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August 8, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 8, 2003

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! FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 8, 2003 PAGE 1,7 try. as a luxury, but "they are in- munityto do the same. a smile" to get the conversa- doing is right, and that God Shader went to learn more structed to call and let their Shader and Ludin then tion started, wants her to continue doing from page 3 about Israeland tostart"help- parents know they're okay." spent the next two weeks at a Ludin .was moved by hiswhat she's doing." Then she ing out" in a world that is "so Anti-Semitism was a topic BBYO/SPARK camp in Balti- work in a community center looks at the poverty around meetings and anti-Jewish." of discussion at camp. While more, Md. for underprivileged children, her, andworriesthatsheneeds activities. And one Ludin went to "lead by ex- both boys agree that anti- The 34 campers and coun- and by the stories of Sister to do more. ample." Ludin's best friends Semitism is not much of a selors stayed in the dorms at Charmaine. In 23 years in one The young people in the underestimated, is locally are BBYO kids, so he problem for them personally, Goucher College, and per- of Baltimore's poorest corn- BBYO program were the first rnowknowsasenior figured that he would meet both were moved by the expe- formed community service at munities she has built a food Jews the children at St. Brantley high more "amazing" kids from riences oftwoyoungpeople at three diverse locations. They kitchen, playground, nursery Ambrose had ever met. Ludin other Jewish girlaround the country and at camp -- a boy from Washing- spent three days planting to- school, summer academicexplained that he felt that the BBYO camp. He was not dis- ton State whose synagogue matoes and building fences at camp, 20 houses for homeless children would judge all Jews and Daniel appointed, had been bombed, and a girl Garden Harvest, a 1000-acre families. The sister and the St. by their experiences with the SPent the summer Twoweeksofdiscussionandfrom Oklahoma who facedorganic farm that donates all Ambrose Community Center members of BBYO. One little p- debatelefttheyoungmenfeel- name calling and threats to its produce to the homeless that she built hold such a re- girl wanted to feel the hair of Both young men ing more connected to Israel. her personal safety at her pri- and hungry, spected, place in the commu- every member of the youth Of B'nai The life stories told by the Is- vate school. At the Jewish communitynity that, although it is sur- group, andthenexplainedthat Organization, raeli counselors were very Ludin has already acted on home for the elderly, they rounded by urban blight, va- "all Jews' hair felt like Abby's" of the Selznick compelling. "Everyone was in the Israel camp experience by worked in the kitchen, served cant houses and graffiti, the (one of the young women in and entering thearmy;everyonehadfriends writing a letter to his con- mealstothe residents, played community center property is the BBYOgroup.) !at Winter Park High killed by terrorists. They have gressman urging his support bingo and conducted Shabbat pristine. Notallofthetimewaswork, lots of difficult decisions to for U.S. financial aid for Israel. Services.Shader'sviewof"old Ludin was inspired by the Shaderand Ludin got to play joint BBYO/AIPAC make every day," explains He has undertaken an e-mail people" was changed for the sister's story that she watches basketball with the counselors camp in Pennsyl- Shader. campaign encouraging his better. "They had lots ofsto- the sunrise and sunset every at St. Ambrose, and came by24young "Every kid in Israel has a own parents and other adults ties and were happy to talk to day, and believes that "God is home with bragging rights - around the coun- cell phone," he continued, not and young people in the corn- you, all you really needed was telling her that what she is Orlando beat Baltimore. from page 5 nomination also oppose him. ing them to set the tone for Led by Sen. Edward Kennedy this debate. for terror have (D-Mass.), they have accused Anotherfactorhastodowith andnaiito him of having "one-sided" Pipes himself. He's no politi- views about the Middle East clan, and has a paper trail of on American because he opposes American columns that can be dissected (Cair)and appeasement of Palestinian and used against him. He's no Anti-Dis- terror. They also cite with dis- foe of Islam, but he honestly Committee have approval his Campus Watch discusses its history and the Web site, which provides vital extremists in this country who about Islamicinformation about anti-lsrael speak in its name. That makes the connections activity in academia, him politically incorrect. In response, the administra- Pipes is also an opponent of and the ter- tionhasbackedaway from Pipes the latest version of the Middle and done nothing to work for East peace process that Bush his approval. Republicans on has championed. In the Feb- dismissed, the committee were unpre- ruary 2003 issue of Commen- restofhis pared to defend him when it tary magazine, Pipes rightly met last week to consider his contended that Israel didn't has trac-nomination. A vote was post- need "a plan" for peace so at the poned due to a lack of a quo- much as it needed amilitary LheDal- rum, effectively tabling the victory over the terrorists. have fool- nominationforthetimebeing. Indeed, Pipes even publicly the libelous as- What brought this about? opposed President Bush's June For one thing, the adminis- 24, 2002, policy speech on the approve of tour- tration is still unwilling to di- Middle East that was much md rectly engage the Islamist praised by supporters of Is- war on ter- lobby in this country.Afraid of rael, including this writer. In being tagged as anti-Muslim it, Bush attached conditions on the U.S. or of feeding a mythical anti- to the creation ofa Palestinian Education, Arab backlash, Bush and his state (Arafat's ouster and re- Commit- people are kowtowing to the nunciation of terror). But must approve his extremists at Cair, and allow- Pipes foresaw the road map Map from page 5 Peres government that enabled him to exchange his terrorist what there is in garb for that of ahead of state. It was that same government compels that supplied him with weap- the se- onsforhisso-calledpoliceforce land as soon as - weapons that were quickly It was one turned against us. Was it only it was Peres or yesterdaythatArafatandRabin us, but embraced, sharing the Nobel the Lion him- Peace Prize. How long did that be- peace initiative last? Where did would cave in it lead us? How can we be so Yehuda and foolishastoonceagainfallinto the same trap and open the Republican door forAbu Mazen by endors- Leader, ex- ingas vereignstatef rterr r" when he said, ists in our midst. me Has anyone stopped to con- de- sider who this Abu Mazen is? time had come Does anyone care to remem- [with ber that he was Arafat's right hand man? - That he financed to mind King many terrorist operations, in- 'arable of the two cludingtheMunichMassacre? be ThissameAbuMazen has been quoted as saying that the Holy Temple and the Holocaust are the truth. Themyths. And just recently, he refused to allow proclaimed that he has no in two was plans to disarm Hamas or Is- lamic Jihad, for if the cease all echo To~n fireisworking, heasked,"Why :k, How can should I fight my brothers?" Yisrael to As for the cease fire? That's another joke. Haven't we yet ~at learned that the Arabs are al- should ways willing to accept a cease fire when it is to their advan- tage to do so? They make no influence, bones about their agenda I out thewel- which is "salami tactics" - call for a cease fire, collect some ~was the Rabin- slices of land, and whenyou've extracted all you can, attack again and keep up the pattern until the entire salami be- comes yours. Even as I write these lines, Israel intelligence reports that Hamas is taking good advan- tage of the three month cease fire. Israeli patrols have come to a halt, so it's a perfect time to produce rockets by the hun- dreds. What then is the solution? Whatshould Israel and Sharon do? The answer is simple, and precisely because it is so simple, it continues to elude us. It is written in the Book of Psalms: "If only My people would heed Me, if Israel would walk in My ways, in an instant, I would subdue their foes and against their tormentors turn My hand" (Psalm 81). That could be our Road Map, if only we had faith and feared G-d as much as we fear man. Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis is the founder and president of Hineni, an international Jew- ish outreach organization es- tablished in 1973. She is the authorof"TheCommittedLife" and thejust released "The Com- mitted Marriage" (HarperCollins, May 03), now in its sixth print ind. Her weekly cable television program reaches 51 )2 million viewers from coast to coast. The Rebbetzin a renowned speaker who has lectured on every con- tinent, resides in New York. plan that has rewarded terror- U.S. policy than the board of stood the Islamic threat be- ism as coming out of the directors,of the Institute for fore 9/11, still has no place in speech. Peace." Washington even at an insig- Even worse is the reported It may be that the White nificant post such as the U.S. formation of a new State De- House now regrets ever get- Institute for Peace. If that is partment advisory group on ting involved with Pipes. But so, then it appears our leaders American relations with the by abandoning him to the are still unready to learn the Muslim and Arab worlds. It is mercies of partisans and Is- lessons of one of the darkest being filled with some of the lamic extremists who would days in our history. same discredited scholars and like nothing better than to Jonathan&Tobinisexecu- diplomats who led us to the collectthescalpoftheirmost tiveeditoroftheJewishExpo- pre-9/11 complacency about potentfoe, theadministration nent in Philadelphia. He can Islamism that Daniel Pipes has shown just how muddied be contacted via e-mail at deplored. As Caroline Glick its thinking is. wrote in the Jerusalem Post It's not too late to save his ReadtheJewishExponenton- last week, "this new panel is nomination, but perhaps a line at www.jewish infinitely more influential on man like Pipes, who under- Part-Time Heritage Florida Jewish News has an opening for someone to help bundle e' newspapers on a once-a-month basis, must be able to lift 30 lbs. 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