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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 10, 201a PAGE 4TB "Plan"). Togath6r wrm the rigM all right, title and inta st in p8rformanc6 ofthe obligations Chu h Rd G 8nsboTo, NC A"), whose add is ls68 abova. By: GREENSPOON VA 2 -2104, 1, 410, 40, Pt ChartloW6, FL N948, 1 , to oKup,punuant to lha the p perty situat6d in lha saw by s d Claim otLBn 27406, 1, 803, 33, ODD, 1n, Exhibh A,in he pay nt or MARDER. T st66. ODD, 1n, Value n-Float 1811, 9, EVEN, 112, Floaling. Plan, Unh s) T EE HIBIT A"), Coun ot ORANGE, Florida, r6cord8d in omc,R ords FLoAnNG, $1,524.20, $0.54, performance ot Me obligations EXHIBIT "hh - NoncE OF w o Un,$3,368.96, S6,748.81,$1 .68, 2017- duringUnkWaek(SEE HIBIT d6Krib8d a : (SEE WHIBIT Booh(s68Exhibk A2.atPaq8 2017-0691226; DANIEL w sacured by a Mo gage TRusnE's SUE g1.o3. 2017- 24397; LOUISE 0553487; DO R CAUDIU A.), during sign6d Year - A") Tlme Share lnte stls) (S6eExhibrt A ,ofWePubiG FITZGERALD a JAMIE L Bod6d in O.R. Booh (Saa Owne s) Add M Building JOHN 26 sh W ar way 10431 Deal Rd Forf My&s, n (sEE HIBIT A .wEsTGAn (SEE HIB A")asdefinedin Racords ot ORANGE County, FITZGERALD 1192 kenic Mibk A,at Page (Saa Unit Week Year TS Und ided Hayas, Middlasex vB494o 33917, 1800, 1811, 9, MN, PALACE 6145 CARRIER DRIVE th6 D6tla ion ol Cov6nant5, florida. including the b ach or Edge St H8nd6non, NV 89002- Exhibh A"), ot the Public lnt8r6st Season Amount Per Un ad Kingdom, 1, 502, 34, 1l2, Floating. $6,748.81. 81.68, O ando,fl32819S dsalewill Condkions and Re rirtions detauW,no taotwhidwas t 3419, 1, 804, 45, ODD, 112, RaGods ot Orange Coun,DiemCOLReclnto WHOU, 1, #| S son-float 2017-0553487; MICHAEL bemade(wkhoutcov ams,or tor We gata Lak6s |, omtial to h in a Notice otDetauW and FLoAnNG, $2,124.40. So.71. Florida. intludinqlhe b ach or nMEsHARE EINs, L LC weaklno Unk, 84.34a.92, D WILSON CIO Diana wa an,axp N or impl d, R6cords Booh 5020, at Page lnta to Fo&o p vid6d 2017- 91226; d6tauW,notit8o whichwass6t 1O923 w. St Wwy 176 Waln S1.4o, 2017- 24397; TAVAS Fanther 6193 Tlme Cov6 ragading the thle, poN8Mion 327, otthe Public Racords ot to the last know add u Augu t3,1O, 18 fo hina NoticeofDetauWand Shade,MO65771,1.1 ,18, AUEN 20 ury Road N Gr88nsboD, NC 27410, or entumbranc ) to pay th6 ognq County, Florida (lha ot Obligo sl, (See Mibrf L169755 lntant to Fo&lose providad ODD,1l2,Valu6 n-float London, HAO 1LR GREAT 1900, 1915, 48, WHOE 1, unpaid uBs duainthe Pl,and all amendmanl(s) "A,by camfi egi a d to the la know add ot WaaMloat Unrf, $2,070.38, BRrr N. 1. 5,34, WHOU,season-noat amount ot (S Exhibh A,theBo. it any. Tog8th6r with Mail or by publK ion by ha Mortgago s), (S66 Exhibk O.71, 20170656522: 1 s son-noat oal Unh, $5,460.11, S1.82, 2017- M inte accwing at the the right to otcupy, punuant undenign Tm 88, will s6|| NoncE OF TRusnE's A"), by c8 m 6gi 8 d Augu t3,1D, O18 Unh, S4,348.92. S1.4o, 2017- 0553487; LORA EMINGTON te ot (s86 Exhibk A per to the Plan, Buildinq-Unh(5T alpublic aurtiontothe high6 SALE Mail or by publication by e L 169741 24397; JIMMIE A MCGILL 413 E North St G 6ld, day, punuantto me Tlm ha ISEE HIBIT A,dunng Unrt bidd6r tor la ul monay ot 6 RVSll31OW. IAU REAL undanigned Tw ee, will 5all 631 71 Ave Cap Haights, IN 46140, 1900, 1963, 30, Plan, advanc,h an,und& w k(5) (SEE HIBIT A2, UnrfedStatesof e uTnnowNERsNIP,INc n atpubl au ionto he high6 MD 20743-1738, 1, 601, 18, WHOLE, 1,saason-noat M6 t6nw ot s d laim ot during ANignad Y6a 5)-(SEE lobby otSuke 5,otCap al DELhWhRE coRPoRnno bdd6r tor lawhl nDn8y ot the NoncE OF TRUS~'S ODD. 1 2, hoaling, S3,391.37, W68klFloat Unk, $5.938.12, L8n,chag85 and expens ot HIBIT A"). wEsTGAn Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine On 4l2018 at 11:00 AM. Unh6dSt 85ot ca,in h6 SAU So.92, 2017- 24397: JA ER $1.88. 2017-0553487: DA D lha T st86 and ot We tw s LAKES 10,000 Turkey Lake Straat, O ando, n 32801, GREENSPOON MARDER, lobby ot hha 5,ot Caprfal wrGAn Pn cE,CANDELAR AGRON Po H ENINGTON 12986 Marin& c atad by said Claim ofLen. Road Orlando, FL 32819 Said all right, thla and in 6 A in 201 E. Pine Straet, Suke Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine 1 (URCW Box 12u Rn n, PR 77, Ct M ordsvill6. IN , Obligo s) sh,hav6 tha right 5al8 will be made (withoW the pD shu ad in the 500, O ando, Florida 32801, St et, O ando, fl 32801, all On 8nu2018 at 11: AM, 1, 610, 49. N,112, lua 1900, 1963, 30. WHOLL 1, lo cur6 the detauW and any covenants,orwa anty,exp&s County ot ORANGE, norida. a5 Tw5t88 punuant to that right, thle and i in the GREENSPOON MARDER, S8a5on-Floal w klno,n-hoat w hmoal junior li8nhold6r shall have the or implied, garding th6 tkle, de5trib8d as: (SEE HI8 Appointmant of Tw ee p perty shuated in the Coun uP, 201 E. Pina S &. Suhe Un . S5,1o1.72, S1.29, 2017- Unh, $5,938.12, 81.88, 2017- rightto m s int up poN8Nion or ancumbranal A"l fim6 Sha,e (s) racoded on 411912018, ot O ngB, Florida, destribad 500, O ando, norida 32801, 0624397; LUZ M ARCELAY 0553487;BRIANuEnaAuLT- o the d 8th6 T 88iNu to pay the unp d printip (SEE HIBrr .A aKolding under Docum6nt lnst ment a5: A (See Mibh A") as Tw tee punuant to Mat VEW 1049 c Cri o Del KENNED B WIRA NICOU Me cartmcate otS e by paying balance dua und6r the to the Tl Maring Plan tor no. 20180235218 ot the undivided tenant in common Appointment ot Tw ee Los MilagDs B Mayaguez, PR WIWAMS a BRmANY the amounts due as oullined rtgage in the amount of 5tgat8 Palace, O cial Public Reco s of ORANGE inte st in Phase (s66 Exhib recoded on 4 19n018. 0 80, 1, 610, 49, MN, 1n, TEBAULT-KENNEDY Po Box above. By: GREENSPOON (See Exhibk .A"), wrfh int6re R od5 Book 7010, Page Coun,Florida, by ason A otRLvAcAnoN SUITES, undar Document ln ment V ue Season-flo w68kl 29561 N8wO 6ans,LA7O189, MARDER, T ee. atc ing at th6 rate ot (See 1467 otth6 Public Recods ot ot a now continuing detauW as d rib6d in Ma D la tion no. 2018023N36 of the float Unh, S5,1o1.72, S1.29, 2000, 2022, 31, WHOLE, 1, wHla n" - NoncE OF Exhibh .'A per day, punuant Olang8 Coun,florida he by Obligo s), (See Exhibk ot Cov6nants, Condrfions and Public Recods ot ORANGE 2017- 24397; HARLAN o Fbating. $6,589.07, S1.98, rRusnE's MU to the Mortgage, advanc,Plan .Tog8thBrw h me right A . whos6 addr8N is (Sea R8strirtion5th tas&old8d CouW, Florida. by r vANnRPooL a RoBERnNE 2017- N487; BRIAN UE Owa s) Addr8M 8uilding it any, under tha terms of lo occupy, punua to the Exhibk A"), inthe paymentor in O.R. Book 9129, Paga of a now cominuing defauW N KATum Po Box N1O KENNEDY, SR. 7318 He h Unrf w68k Year TS Undividad said Mortgag6, chages and Plan, Unit(sT (SEE HIB A,performance of the obligations 1091, inthe Publit R6tolds of by Obligo 5), (s68 Exhibh Tortola, BRmsH RGIN Ct New O 8an5, LA 70127, lnt Season unt p& expenses ot lhe Twstee and duringUnhWaek(SEE HIBIT gu d by said Claim otLen Orange County. norida, and A"), whose add is (s ISLANDS, 1, 710, 31, NEN, 2 0, 2022, 31, WHOU, Di6m COL Rec lnfo ot tha t sts t ated by said A"), during gned Year - odad in O tial Recods all exhibks a athed tha to Exhibit "A"), in th6 pay ent or 1 2. noating, S3,619.32, S1.oo, 1, Floating, S6,589.o7, BETHZ DA RWERA 1 KM o Mortgag6. Mortgago sl shall (SEE HIB .A .wEsTGAn Book(Sa6 ExhibkwA"), Page ha Declar ion"). Granlea p6rformanc8 otthe obliga ions 2017-0624397: LONNIE MC $1.98, 2017-0M3487; USA 49 Bo Beatriz Car C as, hav6 tha right to cu the PALACE6145CARRIERDRWE (Se6ExhibhwA ,otth8Public ows a (See Exhibh A"l securad by said Claim otLen CUNDON a FAMEKA MC TEBAULT-KENNEDY 11650 w PR 00725, 1, 1002, 24, N, detauWandanyjuniorlienholder O ando,FL32819Sa s awill R ords ot ORANGE Coun . Vatation Owenhip lnterest recoded in O cial R olds CUNDON 581 T elight Rd BarDmQpm Dr Naw O eans, 1n, Floa ng, 83,425.48, 5h,havatha rigM to d68m bamada(wrmoutcov ts,or florida.includinqthe b ath or in a (S86 Mibrt A Suite Book(SeaExhibrt A ,al Page Walnrf GDve, MS 39189, LA 70128, 2000, 2022. 31, So.95, 2018- 14838; RAMON ks inte st up to the date the wa an,axp N or implied, d uW,notlcao whithwa5s8t and shall be r ui d to ka (See Exhibrf A"). ofthe Pubfic 1. 801, 50, ODD, 112, Value WHOu,1,Floating,S6.589.oT, A FONTAN 197 Paradise s Twst88iNu6sth8C8rtific 8ot r6garding th6 thle, po5s8Nion tormin a Notice otDetauW and a r 6 ion or a Surfa, th Records of ORANGE Coun,S n-floal hmoat 81.98, 2017D 7: Leesbug, FL 34788-86T0, Salebypayingtheamountsdue or encumb nc ) to pay lhe lntent to Fo clo56 provided (s86 Exhibh A oKupanty Florida, includinq the b ach or Unh, W.o81.16, 8o.71, 2017- LAQulTAMTAYLoR3 9a&le 1, 1002, 24, MN, 112, aso linedabove.By:Amanda unpaidaM8wBsdu6inth6 to the last known add N rights, in accodance wrfh the detauW,no iceo whichwas58t 24397; nNN H L KOTT G v6Rd M&nphis,TN38115, floating, S3,425.48, $0.95, L Chapman, A hori ed Agent. amount ot (s68 Mibrt A,ot Obligo s), (See Ewhibit provision5 of the Declar ion. torth in a Notice ot DefauW and 10111 M p m Cir Apt 2100, 2115, 36, MN, 112. 2018- 1 ; GLORIA HIBlr "AN - NoncE OF wiW int aK ing at the A,by 8rtifiadlR6gi aPd Together wkh an appurtanant lntent to For8clos6 p dad 204 Riv6 i6w.FLN578-9417,season-noat Wae ho MENDU NIMS Ht6 Box TRUSTEE'S SALE rata or (See Mibrf A per Mail or by publication by the und id imerest in tommon to the la know add u 1, 8,43, ODD, 112, Value Unh, $4,850.81, 81.32, 2017- 12218 San ian, PR Owe s) Addr8M Building day,punuamtoth6Tl ha under gnad T st86, will sell &8m6nts ot We PDj8 a5 ol Obligo ), (See Exhibk n- 0553487; UNDRA u MOSES ,1, 10 ,37, MN, 1n, Unk W68k Year TS Und ided Plan, advanc,rf any, und& atpublicaurfiontoth6 highest d8Kribed in tha Daclaration. A"), by 6rfm8dR8gi5t6 d Float Mloat Unit, 3794 D66r Fo st Dr M&r his, Flo ing, S3,68O.34, S1 lntare S6ason Amount Per the t8nN ol s d C im ot biddertorla ul monay oftha Projart 45 -,a al ContDl Mail or by publitation by the t2,o81 .16. SO.71, 2017- TN 38115, 2100, 2115, 36, 2018-001 ; CARLOS J Di8mMTGR6tlnto Lan, thag and 6xpansas of Unrf8dStat8sotA Brica,inth8 Numbe s): (s Exhibrt A ) undekigned T rtee, will s&| 0624397:DA DAWILWNS0N EVEN, 1n, #| S n-Float UBRON 226 vlqlnia Ave MARCOS ALEXANDRE ALVES the Twstaa and ot the tw 5 lobby or Surfe 500, ot Capit 11272DastogasAve 0 ando, atpublicau ionto ehighe 5415 ing dge Dr hia, WaeMlo Unk, g4,85o.81, Unit D Bndgepo,T 610- a ANDREA ALVES Av Josa c ated by said Claim orLen. Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine FL 32836 pro Add N) biddertorlawhl money otth6 FL M547, 1, 806, 43, ODD, $1.32, 2017-05N487; JOSE E 1519, 1, 1004, 20, ODD, 1n, Luiz F6 250 Apto 901 Rio Obligo s) shall hav6 th6 right Sl et, Orlando, Fl 32801, Said sale llbemada(wkho rt Unk8dSlat85otAmerica,inth8 1n.value n-flo w BAR 5665SharbomeMls floating, $2,1 24.40, 0.71, De Janairo, 22790587 BRAZIL to cu the defauW and any all right, title and interest in tovenams, or wa an,6xp N lobby ot Suita 5,of Cap al noat Unh, $2,081.16. SO.71, Cen e illa. VA 20120. 21 , 201 a- 1 : YOLANDA 1700, 1741, 4, WHOU, 1, #| junior lienholder sh,hava he the pDp8rty 5ituat8d in tha or impli6d, regarding thB title, Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pina 201 7- 24397: MARIA E 2123, 25. ODD, 1n, floating, HERNANDQ 63 Ea Ave Season-Float weehmoat Unh, rightto deem ks im6 st up Coun ot ORANGE, Florida, poN6Nion or 6ncumb nt6s) Str68t, O ando, Fl 32801, GoMuacARLos R FERRER $8,393.91, S2.12, 2017- Unrf 1 Bridg6port, CT 61 $19,097.81, $7.69, 10662 72; to Me date e Tw ee iNu destribed as: (SEE WHI8lT to pay Me unp d principal all right, thl6 and inteRst in Av Lbertador Con Calle 51 0553487; ASHW JACKSON 3218, 1, 1004, 20, ODD,O1l2, FRANCISCO J THMNIN th6c8rfmcateof bypa ng A fin Share lnte (s) balant6 due und6r tha a proparty shuat6d in th6 c c Babilon Loc as 15 16 POBox274Gaston,IN47342, Floating, 82,124.4o, .71, ALVARU a CARLOTTA tha amounts due as ortlin6d Season (SEE HIBIT A") Drtgag8 in lh6 unt of Coun ot ORANGE, florida, 8arquisi Pto 3001,03001 2300, 2314, 11, WHOU, 1, 2018-001 ; ADRIENNE ROMANO 8400 NW 25 sl above. &: GREENSPOON as d6fin8d in th6 Decla tion (s66 Ewhibk A ,wMinte described as: (SEE HIBIT VENUUEq 2, 409, 21 season-noat WFloat p HANCOCK 517 Su &s Bmtago 17-03439 Miami, MARDER, Twst68. of Condominium tor s AT actwing at Wa r a ot (See A fim6 Share lnt (s) WHOU, 1,S8a5on-hoat Unh, 87,119.91, $2.18, 2017- Mill Rd Ston6 Mountain, GA FL 33122, 1700, 1752, 49, Hl&T A" - NoncE OF ORLANDO,ACONDOMINIUM, Mibh A p day, punuam (SEE HIBIT A") ac rding W al Unh, S799 0553487; CHAE SOK UE a 30087, 1, 1 5, 36, MN, ODD, 112, All Saason-Float TRusnE's SALE recorded in O cial R8cord5 to the Morfgage, advances, to tha fime Sharing Plan lor go.36,2o17 24397: IN HONG LEE 156 Mis 1n, flo ing. S6,768.76, W66Mloat Unrf, 812,587.o5, Owe s) Add N Building Booh 5283, at Paga 4636, ot rf any, und the tarms of Westgate Palace, omcial Augurt3,1Q 18 Hollow Dr Houston, M n , 81.55, 2018 14838; JESUS 85.o4, 10773-6122; JESUS Unrf k Year TS Undivided the Public Records ot Orange said Mo gaga, chag6s and Reco s Book 7010, at Page L169745 2400, 2412, 32, WHOU, 1, ROMO B ROSIE ROMO 5606 M oNnvERos JR a ROSrrA lnt6 st S n Amount Per CounY, Florida (the Plan l, 6xp6ns6s of the Twst6a and 1467 ot lhe Public Recolds ot Floating, S6,621.89, 81.98, De& BDoh Rd Ga and, M D oNnvERos 607 N Wlllow DiemCOLR lnto and al amendment(s) the to, ot the tw s c ated by s d O ng6 County. florida (the 201 7-0553487; USUE J DANS 75044, 1, 1 8, 27, WHOU, St Pa ll, TX 78 1, 1700, FEUCIA J SCOTr 15511 rf any. Tog6th8r M the right Mortgaga. Mo gago s) sh,"Plan . Together wkh the right NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 9 N Halmer Ave Dolg8vill6, NY 1, floating, S4,434.34, 81.4o, 1756, 25, ODD, 112, #| Tutk6rton Rd Apt 813 Hou on, to occupy, punuanl to lha have the rigM to cu the to occupr, punuant to the MU 13329, 2500, 2523, 49, WHOU, 2018- 1 ; STNEN Saason-Float WeeMloat Unrf, M 77095-N17. 1, 1204. 12, Plan, Building(s) Wnrf(s) (SEE datauWandanyjuniorlianholder Plan,Unks)( EE HIBIT A,wTGAn LhKU,1,All S8a5on-Float W Mloat M DAHMER 1341 sw 82o,9o4.o9, $8.44, 1078g EVEN, 112, #| Saason-Float HIBIT A during Unrf shallhav6the rightlo de duringUnitWeak(SEE HIB 2T . Wv o) Unh, 86,621.89, $1.98, 2017- EWdinbugh Dr Port Saint 9322; LORI M THOMAS 1374 WeeWfloat Unh, $6,630.50, W6ek(s) (SEE HIB wA"), rfs int up to the date the wA,dunng Assigned Year - On 08nu2018 at 11:00 AM, 0553487; MARCO A JORDAN Luci6, FL 34953-6841, 1, 10,old Barnw6|| Road Aiken, sc $1.55, 2017- 91226; NATALIE during Assigned Yaa sl - (SEE Twst88iMu8sth8 Certificate ol (SEE HIBIT A . wEsTGAn GREENSPOON MARDER, a THELMA L DIAZ cmda Dal 26, MN, 112, Flxed Wee 29803, 1700, 1763, 27, ODD, TRICHARDSON87O9Meadow HIBIT "A"). RVS,6950 Salebypayingtheamountsdue PALACE6145CARRIER DRIW L 201 E. Pine S t, Suke Vala w1o8 ColonialDelV aSan flo Unk, S5,18O.14, S1.29, 112,Saason-Float wea Haights Rd. Randalls own, Vllla de Costa Drive Orlando, as o lined above. By: Amanda O ando, FL32819 Said salawill 500, O ando, norida 32801, P8dD Gana Ga ia, M CO, 2018- 1 : LAGATHIA flo Unk, $13,551.05, S6.1O, MD 211N, 1, 1205, 16, EVEN, FL 32821 Said sale will b6 L. Chapman, A horized Agent. b6 made (without covenants, or as T ee punuant o that 2600, 2611, 1, WHOLE, 1, c PEARSON 210 Noah Lo 1 -58; MICHELE J MC 1n,valueseason-Floatw w mada (without cov6nams, or HIBIT nh - NoncE OF w ty, 8wpr8N or implied, Appointment ot T stee,Season-Floal WeeMloat O od, MS 5 9616, cuuouGHanMoTHYB MC noat Unk, $1,889.38, 8o.56. w ty. 8xp N or implied, SALE Pgarding th6 trfl6, poss8Mion retorded on 04119/2018, Unit, $5,938.12, 81.88, 2017- 1, 1101, 28, WHOLE, 1, #| CUUOUGH 14441 Wate y 2017- 91226; ROBERT regarding the trfle, posseuion CONTRACT NO.l or encumb nces) to pay h6 und Document ln rument 0553487;H0WARD HAMILTON saason-no W68Mloat Drive Cha oW6, NC 28278, MALUNSON JULIE M or entumbrances) to pay Me OWNER(S). OBUGOR(ST unpaid assaMmenls dueinth6 no. 20180234730 ot he 5116 ow& C ak Ponte Vedta Unit, $5,704.32, S1.73, 2018- 1800, 1821, 37, WHOLE, 1,MALUNSON 29 No n Drive unpaidassaMmantsdueinth8 ADDREN u N DIVIDED amoum ot (See Exhibk A,Public R6tords ot ORANGE Baach, FL 32082, 26,2621, 0014838; nMoTHY PEARSON S8a5on-Float WaaMloat Unit, Mimeld, WF14 9ST ENGLAND, amount ot (See Exhibit A"), nNANT IN COMMON wrm interast acc ing at tha County, florida, by raason 45,MN,112,n-Flo 229 w Govan Sl G nada, $21,183.14, $a.45, 10789- 1, 12,30, WHOLE, 1. #| whh intarest acc ing at the INnREsT,N T E R VA L ta ot (See Exhib A par ot a now continuing defauW Wae ho Unrf, S3, 6.73. MS 389014426, 1, 1101, 28, 8558; TROY D MONTGOMERY Season-Float WeeMloat rate ot (s86 Exhibit A") p6r CONTROLNO.(S) day, punuanttolhe Tlm6sha by Obligo s), (s Exhibk $0.92, 2017-05N487: HONEY WHOU, 1,Season-Float 11150 Rotherick Dr pha Wa, Unh, $7,112.14, $2.04, 2017- day, pursuant to the Tlmeshare PHASE SUITE TYPE Plan, advancas, if a,under A"). whose add N is (See NOCERINO 2447 Highland Av6 wnoat Unrt, S5,7o4.32, GA3 22,18OO,1823,5,ODD, 0691226; MARIA G VALDU Plan, advantas, rf any, undar OCCUPANCY the larms ot said laim ot Exhibk A,inth6 payentor Be y, IL 60402, 9,962, S1.73, 2018- 14838: JOSEPH 112, #| Saason-Float W68kl 3327 Sac nto Ave El the erms ot said Claim of MORfGAGE Lan, chages and expensas ot perfo nce ot tha obligations 21, ODD, 1/2, #| S6ason-Float C nGuEIREDo 292 Paley float Unh, $14.586 87.O8, Paso, M 79930, 1, 1206, 33. L8n.chag6s and expenses ot BOOWPAGE the T 86 and ot the twrts s6cu by said Claim of Lien W66klFloat Unk. a.N5.87, F Rd Porfland,CT O- 10866-5000;JOILNORWOOD MN, 1n, #| S6ason-float he Tw5t88 and ot th6 wsts orDOC.N p RIN CIPAL c a 6d by said Claim otL . ded in omtial Racords $1.38, 2017-0M3487; MARK 1084, 1, 1103, 41, WHOU, 621 Famc68 Ave T lahaN88, W86klfloat Unh, 81.1oo.7o, c ated by said Claim olLan. 8 CE PERDIEM Obligor(5) 5hall have the right Book(S Exhibk A ,at Paqa NOCERINO 4624 Slanlay Ave 1, Value Saason-Float Weekl FL 32310, 1800, 1826, 21, go.3T, 2017- g1226; DEANA Obligo s) shall have lhe right FERNANDO NUNES BENTO lo cu th6 d6lauW and any (s Mibrf A ,ofWe Pubic Down6n GDV8, IL 515, F,| Un,84,739.g8, S1.4o, MN, 112,Season-Float M JAMISON 6 AARON L to cu the dalauW and any CA 11 LT. 11 BL 2 A niorli6nhold rshallhav8th8 R olds ot O NGE County, 900, 962, 21, ODD, 1 2, | 2018-0014838: EMANUELA WeeMloat Unit, $14,176.03, JAMISON395Amb6rRd No h, junior lienholder shall hava the 207 BRASIU DISTRITO right to r8d6&n ks int& up florid4 intludingtha b ach or S8a5on-Float W oat F FORMICA 166 mombush 85.63, 1 -1390; NICOLE sc 29112, 1, 1212, 30, EVEN, right to daam its inta up FEDERAL 71503-511 BRAZIL to Me data the T rtee iuu6s detauW,noticaotwhich wassel Unk, a,535.87, S1.38, 2017- Rd WeMenfi&d, CT 06109, FREELS 3304 btide Ln 112, #| S8a5on-flo w kl totha datatha T ae issuas .0062gb, 171440 o, |, 2 theCerfificateofSalebypaying to hinaNoticaotDetauWand 0553487: 1. 1103. 41. WHOU, 1,V ue p my ,NJ 8065,1900,1913, Float Unrt, $4,404.35, 81.O5, thaCerfifitate otS e by paying BEDROOM PLUS, EVERV the amount5 due as oLrtlin8d lntem to Fo lose p vided Augu8t3,1O, 6 s6ason-noat w 21,WH0U, 1,#ISeason-f1oat 2017-0691226; VERONICA tha amount5 due as outlined ODD NUMBERED YEAR, above. By: GREENSPOON lo lhe last know addPss L 169744 Unk, $4,739.98, 81.4o, 201& W Mloat Unrf, 82o,322.61, L BEUN a u s BEUN 35 abova. By: GREENSPOON 1039&3130, S8,199.89, $4.04; MARDER, LLP, Twstea. ot Obligo s), (See Mibit 1 : LUIS CONTR 89.67, 10669-4266; MANUEL We Ave Putnam Vallay, NY MARDER,L Twstea. K: FORECLOSURE 3969O. WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF A,by Ca ifiedlRegiste d 984 nag Way Lawrence |,oRnz a MARIA RIVE 10579, 1, 1401, 10, MN, EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF RL Vac ion Surf6s TG- rRUSTEE'S MU Mail or by publication by tha NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S GA3 ,1,11O4,Z8,MN, Po Box 89 BDoklyn, NY 112, #| son-Flo We6kl TRumE's sw NJ) Loma5.OO22 NOS.PUB. Owne s) Add N Building und&5ign8d T rt66, will s6|| MLE 112, #| Season-Float w86kl 11211, 2000, 2036, 26, EVEN, float Unk, S4,576.42, So.88, Ow6 sT Addr s Building LOMAS.doc Unk Weeh Year TS Undi ded at public auc ontothe highe wEsTGnTE PhLncE Float Unit, 86.768.76. S1.55, 112. Flwad Weeklfloat Unit, 2017-0691226: ANGELO Unk Week Y6ar TS Undivided Augu8|3,1O, 16 lnt Saason nount Per bidderforlaw,money of I8 18L (GARcW 2018- 1 ; M 816,776.26, $6.80, 10662-678; COSTANZO 6 xocHm K lnle Suite Type S8a5on L1697Q3 DiamCOLReclnfo UnhedS t ol Ointhe On 0&22n018 at 11: AM, CONTRERAS51MRosa aone TORA D UOYD 410 Em& d PERALTA Boulevad Kukulkan AmountP8rDi8mCOLR6clnto MIGUEL A GARCIA 1 83 lobby orSuha 5,ol Cap GREENSPOON MARDER, Dr NW Llbum, GA 30047- G n N College Pa,GA Km 12.5 lsla Do da Cantun, ALL REAL E sTAn F squBz Dr Soco o, TX Plm Bui ing 1, 201 E. Pin6 LLP, 201 E. Pine Stl86, hrte 7114, 1, 1104, 28, MN, 1 2, 30349, 2100, 2115, 16, ODD, 775 M ICO, 1, 1401, 29, OWNERSHIP, INC A NoncE OF TRusnE's 79927-2338, 1, 1006, 10, ODD, Slre&, O ando, Fl 32801, 500, O ando, florida 32801, #| saason-noat oat 112, #| S8a5on-Float MN, 112,s6asonnoat DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN E 112,Season-Floa w86hl all rigM, tkle and in arest in as Twstee punuant to thal Unh, S6,768.76, S1.55, 2018- no Unrt, $6,489.82, S2.36, weekmo Unh, 86,765.4o, 2107 Gunn Highway Suke 203 WESTGATE PnLAcE,noat Unit, 81,783.82, So.63, the pDp s uatad in tha Appointment ot T aa 0014838; USA M JOHNSON 10718-6166; ERNESTO $1.55, 2017- 1226; JAN E od,FL N556. L 173, 18L T E IN 201 7-0624397; VERONICA County ot ORANGE, norida, racorded on 4119n018, 621 Rivenbark Tow Rd ARROYO a MARITZA AVIUS VANHOLT 419 w V&non Ave 9, WHOU, 1, Two B8dDom, LLCl HERRERA5928NGr88nl88Av6 d8Kribad as: (SEE HIBIT under Dotun ant ln wm rf Wallace, NC 28466, 1, 1105, Rr 04 Box 5110 Anasco, PR Lnwood, NJ 08221-1320, Season, 81,526.8o, 8o.56, On 0&22n018 11: AM, B od,M 79764, 1, 1,A Tlm6 Sha lnte st(s) no. 20180235267 ot a 28.MN,112,#IS6a5on-Float 610,2100,2116,36,EVEN,112, 1, 1405, M, WHOLE, 1, #| 2017-0624344; CARMEN GREENSPOON MARDER. 10, ODD, 112,Season-flo (SEE IBIT.A asdefinedin Public Recods ot ORANGE w68hmoat Unrt, S6,714.88,Season-Flo WeeMlo Saason-Flo WeeMloat SANTOSDISLACasa#195Los 201 E. Pine St,Suhe WaeMloat Unrf, S1,783.82, tha D laration of Covenants, County, norida, by n S1.55, 2018- 1 ; Unrf,$1O,436.74,$4.2O, 10500- Unk, $3,186.00, 81.o7, 2017- Lmones Nagua, DOMINICAN 500, O ando, Florida 32801, &0.63, 2017-0624397; CondrtioM and R mrtions ot a now cominuing d6 uW ROSAUND A KEUY 621 4626; DEVAN w DECKER 0691226: SONDRA A snEN REPUBLIC, M, 202, 26, as T stea punuant lo Mat KIM8ERLY K ANDERSON a tor W gale Lak |, omcial by Obligo s), (s68 Mibh Sant6 Fe Dr Doubl6 Oak. TX b CONSTANCE M DECKER 1591 Blackbum Vlneland, WHOLE, 1, Two Bedroom, Appoi mant ot Tw 66 BRUCE T ANDERSON 10534 Records Book 5020, at Page A',whose add N is (s86 750n. 1. 1107, 2B, MN, 112, Q686 8ameld C K8nt Rd NJ 08361, 1, 1405, 33. WHOU. S8a5on 2, $1,526.8O, $0.56, rded on 4l19 z018. lbi5 St NW Minneapolis, MN 327, ot the Public Records ot Exhibit A' . in Me pay m or #| S n-Flo W at Mu bo,TN 37128, 1,n-noat w 2017- 24344; CHAD ADAMS under Do mant lnst ment 55433, 1, 1204, 11, ODD, 1 2, O nge County, florida (th6 performante otth6 obliga ions Unit, S5,18o.14, S1.29, 2018- 2200, 2244, 47, WHOU, 1, All noa Un,S3,186. . g1.o7, 110 w Beny St Republic, MO no. 201802352n ot lhe #| Sea on-float WeeWfloat an,and all amendment(s) s8cur6d by said Claim ot Len 001 ; SCOTT KLEIN Po S6ason-Flo weaknloat Unrf, 2017D691226; STANW 65738, M, 203, 44, WHOLE, Public R ords ot ORANGE Unrt, $6,353.32, 81.61, 2017- t to, rf any. Tog&her whh recoded in OMcial R6cods Box 286 Pont6 Ved Baach. 818,235.54, $7.30, 10768- s GLAMMAN 7 2 CDW 1, Two Bedroom, Season County, norida, by Rason 24397; ALISA D WRIGM a the right lo oKupy, punuant BooklSeeExhibrf A,Paga n 32004, 1, 1109, 27, MN, 90; ENRIQUE CUSTODIO B Rd Roanoka, VA 24018, 1, 3, $1,577.50, $0.56, 2017- of a now continuing defauW HELEN B WRIGHT 1441 NW to tha Plan, Building-Unrf(s) (See Exhibrf A,ol Me Publit 1/2,Season-float Wee NATAUA CASTILLO Calla Los 1409, 32, WHOU, 1,0624344; WEST COAST by Obligo sl, (See Exhibk 1 StCou Boyton Beach, FL (SEE HIB A ,during Unk Recods ot ORANGE Coun , Flo Unrf, 82,3o9.94, $0.69, ga obos 1656 Urbanizacion Season-Float WeeMloat CAPITAL, LLC, A Colorado A,whose add N is (See 33435, 1, 1403, 47, ODD, 112, Week(s) (SEE HIBrr A.), Florida, including the braach or 2018- 1 ; FREDDIE S Las Brisas Lma, 00001 PERU, Unh, $5,741.74. g1.73, 2017- Limit6d Lability Company Exhibk A"), in the pay nt or,Season-Floal Wee Float during ANign6d Vea s) - (SEE detauW, notice of which was s& MAZE c o Lnda Slubb 275 2200, 2245, 32, WHOLE, 1, #| 0691226: CHRISTOPHER M 1630 A 30lh StPel Boulder. performanca ot the obligalions Unit, 82,o81.16, 8o.71, 2017- HIB A . wEsTGAn to h in a Notice ot DetauW and G nnshi W CovinQon, GA Saason-Float WaeklFloat Unrf, PINDER CHERYL A PINDER co 80301, p, 133, 9, WHOLE, s u d by said Claim ot Len 0624397; JOHN BABOUCARR LAKES 10,000 Turkay Laka lntent to Fo&losa p uided 3 16, 1, 1110, 32, MN 112, 816,961.37, $5.80, 10493- 651 South UN Avanue 1, 2 Badroom, Season 1, Rcod8d in omti Recolds 137 Picasso DrWinta illa,GA Road O ando, FL 32819 Said to tha last known add M ,Saason-Float W o 2914; REINALDO ROMERO Ma dal, DE 19964, 1. 1410, 81 ,552.15. 8o.56, 2017- Book (See Exhibk A . at Pag6 30683, 1, 1509, 41, MN, 112, s e will b6 made (without ot Obligo sT, (s86 Exhibh Unh, $1,099.68, $0.37, 2018- MARnNu 2026 C ekmont 33,MN.1 2. lseason-noal 062 ; SHONTAE LAMONT (See Mib A,otlhe Publit value Season-Floal W66klfloat cov8nants,orwa aW,exp N A',by Certifi egi e d 0014838; HENRY J FAVORS Drive Middlebug, FL 32068, Weeklflo Un,g5,18o.14, BRITrMAN a LANIQUA LYN Recods ot ORANGE Coun,Unk, a,542.11, $1.14, 2017- or impliad, galding the tkla, Mail or by publitation by the a LESUE M FAVORS 188 2400, 2411, 3, WHOLE, 1, All S1.29, 2017-0691226: wm CLARK-BRITTMAN 2695 florida. includinglhe b ch or 0624397; CANDICE SA CW poN sion or 6ncumbranc6s) und8rsign6d Tw ea, will sell Princeton Ave Jenay c y, NJ Saason-Float WaeMloat Unk. SUTTITANASUB a UANWBOL Cooper Ridge Rd Columbus, detauW, notice otwhich was set 128 Pinehurst Ct Athens, GA to paythe unp d aN sm8nts atpublic aurfiontothe highe 07305. 1. 1202. 30, EVEN, 112, $19,252.47, $9.40, 1 0794- sumTANAsu8 814 East OH 43231, p, 235, 23, WHOU, torth in a Notit6 ot DelauW and 30606-7311, 1, 15,41, due in tha anDunt ot (Sea bidder tor la ul money ot e #| Season-Float W oat 2479; DIEGO GONZALU Milam S Wharfon, M 77488. 1. 2 B8d om5, Season 2, lntent to Fo clos6 provided EVEN, 1/2,Value Season-Float Exhibrf A,wkh int Unh6dStatesofAm8rica,inthe Unrt. S2,3o9.36, SO.69. 2018- a DIEGO D GONZAW a 1, 1411, N, EVEN, 1 2, Value $1,577.50, $0.56, 2017- to the la known addPss WeehlFloat Unh, 84,542.11, aKwing Me te ot (S66 lobby of Suhe 500, ot Caphal 1 ; KATHY MAYS 6081 CECIUA GONZAW 7615 S n-Floal W Mloal 0624344; LYNDA ADAMS Po of Obligo s), (s68 Exhibrf $1.14, 2017-0624397; OSCAR Exhibk A perday,punua to Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Sadis koWs Hill Rd is, B6nn8 Av8Au in,TX 78752, Unh, $5,196.50, S1.29, 2017- Box 3 Fem Park, FL A,by amadlRegi &ed CALDERON a RW LEAL theTlmesha Plan,advanc6s, St el, O ando, Fl 32801, TN a71, 1, 1208,35, MN, 2400.2414,38,WH0U, 1,0691226; HAZEL v MCKAY 32730,a,141,26,WH0U,1,2 M,or by publication by tha Av Ca era 50 N4481 Bo&ota, rf any, und& the lerms ol said all right, thle and int6 in 1 2,V u6 s8ason-noatwB6 s6ason-noat e noat Un,a SANDRA v MCKAY 60 Bed om,Season2,$1,5O1.45, undenigned T st,will sell COLOMBl 1, 1602, 4, DD, Claim ot Len, chagas and the pDper shuatad in the float Unh, S6,768.76, $1.M, S2O,722.34, $8.29, 10662-730; Wa e Davi Rd London, $0.56, 2017-062 ; LR at public aurfionto Me highest 1 2, Valua Season-Float W68 exp6ns6s ofthe Tw ee and ot County ot ORANGE, Florida, 2018 001483B; JENNIFER L ALEXANDER SE12 ONO England, 1, 1609, RENTALS AND REAL EsTAn bidd&lorlaw,n ney oftha Flo Unit, 84,794.16, S1.N, th8tw5kt 6dbysaidCl m described as: (SEE HIBIT hugu 3, 10, 018 a ROBERT L ALEXANDER 12, WHOLE, 1, FLoAnNG, uc, a WashinQon Lmrfad UnrfedSt esot rica,inthe 2017-0624397; KIMBERLY otL8n.Obligo s)sh lhavath6 A Tl Sha lnt (s) L 169751 JR 2356 Ea Napier Benton $11,631.66, $2.90, 2017- Labili Company 820 2nd lobby ot Surte 500, ot Cap al A WAY 1262 Woodsage Dr righttow 6detauWandany (SEE HIBIT .A awording Harbor, Ml 49022, 2400, 2424, 0691226; DEBORAH R St & #16 Cheney, WA 99004, Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine Hanahan, sc 29410-8207, 1, juniorli hold sh,havathe to lhe Tl Sharing an tor 8, ODD, 1W,s8a5on-no MCKAY-SIMPSON 9 nwitk R, 251. 38, WHOLE, 1, 2 St et, O ando, Fl 32801, 1907, 24, ODD, 112, flo ing. right to daem hs i e st up Wastgate p ac6, omci NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S W66Mloal Un,$13,911.64, Rd Lae London, SE12 9BY Bedroom, Season 3, S1 ,552.15,right. thle and inleP in $2,081 .16, 8o.71, 2017- to Me date the T ea iNu8s Retods Book 7010, Page ShLE S6.43, 10823-6383; cHRlsn J UNITED KINGDOM, 1. 1609. go.56, 2017-0624344; the p perty 5kuat8d in the 0624397; PAUL D WAY 1262 theCerfificateofSalebypaying 1467 of the Public Racords ot wNTGAn NKU,HOUTZ a MATTHEW J APUN 12, WHOU, 1, FLoAnNG, KIMBERLY MARSHAU 3110 Coun of ORANGE, Florida, Woodscag& Dr Hanhan, sc the amoun s due as outlin6d Orange County, Florida IMa m.o1w @w) 1227 s 6lh St Ta e Haute, $11,631.66, S2.9o, 2017- Stone Rd Me am Woods daKribad as: (SEE HIBIT 29410-8207,1,1907,24,0DD, above. By: GREENSPOON "Plan ).TogatharwMth6 righl On 0&2412018 at 11: AM, IN 47802, 2400, 2432, 47, 0691226; JOY HARPER 3 Vlllag6, MO 65740, R, 252, A.) fime Ma lme (s) 112,f1oating,$2,081.16,S0.71, MARDER, T ea. to occupy, eunuant to we GREENSPOON MARDER, ODD, 112,Saason-Flo Blashto Slr6& Hkh& G,32, WHOU, 1, Two B8dDom, (SEE HIBIT A accoding 2017-0624397; GUIWRMINA QHlalT n - NoncE OF Plan, Unh(5) ( EE HIBrr A , 201 E. Pine St et, Surfe WeaMloat Unit, $9,521.96, SE136UA uNlnD KINGDOM, Season 2, $1,552.15, So.56, to the Tlme Sharing Plan lor s R367E2ndst1 noor TRusnE's SAU during Unk Weak (SEE HIBIT 500, O ando, horida 32801, $4.63, 1 0794-2489; TARIQ 1, 1703, 26, ODD, 112, FIXED, 2017-0624344; Jatk Randell W6stgat6 Palace, omcial Brooklyn, NY 11218, 1, 312. 23. Owe s) Add N Building A,during A5sign6d Y - as T ee punuant to that,MAKHLOUF a ALRUB $3,431.80, $1.03, 2017- GlaNtock, Dahlia June R6cods Booh 7010. at Page WHOLE, 1,Season-float Unh k Yaar TS Undi ded (sEE HIB A .wEsTGAn Appointn nt ot Tw ee RULA 4546 N Pre on Hwy 0691226; BIBI F SHULDMAN Glasscock, Twstaas, or thair 1467 ot ha Public Records ot WaeMloat Unh, 81o,82o.95, lnte n TS Phasa PALACE6145 CARRIER DRWE ded on 0511 112018, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, 5 Cla on Ct East B nswich, Successors in T st Under Oranga Coun,Florida (the 82.78, 201 7-0624397; unt Par Diem COL Rec lnfo O ando, FL 32819 Said sale will under Docun nt ln w nt 2600 B 2600, 2633 a 2633, 17 NJ 08816,1, 1811.51,WH0U. the Jack Randell GlaNcock Plan.). Togeth& with the right CONSTANTINO SA R 456 NOE M ALVARADO a AIDA b8made(wkho cov6nants,or no. 20180280724, of the 618, EvENaEvEN, 1 a 1 1, FIXED, 83,734.46, $1.21, And Dahlia June GlaNcock to occupy, punuant lo the E 3d St BDoklyn, NY 11218- A ALVARADO 12911 Burdine wa anty, axpress or implied. Public Record of ORANGE Season-Floal W68Mloa Unrf 2017-0691226; STUART D Revocable T st, Dated Plan, Un (s) (SEE HI8lT A"l, 3912, 1, 312. 23. WHOU, St Hou on. M no85, rega ing the t la, pow sion County, Florida, by ason ot a #| Season-Float WaaMloat SHULDMAN 5 Cla on N 7117108 2881 Beasley Dr Dahlia during Unk W6ek [SEE HIBIT 1. All season-noat Wee 1700. 1741, 12, WHOU, 1. or 8ncumb nc6s) to pay the a now continuinq data h, y nrt, $5,576.92, $1.88, 1O676- Ea B nswick, NJ 08816, GlaNtock Ga and, M 75041, A,during Assigned Year - Flo Unrf, $10,820.95. 82.78, flo ing, $5,152.19, $1.62, unpaid aM6Mm8nts du6 in the Mortgagor (s), See . k 035; 1, 1811, 51, WHOLE, 1, s. 362, 22, WHOLE, 1, Two (SEE HIBIT A .wEsTGAn 2017-0624397; ROLAN G 2017-05N487; KURT L amount ot (See Mibk A , A"l, whose addr8N is (See August3,1O,2O18 FIXED, 83,734.46, 81.21, Bed om, Season 2, $8,141.08, PALACE 6145 CARRIER DRIVE IRIZARRY JR 1213 walen SANDERS 3236 Beth& Church wkh inter&st atc ing the Exhibk A . in the paynent or L 169756 2017-0691226; HECTOR 82.o5. 2017-0624344; O ando, FL32819 Said sale will Dai Rd Templa, TX 76502- Dr Woodbridge, VA 22192, rata ot (See Exhibrf A per performance ot the obligations M RINCON Manuel Alvarez Augu8t3,1O, O18 be mad6 (wrthout covenants, or 3425, 1, 312. 8. ODD, 1W, 1700, 1744. 32. EVEN, 1 2. day. punuant to the Tlm8shaR secu d by a Mo gaga #7A Col Lbertad Cha o e, L 169752 wa an,8xpr8M or impliad, Value Season-Float W6aklfloat floating, $8,777.91, 82.O2, Plan, advanc6s. rf a under Pcoded in omci Recods NoncE OF TRusnE's M ICO, 1, 206, 4, ODD, gading lhe thle, possassion Unil, $3,368.96, $1.03, 2017- 2017-05N487; LAKESHA the terms ot said laim ot Book (See Ewhibrf A,at Page SALE 112, FLoAnNG, $2,124.40, or anGumb nces) lo pay tha 0624397; APRIL J IRIZARRY J SANDERS 13659 Lynn Lien, Gharg8s and expansas of (See Exhibh A,ot the Publit wEsTGAn PnLAcE $0.71, 2017- 91226; BIUY E AMENDED unpaid aN8um8nts dueinthe 1763 Meadow DrGalesbug, IL St Woodbridge, VA 22192, th6 Twst68 and ot the tw s Recods ot ORANGE Coun,182. (scom WYNNE a KATHY H WYNNE NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S amount ot (See Exhibk A,61401-2154, 1, 312, 38, ODD, 1700, 1744, 32, NEN, 112, crea ed by 5aid Claim otLen. Florida, including the braach or On 08/2412018 at 11:00 AM, 126 Grand Oaks Place Tany, SALE th inta accwing at th6 112, V ue Season-Float Weakl Floating, $8,777.91,82.o2, Obligo 5l shall have We right detault, notice ot which was set GREENSPOON MARDER, MS 39170, 1, 207, 17, WHOU, RL VACATION sulns rate ot (See Exhibk A") per noat Unit, $3,368.96, $1.03, 2017-05N487; MASAFUMI to CUR tha datauW and any fo h in a Notice of DetauW and LLp. 201 E. Pine St et, Suite 1, FLoAnNG, $4,434.34, $1.40, On August 22, 2018, at 11:00 day, punuant to the Tlmeshare 2017-0624397; LATHl M MITSUNAGA 507 Whhney Ave junior lienholdar shall have the lntent o FoBlose pDvid8d 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 2017-0691226; RICHARD a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, Plan. advances, it any, under WINDHAM 35281 Lewis Apt 5 Apt 5A Ho oke, MA 01040. right lo deem hs im6d up lo tha la know addraN ot as T stee pursuant to thal WONG 81 Owhard St 27 LLP 201 E. 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