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July 27, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 27, 2018

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PAGE 44B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 2T, 2018 on tha hont aes ot the 5304, and Page 2602 of tha fimeSharingPlanrorWe gale omcial R6cords 8ooh 5320, Appoi ment ot Tw 66 and Paga 7a5 or the Public 201 E. Pina St el, Su e HIB A accoding toth6 Osc6ola Coun ourthouse, Public Racords of OSCEOLA Vacation Vlllas, xll, omcial and Page 730 or the Public ded on 4n012018 in R6cords ot OSCEOLA 500, O ando, Florida 32801, fimeSharing PlantorWa g a 2 Courthou e Squara, County, Florida, by a5on Racords Book 09M, at Page Racords of OSCEOLA omcial Reco s Book 5320, County. Florida, by ason as T st68 punuant to that Vacation Vlllas, xlll. omti Mimm88. Florida 34741, of a now continuing delauW 0423, ot the Public Records ot Coun,Florida, by ason and Page 758 ot the Public ot a now continuing detauW Appointment ot Tw ae R ords Book 1021, Page ,right, t le and inta st in by Obligo sT, (See Exhibit Osc la Coun,Florida he ot a now continuing detauW Recods ot OSCEOLA by Obligo s), (s68 Exhibk r6cord8d on 412012018 in 1086, ot the Public Ratods ol a pDp6 skuat6d in th6 A"), whose add M is (Saa Plan"). Together wrfh tha right by Obligo s), (See Mibk County, florida, by ason A"), whosa address is (s O cial Racods Book 5320, Osceola Coun,Florida ( he County ol SCEOL Florida. Exhib A,in lh6 pay nt or to occupy, punuanttoth6 Plan, A,whose add N is (Sea ot a now continuing d6tauN Exhibk A,inthe payentor and Paga 788 of tha Public .Plan . Togathar whh We righl das bed a5: (SEE HIBIT p8rfom nc6 ot ha obl ions Building-Un (SEE WHIBIT Mib "A,inth6 pay m or by Obligo s), (See Exhibh performanca otthe oblig ions RaGods of OSCEOLA to occupy, punuanttothe Plan, .A fin Sha lnt (s)(SEE Bu d by sad Cl m otL A,during Unrf Waek (SEE p& ormance orth6 obligation5 A,whose add is (See secuPd by said Claim ol Len County, Florida, by reason Building-Unh (SEE HIBIT HIBIT .A") atcoding to Me Bod6d in omti Racolds HIB A ) during AMign8d 58cu by s d Claim ot L6n Mibh A,in th6 paymantor r ordad in OMcial Recods of a now continuing defauW A"), during Unrf w k (SEE Tln Mari PlantorWestg a Book(S68Exhibit-A ,atPag8 Year - (SEE HIBIT A"). odad in omcial Ratods p8rformanc6 oftha obligations Book(SeaExhibh.A ,atPaga by Obligor(5), (See Mib HIBIT A"), durinq Assigned Vat ion lllas, w, omcial ( Mibrf A ,olthe Publit wEsTGAnvAcAnoNvlLLAs Book(se6Mibh A,Pqa 5acu d by said Cl m otLen (See Exhib A ,ollha Publit A"), whos6 add N is (See Yaar - (SEE IB wA"). R8Gods Book 0766, at Page R6cords ot OSCEOLA County, 7700 W6 gat8 Boulevad (s Exhibh A,ot a Pubic rd in O ci Recods R rds ofOSCEOLA County, Exhibk A.l, inlhe paym tor wEsTGAn vAcAnoN VILLAS 0854, otMe Publit Records ot florid4 including e br6ach or Nimm,FL 34747 Said R ods ot OSCEOLA County, 8ook(S Mibrt A .atPage florida,intludinq le br6ath or p6rformaMa otthe obligations n Wa gate Boulevad Oscaola Coun,Florida (th6 datauW,notit6otwhichwass& sal6,be made hout Florida,inGludiqlh b aGh or (See Exhibk otthe Public d6tauW,noti o whichwa5B setu d by said Claim ot B NNimm86, fl 34T47 Said Plan").Tog8th6r whhthe right torfhin a Notice otDetauW and cov8nants,orwa amy,8xp N dafauW,notiteo whidwasset d5 otO EOLA Coun,toMin a Notite otDeauw and r old6d in omcial R ods sala will be made (wkho tooKupy,punuamtolh8Plan, lrk6nt to Fo los6 p ded or impli6d, ga ing tha tkle, forth in a Noti otDarauW and norid4 includin M6 breach or lmant to Fo&lo58 pDvid8d Book(S66 Exhibk.A .atPage cov8nan ,orwa aW,axp N Buildi -Unk (SEE HIBIT to th6 lart know addl8N ot po5s sion or 8ntumb nc6s) lmant to FoBlos6 pDvidad de uW,noticao whichwasset to the la known add ot (s68 Exh A,otlh6 Publit or i plied, garding F8 Mle, .A,uring Unh k ISEE Obligo (S66 Mibrf A,by to paythe unp d au85smants to the la know add N ot toMin a NotiGa otD6fauW and Obl o s),(S Exhibh A,by R8coTds ot OSCEOLA County, poa n or 8n M6s) QHIB .A,d Assigned Cerfifi 6girt8 d M,or by due in th6 unt ot (s68 Obligo (See ExhibhwA,by lntant to Fo&lo58 provided am agiAe d M,or by Florida, Gludinq h8 b ach or to paytheunp d a s Yaar - (SEE BIT .A . publiGationbydTaund s n8d Exhibh .A,whh ima am egist&ed M,orby to th6 la know addr6s5 of publication bythe und&s nad d8tauW,notic6o whichwass6 du6 in Ma amoun of (S6e wEsTGAnvAcATloNNuAs Twrfe,|| sal public a ing Ma e ot (Sea eublicationbyth6und nign8d Obligo SeaExhibh A ,by Tw,|| sall at pu forthinaNoticaotDetauWand Mibk .A,w h int6 77 tq 6 Bou ad aurtion to the high bidd& Exhibh.A p day,punuantto w ee, will 5&| publit c rm i&a d Mail orby au ion to th6 high6 bdd6r lnt6nt to Foraclose p vidad accwing th6 e ot (See Nim,L 34747 Said forlaw,nay ot a Unked lha fi a Plan, advancas, au ion to w6 highe bidd6r publital n by e und signed forlaw,nDn8y ottha Unk6d to the la& known add M ot Mibh.A")perday,punuamto sale,be mad ho k 6s ot ,on m6hom rf any, und et&ms otsaid torlaw,n6y ot a Unh d Tw s6|| al public Stat otAn&ca,onth6hom Ob (See Exhibh A ,by tha nma ha Plan,advanc6s, tovanam5,orwa ,axp N rf ot 6 la County Claim ot Lan, dagas and S at6sot ,on I6h t auc on to le highe bidd 8p5 ot a OK8ola CouW C6 egM&ad Mail orby rfany, und8rth6t8nN otsaid or impll d, ga ng th6 thl6, Cou hous6, 2 CourfhouE8 8xp 0tM6TW and0t rt6ps ot la OK la CouW lorlawM Dn8y otMe Un ed courmous6. 2 CouMousa publitation bythaundenigned Cl m ot L,tha as and poN8Nion or 6ncumb nc6s) Squa,KiNimm,Fbrida th6twm 8atedbysaidclaim Cour ou58, 2 Cou ous6 Sl ot ca,onth6hom Squa,Nuimm,F rida Twst68, will sell public 6 a0ttheT 88and0f to pay th6 unpad principal 34741, lrigM,trtl8andint6 otLen.Obligo slshallhavetha Squa,Ns m,florida ot th6 OKaola County 34741, lright,tkleandinl aurtion to the highert bidd th6tw 5c 8dbys dCl m balanc6 due und& th6 in m6 p par skuated in th6 rightto M6d8faultandany 34741,allright,trtlaandima Cou ou,2 CouMouse in Ma p 5 uatad in Ma forlawhlnDn8y ofMa Unked otL .Oblgo s)sh lhav6Ma Drfgag6 in the amount ot counS ot OSCEOL Florida, juniorlienholdershall havethe in e prop6 y skuBt d in the Squal,uimmae, Florida County ot OSCEOLA, F rida, Stat ot ca,on e hont rigMto theda uWandany (Sea Exhibrf A,m int8r6 das 6d as: (SEE HIBIT right to deem its intarest up Coun ot OSCEOL Florida, 34741,allright,trfl6andint8 d b6d a : (SEE HI8 eps ot tha OK la CouW juni lienhold& 5h,have T8 atcwing at the 6 ot (s66 A")Tlm8sha lm6 st(s)(sEE to tha datelhe Twstaa issu6s dascribad as: (SEE HI8 in th6 p party 5huat8d in M6 A Tl sha lm6 st(s)(su courmous6, 2 Courthouse right to d m hs im6 rt up Mibk A p day, punua HIB A according to th6 thB C6rtificate otSala by p ng wA")Tlme Sha lnt6r t(5)(SEE Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida, HIB A accolding to the Squa,KiMimme6, norida to th6 d e the T iuuas lo the Mortgage, advanc85, TlmeSharing Plantor ata the &nounts due as o ed HIB A acco ing to the d8Krib6d as: (SEE HIBIT fimaShari Plantor tgate 34741,allright,tkl6andima thacartmcateotsalebypa ng rf any, und& the t&ms ot Vacation Vlllas, |||, cial above. By: GREENSPOON Tlma Sharing PlantorW6 gat8 A Tlme Share lnt&8st(5) (SEE Vac ion lllas, wl, omcial in the pDp6rty situatad in the the amount5 due as outlin6d s d Mortgage, chag85 and R6cords Book 1202, at Pag6 MARDER, Tw 68. Vacation vlllas, Ql, omti HIBIT A"l acto ing to tha R6cords Book 0933, at Pag6 Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida, above. By: GREENSPOON 6xpans of he T rtae and 71, otM6 Publit R ord5 ot HIBIT A" - NoncE OF Retords Book 12,Page fin Sharing PlantorWa g e 0423, ofthe Public R8colds ot described as: (SEE HIBIT MARDER,L Tw ee. ot th6 hsts c ated by s d OK8ola County, florida he TRUSTEE'S ShLE 2720, otthe Public R ods ot Vat ion Vlllas, x, omcial O la CouW, norida ha A")Tlm6Shar8lnl8 (s)(SEE EXHIBlr wA" - NoncE OF MortgaR6. Mortgago s) shall Plan . Together wkh the right Owe sl Add u 8uilding Ost6ola Coun,Florida (the R s Book 27, at Page Plan . Tog6th6rwhhthB right HIBIT A according to the TRusnE's SALE hava t 6 right to cura lha tooccupy,punua othaPlan, Unh Waek Year TS Undivided Plan . Together wiM the rigM 2730, ot 16 Public Recods of to ocwpy, pukuanttothe Plan, fim6 Sharing PlantorW gate Owne s) Add N 8uilding d6taultand anyjuniorlianholdar Building-Unil (SEE HIBIT lnta S6ason unt Par to oKupy,punuanttoM6Plan, la County, norida (the Building-Unh (SEE HIBIT Vacation Vlllas, w, omcial Unk Weak Year TS Undivid6d shall hav6 th6 righ to r8d86m wA"), during Unk Weeh (SEE DiemCOLRaclnto Building-Unk (SEE HIBIT Plan ).Togather wrfhthe right A"), during Unrf Week (SEE Records Book 0927, Page ln a st Saason Amount P6r ks intere up to the date lha WHI8lT wA"), during Assignad AGNES M MORAN 642 A,during Unh w68k ISEE too upy,punuanttoth6 Plan, HIBIT A during ANign8d 2730, ofthB Public R6cods ot Diem COL R lnlo Tw 68iNu8sth8Certificat6ot Year - (SEE WHIBIT A . StraWord Rd Baldwin, NY HIBIT A"), during signed Building-Unk (SEE HIBIT Year - (SEE HIBIT A . Osceola Coun,Florida (th6 KIMBERLY COY 301 Court St Salebyp ngtheamountsdue wEsTGAnvAcAnoN NLLAS 11510, A 3, 48, ODD, Year - (SEE HIB A . .A") during Unrf Week(sl (SEE wEsTGAn vAcAnoN NLLAS Plan .Togetharwrththe right Apt2 B6|lai,Ml 49615-9534, aso lin above.By:Amanda 7700 We gate 8oul6vard 112, Flxad WeeklFixed Unit, wEsTGAnvAcATloN VILLAS WHIBIT A") durin2Assigned 7700 Westgate Boulevard to occupy,punuanttotha Plan, GG, 101, 3, WHOU, 1, Fixad L Chap n, A horized Agent. Nimm6e, FL 34747 Said $3,950.74, $1.18, 5253- 7700 WBstgat8 Bouleva Year (s) - (SEE IBIT wA"). Nimm88, FL 34747 Said Building-Unit (SEE HIBIT W86 x8d Unh, $3,051.84, EXHI8rr Aw - NoncE OF sale,be mad6 (wrfho 166-172; SHAHID NAWAZ KiNimm8e, FL 34747 Said wEsTGAn VACATION VILLAS sale will be made (wkho "A'.) during Unrf week(s) (SEE 81.O4,5266-318-323;NELSON rRumE's SAU Govanams,orw ,8xpl8M a NASREEN s NAWAZ c sale will ba made (wrthort 7700 w6 qat8 Boulevard cov6nants,orwa an ,8xp M WHIBIT "A' dunng ANign6d LAGINEN1O765 s Dixie Hwy Owe s) Add M Building Ot implied, rega ing lha tkle. 132 Po Box 7897 Riyadh, covenants, or w ty, 8xp N Nimm68, L 34747 Said or impliad, garding the title, Yaar (s) - (SEE WHIBIT A"). Erie, Ml 48133 o, GG, 101, Unit Week Year TS Undividad poMaMion or encumbran ) 11159 SAUDI ARABIA, AA, 6, or implied, garding th6 trfle, sale will b6 made (wkho poN8Nion or 6ncumb ncasl WESTGATEVACATION VILLAS 3, WHOLE, 1, Fixed weew lnt& t Season Amount p& to paythe unpaid au8Nm8nts 28, WHOU, 1, Flxed Wee poNeNion or ancumbranc ) tovenants,orwa anty,8xpPM to paytha unpaid aN8Nm8nk 7700 We gate Boulevad Fixad Unk, $3,051.84, $1.04, Diem MTG Rec lnto du6 in the amount ot (See fixed Unk, S3,722.71, $1.24, to payth6 unp d a ts or implied, regarding the thle, due in the amounl ot (See Kissimmee, FL 34747 Said 5266-318-323; BERNADmE JUAN,LOPU a JOANY Y Exhibit A,wrth int 52N-166172; FIRST MATRIX due in the amount or (s poaion or 6ncumbranc ) Exhib A,w h int&e sale will be made (without JIMENU a SAM JIMENU LOPU a BRYAN LOPU atcwing a the rate ot (See HoLDINGs,ucaA FLORIDA Exhibk .A,w h int&ast topay I6unpaidaN6Nm8nts aKwing at the te ot (See cov6nants,orw ty,exp N Po Box 466, den, MI49612, B SILVIA LOPU a ALWIS EwhibkwA")p8rday,punuantto coRPoRAnoN 5035 N w accwing at th6 rat6 ot (See due in th6 amount ot (See Exhibh A per day, punuan to or implied, ga ing the t l6, GG. 101, 3, WHOLE, 1, Fixed LOPU 1618 Fm 2468 Center, the fimesha Plan, advances, 106th Way Pompano Beach, Exhibk A p&day,pursuantto Exhibk A,wrfh in e st the Tlmasha Plan, advana, poss8Nion or 6ncumbranc8s) WeaMiwed Unk, S3,O51.84, TX 75935, J, 2. 43, EVEN, 1/2, rf any, underlha terms ot said FL 33076, AA, 12, 16, WHOLE, the Tlm85har8 an, advances, aKwing at lhe rale of (See if any, under Ma t8 M of s d o paythe unp d aN8Nm8nts $1.04, 5266-318-323; NASIR #| Saason-Floa WaehlFloat Claim of Len, chages and 1, Flxed Wea Fixed Unit, it any, under tha t8rM ot said Exhibk A parday,punuantto Claim ot Len, charges and due in the amount ot (See REHMAN AISHA REHMAN Unrf, $9,644.12, 84.59, 4861- axpanses ofthe T 66 and ot $8,159.01, S2.32, 52N-166- Claim or Len, chages and e Tlm6shara Plan, advances, expensas ol tha Twstee and ot Exhibit A,wkh i e 84 Avenue O BDoWy, NY 1295; KYUE J JOHNSON thet stsc atedbysaidClaim 172; DONALD SCHAEFER exp8ns6sotth6Tw 88andol rf any, und8rth8tB M ofsaid thet sc atedbysaidClaim aK ing lhe te ot (Sea 11204, GG, 101. 34, ODD, 140 Kent Blvd Salamanca, NY otL6n. Obligo sl shallhav6tha AND LAURIE SCHAEFER 300 the twsts created by s d Claim Claim ot Len, charges and ot Lan. Obligor(s) shall hava tha Exhibit "A") per day, punuant to 112,Season-float Wa6 14779, J, 3, 18, ODD, 12,rigM to CUR I8 datauW and any hnsat Slaunton, IL 62088, of Len. Obligo s) sh,have the 8 585 ot the Twst86 and ot rightto cu the detauH and any the Tlmeshare Plan, advances, Float Unh, 82,635.81, 8o.84, Season-ho noat Unit, junior lianholder shall hava the A 12, 16, WHOUBB1, Flx6d rightto I8th8d6tauWandany th8t stsc at6d bysaid Claim junior li8nhold6r shall have the it any, under the terms of said 5266-31&323; CHARLES L S9,221.o4, 84.33, 4916-2397; right to de&n hs i up Wee xed Unrf. ,159.01, juniorli6nhold& sh,hava le olLen.Obligo s)shallhavethe right to I8d88m ks int up Claim of Len, chag and HOBERTY 4024 Melboume ROBERT E JOHNSON II 98 to the date the T 86 iswes S2.32, 52N-166-172; SCOTT rightto d68m s int up rigMtocu thedafauWandany o he d e Me Twstee iNu85 expenses otth6Twst and ot Cir lndianapolis, IN 46228- KENT BLVD SALAMANCA, NY tha cartmcate ofSale by paying ROBERSON 607 State Hwy to he date the T iNu junior lienholder shall have the tha c8rfmtat6 of Sale by paying the twst5 cr6at8d by said Claim 6781, GG. 107, 14, WHOLE, 14779, J, 3, 18. ODD, 112,the anDunls due a5 o lined 165 Suke 1 Branson, MO theCerfifit eotS abypa ng right to d86m rts inteRst up tha unts due as olrtlin8d ofLen.Obligo s)shallhavalha 1, Flxed WeeklFwed Unit, Season-flo Wee Float Unit, above. By: GREENSPOON 65614, A 12, 16, WHOLE, the amounts due as outlined tothe datethe Tw ee iNu8s abov6. By: GREENSPOON rightto cu thedelauWandany $3,051.84, $1.04, 5266-318- $9,221.04, $4.33, 4916-2397; MARDER, uP, T st68. 1, Flxed WeeklFixed Unit, above. By: GREENSPOON Meca mc 8otsal6bypa ng MARDER, Twstee. junior lienholder sh,hava the 323; nMoTHY w ATKINS 15 MARGARITA MOLYNEAUX HIBIT A" - NoncE OF $8,159.01, 82.32, 5253-166- MARDER, T ee. the nt5 dua as o rtlined EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF right to deem its im&est up Waye Ln RoNvill8, GA 30741, B MIRIAN ECHEVARRIA 10 TRUSTEE'S ShLE 172: GORDON M ANDERSON WHIBlr A" - NoncE OF above. By: GREENSPOON TRUSTEE'S SALE to the dat6 the T ee iswas GG, 108, 35, ODD, 1/2, Fixed May St NoM Hav6n, CT Owna sl Add M Building s MARILYN A ANDERSON TRwnE's MARDER, LLP, Twstee. Owna s) Add u Building the CerfificateotSale bypaying WeaM ed Unk, S3,242.48, 06473, J, 3, 23, MN, 112, Un Week YaarTS Undivided 7550 T Dr Fort Worth, M Owner(s) Addr8N Building WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Unh w66k Y6ar TS Undivided the amounts due as o linad 8o.99, 52 31&323; ANGELA ,Season-Float WeaMlo lm st Season Amou P6r 76180, BB, 6, 19, WHOU, Unrf Week YearTS Undivided TRUSTEE'S SAU lnt6ra Season Amounl Per above. By: GREENSPOON J ATKINS 309 w Lake Ave Unrf, $9,439.94, $4.49, 4916- D m COL Rec lnto 1, Flxed W88Mix6d Unit, lntarest Saason A Dunt Par Ownarls) Address Building Diem COL Rac lnto MARDER, LLP, T stee. RoMvill8, GA 3071 -1236, 520; snPHANIE L LEAVEU BMRLY A U MS 10357 S3.722.71, 81.24, 5253-166 DiemCOLR,o Unrf Week Year TS Undivid DONALD MC CARW 237 s WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF GG, 108, 35, ODD, 112, Fixed a J L FITZPATRICK We CampanaDrSunC ,AZ 172; GRH DEVELOPMENTS ERIC F THOMPSON a lnt S6ason Amount Per Singley Dr Locust Grove, GA TRUSTEE'S SALE W68Mix8d Un,$3,242.48, 3900 N Radding Rd Muncie, 85351,sss,204, 19,WH0U, INC Chan& court,me Maill BMRLY A THOMPSON D mCOLReclnto 30248-4537, BB, 5, 47, EVEN, Owner(s) AddB5 Building 8o.99, 5266318-323; ROBIN IN 47304. J, 3. 23, ODD, 112, 1, F ed WeaMixed Unk, P.o. Box F-42683 Fraepo,1313 Fm 2919 Rd Baa5 y, ROXANA J RODRIGO 5615 1 2, Fixed. $2.560.98. 8o.79, Unk Week Year TS Undividad L STACHOWSW a WENDY M ,Season-Float Waa Float $1,935.01, 8o.71, 5244-590- B AS, cc, 5, 40, MN, N 77417, uL 1, 2, MN, Glad6 HillDrive wood,TX 526J2697-2702; EVA MC lntal8 Season A Dum Par SALVATO 2060 sw Woodside Unit, $11,019.71, $5.26, 4962- 593; armE SEGURA 18014 1n, Flxed WeeMixed Unk, 112, #| Saason-hoat w68w 77345, E,1,3O, N. 112, #| CARLEY 1011 Saint Augustine Diem COLR lnto Way Palm c,n 34990, 393; MONIQUE RICHARDSON N 134th Ave Sun c y We,S4,2o8.27, 81.14, 5253-166- Float Unrf, $2,660.98, $0.79, n-flo WaeMloat Unrf, Pkwy LOW GDV8,GA3O248, JUDY BURGER 1181 Ronl6a GG, 110, 13, MN, 1,Fixed 6309 OAK MIDDLE CT APT AZ 85375-4923, sss, 204, 19. 172: EDWIN v DALBY 26 5265-2734-2739: TOV UE 81,17o.2o, 8o.42, 5265-2703- BB, 5, 47, MN, 112, Flxad, DrMiWord.OH4515O, E. 1, 19, W86M ed Unh. $2,184.48, 103 RICHMOND, VA 23231, WHOU, 1, Fixed WaaMixad Newbugh St et Elmont, NY MC KINNEY a LOLA MC 070B; LUIS VILLANUNA B 82,56o.98, $0.79, 5265-2697- WHOLE, 1, Fix6d WeeMixad SO.66,52 318-323:ROBERT J, 5, 20, EVEN, 1/2, All Unk, $1,935.01, 8o.71. 5244- 11003, cc. 6, 17, WHOLE, KINNEY 203 Monume Dr nREslTA VILLANUEVA 2325 2702: JANICE R MALLANEY Unk, 85,186.74, $1.62, 5266- L SANFORD AWA G Saason-Fbat Waa float Unit, 59 593; ENRIQUE LOZADA a 1, Flxed W86klFix6d Unit, Tupelo, MS 38801, LLL 8, A on St et Philadelphia, 1110 Cypr8N Ln Joli6t, IL 388-393: KEITH ELDRIDGE RUSH 15 Mirando Pl Dumam, $9,645.01, $4.57, 4846-2407; PAULALOZADA9286NCkw5 S3,7w.71, S1.24, 5253-166- 40, WHOU, 1, Fixed Weekl PA 19152, E, 2, 28, EVEN, 60435-3220, cc, 6, 36, EVEN, a VIRGINIA ELDRIDGE 86 NC 27707, GG, 201, 1, ODD, EMERSON E LLANUNA Spring Blvd Dunnellon. FL 172: BEATRICE B SHAW Fixed Unh, 83,487.31, S1.o5. 1 2, Fixed WaeklFixed Unit, 1/2, Fixed. 82,66o.98, 8O.79, Kanungum Trail SheNon, 112, fixed WaaMixed Unit. s GILDA J VIUANUEVA 161,sss, 208, 23, WHOU, 14801 p moWh CroNing 5265-2734-2739; WNNETH S1,246.28, $0.42, 5265-2703- 5265-2697-2702; TIMOTHY CT 06484, E, 2, 9, WHOLE, $2,028.74, $0.69, 5266-318- MM Rd Spring valley, 1, F ed W Mix Unrf, p uth, Ml 48170, cc, 7, L SCOTT 128 Royal Pine Cir 0708; CARLA L MORGAN A MALLANEY 2359 whh6 1, Fixed WeeklFixed Unit, 323; CHRISTOPHER TAKACS NY 1 77, J, 5, 30, ODD, 1 2, $3,020.34, S1.o4, 52445 - 1, WHOU, 1, Flxed Weekl N Apt cl Roy p m Beath, 123 Him Ave Lansdowne, Birch Ln Apl 101 Jolial, IL $1,920.98. 8o.71, 5266-388- a UNDA L MULLANEY 720 ,n-Float weewno 593; G L ROSS 1025 Ewert F ed Unrf, $3,722.71, $1.24, FL 33411-8672, MMM, 1, 37, PA 19050, E, 2, 43, EVEN, 5-M51,CC,6,36, EN 393;B0BG.uwlsaLINDAG. 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