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July 27, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 27, 2018

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PAGE 468 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 27, 2018 pDp8 y locatad in O ceola and Marily W Dun on. W 10lh Ave, Hialeah, FL MO14, otOK6ola Counly, florida: and 18 D6claration ol Cov6nants, 2661. 82,685.12, 81.94: ot said tOUrt onthis h day ot -vs.- Coun Florida: (Sa6 Exhibrf 13807 Water Fowl Way, Upper 1n Fixed WeeMixed Unk, (3) Publish a copy ofthe notite Condrtions and Rastrittions lsmael Galloza, 2556 Sage Dr, Ju ,2O18. Oliv Camilo; Unknown A ln Sha,8 (5) Ma boD, MD 20774 Eric E MS-105, 37nNN, 11212014, otsal8two(2)tim6s,onG88ach tor lhe W8stgat6 Vacation Mimm88, FL 34758-2250. ARMANDO RAMIRU Spou58 ot Oliver Camilo: (S Mibit A.) as dafinad in Douglas, 2300 Mt nley St 528an65 2655, $3,149.67, w66k, tor two (2) succ85sive Vlllas omGi Recods 112 Fixed W Fix6d Unil, As Clerk of s d Court Weston Rese e Hom wna M6 D la t n ot Covanams, NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418- S1.55; Magareth Leveille, 96 weeks, in an Osceola CouW Booh 1072, at Paga 1194, ot 00-02, 21nvEN, 112 2014, BY: Suzan Vlz Association, lnt.: Unknow Cond ions and R6sm ions 4009, Tonia E Douglas, 12812 G,s,8ridgepo,CT nawspapar, p vid6d suth a Wa Public R o s ofOK8ola 528&2656-2661, 84,242.82, (CIRCUITCOuRTsEAU Parti6s in PoM8Nion N1 , tor th6 Bg a Vacation p stwich Dr,Fort warninQon, 615 Hans Verdier, 669 E newspap exi s at Wa ti B county,norida(the Plan2and 81.94; Jadira R Santos, 459 Deputy Clerk rf living, and all Unknown Vlllas |||. omcial Racods MD 20744. 112 Fiwed w kl 84th sl, BDo y, NY 11236 ot publishing. lt you t,to,amendment(s) th6 to, rf Ma igus Dr, Poinciana, FL Ju O,2T, 18 Parti claiming by, th ugh, Book12O2, Paga 71,o1the Fixed Unit, UUU-11, 49nvEN 3427, 1n Flx6d, SSJ1O6,31/ cu the detauW a5 B to h any. Togeth& wkh h6 righ1to 3475,1k Flxad weekl L169O72 und and ag n th6abov8 Public Recods ot Osceola 11v2014, 528&2637-2643, MN, 1M014, 528812650- in this notice or tak6 othe ocwpy, purwant to the Pl,Flx6d Unh, 00-02, 21nvEN, n Defendant(s) who couy, norida (tha Plan") $2,685.12, $1.94; mbe 2655,84,242.82,$1.94;Roberf appDpriat8 artion whh regard Bui ing-Unit(s) (s86 Exhibrt 11v2014, 528&2656-2661,a not know to be dead or and,ment(s) lhaBo, Jacobs, 12709 Mapla Lear D, E a6nn8n, 519 Beaver St Lot to thi5 toBlosur8 maw you A,duri g, Unh W86klsl (s86 84,242.82,$1.94. IN THE CIRCUIT al e, wh&her said Unknown rfany.Toga l w hmarigMto CI6v8land,OH44125,1l2F ed 20. O lle, OH 44667-2056 ri5k losing owenhip ot your Mib during ANiqn6d Ju 2T;Aug.3. 18 COURT FOR Parfi may claim an intetest py, punuant to Ma an, W68hl x8dUn . -O1.44J Sh la,B na,Naw tim85ha int th ugh We Yea s), (s86 Ewhibk A . 7 L 16971o OSCEOLA COUN as Spous6, H6in, D6vis88s, Building-Unk(sl (s86 Exhibk MN, 1 n014. 528 2637- Port V ley Cir, momp5on5 t 5t88 t o5u pm u ata Blud Kiuimm . FLORIDA G nt66s. or h6r Claimant5; A,during Un W6ak(s) (Saa 2643,g3,612.71,S1.89;Jo Slation, TN 37179-N84, 112 a ablishedin S6rtion721.855, fl 747 e n Tlm6 Ma PRoBAn DIVISION Unknown Pa i in PoN6ssion Exhib A l, during AMiqn8d A Stupecki, 2609 Bethany Ln, Flxed xad Unrf, NS- Florida Statutas. You may pDp8r ) Add ). A5 a IN THE CIRCUIT Fila No. 2018 cP m, rf living. and all Unknow Y s), (s86 Exhibrf A . 700 Hinckley, OH 44233,; Heathar 111, aMN, 112/2014, thoose to sign and sand to suW ot the atol m8nt n6d COURT OF THE PR Parf cl ming by, through, gate 8hd Nimm88, L Stup6tki, 10069 N Surfsida 528&265 2655, 82,87o.97, the undarsignad hrt an detault, stgate ha by ele s NIW JUDICIAL IN RE: EsTAn OF und6r and again thB above FL 34747 m ein Tlme Shara cl, AUD,OH 44202-9082, S1.x: F derick Edgecombe objertion lorm. ex&cising our to sell th6 Property punuant CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR MYRNA DAVIS nam6d Detendant(s) who p ) Add "). A5 a 1 2 Flx6d Mixad Unh, and Ca ena Ca y, Po Box righttoobjerftothau58o the to S6tlion 721.855, Florida . OSCEOLA COUN D6G8a5ad. a not hnown to b6 dead or wW ot o 6 ato &ionad www-02, 1 N, 1wn014, k 52,N u. BAHAMAS, tw ee foPGlosu p cedu . Sta lt8s. PI8as6 b6 advis6d FLORIDA NOTICE TO CREDITORS alive, whether said Unknown d8tauW, gat6h& yel8 s 528&2637-2643, W,942.52,; 1n Flx x6d Unit, Upontheunda gnedtw 's in the event that your CASE NO.: 2 9 CA m6 admini5 ation ot Parties mayclaim an interest to 5&| Me Prop punuant R n L N6gDn,3O9 Dog FI5h sw2o1, 47nvEN, 1n12014, r 8iplotyoursign6d obi on obliga ionisnotbroughtwnem 5040 MF the arfate ot Myma Davis, asSpou56,H n,D6vis88s, to Se ion 721.8,norida Way, PoinGiana, FL 34759 Lw 528&265 26M, S2,9o5.o5, torm, the fo&osu ot 6 flntluding the payent of y AMBERPolNn d6G8asad, who d e ot G n ees,or h Claimants Sl rf . Pl b6 advised v NeR n, 5123 Baaug go S1.a9; Howatd HamiWon, 383 li6n w h r6sp8rftotha d6tau f6 incu d by w8 g 6 in HOMEOWNERS de was JanuZ 27, 2018, Dat6ndant(s). M in M6 6vam that your Ct, aldorf, MD 2 4T07 La Colina Bhd E ppt 1021, specifiad in is notice 5hall comn ncing this to tlowl AMoclAnoN,INc aFlorida is p6nding in tha irwh Court NoncE OF MU oblig ionisnotbDughtcu t Mila s H d6z and Ca TX 75038, 1 2 Fixad be subje to the juditi pDc8N) w hin thirty (30) not-tor-pDMcoporation, tor Osceola Coun,horida. NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN rlMluding M8 payB ot any A H6mand8z, 67 M na Unh,SSS-303,361 tor6tlosur8 pmedu on . daS hom the fint date of Plaintm, p bate Division, a add punua to ord& Kh6duling t s in by W gata in Dr, Moming d6, MD 20746 MN, 1M014, 528&265 You havemerigMtocu ow pu lication, 6 und6r gn&d vs. ot which is 2 Courthous6 tor losu sala or Fin a ng mi5 toBlosu 4607, 1 Flxed ad 2655,S2,184.48,S1.58;BrBnda d6tauWin th6 mannarset orm Tw ea rnall pm68d w h DANIELDEL ,ETAL Squa,Nimm,FL 34741. Judgm t, ered inCivil Case pD u) whhin Mirty (30) Un,-06, 34 H0U. FChan andGa LChance, inthisnoti any b&o Me ot th6 Plo as Da d . ma nan& and add ot No.2O17-CA-001566-MFotthe daS5 hom the Rm date of 11v2015, 528 637-2643, 5 7 Booke Maado N, the und&signed t 's s e pDvid8d in Sertion 721.855, NoncE OF NU the penon p at a and Ciwuh Court ot e 9lh Judicial glita on, the undanigned S3,76o.58. S2.52; #phonws HamiWon, OH 45011, 112 #| otyourlime ha ime t.lfyou Florida Statrtes,in whiGh . PU U^NT TO C R Me n iv8'5 Ci uh in and tor OK rnall pD w Okpa and CaDlina ODaA n-Floal W6aMloat Unh, do notobjerftotha us6otM6 the und&sign6d Tw5ta8 shall: n aWomey a t to h be w. County, norida, 6 in lls 16 sab of a PD as 2210 Trad8wind5 D, Missouri NJ3O4, 37,1M014, tw to&osu pD du,(1) PDvid8 you wkh wri 6n NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN #| c dhok ottha d t Fago 8ank, N.A m and po in on 721.855, C,TX 77459, 1n Fw6d 52 2655, S2,184.48, you,no be wbj6 to a no te or th6 sala, including punuam to Ord& G nting and othBr p8Rons having olivarcamiloa detendam(s), floridaSl rt ,inwhich,W klFw6d Unh, -,371 t1.56; p M Da ll6, dafic cy judga 8v6n rf F6 d 6, tima and location p mmsMot ntoR 5ch8dula tl&rm or demands ag n |, clem of Court, Armando a und gn Tw ae shall: MN, 1M014, 528 637- H Rd,P.O.BoxSP,Ma pDc d5 hom 6 m aor, (2) R ord the not Fo bw Sa intavorofth6 d ed t's e on whom a Rami z, lls<o ahigha (1) PD d8 you wkh wriW6n 2643, a,242.82, S1.94; N u, s,1nF ed ot your sha int ots B in Me PubliG R6cords Pl mmdatedJu 9,2o18.and copy otth no c6 ui d and bidder tor ca5h AT no ca ol tha sala, intluding #6jandr0 vqa, 166 I8D adUnh,SSS-305,161 a inw cie to ohs& 6 oto lacounty,norida:and rt& in Casa o.:2 CA to be s ed w Rle eir 2 COURrHOUSE SQUARE, a d&e, ti and ion 44Av8nu6s, owar5 2O2, ODD. 1nn014, 528 65 amounts Bu d bytha,n. )Publishacopyotth6no 5040otMa Ci uh Court ot tBin w h Mi5 @rt ON OR sum 26 M m6 , l r, (2) R o notica Bogota,COLOM8 1 F ad 2655, W.43o.21, S1.o6; lan By: GREENSPOON MARDER, o 5al8tw0(2)tim8s,0ncBaach thaNin Judici Ci kinand 8EF0RE THE LAnR OF 3 KINIMMU, flORID 34741, ot e p liG ds Mix Un,YW- . 21 8BD n and Mand Ridges, Twst . week, tor lwo (2) suc ss a torOK la couW,norid in MOWS AmR THE nME AT 11: AM Augu 28, ot lacoun y,norid and ODD, 1M014, 52 637- 47R R ,Lulon, NGLAND QHl&T n - NoncE OF w ks. ln an OK6ola County which the c ot this Courf OF THE FIRST PuBucAnoN 2016, th6 tollowing 8Ecrib8d (3) Publ h a ot a notiG8 2643,W,205 S1.31. LUI5ND, 1n,-hoat DEFnuLTnND IWTO new pD dad suth a will s&| to 6 and oFTHlsNoncEoR3oDAYs pDparty as 56t to h in said otsaletwo(2)tiw, ont aad Ju 2T;hu .3, 18 Un uuu-02. 4v FORECLON newW 8xirt5 at the t rt bidd r hk6 AFnRTHEDAnoFsE cE FinalJudg t,to-wW: w6 k, tor wo (2) sut w e L1697O7 MN, 1M014. 52 650- Ow sVObligo s), Tlm a ot pubi hing. w you il to 2 m m 2 ot tha OFACOPYOFTHIS NoncE LOT 2, CRESTWOOD, w,an OK8ola County 2655, W,6B5.12. t1.g4; #iGia lnte,Building-Unrt, w e detauW as & tor la Courthous6, ONTHEM. AccoRmNG TO THE n6w . pDvid6d wch a R H,9 Ph s Ln, Assign6d Year. D lauW D a, in this notiG OF lak6 oW& 2 courmou Squa,#| 0 7& t hon ot F6 PLAT THEREOF AS axi s 16 time NoncEoFD nuLTAND Cotam, NY 11727, 1n Fixad Boo Page ot R ord6d L,appDpriat8 arfionw h gard Nwim ,FL34741,&11: detedent and oM ns RECORDED IN PLAT ot pu ish . w you tail to,TO FORECLOW ed Unk, uuu-14, 361 Amoum, P6r Di m um to Mis toBlosur8 maW you a.m.ontha23rddayofAugust, having clain or d ds BOOK 13, PAGES 60 a auW aEBtot wEsrGnn vhcnnoN ODD, 1nn01Q, 528&2 Ricardo M Ma n and #ma ri5h losing ow6nhip ot your 2018. th6 lb ng des bad against d6G6d nt'E 8stat6 THRU 63, INCLUSNE, OF in lis nolit6 or taka oth UN ll nLE 2655.W,986.76.t1.31:clmon Mertin. 23 Meadowb k Ln, tiaare im6 thDugh Fa pD a 5& torfh in the w fil6th rtlaim5 w wi5 THE Pu8uc RECORDS appDpri 8 artion wh ga m . G way and K& MulliM Roanoka, TX 76262, 1 Fw bu tol c su pmadu Fln Judgm t, to tOurt W HIN 3 MOWS OF OSCEOLA couw, tothist losu ma ar,you Punuam o Sartion 721.8N, and ne Mullins, 115 W8 kF 6d Un,u-101, 1 lishedin&ion721.855. w: AFnR THE DAn OF THE FLORIDA risk losing ow&5hip ot your horida Slatrtes, wEsTGAn k Rd whklaS Wood, WHOU,4 2WO15,5288 659- florida Statul6s. You may LOT 47 OF AMBER flRST PuBucAnoN OF THIS ANY PERSON CL MING AN tim int through 16 vAcAnoN UAS OWNERS R adinq, ENGLAND G28SW, 2864,S3,482.64,S2.37iRupart doosa to sign and ad lo PolNn, ACCORDING NoncE EST IN THE SURPLUS t fo ow p u ANoclAnoN, INC. 1n w6d, uuu-14, 421 ADiazandOlivia ng onDia,la und6Rign6d tw aa an TO THE PLAT THEREOF AU CL MS NOT nuD FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, ,inS ion721.855, inaR t to a,1M014, 52 65 Ma nAva,H p d,NY obj6rtion rm,exa ising our AS RECORDED IN PLAT WITHIN THE nME PERIODS OTHERTHANTHE PROPERTY honda w . You may g e . has d a 2655, S2,685.12, 1.94; Farfh 11550, 1n Flxed righttoobje totheusao Me BOOK 18. PAGES 12 SET FORTH IN FLORIDA owNERAsoFTHEDAnoF doos6 to sgn and ad to Claim ot L in me nt d . Po Box N3, Unh,LL-1 ,VODD,1MO15, t ae t ow pmadu . THROWH 15, OF THE sTATuns sEcnoN 7N.702 THE us PENDENS MUST FIU the undenigned tw 66 an ot (See Mibrf A,whh N w Port L,526 859-2864, t2,o28.74, Uponth8und8r5ign tw 's PuBuc RECORDS OF wlu BE FORMR BARRED. A CL M WITHIN 60 DAYS obje ion torm, exekising our inte attwi g, ha r 6 ol 1n Fw lx6d Unk, S1. : CaDl A m and ptotyour gnedobj ion OSCEOLA couw, NOT HSTANDING THE AFnRTHEsAu. Qhttoobi8 toth6 us6 o the (s68 Exhibh " day, and D4, 3nwN, 41212014, MichaelS LOV8|8N,1947C I8 torm, tha foBlosu ot 16 flORIDA nME PERIODS SET FORTH lt you a p on wkh a burt fo ow p u . d6d in O.R. Book (s68 528&2 2655, S2,65o.74, Hu8sGha,Daland,FL32724,1n li6n wM &pa totha dafauW PDp&ty Add N: 25 ABOW, ANY CL#M nuD disabil y who n ds any Upon 18 und&signedtw aa's Exhibk A.),atPaga(S Ekhibrf t1.93; J M6ndoza, 7611 Fixed Week wad Unrf, u-103, ified in this notic6 sh,Has nrte w 6, NNim TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE ac a on in ordar to ip otyourqn obj on A . ot I8 Public R or No cote Av6nua, Ham Dnd, 710DD, 1 2 015, 52 859- be subjac to tha judicial m86, n34744 AFnR THE DECEDENTS participale in this pDce8ding, rm, e &ow ot 6 O la Coun,Florida, and IN 46324, 1n Flxed w 2864,$2,047.90,t0.84;Jodan to&low p cedu on . Any nclaiminganinl DAnoFDEATHlsaARRED. you a emkled, at no co lo li w Qtothe detauN the und6 gn8d Twrt as F Unh, -02, 1V0DD, Duk6, 236 Aquilla Dr. Fort You hav6Marightto cu your in tha wplus homthe I6, rf me data ot Rm publica on you, to e pDvi5ion ot certain s in this noti 5h,appointed by gat6,h&8by 1M014, 528&265 2655, Worth, M 76108, 1n Fwad, detauW in M6 manners torth any, oth& Fan 18 pD ot hisNoti i5Ju 2O,2O18. aNi c6. PI6as8 comart be wbj6 to th6 judiGial tom al notifies ( Mibk S3,9 .76, S1.31; eaWe E LL-105, 5110DD, 4n 015, inthisnotit8atanylim8b6to ow as otMed e otthel Pe onal Rap atat e: th6 ADA Coordinator, Courf to&ow u only. "A")thatdueto yourfailu to p w, 11 Bonnia Doon Ct, 5288n859-2864, S1,998.71, e undenigned t A68's s 6 p6nd sw fil6atl mwrmin J Adrian Ton Admini ion, O5t la Coun You havethe rigMto tU OUr pay Me annu t(s) Gwyn Oa MD 21207-3965, $1.05; S atewida PD otyourtim har6int8re .Nyou 60daysaRBrth8sale. Adrian To s Cou ou,2 Cour ousa d8 uWinth6mannarB orfh du6 on (s Mibh .A and 1n F W Mixed Un,Manag t Cop, a norida donotobi8Gttoth6us8otlh8 lf you arB a penon w h a 305 East Dakin Av6nu6, SquaR,Suk863OO, uimmee, inthisnotice anyti beto,a t(5) &, #. 23nvEN, 112n014, Copo tion,229W113SIUnrf t 6a foBlosu pmedu,disabil y who needs any Apt. 11 florida 34741, T4o 742-2417, the un gnedt ee's sal6 you a w t in detauW 52 2655, S3,59o.38, 1,NewYotk,NY1 26,1Flxed you,not ba subjecl to a accommodalion in o er lo s5imm,FL 34741 at least 7 days b6to yout otyourtim6sha int .ltyou ot your oblig ions to pay S1.T1; C V Detour and W86k x6d Unrt, u-1,131 deRciency judgB ev rf participala in this pDc88ding, AWomeyforPenonal Kh8dul8d court appearance, or donotobj8rftoth8us6otth8 ass6Nm8nts du6 to gate Sh v Young and Ken wHoLE,4 2no15,52 859- Me pDc68d5 hom le sal6 you a 8nt l6d, no to to Rep sen ative: immediate upon ing this t 86 loretlosu p cedu,onthatollowing dastribad al Michael Rodrigu6z, 15 Ma at 2864,S3,724.49,S2.50;Pam&a ot your tim65har8 inta st you, tothe pDvision otterfain JDavid Pilcher notmcation ol the time beto you will not b6 wbje to a property located in OK8ola Str t,SaintJo58ph,TRINIDAD D Bemon, 11318 Vlllag6 Brook ar6 insu ci6nt to o set tha aNis an . PI6as8 conta DavidPilch& the sch8dulBd ap anca is d6fici6nty judg m even rf County, norida: (See Mibk TOBAGO, 112 Fixad Waakl Dr, Rive iew, FL 33579, 1/2 amounts 58curad by the lien. tha ADA Coodinator, Court noridaBarNum 1562 laN han 7 day: it you a h6 pm66ds hom th6 sale A fi Sha lnt& tl5) Flxed Unh, -07, 5 MN, Fixad W68kFix8d Unk, u-311, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Administration,Osc6olaCouW BoGINMuNNsaMuNNs haaring or voica impaiPd, call of your timeshare int8Bt (S68 Mibh A")as d6fined in 1W 014, 528&2650-2655, 31 0DD, 1 2 2015, 52 859- uP, T st68. Courthouse, 2 Courthousa P.O.Bow28O7 711. a insumci6nt to oWset the the Decla tion ot covenams, S2,685.12, 81.94; Ea Brandon 2864, 82,o19.59,81.o6; Stavan HIBrr "A - NoncE OF Squar6. Suita 6300, O ando, FL 32802-2807 Submi ed B : amounts s urad by tha lian. Condrfions and Re ri ions Lyd, 15 Ma et WP,Saint Pe z, 8936 Skohe Blvd Apt3, DEFAULr AND INnNT TO NNimm88, florida 34741, Talephona:(4O 57&1334 ATTORNEY OR PLAINTIFF: By: GREENSPOON MARDER, tor the Wa ate Vacation Jo,TRINIDAD TOBAGO, Skokie, IL6OO77-1988,Charina FORECLOSE (40 742-2417, at leart 7 days Fax: (40 578-2181 SHAPIRO. FISHMAN a uP, T 5t88. Vlllas XXlll, tial R8tolds 1n Fix6d Wae xad Unit, Punzalan, 645 L6cl Ave, Ow8 5VObligo s). fime ha betoP your schaduled court E-Mail: dpilthar boginmunns. GACH,LLP HIBIT A - NoncE OF Book12O2,atPage 71.otthe -07, 5DnvEN, 1lV2O14, WilmeWe, IL 60091, 1 Flxed lnt,Building-Unk, kl appaarance, or immediat&y com 2424 North Fed al Highway, . - DunuLT nND INnNT TO Publit R8colds ot Osc6ola 528&265 2655, $2,685.12, WeakFixad Unk, MM-09, 11 Assign6d Year, DafauW Date, upon & ving this notmc ion 2nd E-Mail:bmmse ice Suhe 360 FORECL E County, Florida (the P n $1.94; lkah 5 Family, LLC, WHOU. 11v2015, 52 859- BookPage ot Racoded Lien, itthetimabatorethescheduled Boca Raton, horida 33431 owe svobligo sT. fi&a and,ndB(s) th &o, 1930Vlllag6C8nt Cir 3, Las 2864, $3,760.58, S2.52; Jem y unt, PerDi n unt appe ante isl8N han7 days; Addl. E-Mail: MriPP 561l 99&67 lnte t, Buil ing-Unk. rfany.T g8th w merightto v NU 89134, 1n Fix6d David B ks. 511 1 Av8. Tobi6B n8Wllland an a rf you a hearing or volc6 561) 99&6T07 AMign8d Year, D6tauW Dat6, otcupy, punuant to the Plan, 6d Un,YW-06, 91 Co nado, CA 92118-1637, 2 Martin. 6202 Du Clay Rd, imp d.call711. Ju,2T, 18 17-307961 FCO1 WNI aoo Pa$ ol Recoded Lan, Building-Unh(s) (s66 Exhib . 4nn014, 528&2650- Fix6d W88kFix6d Unh, MM-12, Jacksonville, FL 32244. 1n D ed this. 1Nh day of July, L169O84 Ju ,2T, 1e , nounl, ar DiemAmount A,durinq UnitW88k[5) (s 2655,S2,650.74,S1.93; Un MM-12, 7WH0U, WHOU, Fw6d Mixad Unrt, u- 2018. L169165 - Ca os E Monl&o Cuavas, Exhibh A,during gned Damn,216 LomaV6rd&,Balan, 412n015, 52 859-2864, 101 37nvEN, 11v2014, Ju ,2T, 1a 405 Rid Dnd Dr, Wilm6r, M Yaa s), (s68 Mib A . 77 NM 87 2, 1 Fixad w68kl $6,590.49, a.42; Valh la 5288n656-2661, $2,685.12, L1691B8 IN THE CIRCUIT 75172 L nardo c Montero, W gate Blvd NNim,Flx6d Unh, m-01, 23nvEN, Entaprises, uc, 12920 sw S1.94; Joyc6 Coila, 11041 COURT FOR IN THE CIRCU 2802 Ca wght sl, D las, n 34747 m6 n Tl s 1n 014, 528&2650-2655, 56th St t 262, Miami. FL Fa agul Hills Bhd, Moxvill6. OSCEOLA COUN COURT OF THE M 75212Q10, 1n F 6d (Prop6r ) AddlaM"). As a S2,685.12, 21.94; John E 33175, 1 Fwed W86kFw TN 37922. 112 Flxed IN THE CIRCUIT FLORIDA NINTH JUDIC L W xed Unh, JJJ-05, 471 BuW or the ator8Bion6d B ,61o7 SW11 l PIApt Unrf. NND1, 15 H0LE, Flxad Unh, LL-104, 7kVEN, COURT OF THE PRoBAn Dl SION CIRCUrr IN AND FOR MN, 11v2014, 528 2637- d&auw.w6Agat8 h8 by6| s GaiB,FL326O7, 112 #| 4 2 015, 5268k859-2864, 1 2 014, 52 656-2661, NIW JUDICIAL Fll6 No. 201&cP- OSCEOLA COUN 2643, S1,895.98, S1.59: wlll,to sell the p6r punuant n-noat hmoat Unk, S3,724.49, S2.5o: Brian M ,738.02, t1.58; Janica CIRCU IN AND FOR 424-PR FLORIDA Pough,46 Van Houten Av6 3, to &ion 721.855, orida za-01, 24 0DD, 1w12014, Mu ay, 134 Hutthinson Rd, L y, 1579 old Fort Rd, OSCEOLA COUN IN RE: EsTAn OF CASE NO. 2016 CA J&say c,NJ 073 -1422, Slahtes. p asa be ad sed 528&265 2655, $2.652.76,; Chithestar, NH 0325&6108 Fai i6w, NC 2873 7617, flORIDA JANICE BERNIER, 379 MF MariaL Pough,46 n that in tha 6v rf Mal your K6 nM an,94VlcloriaSq, Che L Mu ay, 8 James 1n Fixed W66Mix8d Unrf, CASE NO.: 2018 CA Dacaas d. 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PROBATE CODE u BE syadto tbw pD i Fw6d Unrt, SN-205, 9 0DD. specinad in this notiGa shall CondhioM and Rastrirfions 310DD, 11v2015, 5288k859- Vlncent Ava Apt A, Norfol AND you a quir6d to FORMRBARRED. by th6 Pl n R, WYNDH 1M014, 52 63T-2643, b6 wbje to lha judici tor th wg e VaGation 2864,S2,501.62,S1.31. VA 23504T B6lvin, 3241 & a copy ot your wriW NOTW HSTANDING THE vAcAnoN RESORTS, INC S3,242.48, t1. ; Jesus R 6 to&losu pm6du on . 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