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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 PAGE 55B Florida Stat as. in which case. (See Exhibrf .A as defined in Exhib A ,alPage(SeeExhib th6 Declaration ot covenams, obligation is not brought current Florida St es. You may 6009, 1 FixedWeeklFixed Unk, Maria Valentin, 303 Mogan the undenigned T 68 shall: e Decla ion of Covenants, A,ot the Public Records ot Condhions and Restrirfions (including the paymant of any choose to sign and sand to A-01, 20 H0U, 11V2016, Way, ssim,FL 34758, and (1) Provide you wrfh wrmen Condkions and Rerm ions Osteola Coun,Florida, and for lhe We e Vacation tees incur d by Westgate in the undersigned t ee an 530411228-1231, S2,85o.48, Zen da R s 3054 s St6wa notice ot the sale, intluding br the W ale Vac ion Me undersigned T rt as filla5 Vll, cial R6cods commencing this to closu objertiontorm, exewising our S1.47; Jamas P. Pe as and St, uimn,FL 34746, the d e, time and location Villas Ql, cial Recods appoint8dby stgate,heRby Book845, Page 724, ot he p cess) wkhin thirty (30l righttoobjerftotheuseo the maodora K. p,2201 SE 1n F ed M ed Unk, thereof; T2) R6cord the notice Book 1200, at Page 2720, ot formally notifies (See Mibk Public R8colds ot Osceola days hom tha fint date of t stee foraclosuR p cadu . Me ll Rd. Po S nt Lucie, FL BB-03, 4WN, 1M014, of sale in the Public Records the Public Recods ol ceola A lhat due to your ilu to Coun,Florida (the wPlan gublication, the undenignad Upon the undersigned tw ae's 34952, 1 Fix8dW86klF ed Un,5265n668, a,242.82, 81.93; ofOsceola Coun . Florida;and Coun,Florida he Plan and pay the annuel aN8w8nt(sT and all amendment(s) tha to. wstee rnall p ceed wrfh ceiptofyoursignedob rtion A-05, 52 H0U, 11v2016, Poy Man Wu and Kk Wa Wu. (3l Publish atopyotth8notic6 all amendnPnt(s) ePto, rf due on ISee Ewhibrt A and rfany.Toge &wkhtherightto the sale ot Me p perfy as form, the ro&losuP of the NO4l1228-1231, S2,85o.48. 14430 SANFORD AVE APT 4s, o s e two (2) in s, once each any. Together wkh the rigM to all aN8Nm8nt(sl the aWer. oK py, pu ua to the Plan, p vided in Sertion 721.855, li6n wkh spertto Me detauW S1.47; Janet J Z6rick, 5 1 Flushing, NY 11355 Shu Rui C week, for two (2) success e oGcupy, punuant to tha Plan, you a cur m in detauW Buil g-Un (s) (See Exhibk FloridaSt es,inwhich cese, specified in this ndice rn,No ingham Ct, Munysville, and Hong Min Wu, 32 Booth weeks, in an Osceola CouW Building-Unrt(s) (See Exhibh ot your obligalions to pay A,during Unh k(s) (See the und8nign6d Twstee shall: be subj6cl to lhe judicial PA 15668 Rose Twmp, St t. Rago Park, NY 113T4. n6wspap&, p vided suth a A,during Un k(s) (See men du6 to W g e Exhibh A . during Assigned (1T PDvid8 you wkh wrmen Blosu pDcedu onW. 2915 Sidney St, Pmsbugh, 1 Fix W F 6d Unk, BB- newspaper exi s at the ti Ewhibh .A,during Ay ned on etollowing d8Krib8d Pal Yea s),(S Mibh.A .77OO not e ot the sa,intluding You havatharigMto w your PA 15203-3301, 1 F ed 06, 33 H0LE. 1/v2015, of publishing. lf you tail to Yea s).(See Exhib .A .77 pD,ed in O la Wertg e Bhd WNim,the d e. time and location da uWintha mannergforth Wee F ed Unk, A-06, 27 52651,S3,76o.58, t2.49; cu lhe de uW as set torm W8rtg&6 Bhd uim,CouW, norid (See Exhibk FL 34747 e n Tl B Shara th&eor, [2) Recod the nolice inthisnotiGaatanytim8b8to WHOLE, 1 2014, 5304/1228- V8loniGa Ba 6 a, Manzana in lis notice or take o er FL 34747 8Rin fi P Sha A Tl Sha lnt8R (s) pD Add ). A5 a ot s&e in th6 Publit Reco s the unde igned tw ee's saB 1231, S6,343.4o, S3.25; 6 Casa 11 Btlon 1, app priate aclion wh ga (Prop& ) AddPu . As a (s Exhibrf .A as defin in BuW of a ato m6ntion8d otOKaolaCoun ,Florida;Bnd otyourtimasha imere .wyou Neil Ea hauSh and B nda Ci unKripGion 1 Cdgd Evha, to this to losu maw you suW ot the a &Pm nad e D la on ot Covenants, de uW,We g e byel s (3)Publish atopyotthenot e do notobjerttothe use ofthe Ea haugh, 1 6 mames Rd, Buenos Ail8s, ARGENnNA risk losing ownanhip of your de uW,W ga e B yeBrts Condrfions and Res rt ns to sell the PDp8rty punuent otsalatwo(2)times,onceeach t ee o closu pD du,Billingham, ENGLAND TS22 01778, 112 F ed M ed timeshaR im8l8 MDugh e to,e p punuant tor F8 wg a Vacation to S ion 721.855. Flo da week, tor two (2) suctesslve you will not be subjerf to a 5,1 Fixed klF ed Un,Unk,8B-1O. ODD, 112 014, twrtee fo&osu pmedu to &ion 721.855. flonda vlllas xll, cial R o s es. Please b6 advised weeks, in an Osceola CouW dehciancy judgment even w B-02, 17 H0U, 1 U2016, 5265n668, S3.292.76, t1.3o; artablish inS ionT21.855, as. Pl be d 8ook9N,e Page423,dthe M& ln the event that your newspaper, p vided such a the proceeds hDm the s e 5304 1228-1231. S3,524.24. Doris w Be y, 123 u w NW, Fbrida SlaM . You y that in e event that your Public R8colds ot OK6ola oblig ionisnotb ughtcu ant newspapar exi s at the ti B ot your tim6sha int6 t1.82; Wllllam G mn, 38 w h g ,oc2 1,1Fwed choose to gn and ad to obligationisnotbroughtcuBt Coun,Flo da (the Plan flncluding the payment ot any of publishing. lt you tail to are insumcient to o et the Joshua Way, A I8boD, MA w Unk, cc-,11 the undenigned tw 68 an flntluding Me gay nt ot any and all dn (s) theBo, te incuned by w6 g 8 in cu the de uW as set forth amounts Bu d by e lien. 02703. 1 F W66M ed WHOU, 1M015, 5265 2668, obj8tlDntorm, exe ising our tees incu y Bgate in rfany.Tog&herw the rigMlo mn ncing lhis tor losu in mis notice or take other By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Unk, B-03, 1yWH0U, S3,761.58, S2.49; J il J Gub righttoobjerttoMeuseo e comn ncing this Blosu octupy. punuant lo the Plan, pm8N) wMin thiS (30) app pria 6 aclion whh gad T ea. 1 2014, 5 1228-1231, and Widad d De Gub, t rfee fo&bsu p cedu . pDG s) wrfhin thir I30) 8uilding-Unh(s) (See Mibk days hom tha Rm at6 of tothisfo&losu ma er, you NIBlr n" - NoncE OF S11,71o.71, W.17; Kenn&h J Momahan 2 -c& 5, Edmc Upontheundekignadt ee's days hom Me fim d e ot A,during Unk w Ws) (See publitalion, the undesigned risk loslng own8Rhip ot your DEFnuLT nND INTENT TO Gadsden,2TT8 Flushi vey YaracW - Pi 4 - Apto. 4 &elptotyoursignedobjertion publication, the under gned Exhibk A,during Assigned Tw ee sh&| pmeed whh ti share inte st thDugh the FORECLOSE Dr, H ille. K 29 - 9 C as,VENUUW1 F ed form, the to&losu ot the T shall pm d w Y6a s). Ewhibk.A .77OO the ot the PD as h ee t losura pDc8du Owne s Obligo s), n sha Bannia R Gadsd6n. 10751 W wed Un,OD-06, 371 li6n whh spertto ede uW w6 s e ot 6 PD as gate Bhd Nim . pDvid8d ln S lon T21.855, e abl hedin&ion721.855, lme st, Building-Un . kl 1Nth St, SoM R h Dnd WHOU, 1M015. 5265n668, sp med in th notice sh,p vided in on T21.855. FL 34T47 e in n B s Fbrida ,inwhichcasa, norida StaMes. You may Asslgn6d Year, Da uW Dat6, Hill, NY11419, 1 Fixed S3,T .58,S2.49;WevenTSta ba subjerf to the jud i& norida&es,inwhich,pD Add . a P undenign Tw shall: choose to sign and send to 8oo Page ot R8cold6d en, F ed Unh, B-05, 31 H0U, and BeMany R St 12695 tor8clo5u pD du on . the unden nad Tw ee shall: &uW o the ab ioned I1) PD d8 you w wnen the unden ned twstee an Amount, Per Diem um 1 v2016, NO4l1228-1231, Magg Be, Willls, M n318, Youhave erigMtocu our (1l PDv 8 you wrm wen W, gal6heBby6 s no ce of e,in uding ob rtion rm,ewe ising our Joseph Edwards Jr and t1,999.58, S1.o3; Donald 1 F 6d M ed UnW, DD- d&auWinMen nn&s& o h noke ot tha . including to sell Ma PDp8rfy pu e dale, tin and loc&ion righttoob totheuseo the ConAance L Kennedy, 2451 Kenningon. 31 Rohde Ave, 07, 35 H0LE, 1M015, inth noti anytin beb Me da e, ma and bc n to & n T21.855, horida M& r, (2) R the notice tw ee fo&losu pDc8du . W To nto St, Philadelphia, PA Saint AuguAlne, FL 32084, 5265/2668, S3,T&O.58, W.49; the undenignedt ee.s sa t; (2T R the not S M . p asa be advisad ots e inthe Public R olds UponM6undenign8dtw 88's 19132 Je my E May, 1384 E 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, Bonrfacio M S&gado, 522 ofyourtim ha int8Bt.Nyou ot s e in le Publ R ords lat in the evem that your otOKeo Coun ,Flo da;and receiptotyoursiqned obje ion sanq6r St, Phlladelphia, PA B-OT, 31 H0U, 1 2016, lng Av6, cau a do notobj to F8 use ot I8 olO laCouW,Fbrida;and obl ationisnotbDughtcu6 (3TPublish a pyofthe notice torm, the b cosu ot the 191 4, 112 All Season-Flo 530411228-1231, S2,85o.48, c y, IL 60409, and Cri ina t to&lowl8 pDc8du,(3)Publ h acopyot eno fln uding a PWt of any ofs 8two(2)tim8s,onc88aGh lien w h sperttothe datauW WeeklFloat UnN, FFF-01, 171 S1.47; Pet& J vangei, P.O. M Salgado, 1224 s Lake you will not be sub rf to e ots 6two(2)ti .onc8 ch f s incu by We gale in weak, tor two (2) WtC8SSIV6 sp ified in this notiG8 shall ODD, 1 2n015, 5304 1391- Box 198. St&on, ME 04982. Patk Av6. Hobarf. IN 2. d8fici6ncy judg Pm even rf w k, for two (2) SUC M 8 commencing Mls to&losu weaks, in an OK8ola Coun b6 subjact to th6 judicial 1392,S2,783.00,S1.31;Gloria 1 F ed M ed Un,1n F ed UnW, lhe p s hom Me s 6 w,in an O la CouW pQ8N) wWhin thir (30) nawspap&, pDvid8d such B foratlosu p cedu onQ. nson. 6024 A one B-08, 3 H0U, 1M016, EE-01. 51 N, 1M014, ot your ti Bshara int& n8w5p pDvd8d such a days hom e fim da6 of newsp ex ls at thB tima YouhaveMer httocu our 206, Alexandria, VA NO4 1228-1231, S3,524.24, 5265n 8, M, .52, t1.93; a insu ciem to o & the newspgp axiAs at the t publica on, th6 undenigned ot publishing. N you il to datauWin M6 mannars& rfh 22310-5535,1#ls6ason-no& t1.82; David Falkow and E Rodriga Ga y, 162 amounts Bu d by the li . ot publishi . N you t,to Twst shall pm d wkh cu F8 de uW as set rth inthisnoticeatanyti ab&o Wee Float Unrt, HHH-12. 341 Gold8F&kowb,1TaybFCourf K 6 4 Bo Pa o c,end By: GREENSPOON MARDER, w the d auW as s& thB sale ot the PDp8r as in this notice or ee oth6r the undenignedtw ea's s e WHOLE,1MO14,MO4 1391- Unk 1,Mon ,NY1O95O, Lu A D& b, Po LLP, T rtee. in lis not 6 or take o & pDv in S ion 721.855, app priate atlion wM otyourtimesha t .lfyou 1392,t6,495.57,W.1T;Donnie 2 F ed M Unk, Box 424, #bon o, PR TO5 EXNIBrr n" - NoncE OF app pri a artion whh ga hor aS M85,inwhich,to th fo&lo9u n&, you do notobje to Me u58 otthe D Nelson and K6nn8M Nelson. B-08, B-08, 32, N HOU, 112 Fwed Mixed Unh. DEFnuLTnND INnNrTo tothis &losu n W,you e undekigned Tw sh&|: risk bsing own ship ot your twstee b&losu pDt8du,4808 Count Ln Woods, WHOU, 1M01 30411228- n#, 14nNN, 1M014, FORECLOSE risk losing own&ship ot your (1l PDvid8 you wrm wrmen ti&aP int MDugh the you will not be subjert to a Florissant, MO 3, 1n,1231, S6,511.24, .29;Teddy 526M668, S2,244.13, S1.7o; Owne s)IObligo s). Tlm ha timesha im& MDugh the no ce ot 18 s e, including tn t su pD u deficienty judgn even rf season-noat WeeMlo Unh, Verdec,4N8 w Flagl St Don d E Himon and RogeWa lnte,Building-Unrt, Wee fo osu pD u le dal6. ti and,n i in&on721.855, the pDc88ds hom th6 sale HHH-15, 4410DD, 11v2015, Apt1,CoralGables,FL33134- A Hinton, a98o w ve e Assigned V r. De uW D e, lishedin& n721.855, &aor, (2) R ord Me notice Flor a S Mes. You n y of your tim6shar8 inte rt MO4J1391-1392, $2,304.75, 1578, 112 #| season-noat Way, Las v as, NV 89149, 1 Boo Page ofR8 lded Len, Florida Sl Ln8S. You y ofs a in 6 Public R olds thoose to sign and send to a insumtient to o set the $1.18. WeeMloat Unh, B-08, 381 Fixed W68 ed UnN, EE- Amoum, Per Diem m thoose to sign and ad to ofOK Coun ,Florid and the und ned bu an anDunts secu d bythe lien. Augu t1O,1T,2O18 EVEN, 411n016, 530411228- 07, 4 H0LE, 1M015, Joldan Duke, 236 Aquilla Dr. the undenignad t an (3lPublish a copyofMe noti objertion rm. exe ising our By: GREENSPOON MARDER, L17O134 1231,S2,304.28,S1.19. 526512 8, W,76o.58, t2.49; Lakeside, M 76108, 1 F obj ion lorm, 6xa ising yout ofs e o(2)tin s,onceeach rigMto obj tothe use o th6 L T ee. Augu,10, IT, 2DI8 Patri a L Bemon aka Pa icia WeeM ed Unk, AA-01. 271 rigMlo obj to e use otMe w r two (2) suc e twrt toBlosu pDc8du . EXNIBIT "A" - NoncE OF L17O1M L. L. Benton, Brtn Rd, WHOLE, 4M015, 5281 80- t Blosu pD u . w ks, in an Osceola Coun UponMeundekignedtw ee's DEFAULT AND IN ENT TO NOTICE OF DEFAULTAND Coll8g6 Park, GA 30349, 112 785, 83,686.62, S2.5o; Vlrfor Upon Me undenign bu .s n spaper, pDvid8d such a raceipt ofyoursi nadobje ion FORECLOSE INTENT TO FORECLOSE F ed Wae ixed Unh, EED8, Figueroa and Sha n FlgueDa, &eiptotyoursignedobj n newspaper exi s at the time torm, the fo cosu ot the Owna s)IObligo s), Tlmesha WUTGATE VACATION NOTICE OF DEFnuLT nND 14 N, 1M014, 5265n668, 24Ba laySt,Pughkeepsie,NY torm. the toBlosu of the ot publishin lf you tail to lien wkh sp6 toth8 defauW lnle st, Building-Unrf, WeeW VILLAS,FIU: 2TT . INTENr TO FORECLOSE S2,685.12. t1.93; Joge A 126o1, 1l2 Fix6d W M ed lien wkh sp to Me delauw CUR the de uW as set torth specmed in is notice shall As5lgned Year, DetauW Date, PuRuant to Sartion 721.855. wEsTGhn vncATloN cascame, 2 35 w CouQ UnW, AA-07, 3010DD 112w015, specmed in this notice sh,in this noti or take other be subjert to tha judicial Boo Page of Recoded Len, Florida s a es, wEsTGAn LLAS xll nLE: TT . 14 Club Dr, Aventura, FLN18Oand 5281/780-785, $2,476.43, be subjerf to the juditial app pri e arf n whh gard tor6tlosu pmedu only. unt, Par Diem Amount vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Punua to Seclion 721.855, FbrMC o,188O1NW48 $1.31; Shawn Nea,694 w to&losu pDt8du only. to this to&losu ma er. you You havetherightto cure our El abath Lynn Howe, 28 ASSOCIATION. INC. Florida es, wEsTGAn,Opa-Locka, FL 3m5. 112 Mt Vernon N114, N a, MO Youhavetherighttocu your risk losing owenhip ot your detauWinthe mannerset rfh BaWour Ava, Claymont, DE me ina ar B6 8d to as VACATION VILLAS OWNERS F ed W Fwed Unh, EE-10, 65714. 112 All Season-Flo detauWin he mannar aforth ti Bsha i ererf thDugh the in is no c8atanyti Bb8to 19703-2706. 1/2,Season- Wertgate,has rdad a Assoc noN, INC. 4&0DD, 1 2014. 526512668, WeaklFloat Unk, BB-03, 1v inthisnotice anyti beto burf reclosu p du the und gnad,'s sale Float Wee Floa Unk, MMM- Claim ot en in the amount 8 inaW6r to as $3,986.76, S1.3o; Howard w ODD, 11u2015, 52811 80-T85. the undenigned t stee.s sale es blishedin Serfion 721.855, otyourti Psha int .lfyou 01, 251EVEN, 1/v2016, ot (s Exhibh A,wkh e gate,has &orded a Nisben,693oNw186mstApt $2,476.43, S1.31; OKeola of your ti sha ime . w you norida S es. You may do not obje to the use ot the 530411393-1 395, $2,342.32, inte accwing al the r e ot Claim of Len in the unt 501, Hialeah, FL 33015, 112 J mo s and mbe y N donotob rttoMeuseotthe choose to sign and send to tw ae br losu pmedu,81.21; fimolhy R Vanden (See Exhibk A' perday, and of (s Exhibk A,wrfh Fixed WeeM ed Unk, FF-02, momas, 9735 Ba er C dw&| tw to&losu pDc8dur8, Fe undenigned t ee an you will not be wbjert to a Heuval3533 N Prairiewood Dr, &oded in O.R. Book (See int8r8staGGwing atthe rate ot 3010DD, 11v2014, 5265 2668, Dr, Cha oWa, NC 28213, you will not be subjerf to a obje ion torm, exercising our deficiency judgment even rf Appleton, wl 54913, 1 2 Fixed Ewhibit A"), at Paga (See Exhibit (See Exhibh "A per day, and $3,986.76, $1.30; Monica A 1n Fixed WeeMiwed Unk. defitiency judgment even rf rigMloobjertloMe useo the the proceeds tDm the sale WeeklFixedUnrt.MMM-08,201 "A',otthe Public R6cods of recorded ln O.R. Book (See Plaza and Ada z Plaza,Cra18 cc-02, 34nvEN, 11v2014, Ma pmeeds hom the s e h ee foBlosu pmedu . ot your ti Bsha inte st WEN, 11v2016, 530411393- Osceola County, Florida, and Ewhibk A ,atPage(SeaExhibrf N. 39-69,Bogota,C0L0MB , 5281 T 785, $2,660.98, of your timesha ime Upon eund&signedt ee.s a insu ti6m to oRs& the 1395, $2,447.60; $1.20; the undersigned T stee as A',ot the Public Records ot 1 F ed W Mixed Unk, FF- S1 .94; p Dtional Entepria, aP insu cient to om6t the Rceiptofyoursign8dobj8 ion amounts secu d by the lien. Alcides Armando Esquivel, appointed by westgae, hereby Osc6ola Coun,Florida, and 07, 20 H0U, 1n12015. LLC, a Florida Lmrfed Labil y unts secu by me,n. form. the toBlosur8 ot the By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 2111 NW North River Dr Apt tormally notitles ( ee Exhibit he undenigned T ee Bs 526512668, $3,760.42, S2.49; comeany, 13750 w Coloni By: GREENSPOON MARDER,n wrm perttothe de uW LLP,T ee. c 216, Miami, FL 33125, 1 "A") thal due to yourtailure to appointed m wert ea, he by F d Chamben and Fakh R Dr, le 350, Winter Garden, uP, T ae. specmed in this notice shall EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Fixed WeeklFixed Unk, NNN- pay the annual assessmentTsT formal notmes ( ee Exhibrt Chamben, 18113 sw 2&h St, FL 34787, 2 Fixed WeeM ed HIBlr A" - NoncE OF be subjerf to the judicial DEFAULT AND INTENT TO 03, 46 H0LE, 10/1/2014, due on (See Exhibk "A and wA that due lo your tailu to p&nbTok8Pin6s,FLNO29.1l2 UnW. DD-03, DD-03, 18. 191 DEFAULr AND INnNT TO to&lowre p cedure on . FORECLOSE 530411393-1395, $4,934.70, all ass8Mm8nt(s) theraaWer, pay the annu aM8ssm8nt(s) F ed WeaM ed Unk, Y-03. WHOLE, WHOLE, 1/v2015, FORECLOSE You havetherightto cu our owner(sVobligor(s), Tlmesha 82.54; Andy NedwebW. 705 you a cu ant in de ult due on (s Exhib A and 6 0DD, 1M015, 526512668, 5281 T80-785, $6,588.71 . Owne sVObligo s), Tlm8shaR detauW in lhe manner set orfh lnte,Building-Un,W86kl Swamp Pond Rd, Nanowsbug, of your obligations to pay,aM8Mn&t(s) 18 aW8r, S2,5O1.62, $1.30: Ca ona M $4.44; Maga t Buie, 2001 lnteR,Building-Un,inthis notice atanytime before Assign6d Year, DetauW Date. NY 12764-5148 Roberta assessments due to We gate you aR cuna in de uW Lucas, 505 E Lncoln Ave Apt E Lohman Ave Ste 110, Las ANign8d Year, De uW Date, me undenigned tw ee's sale 8oo Page of R6cord8d Lan, Nadwe W. 9014 BoWon Ave onthetollowing described al of your obligations to pay 205, Mou Vemon. NY 10552 Cwces. NM 88001. 1 F ed 8ooWPage of R8told8d Uen, otyourti Pshareinte .llyou AnDunt. Par Diem Amount Lot 143, Hudson, FL 34667, p perty locatad in Osteola ments due to Westgate EliMia Lucas,414 E179TH ST Wee Flxed Un,EE-02, 201 unt. Per Diem A Dunt do notobj tome use ofth6 Craig Ro rtson and Gayor 1n Fixed W68Mix6d Unk, Coun,no da: (S86 Exhibrt qn Me llo ng describedreal FL1,BDnx,NY1O457,1 F ed WHOLE, 4n12015, 5281 780- TRVOr E smrm, end Ann h ee b lowl p cedura, Rob6rtson, 35 High t, NNN-04, 510DD, 1n 20|4 A Time sha llrf8 rt(sl pDp& lacated in Osceola WeeklF ed Unk, Y-08, 2& 7 s,'.83,6 .62, 82.5o; Erica Mari6 WaWen Sm h. 11 you,not be subjert to a Paisley, p sley Ren wshi,530411 393-1 395. S5,734.o4, ISee Mibh A as defined in Coun,norida: (See Exhibk WHOLE, 11N015, 5265n668. Howard, 1419 Mellwood W. SW 104th N Apt E3O2, P.O defiti judgment even rf uNmD KINGDOM PA12AG. $1.31. the Declara ion of Covenants, A Tlme Share lnte (s) $3,760.58, $2.49: Tomas Norfolk, VA 23513, 1 F ed Box 12 66, Miami, FL M174, e p s hom th6 s e 1 Fixed WeeMixad Unh, nugu I1o.1T, 18 Condkions and Re rirtions (See Exhibk A as defined in Ruiz, 34 Woodside Molls WeeklFixed Unrt, EE-09, 411 1 FIXED WEEWFIXED UN ot your timesha ime p-12. 4 H0U. 112n015, . L 170131 for lhe W6 gat6 Vac ion the Declaration of Covenants, Dr, Middletown, NY 10940 WHOLE, 1M015, 5281 780- LU . 23 H0U. 1 2015, a inw tie lo oRs& lhe 528812997-3 0, $4.603.34, Vlllas |, OMcial Retords Book Cond ions and Re rirfions Tracy Franqui, 183 COLON L 785, 83,722.T1, $2.52; Gemini 52811823-827. S3.759.96. a Dunls by the lien. 82.37; me Robe w Wilson 629. at Page 186, ot the for the We gate Vacation RD, Hohenwald, TN 38462. lnv8st Bnt Partn s. lnc a $2.51; $3,759.96, S2.51; David By: GREENSPOON MARDER, And Nadene L Wilson Fami NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Public Records ot Osceola Vlllas xll, O cial Retords 112 Fiwed WeeMixed Unk, Florida Copor ion, Po Bow L Lander Jr, 5 7 Nelson L T ee. T rt UID/T Dated September INnNT TO FORECLOSE County, Florida (the "Plan' Book 933, Page 423, ofthe z-04, 211EVEN, 11v2014, 138039, Cl nt, FL 34713, Mosier, SorthinQon, OH HIBIT Aw - NoncE OF 12, 2000 and JeW y H Wilson, WESrGATE vAchnoN and all amendment(s) thereto, Public Records ot Osceola 5265 2668, $2,685.12, S1.93; 112 F xed M ed Unrf, 44470. and Melissa K Lander, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Twstea. 4181 Pisces Ci le, VILLAS xlx FILE: 2TT .08M ifany.Togethetwiththerightto County, Florida he Plan Ja Bs F Weber and Grace FF-04, 6/0DD, 1/v2014, 251 momapple,D8lawar6, FORECLOSE Livepool, NY 13090. 1 Fixad Punuanl to Section 721.855, otcupy, punuant to the Plan, and all amandment(s) the to, M Webar, 8500 T8Nman 5281 T80-785, 83.918.25, OH 43015, 112 FIXED WEEW Owne sVObligo s), Timeshare W86klFix6d Unk, a-06, 7/ Florida Statutes, WESTGATE Building-Unrf(s) (See Exhibrt rf any. Togethar wkh the right to Farms Rd Apt 1N6, BDok n 81.31; B6midin8 Valentine and FIXED UNIT, LLL-06, 481 lnt8R,Building-Unh. w86kl WHOLE, 11212016, 528&2997- VACATION VILLAS OWNERS "A"), during Unrf Week(s) (See occupy, punuant to the Plan. Pa,MN 55446, 112 F ed Aj Valentine. 3381 Landover EVEN. 11V2014. 52811823- Assigned Year, DefauW Date, 3000. 83,514.24, $1.81; Herb ASSOCIATION, INC. Exhibit A"), during ANign8d Building-Unh[5) (See .Exhibk WaeMixed Unrf. CC-03, 17 8lvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609. 1/2 827, $2,685.12, 81.94; Yvonn6 Boo Page of Recorded Len. Walmsley and Rrfa Walm5ley, me ina er refe to as Y a s), (See Exhibk A . 7T00 A,during Un Week(s) (See EVEN. 11N014, 526512668, Fixad WeeklFixed Unk, FF-06, Seyour. 4 Marigold Close, Amount, Per Diem Amount 50 Gaddyd Lane, Stoney Westgate,has &oded a We gate 8lvd KiNimm86, Exhibk A,during Assigned $3,760.58.81.94. 51/0DD, 11212014, 5281 780- Chelmsford, ENGLAND CM1 Julian Lora and Magama C ek, ON, CANADA L8E4Z4. Claim ot Lien in the amoum FL 34747 (he in fime Sha Yea sl,(See Exhibh A .77OO hugu t1O,1T, 18 785, 83,251.44, $1.25; Kevin 6xu, 112 FIXED WEEWFIXED Diaz. Paquko Ba e 452 ub 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unh. ot (See Exhibrf A ). wkh (Proper T Addr8M"). As a Westg e Blvd Kiuimmee. L17O135 Mc C adia, 1811 Englewood UNIT, LLL-08. 1VEVEN. Maximo, Gomez Vllla Mella, Q-10. 8 H0LE, 1/V2016, inte st accwing at the rate of PSUW ot the ato Bntion8d FL 34747 me in Tlme Sha Rd. Englewood, FL 34223, 1 2 1lv2o14, 52811823-827. Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN 528812997-3000, 83.524.24, (See Exhibk wA per day. and defauW, Wastgate he by elerfs (P p6r ) Add M"). As a Fixed WeeWFixed Unk, FF-07, $2,685.12, $1.94: Honorio REPUBLIC. 1/2 FIXED WEEW 81.82; Aan mompson aka &oded in O.R. Book [See to sell the p perfy pursuant resuN ot the a mentioned NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 2410DD, 1/v2015, 52811780- Ca i and E a Maria Dos FIXED UN AA-04, 8/EVEN, Ann mompson and melma Exhib A ,atPage(SeeExhibrf to Sertion 721.855, Florida dafauW,We g aherebyelects INnNT TO FORECLOSE 785, $2,476.43, $1.31; Pravin Santos Ca i, Rua PDt8Nor 1/2 2016, 5281 813-817. mompson, PO Box Cb 13423, A"), of the Public R8colds of Stalutes. Please be advised to sell the p perty pu ua t WESTGATE vAcAnoN M rthia, 60 Lanesborough Leopoldo Paterini. 15O - Ap. $1 ,258.96, $1.21; Debra NaNau. MAS, 1 Fix Osceola Coun,Florida, and that in the event that your to Section 721.855, Florida VILLAS Qlll FILE: Road. Leicester. Leice enhi,122, Bair - Jadim Zaira. A Martin, 5041 Rue S,W88WFix6c Unrf, R-07, 30/ the undenigned Twstee as obligation is not brought cur nt Stat es. PI6as8 be advised 2TTS&.09N ENGLAND LE47NG, 2 Fixed Gua lhos, BRAZIL o7o95- Jacksonville. FL 32258. and WHOLE, 1 J2014, 528812997- appoinled by Wastgate. he cluding the paymant of any that in the event that your Pursuant to Section 721.855, Wee Fixed Unk, FF-08, FF- 080, 1 FWED WEEWFIXED Mikeal F Martin, 1227 Summk 3000, 87.87.71, 83.25; F nky tormal nolifias (Sae Exhi es incu ad by Westgate in obligation is not b ught cur nt Florida Stat es, WESTGATE 08, 22, 23 H0LE, WHOLE, UNIT, MMM-07, 28 H0LE, Oaks Dr E. Jatksonville, FL Padilla, 803 sw 151st Ave A' that due to your tailuR to commencing this fo closu (including the payment of any VACATION VILLAS OWNERS 1/u201 5, 52811780-785, 11v201 5, 52811823-827, 32221, 112 FIXED WEEW 302, Miam FL 33193 Linda pay the annual assessment[s) process) within thirty (30) eas incuned by Westgate in ASSOCIATION, INC. $6,634.55, $4.46; cZstal Eddy, $3,753.03. $2.51 : Jose Anlonio FIXED UNIT, AA-06. 13nvEN, Bailey, 690| NE Juniper Ridge due on (See Exhibi "A") and days m lhe first date ot commencing this toraclosure ereina er reterPd to as PO Box 8264. pringfield. Del Rosario Gibbs and Dagmar 1 V2O1 6. 5281/813-817, Rd, R6dnond, OR 97756, all assessment(s) thereaWer, publication, the undersignad proc8N) w thirty (30) Westgate"), has retorded a MO 65801, 1 Fixed Weekl D De Del Rosario, Apa ado 81,258.96, $1.21; Herfor M 1 Fixed Week/Fixed Unit, you a tu antly in delault Tw ee shall p teed with days t m t first date of Claim ot Lien in the ount F ed Unk, FF-09, 37 H0LE, Po al 6A-4354, Ciudad De Leon and Carmen M Leon and R-10. 40NH0LE, 4/2/2014. ot your obligations to pay the sale of the PDp8rty as publication, the undenigned of (Sea Exhibk A,w |/V2O15, 5281/T80-785, Pan . PANAMA, 112 FIXED Maria M Rivera and Carmen 5288/2997*000. 86,3o9.o2, aNessm8nts due to Westgate provided in Se ion 721.855. Trustee shall proceed w h inte accwing at the te ot $3.722.71, 82.52: Robert Keen, WEEWFIXED UNIT. MMM-09 Leon. PO Box 952, Santa $3.24. on the following described al Florida Statutes, in which case, the saB of lhe p per as (Sae Exhibk A per day, and 13 Watling Street, Llanrwrt, 10/0DD, 11v2014. 52811823- lsabel, PR 00757, 1/2 FIXED August 10,1T, 18 p perty lotated in Osceola the undenigned T stee shall: provided in Sertion 721.855, r8cod6d in O.R. Book (See Conway, UNITED KINGDOM 827, $3,986.76, 81.31: Ronald WEEWFIXED UNIT, cc-11. L17O132 Coun . Florida: (See Exhibk (1) Provide you wkh wrmen Florida Wahtes. in which case, Exhibk A,Page(See Exhibk LU6 OLS, 1 2 FIXED. x-07. F Wallis, 131 Hillside Avenue, 36nvEN. 1 v2016, 5281/813- A") Time Sha lntere (s) notice of the sale, including tha undenigned Twstee shall: A,ot the Public Recods of 21 0DD, 1 2 2015, 5281/T80- Neptune. NJ 07753, 1 2 FIXED. 817, $1.258.96. $1.21; momas (See Exhibh wA' as defined in the date, time and loc ion (1) p vide you wrm wrmen Osceola Coun,Florida, and 785, $2.476.43, $1.31; Be ram MMM-09, 50 0DD, 11V2014, Arthie and Te A hie, 32092 NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND the Detlaration ot Covenants, thePof; (2) Reco the notice notit6 of the sale, including the undenigned T st68 as Williams, 1515 Tangelo Cir. 5281/82J827, $3,986.76. HamiWon St Bldg 39, Wayne, INnNT TO FORECLOSE Cond ions and Restrirfions ot s e in the Public Records the date, time and location appointed by Westgate, h8Rby Kissimmee. FL 34746, and $1.31; WaWer J Garcia Davila, Ml 48184, 112 FIXED WEEW wEsTGAn VACATION tor the Westgate Vacation ot Osceola Coun,Florida; and the ot: (2) Record the notice formally notifies (See Ewhibk willena Williams, 29360 N Lake Hc 02 Box 31711. Cagua5, PR FIXED UN EE-02, 14 VILLAS xxl FILE: 2T7 . Vlllas xlx, OMcial Recods (3) Publish a copy ot the notice ol sale in the Publit Retords A' that due to your failure to Dr. Elsinore. CA 92530, 1 2 00727. 1 2 FIXED, NNN-02, EVEN, 1/v2016. 5281/813- Punuant to Sartion 721.855. Book 1132, at Page 1485, ot ol sale two (2) times, once each ot Osceola Coun . Florida: and pay the annual assessmenl(s) F ed Week Fixed Unk, Y-08, 4VODD, 11v2015. 52811823- 817, $2,743.23, $1.26: Jesus Florida Stat es, WESTGATE the Public R ords ot Oscaola waek, for two (2) successive (3) Publish a copy of the notice due on (See Exhibrt A' and 511NEN, 11v2014, 52811780- 827, 81.996.15, $1.05; Pedro A Valdivieso and Nubia R VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Coun,Florida (tha Plan and weeks, in an Osceola County ot sale two (2) times, once each all assassment(s) thePaWer. 785, $4.208.27, 81.94; J Sanchez 118 Avanue v, Rodriguez, Conjunto Cinto ASSOCIATION, INC. all amendment(s) the to, rf newspaper, pDvid8d such a week, for two (2) sutc6ssiv8 you are curPntly in defauW Promotional Enteprises, LLC, BrooWyn, NY 11223, and Edificio AApt 14. Santa Cw2 De ereina er r& d to as any. Together wkh the right to newspaper exists at the time weeks, in an Osceola Coun of your obligations to pay 13750 w. Colonial Dr, Surfe Martha c Santhez. 230 E Aragua, VENUUELA. 1 FIXED we gate"i has Bo ed a occupy, pursuant to the Plan, of publishing. ll you tail to newspaper, provided such a assessments due to Westgate 350, Winter Garden, FL 34787, 4th St, Lansdale. PA 19446: WEEWFIXED UN,x-09. 37/ Claim ot Len in the amounl Building-Unrf(s) (See Exhibrt cure the detault as s6t forth newspaper exists at the time on the tollowing described real 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unrf, 1/2 FIXED, NNN-03, 410DD, WHOLE, 1/v2016, 52811813- ot (See hhibk "A wrfh '.A,during Unit Waek(s) (Sae in this notice or take other of publishing. lf you fail to proper lotated in Osceola Y-1O, 44 H0LE, 1/V2015, 1 IV2O1 5. 52811823-827, 817, $2,414.56. $1.82: Kevin J int8re5t acouing at the rate ol Exhib A'.), during Assigned appropriate a ion wkh regard cura the defauW as set forth Coun . Florida: (See Exhibrf 5281/780-785, $3.722.7| . $2,104.72, $1.10; Carmen,Austin and Fane p Austin, 1017 (See Exhibi "A") per day, and Year(s), (See Exhibit A"). 7700 to this toreclosu maner, you in this notite or take other A") Tlme Share lnte (s) $2.52; Ma Mcca ney, Box Claudio and Freddy A Ortega, Senate Loop, Fairbanks. AK recoded il O.R. Book (See Westgate Blvd Kissimmee. risk losing ownenhip of your appropriate action wkh regad (S68 Exhibrf A as defined in 197, Ha 5on, AR 72602. Po Box 250140. Aguadilla, PR 99712. 1 2 FIXED WEEWFIXED Ewhibrf "A ot Page (See Exh bit FL 34747 (herein "Time Sha timeshaP interest through the to this foreclosu ma er, you the Declaration ot Covenants. 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unrt, 00604. 1/2 FIXED, NNN-03, UNIT, X-10, 31EVEN. 1/2/2016, A"). of the Public Recods ot (Prope y) Address"). As a trustee foRclosu pDc8dur8 risk losing owenhip of your Condkions and Restrirtions Y-12, 45 H0LE, 1/212015, 14/EVEN, 1/v2014, 5281/823- 52811813-817, $1 ,258.96, Osceola C n,Florida. and Rsult of the atorementionad established in Sertion 721 .855. timesha int8R th ugh the tor the Westgale Vac ion 5281/780-785, $3,722.71 . 827. $4,242.82, $1.94; Albe w 81.21. the under ned Twstee as detauW, We gale he by elerts Florida Slatlrt8s. You may twstee toBlosu p teduP Villas XXlll, O cial Retords $2.52. Burton, 376 Burton Rd, Shaw Augu8t 10, 1T, 2018 appointed Westgate, hePby to sell the Propar punuant choose to sign and send to establishad in Sertion 721 .855, Book 1202, at Page 71, ot the August 10, 1T, 2018 MS 38773, 1 FIXED NNN-05, L 170173 formally n