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August 9, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 9, 2013

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PAGE 4A " HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 9, 2013 Iran visit game s apace By Ben Cohen The victory of Hassan Rouhani in June's Iranian presidential election has once again thrust the word "moderate" into the center of the agonized debate over western policy toward Tehran's nuclear program--a debate whose latest iteration centers on the implica- tions of Russian President Vladimir Putin's planned visit to Iran next month. But what "moderate" actually means in this context remains unclear. If the various western pundits and politi- cians who have embraced Rouhani are to be believed, this wise successor to the hyperbolic MahmoudAhmadinejad offers the best chance for a political deal over the nuclear program in years. Sure, Rouhani recently dismissed Israel as a "miserable regional country," but relative to Ahmadinejad's frequent expressions of Holocaust denial and threats to wipe the urgency on peace By Ron Kampeas enable us to cope with the turmoil occurring elsewhere," said Michael Oren, Israel's ambas- WASHINGTON (JTA)--After 20 years of sador to Washington. stops, starts and a bloody intifada in between, To get the latest round of talks started, JohnKerrybelieveshecanpulloutafinalstatus Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Israeli-Palestinianpeace deal in nine months. Abbas gave up his insistent demand that What clock is the U.S. secretary of state Israel reinstate a settlement freeze prior to trying to beat? negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin According to his aides, the one ticking down Netanyahu agreed to release 104 Palestinians as SyriaandEgypt roilinto unknowable futures imprisoned forviolent acts dating to before the and Palestinians fume at the prospect of never launch of the 1993 Oslo process. achieving sovereignty. Netanyahu could make such a move in "It's becoming more complicated on the part because he is secure in his government ground, and a feeling of pessimism is settling and has the backing of Israeliswho for years in among Israelis and Palestinians," saida State have told pollsters that they would accept the Department official, who spoke on condition terms of a final-status agreement negotiated of anonymity."It's getting harder, not easier." by their government, said Peter Medding, Last Tuesday, Kerry disclosed few details an emeritus professor of political science at about a process that has been arranged and Hebrew University. conducted largely behind a veil of secrecy. "He does not have anyone ready to jump Kerrysaidthe next round ofmeetingswould ship, not at this stage," Medding said. "There's be conducted in the region and that Israel , a clear warning sign for people to the right of had agreed to take steps to ease conditions him who feel he's betraying the settlers, but for the Palestinians in the We~t Bank and who feel if they jump out, he has the Labor the Gaza Strip. party supporting him from the opposition. The Gaza reference was new. Since the "Those who are unhappy with what he is Hamas takeover of the strip in 2007, Israeli doing don't have much of an option." confidence-building measures have fochsed Netanyahumaybefollowinginthefootsteps only on areas controlled by the Palestinian of other Likud party leaders such as Ariel Authority. Sharon, Menachem Begin and Ehud Olmert, 'The parties have agreed to remain engaged hardliners who ultimatelyabandoned the idea insustained, continuousandsubstantive nego- of keeping all the lands Israel captured in the tiations on the core issues, and they wi]l meet , 1967 Six-Day War. within the next two weeks in either Israel or "The question is, what is the alternative," the Palestinian territories in order to begin the Medding said. "There is a part of Bibi that process of formalnegotiation," Kerry said in an understands however terrible it is that a two- appearance at the State Department flanked by state solution is the only way to go as far as the top negotiator from each side, Tzipi Livni' Israel is concerned. This may be the best way for Israel and Saeb Erekat for the Palestinians. for Israel to proceed in an Arab world which is The breadth of Kerry's ambition is breath: having its own significant problems." taking given the failure of multiple U.S. ad- Kerry has been relentless in pushing the ministrations over two decades to brine the sides to the table, making six trips to the region conflict to a close and end the deep skepticism in recent months and shuttling continuously" that exists on both sides. In recent weeks, top between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman. Israeli officials have declared the two-state "This is the man, Secretary Kerry, who solution dead and talked of managing rather showed everyone that nothing can stop true than resolving the conflict, believers," Livni said last Tuesday. "And thank Kerry did not specify which issues are you for that." considered"core." They would have to include Two factors were central to the strategy not only the borders of a Palestinian state but pursued by Kerry and President Obama, who also the status of Jerusalem and the fate of met Tuesday morning with the negotiators: Palestinian refugees--issues that scuttled the reassure the Israelis that theywould not be sold 2000 Camp David talks, out and keep as much as possible underwraps. Since the 2000 talks, the Conventional Obama's March visit to Israel, in which he wisdom has been to first address borders and emphasized the closeness of the defense rela- only then proceed to the more intractable tionship between the United States and Israel, parts of the conflict, as well as historic Jewish ties to the land, did But the clock is ticking loud enough that it much to advance the first element. And Kerry appears to have roused Israeli and Palestinian vowed to maintain the radio silence that got leaderswhohadnotgivenaninchsinceOctober him this far, emphasizing that only he was 2010, when the last round of talks stopped, authorized to speak publicly about the talks, "Our ability to impact the internal situation per agreement with the parties. in Egypt or in Syria is very limited, but we can "That means that no one should consider any potentially impact our relationship with the reports, articles or other--or even rumors-- Palestiniansinawaythatwillincreasestability reliable unless they come directly from me, in at least part of our region andperhaps better and ] guarantee you they won't." THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. ~ ~ CENTRAL FLORIDA'S ISSN 0199-0721 Winner of 43 Press Awards IEWISH NEWS HERITAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721) is published weekly for $37.95 per year to Florida ad- dresses ($46.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Central Florida Jewish News, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL 32730. Periodicals postage paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. INDEPENDENT JEWISHVOICE ~ ~ Editor/PubHsher Je~ey Gaeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Assistant Editor Gene Stam Kim Fischer Chris DeSouza MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 . Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Society Editor Bookkeeping Gloria Yousha Paulette Alfonso Account Executives Barbara do Carmo * Marci Gaeser Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley * Ira Sharkansky David Bornstein * Ed Ziegler Production Department David Lehman Joan Lauer Elaine Schooping Gil Dombrosky Jewish state off the map, that sounds rather, entrenchedbeliefofRouhaniandhisfellowmul- well, moderate. As Seyed Hossein Mousavian, lahsthatanegotiatedsolutiontothenukescrisis a former Iranian official now engaged as a is not in the interest of the regime. In strategic Princeton University research scholar, recently terms, Iranlooksmuchstronger now thanit did wrote, Iranian diplomacy under Rouhani can one year ago. Its policy of actively backing its beexpectedtoadopta"professionalize[d] tone," monstrous regionalally, the regime of Bashar whichtheU.S.shouldrespondtowitha"series al-Assad in Syria, is now paying dividends, of practical positive gestures." insofar a.s the brutal civil war there is turning Rouhani is smart enough to realize that inAssad's favor.Additionally, the crisis that has winning the confidence of the outside world enveloped ruling Sunni Islamists in countries simply by sounding like more of a statesman like Egypt and Turkey has not been replicated than Ahmadinejad is a darn good deal. And in~Iran, where mass, sustained anti-regime that is where the danger lies. protests have been largely absent since 2010. For while Rouhani is certainly amenable to Most importantly, talks with the U.S. are not talking, he is far less reliable when it comes the only option available to Tehran. to the outcome--a final, transparent solu- The last time Iran that took part in talks tion to Iran's nuclear ambitions--desired by about its nuclear program, in Kazakhstan back the U.S. and its partners. As with the stalled in February, did not, unsurprisingly, yield any Israeli-Palestiniannegotiations,westernpolicy concreteresults. During those negotiations, toward Iran now places more emphasis on Iranreceivedaproposalthatwouldessentially process--the simple act of sitting around a involve a suspension of its uranium enrich- table--than it does.upon the actual results ment activities and greater openness toward of such parleys. What that approach ignores, frankly, is the Cohen on page 18A Islam brainwashing students? By Ed Ziegler We know that our children are our future." Therefore our future is hat we teach our children. An effective way to brainwash chil- dren is by using Cextbooks that contain false and distorted information, In such mislead- ing textbooks Christianity and Judaism are denigrated, favoring Islam, The Council on Islamic Education (CIE) was established to enhance Islam's image over other religions. To accomplish this Muslim activists such as Susan Douglass and Shabbir Mansuri (founder of CIE) got themselves on advisory boards oftextbookpublishers. Thanks to CIE's efforts, grade-school text units on Islam have flourished while glossing over the violent aspects of Islam. Textbook claims presented in this article are a few of the numerous false and biased quotes favoring Islam that appear in two reports prepared by "ACT for America" (ACT) (www. and "Citizens for National Security" (CFNS) ( As many as 80 such school textbooks are being used across the U.S. Please obta'm a free copy of each report from these websites, to learn how blatantly our student are being brainwashed. Florida's Brevard County School Board is reviewing the history book, "World History., The book has one 32-page chapter on Islam and none on Christianity or Judaism. The Palm Beach County (Florida) school district is having the same textbook corrected by the publisher. The actual quotations and other wording from the textbooks include the following: Textbook Claim: "Caught in the middle of this turmoil were Palestinian Arabs... Many of these people had roots in Palestine that went back for centuries. They either fled their homes or were forced into UN-Cponsored refugee camps just outside Israel's borders. The_land designated for Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza Strip is under Israel control." This falsely implies that it was Israel rather than the Arab countries that forced the Pales- tinian refugees into the squalid camps. Textbook Claim: "Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was born in Palestine while it was under Roman rule." The Gospels say Jesus was born in 'Beth- lehem of Judea." This quote falsely implies Palestine existed then. Textbook Claim: "...while Islam sometimes followed the path of Arab warriors, they rarely imposed their religion by force on the loca! population. In some instances, as with the Mongols, the conquerors made no effort to convert others to their own religions. By contrast, Christian monks, motivated by mis- sionary fervor, converted many of the peoples of central and Eastern Europe." While the Arab conquerors didn't always use force to impose their religion, they did treat those that didn't convert to Islam as second-level subjects. Then the text attempts to enhance Islamic tolerance by demeaning that of Christianity. Textbook Claim: "While the United Nations granted the Palestinians their owzl homeland, the Israelis seized much Of that land, includ- ing the West Bank and Gaza Strip, during its various wars." The writer implies that Israel wasan ag- gressor by omitting that the United Nations established the state of Israel. Textbook Claim: "Arab-Israeli Conflict. 1948, The State of Israel is created; war with Arabs follows immediately. 1967, Israel takes control of Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza Strip at the end of the Six-Day War." The passage characterizes Israel as the ag- gressor in 1967 and by implication in 1948 as well. In fact in 1948 and1967 the Arab nations attacked Israel. Textbook Question? "What land did Israel gain from the wars against its Arab neighbors?" The way the writer poses the question he subtly implies that Israel started the wars rather than the Islamic countries. Textbook Claim: "Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share common traits. Judaism is a story of exile. Christians believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah. The Qur'an is the collection of God s revelations to Muhammad. Throughout the textbooks lslamic beliefs are stated as fact, while Jewish and Christian beliefs are characterized as something less verifiable thereby demeaning them and elevating Islam. Textbook Claim: "Jihad includes a person's inner struggle to achieVe spiritual peace as well as any battle in defense of Islam." This statement seeks to minimize the vio- lent nature of Jihad. In recent times, many Muslim groups, small and large, have declared violent Jihad against Israel America, Great Britain, Jews, Christian and fellow Muslims~ As described by lslamic fundamentalists in the Islamic Hadiths and Sunnah, Jihad has only one meaning--holy war. Much of Islamist terrorism is waged against innocent civilians, not just enemy combatants. Textbook Claim: Islam also teaches that all people are equal. 'Know that every Muslim is a brother to every other Muslim, and thatyou are now one brotherhood,'declared Muhammad." Inno way are Christians and Jews treated as one brotherhood with Muslims. They are infidels to convert, or be subject to intimida- tionandviolence. Textbook Claim: "The religion [Islam] has close ties to the prophets and teachers of Juda- ism and Christianity." This phrase is misleading because it at- tempts to make Islam more acceptable. In fact, Islam does not have close ties to the prophets and teachers of Judaism and Chris- tianity. A few major differences between the prophets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: There were 20 Jewish prophets described in the Old Testament. All were men of God and none were believed to ha~e used the sword. On the other hand, Muhammad was a violent Caravan robber who exploited slave girls, and "committed a massacre of the Jews in Medina. The Qur'an does prescribe an armed struggle against unbelievers until all are converted. We must step up and fight this insidious brainwashing. Whether you have a child in school, or not, get involved. Contactyour local school board. Help is available from the above two organizations ACT and CFNS.