Andenon, 4 EVEN, 11U2014, 5277/222- 5p8cifi8d in this notite shall Statutes. Please be advised s8a5on-noat oat Unrf. 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