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July 18, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 18, 2014

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 18, 2014 PAGE 11A A night out with Tel Aviv&apos;s drunk teen patrol By Ben Sales TEL AVIV (JTA)--It's mid- night here and two balding men in blue vests are on the move. Someone has sprayed tear gas at a club two blocks away. Outside aclub known as The Mossad, located in awarehouse in the dilapidated Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentin, groups of high-school students mill about sporting stylish haircuts, revealing clothes and dazed expressions. A boy in a black shirt and jeans lies passed out on the sidewalk as a woman in a blue vest makes sure he has not suffocated on his own vomit. Nearby, two gifts in black tank tops sit on the curb drinking water from plastic cups. "How old are you?" another blue-vested woman asks one of the girls. "Where are you from? How are you getting home?" Fifteen. From Modiin. She would be going home on the same bus that brought her here. "When?" 5a.m. It's the middle of a long night for the blue vests, members of a group of Tel Aviv parents who patrol clubs looking for kids who need help--anything from a cup of water to a call to emergency services. Known as Parents Awake (Horim Erim in Hebrew), the group was founded in 2009 after four teens died in a drunk driving accident on Tel Aviv's Ayalon Freeway. In the Tel Aviv area alone, some 200 volunteers split into six patrols each weekend. There are 150 Such squads across the country. The squads typically patrol areas Where they are likely to find groups of inebriated teens. But on nights like this one, when two clubs in the same neighborhood are hold- ing massive parties for teens at the end of the school year, the volunteers converge on one spot. "Stay in pairs," Tzvika Koretz instructs a team of 18 parents, most of them middle- aged and graying. "We don't want anyone alone in a dark alley. We've had someone stuck alone with a vomiting girl. That's not healthy." Koretz, 50, is the founder of Parents Awake. By day he's a north Tel Aviv lawyer. But wearing his vest, pepper crew-cut and a no-nonsense expression, he looks like a beat cop about to break up a house party. After Koretz's pep talk, the parents split into two groups, each heading to one of the two clubs hosting parties that night. Outside The Artist, a club housed in a gray brick build- ing with steel beams and no outside marking, Koretz's wife, Einat, cordons offa rect- angular area with police tape and sets down her supplies. Next to her, three 16-year- old boys wearing matching T-shirts and identical haircuts with the sides shaved stumble around arm in arm. "This is a banging party!" yells a boy named David, in- sisting he didn't drink. Why did they come here? "To f***!" David says. Soon, one calls the other a son of a whore and they begin fighting. No alcohol is served in the club--most of the crowd is under Israel's drinking age of 18--but Koretz says many of them drink en route to the party on buses organized by the clubs' publicists. If they want a couple more drinks, they'll step into an alley to polish offabottle before head- ing inside. In the club, a bass beat pounds so hard it vibrates up one's leg. Neon strobe lights flash down on kids grinding against one another. A bar sells soft drinks, but it's nearly deserted. In a room behind it, couples are making out. After a quick trip to the bathroom, Einat Koretz says that couples have taken up the ladies' room, doing more of the same. "The problem is the whole culture of the atmosphere," Tzvika Koretz says. "There's not a lot of positive energy here ." Ideally, Koretz tells the volunteers, police would have met the party buses as they ar- rived, located the alcohol and Parents Awake 7vo teens passed out near a club in Tel Aviv receiving care from the parents' group Parents Awake. poured it out--standard oper- ating procedure for nights like these. But the police presence in the area is thin, and teens arrive from outside the city with the alcohol already in their bloodstream and out of the cops' reach. At the club, police only intervene when the situation grows violent. While it unequivocally opposes underage drinking, Parents Awake is a volunteer group with no power to en- force the lhw. The group is funded by the city and the national Public Security Ministry, but it has no official legal standing and cannot force anyone to stay with them or even to stop drinking. The most they can do is call the police or paramedics. Outside The Artist, Da- vid, the boy who an hour earlier insisted he hadn't imbibed, is throwing up on the pavement. When he's done, volunteers lay out a strip of bubble wrap for him to lie down on and offer him a cup of water. Now he admits having had "nine or 10 drinks of Finlandia" vodka. Next to him, a boy stretched out on bubble wrap begins twitching and drooling. Par- ents Awake dials an ambu- lance, andwhen the paramed- ics come, they call his mother to get permission to put him on a stretcher. Instead, she sends his grandfather to take him home, along with his 13-year-old brother, whom they extract from the club. By 1 a.m., the teens have cleared out from in front of the clubs and some of the Parents Awake volunteers go home. At The Mossad, the only one left on the curb is the girl from Modiin waiting for her 5 a.m. bus. "You know you helped kids," Koretz says. "If you weren'tthere, theywould have been thrown onto the street without anyone to help them. "But you also go to sleep with a stomachache. It's not the most pleasant thing in the world. It's hard to sleep after that." Israel supporters: Stop using these 13 phrases By Lee S. Bender and Jerome R. Verlin The Algemeiner MainstreamWestern media coverage of Israel is laced with expressions intentionally crafted to delegitimize the Jewish State. The good news is that these terms weren't writ- ten in stone 3,300 years ago, but are post-Israel indepen- dence creations. By forfeiting this language, we forfeit our history. Here are 13 phrases we must stop repeating. 1. "West Bank": Claims that "Judea and Samaria" is simply the "biblical name for the West Bank" stands history on its head. The Hebrew-origin terms "Judea" and "Samaria" were used through 1950, when invading [Trans]Jordan renamed them the "West Bank" in order to disassociate these areas of the Jewish homeland from Jews. The U.N.'s own 1947 partition resolution referred not to "West Bank," but to "the hill country of Samaria and Judea." This term is not shorthand for "Judea and Samaria." Under this formulation, Jordan is the "East Bank" of the original Palestine Mandate, whichwas designated as the homeland for the Jewish People. 2. "East" Jerusalem or "traditionallyArab East" Jeru- salem: From the city's second millennium BCE origins until 1947 CE, there was no such place as "East" Jerusalem. The 19 years between when invading Jordan captured part of the city in 1948 and was ousted by Israel in 1967 was the only time in history, except between 638 and 1099, when Arabs ruled any part of Jerusalem. Palestinian Arabs have not ruled an inch of it for one day in history. In the past three millennia, Jerusalem has been the capital of three native states--Judah, Judaea, and modern Israel--and has had a renewed Jewish majority since 19th century Turkish rule. Eastern Jerusalem is a neighborhood of the city that Israel reunified in 1967. 3. "The UN sought to cre- ate Jewish and Palestinian States": It did not. Partition- ing Palestine between "Pal-. estinians" and Jews is like partitioning Pennsylvania between Pennsylvanians and Jews. Over and over in its 1947 partition resolution, the UN referenced "the Jewish State" and"the Arab" [not"Palestin- ian"] State. 4. 1948 was the "Creation" and "Founding" of Israel: Israel wasn't "created" and "founded" in 1948 artificially and out-of-the-blue. Israel attained independence that year as the natural fruition into renewed statehood of a people that had twice before been independent in that land, and after centuries of hard work to re-establish a Jewish State in this historic homeland. 5. "The War that Followed Israel's Creation": Israeli did not choose this war; it was foisted on Israel by almost ev- eryArab state, which rejected the UN partition and tried to push the Jews of Israel into the sea. And itwas a homeland Jewish army, Haganah, which became the IDF, that threw back that multi-nation foreign invasion. 6. "Palestinian Refugees of the War that Followed Israel's Creation," or the"Palestinian Refugee Issue": It was the in- vading Arab nations bent on Israel's destruction that both encou'aged and caused the bulk of the Arabs to flee Israel. And a greater number of media constantly ignore the indig- enous Middle Eastern Jews who were expelled from vast Arab and other Muslim lands in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War. Their number is greater than the amount of Arabs that fled tiny Israel. That Israel ab- sorbed the bulk of these Jews, while Arab "hosts," including in Palestine itself, isolate the Arab refugees' descendants in Western-supported "refugee camps" does not convert the Arab-Israeli conflict's two- sided refugee issue into a "Palestinian" refugee issue. Had the Palestinian Arabs accepted the UN partition plan, they would also have been celebrating their 66th anniversary. 7. Israel "seized" Arab lands in 1967: It did not. The 1967 war, like its predecessors, was a defensive war forced upon Israel. Israel's neighbors did not want to compromise; they simply wanted to destroy the Jewish State. The new Israeli territory was meant to provide a security barrier and ensure this could never happen. Moreover, these were not "Arab Lands." 8. Israel's "1967 Borders": The 1949 Israel-Jordan Ar- mistice Agreement expressly declared the "green line" it drew between the two sides' ceasefire positions as a mili- tary ceasefire line only, with- out prejudice to either side's political border claims. The post-'67 war UN resolution 242 pointedly did not demand Israel retreat from these lines. 9. "Israeli-Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem": That the media insistently calls Israeli presence in the heart of Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria "Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories" does not make it so. "Occupation" is an international law term ref- erencing foreign presence in the sovereign territory of another state. The land of Israel's last sovereign native state before modern Israel was Jewish Judaea. The land ratio of Arab lands to Israel is 625-1, 23 states to one. 10. "Jewish Settlers and Settlements" vs. "Palestin- ian Residents of Neigh- borhoods and Villages": A favorite media news article contrast is referencing in the same sentence "Jewish settlers" in "settlements" and "Palestinian residents" of nearby "neighborhoods" and "villages." Jews are not alien" settlers" in a Jerusalem that's had a Jewish majority since 19th century times or in the Judea-Samaria Jewish historical heartland. 11. Israel's "Jewish State" recognition is "a new stum- bling block": New since Moses' time. The Jewish homeland of Israel, includ- ing continuous homeland- claiming Jewish presence, has always been central to Jewish peoplehood. In 1947, British Foreign Secretary Bevin told Parliament that the Jews' "essential point of principle" was Jewish Pales- tine sovereignty. 12. "Palestinians accept and Israel rejects a Two-State Solution": Wrong on both counts. Both the U.S. and Israel define 'Two States' as two states for two peoples-- Jews and Arabs. Many on the Arab side insistently rejecttwo states for two peoples. Many Israelis, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, support that plan--conditioned on an end to Palestinian terror. The Arabs continuously and consistently deny Israel's right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish People, no matter where its borders are drawn. 13. "The Palestinians": The United Nations' 1947 partition resolution called Palestine's Arabs and Jews "the two Palestinian peoples." Nothing is more self-delegitimizing and counter-productive to achieving peace based on Arab recognition of Jews' right to be there, than that Jews should go around calling Palestinian Arabs "The Palestinians." They have no distinguishing language, religion, or culture from neighboring Arabs, and have never been sovereign in Palestine, whereas the Jews, with a presence stretching back three millennia, have had three states there, all Jerusalem-based. Most Pal- estinian Arabs cannot trace their own lineage to the land back more than 4 generations. Every day that you're outside, you're exposed to dangerous, but invisible, ultraviolet (IJY) sunlight. Left unprotected[prolonged exposure to tJ9 radiation can seriously damage the eye, leading to cataracts, skin cancer around the eyelid and other eye disorders. 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