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July 27, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 27, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 2T, 201& PAGE 35B 1938, 26. ODD, 112, Fixed above. By: GREENSPOON Appointment of Twstee Weekl Float Unk, S5,421.16, ODD, 1l2, #| Season-float ORANGE County newspaper, rish losing ow6nhip ol your to Sec ion 721.856, Florida Week/Fixad Unit, $6,453.16, MARDER, Tw 86. recordad on 03 211201 8, $1.42, 2017-0543859; LATOYA WeeMloat Unit, $6,4N.16, providad such a newspaper timesha i ast through the Statutes. Please be advised $1 .76, 2017-0543857; GEORGE HIBIT A" - NoncE OF under Document lnst ment T SAUNDERS B BRIDGrm $1.76, 20170576915; GABRIEL exi s at the time ot publishing. t ee to cbsu p cedure that in the event that the debt PAGAN 7249 66th Sl Glendale, TRUSTEE'S SALE no. 20180162677 of Me A CARTWRIGHT 36 Arawatk AVIERAV3-28CallePedroSan lt you tail to cure tha detauW 6stablish8d in Seclion 721 .856, owed to HiWon is not paid wkhin NY 11385-6931, 1900, 1942, Owne sl Address Building Public Records of ORANGE LaneApt No 2 F eport, F42443 Miguel San Juan, PR 00921- as sat to h in this notice or florida Statrtes. Any right thirfy-fiva (35) days a er Rceipt 50, EVEN. 1/2, Fixed Wee Unrf Waek Year TS Undivided Coun,Florida, by ason BAHAMAS. 2400, 2415, 11, 3610, 1900, 1916. 50, ODD, take other appropriate arfion you may have to Pin5tat8 the ol this notice, the undenigned Fixed Unit, 86,669.96, 81.68, lnterest S6ason TS Phase ot a now continuing detauW NEN, 1l2, All Saason-Floal 1/2, All Season-Float Wee wkh rega lo lhis toRtlosuR mortgage aR& atteleration T stee 5hall pDceed w h the 201 7-0543857; JEANmE Amount Par Diem COL Rec lnfo by Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf Wee Float Unit, 86,799.96, Float Unit, $6,453.16, $1.76, maWer, all sums due and will be punuan to the terms sal6 ot the Properfy as pDvid8d PAGAN 1920 Stanhope St, JASON A GOMU 490 momas .'A"), whose add ss is (See $1.68, 2017-0543859; MARY 201 7057691 5; DONNA Y owing undar the Nole and ot the mortgage. You may in Sertion 721.a56, Florida Apt 2 Flushing. NY 11385- Ave Tuch6 on, NJ 08087, Exhibit "A"), in the payment or M SMALLS a QUATANAH COLON 8745 Richads Ln Lyles, Morfgaga shall be accelerated choose to sign and send to Stat es. Pursuant to Se ion 1236. 1900, 1942, 50, EVEN, 1500, 1531, 9, ODD, 112, Fixed performance ot the obligations M CHISHOLM a DENISE TN 37098-2903, 1900, 1917, and will batoma immediate tha und6nign8d tw ee the 721.856, Florida Stat es, the 112, Fixed WeehlFixed Unrf, WaaMixed Unrf, $6,453.16, secured by said Claim ot Len SMALU a ALEXANDRIA 41, ODD, 112, All saason-noat dua and payable. Additionally, enclosed obje ion form. undetsigned Twstea shall: (1) 86,669.96. 81.68, 2017- $1.76, 20170543860; MARIE retorded in omcial Records SMAUS 112 Wes 60lh W66k/Float Unil. 86.453.16, as a re ult ot the detauW. you exe ising your right to obje Provide you wrfh wrmen notica 0543857; EUZABETH E s GOMU 206 E Oahboume Book(Sae Exhibk A ,atPage Street Savannah, GA 31405 81.76, 20170576915; wrm risk losing own6nhip ot your to the use of the t slee oftha sale, includingthe date, MARTELL 4427 Treehouse Ln Ave Galloway, NJ 08205-3910, (See Exhibrf A"), of the Public o, 2400, 2426. 48. WHOU, HOPKINS 409 Mcarthur Dr timesha inta st through the fo clo5ur8 pmedu . Upon tima and location the of: (2) Tama c, FL 33319, 1900, 1945, 1500, 1531, 9, ODD. 1,Fixed Records of ORANGE CouW, 1,Season-Float Wee lleen, M 76541, 1900, 1925, t stee to closure p cedure the undenigned twstee's R6cord the notice of sal6 in 2B, EVEN, 1/2, Fix6d w WeeMixed Unrt, $6,453.16, Florida, including the bPach or Float Unk, S5,995.36, $1.88, 8, ODD, 1 2,Season-flo 8 abli5h8d in S6rtion 721.856. &eipt ot your signed obje ion the Public Racods of Orang6 Fixed Unit, 86,799.96, $1.68, 81 .76, 201 70543860; detauW, notice ot which was sel 2017-0543859; AUREDA L WeeMloat Unrf, 85,61O.32, florida Statutes. Any right form, the to&losu ot tha County, Florida; and (3T Publish 2017-0543857: MARIBEL MOHAMMAD H BALAPARYA forth in a Nolice otDefauW and LEE a ERIE w SMITH P.o Box 81.52, 20170576915; RW you may hava to reinstatethe mo gage wrth r p to the acopyotthenotiteofsaletwo MARTELL NIEVES 124 van 293 Tumpihe Rd Westborough, lnt6n to For8clos6 p vided 683 moma5vill8, GA 31799, A KING B DONALD J PAVASE mortgaga aWer accel ion delauW sp6cmad in thi5 notite (2) times, onte eath week, lor Buran St Naw Bedtord, MA MA 01581-2826, 1700, 1715, to the last known add N 2400, 2432, 22, NEN, 112, 1808 Cozumel Dr Mansfield, will be punuanl to lhe t&ms shall be wbj to e judicial two (2) succaMiue w88k5, in 02746-1552, 1900, 1945, 28, 28, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed Waek/ of Obligo s), (See Mibk All Season-Float Wea Float M 76063-5901, 1900, 1941, ot the mo gage. You may fo losure pD duR only. an Orange Coun newspap&, EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMixed Fix6d Unk, 85,917.OO, $1.45, "A"), by Cartifi8dlR8gist8r6d Unit, S5,345.N, $1.40, 2017- 40, ODD, 112, All Season-float choose to sign and send o You have the right to cu pDvid8d such a newspape Unit, $6,799.96, 81.68. 2017- 201 70543860; MARVIN G Mail or by publication by the 054 859: COLIN R BROWN W66k Float Unit, 86.4N.16. the undersigned twstee the your d6 uW in the mann s6t axists at tha time of publishing. 0543857; STEVEN MARnu SANDS B GHANDI NIXON undersigned T stae, will sell 112 Brick TE East StDudsbg, $1 .76, 20170576915; EVERARD enclosed objection form, forth in Mis notice any tima lf you il to CUR tha de uW 17 Cou St Boston, MA SANDS Po Box F42O98 at public aurtion to the highest PA 18301-9344. 900, 911, 2, G HORNE 2410 Benjamin E axarcising your righl to objerf bato the t rtee's sale of your as sat fo h in this notica or 02108-2601. 1900, 1945, 28, F port, BAHAMAS, 1800, bidder tor la ul money ot the EVEN, 1 2, All Season-Float Mays Dr SW, Apt 26 Atlanta, to the use of lhe t stea timesha int6 st. lf you do not take other appropriate atlion WEN, 112, Fix6d WeeW xed 1825, 12, MN, 1/2, Flxed United States ot #nerica, in the w86w Float Unit, $5,873.48, GA 30311-2457, 1900, 1963, foreclosure proceduP. Upon obje to the us6 ot the twstea with regard to this for losu Unit, $6,799.96, $1.68, 2017- WaaMix6d Unk, $6,799.96, lobby ot Surfe 500, of Capkal $1 .45, 201 7-0543859; 19, ODD, 112, #| Season-Float lh6 und6rsigned twst6e's tor6closuP pDcadure, you will ma er, all sums due and 0543857: MARIA E AGUILAR $1.68, 20170543860; HELEN L Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine MICHAEL p JACKSON B LA WeeMloat Unit, $6,4N.16, r8c6ipt of your signed objaction nol ba subjartto a deficiancy owing under the Note and 22137 Prospert St Haywad, WILSON 58 Wanan Pl 2 New Street, O ando, Fl 32801, NEEKA M GILBERT JACKSON S1.76, 20170576915: HAmE torm, the toreclosure ol the judgn nt even itthe procaeds Mo gage shall be actelerated CA 94541-2672, 1900, 1967, Haven, CT 06511-2735, 1800, all right, tkla and interest in 3725 Big Hom Ct Ellenwood, A BATCHELOR 4129 aina mortgaga with respect to the tDm the sala of your timesha and will become in nedi aly 23. ODD, 1l2, noating, 18N, 35, EVEN, 1l2, Flxed tha properfy 5huat8d in the GA 30294, 900, 966, 17. EVEN, Ave Loganville, GA 3 52- d6tauW sp6cified in lhis notice inte t are inwmcient to due and payable. Add ionally. $6,453.16, 81.76, 2017- WeeMixad Unrt, 86,799.96, Counly ot ORANGE, norida, 1 2, #| Saason-Float W86kl 7543, 1900, 1963, 19, ODD, shall ba subjert to the judicial oWs6| tha amounts secu d by as a rasuN ot the detauW, you 0543857; JOSE FLORES 1614 S1.68, 20170543860; JOSE L d6scrib8d as: (SEE HIB Float Unrf, $4.718.36, S1.23, 112,Season-Float Weekl to&losu proceduR only. th6 li6n B GREENSPOON risk losing ownenhip ot your 81st Ave Oakland, CA 94621- VEGA a MARIA E MORALES "A") Tlme Share lnte&|(sT 2017-0543859: Float Unil, S6,453.16, $1.76, You hav6 the right lo cu MARDER, LL,T ea. im6 har8 int6R th ugh the 2342, 1900, 1967, 23, ODD, Q3o Calla 4 M La Milagrosa (SEEWHIBIT A")asdefinedin Ju ,2T,2O18 20170576915; us DABEL your detauH in lh6 manner s6t NIBIT n" - NoncE OF twstee tor losu pDc8du 1/2, Floating, $6,453.16, $1.76, Bayamon, PR 959, 1800, the Daclaration ot Covenants, L 169365 a DANIELLE DABEL 6070 torth in this notice at anytime DEFnuLT AND,TO 8stablish6d in &ion 721 .856, 2017-0543857; ROBERT B 1835, 24, ODD, 112, Fixed Conditions and Restrirtions Autumn Vlew T Nw Acworfh, beto the twslee's sale of your FORECLOSE Florida SlatLhes. Any nght INGALLS aTANYAAINGAw WeeM ad Unk, $6,453.16, tor W85tgat8 Lakes |, OMcial GA 30101, 2100, 2122, 19, timesha interart. ltyoudonot Com No. Und dedTenant you may have to instate tha 581 Wata B nd Churd 81.76, 20170543860; DAVID R ords Book 5020, Page NoncE OF TRumE's EVEN, 112,Season-Float obj toth6 use ofth8t st66 lnte al Pha Ocwpancy morfgage aRer accalaralion Rd Stanlonsbug, NC 27883- J MC CUUOCH 35 Lobelia 327, otth6 Public R olds ot SAU W68Mloat Unh, $6,799.96, foBlosur8 p cedu,you will DetauW Date M tg Rec Boohl will b6 pursuam to the t6 9184, 2000, 2016, 37, MN, Clos6 ma Vln6ries Gillingham, o Coun,florida ehe wEsrGAn Lnws,81.68, 20170576915; KRISTAL not be 5ubj8rt to a d6fici6ncy Pag6 nou PerDiem of the morfgag6. You may 112,hoating,S6,799.96,81.68, ME7 2QF ENGLAND, 1800, Pl,and al dm |(s) n .oT11 frRomR) o THOMPSON 4 Wlne Ridge judgment 6v8n it the p ceeds Ownen(sVObligo s) ln thoose o sign and sand to 2017-0543857; LAWONNIA 1844, 39, MN, 1n, F ad th6 to, rf any. TogeMer wkh On .oBlo&2o18' at 11:00 AM, Dr Palmy,VA 22963-2707, homthesaleotyourtimesha Commonlnt Com INo.(sT tha undenigned tw ae the BROWN 115 w Hildale D8tDil. w88k 6d Unk, S6,8o4.35, th6 right lo occupy, punuant GREENSPOON MARDER, 2100, 2125, 36, ODD, 1n, inte a insumtientloowset orDocu &t owedAmoum anclosed obje ion torm, Ml 48203, 21,2114, 21, S1.68, 20170543860; CHERYL to th6 Plan, Building-Unh(s) 201 E. Pina Sh t, Surta #| Season-Float W6aW the amounts secured by the Add N 8x6rcising your right o objatt EVEN, 1l2, Floating,S6,53O.96, A MC CUUOCH 35 Lobalia (SEE HIB A,during Unrf 5,O ando, norida 32a01, no Unk, $6,453.16, S1.76, mo Baqe. By: GREENSPOON EWOT PmR ROCK and to tha usa ot th6 t st86 $1.65, 2017-0543857; WIUIE Clo58 m6 Vlneri Gillingham, W66k(s) (SEE HIB A"), as T ee punuant to lhat 20170576915; CRAIG T MAR R,UP Twstee. CANDICE NATAUE MARI- loreclosure procedu . Upon v BROWN,| 20212 Mu ay ME7 2QF ENGLAND, 1800, durin Assignad Yea s)-(SEE Appointm6nl of T 6a PALMER 12510 sw 184th EXHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF ROC UN 8, 14-16 ROKER lhe unden ned tm 88's Hills St D6trorf, Ml 48235- 1844, 39, MN, 112, Fixad WHI IT "A . wEsTGAn &oded on 03/21/2018. St Miami, FL 33177-3157, DEFnuLT AND INTENT TO STRE sow CRONULLA, r aipl otyours n6d ob rtion 2129, 2100, 2114, 21, EVEN, WeeMixad Unit, $6,804.35, LAKES 10,000 Turkey Lake undar Dotument lnstwment 2100, 2125, 36, ODD, 1l2, FORECLOSE NSW 2230 AUSTRAU torm, the tore osu ot 6 112, Floating, 86.53o.96. 81 .65, 81.68, 20170543860; TRACY Road Orlando, FL 32819 Said no. 20180161792 ol the All Season-Float Wea Contrart No./ Un 66k 0.02842,7702-1 7, mo gage whh r p to th6 2017-0543857; ROY SHERMA JENKINSON 255 Ga h Road sala will be made (without Publit Racods of ORANGE Float Unk, $6,453.16, $1.76, Occupancy Mtg Rec Bookl |.vrwo BEDROOM, EVERV datauW sp8cifi6d in this notice MAUNICK 70, Folden Lane Mo en London, SM4NF covenanls, orwa anty, exp s County. Florida, by reason 20170576915; CHARLES Page DetauW Da e Amount Par YEAR, 41512017, 10662 l 7631: shall be subje to tha judici Buq6# Hill, RH15 ODX ENOLAND. 1900, 1913, 27, or implied, gading th6 trfle, ot a now continuing d6tault JENKINS 6828 Evanton Loch Diem 84,879.71; 82.41; THOMAS fo closure prot8durB only. EN LAND, 21,2122. 32, EVEN, 112, Flwed poM6ssion or encumbrantesT by Obligo s). (See Exhibit Rd Cha one, NC 28278- Owne (s)/Obligo sT or WILUAM um ooD JR. You have the right to cure ODD, 112, Fix6d WeeMixed fixed Unk, $6,799.96, $1.68, topaylheunp daueumen A . whose add N is (See 8011,-2100, z126, 40, ODD, Dotument# Past Due Amount 5863 WINDSOR FAUS LOOP, your defauW in he mannar set Unil, $6,453.16, S1.76, 2017- 20170543860; MUHAMMED du6 in th6 amoum ot (See Exhibrf A"), inthe paymen or 1/2,season-noat Wee MRKLAND HADEN ARLINGTON, TN 3 -5396 forth in this notite at anytime 0543857; SONIA E PERU CHUGHT 255 Gar Road Exhibk A"), wkh int6 st parformance otthe obligalion Float Unk. S6.453.16. S1.76. MILBOURNE SURGEON, TRACY ANN Ll OOD b6tor8th8lw 88'ssal6otyour CATALAN 71 WarPn Stre& Moden London, SM4NF actwing al the rate ot (See securad by said Claim otLen 20170576915; JOSEPH M 4325 BYRON AVE, BRONX, and ANN OOD, 5863 tim6shareinter8 .ltyoudonot Apt 1 Stamtord, CT 06902, ENGLAND, 1g00, 1913, 27, Exhibit A perday,punuantto racoded in omcial Recods KELLEY 1044 Belleview Dr NY 104661607, SANDRA G WINDSOR FAUS LOOP, objarttolhe use otth8twst86 2300, 2315, 48, EVEN, 112, EVEN, 1n, Flxed Week/ th6Tlm65ha Plan, advantes, Book(See Exhibk.A"),atPage Laheland, FL 33811-2643, SURGEON, 1O SOUTH 2ND ARUNGTON, TN 38002-5396, toraclosure pm6du,you will All Saason-Floal Weekl Float Flxad Unk. $6,799.96. $1.68, it any, under lhe terms ol said (See Exhibit A,ot lhe Public 2200, 2211, 8, ODD, 1/2, AVE STE 5, MT VERNON, NY 0.02842 9b, 7806-13, vll. not be subj6rt to a deficiency Unit, $6,634.46, $1.68, 2017- 20170543860; MONTRICE Claim ot Lien, chag and Recods ot ORANGE Coun,All Season-Float Weeh/ 1055o; 654/950R4, 51/3&18, 1w0 BEDROOM; WERY judgme even rfth6 pro 0543857; KEVIN L KENNEY a c DYE 1326 Petke Dr Saint 6xpans6s oftheTwstee and of Florida. includingth6 breach or Floal Unil. 86.453.16. 81.76. NERY YEAR /EVERV MN YEAR; v14l2o1 7; 10972 hom th6 sale of yourtimesh TOI D KENNEY 3266 Fa nia Louis, MO 63138-2337, 1900, the t sts created by said Claim d6tauN, notice ot which was s6t 20170576915; SHANON R NUMBERED YEARnvERY / 3857; $5,512.88: 82.72; int8r6st aP insumcient to St et Piwsbugh, PA 15204, 1914, 49, EVEN, 112. Fixed otLien.Obligor(s)shallhavethe torth in a Notite ofDetault and BIGELOW a ROBERT w ODD NUMBERED YEAR. DEANNA SUE SINMUND and otket lhe amounts saw d by 2300, 2324, 20, ODD, 112, W68Mix6d Unrf, $6,824.96, right to cu lhe default and any lntent to Foreclose pDvid8d BRAINARD 3748 Calliandra Dr 1 0662/7225, 51112017. JEFFERY LANCE SIEGMUND, lhe lien By: GREENSPOON ,Season-Float Wee ho $1.68, 20170543860; CARLOS junior lienholder shall have the to lhe last known addrass Sarasota, FL34232, 2200, 2234, 84,214.58; 82.o8; TORI 21535 ROSEHIU CHURCH MARDER, LL,T ee. Unit, 86,o28.67, $1.70, 2017- M DYE 54 Bawens Cir Leola, right to redeem its imerest up ot Obligo s), (See Ewhibrt 39, ODD, 1/2, All Season-Float CASTRO, 750 MILLER ST RD TOMBALL 7x 77377, WHIBIT "AH - NoncE OF 0543857; FRAT M IQBAL PA 17540, 1900, 1914, 49, to the dalethe Tw ee issues A"). by certmad/Registered WeehlFloat Unrf, 85,6o6.2o, APT 308, SAN JOSE, CA 0.0161500 gb, 4607-44 o, DEFAULT AND INTENT ro 40 s. Cole Ave 414 Spring EVEN, 112, Fixed week/ theCerfificateolSale bypaying Mail or by publication by the $1.52, 20170576915; NOELIA 95110; 544, 52, EVERY YEAR, lv. 2w0 BEDROOM, ODD FORECLOSE Vallay, NY 10977. 900. 912. 39, Flxad Unk. 86,824.96, 81.68, tha amounts due as outlined undersigned Twstee, will sell L BERROSPI 620 Lvingston 2016018201 o. 511 /201 7; NUMBERED YEAR, 4141201 7; Contrart No./ Undivdad Tan t EVEN, 112, All Saason-flo 201 70543860; GLADYS s above. By: GREENSPOON at public auttion to the highest St 1st Floor Elizabeth, NJ 85,274.25; $2.60; KAREN A 110201 ; 82,762.36; $1 .36; lnte al Phase Ocwpanty Weeh/ Float Unil, 86,799.96, CRUZ Po Box 3502 Bayamon, MARDER,LLP, Twst EO, idder tor lawhl money ofthe 07206, 22,2235, 36, ODD, BUONICONTO, 11 TIFFANY JOHN WILUAM ROSS 810 DetauW Date M tg Rac Booh/ $1.68, 2017-0543857: DIUP PR 00958. 1900. 1921. 29, HIBIT "A" - NO nkedStatesotAmerica.inthe 1/2,Season-Float Wee CIR, wEsnlELD, MA 01085; MATTHEWS COMMONS DR Page Amount Per Diem BALACHANDRAN 2660 EVEN, 112, Fixed We6h/ TRUSTEE'S SALE lobby ot Surte 500, ot Capital float Unk, $6,453.16, 81.76, 544, 52, EVERY YEAR, APT 13, MATrHEWS, NC owers(sVobligor(s) ln Aquaitaine Blvd Apt 4H o Fixed Unk, $6,799.96, $1.68, Owne s) AddPN Building Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine 201 7057691 5; HAVDEN D 20160182010; 84,976.38; 28105 129 nRl JEANNE Common lntere ContDl No.(s) Mississauga, ON L5N3K4 20170543860; RAMON Unit We6k Year TS Undivided St et, Orlando, Fl 32801, SHARPE 383 Lake DrAtlanta, $2.45; TYSON o CANTU, CAYOT RON, 2908 WIUIAMS or Document w Owed Amount CANADA. 900. 912, 39, EVEN, AGUAYO Po Box 3502 lnterest Season TS Phase all right, tkle and interast in GA 30354, 23oo, 2325, 28, 9125 EUCALYPTUS DR, sTAnoN RD, MATTHEWS, NC AddPN 1/2, All Season-Float Weehl Bayamon, PR 00958, 1900, Amount Per Diem COL Rec lnto the p perty situated in the ODD. 1/2, #| Season-Float BAKERSFIELD. CA 9M06- 28105-1231, 0. 167 09b, JOSEPH A. ALSTON 16 DEPOT Float Unit, $6,799.96, $1.68, 1921, 29, EVEN, 1/2, Fixad NELY A VARELA a JORGE R Coun of ORANGE, Florida, Wee Float Unit. $6,453.16, 6729; 910, 50; EVERY 0.0323000 9b: 5704- ST UNIT 5, HOUSATONIC, MA 2017-0543857: DORIS J W88Mix6d Unit, 86,799.96, VARELA 4310 sw 54th Ava described as: (SEE WHIBIT $1.76,20170576915;DELORES ODD NUMBERED YEAR, 44. 6412-2. v, vl, 21 01236 HEATHER N. ALSTON, MULLINGS 5615 S T velars $1.68.20170543860:UYEN DO Davie, FL 3314, 1700, 1713, A' fime Share lnt6r8st(s) M SHARPE 4309 Gladys 20170087983: $2,470.39: TWO BEDROOM, urwo 26 HIGH ST, HOUSATONIC. Palm Ln Tama c, FL N319- 2007 Kuehnle Ave Allantic c,2, EVEN, 1/2,Season-Float (SEE HIBIT A' as d inad in Ct McDonough, GA 30252- $1.22; FRANCIS ANTONIO BEDROOM, EVERY YEAR, MA 01236-9701 , 6185, 900, 928, 27, EVEN, NJ 1-1619, 1900, 1924, Waakl Float Unit, $6,755.96. the Declaration of Covenants, 3703, 2300, 2325, 28, ODD, PENA and LINDA Y FIGUEROA, EVERY YEAR, 413/201 7; 0.01615000000,3504-48E; 112, Fixed WeaW xed Unk, 21, MN, 1/2, Flxed Wee 81.68, 2017-0543859: DULW Condkions and Restri ions 112, All Season-Float WeeW 88 WADSWORTH AVE APT 10855 / 3793: 88,156.61; |||, 2w0 BEDROOM, rVEN 86,799.96, $1 .68, 2017- Flx6d Unk, $6,799.96. $1.68, JACQUET a EDNA JACQUET tor Weslgate Lakes |, O cial Float Unit, $6,453.16, 81.76, 1, NEW YORK, NY 10033- 84.o2; LORRI LEIGH NUMBERED YEAR, 512012017, 0543857; ALLEN J AARON 20170543860; CHRISTOPHER 23 Beacon St N2 Hyde Par Recods Book 5020, at Page 20170576915;PAMECIA LLEE 7067; 372, 48, NERY HAWR. 242 E PEARL ST, 10645/933; $2,926.00i 2226 S6asons Pkwy NO rOM, A MARSHAND 1598 36th MAO2136.17OO 1713.8.ODD. 327, ofthe Public Recods ot 363 Manhall Rd Pine Grove, EVEN NUMBERED VEAR, OWATONN MN 55060-2422, $1.44 ALPHONSE THOMAS GA 30093-3170. 900, 937, 29, St NW wimer Hav6n, FL 1 2, All Season-Flo Weeh/ Orange Coun,Florida ( he LA 70453-2148. 2400, 2426, 201T216518: 81.845.5o: 8o.91. 0.00973 9s; 1504-40 E; ALLEN and ANGELA NICOU EVEN, 1 2, Fixed W86Mix8d N881-1930, 1900, 1965, Float Unrt 84.622.o6. 81.38. Plan"), and all am6ndm8nt(s) 44. ODD, 112. #| Season-floal Ju 2O,2T, 18 ! |; VrWO 8EDR00M: MN MILLER, 4218 PATH WAY Unlt, $6,799.96, $1.68, 2017- 18, MN, 1 2, Flxed w68kl 2017-0543859; YOLANDA M tha to. il any. Tog&har wrth WeeMloat Unrt, S6,4N.16, L 169255 NUM8ERED : 1095T1 CT, FRESNO, TX n545, os43857; DOLCIE M AARON Fixed Unk, 85,912. o, $1.45, WILSON 201 Marais St, Unrf lha right to occupy, punuant &1.76. 20170576915; JAMES 7710; 411012017; 83,wo.91: 0.01420000000,770449 o: 12 Willowick Dr Lithonia, GA 201 70543860: TIFFANY J c New Orleans, LA 70112- to the Plan, Building-Unit(s) M MUMAW JR 216 Ohio 81.59; JOSEPH E. O'NEILL |; 2w0 BEDROOM; ODD 30038-1722, a AUEN J. MARSHAND 206 Venhra 3378, 1700, 1713, 27. EVEN, (SEE HIBIT A"),during Unit Ave Wadsworth, OH 44281, NoncE OF DEFAULT ^ND and FEUC# M. O.NEIL NUMBERED YEAR; 512012017; AARON, 2226 Seasons Pkwy, Bhd, Unh 2209 Woodland HI5, 1/2, All Season-Floal w86 Week(s) (SEE WHIBIT "A"), 900, 943, 41. ODD, 112, INnNT TO FORECLOSE 10305 BERKSHIRE ROAD. 2016 18975; S3,N7.3O: NOrCDN, GA 30093-3170, CA 91364s673, 1900, 1965, Float Unit, $6,799.96, $1.68, during AMigned Yaar(s) - (SEE,S6ason-Float waew TUSCANY VILLAGE BLOOMINGTON, MN 55437, 81.65; JARROD LAWAN 900. 937, 29, EVEN, 1 2, Flxed 18, MN, 112. Fixed w68hl 2017-0543859; CHARLOTTE J HIBIT "A"). WESTGATE Floal Unit, $6,453.16. 81.76, vAcAnoN SUITN - 0.01 1325 ; 6715-30 PRUl 16748 AL HIGHWAY WeeMixed Unk, $6,799.96, fixed Unk, $5,912.00, 81.45, WOODS alAsa DARRELBIAS LAKES 10,000 Tu ay Lake 20170576915; CANDACE 38687. 24 E; vl: 110NE BEDROOM; 20, HILLSBORO, AL 35643- 81 .68, 2017-0543857; 20170543860; PATRICIA A SR 1013 Hungerfod Rd Lake Road O ando, FL 32819 Said D MUMAW 7344 Denny Dr Pursuant to Sartion MN NUMBERED YEAR; 4000;0.01163500000 ;5501- Ju,2T, 18 TAYLOR 423 Gomam Rd Cha es, LA 70615, 1700, 1732, sale will be made (without N Ridgeville, OH 44039- 721 .856, florida Statutes, 411 4/201 7; 201 60573237, 19 E; v; 210NE BEDROOM, L169363 S o ugh, ME 4074, 2100, 10,MN,1/2,Allseason-noat covenants,orwa an ,exprass 4038, 900, 943, 41, ODD, the und8rsign6d Twstee $3,489.56; 81.72; CHRISTINE EVEN NUMBERED YEAR; 2123, 34, MN, 112, Fixad Waakl Float Unrf. 86.799.96, or implied, galding tha tkla, 1/2, All Season-Float w86h/ a5 appointed by HILTON PATNODE, E1182 DENVER 5121/201 7; 201 60443608; W Mixed Unh, S6,252.52, 81 .68, 2017-0 59; MARION poNeNion or encumbrances) Float Un,$6,453.16, 81.76, RESORTS coRPoRAnoN w, EL C ON, CA 92021- $2,958.50; 81.46; SANDRY NoncE OF TRusnE's 81.61, 20170543860; ROBINSON 186 C ss C Bk to paythe unpaid aM8Mm8nts 20170576915; me inaRer relenad to as 4775, 0. 265 00009b: KAY BOWERS 20526 NE 9TH SALE DOROTHEA BROWN a Dr Midway, GA 31320-3920. due in lha amount or (s68 Ju 2O,2T, 18 HiWon") hereby formally 3702-47; |||; VONE PL. NORTH MIAMI BEACH, n wEsTGAn LAKN,MICHAEL CARTWRIGHT a 1700, 1733, 41, EVEN, 112, Exhibk A,th interest L169366 notifies you that you have BEDROOM: MRY YEAR: 33179-1931;0.01615 0 , 2T& . g6 (GOMV VANESSA PRATT BMonwood All S6ason-Float WeaW float accwing at the ta ot (Saa detauWed under the Not6 and 411012017: 20160584237: 0.01420000000g6, 6110- On 0&08/2018 at 11: AM, Ave Pinewood Gardans Nassau, Unit, $6 799.96, $1.68, 2017- Exhibrf A p& day, pursuant lo Mortgage recorded in O.R. $4,087.1 o: 82.O2; DENNIS 2 O. 78 -50 E, N a |. GREENSPOON MARDER, N8647 BAHAMAS, 2100, 2136, 0543859; PEARL ROBINSON the Timashare Plan, advanc6s, NoncE OF DEF^ULT AND Book(SeeExhibit"A")atPage, CARR, JR 1106 WENK DR v o BEDROOM, v uP, 201 E. Pine St 6t, Suite 27, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed w66k/ 650TupeloTrl.Apt6 Hinasville. it any. under tha terms of said INnNT TO FORECLOSE (SeeExhibrt A PublicRecords SAVANNAH. TX 76227-7806, TWO BEDROOM; ODD 500, O ando, florida 32801, Flxed Unh, $6,799.96, $1.68, GA 31313-3425, 1700, 1733, Claim of Len, charg6s and ORLANDO vAcAnoN ot O nge County Florida, by 0.0195940 ; 7107-17 o; NUMBERED YEAR; MN as Tw ee punuant to that 20170543860: ANTolNrm 41. EVEN, 112 Season-Float expenses otlha Twstee and ot sums II 3 . w tailing to make the payment Nl: WREE BEDROOM; ODD NUMBERED YEAR, 511912017; Appointmem ot Tw ee DEAN Bu onwood Ave w66kl Float Unh, 86,799.96, lhet s created bysaid Claim Punuant lo Sertion due on (See Exhibh A") and NUMBERED YEAR; 411312017: 20160661718; $4,322.60; recorded on 03 211201 8, Pinewood Gardens Nassau, $1 .68. 2017-0543859: LATOYA ot Len. Obligo s) shall have the 721 .856, Florida Statutes, all subsequent payments. You 201 70215521 ; $3,006.07: $2.13; SHEUY ANN und6r Docum6nt lnstwmant N8647 BAHAMAS, 2100, M MYERS 331 E Lnden St rightlo cu the detauW and any the undersigned T stee cu ent owe Hilton the amoun 81.48; MICALA D. EVANS and DEJESUS 11801 HOOSE CT. no. 20180161908 ot the 2136, 27, MN, 1l2. Fixed Kenne Squa,PA 19348- junior lienholder shall have lhe as appointed by HILTON of (See Exhibit "A") with int8r6st BRENT E. COCHRAN, 22250 FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22408; Public R6cords of ORANGE WeaklF ed Unk. 86,799.96, 2910, 1700, 1762, 16, ODD, rightto Rde6m rfs inta sl up RESORk CORPORATION acc ing at the rat6 ot (See GREEN HIU ROAD AP 66, 0.011325000009b; 6701-20 Coun,norida, by ason 81.68. 20170543860; HARRY 1 2, #| Season-float w68hl tothe datethe Twst86 iMu8s ePina er Rf8n8d to as Exhibrf.'A parday,wrth gard FARMINGTON, Ml 48335, o; vl; VONE BEDROOM, of a now conlinuing detauW L CHILDRESS a ANITA Floa Unk, $6,150.76, $1.72, the certmcata ot Sala by paying HiWon") he by tormal to the tollowing raal prop6rty 0.011325 : 4206-17 o; ODD NUMBERED YEAR; by Obligo s), (See Ewhibh CHILDRESS 5422 Hazel St Bt 201 7-0543859; MICHAEL the amounts due as outlined notmes you that you have located in Oranga County, lv; VONE BEDROOM; EVEN 5/23/2017; 1 098015458; .'A'.), whose addrass is (See Bayown, M 77521, 2200, J CORP 15 Lak6sida Ava above. By: GREENSPOON detaulted under the Note and florida: A (See Exhibh A") 9b NUMBERED YEAR; 4l5n017; $2,713.60; 81.34; MONICA Exhibit "A,in the payment or 2242, 17, ODD, 1/2, Fixed Mechanicville, NY 121 18-3 3, MARDER, T staa. Mo gage Rcod6d in O.R. undivided tenant in common 20160619521; 83,215.49; LINDA XIMENU 18211 performance ot tha obligations WeeMixed Unh, $5,610.32, 1700, 1762, 16, ODD, 112, EXHIBIT Aw - NOTICE OF Book (See Exhibk A at Page, inte in Phase (S66 Exhibrt S1.59. BULVERDE RD APT 5106, secu d by said Cl m ot Lan 81.52, 201705438a0; All Season-Floal weew Float TRusnE's SALE (See Exhibk '.A") Public Records A") ot TUSCANY VILLAGE Ju 2O,2T, 18 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78259- Goded in O cial R6cords CARLOS,ARANA Av6nida Unit, $6,150.76, 81.72, 2017- Owne s) Address Building ol O nge Coun Florida, by VACATION SUITES, as L 169257 3T27: 0.00973 09s: 1604- Book (s Exhibit A ). at Page Arambu . 979 San lsidro 0543859; MICK p DAITV 15o Unrf Week Y6ar TS Undividad failing to make th6 paymenl described in the Detlaration of 21 E: |: vrwo BEDROOM; (See Mibk A T, of th6 Publit Lma, 00027 PERU, 2300, N Spring St w 2 Bloomfield, NJ lnterest Season TS Phase due on (See Exhibit "A") and the Covanants, Conditions and EVEN NUMBERED YEAR: Records ot ORANGE Coun,2311, 19, EVEN, 1l2, Fix6d 07003, 1900, 1932, 25, EVEN, Amount Per Diem COL Rec lnlo all subsequent payments. Restrirtions tharaofas racoded NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 51281201 7; 20160573109: norida, intluding the braath or WeeMixed Unk, $5,912.00, 112, All Season-Float w86kl ERIC L TROTTER a RACHEL You currently owe Hilton in O.R. Book 6630, Page INTENT ro FORECLOSE STEVEN D. MAGEE 2500 w detault,noliceotwhichwasset 81.45 20170543860: EUY Float Unrf, $6,655.96, $1.68, L MARYAN 1030 Ha est the amount ot (See Exhibrf 4259 in tha Public Recods TUKAN LLAGE 108TH ST BLOOMINGTON, torthin aNoticeofDafauNand RODRIGUU a MIGUEL p 2017-0543859; ROBERT w Home Cir S nt Peten, MO .'A") wrfh intarest acc ing at of Orang6 County, Florida, vAc^noN sums - MN 55431-4012 SARAH R. lntent to Fo&lose provid6d RNAS 1N53 Kingsman Road HOBBS B ROBIN E HOBBS -1616, 1500, 1511, 1, the rate ot (See Exhibit A") and all amandments the to T. MAGEE, 4635 OLD KENT RD, to the last known addr8N Dale C y, VA 22193, 2300, 316 Abshi Cir Ardmora, OK MN, 1/2, All Saason-Float per day, wrfh r6gad to the (the Daclaralion"). Grant Pursuant to Sertion WCELSIOR, MN 55331-9268, ot Obligo s), (s68 Exhibk 2326, 19, ODD, 112, Fixed 73401-6941, 1900, 1935, 35, weeklnoat Unit, 86,799.96, following real p p6rty located owns a Type (See Exhibit A 721 .856. Florida Stat es, 0.02265000000 ; 621 5-23, "A"), by Certifi6dlR6gist6r6d WeeMixed Unk, 85,61o.32, EVEN, 1/2, All Saason-float $1.68. 20170576915; IDA L in O nge County, Florida: Vacation Own6nhip in a (See the und8nign6d T ee vl; 210NE BEDROOM; YEAR; Mail or by publication by th6 $1.52,20170543860; ROBYN c Wee Float Unh, $6,799.96, SISNEROS 114 E HoggaW St Assigned Unk Waek No. (See Exhibrf A Suke and shall be as appointed by HILTON 512&2017; 20170215615; undenignad Twstaa, will sell o NEIL 625 s Con85tosa Street $1.68, 2017-0543859; ULIANA Santord,TX 79078, 1700, 1712, Exhibk A ANign8d Unk No. qui d to make a &e ation RESORTS coRPoRAnoN $4,214.00; $2.08: at public au ion to th6 higha Philadelphia, PA 19143, 2400, LONDONO 6J0SE v BURGOS 27, ODD, 112,Season-Float (See Exhib A otORLANDO tor a Surfe, whh ave (s &einaWer t to as Ju ,2 ,2O1B bidder tor lawhl mon6y ot the 2422, 33, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed 13969 86th Ave Jamaica, NY WeeklFloat Unk, 86,461.96, vAcAnoN sulns ll, as Exhibk A") octupanty righls in HiWon") h y tormally L 169258 United Stat6s ot Amarica, in the W Mixed Unk, $5,912.00, 11435, 2200, 2214, 37. NEN. $1.76, 20170576915; FELIPE describ6d in th6 Decla tion accodant6 with We provisions nolm you lh you have lobby of Surfe 500, ot Capital $1.45, 2017-0543860; ESTELL 1/2, All Saason-Float Weekl GONZALES 250 s Univ6nity ot Condominium thereof as ot tha Declaration. Together defauW6d und& th6 Nole and Plm Building 1. 201 E. Pine JONES 1101 Hook Rd, Apt Float Unit, 86,755.96, $1.68, Ave Provo, UT 84601-4423, recorded in O.R. Book 5196. wkh an appu enant undivided Mortgag6 ded in O.R. NoncE OF DEFAULT AND S et, O ando, fl 32801, 104 ShaDn Hill, PA 19079- 2017-0543859; GERALD J 1700, 1712, 27, ODD, 112, Paga 632 in lhe Public Recods intarast in common alamanls of Booh (See Exhibk A at Page, INTENT TO FORECLOSE all right, t le and inte in 2445, 2400, 2422, 33, EVEN, BEAUGU 311 Sevenlh s,Season-Float Weekl ot O nge County, Florida, the Projert as described inlhe (SaaExhibit A PublicRecods TUSCANY LLAGE the p pe y 5kuat8d in e 112, Fwed Wee xed Unk, Bay St Louis, MS 39520-2219, Float Unrf, 86,461.96, 81.76, and all am6ndm8nts thaRto Declaration. Project 48- lnte al ot Orange County florida, by vAcnnoN sums - County ot ORANGE, Florida, $5,912.00, $1.45, 2017- 2200, 2216, 10, EVEN, 112, 20170576915; AUCE M he Declaration . Grantee Control Number(s): (Saa Exhibk t ling to make tha payment 3 8T. 1 described as: (SEE WHIBIT 60: JOEMIKE LUGO All Season-float Wee float ROMERO 352 Se ano Ave owns a Type(See Exhibk A A")8122Ar zzoWay,O ando. due on (Sae Exhibk A' and Pursuant to Sertion .'A") Tl P Sha lntere (s) 34 E SeWzer St Philadelphia, Unrf, $6,799.96. $1.68. 2017- sama Rosa. NM 5- Vacalion Ownenhip in a (See FL 32821, m6r6in Tlme Sha all subs6qu8nt payenls. You 721 .856, Florida Statrtes, (SEE WHIBIT '.A ) as defined in PA 19134-3308, 900, 911, 0543859;WENDY D BEAUGU 2118, 17,1712, 27, ODD, Mibrf wA") Surfe and shall be Plan propa y) Addr8M"). As cu& ow6 HiWonthe unt th6 und6nign8d Tw ea the Decla tion ot covenams, 20, EVEN, 112, Fix6d Wae 36 Chantilly Ter Bay Saint 112, #| Season-Float Weekl qui d to mahe a r a ion a re5uW ot th6 ator6mentioned of (See Mibh A wrfh i e st as appointed by HILTON Conditions and Restri ions Fixed Unk, $6,799.96, $1.68, Louis, MS 39520, 2200, 2216, Float Unrf, $6,461.96, $1.76, for a Suka, wrm ave (See detauW, HiWon hereby el a wing at the te ol (See RESORTS coRPoRAnoN for W65tgat8 Lakes |, O cial 20170543860; LUZ N OCASIO 10, EVEN, 112,#ISeason-f1oat 20170576915; NICO S Exhibk A")occupancyrightsin lo sall the p par punuant Exhib A p&day,Wh gad mereinawer Rt8 to as R6cods Book 5020, at Page F St Philadelphia, Weehl Float Un,$6,799.96, KOCK B OTMAR KOCK accordance wkhthe p sions to Se ion 721.856, Florida to the tollowing al p HiWon") ha by formally 327, ot lh6 Public R6cords of PA 19134, 900, 911, 20, $1.68, 2017-0543859; JOSE v a TAYRINA ARRINDELL of lhe Detlaration. Together Stat es. Please be advised loc 6d in O 6 CouW, notme you that you hav6 Orang6 County, Florida (the EVEN, 1 2, Fixad w86kl ROMO JR a MEDAIDA ROMO S aringslraat No 9 San Nicolas, with an appurfenant undivided that in th6 event lhal the deb Florida: A (S Mib A gb d8fauW6d under the Note and Plan"), and all ndm6nt(s) Fixed Unrf, $6,799.96, $1.68, 4207 YveWe Dr Pha,M 78577, ARUBA, 1700, 1752, 28, ODD, int8r6s in common elements owed to HiWon is no paid w hin undividad tanant in mmon Mo gage &oded in O.R. therelo, it any. Togathar wrm 201 70543860; GUADALUPE 2200, 2226, 18, EVEN, 112, All 112,S6ason-Float w86h/ ot the Projacl as dascribed in thirty-five (35) days a er receipt inta in Phasa (s Exhibrf Book (See Exhibh A at Page, the right to occupy, punuam APARICIO 215 45th St 2nd Season-Float Weekl Float Fbat Unrf, 86,453.16, $1.76, the Dacla tion. 6924 Grand of lhis notiG8, the unde igned A ot TUSCANY VILLAGE (Sea Exhibit A"l Public Retords to the Plan, 8uilding-Unk(s) noor Union c y, NJ 07087, Unit. $6.755.96, 81.68. 2017- 201 7057691 5; DEANDREA Vacations Way, O ando, T ee shall proceed with the VACATION sulns, as ot Orange County Florida, by (SEE HIBIT A ), during Unrf 900, 926, 33, EVEN, 1l2, Fixed 0543859; GERALDINE A GAUS L COLUNS 1507 Autumn FL 32821, Building e in sale of he Proper as p vided described in the Declar ion ot tailing to maka lhe pay6nt Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A,WeaM ed Unrf. $5,912.00, 164 Scenic DrBad ow. KY Ridg6 Cir Re on, VA 2O194- Tlme Share Plan (P per ) in S6 ion 721.856, Florida h6 Cov6na s,Conditions and du6 on (Sae Exhibh A and during ANign8d Yea s)-(SEE 81.45, 20170543860; LUIS 40004-2177, 2300. 2313. 25. 1547, 18OO, 1814, 44, ODD, AddPss"). a resuW ot St utas. Punuant to Se ion R6strirtionsth&8otas&od8d all subsequent payents. You HIBIT A"). wEsTGAn APARICIO 166 Sherman St EVEN, 112, All Season-float 112,s son-noat Weehl the ato mentioned d&auw, 721.856, Florida Statrtes, the in O.R. Book 6630, Pag6 cu entlyowaHiWonthaamount LAKES 10,000 Tu ey Lake m Passaic, NJ 07055-4808, Waehl Float Unrf, $6,755.96, Float Unrf, 86,453.16, $1.76, HiWon hereby ale s to sell the und6nign8d Twsl6a shall: (1) 4259 in Me Public Records ol (Sae Exhibit A wkh inteR Road Orlando, FL 32819 Said 900, 926, 33, EVEN, 112, Fixed $1.68, 2017-0543859; WUY 20170576915; JORGE Proparfy pursuant lo Sertion p vida you whh wrmen notice ot Orange Coun,florida, accruing at lhe rate ot (See sale will ba made (wkho rt WeeklFixed Unit, $5,912.00, L GEBHART 344 Meadowood A VELASCO B JUANA B 721.856, Florida Slatutes. of lha s a. intluding the date, and,a dments the to Exhibit A")perday,Wh ard cov8nanls,orwa an ,8xp M $1.45 20170543860; AL Road Louisvill6, KY 40229, MARnNu 6205 Chippewa PI8a58 be advi58d that in the time and location thePof: (2) @6 D la ion . G ee to the following pDp8r or impliad, garding th6 thle, SIMS B BELINDA SIMS 1334 2300, 2313, 25, EVEN, 112, Dr Norfh L la Rotk, AR evant that the debt owed to R6cod the notice o sale in owns a Type (s Exhibk A loc 6d in Orange Coun , possession or encumbranc ) Bramblewood Dr Lakeland, All S6ason-Float We6 72116, 1800, 1822, 2, ODD, Hilton is not paid wkhin irty- tha Public Records of Orange Vatation Ow ip in a (S86 florida: A (S6a Exhib A to pay the unpaid aN8N Bnt5 fl 33811, 900, 953, 19, Float Unk, $6,755.96, $1.68, 112,Season-float Weekl fiv6 (35) days aWer eipt ot Coun,Florida: and (3) Publish Exhibrf A Suhe and shall be undivided tenam in rmnon due in the amount ot (S MN. 1 2, Fixed Weekl 2017-0543859; VERONICA C Float Unrf, $6,453.16, $1.76, this notice, th6 undersigned a copy ot lh6 notice of sale two qui d to mahe a &e ation in erest in Phase (See Exhibh Exhib A,wM inte Flxed Unrf, $5,940.99, $1.45, GONZALU 10227 vale 20170576915i VERIAN K T staa shallproceed wrfhthe (2)timas, once each w6ek, tor for a Suhe, wM eve (Sae A ol TUSCANY VILLAGE acc ing at th6 6 ot (See 20170543860; Dr Houston, M 77089, 2300, JEFFERS 3719Armo Ln Yo,sal6 ottha Prop8rfyaspDvid8d two (2T suct8Nive weeks, in Exhib A oc pantyrigMsin VACATION sulns, as Mibrf A"Tperday,punuamto Ju,2T, 18 231>, 37, NEN, 112,PA 17408-8805, 1900, 1914, in Sa ion 721.856, Florida an O nge County nawspaper, aKordant8 wh Me p visions described in the Declar ion ot the Tlmashara Plan, advantas. 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