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July 26, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 26, 2013

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PAGE 4A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 26, 2013 over? By Ben Cohen With ttie overthrow of Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, one is almost forced question whether the global lslamist movement has been dealt a mortal blow. The notion that the era of Islamism has come to an end is not as outlandish as it seems. While the faith of Islam crystallized in Arabia 15 centuries ago, the ideology of Islamism--which aims to place the impera- tives of sh ria law at- the heart of a coercive and all-powerful state is a product of the last century. Like its totalitarian cousins fascism, communism and national socialismnIs- lamism's point of departure is a visceral loath - ing of the political liberties that are integral to liberal democracies. All these monst ;ous political systems were convinced that, once empowered, they would stay empowered. Hitler; for example, spoke of a "thousand- year Reich." At the height of the purges in the Soviet Union. Stalin told the writer H. G. Wells that, "socialist society alone can firmly safeguard the interests of the individual." But the Nazi Reich perished in the ashes of Berlin in 1945, while the communist paradise of the Soviet Union went out of business in 1991. Will 2013 go down as an equivalent year of defeat for Islamism? In answering that question, it's hard to overstate the impor- tance of the current turmoil in Egypt. After all. Egypt was where the Muslim Brother- Jim Shipley What makes a country? hood was formed in 1928. It is the cradle angry demonstrations at home and severe of Islamism. and it is the country that gave censure abroad. Here. too, the citizenry is the Islamist movement a pronounced taste beginning to realize thatthe Islamists cannot of bitter struggle as far back as the 1950s. deliver when in government corruption. when the Egyptian dictator Gamal Abdel nepotismandcontemptforfreespeechareall Nasser crushed the Brotherhood. hallmarks of Erdogan's regime, and its talk Yet Egypt,is not the only Middle Eastern of Islamic values seems increasingly hollow country where the Brotherhood's insistence against that context. that "Islam is the solution" is being sorely It's a similar story for Islarnist parties and tested. In Gaza. where Hamas. the Palestin- governments elsewhere in the region. In Tu- ian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, has nisia, the secular political parties in coalition been in power since 2006, the Egyptian crisis with the Islamist Ennahda party have been has exacerbated an already febrile situation, alienated by Ennahda leader Rachid Ghan- Infighting among its leadership, as well as nouchi's support forMorsiin Egypt. In Sudan, worsening relations with its one-time allies, Syria. Hezbollah and Iran, is leading many indicted war criminal, remains embroiled in ordinary Palestinians to question the compe- conflictwith South Sudan, alargely Christian tence of llamas. In turn. Hamas is discovering and African state that declared independence that thundering slogans and terrorist assaults exactly two years ago. Meanwhile, Qatar, the on Israel cannot feed, clothe, educate and oil-drenched monarchy deemed by Forbes employ a population in Gaza, or anywhere magazine to be the richest country in the else for that matter, world, is rethinking its disastrous policy of In Turkey, a country that is light years away supporting and financing Muslim Brother- from Gaza in terms of its economic develop- hood affiliates around the Middle East. ment. the Islamist government of Prime Minister Reccep Tayyip Erdogan has faced Era on page 15A There are some basic things that constitute referring to is a vocal, active minority i/1 the nationhood, land of Israel who has no respect for their own A nation must have a native language; but country and will not lift a finger to defend it's all right if the same language is spoken it. And if anyone from their backward com- By Ben Sales Israel Radio that "'a settlement building freeze elsewhere. The language must be constantly munity dares to join the IDF and find a way m isn't on the table." updatedtocovertheevents, historyandculture to serve their country they are spit upon TELAVIV fJTA)--We don't know. The biggest question that no one can answer. of that country, and even beaten in their own .neighborhoods That's the operative phrase of the new round of course, is whether this round will succeed It should have a history, however long or that they have pledged to defend against any of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks announced last where so many others have failed. Israelis and short. In the case of the U.S. relatively short, outside enemy. Friday and ostensibly set to begin in the coming Palestinians have been talking peace for more In the case of Israel. really a long, long time. This is the attitude of a class of haredim, days in Washington. than 20 years, but the process has borne little It is important once again to emphasize that Ultra-Orthodoxstuckinanothercentury with Wedon'tknowtheirparameters.orifIsraelwill fruit in the past decade. the people of the ancient and holy land of nopatienceorrespectforanyonewhodoesnot freeze settlements, release hundreds ofPalestin- The last attempt at talks, in2010, endedafter Israel have had for the past 66 years, the first believe as they do. Recently, the population ianprisoners or agree to negotiate based on its threeweekswhen Israel rebuffedAbbas' demand indigenous, elected government on that land of Israel finally got fed up with'these takers pre-1967 borders, for the extension of a 10-month settlement in more than 2,000 years." and passed laws to bring them kicking and We don't know whether the Palestinian building freeze. It is the first time-since the Romans routel "screaming into the life of the land they claim Authority has agreed to recognize Israel as a Before that, lengthy negotiations in 2008 the zealots from the top of Masada that Jews to cherish. Jewisfi state. We don't know how long Palestin- between then-lsraeli Prime Minister Ehud control their own country, free from outside They may believe in the right of Jews to ian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will Olmert and Abbas reportedly ended after Abbas rule'by Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Turks and occupy and rule their native land--but only. hold off on taking Israel to the International. rejected an Israeli proposal without presenting the British. That is a matter of pride. And,," according tOtheir dogmatic ways. There is an Criminal Court. a counteroffer. Soon after, Olmert was indicted pride in one's country and the willingness to argument that these are "true believers" and Most of all, we don't know whether they'll for corruption and resigned his post. defend it and uphold its basic principles are should be respected as such. lead anywhere. It's far from clear whether the political will what defines nationhood. Sorry. If they believed that we Jews are The talks, according f:o U.S. Secretary of State exists on either side to conclude a final-status Look, every nation has citizens that just entitledtoourownlandbasedonbbthhistori- JohnKerry, will last six to nine months with the agreement, which would likely include at least cannot abide picking up aweapon and taklng cal and biblical history, they would embrace intended outcome of a two-state, final-status someevacuationofIsraelisettlersfromtheWest another life, no matter how justified that act the laws of the land and clamor to be a part agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Bank and Palestinians abandoning claims for might seem to everyone else. So, most na- of its society. Authority. millions of refugees to return to Israe!. tions have a type of national service that will Beyond that, when some of their own decide For now theywill involve the chief negotiators On the Palestinian side, Abbas has held power accommodate such citizens and most of them . it is right and virtuous to participate in the for both sides: Saeb Erekat for the Palestinians, foreightyearswithoutelectionsandhasnopower perform admirably, defense of this land so that Never Againwould and Tzipi Livni and Isaac Molho for the Israelis. in Gaza, which has been controlled by Hamas But what do you do about citizens that are people like them be disrespected, mocked and The rest of the details, as Kerry said in his since 2006. Kerry has gained backing for the total takers? Those who would live off the killed--whatdothey do? They ostracize them. Friday announcement, are "speculation and negotiations from theArab League, but Hamas, work of others, those who refuse to defend They beat them. They shun them. Even their "conjecture." deemedaterroristgroupbyIsraelandtheUnited their nation in any way. Those who accept families are made to suffer. "The agreement is still in the process of being States, has come out against the talks. all that is good and sweet about living in their What kind of Judaism is this? For some ob- formalized, so we are absolutely not going to In Israel, PrimeMinisterBenjaminNe nyahu ownland, but in some cases even refusing to scure reason it may have worked in the shtetl, talk about any of the elements now," Kerry said, supports the talks, butamajorityofhiscoalition admit it exists what about them? but it has no place in this world. Certainly adding that "the people who know the facts are opposes the establishment ofa Palestinian state. Now I am not talking about those who rail not in a nation that was founded so that they, not talking about them. The parties have agreed InJanuary'selection, JewishHome apro-settler against the government for real or imagined along all other Jews in the world, could live that I will be the only one making further com- party--won 12oftheKnesset's 120seatsrunning injustices. I am not talking about those who and worship as Jews of any stripe, ments about this." on aplatform of opposing a Palestinian state. disagree with governmental policies both for- Israel has protected the beliefs of the ultra- Kerry's dogged efforts to simply bring both Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett, eign and domestic. If they live in a democracy Orthodox as well as Reform, Conservative, sides to the table including six trips to the Israel's economicsminister, threatened Monday such as ours or Israel, there are elections, Reconstructionist and even Jewswho are Jews region this year--have been characterized by to vote against the coalition's proposed budget debates and dialogue. If they live in a despotic only by tradition. Matter of fact, because of their secrecy. During his months of shuttling uffless'Netanyahu advances a.bill that would nation, well there is always revolution, the crazy election laws of the nation, there between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman, put any peace deal to a national referendum. Butwhataboutthosewhodonotevenengage has been a need to bow to the unreasonabld Kerry has praised progress toward negotiations Netanyahu said Sunday he would do that. in the national discussion? What about those demands of religious political parties such as but kept details under wraps. And in recent weeks, as Kerry was galvaniz- who have no interest in the nation except to Shas, which wants only money and to protect Following Kerry's announcemen(on Friday, ing support for the talks, prominent members take its largesse, offering nothing in return? the lifestyle of its backward constituency. Not Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of Netanyahu's Likud Party including Deputy I am not talking about any mythical"welfare any more. he hopesthetalkswillpreventthe establishment Defense Minister Danny Danon came out class" in the U.S. It has been proven that this is To attack one of your own because they ofabinationalstateinIsraelandthecreationofan against Palestinian statehood. a false canard.The l oor fight in our wars, leap choose to defend their (and your) country? Iranian-sponsored terrorist entity in West Bank. On Saturday, Danon said he trusts Netanyahu out of the welfare system if given a chance and Sorry. It should be a crime. It is. These people "Thesewillnotbe easy negotiations, butwewill but opposes settlement evacuation or a release love to strive for the elusive"American Dream." are below contempt. They do not deserve to enter into them with integrity, sincerity and the of Palestinian prisoners. No. The ugly truth here is that what I a/n live in this vibranL modern, Jewish nation, hope that this processwill be conducted respon- "We must not repeat the injustice of the past sibly, seriously and substantively and, I must anduprootthousandsofJewsfromtheirhomes," TI E VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE'ARENOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. say, at least in the Opening stages, discreetly," Danon said in a statement. "I also hope that we he told his Cabinet on Sunday. "Throughout learn from previous mistakesregarding the CENTRAL FLORIDA'S INDEPENDENT JEWISH VOICE this process, I will strongly uphold, as I already release of prisoners with blood on their hands. ISSN0199-0721 Winner of 41Press Awards Editor/Publisher have, the security needs ofthe State ofIsrael and . These murderers must not be released as an 'act Jeffrey Gaeser other vital interests." of good will' or as a prize for returning to the Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Assistant Editor .Signs of the rocky road ahead were evident negotiating table." L O R I D A S H N n W S Gene StareMike EtzkinKim Fischer almost immediately, with Palestinian officials Should Netanyahu's coalition turn on him, HEP, JTAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721) denying Monday that any agreement had been theprimeministercouldcountonsupportfrom " is published weekly for $37.95 per year to Florida ad- Society Editor Bookkeeping reachedtoparticipateinfinal-statusnegotiations, across theaisle. Labor Party Chairwoman Shelly dresses ($46.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Gloria Yousha Paulette Alfonso APalestinianspokesperson said the upcoming Yachimovich, who leads the opposition, has said Central Florida Jewish News, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL 32730. Periodicals postage Account Executives meetingwouldonlybeapreliminaryone;formal her party would support Netanyahu shoul~ a paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. Barbara do Carmo Marci Gaeser negotiations would take place only when Israel peace deal come to the table. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other consented to freeze settlement expansion and "I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Contributing Columnists Fern Park, FL 32730. Jim Shipley Ira Sharkansky negotiate based on the 1967 lines. Israeli minis- declared loud and clear that he supports the David Bornstein Ed Ziegler ters shot back that they would agree to none of two-state solution, will make the necessary MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER those stipulations, decisions," Yachimovich said, according to the P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 ProductiOn Department Israel is set to release 82 Palestinian prison- Times of.Israel. "We should not just settle for a . Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831z0507 David Lehman David Gaudio email: Joan Lauer Elaine Schooping * Gil Dombrosky ers as a goodwill gesture ahead of the talks, but renewal of negotiations but do everything pos- Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz told sible to work towards real accords."