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August 6, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 6, 2004

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AUGUST 6, 2004 PAGE q rWaskow definedbytheKnesset'slawof One member of RHR ians, there are always some annexationafterthe1967war, handed us visitors a set of whoknowandwhoremember: JUSt (7/27/04) re- But no one in the municipal photographs ofAhmed's home Weareallhumanbeings.Ibeg three weeks in governmenthadevercreateda as it had looked, inside and you:Whenyougotoyourm4n I could taste zoning plan for this Palestin- out, before it was destroyed, homes, remember." -studyataleading ianneighborhood.Sowithout The set of photos was being Was this the most terrible that an urban plan to say where passed around the circle, event that has happened dur- sounds of chil-homes can be built, they can As I listened to the Mayor ing these years in the Land Hebrew with be built nowhere, and toArik, I lost trackofthe between the Jordan and the sense of caution Butpeopleneedhomes, andphotos, and when I glanced Sea? No, of course not. Some ,houses theirchildrenneedhomes.So up again, I saw them in the littleboyshaveseentheirpar- bombed, familiesselljewelrycherished hands of the little boy in the ents, not their homes, blown for for many generations, they red shirt. He was looking in- to shreds by a bomb. Some )tovisit save money from the sale of tentlythroughthem, and then have themselves been blown neighbor- olive oil - whatever it takes he gave them toanother little to shreds. Some of these have the Separation to invest in building homes, boy and talked with him as been Israeli Jewish children, ng built in such a Even without a permit, they looked together at the some Palestinian children. divides children That is what Ahmed had photos. Some have been the victims schools, families done. But he had no permit, I thought I knew what was of deliberate attack; some, sick andtheIsraeliauthoritieshad happening, but to make sure the "collateral damage" of their comeandbulidozedhishome. IaskedafriendtoaskAhmed: an attack aimed at someone When Rabbi ArikAscherman "Who is the little boy in the else. Buttheirspatteredblood had responded to his cry of red shirt?" and shredded flesh upon the homes are beingdespair by stepping in front of He answered, "My son. streets could not distinguish. lonadministrative the bulldozer, Arik had been Yusuf, my son." Itknewonlythatweareindeed grounds, arrested and charged with Yes. The little boy in the red all flesh andblood. of those visits, I interfering with thepolice, shirt-YusufibnAhmed--was And there are homeless boy - about (His trial will convene on showing his friend the photos Israeli Jewish children now, in a bright redSeptember 21, shortly before of his family's house, because too. Not because a bulldozer playing with the fast of Yore Kippur when the house itself no longer ex- hasshatteredtheirhomes, but in the back- we will read Isaiah's call, isted to show him. because new governmental neighborhood speaking for God: "WhenI felt my heart break once budgets, in order to pay for in Arabic you see the homeless, bring again, as it has several times such bulldozers, tanks, roads, Rabbi Arik them to your house; thena- onthisjourneyandonothers settlements,walls, havecutto n ofRHRtranslated ked, clothethem;thehungry, I have made to Israel and to shreds the safety net that as- feed them: THAT is the fast Palestine. sured the poor a home. standing in thethat I, God, desire.") I explained to the group Thelittleboyintheredshirt of a home that So Arik will stand trial, what I had been watching, hasmanysistersandbrothers The court has already ruled I began to cry. The Mayor whom he has not met. irrelevanthispleaofjustifica- turned to Arik and said, Only last week, Jews were tionbyreasonofnonviolently "These tears remind us: We rememberingthatthousands apermit. The neigh, defendingjustice.ButAhmed are all flesh and blood, all ofyearsago the bulldozers of inside the City has no home, and no money human beings. Among us, as it had been left to rebuild one. among Jews and Palestin- See "Waskow" on page 15 S. Tobin bythedecisionoftheDemocrats Evenmoreominousarethe are considered more chic to specifically support Israel's signs that anti-Israel senti- than environmentalism and Platforms put for- right to hold on to parts of mentisfindingahomeonthe even though the Greens are four years by our the West Bank in any possible margins ofAmerican politics. Luddites with no chance of )artiesmatter? peace settlement. By echoing The Green Party, the far-left winning a national election, the answer would President Bush's stand on this environmentalist party that, their support has steadily no. question, the. Democrats are under the leadership of may- grown over the years. Unlike are docu- doing more than ratcheting up erick candidate Ralph Nader, other extremists, the Greens bind neither the bidding in the struggle for had an enormous impact on can count on both the media and Jewishvotes.Callitpanderingif the 2000 race, recently issued and their base in academia to you like, but theyare alsosend- its own platform. But, in ad- soften any criticism of their ingasignalthatthosewhohope dition to pushing for cleaner stands. pursue. The fact todetachtheUnitedStatesfrom airandwater, the Greens have The fact that they have Repub- Israel in the coming years are also a foreign policy agenda lined up behind the Jew- bound to lose. these days: the eradication haters points to the growing calling for In this light, friends of of Israel. legitimacy accorded such Embassy toIsrael should hope the Re- Though media coverage of despicable ideas on not only publicans, who are bent on the recent Green convention the far left but in academia as substantially increasing the in Milwaukee concentrated well. That they did so without sadvice, smallshare of the Jewishvote on the party's refusal to so much as a peep of protest that theywon four years ago, back Nader this time, as the from the mainstream press be. will see the Democrats and Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle also speaks volumes about raise them by explicitly en- reported earlier this month, the way such views are in- any promise dorsing Israel's right to build the Greens also passed a plat- creasingly accepted. Summer of a asecurityfence--apointthat form endorsing, amongother All this shows that anyone year, the Democrats chose to omit things, theso-calledPalestin- who scoffs at the Democrats mean that sup-from their plank, ian "right of return," an end or Republicans lining up for sitout While some will dismissto U.S. support for the Jewish Israel should think again. At this competition as mere state, and the replacement of a time when it is more vital |Ough we can't electioneering, let's remem- theStateofIsraeiwithabina- thaneverthatAmericanJews anything the bet thatsuch pro-Israelstate- tional Jewish/Arab state, speakup for Israel, the Greens or the GOP ments are not being made in It would be easy to laugh have shown that the radical their platforms a vacuum. Hatred for Israel this off as the ravings of a anti-Zionism so fashionable the value generatedbyanti-Semitismis bunch of tree-buggers, but in Europe today has won a involved is on the rise around the world, that would be to miss the toehold on our own shores. are a phenomenon illustrated by point. Jonathan& Tobinisexecu- tradition of the preposterous rulingofthe Although they are a tiny tive editor of the Jewish Expo- Israel, InternationalCourtofJustice minority, the Greens are nent in Philadelphia. He can put in the Hague that Israel must given respectful treatment be reachedvia e-mailatjtobi tear down its West Bank se- in the national press that n@jewishexp nent'c m'Read areencouraged curitybarrier, is not accorded to other theJewishExponenton-lineat fringe groups. Few causes Rabbinical Thoughts To love God with all your soul By Rabbi R.J. Adler Israel has been described lately as Yad Vashem and an This quotation from Deu- air force. I like that. Hitler did teronomy 6,4 is interpreted not know that some Jewswill by most rabbis to mean that always remain and prosper we must be willing to offer again. The Islamic evildoers our life for the sanctification should also recall that one of God. This is based on the day their oil money will dry Talmudic episode about Rabbi up, but Jewish brainswill con- Akiba'sremarktohisstudents tinue to be there all over the when he was confronted by the world. Moreover, their money Romans to forfeit his life for is in the ground, our money teaching Torah, which had is in the bank in America. On been outlawed at that time. whom would you bet? Whenhisstudentsweptatthis We just observed Shabbat harsh decree, he was happy Nachamu, named after the and explained that"all my life Haftorah from Isaiah, "Cora- l have been waiting to fulfill fort you, comfort you, my this commandment but was people, sayeth the Lord; He unable to do so until now; comes with all His strength, should I not be joyous?" his reward is with him and Too many of our Jewish his good deeds before Him. people have been asked to The everlasting God is ore- make this supreme sacrifice nipotent, His understanding thmughoutourhistoryandes- is unsearchable. They who pecially during the Holocaust; trust in Him shall find in they are all martyrs. Lately, a Him an inexhaustible source new type of onslaught is being of life and energy. Zion shall be perpetrated against our people redeemed by justice, and those by terrorists all over the world, whowill return to her by righ- In a recent book, IAm Jewish, teousness. And it shall come edited by the parents ofjour- to pass that the mountain of nalistDanielPearlandinspired the Lord will be established by his last words before he was as the highest hiU and all the murdered, he proudly fulfilled nations will stream to it, and the commandment of the many peoples will come and Shema as taught and modeled say, come, let us go up to the by our sage, RabbiAkiba, long mount of the Lord, to the ago. There are many evildoers house of the God of Jacob; and terrorists in this world, that he may instruct us in his but there are more martyrs ways, andthatwemaywalkin willing to die for their faith his paths. For from Zion goes and the teachings of Torah forthinstructionandtheword and Judaism. of the Lord from Jerusalem. Many of our Jewish people And they shall beat their feel that after the Holocaust, swords into plowshares and reducing our people world- their spears into pruning wide by better than one half, hooks. Nation shall not lift wehavepaidenoughandmar- up sword against nation, nor tyrdom for us should take a shalltheylearnwaranymore. rest. It is time to fight back. Will you wait with me?" again form agovernment,a guarantee of paralysis. NoproblemforShas, however, barrier? Boy, the day that they said power. To react, page 4 How is that 56 years after And that to make it work, It saysifit gets more dough for came down, the fax machines reminds me of the fact that ews; itsfounding, weyetagainonly they are yet again appealing itsyeshivot, tt'll be for pulling were full ofpress releases from dogs can smell fear. lsraelisa Ut to be a very, have these two old has-beens to the religious parties. The out from Gaza. In Israel, it's everyJewishorganizationun- sovereignandstrongcountry. Pathetic. to lead us? Pathetic. religious parties that will sell hard to know the difference der the sun, screaming and When you are that, you don't igs And pathetic, too, that in their souls for money. Case betweenpoliticsandprostitu- gevalting, havetokeeptellingpeopleyou them and theirdesireforniceofficesand in point: the Shas party very tion. Pathetic. Why do we react so? Whyare that. You just have to act Is that, oncelimo drivers, they abandon strongly opposes pulling out And what's all the crying do we care so? So the Inter- like that. negotiations any pretense of democracy from Gaza. But Labor's Peres aboutthelnternationalCourt national Court of Justice said The bottom line: We've and work to cobble together wantstojoin the government of Justice's ruling that Israel so. So? So let 'era say. neverhaditsogood.Andnever ,toonce a national unity government, precisely to speed the pullout, must take down its security To react, only gives what screwedthings upsobad,