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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 56B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 201& (3)Publishacopyo1Wenotice the s a ot the PD as all aN sB(s) th,ONealDr,Nashvil ,TN3T2O8, L Neuman and Sonia c do notobjerflo euseorthe daSs hom the fint date ot righttoobj6 otheus8otth8 otsaletwo(2)tim6s,onc6aath pDvid6d in ion 721.855. you a cu m in d&auW 112 Fixed x6d Unrt, lan,Da La E ation De t to clo5u p cedu,pu lication, the undanign6d tw ee to&losur6 p c6du . week, lor two (2) sut ive FloridaStat es,inwhid,ot your obligations to pay -07, N, 1M014, BUE De Pa 200 Mehos you,not ba subja to a Tw 86 shall pDc d w h Uponthaund6nign6dbust 's weeks, in an O5ta0la County th6 unde igned T 66 shall: aN smants du6 to gal6 5281 762-767. a,241.82, Norte C le Sin Salidad, San defitiency judg t even rf tha 5al8 ot the PDp as B p ofyour5iqn6dobj6rtion newspap providad suth a (1) Provid6 you whh wrmen onth8tollowingd85Grib8d al S1.84; Te nce A R ah and Jose, COSTA RIC 1n Fixed the pDc88d nom Me 5 8 RDvid6d in S ion 721.855, torm, Ma lo&ow ot the newspaper axi s at tha t notiGe ot tha s a, including pD,ad in Osceola RosannaLR ah,662Bo as xad UnW, BBB-06, 371 of your ti &hare im orida S aMes, in which ca58, li wrm Q to th6 d6auW ot publishi . w you tail to 16 dat6, ma and lot n Coun,Fbrida: (s68 Exhibk Ave, SunnW&e, CA 94085, ODD, 1nn015, 5281 8 a insu Giant to oW58t th6 the undanign6d Twst86 5hall: sp8cm6d in Mis notica rnall cure the d auW a5 5 torfh m t; (2) Record the notice A Tlm6 Sha,6 st(s) 1 2 Fix6d kl x6d Unk, 805, $2,501.62, t1.31; Juan amoums seGu by tha lian. I1) Rovide you w h wrm6n be subje to m6 juditi in lhis nol e or tak6 0 6r ot s e in ma Public Recods (s Mibk.A asdefin6din WWW-OT,4,1M014,Menendez, Vl a Lagos By: GREENSPOON MARDER, notice ot th6 sala, including toretlosu pmedu on . appropri a arf n w otow6olacouw,nonda:and M6 D,ot Covanank, 5281 62-767, S4,122.14. 1617 CounW Clube, Puebla, UP,Tw . th date, time and location You hav6M6 rigMto GU your tothisfo tlow maW you ( Publishacopyol I8no Condhions and Dns S1.94; John J Z5amba, 15 N M CO 72810, 1 Flx WHIBrr n. - NoncE OF th t; (2) Retord th6 notiG8 d&auN in m6 mann6r 56t to h risk losing ow&ship o your o Ea two(2)ti ,ont6 d for 6 B 6 Vatation High sl, Colonia, NJ 07 7, xad Unrt, BBB-10, 2v DEFnuL nND INnM TO ot sala in the Public R6tods in th notit6 atanyti bato timesha ime tough Ma w tor two (2) WK UW8 Vllla5 mll, cial R o s and Annene A 4 47 WHOLL 1M015, 5281 FORECLOU otOK8ola County, Florida; and the und igned tw 66's 5al8 lwstee to losu pD du w h,in an O t ola CouW Book 12O2. al Paga 71, otMe Loui,Spotsw d, NJ,W,76o.58, U.52: We sVObligo s), Tl a (3)Publishacopyofth6notica ofyourti&a int6 .Nyou 8stablish6din&i0n721.8M, n wspap6r, provld wd a Publ R ol OK6ola o,1n F ed WMh M MaWon, 4431 E ona Rd, lm . Building-Unrt, ots two(2lLm85,onc66ath donolobj rttomausaot e Flonda SlaM . You may n spp 8xirt9 at th6 tin Coun,norida Plan Unrt, www-10, 36nvEN, ,MD21229,1 2Flx6d Awignad De uW Dale. w6 h, tor two ) 5ucc6Niv8 tw fo losu poc u , choose to gn and s d to ot publishinq. w you t,to and,ndmant(s) th6rBto, 1 2014, 5281 762-767, x Unrf, ccc#, 4 BookPage ot ed L6n, w,in an la County you will not b wbj to a he un n6d an w th6 d6auW a5 s fo rfany.Tog lharw h I6rigMto S2,685.12, S1.84; Mida& J MN,1MO14,5281 8 8O5, m, p Di&n m n r, pDvid8d suth a d6fit cy judgn m v rf objection rm, ex islngpr mis notiGa or take o & wpy, e uam to the Plan, Tator,246Sih6mallRd.V&&i6, S2,685.12,t1.94;WlllieLDavis John H nan, 3 BDohsid8 n 6xi s & the time the p hom a s e righlloob rftoM6us8o 16 appDpri 8 a ion w Building- n s) (s Mibk NY12184, and Ca y L T or. dDeni Da ,2B911WIWon Driv6,Fort Mill.SC 29715.1 ot publishinq. II you lail to ot your a int twstee t ow p u . to Mis to&ow n n you .A,du nq Unk (5) (s 12562 Bayou D,T,Dr,FarminQ Hllls,MI48331, Fw6dw8akn Unh,JW-02, cu th6 deauW as set forth ala in5& 8m to o s& M6 Uponth8M gn twA 's ri8k ng ow&shlp ot pr Mlbh .A,during nad fl M6U, 1 2 Flx6d 1n Fwed x6d Unh, 20 0DD, 11v2015, 52771228- in this notica or tah6 othar amounts s u d by M6 lian. ceiptotyow o ion tim ha inl& thDugh Y@g), ( Mib A . 7 Flx Unh, m-1Q, 8kNN. KLO5. 38 0DD. 1 vz014, 2M,S2,486.81,t1.28; appDpri 8 art n w h ard By. GREENSPOON MARDER, torm, th6 Dl m closu p u e Bhd Nssim,1M014, 5281 7 -767. 5261 8 . M,3N.99, m D 3 7 to toBlow maW&,you T rt . lianwilh to I6d8 uW,h6dinS lon721.8U. n 74T .Tl Ma W.942.52,;AdrianPoveda d t1.19: w m . Lang on Dr, Fort p,fl risk b ng oaip otyour QNIBlr n" - NOrKE OF specified in n hall Fbrida sle rt g. You may pD Add .). h a PaulaG rf hB 16 1 s . D IDk. 34846,andJ EGa tim ha im th ghMa DEFnuLTnNDl ro ba subj to d 6 ludlGi d satosign and 5 dt0 w o Me ar on6d nAv allC I83B5, Ml 4 u, Mida& A W25SWhl Av6.Porf burte to b5u ul8 FOREtL E toretlosu poc ure . the unde igned twsta an datauW,Wa h yal San Jose, COSTA RIC 1n M,45T nnlba a s mLucie,FL34 N,1 2F 6d. i in&on721.855, Ow&lsVOblgo s), fi You hav6 e rigMto cu our objaction torm, ex ising our to sell the y pu uant Fixad kl xedUnh.QZ-02,Apt 104, No . Ml 48377, JJJD5, 49kVEN, 1M014. norida StaMes. You may lnt&,Bui ing-Unh. detaultin an nn orth rigMtoob rftoMau o M to & n 721. 5, no da 3EVEN, 1M014, 5281 62- 1n Fw6d lx6d Unh, 527Tn2&2M, S4,277.37, Gh to sign and to As5 n Y,D tauW Date, lhisn anyl bu to&bw u . S rf . p as6 be advi5ad 767,a,242.82,t1.94;SlepB CK,3910DD, 1 v2014, t1.94; Dario To hns. 14208 M6 undanigned bu an Boo Paga ot L , Meund bu& .ssBI6 UponM8und&8gn hu 's at in 6 8v6m lat your J LoW and Vl oria s LoW. 5281,S3,42T.89, wn Ae. CI6v6land, OH obpiontorm,8x6 lsing our unt, Par D unt otyourtim ha im .ltp ptotyour obW n obligal nlsnotblougM a 16785 61 Ave, sw, 8c, t1.25: Juliua B G ene and 44110, and Julie E Tomphns, g ttoobj8 toth6u98o th6 Barba H Melbr, w4 p m& donoto to u ot t,tha t of M flnduding Wotany C A z1, 1n Flx d C w,142 Da n,clavaand. tw 6toBlow pm6du . Rd, chami . ENGLAND t 5teet urB pm6du,| w h p to ed&auW t in y gale in F ad Unk, m-03, 4 14 27E rf Pl m7 . OH4411O.1 2F RRR-08, Upon I6un gn6dhu 6a'5 cw114 1n Fwed Waekl you will nol ba suQ to a iRad in this not e sh,c cing lis t bsu ODD. 1M014,5281 T62-T67, B NY 1 75. 1n Fw6d 1 0DD, 1nn014. 52nn2& raplotyoursignedobjertion F ad Un,HHD1, 3 MN, d8fici8ncy dgm m 8v rf Sa subje to We jud i p s) w hin Mirty (30) S3,986.76,g1.31. w Unh, ww-01, 2y 2u,S3,998.12,t1.31; p ia torm, th6 t losu ot M6 1M014. 52 191g1822, lhe pro s hDm Ma sal6 toBloEu pD du on . daS hom e fim dale ot nu @1417, 18 oDD,1n o15.5261,Lart 1 E H hland s,mQtoth8d6 uw t4,242.82.t1.94;and Barb of your ti sha int Youhavatharighttow our e li ion, the und8nDn6d L17 W,372.56,t1.31;M usEHill, shawn ,oK74 1,1nF,m in Mis notice sh,H Malor, n4 p n& Rd, a insumci6nt to oWset 18 derauWinthe mannar56 orm m sh&| p G6 whh 35 C,a Road, M dAone, sw11o, &WN, 1M014, b6 subj to jud ial ch6mi .ENGLANDcw114 . amounts d by tha li . inthisnotic6a any in b&o m sal ot the Prop as ENGLAN ME15 6sx, 2 5277n2&2M, S3.371.22, ro pDc6du on . 1n F ed xed Unh, By: GREWSPOON MARDER, Me unda ignad t '5 5al8 RDvid in &ion 721.855. NoncE OF DEFnuLTnND Fw x6d Unrt, ww- 81.55; L A Taroy4 and Youhave erighttocu our HHD1, 31 EN, 1M014, LLP. Twst . otyour ha int . wp orida StaM,in which Ga,INnNr ro FORECL E,ww-05, 21, 22 H0LE, M6lissa M Ta ya 1 Lowar d6 uWinth6 manner s& orfh 5266 191g1922, a,242.82, ExHIB n"-NoncEoF donotobja to euseot a 6 u gn Tw 66 shall: wurQhn vnunoN WHOE 112 015, 528118 - M6adow T sw, buqua ua, inW no te anytimeb6ora t1.94; D Mcg boney DEFAuLrnND INnNrTo h to t w,(1) PDv a you wrm n uu hLLm . 805,t6,626.58,a.44;Claudio NM 87121, 1n Fw,SN- the unde gnadtw 's sale andEg riaMMt bon6y,1O5 FORECL E you wlll not ba subj to a not or 18,iMluding Punuam to & n 721.855. F s. 8240 SW 47th T,111, 14 0DD, 1M014, otyour masha lntere .ltyou Bondsvill6 Rd, wingown, owne sVobligo s). T hala dafi ency judgn&t ev rf dal,and tion norida atrt,wEsTGAn Miami, fl N1M,and CaDlina 5277n2&2N, g3,272.46, do notobj toth6us6ot 8 PA 19335, 1n Flxad kl lnterest, Building-Unh, Me proG86d5 hom e 5 th t; ) d e notita vAcAnoN NUAS OWNERS 5, 3 NW 20&h Tar, 1. ; Rub Av os and tw to tlosu pDc u,F ad Unh, HH-12, 3 MN, Assigned Y6ar, D&auW D a, or your tim85ha int ol in d Pu ic R ds AssoclAnoN, INC. p Dka Rn 5. FL NO29, An,D auima,bad you will not ba 5ubj t0 a 1M014. 52 191g1922, Boo Paga otR8Go 8d Len, ara lnsumGI8m lo o & Ma of laCouW,horida;and &einaWer r to as 1n Fw x Unh, FtaK amilias, d8fit Gy judgB 8v6n rf g2.685.12, S1.94; Mithael nounl, p& Diam unt un s6 d byMeli . (3 Publishacopyotth6nolic8 .Wastg e"l, has ded a ww-,4WN, 1 2n014. Ma 5, M C 87458, the 5 hom the sale n and h Mark M Hurd, PO Box 6837, GREENSPOON MARDER, o s atwo ) m ,on 6aGh Claim of Len in th6 m 5281 8,S2,685.12, 1 2Fw6d,SN-301,2 W, ot your m ha lm n& B49 F y Av6, Wllliamsbug, VA 23188, 1n,T . w tor two T SUK6S&IV6 ot (s68 Exhibh A,w S1.94; M ha,Manco. 336 1 v2014, 5277n2&2M. a inNrmti8rrf to otAat th6 Boh n NY 11716, 1 Fw6d Flxed w Un,NS- QNIB h -NonNoF w,inan OK la County im&estat uln alMerataot r Ln, ow, S2,7o8.26, t1.94; Edwa B anmn d bythelien. WFwed Un,w-,2& 108, 41 w, 1M016. DEFnuLTnND INnNTTo n sp pD d8d such a (Sea Ewhibh A p6rday,and KY 42701, w F 6d Pl ingar Jr, 512 Jipson w, By. GREENSPOON MARDER, WHOU,1MO14.52 1919- 5288/25,S1,895.2o, to.98: FORECL E n e s al Me ti Bo 8d in O.R. 8ooh (s F d Unh, ww-,42 ODD, Bllssfi ld,MI49228,1 Flwad. LL ,T stea. 1922, S11,435.86, W.25; Johnny M d Ana G Ow {sVObligo s), fi ot pub h . lt you t,to Exhibh A,P ga Mib 1M014. W,5o1.&2, S1.14; uuu-02, 1 0DD, 1 2014, I8lT n - NoncE OF Shane D Rug,3 Eloian Garcia,1 ClayonSl,&r lm A, Build g-Unk, w as s,rm .A ,otthe Pu lw rds ol Ma B y, 17 Magnolia Dr, 52T7n2&2M, 4,022.T8, DQnuLrnND INrENTTO Dr, ey hap&, FL u545, lslip,NY11T22,1F W lgn Y . w Dal . i& n or k6 o la Coun,Fbnda, Wa g F& . NY 125,t1.31; Joa daz and FORECLOSL 1n Fwad xad Unrf, Flxed Unh, *-1 . 14 BoohPageol . &e nw ard th M n Tw a& 1n Fw Unh, LydiaH nand . y &VObligD fi a JJ-08, 710DD, 1M014, WHOLE,1MO16,528&2S68, #noum, Pe m&n Anmnl tD isto maW you appowadby,y -12, 21 m. 1nn014, Road AA1, s,and, NY lm,Buildin nk, 52661191g1922, W,986.76, 82,846.55,S1.47;M ED&,Joel Miramomes and #n ri8k losing owanhip ot your t n m ( E ib 5281 B . S4,242.62, 1 ,1 2Fwed,UUU#,2& D W Data. BooklPag ot S1.31: RaQ A Fo,6516 4702Elk n,Enid. 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S1.31: #had Av6 Lau,DE 19956, 1n #| canabrm Cir, Sumailla, ww7, 1 Flxed, ,51 K Bat ,753OSRo Av,O u n burt '5s and lan& (s) o, Joy andP aAJoy n-FloalW Mlo Unrt, sc 2 . 1 Flxad w WHOLE, 1M016, 52 588, c,Ml 48617, 1 FWED otyourti im .Nyou rfany.Tog rw h 6rigMto Non oF nuLrnND 12 Whke Dr, N tune, NJ 70, 4N0DD, 1M014, F Unh.W-11,43 HOLE, S3,524.24, S1.82; J on L WEEWXED UN RRR#, donol toM us6ot 8 o upy. punuamto a Plan,TO RKL E 077N, 1n F 6d, WWWDT, 52a1 791-783. W,746.4o, 1M015, 52 191g1g22, Hammln y, 5674 Hwy 123, SO ODD, 1M014, 5281 1 bu& t pot u,Building-Unk(5l (s E k wann vMnnoN 44 0DD, 1 15, 52nn2& t1.N: Sh6ldon B BDW and U,T6O.58, W.52; p 6r Walnut va, MO 65770, 1 1408, a,31o.48, S1.18: you,nol b aub to a A ,durin Unk (s)(S u mllnLLm . 2M, W,526.61, 1.31; lvor B R a L,9 B nch Mjanov and Ka M Fwed x dUnh,WWW- McMahan, 16&01 w ElkT,dafi cy judgB v n it Mibh A,during A5si ad Pu uamtD 721.8N, 8&d, 136 D d w. L gh,RandalMow. ann&o t. 419 Dm ,M HOU, 1n12016. 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Mich6|I8 Traty, 1285 M n F d6richFri8dau,2Jodi n6 p pDvid6d wch a Book12O2, Page 71,ottha 2WN, 1M014, 5277 28- due on (s Exhibk A and in O.R. 8ooh (See August 10, 1T, 2018 St, Pm5ton, PA 18640, 112 Ava, z6phymills, FL 33542, n6wspap exi s at Me ti Public R s ot O c la 2M, S2,692.52, 81.94: Rowan all au nt(5) th&aaR Exhib .A ,alPage(SaeExhibrf L17O136 FIXED WEEWFIWD UNIT, 112 Fix6d W86 w8d Unrf, of publishinq. lt you il to Cou,norida he Plan p Lop85 and #icia M Lop,you a Gu amly in d6fauW A,otthe Pu R ods of uuu-06, 5010DD, 11v2015, SSJ2O1, 15nvEN, 1M014, tU tha deauW as s6 torth and al dment(s) th8rBto, 224 Sandpipar Drive, Valla,ot youF obligation5 to pay OK6ola County, norida, and 5281 1403-1408, S2,524.83, 52811762-767, g2,685.12, in this notica or take oth6r itany.Tog&h6rwkhth8rightto CA 94589, 1 Fix . za-04, 6nts dua o W tg a the un gn Tw as NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND S1.3o; MichBI6 R68d, 12245 S1.94; Ga w Bossley, 6119 appDpriat8 artion whh gad occupy, pursuant to thB Plan, 20nvEN, 1nn014, 5277n2& onthatollowing d6Krib6d al appointed by,hy INnNT TO FORECLOSE s Princaon Av6, chicaqo, s Gu ay D, Sabine Pass, to this to&low n you Building-Unk(s) ls86 Exhibh 233,a,302.37,s1.94. p p8rty local8d in Ostaola tormal nolm ( wurGn E vhcnrDN IL 60628, 112 FIXED WE w M 77655, 1 Flxed kl risk losing owenhip or your A,durinqunk W k(s) (s gu I1O,IT, 18 Coun Florida: (s68 Ewhibk A that dua to your t lu to u mll n FIXED UNIT, uuu-14, 2v fixad Unrt, SN-208, 271 ti& int Dugh I6 Mibh A,during Assi ad L17O2O2 .A") lme Shar6 lm8 5t(s) pay tha annu aN8Nmam(s) m . a EN, 1n12014, 528111403- EVW, 1M014, 5281 T62- huAea t ow p u Yaa sT,(S Mibk A.). 00 (s Exhibh wA") as d6finad in du6 on (s68 Exhibrf A and Punuant to Se ion 721.8M, 140a,S2,543.97,S1.a6;sal A 767. Q,184.48, t1.58; ise 6 ablish8din &on 721.855, W at6 Bhd ssimm,tha Dacla tion ot Covanank, all ment(s) th8 a 6r, Florida Sl es, WESTGATE BrodhnandRobe M BDdhn, S Ba, 540 N Ch a o Ave, Florida St rfes. You y FL 747 Bin Tlme Ma NoncE OF DunuLT nND Condkions and R8stri ion5 you a wBt in d6tauW vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 238 #nicka Ava, Mill Valley, RocMod, IL 61107, 12 Flxed choosa to sign and ad to pD ) Ad "). As a INnNT TO FORECLOSE tor the wgata Vacation ot your obligal ns to pay AssoclAnoN, INC. 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Plaase bB advis6d Exhib A,du ng signed ot your obligations to pay FIXED UNIT, YW-03, 3610DD, NJ212, 41nvEN, 1M014, d6Rci6W judgB 8v6n rf no ca of 6 s a, inGluding .A Mal du6to yourtailu to th in the 8v6nt that your Yea s),(S Mibk A.l.77OO a558N 5 due lo gata 1 v2014, 5281114 -1408. 5281 T62-767, S2.685.12, the pm ds hom Ma s 6 16 dale, n and location pay I6 annual (5l oblig ioni5notbDughtGu nt stg 6 Blvd NNimm68, onthe llo ng d6scrib8d al t4,o22.78, t1.31: m DOl S1.94; GuW6n Tu ailli, 2B or your &a int & r. 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Unrf, NJ3O7, 39nvEN, FL 3N24, 1n Fixad d to &gn and nd to Unh (5)(S Mibh A,w ak, rtwo (2l 5UG [V th6 un gn Tw6 rn |: n34747 n Tlm Ma inaR to 1n 014, 52811762-767, F ed Unk, BBB . 2110DD, a und t an duri gh n Yes), (s w ek,in an Ostaola Coun (1) PDvid8 you wrm w n pD d h). a g 6,has rd a t4,242.62, t1.94: M aw 1M014, 52811 8,on rm, ax i ng rour Exh. . . 77 gate n p . p vided such a nolica ot M6 s e, inGluding wW ot la a B ned Claim ot L in the um p uld6andBonn BPlourd8, S3,986.76, S1.31; R had C rigMtoob tod7au5 o M Bhd Xuimn,fl 34 47, n paper exi s thetime tha dat6. t na and loGa on datauW,B eha byala s ot (See Exhibrf A,w h 21 Chu h sl, Plwil,CT,111 old Sba ord Rd, bu ea t o ta pmedu . Buildi n fin Sha ot publirning. lt you t,to th& r, (2) R co e notica to 5all the perty punuam int rt actwinq thar aot 479, 1n Flxad, SM-309, SheWon,CT ,andLo&a Upon eund ignadtw ae's Plan D Add . As GU th6 detauW as s& rth ot s e in Ma Publit R ods lo S6 ion 721.8M, Florida (S68 Exhibk A per day, and 3110DD, 1M014, 52611762- AClarke,7AcadiaLnUnh12O8, B6imotyour 6d obj ion a rawW ot T8 ato&&tioned in this noti or take other otoK8olacouW,norida;and Stat es. PI8as6 be advl56d recoded in O.R. 8ook (See 767, S3,242.48, S1.o6; William ShBlton, CT ,1n Flxed torm, 6 to& 5u ot Me d8tauw,w gal6h&eby8 rts appDpri e a ion wrm gard (3)Publisha pyotth6notic6 that in tha event that your Exhibi A"),at gga(saeExhibit TumerSrand GloriaD Lee, 163 W88hlFix6d Unrt, BBB-05, 161 li6n whh respertto the detauW to s&| the D punua to this IO tlOW maW&, you otsal6two(2) n ,onc86arn obligation is not bDught tUt m "A,ofthe p llc Records ot rican Lagion Rd, Roanoke ODD, 1/v2014, 52811800- specmad in this notite shall to Sa ion 721.855, horida risk losing owenhip ot your week, tor two (2) 5uK8Niv8 [lncluding the pay6nt ol any Os ola County, norida, and Rapid5, NC 27870, 112 Fixad 805, 83,986.76, $1.31; E. be subjerf to tha judicial Statutes. 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You may ot publishing. lt you tail to days hom lhe fir dat6 ot A ) that due to your lailuR to Cunningham, 3715 Hydas Feny Weeh Fixad Unh, BBB-,51 in this notice at any lime betore teas incunad by WestgatB in choose to sign and send to cure the datauW as set torfh publication, the und&sign6d pay the annual aN8Nment( ) Rd. Narnville. TN 37218, and ODD, 1 IV2O14, 52811800-,the und8 ignad twst86's sal8 commencing this toPclosura the undenigned twst88 an in this notic6 or take other T stee shall prot68d with due on (See Exhibrt A and,Ch al L Cunningham, 2716 805. $3,986.76, $1.31; Hen,otyourtim85ha int8 5t. lryou prot8N) wkhin Wir (30l obje ion form, exercising your appDpriat8 artion wrfh regad