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August 1, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 1, 1980

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Page 4. HERITAGE. Florida Jewish News. August 1. 1980 I EditOrr:,tSor Desk By Ge e , &amp; Publisher I The phones kept ringing and ringing and ringing ... We leave town for a week and what happens? Our three phone lines keep ringing off the hook. And there's no one here to answer them. Even our unlisted number got ring-happy. Early in the week there was this call from a motel in Plains, Georgia. At first we thought it might be about our room reservations (we were traveling close by), but it tumed out to be a former beer promoter wanting to know how the Jewish lobby keeps from registering with the Federal government. Since we were out of town, we couldn't help him. From Detroit on Wednesday evening there was a puzzling call from someone we thought was Joe Louis. That was the place, not the person, and it turned out to be from the GOP convention. Someone there wanted to know who would make the best vice-presidential candidate with Ronald Reagan -- Ford or Bush? If we were here to take the call, we'd have said it really doesn't matter as long as they know how to cut the ribbon opening a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. We did learn later, though, that Reagan recalled the former president's occasional clumsiness and opted for Bush. Another phone call we couldn't answer was from Paul Jeser, who was vacationing with his family somewhere in New England. He was really trying to reach Congressman Richard Kelly to see if he could "buy" some airline tickets to Brazn. But it wasn't too clear who the tickets were for -- Kelly or Jeser. Our unlisted phone had a call from the White House. At first we thought it was from the President since we had just received a photograph taken with Mr. Carter during our visit there last month. It turned out instead to be from Zbignew Brzezinski wanting to know if we had any positions opening up on our staff sometime in January. Even Maor Carl Langford rang us up while we were gone. He was fuming again over the actions of Orange County Commissioners and threatened to'start a campaign as a write-in candidate .... for the commission, not mayor. From overseas there were a number of phone calls. King Hussein wanted to know if he qualified for a Mickey Mouse Award for the way he was avoiding the Camp David peace talks. He admitted that none of the Arab "moderates" really want the PLO involved in a Palestinian state. That's where the Mickey Mouse Award came in. "We're all acting like cats and mice," he said, "but how would it look to be associated with Katz." And from Riyadh there was a call inquiring how many gallons of oil they should pump in order to buy the entire state of Florida. When they heard we were motoring up north, they said, "That should just about cover it" and hung up. We even had a call from Yasir Ararat. He asked us for a couple of tickets to Sea World's new Shark Encounter so he could see first-hand this new his image as the world's greatest monster. Over the weekend there was a call from Jerusalem. My cousin lives nearby but this was COMMENTARY ,  by Wolf Blitzer U.S. Embassy, Consulate Feud WASHINGTON -- Follow- ing reports of friction between the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv and the consulate in Jerusalem, the State Department has instructed both missions to cooperate more "harmoniously" with each other in the future.+ While continuing to report directly and independently to the State Department, the Jerusalem consulate has been asked t) send copies of all cables dealing with "'political" and "policy" matters "'concurrently" to Washington and the embassy in Tel Aviv, which then will have an opportunity to comment "properly" on them. The effort to ease the traditional rivalry between the embassy and the consulate was outlined in a five-point letter 'in early duly from Assistant Secretary of State Harold Saunders to Rep. Lester Wolff (D. N.Y.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. It followed a report on June 25 by syndicated columnist Jack Anderson which described an angry debate between Ambassador Samuel Lewis and a U.S. consular official in Jerusalem. Thomas Wukitsch, before a visiting congressional delegation, which included Wolff. Well-placed sources here in Washington have confirmed that Lewis, since arriving in Israel three years ago, has been fighting an "uphill" battle against the laditionally more pro-Arab views of the Jerusalem consulate. Because the United States has never recognized Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, it has maintained its embassy in Tel Aviv and a separate consulate in Jerusalem. Historically, both missions have operated independently. The U.S. Ambassador in israel has no "official" standing in Jerusalem, other than to deal with the israeli government. At Washington's instructions, he can't even stamp a U.S. visa in Jerusalem. This diplomatic division of responsibility, initiated in 1948 in order to avoid any recognition of israeli sovereignty in Jerusalerg, has progressed to the point where the U.S. Consul-General in Jerusalem, rather than the American Ambassador, signs all cables to Washington originating in Jerusalem -- even those concerning visits to the Israeli capital by high- ranking U.S. officials. But what's ridiculous about this practice is that the Ambassador, and not the Consul-General, usually participates in those meetings with Israeli leaders. In practice, Washington has recognized Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem, but not over those portions of the city captured by Israel during the 1967 war. And this is the exact sticking point worrying the United States if Prime Minister Menachem Begin goes ahead with his threatened transfer of his offices to East Jerusalem. U.S. officials probably will refuse to J+nt with Begin in East Jerusalem since that would indicate de facto U.S. recognition of Israel sovereignty. That was the reason cited two years ago by American officials in refusing to permit former Attorney- General Griffen Bell to meet with his Israeli counterpart, Justice Minister Shmuel Tamir, whose office is in East Jerusalem. Writing in The Washington PosL columnist Anderson quoted what he said were confidential State Department cables as hinting "at a shocking disarray in views" between embassy and consular officials. The cables, he said, "disclose a series of embarrassing incidents that befell a visiting congressional delegation in Jerusalem." Anderson said: "At an evening soiree, the seemingly drunken wife of a consular official accosted a California congressman and his wife and told the legislator in slurred tones that she had 'heard all about you,' adding: 'You're a B.S. artist.' The Congressman was amused at the. remark; others at the party were aghast." Previously, Anderson continued, the visiting congressmen .were invited to the home of Consul-General Brandon Grove for a briefing, Political officer Wukitsch reportedly shocked the largely Jewish delegation by pulling a large set of Arab "worry beads" from his pocket and launching into what one rongressman called an "intensive, pro-Palestinian" lecture. "When Wukitsch suggested that Israeli settlements on the West-Bank were illegal and U,S. policy dictated that they should be dismantled, U.S. Ambassador Samuel Lewis decided he had enough," Anderson said. "He corrected his subordinate's statement." Then, as the astonished congressman looked on, Wukitsch stubbornly insisted that his view was the right one. Barely supressing his anger, the Ambassador retorted, "That's not true." A week before the session in Jerusalem, President Jimmy Carter had reiterated that the United States opposes the Israeli settlements on the West Bank but has 'never" supported the concept that the existing settlements should be dismantled. This suggested that Lewis was right in his debate with Wukitsch. For years, Israeli officials have complained about the "Arabist" slant of U.S. officials in the consulate, whose main responsibility is dealing with the Arabs in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. (The embassy in Tel Aviv deals with the Arabs in Gaza,) This supposedly pro-Arab tilt jn Jerusalem was the major reason why President Carter named Grove. a veteran diplomat but newcomer to the Middle East, to the key Consul- General assignment. ,Senior U.S. officials hoped that Grove would be more sensitive to Israeli concerns than his predecessors. "He has no prejudices," one of them said. When Congressman Wolff returned to Washington from that visit, he threatened to introduce legislation prohibit- ing U.S. binding for any overseas consulate which did not report to Washington directly through the U.S. embassy in that countw. Saunders, disturbed by the proposed legislation, met with Wolff on July 2 and maintained that the idea was impractical. Wolff agreed to from John Anderson wanting us to send hir map of the area. Also, +it seems he wanted Prime Minister Begin who was recovering recent heart ailment and wanted Jim and Shipley to arrange it. John called again Cairo to thank us (even though we weren't take the call). He must have done pretty because we see he opened a campaign Orlando this week. Other people who called but couldn't get through because we were away ... Three who complained about the paper late ... And 4,382 telling us it was the best issu had ever put out ... The chief engineer of Madison Square telephoned us for construction plans of an "Florida room," which puzzled us until we hearing about a possible open convention coming up ... Zev Bufman,.to tell us about his plans revitalizing Yiddish theater with a opening scheduled for this fall in Dama An orthodox rabbi from De Funiak Florida (that's in the panhandle), who is free tickets to his High Holiday services. also providing free transportation from but the men and women must ride in se greyhounds ... From my sister whom we were visiting requesting that we were urgently needed Florida ... And then a call from the phone compal reminding us that we were behind in our bill and that our phone service would be disconnec ... drop the legislation after meet twice a receiving a letter from 3. Th Saunders outlining future its cables steps to improve the relationship between the two Washington and missions. 4. David In a formal statement on Director of July 22, the State Department Israeli Affairs at said the embassy will continue Department in to be in overall charge of to continue to handling diplomatic contact oversee both the with the Israeli government, and the consulate, In rejecting the proposed 5. The State Wolff amendment, Saunders to follow explained that the United embassy States must continue to avoid closely in the ensure that both t! any "unilateral actions" with are articulating "foreign policy implications" which might prejudice U.S. policy, whetl Ameriim's mediatory role in Palestinians on tll the peace efforts. Bank or to Isl Jerusalem. America's longstanding Privatelyl U.S. offi c position, he said, is that the that the five-point i future status of Jerusalem had been the must be negotiated by the arrangement forseve parties concerned. His five- The only difference ! point promise to Wolff of them said, was included steps which would issue had been "co require: Thus, the consulal past has regularly sert I. Ambassador Lewis of its diplomatic cal and Consul-General Grove to work together and meet Aviv (and Cairo, Am/I more "frequently.'" U.S. Mission at tl Nations and to othd 2. Embassy and con- U.S. posts around tl+ sular staffs to consult each even without formal other more often and to tions to do so. . ,  Ie'of a I rnajc usPS lhat pr< IL C" q 21.000 Jew'. h readers each week in the Orkrndo. Daona Beach and Space Coast cit*s of ll,,r 1 -wr _.- Florida. Published by Heritage Central Florida Jewish I'+-+I 2o-] O'++r+er, Fer,, Park. E,a. 2rid clas00 po00t+m'lp'+0000:Ul at l+er n" Park and other mailing offices.. +,Jlil' I'< lAnn Subscriptions: $ I 1.00 per calendar year to Florida add I,- ' ($I (X) more to the rest of the US.) and pro-raled r' Am lhel ,,dl!<+,l ' II1 Mailing Address: P.O Box 742. Fern Park. 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