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August 10, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 10, 2018

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PAGE 44B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AWUST 10, zo18 the D aration for use in ODD POINTE, ON . NOP 1s0, BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU lnteRrt: $887.96; Late One (1) Vatation Ownenhip publication, the undersigned VA 23235, 112 noaling. - 91740, 1n,Season-Float 'ea Number. 641624556 ANAD . p"""p Ba'a"'8 a" "" p ' " a' 'hag8': 8' . : ' `A`: '"'8 ( ' " ha'i" . a 'w 88 shall p c88d wkh 3 5| 3410DD, 112 015, WeaklFlo Unk, 204, 241 Cont . 1,434.21. lnteR $138.79, d8fin6d ln the D,lon for $8,732.31 th ugh 1/2312018 84,000/554,257,000 undlvlded the sal6 ot the Proper as 201 80124729, $2,719.20, ODD. 11v2013, 20180054118. - BARBARA J LOHMAN, Late Chag : $35.00: TOTAL use in EACH yea s). er diem: $3.74/day tenant-in-common fee simple provided in Serfion 721.855, $1.34; Douglas Ernrt, 204 82,T19.2O. S1.34; Ma os 72 GRANGER ST, BARNET, $1,607.29 through 1n3/2018 Contrarf Num 641405634 th8Ra e . One (1) Vacation f ttional Ownership lnte st in Florida Statutes, in which case, Courk w, StaWord, VA 22554, Cadana and Maria Gladys N 05821-9662; Principal di&n:SO.51ldaythe aWe . - JOAO CH#Bl DUARTE and Ownenhip lnterest ( vol") all sidential unks numbe d the undenigned T stea shall: and Sanghwa Emrt. 5 Dewm Cadena, 34 15 Pa ons Blvd Balante: $99,475.46: lnter6st: ne (1) Vacation Ownenhip IZAURA nR NICOU having a 52.500/735,459,000 147. 148. 150-152, 154-162, (1) Provide you with wrmen Rd, Sla od. VA 22554. 1 #| Apt 7 E E, Flushing, NY 11354, $15,155.55; L e Chages: lm (vOl having a cHIABIDuARn,RuALuDwlK undivided t8nant-in-Gommon 247-252. 254-262, 347-352, notice of the sale, including Season-Float WeeMb Unh. 112,Season-float Wee $50.00; TOTAL 8114,681.o1 52,500/441,210,0 undivided MACAL z21 APTO 504 JARDIM fee simple hactional Ownership 354-362, 447-452, 454-462 the date, time and loc ion 90-309, 25 H0U, 1M014, Floal Unk, 80-306, 3V0DD, thDugh 3/1n018 Der diam: tenant-in-common fee simple DA PENHA, VITOR,29060- lntererf in all residential unrts and none other located in the of; (2) R8God tha notice 201 801 24729, S6,7N.6O, 11v201 5, 20180054118, $42.2Vday the a^e . One hartional Ownership lnle st in 030 B IL; Principal Balante: numbered 901-906. 908-910, Building entrtled wBUILDING 3, of sale in tha Public R6cods of $3.33. g2,719.2o. g1.34: G ta | (1) VaG ion Ownership all sidential unrfs numbered 817.665.31 ; lnte : $3.482.81 ; 912-914, 916-922, 1001-10o6, PHASE lll"; ANNUAUallotated O nge Coun,Florida; and (3) Augurt 3. 10. 18 A ken, 501 s 59th St. Taco , lntere ( volh having 131-144, 146. 231-246, 331- Late Cna e : $55.00; 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- 84,000 Points as defined in the Publish a copy ot the notice ot L1 WA,1n Floating, a 815,000 25,592,000 346 and none other located in TOTAL: $21,203.12 through 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, Declaration for use in EACH s e two (2) time,once each 80-309, 4710DD, 1/u2013, und ided tenant-in-common Building 6ntrfled BUILDING 2, 1/2312018 D diem: $8.711day 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, year(s). w k. tor two ( Succ8Niv8 2018 541 18, $2,71 9.20, e simple t ional Ownership PHASE ll : BIENN#Uallocaled the aRer). One (1) Vacation 1201-1204. 1206, 1208. 1209, Contrart Numb6r: 1251602835 weeks, in an O ng6 Coun NoncE OF DEF^ULT ^ND S1.34; lsrael Montes, 800 B lnteP in all 5id8ntial unhs 105,000 Poin as defined in Ownenhip lnt8R ( vol. 1212-1214. 1217-1222 and - MICHAEL J RICHARDS and newspaper, provided such a INTENT TO FORECLON F r HavBn Ave, Bu inQon. WA numbeRd 501-506, 508-510, the Decla tion r use in ODD having a 128,000 25,592,000 none other located in Building LISAMARIE ROSSMAN, 99 newspaper exists at the time WESTGA LAW# v nu: 98233, 112 Floating, 80-3,471 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, yea s). undivided lenam-in-common entkled BUILDING 6, PHASE OESTING ST APT B, N of publishin lt you fail to 27 g.0TW ODD, 11v2013, 20180054118, 608-610. 612-614, 616-622, Conttarf Number. 321606428 fee simple hamonal Ownenhip vl": BIENNIAUallocated BEDFORD, MA 0274 1782; ture the de uN as set to h Pursuant to & n 82.719.2o, $1.34; Vlcki v 701-706, 708-710, 712-T14, - FRANKUN ARCHI8ALD, lnt6 in all sdent,unks 105.000 Points as defined in Principal Balante: 825.592.o5: in this notice or take other 721 .855, florida S Mes, B dley, 2208 Cameal St, 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, 700 HILLTOP nRR SE, nu 501-,508-510, the Declarationlorusein ODD lnterest: $3,960.95; Late appDpriat8 a ion wrfh gard WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Rithmond, VA 23222, 1 812-814, 816822 and none WASHINGTON, DC 20019- 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, yea s). Chages: $45.00; TOTAL: to this to closu ma er, you ASSOC TION, INC. Floaling, 80-310, 22 H0LE, olher located in Building 4207; Principal Balance: 60B-610, 612 14, 616-622. Contrart Number: 641660675 $29,598.00 thDugh 112312018 risk losing ownership of your (hereinaWer re to 5111201 o, 201800541 18, ent led BUILDING 6, PHASE $7,829.15; lnt6R : $792.51; 701-706, 708-710, T12-714, - ANDREA M TORREBLANCA- (per diem: $1 2.261day timesha int6 st through the "Westgate ), has rd6d a $6,753.60, $3.33; James vl"; ANNUAU loc ad Late Chages: $25.00; 716-722, 801-,808-810, MELGAR and CHRISTIAN thereaWerl. One (1) Vacalion t ee fo closu p cedu Claim of Lien in the unt Vande eer, 110 Parish Park 815, Poims as defined TOTAL: $8,646.66 th ugh 812-814, 816-822 and none PmoN, 850 ATLANTIC ST Ownership lntetest lvol arfablishedinSartion721.855, of (See Exhibrf A . w h Unh 15, East Stroudsbug, PA e Detla tion for u58 in EACH 1 2y201 8 D& diem: $3.75/day other located in Building UN 511, BRIDGEPORT, CT having a 166,0001613,176,000 Florida St utes. You may inte st accwing at the 6 ot 18301, 112,Season-Float y s). th8 aW6r). One (1) Vacation enthled BUILDING 6, PHASE 06604-5275: Principal Balance: undivided lenant-in-common choose to sign and send to (See Exhibk "A p& day. and Wee Floal Unk, 80406, 4 l Cont rt Number. 641658372 Owenhip lnte st ( vol vl"; ANNUAUallotated $13,556.65; lnterest: $2,765.55; lee simplefrartional Ownenhip the undenlgned t stee an &orded in O.R. Book (s ODD, 1M015, 20180054118, - THURAYA ABDULGADER having a 52,5001613,176,000 128, 0 Points es defined in Late Chages: 84o.oo; lnterest in all residential units objection form, 8x6rcising your Exhibk "A,Page (s M 82.o48.87. S1.o1; Juli A D aAERAQl AKA THURAYA undivided tenant-in-common theD la tionforusein EACH TOTAL: $16,362.20 th ugh numb8r6d 547-552, 554-562. righl o oblect to the use of the A',of the Public R ot Gillespie, 268 Reunion Rdg, ABDULGAHER D BAERAQl, tee simplet ctionalOwenhip yea s). 1/23/2018 Derdiem: $5.75/day 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, lrustee fo closu p cedure. Orange County, Florid4 m d Ea udsbug, PA 18301, Po Box 264z. ANAFA lnt&e in all sidential unks Contrarf Number. 641414032 tharea e . One (1) Vacation 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, Upontha undersignedt stae's lhe undenigned TW as 112,Season-Flo w IBNBANANH, JEDDAH, numbered 547-552, M4-562. - GLORIA JEAN JONES and Ownership ln erest (wVOl") 949. 950, 954-956, 959, 960 &eiptotyoursigned objection appointed by rtgate, h&aby F at Unh, 80406, 4710DD, MAKKAH, SAUDI ARABIA 647-652, 654-662. 747-752, MAURY E MCCLOYEN, 5813 having a 84,000/626.821,000 and none other lotated in form, the fo closure ot the tormally notmes (s Mibh 11v2015, 20180054118, 23451-660; Principal Balance: 754-762, 849-852, 854-860. OLD CANTON RD, JACKSON, undivided tenant-in-tommon Building entrfled wBUILDING 3, lien whh to the delauW A that due to your lu lo S2,o48.87, S1 .01; Ana c Vanier, 868,234.94; lme rt: $9,707.30; 949, 950, 954-956, 959. 960 MS 3921 1 -3215; Principal fee simple hactional Ownenhip PHASE lll ; ANNUAUallot ed specified ln this notice shall pay the annual s) 887 Pa Pl, B ok n, NY Late Chages: $40.00; TOTAL: and none other located in 8alance: $10,873.81; lnte st: lnt8Rst in all residential unrfs 166,000 Points as defined in be 5ubj8rf to the judicial due on (Sae Ewhibk A and 1 1216, 112 Floating. 80-408, 1 1/ $77,982.24 thDugh 31112018 Building entkled "BUILDING $1 ,828.35; Late Chages: numbered 101-106, 108-110, the Daclaration for use in EACH fo losu pDc8du only. all auessment(5) Fe aW ODD, 11v2013, 20180054118, Der diem: $28.9&day 3. PHASE lll ; BIENNIAU 85o.oo; TOTAL: 812,752.16 201-206. 208-210. 212-214, year(s). You have the right to tU our you are cuna t in de uW S2,719.2o, 81.34; Stephen the aWe . One (1) Vacation bc ed 105,000 Points as thDugh 1n31201 8 Der 216-222, 301-306, 308-310. Conlract Number: 251 1607673 detauW in the manner set orth ot your oblig ns to pay E Owusu, 138 RunnynPde Ownenhip lntere (vol defined in th6 Detlaration tor diem: S5.3 day the a ar). 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, - MELISSA ANN WRIGHT in this notice at any time beto assessments due to gate Dr, St udsbu . PA 18301. 1 having a 579.000 T25.592.0 use in ODD year(s). One I1) Vacat n Ownekhip 4O8-410, 412-414, 416-422 and ERIC C WRIGHT. 3951 the undenigned twstee's sale on the tollowing deKrib8d,All S6ason-Float WeeMloat undivided lenant-in-tommon Contrarf Number. 321702920 lmeR (vol having a and none other loc ed in GOUVERNEUR AVE, BRONX, ofyourtim6sha inte .ltyou property loc ed in e Unh, 80-504, 12 H0LE, feesimp ha nalOwn ship - KAMEELAH TEMPU. 9230 84. 1 25,592, undivided Building enlkled BUILDING NY 10463-2904: Principal do notobjerftothe use otthe Coun . Florida: (See Exhibrf lm2o13. 20180054118, lnt6R in all Rsid8ntia unm JESSICA DR, MANASSAS tenant-in+om t simple 6, PHASE vl"; BIENNIAU Balance: $7,752.78; lnt ast: trurtee fo&lo5ur6 p cedure, A ) Tima Share lme rt(s) $6,7N.60, 83.N; Grate S numbered 501-506, 508-510. PARK, VA 20111-2441; t n Owenhip lnt8r6st in allocated 168,000 Points as 8881.1 1; Late Charges: $30.00: you will not be subject to a (See Exhibrt "A as defin in Owusu, w8 Fi morn Lane, 512-514, 516-522, 601-606. Principal Balance: $5,393.88; all Rsid8mi un s numbe d defined in the Declaration for TOTAL: $8,663.89 lhrough deficiency judgmenl even rf the Declaration ot Covenants, Valley St am, NY 11581, 1 All 60&610, 612-614. 616-622, lnte : 8667.34; Late Chages: 501-506, 508-510, 512-514, use in ODD yea s). 1/231201 8 (per diem: $3.7Vday the proceeds hom the sale Conditions and R8rtritlioM tor Season-Float Float Unrf. 701-7,708-710, 712-714. S3o.oo; TOTA L 86,o91 .22 516-522, 601-,608-610. Contract Numbar: th6r8a 8r). One (1) Vacation ot your tlmeshare interest tha We gate Lakes v, omcial 80-504, 12 H0LE, 11v2013. 716722, 801-8,808-810, MDugh 1 12312018 Der 612-614, 616-622, 701-706, 641 660873 - AURELIO Ownenhip lnte st (.'vol'.) are insumcienl o oWsat lha Records Book 9580, al Page 201 118, $6,753.60, 812-814, 816822 and none diem: 82.73/day therea er). 708-710, 712-714, 716-T22, GARCIA RODRIGUU, having a 52,5001920,709,500 amounts secu d by the lien. 608, ot the Public R s of S3.33; Axavi6r c BoWon and oMer localed in Building On6 (1) Vacation Ownenhip 801-806, 808-810, 812-814, CARRERA 34A 14-7z LOS undivided tenant-in-common By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Orange Coun,florida @e Yoneka M BoWon, 1112 Bonrta entrtled BUILDING 6, PHASE,e ( ol having a 816-822andnoneoMerlocated PINOS. BUCARAMANGA, tee simpla trartional Ownership LLP T ee. '.Plan and all BdB(s) Cir. Jon8sboD, GA 30238, vl"; ANNUAU loc&ed 52,5001441 .210,000 undivided in BuildinS entkled BUILDING SANTANDER 680002, lntere in all Residential Unks WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF the to, rf any. Tog&h6r wrm 1n noaling, 9 1,41l 579,0 Points as defined in tenant-in-common fee simple 6, PHA E vl"; ANNUAU COLOMBIA; Principal 8alance: located in Buildin enthled DEFAULT AND INTENT TO the rlgh to ocwpy, puwam ODD. 1M015, 20180054118, the D la tion lor use in EACH hartion Ownarship lnterest in allocaled 84,000 Points as $14,704.73; lnterest: $2,1 45.40; BUILDING 1'.; IENNIAU FORECLOSE: to the Plan, BuildingUn s) S1,738.32, So.86; Donald E yea sl. all r idential unrfs numbe d defined in the Detla tion for Late Chages: 845.oo: allocated 105,000 Points as Owne sVObligo s), fimesha (s Exhibk A,during Unk Gerken. 801 Duch8M Rd. Contrart Numbe 641659701 - 131-144, 146, 231-246. 331- use in EACH yea s). TOTAL: 816,895.13 through dalined in the Daclaralion for lnterert. Buildin nh, Week, Week(s) (See Exhibk .A . Bothell. WA 98012, and Sha n JUANA ADR ESCOBEDO 346 and none olher located in Comrart Number: 641424403 1/23/2018 Derdiem:87.O5/day usein EVEN yaa s). DetauW Date, oo Page ot during AMign8d Yea s), (s A Gerken. 158 R nbow Dr, YANU, AVENIDA ISIDORO Building ent led BUILDING 2, - DRE FARIA GAPPO the a e . One (1) Vacation ALL, wrfhin tha Condominium Recorded Len, Amounl, Par Exhib A . 10, Turkey L ing on, TX 77399; 1n | DUBORNAIS,4169 ELQUISCO PHASE ll"; BIENNIAU loc ed PRATA, RUA LEANDRO Ownership lntere ( vol") Propa y submmed to the Di8mA Dunt: Lake Road, O ando, fl 32819 Season-Float klFloat Un . SAN ANTONIO, VALPARAISO, 105,000 Poirm as defined in MARnNs 4, CENTRO, RIO DE having a 84,000/6z6,821,000 Timeshare Plan ot FAIRFIELD Stephen Choy Yuen and merein "Tlme ShaP (PDp M 90-111, 2410DD, 11v2015. CHIU 234000; Principal the Declarationforusein EVEN JANEIRO 2 70 BRAZIL und ided tenant-in-common ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK Cha ena Choy Yuen, No Address ),Building(S Exhibh 2018 54118, S3,748.12. Balance: $14,146.36; lnte sl: yea s). Princip B an : $20,3 .53; fee simple hartion Ownenhi,o RESO A CONDOMINIUM 15 Chatonia Blvd Dinsley wA") merein Tlme MaR Plan S1.85; NaMan J Williams and 82,223.7o: L e Chages: Contract Number: 381612969 lnte : $3,682.70; Late lnt8R in,Psidential unks ("me Reso Facil y"), logether Court. Trinc y, Porf Spain, (Property) AddRN . a Melissa c Nelson, 3 Wa $40.00; TOTAL $16,410.06 - TRACEY L MURRAY and Chages: a5. ; TOTAL: numbe d 101-106. 108-110, w h all appurtenancesthe to, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 112 Value resuW ol the ato ned Place, Cheadle, Sta odshire thDugh 3 112018 Der diem: MARTIN c MURRAY, 44 $24,028.23 Dugh 1n3/2018 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, accoding and subje to the Season-hoal WeWFloat Unit, detauN. Westgate h&eby & s ST1O INY, ENGLAND, 1 Value $6.78/day theRa e . One nNNYsoN ST, CARTER Der d m: $9.451day 216-222, 301-306, 308-310, wD8claration ot Condominium 10 158, VEVEN, 11V2014, to sell the PDp8t punuant Season-Float WeeklFloat Unrt, (1) Vacation Own ship NJ 07008-2329; Principal M R l. One (1) Vacation 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, lor Faimeld O ando al Bonn& 20180124729, $3,036.57, to Section 721.855, flor a 90-201, 441WH0LE, 11v2013, lnt6d ( vol having a Balante: 88,698.63: lnt8R : Own ip lm ( ol 408-410, 412-414, 416-422 C ak Resort a Condominium" $1.50: Je e L Ha is and Statutes. Please be adv 201800541 18, $6,753.60. 84, 01626,821,undivid $736.44; Late Chages: $o.oo; having a 166, R20,709,500 and none other located in recorded on June 8, 2004 in Selena D Harris, 2512 River that in the avent that your $3.33; Michelle F Arnold, 420 t8nam-in-com Dn e simple TOTAL S9,435.O7 through und ided tenam-in-common Building enl led "8UILDING O cial Records Book 7475, Oak Dr, Vlginia Baach, VA obligationisnotbrougMcu t Myrfle St, Camden, AR 71701. harfion Ownenhip lmeR in 112312018Derdiam:83.811day feesimp harf n Owenhip 6, PHASE vl"; BIENNIAU Page 881, et seq, Public 23456, 112 Valu6 Saason-Float including the payB ol any 112 no ing, 90-407, 241 all sidential unm numbe Me a e . One (1) Vacation lmeR in,Residami Unrts allocaled 168,000 Points as Recods ot Orange County, WeklFID Unk, 100-15B. 40/ ees incu ed by w in ODD, 51112010, 20180054118. 101-1,108-110, 201-2 . Ownenhip lmere l vol localed in Building 8nt I6d defined in the Declaration for Florida, as heretofo or EVEN, 1/v2014, 20180124729, commancing this t S2,218.76, 81.O9. 208-210, 212-214. 216222, having a 84,0 725,592,0 BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU usein ODD yea s). he aWer amendad (collerfivaly, 83,o41 .92, $1 .50; Tlmothy p cessl wrthin ir (30) g3,1o, 18 301-306, 308-310, 312-314. und ided tenant-in-common all ed 166, Poin as Cont tt Number: the "Declaration ). J Davis and Tmany L Davis days hom lhe fim d e ot L16 316322, 401-4,408-410, 8simplehatli0nalOwn6nhip defined in the Decl tion tor 641663554 - LIDIANE DIAS TheowenmustpaythaTOTAL 3804 Aman Cor, Rivemead, publication, the u 412-414, 416422 and none lnt art in all sidential unrfs usein EACHy sT. DE LACERDA and GEOVA lirfedaboveplusthepatdiem NY 11901, 1 V ue Season- Tw ee rnall pm w oth& lotat6d in Building numb&ad 501-506, 508-510, Contrarf Number: 641546338 BATISTA DE OUVEIRA, and a $250.00feetort ee Float Mloat Unrf. 1 - the sal6 of the NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND enthled BUILDING 6, PHASE 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, - LUIS ISMAEL TA SCO ALAMEDA GEORGINA fo closu sale plus com a5 24B, 3 WH0LE, 112 014, p vided in &on T21.855 TO FORECL E vl"; alENNIAualbcaed 608-610, 612-614, 616-622, PERU and UA VIRGIN GARCIA RODRIGUES, N 26, they accwe, rf any. F lu to 20180124T29, $5,095.00, Florida Statrtes, wh,Gnn uKuvnu: 168,000 Points as defined in 701-706, 708-710, 712-714, RUB# PEDROOLMIDA2733, RESIDENCIAL GRAMADO, cu the datauW setfo h he in $2.51: Daniel E Traeger, 5333 Me undenigned T |: n .or g tha Decla ionforuseinODD T16-722, 801-806, 808-810, APTO 5,MOWIDEO U8ERLAND#, MG 38401-590 ortakeotherappropri&earfion Wal8r ld Rd, Clarkrfon, Ml (|) PDvid8 you w Punuant to &ion yea s). 812-814, 816-822 and none 116,URUGUAY; Princip BRA L Principal Balance: gadinglhis maWer llrewW 48346, 1 1n ISeason-Flo notite of the s e. i 721.855, Florida St rtes. Contrert Number: 641681531 oth loc ad in Building Balan : $14, .38; lnte rt: S9,788.12; lnte : S1,N9.13; intheloss otownenhip ottha W Mbal Un,10041A, the data, ti and n wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS GEISA SIMONE HILLE enthled .BUILDING 6, PHASE 82,186.2o; Lale C es: Late Chag6s: S4o.oo; timesha thDugh the t 86 1 41B, 10041D, 12, 12, 1v tha of; (2) R ANoc noN, INC. and CLAUDIO EDMUNDO N"; BIENNIAUallocatad $45. ; TOTA S17, 5.5a TOTA S11,367.25 MmO loreclosu pDc8du s8tform ODD, ODD, ODD, 11v2015, o salelnthePubl of e nak& to as VENDRAMINl, RUA DR 168,000 Points as defined in M ugh 1 18 Der 1 23 2018 Derdiem:$4.69lday in F.S.T21.856. You have th6 20180124729. S3,135.36. Olang8Coun,norid d(3) gate,hes d B ROBERTO KOCH, 135 APTO aDeclar ionforu inEVEN di : Ss y a . the a e . One I1T Vata ion rigM to subm an obj ion S1.55; Dhawn M BDwn, 48 Publish acopyotMe of Claim d Uen in Me noum 7 JOINVIUE, K 03- y s). On6 (1) Va ip Ow ip lnt& t (vol form, 6x8 ising yourrigMto Merida ,RMand,NO57O1,1 saletwo(2Ttin,ot (s ExhibW A,wrm 0888RAZIL Principal8alanca: Conhatl Number. 641216262 lnte rt vol ha ng a havintg a 52,500/626,821,000 objertlotheuseofMat stee Valua Season-Float We loat w k, lor two (z) im& awwing a Warate Df $14,295.82:lnt :S2,220.18: - MATTH L ARCHER and 105, 1613,176, und id undivrided tenant-in-common fo&losu p cedu . lf a Un,1 /41D, 45 H0LE, w ke, in an ge (s E hlbN .Abper da & r Late Chages: $ao. ; TOTA TAMMYLARCHER,21ON2ND tenanl-in- simple feesilmplehartionalOwnenhip objartion is filed this ma ar 1 V2013, 20180124729, nawspapet, p ded wd a in O. . Book (Se6 816.556.oo th ugh 31112018 ST. NORTH BALTIMORE, OH hartion &shiplnt in lnt6 rt in all sidential unrts shall ba subjert to the judiciBl $5,095.00,S2.51;Ma RShea, newspapar exik w Exhib .A ,&Pag6(SB8Exhibrt & diem:S6.&5 dayt We . 45872-1104;PriMip 8&ance: all un s nu num 101-106, 108-110, foBlosu ploc6du only. Mountain Vlew Dt, llin4on, ol publishinq. w yo el to A . otMe PubliG R8colds ot ne (1) Vacation Own&ship S7. 2.o6; lnte : S1.616.56: 1163-1171. 11T3-1178. 1263- 201-2,208-210, 212-214, me detauN may be cu d any N 05751, 1 Value Season- cu the deauW as r Orange Coun,Florida, end lnt8l8rt ( ol having a Late Chages: $15.00; 1271. 127J12T8, 1363-1371, 216-222, 301-306, 30&-310, lime betore th6 tw ea's ela Flo We Flo& Unrt, 100- in this notlce or take o B u undangned Twrtee as 84, 441,210, und id TOTAL S9,293.62 through 137J1378, 1465-1471, 1473- 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, of your timesha inte A. lt 41D, 45 H0LE, 11v2013, appDpriat8 arfion w medby ' r't t8nam-in-com Dn t simpB 1 23 2018Derdiem:$3.78/day 1476, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, 408-410, 412-414, 416-422 you do notobjecttothetwAee 20180124729, $5,095.00, to Mis closu D, u t not ( ha ion Ow6khip lnt6 in e a er). One (1) Vac ion 1574 and none o ar bcated and non6 other loca ed in lo tlosure proc6du,you will S2.51; Orazio Pino and risk losing own&ship or pr A dueto yourt lu to ,sidemial un s nu Ownenhip lnte rt ( vol in Building enMl .BUILDING Buildii entitled wBUILDING not be subjertto a d8RGi8ncy Camille Pino, 4911 25th St E, ti sha intera thmO pay the annu& N t(S) 131-144, 146, 231-246, M1- having a 63,000/704,420,0 4, PHASE ; BIENN U 6, p SE vl"; BIENNIAU judgmentevenifthe p ceeds Bradenton,FL342O3,1l2V ue twA86 foBlosu dua on (See Exhibrt .A and 346 and none other c ed in undivided tenant-in-common allocatad 210. Points as allocat 105,000 Points as fDmth8 s e ofyourti sha Season-Fbal WeMloat Unrf. e ablishedin &Dn T21.855 t(s) th8 a 6r, Building entkled BUILDING 2, fee simplet ctionalOwnenhip definad in the D tion tor defined in the Daclaration tor imeresta insuMclent o oWB 100-42B, 410DD, 1 v2013, Floride Stat rt85. u g you a cunant in d&auW PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallocaled lnte in all residential unrts use in EVEN y s). use in ODD yaar(s). the amounts secu d by the 20180I 24729, $2,053.08, choose to sign and d to ot your obligations to pay 168,000 Points as defined in numbe d 663-671, 673-678, Contrart Numbe 641618632- Contrart Number: 641700190 lien. $1.01; Elaine F E,570 the undenigned bu an n ms dueto Westg&e the Decla tiontor usein ODD 763-771. 773-778. 863-871, CR G JONES and KIMBERLY - DANIEL FERNANDU, Punuant to the Fair Debt C rfomiaAve,Brick.NJO8724, obj6rfion torm, ex i y r on Me llowing described & yea s). 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, ANN GREEN.1O38 BOSEMAN 14901 sw 82nd nRR, APT Collection Prarfices Art, h 1 Valu6 Season-Float Wekl righttoobjecltotheu of e pto locaed in Orange ContractNumber. 741315972- 1063-1071, 1073-I078 and DR, w# SPRINGS. GA 103. MIAMl. FL 33193-3139; is qui d lhat we e tha FloatUnrt,1OO-45D,3 HOLE, t ea toBlosu u . Counly, Fbrida: (See Exhibrt GEORGE JARRm and ELSIE none other lotated in Building 301v-3962; Princip 8aance: Print al B&ance: 88,759.2o; rollowing to you: THIS ls AN 1 2013, 20180124729, Uponthe undenigned 's A fi Sha lnt8r6rt(s) JARRm, 2012 MULBERRY tmed BUILDING 4, PHASE $9,459.15: lm& : $1,1Tg.15; lnte : $1 ,067.79; L e ATTEMPT TO COLUCT A S5,o95.oo, 82.51; David M ceiDtotyoursign ob n (See Ewhibk A as definedin ST APTA, 8AT0N ROUGE, LA ; BIENNIAU located L e Cha : go. ; TOTAL Cha es: $20.00: TOTAL: DEBTANDANYINFORMATION HinMey and Bonnie G Hinkley. torm, the for low ot e Me Declar&ion of Covenams, 70802-3477; PrincipalBalanc6: 126,000 Poims as defined in $10,638.30 Dugh 1ny2018 S9,846.99 th ugh 112312018 OBTAINEDWILLBEUSEDFOR 2335 rt Woodwad Dr, lien with respe tothe w Cond ons and Restrirtionstor 88,393.5o: lnt8l8st: 81.538.97; the D la tion tor use in ODD &rdi8m:S3.7 day e aR6r). Der di6m: 84.3Vday THAT PURPOSE. Oak C ek, wl 53154, 1 112 spet ed in this no,the W g e Lakes v, omcial Late Chages: S55. ; TOTAL: y s). ne (1) VaQ n hip the & e . One (1) Vacalion By:GasdickStantonEa y,P.A All Saason-Float WeeklFlo be subject to We jud B Recods Book 9580, at Page $9,987.47 ugh 311 2018 Con art Number: 641318944,e (vol having a Ownership lnterest l.VOl ) Twstee. 1601 W. Coloni Dr Unrt, 100-55A, 100-55B, 100- to closu p cedu on . 608, of e Public Recods ot &erdiem: 84.14 dayt e . - DANIEL SAENZ TORRES 84, 1613,176, und ided having a 52,500 613,176,000 Orlando,FL,328O4 55D, 28, 28, 281EVEN, EVEN, You havethe rightto w your Orange Coun,Florida (the ne I1) Vacation Ownenhip and GLADYS SERRANO tenant-in rmDn simple und ided tBnant-in-common Bc NJ NOAO718 EVEN, 1 v2014.20180124729, defauW in the mann& rm Plan and all ndn nt(s) lnt&e (.vol having a CORNUO, CARTAGO ha ion& Owenhip lnt in tee simplehactional Ownenhip Augu&3, 10,2018 $4,641.40, $2.29; Rosema inthisnotice anyti o theBo, rf any. Tog&her wrfh 64, 1763,462, und ded PARAISO OROSl, CENTRO all idem un s num lnte rf in all residential un s L17O12Q M Lea, 433 MeekerOrtlet Rd, the undenigned tw ae.s e Me rigM to o upy, punuam I8nant-in- m Dn e simple FRENn BANCO NACIONA. 1163-1171. 11T3-1178, 1263- numbe d 547-552, 554-562, Dallas, PA 18612, 112 Floating, ofyourtimesha im& L Wyou to the Plan, Building-Un (sT hartione Ownenhiplnte stin SAN JOSE 99999, COSTA 1271, 12T3-1278. 1363-1371, 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, 100-61D, 1&EVEN, 11v2008, do notobjerttothe u ot e (See Exhibh A,during Un ,sidenti un s numbe RIC Principal Balance: 1373-13T8. 1465-1471, 1473- 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND 20180124729, $3,041.92, lru ee to&losu u . w Os) (s Exhibk A , 181-186, 191-198, 279-286, $10,843.45; lnte st: S1 .710.40: 1476, 1565-15,1571, 1573, 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 INTENT TO FORECLOSE $1.50; Cecile v momas, 7549 you will not be wb to a during qned Y sl, (See 288, 290-298. 379-386, 388, Lale Chagas: $45.00: TOTAL: 1574 and none other located and none other located in WESTGATE LAKES v FILE: King5porf Bhd, New O eans, defitiency judga rf Exhibk .A . 10, 0 Tu ey 39 398, 479486, 488, 490- $12,598.85 th ugh 112312018 in Buildin emNed BUILDING Building entkled wBUILDING 2T g.0T40 LA7O128andL ethKNewe s, the pD s hom a Lake Road,O ando, FL32819 498, 579-586, 588, 590-598 Dardiem:85.34ldayMerea er). 4, PHA E lv; BIENN U 3, PHASE lll"; BIENNIAU Punuant to Serfion 23Coleman Rd,Pansacola,FL or your timesh im &a Tlme Ma pD ) and none other lotated in One (1) Vatation Ownenhip allocated 168, Points as alloc ed 105,000 Points as 721.855, Florida Statutes, 32503, and Don d R Newe s a insumciem to o e Add ,Building(SeeEwhibh Building entrfled BUILDING 5, lnt&a ( vol having e defined in the D,on for defined in the Declaration lor WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Jr, 200 E Bug8N Rd Apt unts secu d by .A Sha Plan PHASE v; BIENNIAUallocated 84,0001T63,462,000 undivided use in MN y6a s). use in ODD yea s). ASSOC TION, INC. 17A, Pengola, FL 32503, 8y: GREENSPOON ER, pDp M Add . As a 128.0 Points as definad in tenant-in-tommon fee simple Comra Nu r. 641631528 Cont rf Number: 641709910 me ina er ret to as 1 Valu6 Season-Float We LL ,T rtee. w of e ab ntioned the Decla tion for use in ODD hartional Ownenhip lnte st in - RODRIGO LOPQ - SIL A RUTH QUUADA '.We g e"). has &oded a FloatUnrf, 100-61c, 1 -61D, HIBIT ^" - NoncE OF datauW. Wertg e he by el s yea s). all idenli unrfs numbe d RUEDA. MARY LORENA SANDOVA PEDRO FONTAVA Claim of Len in the um 40, 40 0DD, ODD, 11v2013, DEFAULT nND,ro to sell Me PD punuant Conlra Number. 1631607462 181-186. 191-198, 279-286, LOPU LAVERDL and 4730, SANTIAGO. 83200-00 ot (See Exhib A,w h 20180124729, $2,719.20, FORECLOSL to S bon 721.855, Floride 8RENDA CLARK, 6422 288, 290-298, 379-386, 388, CARMEN CEUUA LAWRDE CHIU; Principal Balance: int8Rstacc ing therate ot 81.34;Valerie s Mathews, 120 Owne s)IObligo fi St rtes. ease be advis6d SYMPOSIUM WAY, CUNTON. 390-398. 479-486, 488, 4 - SALCEDO, CALU 197A $14,354.10:lnte rf:82,342.87; (See Exhibrf A p& day, and Vane St, Reve,MA 02151, 2 lnte . Buildin nk. . Mal in the event your MD 20735-3862; p ncip& 498, 579-586, 588, 590-598 w29-39, BWARAMANG Late Cheges: t4o.oo; TOTAL ded in O.R. Book (s86 Floalng, 1 -62A, 1 -62B, 4, DetauW Dae, Boo ot obl a on notbDugMtu nt Balante: $9,438.14; lm& : and none other located in SANTANDER, 1 S16,736.97 thDugh 1123 2018 Exhibk A ,at e(S Exhibh 4 H0LE, WHOLE, 11v2013, R8cold8d Len, Anmm, p& flMluding the payl nt ot any $1.547.73; Lale Chages: Building emkled BUILDING 5, COLOMB B ce: D6rd m:S6.8&dayth8 a 8 . A,ofthe p c Re ds of 20180124729, S6,18T.6O, Diem unt: inw by we g e in $50.00; TOTAL S11,o35.86 PHASEV;BENN U loc ad S9,528.72; lm : S1,346.21; One (1l Vac ion Owenhip Orange CouW, Florida, and $3.05; Cassaundra M Barte,Janet M Holn8M, 19359 sw com&ing M foBlosu ugh 311 2018 Der diem: 168. Point5 as defined in Be c : Wo. ; llrf ( vol heving a the undenigned TwA as 1498WindgateDr,Manteca,CA 24th St, P8mbDk8 p,pD N) wrmin thi y I30) a.5Vday thereaWe . One e D laralion brusein ODD TOTA t1o, .93 Dugh 84, 1441,210, 0 undlvided appointedbyWe gate,he by 95338, 1 2 Value Season-Flo FL 33029, 1 2 Floa days hom e fiQ date ot (1) Vacation Ownenhip yea s). 1nM018 D d :84.57 day tena -in-tommon fee simple formally notifies (Sae Exhlbh WeklFloat Unrf, 100-65B, 18/ 12A, 4010DD, 1 15. publ a n. e und6nign8d lnt&Brt (vol having a Conbart Num 641382668 Me a e . One (1) Vacat n hartionalOwenhiplntarestin A th dueto yourt lureto EVEN,1lV2O14,2O18O124729, 20180054118, t1, T T ae,wkh 52,5 /T04,420, und id - HELY JOSE RODRIGUU ip lme rt (vol,sid6 iBl unks numbe d pay Me annual as58Nm8nt(s) 82,621.97, 81.29; Brandon .SO.9T; Bla mi F . Me s&e or th6 p as t8nant-in-com Dn tee simple RAMIRQ and YESIREE having a 52,5 613,176, 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- due on (See Exhibk A and L Kllllan, 1464 Oro Vl a Rd c25 Calle Magin&|, 31 R pD in & n 7z1.855, hactional Own8Rhip,e in ALUANDRA ECHENIQUE und ided t -in-common 346 and none other located in all aM8ssm8nt(s) lhe aWer, Apt45, San Diego, CA 92154, |. Bay n, PR 1. Fl W ,inwh h , ,&idential un s nu ed GONZALU, URB SAN t simple&ionalOwenhip Building emrtled BUILDING 2, you a cunan y in detauW 112 Value S6ason-Flo We 1l2 Value Season- u n Tw rn&|: 663-671, 673-678, 763-771, CAMILO CAUE A N42, lnte in,sident un s PHASEll :BIENNIAUallotated of your obligations to pay Flo Unrf, 100-658, 1&EVEN, flo Unh, 1 -Z3D. WODD. (1) p de you w wrmen 773-778, 863-871, 873-878, LOS TEQUES, MIRANDA, numb&ed 547-552, 554-562, 168, Points as defined in ass8Nm8 s dueto WeAgata 11v2014, 20180124729, 11N015, 201 118. of 18 s e. in uding 963-971, 973-978, 1063-1071, VENUUELA 1201; Principal 647-652, 654- 2, 747-752, the Daclarationtorus6in EVEN onth6 bllowing dascribed 18al $2.621.97, $1.29; v,J S2,ON.O8. t1.O1; Me date. ti and,on 1073-1078 and none oth& Balance: $11,987.32; lnt6 : 754-762, 849&2, 854-860, y s). p perty located in O nge Nipp&, 107 Wintenet Ci le, Colon, Urb p R . t r, (2) R e not e loc ed in Buildinq entrtled $1,937.83; Lale Cha es: 949, 950. 954-956, 959, 960 Cont Number: 641710660 CouW. Florida: (s Exhibk Douglas, GA 31N5, and 3139 Rio Cocal, Toa PR ofs ein ePub cR odsof BUILDING 4, p ASE lv"; 84o.oo; TOTAL: $13.965.15 and none oM bcated in - RAUL ARTURO CASTILLO A' Time Sha lnte (sT Edward J Chybicki, 1N37 us N,1 2V ue -no&| Orang6CounV,florida;and(3) BIENNIAUallocated 105,0 MDugh 112312018 Der Building em BUILDING SEPULNDA and LUISA (Saa Exhibk wA as dafined in H hway 221 N, Denton, GA WeeMloat Un . 1 23D, 3y Pub sh a py otthe notice ot Points as defined in the diem: 85.911day therea e . 3, PHASE lll": BIENN U ANDREA CHAPARRO RIFO. the Declar ion of covenams, 31532,1 2 Flo ing.9O-11O,V ODD. 1 v2015, 201 118. two (2)ti &. onte eath Detlar ion tor use in ODD One (1) Vacation Ownenhip all ed 105, Poin as PAS E EL BELLOTO 10251 Cond ions and Re ri ionsfor ODD, 1M015, 20180124729, $2,0N.08, $1.01; K&B week, r two (2) suweu e yea sT. lm&est ( ol having a defined in the D8clalation tor NLLA, sul LA GRANJA, tha We gate Lakes v, omcial S2,714.46, S1.34; Yahya Mat Donainvil, 46 Bi hw d Rd, w,in an Orange Coun Contrart Numbar: 2117 935 84, 1450,489.0 undivided u e in ODD yea s). SANT#GO, 75000-00 CHILE; Recods Book 9580, at Page Som,6O4WPa Ave.Valdo5ta, Randolph. MA 02366, and newspap,pDvided suth a - T OA FUNGANI FOTU t6nant-in-common f simpla Com rfNu 641 2- Prin p B ance: S9,854.1o; 608, ot the Public R8 lds ot GA31 2,andUgieEdan,1212 FrancheWe Don nvil, 1 newsp exi s at the time TO'OFOHEand ROSEALAUNA had n& own mip lnleR in FABRICIO FABRE and MLYN lnteR : S1,6o1.82; Be Orange CouW, Florida (the Lnda Dr, ValdoAa, GA 31602, Mogan St. Randolph. MA of publishing. lt you tail to TO'OFOHE, 1A KAY ROAD al entia unks numb&ed nlwlRA DE OWEIR RUA Chages: 845. ; TOTAL: Plan and,ndmem(sT 1 All Season-Flo week/ 02368, and K na Do nvil. tU Me defauW as set to h PANMURE, AUCKLAND 1072. N1446, 531-546, 631-646 PROF LUIZ CANTANHEDE 1 19, $11,500.92 through 1 23 2018 thereto, if any. Together w h Float UnW, 9 110, 9 H0LE, 1312 Ab8daR Dr, Mtdonough, in this notice or take other NEW ZEALAND; Prin#p& d none other located in CASA EIRAS, RIO DE Derdiem:84.7VdaythereaWe . the right to occupy, punuant 11v2015, 20180124729, GA 30253, 112 Floating, 1 appDpriat8 a ion wkh Rgard Balance: S14,3 .1O: lm& : Bu d g entrtled BUILDING 2. JANEIRO. 2Q45-040 BRAZIL: One (1) Vatation Ownenhip to the Plan. Building-Unrf(sT S5,249.76. 82.5g; Wanda J 51B. 3&ODD, 1M013. to this foreclosuR maner, you $2.168.05; L e chg: PHASE ll"; ANNUAUallocated Principal B : t25,961.18; lnteR ( vol' having a (Saa Exhibk "A during Un Allan, 718 Lee Rd 112, Opelika, 201800541 18, $2. 3.08, risk losing owne hip ot your 845.oo; TOTA S16.513.15 6Q. p nts as defined in the lnte : W.871 .15: Late 52.5001441,210,000 undividad Week(s) (See Exhib "A ), AL 38804, 112 All Season-Floa $1.01: Jessie A Gauna and timeshare inteR th ugh the M ugh 1n3no18 D,ation for use in EACH Charges: S4o.oo; TOTAL: tenant-in-tommon fea simple during Assigned Year(s), (See Waa Floal Unrf, 90-202, 13 Lo ece Gauna. 601 Mah&n twstee fo losuR pmeduP diem: 86.85 day M& Re . yaa s) . $29,872.32 thDugh 11232018 hartional Owership lntarest in Ewhibit "A' . 10,000 Turkey ODD, 112n015, 20180124729, Ave, Pasadena, TX 77503. erfablished in Serfion 721.855, One (1) Vacat n Own h Contracl Number: 641391230 Der diem: $1 2.441day all Rsidential units numbe d Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 $2.71 9.20, $1 .34; momas 112 Floating, 8 1 . ul Florida StaMes. You may lnte rf ( vol having a - FRANCISLEY J GRIZOTTE the aWer). One T1) Vacation 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- (herein "Time Share (Proper ) Milian and Joanne Milian and ODD, 5/112010. 201 I18, choose to sign and send to 84. 01441,210, 0 und id and KARLA c ALMEIDA- Ownenhip lnte ["vol 346 and none other located in Address'.), Building ISee Exhibk Sheena Milian, 2133 Faircre5t $2,218.76, $1.09; Mehin B the undersigned bu ee an tenant-in-com Dn tee simpl6 BE8lANO, 310 CROSS RD, having a 166,0001920,709,500 Building entitled BUILDING 2, "A") (herein "fime ShaP Plan Avenue, Augurta, GA 30906, Jones and CaDly D Jon,objerfion torm, exercising your hactional Ownenhip lnte rf in NORTH DARTMOUTH. MA undivided tenant-in-common PHASE ll.'; BIENNIAUallocated IProperty) Add ss . As a and Tenille Milian, 4103 408 Williams St. bany, right to obje to we use ot the all Rsidential un s numbe d 02747-1 984; Principal Balance: fee simple hartion Ownership 105,000 Points as detined in resuW ot the alorementioned Fo man Way, Hephzibah, GA 31705, 1/2 noa ing, 8 t ee for losuR proceduR. 131-144, 146. 231-246, 331- $14,707.16; lnleRsl: $2,515.41 ; lnte rf in,Residenti Units the Declaration tor use in EVEN default. Westgate he by elerfs GA 30815, 112 Flo ing, 9 202, 47/0DD, 5 1n01 o, Upon the undenigned t ee's 346 and none other lotated in Late . Chages: 845.oo; located in Building entrfled year(s). lo sell he Proper pursuant 210, 2410DD, 11V201 1 . 201800541 18. $2.719.20, &eipt of your signed objertion Building antrfled BUILDING 2, TOTAL: $17.267.57 through wBUILDING 1"; ANNUAU Contract Number: 1061501276 to Saction 721.855, Florida 201 801 24729, $2,71 9.20, $1.34; Lsa D Swee ng. form. the toPclosuR of the PHASE ll": BIENNIAUallocated 1l23l2018 Derdiem: $7.25/day allocalad 166,000 Points as - SHAMECKA RUSSELL S atutes. Please be advised $1.34: Ferminia M Delmundo, sw 184th Ln. Clrtler Bay. FL lien whh to the detauW 168,000 Points as defined in the aWer). One (1) Vacation defined in the Detlaration for and SONYA c SMITH, 3508 that in the event that your 25 Sands Point Dr. Toms R er, 33157, t/2 Floating, 8 203, y spatified in this notice shall the Decla tion tor us6 in EVEN Ownenhip lnte rt (wVOl use in EACH y s). DECATUR ST. RICHMOND, VA obligation is not b ughl cur nt NJ 08755, 112 All Season-Float ODD, 5/1/2010. 201 118. be wbjert to the judicial yea s). having a 112.0 R20,709,500 Cont rt Nu 641642772 22N4-3442;PrincipalBalante: (including the pay nt of any WeeklFloat Unrf, 90-302, 8/ $2.719.20, $1.34; A foBbsu procedu on . Contrart Numb&: 281407767 und ided tenant-in-comn n - RAMONA ANN SANDOVAL $8.164.50; lnte : $942.54: tees incu by We gate in ODD, 1/v2013, 20180124729, Sanchez, 3680 Eve cl, M a You have e rightto cure your - JOSEPH N BENO and simplehat on Owenhip 1601 CLAREMONT AVE, Lale Chages: $35. : TOTAL: comn ncing this foRclosu 82, 19.2o, $1.34; RodoWo Lon . CA 91752, and May d&auWinthe mannersetforth JENNIFER WASON, 2 lnt in all ResidentialUnks PUEBLO. co 81 -320g; $9,142.04 th ugh 1123/2018 pDtess) whhin thir (30) Moran and KarinaMo&,2OO4 A Sanchez, 425 Ea DW inthisnotic8atanytimebefoR wlNnRuNE RD, GRANDE,ed in Building ent led Princip : S7.814.35: Derdiem:$3.8O/daythe a e . days hom tha fim dale of Tlmber Hill Road, Rithmond, Hwy Un 727. GlendoA CA the undenigned t ee's sale