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July 27, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 27, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 2T, 2018 PAGE 45B 34741 . all right, tkle and interest Certitied/Registered Mail or by Florida, including the b ach or Appointmen of Twst68 Wee Fixed Unrf, 82,414.56, Flo ing, $5,750.N, S1.51. GA 31316, 1 2 Fixed Wee timesha interest th ugh the in the property srfuated in the publication by the undersigned detauN, notice ot which was set recoded on 4/2O/2018 in $0.85, 5266-371-376; GARY 5253-122-127; ROTIMI A ONl Fixed Unk, WTA-207, 391 tru ee lo closu procedure Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida, Twstee, will sell al publit torth in a Notice of DefauW and OMcial Recods Book 5320, M BAILEY 2449 Exeter N a CAROLINE ONI 17 Slaight EVEN, 11v2012, 52811847- established in Section T21 .855, described as: (SEE HIBIT auction to the highest bidder lntent to Foreclose provided and Page 854 ol the Publit Bethlehem, PA 18017, w, 9, Str86| Apt 3B Staten lsland, 852, 82,983.68, $1.47; Sarah Florida Statrtes. You may A fime Share lnterest(s) (SEE tor lawhl money of the United to lhe last known address of Recods ot OSCEOLA 29, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee NY 10302, B-1707 a B-1709, J Stawarf, 9515 S8avi6w Ct, choose to sign and send to WHIBIT A ) according o the States of Amerita, on the hont O or(s), ISee Exhibit "A"), by Coun,Florida. by ason Fixed Unrt. 82.414.56, 8O.85. 35 6 35, WHOLE a WHOLE, Brook n. NY 11236, and the und8r5ign8d lw ee an Time Sharing Plan tor Westgate st6ps of the Osceola Coun C hledlRegiste d Mail or by ot a now continuing detauW 5266-371 -376; CALVIN G 2. Floating, $6,437.03, $2.01, An hony Stewart. 2820 Ocean objection torm, 6x8r 5ing your Vatation Vlllas, xll, OWicial Courthouse, 2 Courthouse publica ion by the undenigned by Obligo s). (See Exhibrf aoLToN 1936 Elodie Ln GuN 5253-122-127; USLIE Pkwy Apt 19D. BToo n, NY right to obje to the use ot the Retords Book 0933, at Page Squa,Kissimmee, Florida Twstee, will sell at public A . whose add w is (See B eze, FL 32563-8961. w. 12. MOFFATT 18 Pinhigh Plate 11235, 1 Fixed Wee Fixed twstaa fo&losure procedure. 0423, of the Public Recods o 34741,all right. tkle and interest aurfion to the highest bidder Exhibk A,in lhe payment or 36. WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee SaWord Mancherter, M68ND Un,WTA-306, 46 H0LE, Upon the undersigned t rtee's Osceola Coun,florida he in the p perfy srfuated in the for lawhl money of the Unhed performance or the obligations Fixed Unh, $2,414.56, $0.85, ENGLAND, B-1 809, 47, 1/v201 5, 52811847-852, &eipt ol your sign6d objertion wPlan . Together wkh th6 right Coun of OSCEOLA, Florida, States of America. on the hont setured by said Claim of Lien 5266-371 -376; JOAN BOLTON WHOLE, 1, Flo ing, $3,848.50, $3,835.20, $1 .89; KennyD Karn, torm, the foreclosu ot the to occupy. punuant lo the Plan, described as: ((SEE WHIBIT aps of tha Osceola Coun recoded in O cial R8colds 698 Glendale Dr Rotk Hill, SC $1 .24, 5253-122-127; 15800 Spertwm Dr. 1120, lien wkh sperf to the defauW Building-Unk (SEE HIBIT "A.') Time Sha lnta st(s) (SEE Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Book (Sae Exhib A,Page 29732, w, 12, 36, WHOLE, NATALIE HOWARD 18 Pinhigh Addison, M 75001, 112 Fixed spec ed in this notite shall "A during Unrt Weeh (SEE WHIBIT "A.') acGording to the Square, Kissimmee, Florida (See Ewhibk A,ot me Public 1, Fixad WeeMixed Unk, Place SaWord Manchester, Wee Fixed Unrf, WTA-404, be subje to the judici WHIBIT A during ANign8d Time Sharing Plan tor Westgate 34741,all right, tkle and interest Recods of OSCEOLA Coun,S2,414.56, So.85, 5266-371- M68ND ENGLAND, B-1809, 71EVEN, 11212012, 52811847- lo&losuP pDc8dur8 only. Year - (SEE HIBIT A . Vacation vlllas. xvl, OMcial in Me proparty 5rfuated in the Florida, includinq the b ach or 376: 47, WHOLE, 1, Floating, 852, 82,983.68, $1.47; Mindy You have the right to cu your WESTGATE vAcAnoN VILLAS Records Book 1072, at Page County of OSCEOLA, Florida, dalauW, notica o which was sat Ju 2T;Aug.3, 18 83,848.50. 81.24, 5253-122- J Kern, 5428 Alde ood Dr, defauN in the manner set fo h 77 Wertgale Boulevad 1234, ot the Public Ratords ot d8Krib8d as: (SEE HIBIT to h in a Notice of De uW and L 169557 127: WENDY M CULP 721 5lh Frisco. M 75035, 112 F ed in thi5 notice at any time before KiMimm88, FL 34747 Said Osceola Coun,Florida (the A. Tlme Sha lnte st(s) (SEE lntent to Fo&lose p vided Ave Williamspo,PA 17701, Wea F-ixed Unh, WTA-404, lhe und&sign6d tw ee's sale sale will be made (witho "Plan"). Together with the nght WHIBIT A' accoding to the to the lart known addRN of B-1812 6 B-1814, 32 a 32, 7nvEN, 11v2012, 52811847- ot your tin sha inta st. lfyou covenants. or wa an,8xpP5s to occupy, pursuant to the Plan, Tin Sharing Plan tor Westg e Obligo sT, [s68 Exhibrf A,by NoncE OF rRusnE's WHOLE B WHOLE, 2 a 2, 852, 82.983.68. 81.47; Gloria do not obje to the use of the or implied, Rgarding the litle. Building-Unh (SEE WHIBIT Vacation Vlllas, xll. omcial ca m egi a M,or by SALE Floating B Floating. $5.266.10, Cont6, 305 Collington Dr, t st66 foreclosura procedu , poN85sion or entumbrances) A"). during Unk Week (SEE Recods Book 0933, at Page publication by the unde igned WUTGATE TOWN CENTER,$1.64, 5253-122-127: ROBERT Mebane, NC 27302, 112 Fixed you will not be subject to a to pay the unpaid aN8Mm8nts HIBIT .'A,during Assigned 0423, ot he Public Recods of Twstee, will sell a public . (EMMANUEL) L MILLER JR 1329 Hulings Wee Flxed UnW, WTA-410, d8fiGi8ncy judgment even if due in the amount ot (See Year - (SEE WHIBIT "A' . Osceola County, Florida he aurtion to the highe bidder On 08/14/2018 at 11:00 am, Rd Linden, PA 17744, B-1812 491EVEN, 11v2014, 5281/847- the proceeds hom tha sale Exhibh A,wkh inte st WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS Plan . Together wrfh the right for law,money ot the Unked GREENSPOON MARDER, 6 8-1814, 32 a 32. WHOLE 852, S2,981.27, $1.47; Me en of your timesha intere accwing al the rate ot (See 7700 Westgate Boulevard o occupy, pursuant to the Plan, States ot America, on the hont UP, 201 E. Pina St a . Surte B WHOLE, 2 6 2, Flo ing a Stenson and Ma E Stanson, a insumcienl to oWs& the Exhibi "A ) per day, pursuant to Kissimmee, FL 34747 Said Building-Unit (SEE HIBIT steps of the Osceola Coun 500, O ando, Florida 32801, ho ing, 85,266.10, S1.64. 966 Prairie Ava, Cinc nati, anDun secured by the lien. the fimeshare Plan,advances. sala will be made (without A',during Unrf Week (SEE Courfhouse, 2 Cour ouse as Twrtee punuant to that 5253-122-127; GABRIEL O OH 45215. 112 Fixed w By: GREENSPOON MARDER, rf any, underthe terms of s d tov8nants,orwa anty,8xpPM HIB wA during AMign8d SquaP, KiNimm8e. Florida Appointm6m of Tw ee AKuYAaMABELMAKuYA29 Fixed Unrt, WTA-502, 31/ LLP,T stee. Claim of Len, chages and or implied, regading the t le, Year - (SEE WHIB A . 34741, all right, tkle and inle rf ed on 31201201 8 CARONA CT SILVER SPRING. ODD, 11v2013, 52811847- EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF expenses oftheT rt86 and of possession or encumbrances) WESTGATE UACATION VILLAS in the prop& shuated in the in O cial R6cods Book MD 20905-7447, B-1821, 35, 852, $2,031.32, $1.00; Tonya DEFAULT AND INnNT TO thetw s created by said Claim to pay the unpaid assessments 7700 We gate Boulevard Counly of OSCEOLA, Florida, NO3, and Page 2575 of the ODD, 112, Floating, $2,570.42, L Mears and vin H Mean, FORECLOSE of Lien. Obligor(s) shall have the due in the amount of (See KiMimm8e. FL 34747 Said described as: (SEE HIB Public Retods of OSCEOLA $0.83, 5253-122-127: 496 s Hol Ave, Absecon, OwnerlsVObligo s), Timeshare righl to cure the defauW and any Exhibit A"), w h interest sale will be made (wrtho A fin Sha lnter8 I5) (SEE Coun,Florida. by ason Ju 2T; hug. 3, 18 NJ 08205, 112 F ed Wea lnte,Building-Unk, wee junior lienholder shall have the accruing at the rate of (See covenants, or wa an . expr8N HIB A ac rding to th6 ot a now continuing defauW L 169558 Fixed Unk, WTB-112, 47/ As5ign8d Year. Default Dale, righl to r6deem s inte up Exhibrf A per day, punuantlo or implied, galding the tkla, finP Sharing Plan for Westg&e by Obligo s), (See Exhibk ODD, 1 V2013, 52811847- Boo Page of Recorded Len, lo the date the Tw ee iNu8s the Tlm8shaR Plan, advances, possession or encumbrances) Vatation Vlllas, IX, omcial A,whos8 addr s is (S88 852, $2,031.32, $1.00; Lu en A Dum, P6r Diem Amount the certmc e ot Sale by paying rf any, under lhe terms ot said to paythe unpaid ass8Nm8nts Records Book 0882. at Page Exhibrt A,in the payent or NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Lawson, 140 AlcoW PL, Bronx, Robe F Woods Sr, 175 the unts due as o lined Claim of Lien, cha as and du in the amount ot (Sae 2709, ofthe Public Retods ot per m nce ot the obligations INTENT TO FORECLOSE NY 10475, 112 Fix6d Weekl Smrfh Rd, Sa er, PA 16055- . above. By: GREENSPOON expenses of the Trustee and of Exhibrf A',with inte&t Osceola County, Florida (the secu d by said Claim ot Len wEsrGAn TOWERS nu: Fixed Unk. WTa-212, 27/ 9242, Mich&le A Woods, 110 MARDER, LLP, T ee. the t sts created by said Claim a ing at th6 rate ot (See Plan . Tog&herw h Me right ded in omcial Recods nTsT.o114 ODD, 1/V2015 5281/84T- Sradar G ve Rd, F epo , HIBlr "A" - NOTICE OF of Lien. Obligo s) sh,hava the Exhibrf '.A' per day, punuant lo to occupy. punuant to the Plan, Book (See Exhibh A,at Page Punuant to &ion 852, $2,031.32, 81.oo; Manuel PA 16229-1917, ln Fixed TRUSrEE'S SALE rightto cu the defauW and any the Tlmesha Plan, advances. Building-Unrf (SEE HIB (s66 Exhibk A,ol the Publit 721 .855, Florida Statutes, Abadie and Miriam Abadie, Wee Fiwed Unrt, LU-03, 25/ Owne s) AddPM Building junior lianholder shall have the rf any, under the t6rms of said A,during Unrf Week (SEE R ds of OSCEOLA County, WESTGATE TOWERS Amuebla Avenida Roble, EVEN, 1/v2016, 5288 2669- Unk Week Year TS Undivided rigM to redeem ks int6r8 up Claim of Lien, chages and HIB A,during Assigned Florida, includinq the bRath or OWNERS ASSOCIATION, Plaza Marie, Teguc a, 2675, $955.00. $0.47; Eric J lnteRst Season unt Per to he date the Tw ee issues 6xp6ns8s ofth8T 88andot Yaar - (SEE HIB A . da uW. notic8 o which was s8t INC. m8r8inaw8r fer d to HONDURAS. 1 Fix8d, B- Plaisance, 447 Pine Cone Ln. Diem COL Rec lnfo the Certificate olSale by paying lhatwsts created by said Claim WESTGATE VACATION LLAS torth in a Notice ot De uW and as We gate . has Bo 8d 215, 31 H0U, 11v2015, Slidell, LA 70458-1766, Lynena KEVIN SHEEHAN 94 Victoria the amounts due as o lined ofLien. Obligo s) shallhavethe 7700 Westg a Boulevad lntent to Fo&lose pDvid8d a Claim of Len in e unt 52811847-852, $3,835.20, B PlaisaM8, 2 7 Be ner Dr, sq F derick. MD 21702-1113, above. By: GREENSPOON right to cu the detauW and any KiNim,FL 34747 Said to the la know addr6ss ot of (See Exhibrf .A,w h $1.89: Justin T Lavigne, 65 Richa son, TX 75081-5418. AA. 7. 28, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed MARDER, uP, Twstae. nior lienholder sh,have the sale will be de (wrmo Obligo s),(See Exhibk A .by inte acc ing atther e of Norfh ST, Manche er, CT 1n Fixad Wae Fixad Unk, WeeMixed Unk, 81.2o8.24, EXHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF right to deem hs int up cov8nants,orwa an ,exp N ce med Re9iste d M l or by (Sae Exhibk A per day, and 06042, 112 All Season-Flo&t LLL-06, 161EVEN, 112 2014, $0.42, 5266-1923-1928; IRENE TRUSTEE'S MLE lo the date the Twstee iNues or implied, gading the trtle, publitation by the undenigned Bod8d in O.R. Book (See WeeklFloat Unrf, WTB-218, 528812669-2675, $2,685.12, J DYSON 4917 N Ma ine St Owner(s) AddRss Building Me Certificale of Sale by paying poMeMion or encumb nces) T rtee, will sell at public Exhibh .A,at Page (See Exhibit 4V0DD, 11v2015, 52811847- $1.94; chih Ming Wu, 6580 Philadelphia. PA 19141-3513, Unk Week Year TS Undivided tha amounts dua as o lined to pay the unp d aN8ssm8nts au ion to Me highest bdder A,of the Public Reco s ot 852, $2,031.32, $1.00; Mario Cabeldu C s, DeWa, Bc, AA, 12, 1, EVEN, 112, Fixed lnterest Season AnDunt Per above. 8y: GREENSPOON dua in lhe & unt of (See rlawhlnDn8yot 8 Unhed Osceola CouW, Florida. and Re po and Rodrigo Palacio, CANADA V4E 1R4, 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unh. $3,455.42, Diem COL Reclnfo MARDER, L Tw ee. Exhlbh A . wrm inte rf St esotAn riO onthehont the undenign Tw ee as 1504 w Mcw6hy,RiaWo, WeeWFixed Un,LLL-06, 261 $0.98, 52661923-1928; JUANITA R BROWN 159-14 NIBIT A - NOrlCE OF accwing at Me e of (See aps ol the OK8ola CouW appointad byWa g e, he by CA92376, 1 FixedWee Fixed WHOLE, 1/v2015, 528812669- MICHAEL DYSON 4322 Pa sh Ha em River Dr 4F N6w TRumE's SALE Exhibk A perday,punuamto Courfhouse, 2 Cour ouse fonnal notmes (See Exhibrf Unk, WTC-125, 49 H0LE, 2675, S3,76O.58, $2.52; Jose St et Philadelphia, PA 19104, Yo,NY 10039,1, 22, Owna s) Add u Building the Timesha Plan, advances, Squa,Nimmee, Florida "A that due to your ilu to 11v2015, 52811847-852, R6n8 Castaneda sandova AA, 12, 1, EVEN. 112, Fixed ODD, 112, Fixed Fixed Unk Weak Year TS Undivided it any, und8rM8t M otsald 34741,allright,tWleandinte st pay Me annual M nt(s) $3,835.20, $1.89; LeeA Milner, and Maria Leonor Ca aneda WeeklFixed Unrf. $3,455.42, Unk, $2,501.62, $0.83, 5268- lnte st Season Amou Per Claim of Len, thagas and in he p perfy srtuated in the due on (See Exhibh A and 199 BuWem Ln,So hfield, Sandoval and Maria Patricia $0.98, 5266-1923-1928; JUAN 1939-1945; CASSANDRA F Di6mCOLR8clnto expensasofWeTw eeandot Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida. all aM8Nm8nt(s) W6 aW8r, Ml 48076. 1 F ed w kl Mora De C eda, o CalB ALICEA TORRES a RAFAELA BROWN 2501 s Memorial Dr ALEJANDRO A DEL VAUE thet rtswealedbys dCl m deKribed as: ISEE HIBIT you a w ent in de uW Fixed Unk, WTC-126, 331 A 30-65 Zona 7, Utatlan |, MALDONADO Box 3086 G enville, NC 27834-5020, 207 Walnut Hill Rd Apt A16 otLen.Obligo s)sh lhave e A fi P Sha lm rf(s) ot your oblig ions to pay WHOU, 1 v2015, 52811847- GUATEMALA, 1 Fixed Wee Bayamon, PR 21. AA, 12, aa, 1, 22. ODD. 112, F ed We Cha er. PA 19382, AA, righttocu thede uWandany (SEE HIB A according N nts dueto We gate 852,S3,636.80,$1.79; Edna p Fixed Unit, MMM-02, 441 30. WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee W klFixed Unrf, t2,5o1.62, 1. 37, WHOU, 1, Fixed Wee junior li8nhDld& shall have e to the fime Sharing Plan tor onthatollowing described al Lind8D, 5041 Mawhwood Ct WHOLE, 1 v2015, 528&2669- F ed Unrt, S955 go.42, 8o.83, 5266-1939-1945; Fixed Unk, S3,722.71, 81.24, right to deem rfs int8Rrt up wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR, p per located in Osceola Unh 6E, Pe y Hall, MD 21128, 2675, W,76o.58, 82.52: Ca os 5266-1923-1928; Zimmerman JAMES D KELLY 8931 Knox Ln 5265-2709-2714; WILUE tothe datetheTwst iswes in O ci Reco s County, Florida: (See Exhibk 1 2 F ed F ad Unk, Soriano c and Jacqueline Fami Vacations, uc, A OverlandPark,KS&6212-4755, H 8REwsnR JR B MARY thacertmcateofsa bypaying Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot A Tln Sha lme rf(s) WTC-322, 41 0DD, 1 2n015, Seve no and Mayra Severino Wyoming Limhed Labil aa, 8, 12, NEN, 112, F ed 8REWSTER 7641 Tyler HillCt. the amounts due as o rtlined Me Public R ods ol la (s Mibrt A a ording to 52811847-852, S1,991.44, and Vv6liss8 Severino, Calle Company 123 WEST 1ST WeeMixed Unrf, t2,1o5.o4, West Che er. OH 45069, AA, above. By: GREENSP N Coun . Fbrida he Plan . the D laration of Cov8nant5, $0.98; Eduado A Cwz, 73 Real 12, Santo Domingo, STREET SUITE 675 CASPER, 8o.63, 5266-1939-19 5; AMY 10, 42, ODD, 112, F ed Wee MARDER, T . Toge er w h the right to condrtions and rfrictions for Avenida Sur, Nume 234 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, WY 82601, BB, 1, 50, WHOLE. L KELLY 1703 My 6 Hill Dr Flxed Unrf, $2,476.43, So.83, wlBrr A" NoncE occupy, punuant to Me Pl,W8stgat6 Towen, racorded Colonia EsGalon, San SBlvedor, 112 Fixed WaeklFlxed UnW, 1, F 6d Wee xed Unrf, Pleasant Hill, MO 6 080, aa, 5265-2709-2714; MA TRumE's snLE 8ullding(sWnk(s)(SEE HI8lT in the omcial Records Book EL SALVADOR, 1/2 Fixed MMM-04, 17 EVEN, 1n12014, $2,350.68, 8o.85, 5266-1923- 8, 12, EVEN, 112, Flxad Wee MELINDA JOHNSON 2477 Owner(s) Add w Building A ), durin9 Unh W k(s) (SEE 1364, at Paga 427, ot the Weekl Fixed Unk, WTC-325, 528812669-2675, S2,685.12, 1928; HUGO x Fixed Unh, $2,105.04, $0.63, W6ntworth Drive Cro on, Unk Week Year TS Und ided HIB A,during Assigned Public Reco s ot OK8ola 31T0DD. 11v2015, 52811a47- S1.94; Ca os A Cao and MONCAYO a ZENAIDA M 526b1939-1945; WALTER M MD 21114. BB, 1, 44, ODD, lnte rt n A Dunt p& Yea s) - (SEE HIB A . CouW, horida (Me Plan . 852,82,031.32,S1.00;chri ian Maw6la B Cacioli De Cao, MONCAYO 18 K6|I68 Dr KINARD.JR.6NINAMKINARD 112, F ed W klF ed Unk, DiemCOLR lnfo wEsTGAn TOWN cEwnR Toge er wkh the right to ACorcino,115E23rdSl,Naw Fadar1287 Apt B Bu aco, No alk, CT 854. BB, 2, 109ClayonWNoMWales,PA S2,455.o5, $0.83, 5265-2709- OMAR PERU 1302 C n 77 We gate Boulevad occupy, punuantto the Plan, York, NY 10010, 112 F ad Buenos Ai s, ARGENTINA 23, WHOLE, 1, F ad Weekl 19454,aa,10.19.0DD,Fixed 2714; SHARON s FOREMAN Dnve TallahaN88, FL 32305, KiNimm88, FL 34747 Said Unk(s)(S8eExhibrfwA ,during Weekl Fixed Unk, WTD-129, 01852, 1 Fixed W Fixed Fixed Unk. $3.722.71. S1.24, WeeMixed Un,S3,986.76, aKENNETHRFoREMAN8oo8 T, 1, 43, WEN, 1n. #| sa will be made (whho Un Week(s) (See Exhibit 3nvEN, 11212014, 52811847- Unk, MMM-05, 4 H0U. 5266-1923-1928; nMoTHY 81.18, 5266-1939-1945; Bounda Dr DistriGt Heights, Season-Float Wee Flo Unh. venants, orwa an,8xp N A,during AMign6d Yea s), 852, $2,983.68, $1.47; NaMy 11N015, 528&2669-2675, DERRICK 2956 N National BOBBY ELLIOTT a LINDA MD 20747, BB, 9, 41, ODD, 81,258.96. So.42, 52 -371- or implied, gading the tkle, [Sea Exhibh A . 7600 w o M D Ecclesiis, 205 Norfh St, S3,76o.58, $2.52; James Ave, Apt 307, Springfiald, JANEELLIOTT214Wastbridge 112, Fixed W klF ad Unk, 376; WAYNE D ABALLO 31 poa n or encumb na) Bronson M8 Dri Highway, Rye, NY 10580, 112 F 6d Cortu |||. 526 Newfield MO 65803, 8B, 2, 29, EVEN, Rd Fairburn, GA 30214, QQ, $4,395.79, $1.18, 5265-2709- Sorthbu Rd Cumbe and, topay eunp&idaueMm8ms WNi ,FL34747,Building Weekl Fixed Unk, WTD-129, Rd, To ington, CT 06790, 1n, F ed WaeM ed Unk, 11,25,WH0LE,1,F edWeek1 2714;G0DDARDBH0LMEsa Rl 02864, T, 2, 17, WHOU, due in e anDum ot (s ma in .fin Share Plan 3/EVEN, 1 v2014, 5281/847- 1n F ad Wee Fixed Un , $1,208.24, $0.42, 5266-1923- Flxed Unrf, 83,73o.o2, $1.24, JANE M HOLMES 780 Leno 1, Fixed W68klF 8d Unh, Exhibrf A,wkh inte rt (Proper ) Add ss"). As a 852, S2,983.68, $1.47; A a A MMM-07, 26/0DD, 11v2015, 1928: nMoTHY DERRICK 5266-1939-1945; WAYNE A Rd Coxs C ek, KY 4 13, S2,414.56, So.85, 5266-371- acc ing at tha r e of (See suW of the aforememioned Mortgage Speciali,LLC, a 5288/2669-2675, W,512.45, 2956 N National Ave, Apt RONALLO 5T Cearal Ave BB, 10, 40, ODD, 112, Fixed 376; GRADY M CLARK JR Exhibk A perd&y,punuamto d8BW.Bgat6h&8by8 rfs Lim ed LabiW Company du 81.16; Char s B Bright, 1836 90T. Spnngfield . MO &5721. NorthVa &|| s.PA151 T.RR. w Un . S2,348.54, 405 Grand O Dr Me,d n a P n.advan,o &| Me Ro p t ogan d B r e A . 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GREENSPOON the sale ot the Proper as NOTICE OF DEFAULT nND S1.31; Ma in R Calvin, 1221 MO 658034454, DD, 5, 38, 5266-1939-1945; GRACIANO So.79, 5265-2709-2714; Fixed Unh, $6,671.88, t1.98, MARDER,UP, Twstee. provided in &ion 721.655, INnNT TO FORECLON Lnda Ln, O ando, FL 32807- WHOU, 1, Fixed WeeW VEGA 210 s.w 198 Terrace AKEEM SANUSI Po 8ox cb 5266-371-376; ARUNE c EXNIBIT n - NoncE OF Florida Statrtes, in which Gas8, wEsTGAn vhcnnoN 5267, 112,Season-Float Fixed Unh, S2,35o.68, $0.85, P8mbDk8 Pines,FLNO29.RR, 13814 Nassau,BAHAMAS,CC, CAHILL VeDna DrApt c TRumEls SAU lh6 undenigned Tw ee shall: VIUAS lnLE:2rT . 3 Wee Flo Unrf, NNN-02, 11 5266-1923-1928; Sunny lsl6s 11,49,ODD.1 2.F ed 3, 4. ODD, 1n, Fixad Boyton Beach, FL 33437, U. 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Box 18801 RWER ROUGE, 52661939-1945; TERESINA F ed Unlt, 83,842.71, $1.24, Wee Fixed Unh, S2,414.6, 5471, s5oo, 5522, 3s, ODD, ot publishing. w you f,lo A,otthe p llc R ords ot 528&2669-2675, S3,76o.58, Ml 48218 0801, EE, 9, 36, GRAY1O64 Babey St Second 5265-2709-2714; NADINE MC 8o.85, 52 3T1-376; DEBA 1n,Floaling,S3,048.65,t0.96, wre the de uW as B rfh la Counly, Florida, and S2.52; p&tiss walker, 12205 WHOLE, 1, Fixed W Mixed FloorBDok n,NY112O7,SS, INDOO 4164 lnve a Drive G KUTNER 882 ROM W t 52N-122-127; PATRICE L in is no ce or take oMer Me undanigned Trurfee as Pa am Tar, Herndon, VA Unrt, $3,722.71, S1.24, 5266- 11.43.WH0U,1,F edWeek1 701 Laudemill, FL 33319, Rahw NJ 07065. u, 8,3, CALDWEU Unk 7 0 Bow 210 app priale arfion wkh gad appointed bywerfgate,he by 20170,EddieMaeWalket,1545 1923-1928;CHADADAMS P.o Fixed Un,$4,011.83, $1.22, DD, 6, 19, ODD, 1n, Fixed,WHO,1, F ad Find Dpo,AEO9213,55OO,M22,35, tothis &losu Wer, you tormal notifies ( ee EwhlbW Can ron C K8nt DrApt 12, Box 511 Republit, MO 65738, 52661 939-1 945; GUNDA S3,95o.74, S1.18, 5265-2709- Unk, $2,414.56, $0.85, 526- ODD. 1n, Floa ing, 83,o48.65, risk losing ownenhip of your wA") that due to your ilu to Reston, VA 201 90-3622, 1 Fixed n, 4, 17, MN. 112. 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County, Florida: ISee EwhibN 2675. S3,942.52,; Neal F East Elmhum, NY 11369, x, 5266-1939-1945; OSCAR S4,2o8.15, 81.14, 5265-2709- a Dalawa limrted liab Fb ing, S3,o48.65, So Upon 8und sign8dtm 88's A Tlma Sha lnte ls) Scheck, 495 Ackenon Ave, 10,5,WH0LE, 1, Fixad w YARDE 7T5 Kensington Ave 2714; A MC INTOSH company 316 w. MINllN 52N-122-127; CLARENCE w B ptotyoursign8dobi n (s Exhibrt.A es d fin6din Wycko,NJ 07481, Francine F ed Unrf, $2,350.68, $0.85, Plainfield, NJ 7060, 11, 1368 E 87TH ST BROOKLYN, AvE,sum121 ESCONDID, DUTTON 2003 DOVE NEST brm, th6 fo&losu ot Me the Decla ion ofCovenants, A Scheck, 14 Cowdrey St, 5266-1923-1928: MATTHEW 45, ODD, 112, Fiwed weew NY 11236-5316, EE, 11, CA 92025, v, 8, 24, WHOE, WAY KNOXVIUE. TN 3T918- lien w h petttome de uW Condkions and Rastrirfions Warwick, NY 1 90-3567, 1 ST. JOHN RICHARDSON463A Fwed Unk, $2,501.62, $0.83, 35, EVEN, 112, F ed 1, Flwed Wa8klF 6d Urf, 675T,55 ,5545,23,WH0LE, specified in this notica shall for th6 We ate Vacation Fixad WeeMhad Unh, NNN- StDud8 Rd Vlginia w & 5266-1939-1945; SONIA Y F ed Unit, S2.66o.98, So.79, $6,574.41, $1.98, 5266-3]- 1, Floating, S5,2o7.79, $1.44, be sub rt lo lhe judicial Vlllas |, cial Recods 07, 1 61WH0LE, 1M015, Su ey, GU25 4Bu ENGLAND, GOODING 11 Carmella Ct 5265-2709-2714; JOSEPH 376; WILL KINDER B ED[E 52N-122-127; UNDA K to&losu pDc8du on . Book 1200, & Paga 2720, ot 528812669-2675, S3,76o.58, Y, 7, 38, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Newark, NJ 07104, 11, REYNOLDS 2049 Fish Eaqle L KINDER 10969 202nd FORTNEY 6874 Piction6 Dr You havethe rightto tu your the Public Recods otO la S2.52; Reln do De Jesus, Wee Fixed Unit, 82.35o.68, 45, ODD, 112, Fixed Wee St. Clermont, FL 34711, E, S nt bans, NY 11412. v Mddle lle, Ml 483N, B-1414, de uW in le manner 5& for Coun,florida (Me Plan and 1654 N. 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Flxed WHOLE, 1, F ed Mixd 1, Floating, S3,848.5O, S1.24. deficiency judg t 8v6n rf Y s), (Sae Exhibk A . 7700 Edwards and Dolores Edwads, - . z, 7, 44, WHOLE, 1, F ed 1939-1945; CARLOS LLANOS W M ed Unk. $2,439.14, Unrf. $2,414.56, 8o.85, 526- 52N-122-127: N BENZIE 23 the pDc88ds hom the s&e W6stg 8 Bhd Kissimmee, 360 Dumont Ave Apt 10B, WeeklFixed Unrf, S2.35o.68, a DULCE LEONARDI DE $0.83, 5265-2709-2714; 3T1-376:J0SEPH J FRANZN Dundee Road We 8Dugh ot your ti share int8l8 FL 34747 e in Time Sha BDokl n, NY 11212, 1/2 Fixed $0.85, 5266-1923-1928; LLANOS Ava Cirwnvalacion FABRICESSADHVANI3ACalle JRasuzANNE BGAMBLEO F8nyDund68,DD51NBGREAT are insu ciem to oWs& the (PDp8 Address"). As a Wee iwed Un,NNN-16, 4 Ju 2T; Aug. 3, 18 La Salle 105/170 a Santa Ponieme N39 Bo. 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