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July 23, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 23, 2004

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JULY 23, 2004 PAGE 5 that the freedom to vote and ties vote strongly in favor of the medical and information to safely express an opinion pro-Israellegislation, butthis technology developed by our you. (even if dissenting against could change ifthere is a shift democratically. Personally, I one's government) should be in public opinion, have dozens of patients who onething an inalienable right. These "R" (in the mnemonic, if have benefited from multiple over the past freedoms help make eachyou are keeping track), of sclerosis drugs that extend Community country stronger, course, stands for "religion." their quality of life, and the of the Anti-Semitism, the"A,'has I am often amazed, and even National MS Society notes of Greater acted as a motivating factor inspired, athowJewishAmeri- that billions of dollars in b'andthroughAIPAC formanypro-lsraeladvocates cans stand up for minority health care costs have been Jewish organiza-over the past few years. If we rights. Folks, we are also a saved by these products. As that one person have learned anything from minority! However, aside a neurologist, I look forward a difference, the French experience, it is from the relevance of social to the next generation of many reasons to that unopposed anti-Israel justice, Israeihasalwaysbeen Parkinson's medications with the rhetoric leads to weakened thespiritualhomelandofour that have been developed in acting as the Jewish communities. Recent people. Israel. ~e. polls show that almost half of Lastly, the most practical Regardless of the reason, stands for "de- all French Jews are consider- reason to support Israel is its and the means by which is the pri- ingleavingtheircountry.Can excellence in "E"ducation. A you can doso, advocating on Americans and youimaginewhatwouldhap-tenet of our faith has always behalf of Israel just makes ~lues pen if we felt that way about beenthepursuitofknowledge, sense. Please join me in this interests. Whileour great nation? Indeed, This has led to Israeli technol- worthwhile pursuit. in the West do not Martin Luther King, Jr. got ogy that enhances our lives Dr. Mark Klafter is a neu- 10 Arabs and 18 it right when interrupting an here inAmerica. Manypeople rologist, and a co-chair of the to the Israeli anti-Zionistcollegestudentat reading this know that the Jewish Federation of Greater I that one of the a 1967 Harvard speech, with first Cell phone by Motorola Orlando's Community Rela- preme the following retort: "When was produced in Israel, which tions Committee. This is his ~n Arab Israeli, an people criticize Zionists they is the home of the highest per first in a series of articles numbe~, of people mean Jews; you are talking capitanumberofPh.D.'s, sci- on advocacy for Israel. Dr. since September anti-Semitism." At present, entific papers and museums. Klafter can be reached at eorne to realizeboth American political par- Volumescanbewrittenabout l "to S'rA " 'I RAI aAJG national and grants 18 a rl: a right to Rabbinical Thoughts S. Tobin accorded an internationally right acknowledged by the recognized right to commit statements by both Presi- days, looking at terrorism. On the otherdent Bush and Democratic barrier close hand, the court has handed presidential candidate John the viewer the Israelis a distinction that KerrythatIsraelhastheright Sense of an inter- is nothing new to the Jewish toretainportionsoftheterri- people: the right to die. tories--and would effectively the area Ignoringthefactthatitwas make sitting ducks all of the near Je- Palestinian terror that built nearly 400,000 Jews who live this month the Israeli fence, the court, in Judea and Samaria, aswell day afternoon,acting at the suggestion of as in parts of Jerusalem oc- would have the U.N. General Assembly, cupied by Jordan from 1949 ~e hypocritical has issued a ruling that his- to 1967. That's exactly what world, torianswillviewasyetanother PalestinianleaderYasserAra- sections whereindicator of how Jew-hatred fat and his troops want. Protesters have was back in style little more Thosewhosaythatthcpath to decry than a half century after the of the fence is being dictated wall," there Holocaust. by Israel's "expansionist" ittle sign of While Israel's right of self- agenda, instead of security defense was acknowledged, concerns, have it backward. the international court el- As a number of Israeli scripted fectively denied Israel the sources have told me over igners ability to carry out such a the past couple of years, had Hague that unable 'it and look one usually see centers, restaurant experience an inner- you in by wary villages, armed bombers at their ors. Look see most are not the towns continued "inflicted stinian dueks. the In- a Pales - been honor in been "Some Israelis wonder how much help the fence will be in the Jerusalem areas where growing Palestinian villages abut both sides of the barrier." defense while also refusing to security and security alone placethebuiidingofthefence been the only criterion for in the context of terrorism, its route, it would have been But, of course, the intent of built far deeper into the this travesty--as with much West Bank, with many more of the propaganda offensive Palestinians ending up on carried out by the Palestin- the Israeli side so as to en- iam andtheir fellow travelers able its route to make more in the last four years--is not strategic sense. Instead, even to knock down the fence, in the fence route criticized Their goalis much broader: by some Israelis as taking in the delegitimization of Israel too much land, its boundary is and Zionism itself, set to minimize the effect on After a decade of failed Palestinians and run as close peace talks and terror, the aspossibletotheareaswhere overwhelming majority of the targets ofArab terrorism Israelis have had enough. To actually live. protect themselves against a Some Israelis wonder how Palestinian terror war they much help the fence will be are building a fence whose in the Jerusalem areas where purpose seems as much to growing Palestinian villages separate the two populations abut both sides of the barrier. as it is to prevent terrorism. But there's no question that Theinternationaicourtsays statistics show that corn- the fence should run strictly pleted portions of the fence alongthe 1949armisticelines elsewhere have drastically that served as Israel's border reduced the number of Arab until 1967. But the problem attacks. with that argument is that As for the question of the it prejudges the disposition inconvenience and hardship of the territories--to which the wall has created for the Israel has as good a legal Palestinians, the answer is claim as the Palestinians, a simple.Hadtheynotlaunched a war in September 2080, in- Tisha b'Av A I J stead of accepting Israers of anu Deyonu fer of peace, no fence would exist. And even then, Israel's By Rabbi R.J. Adler Jerusalem and the Temple own Supreme Court has 2,000 years ago. No one can shown itself willing, as it did In the past, Tisha b'Av and deny that the Holocaust was two weeks ago, to force the thedestructionoftheTemple equaltothedestructionofJe- army to reroute the barrier of Jerusalem were observed rusalem and that our losses to accommodate Palo6tinian as the worst catastrophe in in both calamities were tre- petitioners. Jewish history. It was a day mendous.Ourfightersfought Not rooted in reason, of mourning and fasting, of a gallant battle each time and Viewednearorfar, thefence prayer and sadness. There theirheroismshouldneverbe is ugly, but howcana reason- were many reasons why our forgotten. Just as during and ablepersonarguewithIsrael's Jewishcommunitiesfeltthat after the first destruction we right to build it? Opposition way. We lost the Temple, valiantly recovered and re- to it is rooted not in a quest Jerusalem, our national in- built, so after the Holocaust for peace, but in a desire for dependence, our priesthood we created a new future for Israel's eradication, and schools of prophecy, ourpeopleinthelandofIsrael. The question isn't whether The enemy also deprived us We created a Jewish State in Israelis will quiver in the face of the sacred furnitures of the Holy Land. This superb ofnew international calumny the Temple, especially the achievement is equal to the orevenfutthereffortsbyAra- Holy Ark and Menorah, and unbelievable effort of Ezra fat's forces to kill Jews, such endedourhistoryintheHoly and Nehemiah more than two as last weekend's bombing in Land. Moreover, God's holy thousand years ago. We Jews TelAviv.Theywon't.Itspeople name, only known by the are fortunate, for in any crisis havecopedwiththetraumaof High Priest, was completely situationweraiseleaderswho terror, and have, for the most forgotten. The central Jew- will take over and will make part, notailowedthePalestin- ishcommunitywasabolished certain of our survival. Who ianstodisrupttheirlives.The anddriven into exile and the can ask for more? streetsinTeiAvivandJerusa- pilgrimages during the year One such great Jewish lem remain full; so are some had to be abandoned. I real- leaderandstatesmanwasSol- ofthe restaurants and hotels, ize, of course, that these omon Schechter, who came as long-absent tourists have losses were critical and that to New York from London to startedtoreturnthissummer the sad mood surrounding accept the leadership of the as the intifada has fizzledout Tisha b'Av is completely JewishTheologicalSeminary in yet another defeat for the justified, and Conservative Judaism Palestinians. However, it is time to pay in America. In his first ser- But the real question in tribute also to the recon- mon, as the new president, the aftermath of the latest struction efforts and the he stressed the importance outrages from the United Na- unique rebuilding of Jewish of the Jewish people and tions and its kangaroo court lifeintheGolahthatguaran- their major contributions is for us in the United States. teed Jewish survival to this to world civilization. He Ironically, some in this coun- day. How was this colossal said, "We did not invent the try are now urging a greater taskaccomplished?Rabbinic art of printing; we did not relianceontheUnitedNations Judaism created the institu- discover America we did and the European Union, in tions of the Synagogue, the not inaugurate the French spite of the fact that these Oral Law (Mishnah and Tal- Revolution we were not institutionsarecioselyidenti- mud) lawcourts, andschools the first to utilize the power fiedwiththedelegitimization ofhigherlearning(Yeshivot) of steam or electricity. Our of Israel that the court ruling and democratically-oriented great claim to the gratitude represents. The decision on Jewish communities were of mankind is that we gave the fence ought to remind us fashioned throughout the to the world the word of God, ofthedangersofbeingpulled exile. Since we do remem- the Bible. We stormed heaven alongwithwhatpassesforin- ber our losses every Tisha~ to snatch down this heavenly ternational opinion, b'Av, I suggest that we also gift, we threw ourselves into When global bodies en- give credit to those who thebreachandcovereditwith shrine Jew-hatred in law, as stepped forward under diffi- our bodies against every at- this court has done, decent cult circumstancestolaythe tack. We allowed ourselves persons everywhere should foundation for Jewish corn- to be slain by the hundreds tremble, munal life outside the Holy and thousands rather than JonathanS. Tobinisexecu- Land, as effective, efficient become unfaithful to it. We tiveeditoroftheJewishExpo- and successful as before, bore witness to its truth and nent in Philadelphia. He can We cannot helpbut remem- watched over its purity in bereachedviae-mailat:jtobi bet the Holocaust in connec- the face of a hostile world.", tion with the destruction of (Seminary Address, 1903). i;