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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 54B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 2018 weeks, in an Osceola County Book 933,atPaga 423, otthe A fima Shate lnte (s) pay th6 annu Nn nt(sT Par FL 32073, 112 Fixed 81.94; Marib6| Riv&a, Calle 52661377-382, 83,986.76. DEFAULT AND INTENT TO newspaper, provided SUth a Publit R6cods of Osc6ola [See Mibh A a5 definedin due on (S68 Mibrf A and kl x6d Unk, z-07, 21 F6nix,C 18 Urb La Ga ota5. $1.31;, Shatosha R Simpson, FORECLOSE n6wspap8r axi s at the time Coun,Florida (th6 Plan the D laration ot Covenams, all Nmem(5) tha aRar,11v2014, u66l366- Toa Baja, PR,112 Flxed, 2163 Emi Dr, 8olingbroo Owne sVObligo s), T shal8 ot publi5hinq. w you fail to and a,amendment(s) theBo, Condrfions and Re rictions you are tu ant in d6tauW 370,$2,685.12,S1.93. V-05, 2&MN. 11V2014, 60490, 1 2 Fix6d W x6d lnte,8uilding-Unrf, Weehl the deault as s6t torth it any. Together with the right to tor the Waslg a Vacation ot your obligations to pay ngust 10, 1T, 2018 5266 383-387. S2,66O.98, Unh, llB-02, 9nvEN, 1 n014, 5ign8d Year, DelauW Date, in this notit6 or take other oKupy, punuant to tha Plan, Vlllas xvlll. omcial Records a556ssm8nts du6 to Wastg e L 170169 81.94; onzo Ca and Gina 52661377-382, 82,685.12, BooklPage of R ord6d Len. appDpri 8 a ion w h gard Building-Unitls) IS86 Mibk Book 1103, at Page 1123, ot onth6tollowing d8Krib8d real Ca,950 RMand Rd - Apt S1.94; H6 or Mendoza and unt. P6r Di6m um to Mis to&lowra maWer, you A"), during Unrt w k(5T (See the Public Recods of OKaola pDp8rty locat6d in Osc la 410, Brook n, NY 11212, 1n Sandra Mendoza, Cer da D6 llamay p Bartholo Bw, 923 ri k losing owar p of your Exhibrf A.), during 5ign8d county.norida(the Plan")and Coun Florida: (s86 Exhib NoncE OF DEFAULr AND Fixed w6eM 8d Unit, v-10, Lond 5 #81. Colonia JaldiB Ha imer St. Houston, TX tim ha int6Bt th ugh the Yaa sT,(S Mibh A . 77,dm t(s) th6 to, il A lme Sha lnt& t(s) INnNT TO FORECLOSE 39 0DD, 11v2014, 5266n83- De Balla VI5ta, Estado Da 77008, 1 Flxad WeeMixed hu ee to losu procedu We ata Blvd Kis mmee. any. Tog&har wkh the rigM to (See Exhibh A a5 d6fin6d in wurGhn vhcnnoN 387,83,950.74.$1.31; Edwald Mexico, MWICO 54054, 1 Unil, BB-01, 34 H0U, e ablirn in &ion 721.855, FL 747 e in fi B Sha otcupy, punuant lo tha Plan, tha ar ion ol cov6nams, UM lx nLE 2n . 1& Avandano, 145 TaiBgton Flxed W86Mixad Unk, llB- 1n12015, 201 706 78795, norida Statrt85. You may (Prop l Addreu.l. As a Building-Unk(s) (s Mibrf Condrfions and Re rirtions Punuam to &ion 721.855, Driv6, Sl es |,NC 28625, 05, 25 H0U, 1 2 015, $3.722.71. 82.52; D8nni5 choose to sign and sand to suN of he alor8 ntion6d A l, during Unit Week(s) (s86 tor the We g e Vaca on norida St as, WESTGATE and Mi a c Avendano, 1880 526 377-382, $3,760.58, Ja5hinsky 1014 8u6na Vl a the und6nign8d tw ee an d8tauW,W6 gat6h8r6by6|8 s Exhibrf A,during ANign8d Vlllas Xll, omcial R6tods vAcAnoN VIL@ OWNERS kh n,Norfh Bald n, NY 82.52; CaDl J Spragu6, 24 Ave, Wauk ha, wl N188. obje ion lorm, 6w8rcising your to s6|| lha p perty punuanl Y s), (Sae Ewhibit A' . 7700 Book 9N, a Page 423, ot ha AssoclAnoN, INC. 11510, 1n F W88 x6d Hol s Rd, Covent,Rl and Carm6n L JashiMW, righttoobj6rttoth8us8otth6 to S6 ion 721.855, horida W a Blvd Nimm88, Public R od5 of Osceola e inaWar t to as Unrt,V-12,43 EN,1lV2O14, 02816, 1 Fixad Wae xed 435 WIKonsin Ave UPPR, wst66 to losu p G8du . Statut6s. Pleas6 b6 advisad n 747 me in Time Sha County, horida (the Plan") We gata,has raco ad a 5266 383-387, $4,208.2T, Unk, llB-20, 10 H0U, Waukesha, N186, 1 2 Flx6d UponM8und8nign t st88'5 th in the event that your pD ) Add N"). As a and,amendmant( ) MeBo. Claim ot Len in the amou S1.94. 11V2015, 5266 377-382. W68 x8d Unh, BB-07, 391 iptotyoursiqnadobjerfion oblig ion notbroughtwa r uW ot th6 afo ntioned rfany.Tog&h wkhtherightto ot (Sae Exhibrf A"), wrth nugurt1o,1T, 18 83,76o.58, $2.52; Kok Swae ODD, 1 v2015, 20170 78795, form, tha totacosu of tha flnGluding tha pay t ot any d6tauW,Bgal6 h6 by8larfs occupy. punuam lo a Plan, imere acc ing al the r e ot L17O168 Khoo, 1409 Key Pkwy Apt $2,734.78, $1 .02; War n lien w sp8rf1oth6 datault teas incunad by tgate in to s&| the p perty puRuant Building-Un (s) (s Mibk (See Exhibh A p day. and A5, Frad6rick, MD217O2, and Bonner, 1663 Gandy s , sp6cifi6d in this notica shall commancing this lo closu to &ion 721.855, florida A,during Unrf k(s) (See Rcord8d in O.R. Book (Sae Petk HoonNeoKhoo,245Ash Jac lle, fl 32208, 112 be subjert to th6 judicial proc8N) w hin thiS (30l Statut . PI8as6 be advised Exhibrt A . during gn E ibh A ,atPage(SeeExhibh NoncE OF DUAULT nND Driva, Long Pond, PA18334. 1 Flx6d Wae xed Unk, cc- fo closu p cedu only. days hom tha fir at6 ot lhat in the event that your Year(s),(See Mibrf A .77OO A,olWe Public Records ot IN TO FORECLOSE Flxad klfix6d Un wc- 02, 361MN, 11v2014, You have Me rightlo cu rour eublitation, the und&signed obligalionisnotb ughltu ent stg a Blvd WNimm88, O la Coun,norida, and WVTUTE vncAnoN 05, 12 H0U, 1M015, 2017 T8795, S2,s6o.98, d6 uW in M6 mann6r set o h wst66 shall p c86d wrm [lncluding th6 payment of any FL 34747 erein Tlma Sha m6 und6rsign6d Twstee as L nLLm . 1T 52661377-382, S3,76o.58, S1.94: Wllliam D K6,81T0 inth noticeatanytin betore he sale ot the Pro as fees incunad by We gate in (PDpa y) Add M"). As a appoint6d byWa gate,h6r6by Punuant to Sertion 721.855, $2.52; Kellay Claments, 20493 Miles C&c6n,MetcaWe, e undenigned hstee's sale p vided in &ion 721.855, co cing this to&losure r6suW of th6 ato m6 ionad formally notifi6s (See Exhibh norida Stat rf85, wEsTGAn Ga Highway 144, Richmond ON, CANADA KOA2PO, 1 otyourtim hal8inter8st.lfyou noridasl es,inwhid tas6, pmess) w hin thirfy (30) d6tauW,We gat8h6 by8|8cls A thatduato yourtailu to vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Hill, GA 31324, and Kori M Fixed Weekl xed Un . cc- do notobje to 6 useotthe the undenigned T ee |: days hom tha fim dale ot to s&| the Pro punuant pay lhe annual aN8Mmant(s) AssoclAnoN, INC. CI6ments, 166 KansinQon Cir, 06, 71WH0LE, 1 v2015, tw aa to Glowr8 pDcedur6, (1l PDvid8 you w h wrmen publication, the undenigned to S ion 721.855, florida du6 on (s86 Exhibh A and me inaR te ed to as Gu on, GA 313121/2 Fix6d 2017 78795, $3,722.71 , you will not be subje to a notice of the sale, including Tw ea shall pm d wkh St es. Please be advi,t(s) th6 aW8r, estg e,has ld6d a W xed Un ,WC-07, 49 S2.52: Rodnay C Kautman deficiancy judgment evan if the data, time and loc ion the sale ot ha Prop6rty a5 that in the avent th your you a cuBt in detauW Claim of Len in tha unt ODD. 11v2014,52661377-382, and Magu8m6 Kaum n, 217 e proceeds hom lhe sale thereot; (2) Recod th6 notica provid6d in Se ion 721.855, obligation is nol bDugM cu& ot your obligations to pay of (s Mibk A,wM S3,996.87, $1.31; Dionisio B ninQon Cir, Columbi4 sc ot your tim6sha int8r6 ot sale in the Publit Racords norida StatWes,in which Gas6, (including tha pay nt ot any aN 8n due to W65tgat8 int accwing atther a ot Mo Jr and Ca lina,Mora, 29229, 112 F ed M gd a insumGi8nt to oWsat th6 ot Osteola County, Florida; and tha undanignad T shall: tees incu d by W6stgat8 in on th6 following described al (See Exhibh A.) p& day, and 6047 N. PulaskiRoad, Chicago, Unk, DD-,2y0DD, 1M014, amounts Bu by th6 liBn. (3)Publirnacopyot lanotice (1) PDvid8 you w wrinen commenting this toBlosure pDparty lotated in Osceola Bord6d in O.R. Book (See IL 60646, 112 Flxad w kl 2017 8795, g3.945.48, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ot sale two (2) tim . once aach notite ot the sale, including p c8N) Min thir . (30) Coun,Florida: (See Exhibh Exhibrt A,at gq6(s Exhibit Fixad Unit, wc-13, 3510D0, S1.31: Manuel c Esp o, 1 , T aa. w k, tor two (2) SUC NV8 the date, time and location day5 hom the fim d e of A Tlme Ma lnt6 (sT A"), ot e p llc Retords of 1 2015, 52661377-382, Pri St, Radlands, CA 92373 lalT n" - NoncE OF w k5, in an O la Coun h& r, I2) R8cold Me notica public ion, tha undanigned (See Ewhibrf .A as dafined in Oscaola County, Florida, and $1,717.30, $O.T4; Stephen A and Celerina c Espejo and D AULr nND INnNr TO newspaper, provid such a ot sale in tha Publit R olds T ea shall p wrth th6 Decla lion or Covenants, the undenignad Tw as Shulerand Judy Shuler, 821 s J8s5 N Lacaba. 25949 Glan FORECLOSE newspapar exi s at the ti otOK laCoun .Florida;and th6 s e ot the PD as Condhions and R8 rirtion5tor appoim6d byWe ,h&Bby 1&h St,T6r Hauta,IN 47803, Su Dr Loma Lnda, CA Owe s)IObligo s), Tlmasha of publishing. lr you t,to (3)Publish acopy olthe notice pDvid8d in S6 ion 721.855, a Wartgate Vac ion vllla5 tom notm ( Exhibrt 1 Flxed Mixed Unk, 92354, and elia p Lacab4 lnt6r8,Building-Unit, Waekl GU the detauW as s& rorfh ots etwo(2)times,onceaach FloridaS es,inwhith,lx, omtial R ods Book 882. A l du6to yourlailu to WE-01, 9 H0L 1 n015, 12003 Bertha St, Ce os, CA 5ign8d Year, DefauN Date, in this notic6 Ot take other weak, tor two (2) succe5 iv6 the undanigned T ee sh |: at Pag6 2709, ot w6 Public pay Ma annual nt(s) 526 377-382, S3,76O.58, 90703. 1 Flxed W86klFwed Boo Page ot R8Gord8d Lian, appropri e a ion wrfh ga w86ks, in an Oweola Coun (1l Provide you wrfh wrman R6Gods ot Osceola County. due on (See Mibk A and S2.52; Melanie Muphy and Unh, DD-07, 10 H0U, nount, Per Diem Amount to thisto&osu maW&, you nawspaper, pDvid6d such a notice or th6 5al6, including Flonda Ttha Plan and all,aam t(s) th&eaWer, Dennis Muphy, 20 Clav6don 1M014, 201 7 8795, Femando Pena and Adriana rish losing owenhip ot your newspaper exists the time the date, tima and loca ion endment(s) lh&eto, t any. you a wBt in datault Road, Newquay, Nawquay, 85.1o1.24, S3.23; Ho Gio H camu, Call6 Gaviola 501 COL lim ha int& st through the ot publirning. lt you tail to th& t; (2) Record th6 notice Tog8th6r wkh tha right to ot your obligations o pay GREAT BRITAIN TR7 2Bu, 1 Mad6ma and Marta s Flo s, Vlllas Da Sanjem Montena,tw ee fo&lo5ul8 paedu r Me detauW as sat torfh of sale in th6 Public R ods ocwpy, pursuant to the Plan, au8Nm6nts duato Wa gata Fixad W68Mix8d Unit, WE- General Lopez 2237, San NL o M CO, 1 2 tablirnedinsartion721.855, in lhi5 no or take othar otoK6dacouW,norida:and Building-Unrf(s) (Sa& Exhibk on W8followingd6scribad al 12, 20 H0U, 11v2015, Lorenzo, ARGENnNA 02200, Fixed WeehlFmed Unit, AAA- Florida St 85. You may appropriat6 artion wkh ragad (3)Publish a topy ofthe notica A,during Unh week(s) (See p perty locatad in Osceola 52661377-382, $3,760.58, 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf. 02, 37 H0U, 11212014, choose to sign and s6nd to to this to&losu maW6r, you otsaletwo(2)tim ,onceeath Mibk A.), during AMign8d County, norida: (Sea Exhibrt 82.52; Ma Josephina M DD-12, 3WH0U, 112/2015, 5z9211 231,83,3942.52; the undenigned tw ee an rish losing ow6nhip ot your wa6k, for two (2) wK8Niv6 Y6a s), (See Exhibk A . 77 A Tl B Sha lnt (s) Cuison and Antonio J Cui5on, 201706 78795, S3,722.71, 81.94: Daborah K Cla and objerfion torm, 8x6 ising your tim6sha i e st th ugh lha w in an O teola CouW Wa tgate Blvd KiNimm88, (See Mibk A a5 defined in 68 C C Santos St Bt Pqu6, $2.52; John Laughlin. 1317 Jacki6 L P6 no, 309 Marilyn rightlo obje tothe use ofthe t ae to closure p cadu n8w5pap8r, p vided such a n 34747 8r6in fima Sha the Declaration ot Cov6nan s, Pa naqua, PHIUPPINES, 1 2 NE fimbe ine N, L 's Ln, Davenporf, FL 33897, twstee fo tlosu p c6du . 6stablish6dinS8 i0n721.855, newspaper 8xi5 at the time properfy) Address"). As a Condhions and Re rirtions Fix8dW86MixedUnk,WE-15, Summ,MO,and 1n Flx6d WB8 x8d Unit, Upon a und sign6d tw ae's norida StatWes. You may ot publishing. lt you fail to suW ot the atorementioned tor tha W6stgat8 Vacation 10nvEN, 112 2014, 52661377- Che,Laughlin, 1441 Wisper ,3VEVEN, 11v2014. & plofyoursiqn6dobj8rt n choo58 o sign and send to cu lhe detauW as set forth d6tauN,w8slgat8he by6|8rts vlllas OMcial Retords 382, $4,242.82, $1.94; Roy J Willows Dr, Haslet, M 76052, 529V1231, S4,O78.13, $1.94; torm, the lo&ow of lhe th6 undenigned t ee an in thi5 notice or take oth& to s6|| the rop punuant Booh 1665, at Page 1597, of Cuison, 869 Acacia Ave M 1 Flxed WaeW xad Un,EE- Car 68 Jawkas, Po Box lien wkh resp tothe detauW obje iontorm, exe ising our appDpri e a ion w ad to Sertion 721.855, Florida the Publit R6co s orOK8ola rAnala abang, vlll Muntinlupa 02, 45 H0LE, 11v2015, 574N, Mu ay, UT 84157, 1 specified in thi5 notice shall rightto objerttothe use o the to this to&losure maW&, you StaMas. Plaasa b6 advised County, Florida ha Plan") and 6tr0 Manila, Muntinlupa, 201 706 78795, 83,722.71 , Fix6d WeeklFlxed Unit, AAA- be subja to the juditial t 6a to&losu pDc8du . risk losing ow6 hip ot your th in the event that your,dm6nt(sl e to, rf PHIUPPINES, 1n Fix6d w kl $2.52; Ron s Pilbin, 194 Buge 04, 39 H0LE, 11212014, toreclosura p G8du only. Upon heundenignedt ee's tim hare inta MDugh le obligationisnotbroughtcunant any. Tog&her wM tha rigM to Flx6d Unk, WE-15, 1010DD, Court, Gun 6r Ak, AL 36115, 529v1231, $6,611.72, $3.25: You havetha rightto GU your rat ptotyoursigned objartion tw 6e to tlosu pDcedu [lncluding the payent ot any occupy, punuam to the Plan. 1n12014, 52661377-382, 1n Flxed xed Unk, Oma Stockman and Shannon detauW in th6 manner set torth lorm, the loreclosure ot the 6stablish8d in Se ion 721 .855, faes incu ed by We gate in Building-Unrt(s) (S6a Exhibrt S3,986.76, $1.31. EE-02, 49 0DD, 11V201 5, L Sloc n, 1920 Ridge Rd, in lhis notic6 at any tim6 befo lian wrth spert to the datauN Florida Stat es. You may commencing this for6closu A,during Unh Weak(s) (Saa nugu,10, 1T, 18 201 7 /T8795, 81,9o4.79, Columbus, MS 39705, 112 Fix6d the undenigned twstee's sale spetmed in this notica shall thoose to sign and send to proc8Nl wrthin thi y (30) Exhibh A"), during Assigned L17O171 S1.o1; lla y p Ba holomew, kl x6d Unrf, AAA-06, 201 otyour imesha imar .wyou be subje to the judicial the und signad t an day5 hom the first date ot Y8a s),(S68 Exhibit A . 7700 10613 Roy Brtl6r Dr, Austin, TX ODD, 11212014, 529V1231, do not obje toth6 use otlhe toreclosu pDtedur8 only. obje ion form, exercising your publication, the undenigned Westgata Blvd ssimmee, . 7871 7, 1 Fix WeeMixed Unit, $3,950.74, $1.31; E in v Dal t fo closu pD dur8, You havethe rightto cure our rightto objactlothe u5e oftha T ee shall procead with FL 34747 m6 in fime Sha NOTICE OF DEFAULr AND FF-03, 37 H0LE, 11212015, Ro5ario and florinda C Cwz, you will not be subj o a d6 uWinth8mann8rs8t oM t ee to losu pmedu . We sale of e PDp8 y as p perfy) Addr6N"). As a INTENT TO FORECLOSE 201 7 /78795, 83,722.71 , 43449 Live sq, Ashbum, VA daficiancy judgment even rf inWis noticeatanytim8b6tor6 Uponthe undanignedhu 's p vid6d in Se ion 721.855. RwW ot th6 ator tioned WESTGATE v^c^noN 82.52; Herberf p Jamas, 13240 20147, 112 Flxed WeaMixed tha proceeds hom the sale th6 und6nign8d,stee's sale receiptofyoursigned objemon horida Stat es, in which case, defauW, westgate he by elerts LLAS xll FILE: 2n . 18 PickerinQon Rd, PickerinQon, Unil, AAA-09, 910DD, 1/212014, ot your timeshara intarest otyourtim85har8int8r8st.ltyou torm, the toreclosuP of the Me und&signed Tw aa shall: to sell tha Dp8 y punuant Pursuant o Sertion 721.855, OH 43147, Fwed Waah/ 529v1231, $3,795.03, 81.31; are insuMcient o owsel he do not objert to th6 use ot tha lien whh raspe o the detauW (1l p vide you with wriW6n to Se ion 721.855, norida florida S at es, wEsTGAn Flxed Unk, FF-04, 52 ODD, Tony B ant and Tlna Glab, amou s secured by the lien. twst68 to closure pDc8du,spacified in this notice shall notice ot the sale, including Sta utes. Please be advised vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS 11v2014, 201 706T78795, 1827 Middleborough Rd, By: GREENSPOON MARDE you will not be subje to a be subje to the judicial lhe d e, time and location that in the event that your ASSOCIATION, INC. $2652.76, 81.18; Gladys B EN8X, MD 21221-3014, up. Tw aa. d8fiti6ncy judgment even it toPclosu proc6dura only. thereot: (2) Recod the notite obligation is not brought cu ant &einaWar raf6 ad to as Brow-T tee ot me Glady 112 Flxed WeeMix6d Unrf, HIBIT A - NoncE OF ha pm ds hom the sale Vou haveMe rightto cuPyour ot sale in the Public Racords flncluding the paynen of any Westgata',has r8cold8d a B. Cla -Brow Revocable AAA-09, 3V0DD, 11212015, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO ot your tim6sha int6r6st derauw in the mannerset forfh otOsteolaCounty,Florida;and le6s incunad by Westgate in Claim ot Lien in the amount LvingT stDatad Dac4,2OO2, 529211231, $2,476.43, 81.31; FORECLOSE a insumciem to ot et the in this notita at any tinP balora (3) Publish a copy of th6 notit6 commanting this toPclosure ot (See Exhibrf A,wkh 455 Nealy Ln, Huntingdon, TN Patricia L Wan n and Stephen Owne s)IObligo s), Tlmesha un s s8wRd by the lian. tha undenigned tw 8e'5 sale otsal8two(2)tim8s,onc86ach proc ) wrthin thirty (30T int8Bt attwing at tha rat6 ot 3,112 F ed WeeMixed R Wan n, 2 Sept8mb6r Way, lnterest, Building-Unk, h By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ofyourtim6shar8int8 .ltyou week. tor two (2) succ8Niv8 days hom lha fim date ot (Se6 Ewhibk A parday. and Unh, n-07. 5V0DD, 1 2 2015, Avon. CT 06001, 1 Fixed Assigned Y6ar, DetauW Dat6, L T aa. do notobjerttothe use otthe weeks, in an OK8ola County publitation, 6 und sign6d rded in O.R. Book (See 201706/78795, $2,476.43, W88Mix6d Unrf. AAA-11, 35 BoohlPage ot Recoded Len, QHIBIT A - NoncE OF twstee foraclowra procedu,new paper, provided uth a T ee hall p t d wrfh ExhibrfwA,Pag8(S68Exhibh $1.31; Law nc6 B Chun, WHOU, 1 v2015, 529211231, Amou,Per Diem um DEFnuLT AND INTENT TO you will not b6 subject to a newspaper exi s at tha limB the sala of th6 p as A"), of tha PubliG R ords ot 5421 Halap8p6 St, Honolulu. $3,082.31, $2.18: Richa G Bemadewe M. Velez and FORECLOSE deficiency judgment even it ot publishing. ll you tail to provided in &ion 721.a55. O5c80la County, Florida, and Hl 96821, 1 Fixed Weekl D on,4425Us Highway441 s Herminia Teran and Ang& A Own8 5VObligo s), Tlmesha the proceeds hom the sale cu the default as s6t torth noridastat es,inwhithcasa, tha under5 n8d T ee as Fix6d Unit, x-03, 13 H0LE, Lot69,Ok obee, FL34974 Ay a and Jos6 v&,2428 lnt,Building-Unk, wee or your tim85ha inte st in this notite or taka other Me undenigned Twrtee shall: appointad by w6stgata, ha by 1l2no14. 20170 78795, Barbara KDixon,25362 Estat6 Ralph Ave, BDoWy, NY Awign6d Y D6tauW Data, a inwmcient to oWs&t 16 app priata artion wrfh ga (1l PD da you whh wrman tormally notifies ( 86 Exhibh 88,169.12, $3.25; Arfhur Dr, Geog ow, DE 19g47- 11234, 1 Flxed wed BoohPag6 ot R oded un Bu d by the lien. to thisforeclosura maWar, you notic6 ot the sale, including A thatdue tq yourtailu to J W a 7442 Rew Hill T , 6839, 1 F edw hnixed Unh, Unk, AA-03, 2 0u, L6n, unt, Per Diam By: GREENSPOON MARDER, risk losing ownership ot your the dat6, tima and lotation pay the annual m6nt(s) O ando,FL32818, d Dori - AAA-12, 2S1WH0LE, 11212015, 11212014, 528&2979-2982, A Dum Ke n Mc Craadi6, Twst . tim ha inter6st through th6 the ot; (2T Racold tha notica due on (s Exhibrf A and AWhrfe,2O5S Di e Dr, Hainas 529u1231, $3,722.71, $2.52; $7,850.20, 83.25; Glenn A 1811 Englewood Rd 278, IBIT n" - NoncE OF,aa fo&losure proc6du ot s e in the Public R6cords all a5s8Nm8nt(s) w c y, FL N844, 112 F ed JoseARodriguazandRebetca Avila and Nan A la, 852 Englewood, FL 34223, 1 DEFAULT nND INTENT TO e abl hadinS ion721.855, ofoK8olacouW,norida:and you are cu ant in detauW WeeW xed Unh, Y-05, 501 Velez, Urbanizacion Bayamon La Barbera Dr, an Jos6, CA Flxed WeeMixed Unit, AAA- FORECLOSE florida Stat es. You may (3)Publish acopyot enotite ot your obligations to pay ODD,1MO14,2O17 8795. Garden Nn2, C le Cristina, 95126 Sheela Ma Geoge, 03, 15 H0LE, 11v2015, Owner(sVObligor(s), fimernare choosa to sign and sand lo ofsala two (2)tim85, once each aN sm8nls dua to We gata $3,950.74, S1.31; Pio Ju za BayanDn, PR 00957, 112 Fix6d Twstee Ot me Sheela Geoge 530411384-1387, $4,894.32, lnte,Building-Unit, We kl tha undersigned twst6a an waak, tor two (2) Succ8Miv8 on th6tollowing d6scrib8d real 244 LatDb8 Ave. Winn6tka, IL kl xed Unh, DDD-03, 251 Family T st,Dated Nov6mb8r S2.52; Jennrfer Cant ll, 310 ANign8d Year, DetauW Data, objection torm, 6x6rtising your waaks, in an OK8ola County proparfy locatad in Osceola 6 93, and Geoge Diatzanko, ODD, 1 2015, 529v1231, 14,1994, 1324 Pimlito Pkwy, ch8 k86 Avenua, Big Ston6 Boo Page of R orded Len, rightloobj8 toth8us6otthe newspap6r, pDvid8d wch a Coun,Florida: (See Exhibrf 1895 Happ Rd, Normfi&d. S2,476.43.$1.31: JHal6y, LbeWille, IL 8. 1 Flxad GaP. VA 24219 Micha& AnDum, Par D m unt twslae toreclosu p c6du . newspap& 6xi s at tha tima A' Tlme Share lnl6r8rt(s) IL 3, 1 Flxed W86kl 1760 Bu on Rd, Memphis, W Mixed Unk, AA,501 cantal, Po Box 673, Pound, Gina T n, 1 s 8TH St, Uponth8und8nign twst86's ot publishing. lt you t,to (Sea Exhibk A a5 d8fin6d in Fixed Unrf, Y-07, 44 H0LE, TN 38116 RayeWa G Haley, WHOU, 11212014, 528&2979- VA 24279- 73, . 112 Flx6d Philad6lphia, PA 19147, and iptotyoursignadobja ion wP he datauW as 5& torth the Decla tion ot Cov6nants, 11v2015, 201706n8795, 4061 Pa e Ann Dr, Mamphis, 2982,87,836.32,$3.25;Lui5 F W xed Unk, AAA-04, 21 fien Tran, 3821 s Main Rd, torm, We toBlosu ot tha in this notice or ake oMe Condhions and R8 rirt M 83,m. .S2.54;Ga ld J Avi TN 38116-2617, 112 Fixad Tamayo and ElizabeM R H6N, MN, 1M014, 5304 1384- Vln6land, NJ 08360, 1 2 Flxed li6n wM pe tothe d6tauW appDpri 8 artion wrm gad tor the We g e Vacat n and Chri ine D. A,1574 s. Wee xed Unrf, DDD-04, 25/ 60 undemill Ave, Hitk5 |I8, 1387,$3,210.40,g1.65;Sldney W86Mix6d Unh, AA-02, 461 spetmed in this notice 5hall to this I0&I05ur8 man&, you Vlllas xll, omGial R 5 Paul La corm6,Pal ine, MN, 11N014, 529v1231, NY 11801, 112 Fixed w Willi M and Caroly Williams, EVEN, 11212014, 52661366- be subje to th6 judicial risk I05ing own&ship of your Book9N.atPag8423,ot h6 IL 7, 1 Flxed kl S2,66o.98, $1.94; Josa Daniel Fixed Unk, BB-09, 4410DD, 5049 C herin6 St, Cleveland, 370, 84,242.82, $1.93; Abigail toBlosu procedure on . timesha int& th ugh lhe Public R8Gords ot Ow6ola F ed Unh, YD8, 50 H0U, c H Montanaz and SoGono 1 v2015, 528&2979-2982, OH 44137, 112 Flxed Weekl Roche and Jose L Rothe, 36 You havethe righ to cu your tw ae to Glosur6 pDcedu CouW, Flo da h6 Plan 112n015, 201706 78795, Guadalupe R G ie az, 83,52o.9o, t1.31; Bar L Flxad Unk, AAA-08, 33nvEN, Tudor Dr, au inQon, NJ 08016, derauW in the manner set forth e ablished in Sa ion 721.855, and all amendment(s) tharBto, S3,722.71, 82.52; Ma in D Calle Momes Olivo5 N 7309, Wilson and Deborah J Wilson, 11v2014, 530411384-1387. 112 F ed xed Unrf, in this notica any tim6 befo norida Stat es. You may itany.Togath6rwhhth8 rightto Paye, 125 E Providenca Rd, Lomas Conjunto Residencial, 1900 N Shi y Pt, lnv6m s, 83.791.4O, 81.94; Eddie E CC-03, 1410DD, 1M014, th6 undenigned t st68's sal6 choosa to sign and sand to occupy, punuam to the Plan, #dan,PA19O18,andCa nR fijuana, Baja Calitornia, FL 34453 Michael p Wllson, Scaggs and NanGy L scaggs, 5266 366370, S3,986.76, otyourtim ha ime st.ltyou the und6nign8d hv an Building-Unk(s) (s86 Mib Paye, 109 Walnrt St, Morton, M ICO 22116, 112 Fix6d 301 Ha son St, Rivarton, NJ 8024 Chimney Rock,orf $1.30; Rodg& p RON and do notobjerftotheuseof he obj iontorm,exe isingyour A,during Unh k(s) (s86 PA 19070, 1n Fixed w Mixed Unk, DDD-04, 501 08077-1413, 1 Flxed hl Arfhur, M 77642, 1n Flxed La5haunta M Washington t aa fo losu pDt8du . rigMtoobj8 to I8u ofth8 Exhibrf A,dunng AMignad F ed Unk, z-09, 6nvEN, MN, 1 V2014, 529211231, Flx6d Unit,CC-O3, HOU, WeeM ad Unrf, AAA-09, 361 Ross, 2803 G nlaw Rd, you will not b6 subja lo a tw 68 to losu pD dur6. Yea sT, (See Exhibk A .77OO 1 2n014, 2017 8795, 84.2o7.8o. 81.94; Kraig Moon 1lV2014, 528812979-2982, ODD, 1 V2014, 530411384- Baltimo,MD 21207. 1 2 Fixed deficiency judgment even it Upon the undenigned t st68's We gate Blvd KiNimm88, 82.277.65, 81.51. and Shawn,Moon, 701 S. Van $7,850.20, S3.25; Lo na 1387, a,o58.8o, 81.31; Juan Wea Fixed Unrf, DD-05, 241 lh6 proc68ds from Me sal6 reteipt ot your signed obi6 ion FL 34747 e in .'Tlma Shara Augu t 10, 1T. 18 Bu n Sl Batavia, IL 60510, Marie GoM&in, 9630 SW lgnacio S inas and Magama ODD, 112n014, 52661366-370, of your tim6sha interest torm. the to&losure ot tha (PDper ) AddlBM"). As a L 170172 1 Flx W86Mix8d Unh, flow und Ciwle,Port S nt T Da S inas, 5 Ave Nte 402, 83,225.72, S1.18; Hyacinth a insuMcient to oWset h6 lian whhrespe to lh6 d&ault r85uW of the afo mentioned DDD-09, 2 H0U, 11v2015, Lucie,FL349B7, 1 FlxedW kl San Migua,ELSALVADOR,1l2 Mc Ph n, 11947 177th Pl, amounts secu d by the lien. spatified in lhis notice shall detauW, we gate he by elects 5292 1231, S3,722.71, S2.52; Flxad Unk, DD-10, 45 H0U, FlxedWeeMixad Unh,EEE-01, Jamaica, NY 11434, 112 Fixed By: GREENSPOON MARDER, be subj6 to the juditial to sell tha Dp8rty punuant NoncE OF DEFAULT hND Sandra Moxey Bain, Po Box 11212015, 528&2979-2982, 45 0DD, 1n/2014, 530411384- WaeklFixed Unh, DDO7, 391 Tw ee. loBlosu pD du only. lo Serfion 721.855, Florida INTENT ro FORECLOSE Gt 2695, NaNau, BAHAMAS, $4,894.32, 82.52; Yvonne c 1387, $4,058.80, $1.31: ODD, 1/v2014, 526613 -370, wlBlr n" - NoncE OF You havethe rightlo cu your Stat es. Plaase be advised WESTUTE vAcAnoN 1n Fixed W88klFix6d Unil, Graham and Manty LGraham, Norma Janeth Avila Casco $3,986.76, 81.3o; C n H DEFAULT hND INnNT TO d8tauWinth6 manners& torfh tha in the event that your uu wl nLL 2T . 1g EEE-11, 35 EN, 11v2014, 179 Hollywood Ave n2, East and Jose Antonio Solano To es aka Carmen Si6r,FORECLOSE in thi5 notice at anytim6 beto obligation is notbDugM cuBt Punuant to &ion 721.8M, 529v1231, $4,208.27, 81.94; O nge, NJ 07018, 1 Fixed Padilla, Vllla C6ntro Amarica, 605 Alite Wraat, Plant c,FL Owe sVObligo s), Tlm8shal8 the undenigned twst66's sal6 (including tha payn6nt ot any Florida S al,wEsTGAn Arfhur L Duren and Ardena WeeMixed Unk, FF-02, 31 Bloque F N729, Tegucigalpa, 33563, 112 Fixed WeeklFiwed lnterest, Building-Unk, Weekl ofyourtimasha intara .ltyou tees incur d by Wastgate in vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS F Du&, 1624 JeWenon, WHOU, 1n12014, 528&2979- HONDURAS, 112 Fixed Weakl Unk,DD-12,1VODD,1lV2O14, Assigned Year, Detault Dale, do not objertto the u56 otthe tommencing this toBlosur8 AssoclAnoN, INC. Muskegon, Ml 49441, 1 Fix6d 2982,$7,768.11,$3.26;Wllliam Flxed Un,EEE-02, 361 5266 366-370. 83,986.76. BooWPage ot Recoded Lien. tw ea toBlosuR p tedu,p cess) wkhin hirfy (30) m&einawer te ed to as W68klfix8d Unrt, zz-05, 2& T Herman, 514 sw 4gh Ln, NEN, 11v2014, 5304 1384- S1.3o: Antonio flor85. and Amoum, Per Diem Amount you will not be wbi6 to a day5 f m the fint date ot W8 ga 6,has r6cod6d a WHOU, 1nn015, 529v1231. Cape Coral, FL N914-6576 1387, 85.369.92, S1 .94: vira Flo& 47 Lanta er Dr, Jenae Bell and Rashida #I6n, d8fici6nGy judgment even it publitation, the undenigned Claim of Len in th6 amount $3,722.71, $2.52: Cha es Michela Lyn Herman, 4918 Susie A Gonzal6s aka Susie G nacr s, FL 33463, 112 4602 wAnRFAu CT APT J, the p ceeds hom th6 sala T stee shall proceed wkh of (See Exhibk A',with w Sunb6nich and Cynlhia Skyline Bhd, Cape Co |, A Gonzalez, 20020 NW 32nd Fixed Wee xed Unrf,DD-12, O NGS MIUS, MD 21117, ot your timeshar6 inta st thB sale ot the Prop&ly as int& acc ing attha te of Sun enich, 2102 SE Wald sl, FL N914, 1 Fixed ehl Ave, Opa-Locka, FL 33056, 4610DD, 1n/2014, 5266/366- and Rashod #I6n, 5104 Gold a insumcient to oWset the provided in Section 721.855, (See Mibrt A par day, and Port Saint Lucia, FL 34984, 1 Fixed Unk, x-03, 20 H0U, 1 2 F ed WeeMixed Unk. 370, $3,986.76, $1.30; OKar Hill Rd, Owings Mills, MD amoun s s6wRd by tha li6n. Florida Statutes. in which tase, recoded in O.R. Book (S68 Fix6d WeeklFixed Un,zz- 1/v2014, 528&2979-2982, EEE-08, 18lEVEN, 112 2014, R Lara and Rubia c Lara, 21117, 112 fix6d W86Mixad By: GREENSPOON MARDER. the und8nign6d Tw e6 sh |: Exhibk A,Page(SeeExhibh 08, HOU, 11v2015, $6,268.21, 83.22; p ricia M 530411384-1387, $5,369.92, 9524 Obeck Ava, Pacoima, CA Unk, T-05, 29nvEN, 1lv2o14, uP, Twst66. (1) PDvida you w h wrmen A . ol he Public Recods ot 529v1231, S3,722.71, S2.52: Roche and Ga Wllli n Roche, S1.94; Midelle H Hall, 216 91331, and Jos6 R Lar4 25 N 52661383-387, 81,632.81, WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF notiGe of tha 5al6, intluding O5c80la County, norida, and Antoine Karam and Rosanna 110NF6dar H N1412,Fo 34TH ST NE, WashinQon, 800 E, O m, UT 84097, 112 $1.41; Brian Shane and DEFnuLT AND INnNT TO the dat6, time and lotation tha undenigned Twstee as De,Urb Prebo Calle Laudedale,FL M3O1,1 Flx6d DC 20019 #leen D AKra, F xed Unk, EE-08, C harinaShane,715HamiWon FORECLOSE the ot; (2) R6co th6 nolice appointed by Westgate, h6 by 137 c Piso1Apt1D,Valencia, W6aMixad Unh, x-09, 431 6801 Bock Rd Apl 304, Ft 1710DD, 1 2015, 52661366- Road, Ruuall, ON, C A Owne sVObligo sl, Tlmasha ot sal6 in lhe Public Records tormally notm85 (See Exhibit VENQUELA 02002, 1 Fixed WHOU, 11212014, 528&2979- WashinQon, MD 20744-3293, 370, $2,501.62, 81.3o; San ev K4R1U, 1/2 Flxed, T-08, 5v lm&est, Building-Unk, WeeW ot OKeola County, Florida; and A") that due to your tailura to kl xed Unit, zz-11, 1/ 2982,$6,343.40,$3.25;Ang6la 1 2 Fixed W86 Fw8d Unh, K sinqhal, N3 Lnks Dr Apt MN, 11v2014, 52661383- Auigned Ve Dalau Date, (3)Publish atopyotthenotica pay tha annu aMaMmem(s) WHOU, 1 u2015, 529211231, G Halverson and Joel Halvenon EEE-11, 2610DD, 1n 2014, 3209, 6xamana,ART1854,1l2 387, 82,66o.98, S1.94: Dennis BooklPage of R8cord6d Len, ots etwo(2)tim ,onceeach du6 on (See Mibh A and S3,722.71, 82.52. and Audray Halvenon and Ga 530411384-1387, S3,193.87, Fixed WeeW wed Unk, EE-11, JashinsW, 1014 Buena Vl a Amount, p Di n u week. for two (2) suK siv8 all ment(s) th6 aW6r, Augurt 1O, 1T, 18 Halvenon.7736SBuWe yR,$1.31; Regina Ea ridge, 2122 27 EN, 1M014, 526 366- Ave, Waukesha, Wl 53188, Chri ine A #I6n, 164 Hall weeks, in an OK8ola County you a cuBt in detauW L17O165 Beloh,WIN511.1 F edWeeW S F ont Ava, Springfield, 370, $4,242.82, 81.93; Bany and Carman L JashinsW, St, Spring C y, PA 19475, n6wspap8r, p vidad such a ot your obligation5 to pay Fixad Unh, Y-08, yWHOU, MO658O4-22O9,1FixedWeehl Honley and Ba,D Honley, 435 Wisconsin Ave UPPR, 1 2 Fixed WeaMix6d Unh. newspapar 8xi5ts at he time aN8Nm6ms due o W6 gat8 1 v2014, 528&2979-2982, Flxed Unk, zz-05, 21 H0LE, Southcote, 85, Ha ord Road, Waukasha, wl 53186, 1/z Fixed llA-01,49 0DD, 11v2014, of publishinq. lt you fail to on lhe lollowing d cribed al NoncE OF DEFAULT AND $7,850.20, $3.25. 4n12015, 530411384-1387, R6ading, ENGLAND RG3O Wee xed Unrf, u-05, 151 52661377-382, $3,986.76, cure the deauW as set torfh pDp8r lotatad in OK8ola INnNr ro FORECLOSE gu& 10, 1T, 18 t4,858.23, 82.5o: Holiday 3HS, 112 Fixad xad MN, 11v2014, 52661383- S1.31; Jose R H8mand6z in thi5 notica or taka othar County, Florida: (Sae Exhibit wuTG^n vAcAnoN L17O1 Leasing Holdings, uc, DuW Unh, FF-09, 110DD. 1 2014. 387. $3,008.54, 81.3o; Patrick and Palmi Betancourt. approprial6 action with r8gald A fime Share lnte st(sl LLAS wl nLE: 2TT . U Ogan ed An Exi ing a 52661366-370, $3,986.76, Joseph L6ddy and Michele Calle Camino Largo N15O41, to this to closure maner, you (See Exhib A as defined in Pu uant to Sertion 721.855, Under And By Vlrfue Ot me $1.30; Jose Luis Magarin, 276 Ma Clyd man and Douglas Urbanicacion Las Hacienda. risk losing owenhip of your the Declaralion ot Covanants, florida Statutas, WESTGATE NOrlCE OF DEFAULr AND Laws ot Ma State of Nevada, NW 31st sl. Miami, FL N127, Patrick Laddy and Daniel Canovanas, PR 729, 1 Fixad timesha inl6r8rt th ugh the Condrtions and R85trirtions vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS INnNT TO FORECLOSE 5313 Paint6d Mirage Road, and Marta Casanas, 56 NE Peter Leddy, 37 Wallington St, WeeMixed Unh, llA-03, 251 twstee foraclosu p cedu tor tha We gate Vacation AssoclAnoN, INC. wuTGAn vAcnnoN Las Vegas, NV 89149, 1 Fixad 4th Ava Apt 313, Miami, FL Bowmanville, ON, CANADA WHOU, 1/v2015, 52661377- e ablishedin Settion 721.855, Vlllas xll, omcial Recods eRina 6r tar d lo as UM wll nLL WeeklFlxad Unk, zz-07, 50/ 33137, 112 Fixed W66Mixad L1C1V4, 1 Fixed Wee 382, $3,760.58, $2.52: Mario Florida Statutes. You may Book 933, atPage 423,ofthe Wertgate,has recoded a TT . 5 WHOU, 1lV2015, 5304/1384- Unk, X-06, 6nvEN. 11v2014, Fixed Unrf, U-12, 5 H0LE. A Pastor. 4000 Dubois Ct, choos6 to sign and send lo Public Recods ot Osceola Claim ot Len in lhe amount Punuant to Se ion 721.855, 1387, a,894.32, $2.52. 5266 366-370, 84,242.82, 11V2014, 52661383-387, Woodbridge, VA 22193, and the undenignad twstee an County, florida (lhe Plan") ol (See Exhibk A,wkh Florida Slat rt,wEsTGAn Augu&1O,1T, 18 S1.93; Reb RamiPz and Vlln $6.602.84. $3.25; Geraldine Lourdas s Pastor, PO Box objerfion torm, 8x8 i5ing your and all amendment(s) th6reto, i eP accwing at the rat6 ot vAcAnoN NLLAS OWNERS L 17o167 Rami z, o Box 75234, Los A Boswell, 1905 16th Ave N, 7039, A inQon, VA 22207, 112 right to object to the use of tha it any. Togelh6r whh the right to (See Ewhib A") per day, and AssoclAnoN, INC. Ang8|6s, CA 9 75, 112 Flx6d Birmingham, AL 35234, 112 Flx6d Waakl xad Unh, llA-04, twstee toreclosu procedure. otcupy, punuant to th6 Plan, recoded in O.R. Book (See (hereina er te to as WeeMixed Unit. x-06, 40/ Flxed WaaMixad Unrt, V-02, 41nvEN, 11V2014, 526613n- Uponthe undenignedlwstee's Building-Unrt(s) (See Exhibk Mibk "A ), at Page(See Exhibit "Westgate,has coded a NoncE OF DEFAULT AND EVEN. 1n12014, 52661366- 45/ODD, 11212014, 5266/383- 382, $2,685.12. 81.94: Kel raceipt ol your signad obje ion A,during Unrf k(s) (S6e A,ot the Public R6tods ot Claim ot Lien in tha amount IMENT TO FORECLOSE 370, 84.242.82, $1.93; Bm L 387, $2,643.45, 81.31; Billi6 Waye Dills, 290 American form, the toreclosure ot the Exhibrf A,during Assignad la Coun,florida, and ot (See Exhibk A"), whh wuTGAn vAcAnoN CadaDpoli, 66z sw Mccall J Ne he,5706 Pa ill St, Eagle Way Unk 3, Rehoboth lien with resperf to the detauW Yea sT, (See Mibrf A"). 7700 tha undanignad T ae as inte st accwing at tha rata ot u xll FIU: m . 15 Rd, Port Sainl Lucie, FL 34953, Houston, TX 77081, 1/2 Fixad Beach, DE 19971, 112 Fixad specified in thi5 nolice shall Westg e Blvd ssimmee, appointed by Westg e, hereby (See Exhibrf A p& day, and Punuant to Sertion 721.855, 112 Fixed Wee xad Unrf, WeeMixad Unit. v-03, 191 WeeMixed Unk, llA-07, 101 ba subjact to the judicial FL 34747 erein "Tlma Share tom,notmes (See Exhibit &orded in O.R. 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