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July 27, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 27, 2018

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PAGE 34B HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUL 2T, 2018 of Sale. by ading c8rtm6d and any junior inta Molder hnds to the Tw ee payable DocuBNo.2O16O6281O7ot Mexico GunERRu a DAND JOSHUA &|| rigM, t le and intere in DANIELS 4520 Ste ing Polm6 nds to e T ee payab n y red s int&e . tor toMeLanholdarintheanount the publit &ods of O nge Noti is he by given that GunERRu 1812 Rose w the pDp8r skuated in the Dr Nw Kennesaw, GA 3 152. toth6L8nhold8rin 8&nou a minimum d of lor - of 8784.16, plus inte county,Florida he.Len .me onAugu 17.2O18at1O:OOAM B an, TX 77802, 17 . 1746, County ot ORANGE, Florida, 2500, 2N5, 36, WHOLE, 1, of t1O,994.2o. s d hlnds r five (45) day until the Tw (c culatedbymultiplying$O.O9 amount Bu d by he en is in the omces ot Manley Deas 37,EVEN,112,AllSaason-Flo described as: (SEE HIB,Season-Float WaeW Float cu or demption wrt be iyues the amcate ot Sale. tin sthe numb8rofdaysth& the principal ot the mortgage KoGhalski LLC, Suhe 1540, klFloa Unh. S6.799.96, .A fin Ma lnte (s) Unh, S5,995.36, S1.88. 2017- ed bythe Twrtee beb me Len be w d by haue elapsed sinc8 Ju 13, dueintheamounlotS8,797 8ank of A rica Centar, 390 81.68, 201T-057691T: (SEE HIB A asdefinedin 0543858; RANDY J GARDNER th8c8rtmcat8ofsal8 iMu8d. ading certmed tunds to 2018), plus the corts ot this togetharwkh inte rt acc ing NorfhO ngeAvenue,O ando, VERNARD s MCPHEE a the D laral n of covenams, a CANDIE Y GARDNER15214 An pa n. other than the Tru payable to the pmeeding. Said tund5 tor on the principal unt due Florida,thebllowlngdescnb NNILUNE c MCPHEE 3 CondkioM and Re rirfions JenningsLanaMhch&hille,MD the bligoras otthe date ot Lenholder in e amou ol cu or emption mu be al a per diem ot S3.T4, and fi sh Owenhip lnta rt Hand&Rd ,CR56716 for g e Lakes |, O cial 20721, 900, 926, 32, EVEN, lding this Noti ol SBI6, S12,437.68. plus int B8 6d by Me T ee befo tog&herwhh the s otthi5 a F xVacat nsCondominium B s, 17,1762, 38. R s B k 5020, a Page 1 2,Floating,S6,799.96,81.68, t iming an int& in th6 (caltuleedby wwip ng o.24 8c8rtmcal80tsal8isisw6d. pmeeding and ,toratotal willbaoR tors e: MN, 112,S6ason-flo 32T, ot e Public R o s ot 2017- 858; VERNITA L wplus hom Me sala ot tha tim le number otdays & N hoBA.Woo,Esq. enDumdu8asofM8d 8otth8 vol Number 2132N-01, Mlo Unk, S6,799.96, O& CouW, norida he PAmRsoN2311 HolyeldLn abovep .rfany, w file have aaps siM8 Ju 10, V 8N.Edg omb8BDwn, sale ot S11,9v.42 (.A Dunt an Annu Type, Numb& 81.68, 2017-0576917; CICELY . en,and,m8nt(5) Ka,TX T7493, 9 S6934, 25, lb d 2018), p s Me ot bq. Sew dbyMeB . ot vol Owership Poims SCOTT 656 Rench Rd, th&&o, w any. Tog8th6r w h MN,1l2,Fb in,T89.96, ngy be nsible r any p ing. s d h nds r David,Esq. me Obligor has Me right to 95,700, and vol Numb& Apl 2 Be e Gl e, FL - Me ght to otcupy, pu uant S1.68. 2017- 858; ENIE and aH unp d ndomin m or on mu be Dav Cr r,Esq. cu this detauW and any junior 2132N-02, an Annu 4181, 1,1834. 20, MN, to the Plan, Bui ing-Unh(s) JESSIE Jacbon w bth duaup & v by the T ae b&o MichaelE. Ca aton, Esq. int holdet may r eem Typ8, Numb8r ot vol Ow- 1 2 se n-noal w EE HIB .A .during UnW 2 Hou on, m T7 -5987, to the ti ot ban t,8B 80tS&8i5lMu6d. asTw eepunuanttoFla. ks int8r6 up to the dele the enhip Poims81,o,in the floa Unrt. 6,799. . t1 (5) (SEE HIB .A,9,9N, 40, EVEN, 1n, | iMluding los8 owed by M6 Da dCan ,Esq. Stat. T21.82 Tw 86 sues e c6rtmGa6 Flex c n Own hip 2017D5T6917: LUIS WGA dul gn8dY8a s)-(SEE se -noat Flo& Obligor or prior ow&. Vele e N. Edge mbe BDW, P. o. Box 165028 or s&8, by ing am Plan. olding and su D#NA VEGA 1635 sw Hl .A . wEsT n Un,S5.641.21. S1.43, 2017- Oavd c Esq. Esq. Columbus, OH 432165028 hnds to Me T payab j to e F x ns 70 Ave Mia,FL M155. LAWS 10, Turkey Be 858; V&6na N. Edg mba 8DW, cy Dav,Esq. Te one: 407404-5266 to th6 L nho & in e unt Ded tion ot Va ion 1800, 1842, 19, MN, 1n, Ro&d oado,n 32819 Sa Ju ,2T, 18 E5q. N rDlasA w,W T % 614-v0-5613 ot 11,9W.42.S dhnds r Ow ipPlan(.D B -,-Fb&,b6 Qd6 (w rt L 1&9382 Wia D&vid, kq. Md aaE.c on, . Ju,Zr, 18 w or t n w be tion,as &old in O - Un,W,912 t1.45, 2017- cov s,orw ,exp ss Nwh asA . E5q. asTn punuamto F L16 ad byd eTwrtee bafora tl&| R6colds Book 108g3, 7691T;CHARUSV LS0N OF lied, gading tha thle, M ha6| E. Ca & . Esq. sB. 1. e c8rtmG 8 ofsae is iuu . Page 1223, Public Records 6 MADEUNE M LSON po ion or Gumb ) NoncE OF TRumE's Tw punuanttona. P.o. x165O28 An person, olh& than of O e County. Fb da 1019 Odelle Cir M no,top yMeunpa MU Slal. 1.82 Colunbus. OH 432165028 NONJUDIC L the bl or as otthe dale ot and all a Bdn ms and GA 302N. 1,1911, . in the unt ot (s wEsTohn UKU | P.o. x165O28 T8|8phonB: 40T404-5268 PROCEEDING TO Boding this Notite ot Sale, supplemen Me to the WHOU, 1, #| n-Fb Exhlbk A,wrm & n . ou Colunbus, OH 43216-5028 Tel p% 614-w0-5613 FORECLOSE CLAIM clair ng an inta in e Daclaration. M Un,t6,M2.59, lng a ee ot (s On &zo18 a 11:00 AM, TeBphone: 4074 -5266 Ju,2T, 18 oFuENBYTRusnE wplus hom lhe s e ot e me de uW g ing rise to S1.88, 2017- 7691T; AMIN Exh .A p day,pu uamto GREENSPOON MARDER, Telec ier. 614-220-5613 L16 FILE NO.: 17D00597 abov8p ,rfany,mu fil6 thes eis e lu to n ka H UNDSEY DEUHARN fi&a P n,adv,201 E.Pina t,SuWe Ju n, 18 BELLA flORIDA acl m.m8wK lb d payBs as B rth in 18 D CHAVIS 1425 BBr Bridga rfeny,und I8t8nMofsaid 5,O ando. Florida 32801, L 169432 CONDOMINIUM m be nsib any Mortgage 8nwmb6ring Me Rd 1308 AuA&|. GA 3016a. CB n ot L6n, dalg8s and as Tw punuant to m NONJUDIC#L ANoc noN, INC A and,unpa condominium fin rnare Ow ip lnt 21,2112, 11. EVW, 1n. otMeT andot Appointm6nt ot Twstee PROCEEDING FLORIDA coRPoRAnoN, n nlsM n dueup as old8dinO cialR olds,n-F thetruWc atedbysa Cleim Bod6d on 0312112018, NONJUDIC L TO FORECLOSE Bhold,to We time ot tranrfer ot thl6, Docu ntNo. 20160114798 ot Unk, g8.799.96, S1.68, 2017- otLen.Obllgo s)shallhavethe undar Dow nt ln wment PROCUDING TO MORTGAGE BY vs. including Mo58 owed by the lhe public &o s ot O n2e 7691T; CHE L D G rigMtowr ede uWandany no. 201801 234 ot 18 FORECLOSE CLAIM TRusnE HARRV N. HuNnR, Obligor or prior owar. County, norid& he LB . 26 Shadow Dr Ashev[lle. NC junbrlBho ershalhavethe Publ[c R ords ot ORANGE OF uw BYTRumE nLENo.:1T-042869 cHRlsnNAM.HuNTER. Da d Cr r, Esq. Th6 &TDunt cu d by e 2 ,21 ,2125,36.MN. rightto bi Aup County. Fbr a, by ason FIUNO.:1T 2359 PALMFINANC#L RYAN H. HuNnR, KERRIE L Vale e N. Edgetombe B w, L6n is e principal ot the 1 2,n-no to I8dal8 8T A isw ot a now nulng dee VILLAGES KEY WEST SERNCES, INC A FLORIDA HuNnR Esq. mo gage due in e Tmm Fbal Unh, t5.912. . S1.45, eot byp& ng ba Obl o s), (s Exhib CONDOMINIUM coRPoRAnoN, Obl or ria David, E5q. of a1,43&.82, t w 201T- 7 1T; BIWE J d unbdua as ou ned,who add ls ls AssoclAnoN, INC A L nho &. TRW'S NoncE OF NcholasA,E . im& a wing on e DERREBERRY 1 . B GRUNSPOON Exhlbh.A . the mo FLO DA coRPoRAnoN, vs. u Mida& E. Won. E5q. p n pa untdua a Rd s,NC 28TT& ER, Tw . m nc6 ot the obllg ions Lenho &, PmR DURHAM, DEBORAH T Hany N. Huth6r, 123 as Tmrt puRuant to na. d m ofS14.38, and toge &,21 . 2125. 3&. MN, NlalT.n -NoncEoF d by E d Cl m ot Uen vs. DURHAM DURHAM PLACE, Longwood. sB. 721.82 wrmtheto sof ing 1 2,Se -Floal TR nE's gnu ed in omtial Reto s KOP G. DJ N, Obl or FL 327T9 P. o. Box 165028 ands e.foratot untdue Fb& Unk, t5.912 1.45, Ow&s) Add Building Book BExhibk A ,e Paq6 JANET HSU TR ~S NoncE MriQina M. Hum,2313 Columbus, OH 432165028 as otthe da e otthe s&6 ot 2017-0576917; SEAN G Un k Year n Und ided (Saa hibrt.A .ot a Publc Obligor OF FORECL URE PARK LLAGE PLACE, T8|6phon8: 4074 -5266 S49,125.16 rAmoum S u d M Spankey Rd Swannano& lm n TS Phase R ods of ORANGE Coun , TRumE's NoncE PRocn NG Apopk& fl32712 T6Bopi8r: 614-220-5613 by the Len . NC 28T78-9237, 21,2125, umP DancoLR lnto Florida, includiqtheb ch or OF FORECL URE TO: P6 RyanH.Hune,7263count Ju,T, 8 me Obl or h the rightto 36,MN,1n,n-Fb JACQUEUNE w PERRY deBW,n,o whKhw PROCEEDING 49 v6 y G s Club Dr e, Pa 8nB Hills, L169Q w th deauwandanylunbr Un W.912 COURTNEY E ST 408 inaNot otDe&Wand TO: Hakop G. djian Homchu h RM113NX MO63121 im om n t1.45, 201T T691T; m A &mRdlmD.K,lm nt to FoB pDvid8d 18Springville Unk d ngdom Kerrie L Hum 2313 Pa sinl&8rtupto F8d&8 I8 G 452 k Rd e, 1T,1T45. 31, WHOU, to the ow add w. LauB. NJ h Dumam Vlllage p,Apopka FL NONJUDIC L Tw iy 6 B e NC 2 -&T41, 21 . 2125. 1,- ot Obl o s), (Sae MlbW Jan&Hsu 498ave s 32712 PROCEEDING of,by irg rtm 3&,MN,1n,Au - Unk, W,9T9.78, 1.8a, AI, by C,e d 18Sprigil Homthu RM113NX No y g en & TO FORECLOSE hnds to e TwAee payab WMb Un W,912. . 201T ; KIMBERL M,orby publ n br & . Lau |, UnW m g 17.2O18 1O: AM MORTGAGE BY toMeL nho ln e m 1.45, 20|7- T 1T; p K N BERNARD v und&9lgnad Twrt6e, wil gall YOU ARE NonnED a YOU ARE NonnED Wa ln lao s otMan& Daas TRusnE of t49,125.16. s d hnd r p MODY 28 Bl&ck Ho 6 ATwAnR 36T0 D publlc urtlontothehlgheA TRumE's NON UDK L TRusnE's NONJUDIC L K ls uc. SuWe 1540. nuNo.:18- GU or Rd8 ODn w b p |,NJ 2-z855. DESaginaw,Ml 1.1,b tor w,eyorth PR E ING b p EEDl to a Bankof & . 390 sHERAToNn vAcAnoNs, &ehedbytheT rt ba woo, Q12. 39, MN, 1n. 1812, 41, EVEN. 1n, F ed UnW W&t of inthe a L B s rt ha9 in lrf8don 8 No 6Avenu6.O ando, Lw,AFLoRIDALIMmD theC rt teotSa lsissued -no& ad UnW, t6,815.5T, lobby otSurte5,otC W& on the folb ng fi a,ngT &shlp ho d&d e,wlngd bed L 8lLnvcoMPANY, An,o tB Unh.W,912. .t1.45.2O1T- t1. . 201T ; m Bul 1,2O1 E. 6 Dlnt& Key lm at Bay Laka Tow r at n sha Owne&lp lm6 A Lenhold&, tha ligorasot I6d 8of T 1T; STNE YNW o ERON onL J, n 32601, Condomln m describad as: Dlsn ont R &t BelB honde Condomlnium v5. ldlng Nol ot,ANNrm YNES 3418 KROCHI DE C DE N aN gM,t and t rtin Unh k 01, in Unk as: willba to : ASHWCURTISENGLAND. c m g an rf& in w Pi Top Dn v,n c 1om1-3os urdo pD s 8d in e I7104, an Annu Un An d d 0.8578 Unk 44, in UnW MlcHEwKIMBERLYwHm wplu5 hom ot la N594,n ,w15.2o s C ob&- Co r O E. F de, in K6y Con- t h Unh 84c otMa,an Annu& Un Ob r abov8pD .rfany.w n 1n - T D&, WQUELA, d . Bs: (SEE QHlalT nium, pu lo BayB Tow r A ey's Be a F rid&Coh unusNoTKEoF acam.mew lb Un 6,7 t1.&8, 1 .1912.38,0DD,1n,Fwed .A n Sha ln (s) a D B n ot Con - com R . a m, pu am to ba r any 2017#7 1T: MERY E UnW, 5.862.74, (SEE HIB A asdeRnad n n m in - ium m6 tion ot Condo- TO: yCurt[ EngBd, &| un ndon nium SOTO a DA GO t1.65. 201T- ; ENQL# the D8Gl &lon ot cov ams, fici Book . h6 .Cond nium,- r nium in Ot- Sa 12-14-2T-W2nd, Moose WM&con dueup u Ja D& Puerfo Box TWOMAS 22g8 s Kenton Condhlon and R rtions Paga 0131, Publ Racolds ing to 18 D |&alion R R6 s Book 6zz2, Jaw. Saskatch an S6H 4P6, totha me otbansB ofMle, B&WsSICB Ro ,PR Way AuDe, co 8 14, 1900, tor W gate B |, O GiBl ot O e CouW, nor- of Condom ium Paga 198T, Publ R o s Canad& includlng thos6 ow6d by the 23. 22,2w3, 9, NEN. 1813, 34, MN, 1n, Fbabng, R rds B k 5020, Pege a and &| e5 in omci R ot O ge Coun,nor- Michel Kimbe y WWe, Se Obl or or p or ower. 112,n-Fbat 6,745.12. t1.68, 2017- 32T, ot a Public R lds ot &aot d wppleBs GO S Book 9755, p&ga ida and &| dments 12-14-2T-W2nd, Moosa Jaw, Dav Crana, Esq. F Un t6,7 t1.68, ; 8ERNICE THOMAS ga Coun . norida Qe e to ('Dec tion 2293, Publ[c Re s of th&aof and wpplamen Sask chewan S6H 4P6, VaB N. E BDW. 201T-0576917; nMIE L 2849 Mi k sl Denv . co .PBn,and &| ndB(s) me de u hing rise to Orange Coun . Fbrida e to ('D6cl& tion . Can a Eq. WIU MS 283 Park& Sl.Apt ,1 .1913,34,NW. o. rf any. Toge er wrm pm ngs I8 and,d s thaB m6 de uW g ing rise to fl6xVatatlonsOwn&s Cythia Da d, Esq. 2 Newat NJ 07104 1282. 1 .Fbaling,S6,745.12,S1.68 M6 ght to ocwpy, punua lu to pey condomin m to he ' cl n') tha s e is the tailu to pay ialionlM 9 2San N hoBA . Esq. 23 . 2312, 32, MN, 112, 2017D ; JOSE gE to thB p n, Building-Unk(s) N b and du6s me de uW g ing rise to menbasBlorthinMe M Court.O endo,FL Micha& E. B&on. Esq. noa ng. S5,912. . t1.45, JESUS PINEDA GunERRu a (SEE HIBIT .A,during Unk Rsu ng in a Cl m of Len Mese lngsisthel lu Claim(s) of Len encumbenng 32819 as Twrtae punuanl lo na. 2017-0576917; SIDDEEQ cRlsnNALoPuoRTlz Week(s) (SEE HIB A"), cumbering Me Tl&a tomakepayemsas t r Me Tl Bsha Owne hip No is he by given th St . 721.82 a WIU MS 115 Myrtle St Lago Mithigan 227 Flu al du n Assigned Yea s)-(SEE Owenhiplnte asRcold in the Mortgage cumbenng lnt as Bod8d in omcial onAugu 17,2O18at1O:OOAM P. O.Box165O28 Crantord, NJ 07106-3233, V larta Pue o Valla a,Jalisco, Hl A . wEsTGAn in the O ci Records ot Me Tl sha Own8Rhip Racods DOC #20160313056 in the omces ot ManBy Deas Columbus,OH43216-5028 2300, 2312. 32, EVEN, 112, M ICO, 1900, 1915, 17, LAKES 10,000 Turkey Lake O nge COM,norida. me lme as Bord8d in the otthepublit&ordsotOrange Koch ski LLC, Suke 1540, Telephone: 407-404-52661 Floating. 85.912 81.45, ODD, 1 2, All Season-float Road O ando, FL 32819 S d Obligor has the right o object omci& R olds of Orange Coun,Florida. me amount Bank of A riGa C8nl6r, 390 T&ecopier:614-220-5613 2017-0576917; ROBBY A noa Unk, $5,882.72, sale will be made lwrmort to this T stee pmeeding Coun,Florida. me Obligor BuPd by the ass8ssm6nl NorthO ngeAvenue,O do. Ju ,2T, 18 LoTTa ROSANN s LOTT 711 S1.65, 2017-0543858; EVA tov8nan ,orwanaW,8xp N by se ing wrm8n obi ion has 8 right to objert to Wis,n is tor unpaid aM8ssm8nts, Florida,thetollowing d8Krib L 169444 Nor 8 StVand i4 IL62471, M PELLOT AE8 Calle Glady or implied, gading Me trfle, on the T ee named below. T rtee pmeeding by se ing atc ed inte t, plus inte Timesha Ownenhip lnte 2300. 2N2, 20, EVEN, 112. Bay&TDn. PR 59, 1900, poss8Mion or entumbrances) me Obligor has Wa right to wrm6n objarfion ontheT ee aKming at a per di6m rate of FlexVacationsCondominium Value Season-FbalWeeklfloal 1945, 50, MN, 1,Flxed to paylhe unpaid aM6ssments cu the de uW and anyjunior named below. me Obligor has SO.65togeth wrththe corts or willbe o e tors e: NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Unk, 86,799.96. 81.68. 201T- W ed Unh, g6.T99.96. due in lha amount of (See inte holder y ks the rignt to cy Me derauW thispmeedingandsaleandall vol Number 212691-01. snLE O576917:AMNE YS v DAVILA S1.68. 201T-0543858; ANGEL Exhibh A',wkh int8r6st int . r a minimum period and any junior inte older oth& unts Bu d by th8 an Even Biennial Type, WESTGATE Lnws,Rr12 Box 9726 BayanDn, PR R ALVALLE Calla Leon F accruing at th6 rata ol (See ot tor -five (4 days umil the may eem 5 ime,br ClaimofL6n.loratotalamoun Numb ol vol Ownanhip 2T .0T01 WUNO4 00956, 2400, 2413, 27, EVEN, 19 VlllaGont6sa Bayamon, Exhibk A' perday,pursuantto Tw ee iMu6s me certmca e a minimum period ot tor - due as ot th6 date ot the sala Points 51700 in tha Flex On 0&01/201 & 11: AM, 1/2. Flo ing, $6,799.96, S1 .68, PR 56, 1900, 1945, 50, lhe Tlm6sha Plan, advances, ot S e. me Lan may be five(45) days un IMe Twst of82,758.o6( A Dums8cu d Vacation Own&ship Plan, GREENSPOON MARDER, 2017-0576917: TEQUILA L NEN. 1 2, Fixed Weakl rfany,und&theterms otsaid w d by ading certmed iswes th6 c6rtmtat8 ofS e. byth6Len . accoding and subjact to LLP, 201 E. Pine Sl et, Suhe RANSBY 1465 Mid BDadw6||, Fwed Unk, S6,799.96, $1.68, Cl m ot Len, chages and nds to tha T ee payable ma Len may be w d by me Obligor has the ght to the Flex Vacations Dac - 500, O ando, florida 32801, Apt43O4 ph a,GA - 2017- 8; BORY KEM B expena ot eTwstee and ot tothe enholderin meamount sendlng tertmed hnds to cu thi9 detauW and anyjunior ralion ot V ion Ower- TruA pu Bt to & 1194. . 927,4, EVEN, 112, D DETH 2 Branch sl. thet swe&edbys dClaim of $5,150.53, plus inte the Trurtae payable to the int6 hold8r may deam ship Plan ( Declarat n,Appoimrmm of Tw,S n-hoal w A 1 LoweW, MAO1851, 1900, otL8n.Obligo 5)sh lhav8M8 (calcul by wNip ing S1.47 Lanholder in the nount ot hs inte st up to the date the as Bord8d in omcial R rd Q on 03n112018, Unh, M,912 t1.45. 2017- 1953, 28. NEN. 1 2, Flxad righttow thed&auWandany tim tha numb& ofdaysthat $26,137.34, plus int& T ee iyu the certmcate Gords 8ook 10893, Pag6 unde t ln w Bm 0576917;ANT0NI0 DWIWES UnW, S6,799.96, juniorlienhold& sh lhave Me have & sad sin Ju 13, ( lculetadbymu ip ngq7.92 ol S&e by s6nd g amed 1w3, Publ R o s of no. 201 1 ot e 218 Hillc R ge n.,2O17D543858;ANNYB rightto deem sinte up 2018), p s e As ot d is tim e num ofdays & hnds to the Tru payable Orange CounV, norida Pub q of ORANGE GA 30115, ,927, 4. MN, DIN 173 khool St w1 Lowall, to the dale the Twstee issues pD g. sad hnds for have a s siMe Ju 13, toth8L6nho inth8& unt and l an&dmants and CounO. R . . by Rason 112,n-Float wh 01 4-3252, 1900, 1953, M8C8rt Gat8ofSa bypaying WR or tion wrt be 2018), plus cosk ot is ot t2.758. . s d h nds lor suppl M &o the ot a n h ng d&auW Float Unh, S5,912 t1.45, 2 MN. 1n, F ed w kl the anDu s du6 as orfli d bytheTw ba ra ing. s d hnds r w or emption muA be Decla tion. by Ob om w Exhibk 2017-057691T; WMBERLY R F Un t6,799.9&, S1.68, above. By: GREENSPOON c 8ot I5iMu8d. w or t n muA be 18 byMeTwrtae bato me d6tauN giving ri to A,Q is (See TA LOR 220 w MaMur Dr 8; RAKSMEY MARDER, T . Dav,Esq. & v byth6 T stee ba M8c rtmcateotsal8islssu6d. tha sale isthetallu o h k E i m the paynPntor OWahon c y, OK T311 AL 380 R enida St HIBrr n" - Nonw V erie N. Edg omb6 B w, the ce mtate ot S e i5 iNu8d. An per n, other man payen as set forth in Me o ot eob ations M2O, ,938.4, EVEN. 1n, .MAO1854-1739, 1900. TRumE's shu E q. Nicholas A. Woo, Esq. the bligoras otthe date ot Mortgage encu ng e Bw by Gl motLen,Season-F 1 MN, 1n, Fwed Owne s) Add Buil Whi Davd, Esq. Valarie N. Edg ombe B wn, &ording th No te ot Sale, Ti sha Owneship lnta R olds Unh. S5,912 81.45. 201T- . Unk, S6,T99.96. Unk w66k Y6ar TS Undiv N holas^ Woo, s2 Esq. cleim g an te rt in the as&o inomci&R . .n . Page T691T; WADE a a ,iO1T 8;JOHN p lnte S n TS Phasa Micha& E. Ca eton, sq. Cythia O&vid, Esq. suplus hom me sale of the Do