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July 13, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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July 13, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JULY 13, 2D18 PAGE 29B Ownership lnte st ( vol") Orange Coun,FL. Total Due: 84, /613,176,000 undivided to as the Declar ions.'; all subsequent payments. MARIE DARBY, 7 NORFOLK foreclosu procedu,you will Provide you wrfh wrmen notice having a 84,000/920,709,500 $20,317.20 as of December 15, lnleR in un s numbe d Together wrth the tollowing; You cu ently owe ERGS the TOWNE ST, SOUTHFIELD, not be subjert to a deficiency ol the sale, including the d e, undivided lnte st in all 2017. interest $8.26 per diem; 547-552, 554-562, 647-652. [a) me righl to se e a Tlme amount of (See Exhibit "A") Ml 48075-3464, 1/104, judgment even il the p ceeds time and location theRol; (2) Residential Unrts located in described as: One I1) Vacation 654-662, 74T-752, 754-762, Period, as defined in the with inteRst accruing at he 1113/3, ONE BEDROOM tDm the sale ot your timesha Retord the notice of s e in BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU Ownenhip lnte st ("vol 849-852, 854-860, 949, 950, Timesha Declaration, and to rate of (See Exhibk .'A") p6r PLUS, GOLD/1 1 13-30, interest are insumcient to oWs6t he Public R ods of O nge allocated 84,000 Points as having a 105,000/735,459,000 954-956, 959. 960 lotated use and occupy a Club Suite of day, with ragad to the lollowing ODD NUMBERED YEAR. the amounts secured by the Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish defined in the Declaration for undivided lntere5t in unks in "BUILDING 3, PHASE lll"; the Plan Unrf Configuration set real proper located in Orange 12/1912016. 201 60428827; Drtgage lien. a topy of th6 notite of sale two use in EACH yea s). me Usage numbered 901-906. 908-910, BIENNIAUallocated 168,000 forth below, in aKodanc6 wrth, County, Florida: The tollowing $1,998.31; $0.99; JUANITA HIBrr A" - NoncE OF (2) ti s. once each week, for Right o the vol is a Floating 912-914, 916-922, 1001-1006, Points as defined in the and subje to the Declarations, Timeshare lnlerestls) consi ing G. ROCHESTER and PmR DEFAULT AND INTENT TO two (2) sutc8Niv8 weeks, in Use Righl. 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- Decla lion tor use in ODD as ded. logether wrfh ot an undivided tee simple LAURENCE GRAHN, FORECLOSE an Orange Coun newspaper. KAREM YEDIRETH SOTO 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, yea s).me Usage Rightofthe the rigM in com Dn wrth all tenant in tommon inte st in 4623 SMYRNA CHURCH Cont No.l Ownen(s)l pDvid8d such a newspaper VELAZQUU, JOHALICE 1109, 1112-1114. 1117-1122, vol is a Floating Use Right. Owners o use and enjoy p6p6tu y in the Plan Unrfls) ( ROAD, CHATSWORTH. Obligor(s) AddRM. Timeshare exisls the time of publishing. COROMOTO WILHELM 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, GLOR# MLING MARnNu the TlmeshaR Common Club Surt s) setfo h below GA 30 05-5449, 1/104, lnte st, Club Su e NoJUnrt lt you tail to CUR the de uW PIRELA and OMAIRA EMILIA 1212-1214, 1217-1222 located GulnERRQ, Not e of DetauW Elements and Condominium in LP VACATION SUITES and 1007117, ONE BEDROOM, Week No, Seasor lntemal as 58t torth in his notice or VELAZQUU GONZALU in BUILDING 6. PHASE vl ; and lntent to Fo&lose sent Com Dn Ele Pnts during the Condominium Common PLAnNuM/1oo7-17 E, No, Plan Unrf Configu ionl take other appDpriat8 artion Notice ofDelauW and lntantlo BIENN Uallocated 210,0 via ame Regi e d Mai the Home week e ed to Elements and fimeshare EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, Recurring Right, DelauW wkh ga to this to losu For lose sent via amedl Points as d6fin8d in the publication to: 3 Norta 3 each atores d Timesha Common Elements the to as 12/1712016; 20160499241 ; Date, Mtg Recorded Boo maWar, all sums due and RegirtePd M Upublication Declaralion tor use in EVEN Oe e De La Eswela, Ba o lnte as aR and may be more particula y d6scrib8d in $2,794.84; $1.38; DOUGLAS Paga or instrumentN, Amount owing und& the Note and lo: 1910 Welch Ct Apt E, yaa s). me Usage Right of the San Jose, ajuela. San Jose, sat form in the Decla tions; and subjerf to (|) that cartain WEBSTER HARPER, 5520 Delinquant, Per Diem unt Mo gag6 sh,ba atcele ed KiMimm8e. FL 34741-3405; vol is a Floating Use Righl. COSTA RICA 20101-0001; Time ShaP lnta stls) (Sae Amended and Restated SHERIDAN STRE DETROIT, AMANDA JACOBY SHOOK and will b8co B im iate Mortgage &oded on RAMON DANIEL GIMENU Mo gage &orded on April Exhibh.A ClubSuiteNumber; Declaration of Condominium Ml 48213, 11104, 829 2, ONE and DEREK KE H SHOOK, due and payable. Addkional , December31,2O13;O.R. Book MIRANDA and LEDA MAR 18. 2017: lnst ment No. ISEE HIBIT A") Unrt Waek tor Village ol lmagine, A BEDROOM PLUS, GOLD 829- 125 THISTUDOWNS DR, as a suW ot Me defauW, you 10683 at Page 5423 Public MERCEDESAGUIAR,Noliceof 20170211134PublicRecodsot Number: (SEE HIBIT A Condominium, recoded 2 o, ODD NUMBERED YEAR, TONEY,AL357T3-7272, 1 104, risk I05lng ownenhip of your Records of Orange Coun,DefauN and lntent to FoBlos8 Orange CouW, FL. Total Due: Plan Configur ion: SEE Novemb& 6. 2015 in omclal 612712016, 20160335083; 121y40, ONE BEDROOM ti sha inte rt Dugh e FL. Total Due: 814,985.o7 as s6nt via Cert e Regi e d S11.434.56asofDetember15, HIB A Season: SEE Recods Book 11009, Page $2,865.52;$1.41. PLUS, GOLDI1213-4 E, tw 68 toBlosu u ot December 15, 2017, inte Mai public ion to: Nicanor 2017, im&ert $4.72 per diem; HIBITA Recu ng Right: 7799 in the Public Recods ol Ju 13,18 EVERY EVEN NUMBERED e ablishedin&ion721.856, $6.33 per di6m; d6scrib8d as: Torales. 729 USuc Y Lllo, d8Krib8d as:Onel1)Vacation (SEE HIB A lntern Orange County. Florida (the L168596 YEAR,4l3l2O17,2O1 55, Florida Sl&u es. Any right One (1) Vacation Ownenhip Ba io San Cri obal,Asuncion, Ownenhip lnte (vol lnte ContDl Numb&: .Condominium Decla tion ; $1,737.44; So.86; MICHAEL you may haveto ns e e lnterest ( vol having a G n Asuncion, PARAGUAY; having a 52,5 1613,176,000 (SEE HIB A and D) and [||] thattarfain Declaration EDWARD JUAREL 931 mortgag6 aRer accele tion 84,000/T35,459, undivided Mortgage ed on May undivided lnt in un s Memb&shipintheHiWonGrand of Covenants. Condrtions and NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND THORAIN BLVD, SAN will be punuam to the terms lntere in unhs numb8r6d 4, 2016; ln w m No. nu b 547-552, 554-562, Vacations Club.95O1 Univenal R6 rirfions and Vacation INTENT TO FORECLOSE ANTONIO, M 78201-3040, ot the mortgage. You may 901-9,908-910. 912-914, 20160225857PublicRecodsof 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, Bouleva,O ando, FL 32819, Ownenhip lnst ment lor LP LP VACATION sums - 11104,821133,0NEBEDR00M choose to sign and send lo 916922, 1001-1006, 1008- O nge Coun,FL Total Due: 754-762. 849-852. 854,Building 6an .fime Sha Vacation Suk6s, Bod8d on 48 . 10 PLATINUMI821-33 o, EVERY the undenigned t ee Me 1010, 1012-1014, 1016-1022, S23,35o.26 a5 ofDecemb&15, 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 Plan (PD ) Add s"). As November 6, 2015, in O cial Pursuant to Sartion ODD NUMBERED YEAR, entlosed obj ion rm, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, 1109, 2017, imerert $9.75 per diem; loc ad in BUILDING 3, a suW ot the ato n ntioned Recods Book 11009, Paga 721 .856, Florida Statutes, 4151201 7, 201 162; 8x8rGising your right to obj 1112-1114, 1117-1122, 1201- des bed as: One (1) Vacation PHASElll ;BIENN Vallocated detauW, ERGS h6 by elerts 8650, in the Public Recods the undanigned Twstee $1,506.02; So.74; snPHANIE to Me use of the twrtee 1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, 1212- Own6nhip lnt8R ( vol 105, Points as defined in to sall the Property punuant ot Orange County. Florida (lhe Bs appoinled by ERGS E. GORE 2600 NETHERLAND foBlosu pDc8du . Upon 1214, 1217-1222 located in having a 128, 1T25,592,0 the Declar iontorusein ODD to S6 ion 721.856, Florida Timesha Detlaration. . The TIMESHARE, UC e ina er AVE APT 616, BRONX, NY the undenigned t .s BUILDING 6. PHASE vl"; undivided lnte st in unrfs yea s).me Usage Rightotthe Stat es. Please be advisad Condominium Daclar ion and ter d to as ERGS") he by. 10463-4856 MARKJ.JACOBS, &aipt ot your 5 n8d objertion ANNUAUallotated 84,000 numbered 501-506, 508-510. vol is a Floating Use Right. hat in the event that your the Timeshare Declaration, formally notifies you th 2440 OLINVIUE AN APT form. Me toBlow ot e Points as defined in the 512-514. 516-522. 601-606, LOIS LOMBARDI and ENZO obligation is no brought as each may be lurther you have de uWed und6r 1111. BRONX, NY 10467-7614. n rtgega whh to e D6tla tion tor use in EACH 608-610, 612-614, 616-622, LOMBARDl, Ndice of De uW cunant [lncluding the paymant am8nd8dhomti Ptotim6,a the Note and Mortgage by 1152, 809147, ONE BEDROOM, dafauW sp med in Mis notice year(sT. me Usage Right of the 701-706, 708-710, 712-714, and lntenl to FORCIOS8 s6nt ot any fees incu by ERGS h6 inaW8r collerf e te iling to make lhe pay Bnt GOLDI8 -47, EVERY YEAR; shall be subjert to the judi vol is a Floaling Use Right. 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, via amedlRegi M U incomm8ncingMisfoBlosur8 to as the Declarations ; due on ISee Exhibk A and 41312017; 2017014 ; fo&losu pmedure on . JORGE WASHINGTON 812-814, 816-822 located in publication to: 173T Ml ell pmew) wMin thirty (30) Together wkh the following; all subsaquant paynants. $2,478.48;S1 .22; BRYAN You have the right to cure 80RJAMANRIQUEandRUTH BUILDING 6, PHASE N"; Ave, m8, BDnw, NY 10469- days hom e fim d e of (a)merightto se e aTin You cur ntly owe ERGS the HALCIN GEDN 12216 yourd&auW in the mann& s& MARILYN JORDAN nJANA, ANNUAUallocated 128,0 6438; Mortgag6 Bo 8d on public ion, the undenignad Period, as defined in the amount of (s Exhibrf "A") SHIRO CT, HUNTERSVILLE, forthin Mis notlte atanytime Notica otDe uWand,entto Points as defined in the Janua 20, 2015; O.R. Book Twrf rnall pma8d wrm 8 fi Bsha Declaration, and lo whh inte st accwing at tha NC 28078-5410, 11104, b&orathetwstee's sale ofyour FoBlose sent via certmedl Declaralion for use in EACH 1 at Page 6901 Public s 8ofth8Plo aspDvid8d us8andoccupLaClubSuk8ol rate of (See Exhib A per 1117124; ONE BEDROOM; ti shar8int8l8st.ltyoudonol Regirt&ad M publication to: y 5).m8 Usage RighlofMa R6colds of O nge Coun,in &ion 721.856, norida tha Plan Unrf onfiguration set day,wkh gardtothe llowing PLAnNuM/1117-24 E; MRY objerttothe use ofWet rt Calle 24 De Mayo Y Rotah6rt8, vol is a floating Use Right. FL. Tot& Due: S34. 2.51 St es, in whic case, the torm below,in accodancewrfh, al proparty located in Orange EVEN NUMBERED YEAR; to&losu pmedu,you will Santa Elana, Guayaquil, nMoTHYxou YANGand KAO as ot r 15, 2017, undenigned T sbe shall: (1) andsublerftotheDeclarations, County, Flo da: me following 4 312017; 20170 9459; not b6 wbjarf to a deficiency ECUADOR; Mo gage &oded LEE VANG, Notice of D&auN ime rt S 13.56 p& dBm; PDvid8 you wM vrmen notic6 as amended, together with Tim8sha lnl8 st(5)consi ing 413 2017; S2,829.o8; S1.4o; judgB 8v6n rf e pmaeds on November 9, 2016; and lntent to Fo&lose sent d8Kr 6d as: One(1)Vac ion otth6 sale, includngth6 d a, th6 right in common wrfh all ot an undivided e simple JANIE DAVIS S ERLAND homth85al8ofyourtin rnar8 ln wment No. 20160586687 via certmadlRegi &ed M U Ownenhip lnte (vol ti B and localionMe of; (2) Ownen lo use and enjoy tanant in tommon inte in 7916 LORAIN ST, int a inNl ci6nltoo Public R8colds of Orange publ ation to: T932 Ewing having a 200,0 1554,257,000 R od the noticl ot s e in the Timesha Common pepatu y inthe Plan Un (s) ( JACKSONVIW, FL 3220& the unb s u by e CouW. FL Tdal Due: Ave N, BDok n Park, MN undivided lnt in un s lhe Publlc Reco otOrang6 Elements and Condominium ClubSurfe(s) set rthbelow 3825 JAMES ONY D 8li8n. 81O,59O.72asofDecember15, 55443-28 ;, 7932 Ewing Ave numbe d 147, 148, 150-152, Counly,Florida;a (3)Pu ish Common Ele nts during in LP vAcAnoN sums and SOWERLAND, 7916,IT n"- NoncE OF 2017, interert $4.30 perdiem; N, BDokly Pa,MN 5 - 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, atopyof enoti ots etwo tha Homa W6ek se ed to Me Condominium Com Dn LORAIN ST, JACKSOWLU, DEFnuLTnND INnNTTo described as: One(1)Vacation 2806; orfgage d on 347-N2, 354-362, 447#2, (2)ti s, once eah week,tor each ato s d Tlm6sha Ele nts and Tlmesha FL 32208-3825; 1 52, FORECLOSE Ownanhip lnteR T vol Augu 25, 2016; lnsbuB 454-462locatedin BUILDING two (2) successi weeks, in lnterest as a and may be Common Eleme s M&eto as 91 42, TWO BEDROOM, Contrarf No. ownen(sV having a 52,5001613,176,000 No. 201 267 Public 3, PHASE lll.; ANNUAU an Orange Coun newspaper, t rm in tha Declar ions; mo pa iGula y d8Krib8d in GOLDR16-42, MRY YEAR; Obligo s) Add N, fim8shaR undivided lnte in unks Records ot O nge CouW, located 200, Poin as pDvid8d such an r fin Sha lnte (sT (See and 5ubl8rf to (|) that ce n 41712017; 20170053272; lnt6,Club Suhe NoJUn numbe d 547-552, 554-562, FL Total Due: Szo.4o2.79 defined in the Decla ion for exi s atthe publishing. Exhibrt .A Club Suk6 Number, Amanded and Rertated S3,731.28;S1.84; KUIAH w68k No, Seasonl lntem 647-652, 654-662, 747-752. as ot D 15, 2017, useinEAcHyea s).mausage w you tail to nthe de uW (SEE HIB A Unit Week Declaration of Condominium STEWART 606 s WILLOW No, Plan Unrf Configuratior 754-762, 849-852, 854-860. inle S6.24 per di6m; RigM ofthe vol is a no ing as s& rth in tk notice or Numbe (SEE HIB A") lor llage of lmaglne, A XING, LEHl, UT 84043-6628 R urring Rlght, Detau w 949, 950, 954-956, 959. 960 d8Krib8d as: One(1)Vacalion usaRiqM. take other app ate action Plan Configu tion: (SEE Condominlum, r8cold8d MATHEW JAY sw Dale, wg Recoded Boo located in BUILDING 3, Ownenhip lnt (vol GEOR ESE SSandGAW whh ga to Mi!to&losure WHI8lT wA ) Season: (SEE November 6, 2015 in O cial 12145 N sHmLEsToNE Page or in w tW, um PHASE lll ; 8lENN Uallocaled ha ng a 128, 0 T35.459.0 SERVIM, Not e of DetauW ma 6r, all sum! due and WHI8lT A. Recu ing Righl: Retods Book 11009, Page DR. HIGHLAND, UT 84 3- Delinquent, Per Diem Amoum 105,000 Points as defined in undivided lnt8R in unrts and lntent to Foreclose sent owing under thE Note and (SEE WHIBIT '.A' lnternal 7799 in the Publlc Records ot 5517, 1 104, 917n2, ONE JASON ROBERT SM W the Declaration rusein EVEN numbe d 901-9,908-910, via cerfmedlRegirt&ed Mai Morfgage shall be acc8|8 t8d lnta al Control Number: Orange County, Florida Tthe BEDROOM,PLATINUMR17-32 140 s MORGANTOWN ST, year(s). me Usage Right ot the 912-914. 916-922, 1001-1006, publitation lo: 2662 Maple Ave, and wil bacome immediately (SEE WHIBIT "A and D) Condominium Declara ion ; o, NERY ODD NUMBERED FAIRCHANCE, PA 15436 vol is a Floating Use Right. 1008-1010, 1012-1014. 1016- North B8|| D,NY 11710- due and payabl6. Addrfional,Membanh in the HiWon Grand and (i) that certain Declaration YEAR, y2 2o1 7; AMY LYNNE SM W, 1o4 DANIEL MURILLO ESTRADA 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, 2434; Mortgage oded as a uN ot thederauW, you Vac ions lub.95O1 Un anal ot Cov6nants, Condhions and 20170112746; S3,756.36; MOUNTAIN RD. UNIONTOWN. and SONIA TINOCO PERU, 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, on May 4, 2016; ln n nt risk losing owner.hip ot your Boul6vad, O ando, FL 32819, Rermrtions and Vacalion S1.85. PA 15401-6360, 1 104, 629 47, Notice ot Default and,entto 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, No. 20160225790 Pu ic timesha inta M ugh the Building merain Ti B Shal8 Ownenhip lnrtwma tor LP Ju 13 18 ONE BEDROOM PLUS, Foreclose sent via Ce ifiedl 1212-1214. 1217-1222 located Records of O ng6 Coun . twrtee toBlosun procedu Plan (PDp8 y) Add M ). As Vacation Suhes. ded on L168597 GOLDI8294T o, EVERY ODD Regi ered M Vpublication in 8UILDING 6, PHASE vl"; FL. Total Due: S8,573.87 as ot a ablishadin on721.856. a suW of the afo ntioned November 6, 2015, in O ciBl NUMBERED YEAR, 41201T, to: Calle p,Mazatlan ANNUAUallotaled 128, D emb 15, 2017, im Florida S trtas. Any right detauW, ERGS h6l8by elerfs Reco s Book 11009, Page 201 7794; t1,854.o6; 783 lnt 306 La Magdalena, Points as d6fin in Me 83.68 per d ;deKrib8d as: you y hav8toBin 8 6 to sell the PDp8rty punuant 8650, in the Publit Recods NOTICE OF DEFnuLTAND $0.91; LYNN EARL HARTnR, u pan, MICHOACAN Detl tion tor use EACH One (1) Vac ion Ow ip mo gage aRer accele ion to S ion 721.856, Florida otOranga Coun,Florida he INTENr ro FORECLOW JR 1324 VIRGIN# STREET, M CO o; Mortgage yea s).meusagaRightofthe lme rt (vol having a,be puRuantb th6 t6nN Watrt6s. Please be advised mlm6sha Declar ion . me LP VACArlON sums - SABW, KS 6,11104, ed on Saptemb6r 28. VOlisaFloatingUse igM. 52.5 725,592, und ided of O e nDrtgage You n y th in the event that your Condominlum Dacleration and . 1s 1213 4, ONE 8EDR00M 2012; O.R. Book 10449 CLEBER JOSE D S VIDAL lme in unks numbe d choosa to sign d send to obllgation is not bDughl the Tlmesha Declaration, Punuant lo &ion PLUS, GOLD 1213-4E, EVER Page 3155 Publ Records ot JUNIOR, Notice of DefauW 501- 6, 508-510, 512-514. the und8Rign8d hu ee tha cu 8nt(includingth6 paymant as 8aGh may be hrfher 721.856, Florida as, MN NUMBERED YEAR, Orange Coun,FL Tot Due: and lntent to FoBlose sent 516-522, 601-606, 608-610, enclosed obje on torm, ol any fees lncu by ERGS am8nd8dhomtim8totim6,a the unde lgned Trurfee 7n017, 201 47 52: S22,235.96asotDecember15. via c8rtm 6gi &8d M 612-614. 616-622, 701-706, ex ising your ri tlo object in commencingthistoreclosu her&na ercollerfhely f as appolmed bm ERW S3,744.65; S1.65: KAnE ROSE 2017, inta st $9.26 per diem; publication to: Rua Bol ar 708-710, 712-714, 716-722, to Me use of he 86 pDc8ss) wrfhin thirty T3o) to as the Detla ions"; nMEsHARE, uc e inaWer TolNnGH and TOM HENRY described as: One (1) Vacation Pinto Bandeira 121, Apto 1101 801-8,808-810, 812-814, foBlosur6 pDc ur8. Upon days hom th6 fint date of Together wrfh the tollowing; to as .ERGS h y TolNnGH, JR 2043 BURNT Ownenhip lnte ( vol") Tor B, Fortaleza, CE, BRAZIL 816-822 located in BUILDING the undenigned bu ee's publit ion, a undersigned (a)merightto s e afi tormally no mes you lat PINE w, TA MEE, FL having a 166,0001920,709,500 60811-310;Mortgag6&od8d 6, PHASE vl"; BIENNQU iptotyoursiqnedobje ion Twstee sh,pmaed wrfhthe p&iod, as defined in the you have d&auWed u 3231T, 11104, 11 35, TWO undivided lnte in all onAugu 25,2O16;lnW t al cat6d 105,0 Points as form, 6 toBow of e sal8otth8PDp6 yaspDvidad fim6sha Dacla on, and to the Note and Mortgage by BEDROOM, GOLDI1 108-35 Residential Unhs locat6d in No. 201 7976 Public defined in We D la tion for n rtgag6 w h lp to Me in &ion 721.856, Flo da useandoccup eClubSukeof f |[ng to mak6 tha pa B E, EVERY MN NUMBERED BUILDING 1 ; ANNUAU Reco s of Olang8 Coun . us8inNENy8a 5).m8u g6 d&auH specmadinmis notic6 S Ln8S, in whith,the the Plan Unk onfiguration s& due on [s Exhib .A and YEAR,6l5no17,2o17o37T545, a dcated 166, 0 Poims as FL. Total Due: S11.142.o1 as Right ot the vol is a noating sh,be wbjert to Me judici undenigned Tw shall: (1T fo hbelow,inatcordantewhh, all subsequem paymants. S1,938.32; So.96; TYREE defined in me Decla tion tor otDetember15,2O17. int& Us6 Righl. ro&losu pDt6du on . Prov eyou wWh wrmen notice andsubjerftotheDeclarations, You cuBt owe RGS tha M E LIN DA-NIC H o L E useinEAcHyea s).meusage a.65 p6r diem; d8sMb8d as: #|, wkhin the Condominium You have e right to cu ot 8 sal8, including M8 dale, as am6nd8d, tog&her wkh amount ot (See Exhibk A THORNTON, 60 VIRGINIA Right otMe vol is a Flo ing One (1) Vata on ow rnip PDp8 y submm6d to the yourde uW inth8 mann& s li B and location th6 ot; (2) the right in common wkh all w h intere acG lng & the PARKST,DETROIT,MI482O2- Us6 R ht &a ( ol having a ti &ha Plan of F RflELD form in is notite anytime Recod the notice of sale in Ownen to use and anjoy rate of (See Exhibrf .A per 2037, 1152, 1211140, STUDIO, BENIG O R RODRIGUU 52,5001613,176, und ed ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK b8 th8twrf68'ssal8otyour the Public Reco s of Orange the Timeshare Common day,wrfh gadtothafollowing GOLDI1211-40, EVERY YEAR, LOPU and MAR,e rf in unks num RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM ti Bsha int8 .lfyou donot County, Florida;and(3)Publish Elements and Condominium alpropertylocatedin Orange 6 2017, 20170365902; GUADALUPE RODRIGUU, 547-552, 554-562, 64T652. (me Reso Facil y,togeWer obje to the use otMet stee a copy otth6 notit6 otsale two Common EI8m6nts during Coun,Florida: me following $2,359.19; $1.16. Notice of De uW and lment to 654-662, 747-752, 754-762, whh all appurtenancesthe to. &losu pmedu,you will (2) tlmes, once each week, tor the Home Week sa ad to fimasharalnt8 (s)Gonsirting Ju 13,18 Fo&losa sent via certmedl 849-852, 854-860, 949, 950. aKoding and subjert to lhe nd be subjeclto a d8fici8ncy two (2) succ8ssiv8 weeks, in each afo said Timesha ot an undivided t sim e L 168599 Registered MaiUpublicalion to: 954-956, 959, 960 lotated Declar ion ot Condominium judgn nt 8v8n fith8 pDc88ds an Orang8 Coun n8wspap8r, lnt8r8 as ar8 and may be tenant in tom Dn ime rt in 1517 Hill Dr, MiMion, M 78572- in BUILDING 3, PHASE lll ; for Faimeld O ando at Bonnel hom Ma sale ot your tin share pDvid8d such a newspaper set forth in tha Declarations; pep&u in the Plan Unrt(s) ( 8352; Mortgaae recorded on BIENNIAUallocated 105,0 Creek Resorf a Condominium" int& a inwl c ntto omet exirts attheti otpublishing. Time Sha lnte rf(s) (See Club Surte(s) s&torth below NoncE OF DEFAULT nND June5,2O15; .R.Book1O929 Points as d8fin6d in the &orded on June 8, 2004 in the a DMb secu d by e lfyou f,to cu the defauW Exhibrt A ClubSuk8Numb6r; in LP vAcAnoN sums and INTENT TO FOREtLOSE atPage6538PublicRecodsot Declaration tor use in ODD omcial Recods Book 7475, n rtgagelien. as s6t rth in this notice or (SEE HIBIT A Unh w k the Condominium Com Dn LP vncnnoN wm - Orange County, FL. Total Due: yea s).me u5 8 Rightofthe Page 881, 6t s . Public EXHIBIT n" - NoncE OF take oth6r appDpnat8 artion Numbe (SEE HIB A EI8m6nts and fin sha . 18 $14,407.14 as ofDecember15, vol is a Flo ing Us6 igM. R lds of OBg8 Coun,DEFnuLT nND INnNT TO w h gard to this toBlosu Plan Configuratlon: (SEE Com Dn Elements the to as Punua to &ion 2017, inte 85.76 perdiem; HEATHER ANN ZAM ER Florid as h&&olo or FORECLOSE maWar, all sums due and HIB A Saason: (SEE mo particula y d8Krib8d in 721.856, Fbrida Sta as, described as: Ona(1)Vacation and PAUL 8ARRY BURNS. h&eaR8ra &d6d(coll 8,Contrarf NoJ owner sV owing und& the Note and HIBrr"A Retumng Rlght: and subjart to ( that tart n the undenigned Tw ae Ownenhip,(.vol Nolice otDetau and lntemto 18 Decla on . B6ing the Obligo s) Add Tln sha Mortgage shall be accalerated (SEE WHIBIT A") lnternal Amended and Re ed as appointed b ERGS having a 84, 920,709,5 Fo&lose via certmedl exart p p& conveyed lnte rf. Club S e No.Nnrt and will become lmm8di 6ly lnte al Cont,Number. Decla ion ot Condominium TIMESHARE, LLC e inaW und ided lnte in &| Regirte d M gublicalionto: toMortgagorbydeed&o Week No, S8aNr lntern due and payable. Addkional,(SEE HIBIT A' and ) for Vlllage ot lmagtne, A te to as ERGS")he by Residential Unrfs loc ed in N14 Wendley d, BaW D . i ediale prior to the No, Plan Unh nfiguratiol as a suW ofthe de uW, you MembanhipintheHiWonGrand Condominium. rded brmal notmes you th BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU MD 21w9-3107; Mortgage &oldationh8 |. R u ng Righ, DefauW risk losing ownenhip of your Vacations Club.95O1 Unlv6nal Nov ber 6, 2015 in O ciBl you have de uWed und& all ed 84,000 Points as rdedon Orfober11,2O16; Obligonshallhav8 I8rightto D e, wg Racoded Boo timesha inte st th ugh the Boulevad,O ando, FL32819, Reco s Book 11 9, Page the Note and Morfgage by defined in the Declaration br ln wmem No. 20160529889 cu Me de uW and anyjunior Page or in wmeh,Amount twst68 toreclosu procedu Building me in Tlme Sha 7T99 in e Publ Raco 5 of lin9 to ke e prt usein EAcHy8ar(5).m8 U5ag8 Publit R8Gods of Orange li6nhold6r shall hava th6 right Delinquent, PerDianAmou e ablishadin Section721.856, Plan (PDpar ) Add ss ). As O nge County, Flo da he dua on (s Exhibrt .A and RigM of the vol is a Floating Coun,FL Tot Due: to d86m hs ima up to JAMESOUVERWLLIAMS,JR Florida Stal es. Any right ar6suW oftha ab& ionad Condominium D laration ; all wbs Bt payn ms. Use Right. $18,126.40asotDecemb&15, the date Me W 8aiNu8sth8 and ED H ELAINEWILLIAMS, you may have to in at6 the de uw, ERGS he by 6 rfs and (||] n D lar ion You # & ow6 ERGS Me ERMENEGILDO MAGALHAES 2017, lnte $7.64 per diam; amcateots ebypa ngthe 2770 SPRINGROCK HIU mortgage aRer ac &ation to sell the PDp8t pu uam ot covenams, Condrtions end um ot (s Exhibh A MOTAandTAINAHWESTINDE d8Krib8d as:On6(1)Va ion a Dunkdu8asorflin6dinth8 TR LAWRENCEVILU, GA,be punuant to the tarms to &ion 721.856, Flo da Re rimons and Vac ion w h ime a ing at e CAMARGO MOTA, Notite ot Owenhip lnte rt (vol p ingparagraphs. 3,1 52; 12|7118; ONE of M6 Drtgag8. Vou may St ules. Please be advised Ownenhip lnrfw &t for LP r e ot (See Exhibrt A par D&auW and lnt6ntto Fo&lose having a 105, 1735,459, Bc NJ NOS 0818-N0S BEDROOM, GOLD/ choo58 to sign and ad to that in Me event that your Vacation Su,&olded on day,wrm a to le llowing sent via certm egi e d und ided lnte in unrfs Ju 13,18 1217-18, EVERY YEAR, the undenigned twrtee Me obligation is not bDught November 6, 2015, ln omcial r8alpD loca8dinorang8 M Upublication to: Rua numb& 1-9,908-910, L1668T3 10126 2016; 201603 5057; enclosed obje ion form, tU t flntluding the paE nt Raco s Book 11,Page Coun,florida: me llowing Sucupira 872, Paraviana, Boa 912-914. 916-922. 1001-1,$5,582.91; g2.75; JAMES exe ising your right to objert ot any fees incur d by RGS 8650, in Me Public Reco s fi sharelnt&a (s)consl ing Vls . RR 69307-270 BRAZIL; 1 &1010, 1012-1014, 1016- EDWARDMOONEYandMINH- to the use ot lha twstea in tom Bncinglhis &losu ofOrange County, Florida he ot an undivided t slmpl6 Morfgage rded on June 1022, 1101-1104, 11,1108, NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND ANN HUYNH MOONEY 1915 to&losu pDc8du . Upon p c s) wrfhin thirfy (30) Tlmesha Daclaration' . me tenant in tommon inte rt in 23,2015; O.R. Book 10940 at 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, INnNT TO FORECLON MERUN RD, PENSACOLA, FL the undenigned twst88'5 days f m the fi t date ot Condominium Daclaration and p8p6tu in e Plan Un (s) ( Page 1884 Public Recods of 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, LP vAcAnoN wms - 32506-8187;11104929 2,0NE iptotyoursigned objertion publication, the unde ignad the Timeshare Decla tion, Club Suh&s) B brth balow Orange Coun . FL Tot Due: 1212-1214, 1217-1222,ed . BEDROOM PLUS.GOLDR29- torm, the foBlosur8 of th6 T st68 shall proceed wWh the Bs each y ba hrther in LP vAcAnoN sums and $20,435.13asotDecember15, in .BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; Punuant to Sartion 2E, EVERY EVEN IUMBERED mo gage wrfh respecl to the saleofth8PDp8r aspDvld8d nd homtim8toti B,a the Condominium Com Dn 2017, inte S8.31 per diem; ANNUAUallocaled 105,0 721.856, norida Stat es, YEAR; 1012612016; detauW spetified in this notice in Section 721.856. Florida h&eina ar collert e raf El b and Tl sha described as: One (1) Vacation Points as defined in the We undenigned T ee 20160560694; S4,744.82; shBll be subjerftotheludicial Statutes. in which case, the to as th6 Decarations"; Co n El ts the to as Owna hip lntereA ( vol Declar ion for use in EACH as appointed by ERGS 82.34; AMBER NICHOAL toreclow procedu on . undenigned Twstae shall: (1) Togather wrm Me tollowing; mo parficuW dewrib in having a 128,0001626,821,000 yea s). me Usage Right ofthe nMEsHARE. LLC me inawer LANGFORD. 1625 BILL You have the righ to cu PDvid6youwhhwrm8n notite (a)me rigMto se e afime and wbjerf to nl aain und ided lnte st in unks VOlisaFloatingUse ight. 6 edt0 as ERGS he by MURDOCK RD, MARlmA. yourdetauWinthe manners& ofthe sale, includlngthe date, Period, as defined in tha ndad and Re ed numbered 101-106, 108-110, LUIZ CARLOS BALEEIRO and tormal nolmes you Mat GA 3 2-595', 11104, toM in this notice any time lime and loc ion the ot; (2l fi sha D laration, and to D la tion ot Condominium 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, GABRIELA CRISTINA LUIZ you have deew under 921 13; ONE BEDROOM; b8fo thetw 88'ssal6ofyour R8cold the notice of sale in useandoccupyaClubSuheot tor Vlllaga of lmagine, A 216-222, 301-306, 308-310, BALEERIO, Notice ot De uW the Nota and Mo gage by PLAnNuMR21-13 o, EVERY timesha intere .Wyoudo not the Public Recods ot Orange the Plan Un Configuration set Condominium, ed 312-314, 316-322, 401-4,and lmerk to FoBlos8 sent t ling to ke the pay&t ODD NUMBERED YEAR; objert to Me u58 otthe t st86 County, Florida; and (3) Publish torth below,in accodancewhh, November 6, 2015 in O ti& 408410, 412-414, 416-422 via c8rfm 6gi Mai due on [s Exhibrf .A and 1114 2016; 2(160460023; foBlosu procedu,you wlll a copy otthe notice ofsaletwo andsubj8 toth6 Daclaralions, Retods Book 110,Page | ed in 8UILDING 6, publication to: Rua AtauWo all subs uent p ts. S5,314.66; $2.62; JAZMINE not be subjertto a deficiency (2)timas, onte each week,br as amended, tog&her wWh 7799 in lhe Public R ods ot PHASE Vl ;ANNUAUallocated Ahes 961, Joinville. sc You cunam owe ERGS the DAWN THOMPON, 2924 judgmenteven rfthe pDc88ds two (2) successive weeks, in the right in com Dn wkh all Orang6 Coun,norida (the 128,0 Points as defined in BRAZIL 89w8-261: Mo gage unt ot (See Mibk .A CHATSWORTHRD homthe s e otyourtimesha an Orange Coun newspapar, Own6n to us6 and enjoy Condominium Decla tion ; theD larationforusein EACH ded on Janua 12. 2017: wkh inte t aKwing at the COLUMBIA, sc 2223, 1/104, inte sta insumcientto oWs& provided such a newspaper the Timeshare Com Dn and [||] th cerfain Declaration -. y sT.meusage Rightofthe lnrt merrt No. ln nt te of (See Exhib A per 9M146: ONE BEDROOM the amounts setu d by the exists althetime ofpubllshlng. Elements and Condominium ot Covenants, Condkions end vol is a Floaling Use ight. No. 20160529889 Public day, wkh gardtothetollowing PLUS; GOLD 9N E; EVERY mo Rage lien. lf you il to cu the d&auW Common El ts during Re rittions and Vacation ROGERIO AWO DE BR O Recods ot O e County, alpDperfylocat8dinOrang8 EVEN NUMBERED YEAR: EX I8lT n"-NoTlcE OF as set torfh in this notita or tha Home k &ed to Own&ship lnwment tor LP and AUREA ALVES DE LIMA, n. Total Due: $12,379.37 as Coun,Florida: me tollowing 11110n016; 2n60526804; DEFAULT AND INTENT TO taka oMer appDpriat8 arfion eath ato said fi sha Vac ion Surf,R d8d on Notice ot D6 uW and lntent to ofDecember 15, 2017, inte st Tl PshaRlnt8 rt(s)consisting 84,464.59; $2.2 AARON FORECLOSE whh ragard to thistoBlosu lnte as a and y be Novemb& 6, 2015, in omci& For lose sent via Certifiedl $5.14 p& diem; dastribed as: of an und ided t simple LERONE CUR 306 Contrarf NoJ ownen(sV maWer, all sums due and B rth in Me D larations; R o s Book 110,p&ge Regi e d MaiUpublicetion to: One (1) Vacation Ownenhip tenant in common inte rf in BROMPTON CT. HGHLANOS. Obligo s) Add N, Tim8sha owing und8r th8 Not8 and Tln ShaR,6 s s) (Sea . in the Public R8 lds Av Marcondes De Brito 450, lnte ( ol having a pep u y in Fa Plan Unh(s) ( TX 77562-451t 1/104. lnte . Club Surfe No.Nnrf Mortgage shall be aK8|8 t8d Exhibrf A ClubSuheNumber, of O nge Coun,Florida he Chaca Seis De OutobD.Sao 52,5001626,821,0 undivid6d Club Surf s) setto h below 1013 40; ONE 8EDR00M Week No, S6asonl lntemal and will become immediate (SEE HIBrr A Un Week mesha Decl n . me Paulo, 03509-000 8RAZIL; lme in unks num in LP vAcAnoN SU ES and PLUS, GOLDI1[13-40 E, No, Plan Unrt Configu tior due and payable. Addrfionally, Number: (SEE HIB A Condominium D la tion and Mo gag8Bo 8donOrtob8r 101-106. 108-110, 201-206, the Condominium Com Dn WERY EVEN UMBERED Recu ng R M, DetauW as a suW ofthe d6tau,you Plan Configutation: (SEE the fin sha Decla ion, 15, 2015; O.R. Book 10998 at 208-210. 212-214, 216-222, Elen&ts and Tln sha YEAR; 111lN016: Data, Mtg R o ed BooW risk losing ownership of your WHIBIT A Season: (SEE as each may be hrfher Page 5342 Public Records of 301-306, 308-310, 312-314. Com Dn n 18 t0 as 2016047 ; a,688.94; Page or in wmemw, Amount timesha in a rt thDugh the WHIBITA ) Recurring Rlght: an nded homtin toti ,al8 Orange County, FL Total Due: 316-322, 4014,408410. D partiwlar d8Knb8d in S2.31; BRnwl MICHEW Delinqat,PerDiemAmount trustea toreclosu p tedu (SEE HIBIT .A lmernal he inaWer collerf e ref $18,685.27asofD8G8mb&15, 412-414, 416422 lotated in and wbi to nl that cert n SNOW 1323 27T STREET, KRlsnN RENNER MCFARUN 85tablish8din Sertion 721.856, lnta al ContDl Numbar. to as the .D laration5.; 2017, inter $7.46 per diem: BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; A Pnded and R ed HIGHLAND, IL 6 249; 1152: 4215 CLARKS CREEK RD, Florida Statutes. Any rlght (SEE WHIBIT wA and D) Tog&her whh the tollow g; d bed as: One(1)Vatation BIENNIAUalbcated 1o5,o Decla on ot Condominium 1116 39; wo 3EDR00M; MARTIN,GA3O557-3920,1152, you may have to rainstae the Membenh intheHiWonGrand (a)me rigM lo e a fi Owe hip lnt&a (vol Points as defined in the tor Vlllage of lma9ine, A GOLDI1116-39; MRY YEAR. 929119,0NEBEDR00MPLUS, mortgage a er acteleration Vac&ions lub.95O1 Un,Period, as defined in e having a 105, 01441,210, D lar ion br use in ODD Condominium, ded 11 512016; 2 60510476; GOLD 29-19, NERY YEAR, will b6 punuant o the terms Boulevard, O ando, FL 32819, fi D6cl n. and lo und id lnte in unhs yea s).me Usag6 Righlotthe November 6, 2015 in omcial $6,847.17;S3.38. 1 1n4n016, 20160445083, of the mortgage. You n y Building m6 in fi Share useand u ClubSu eor num 131-144, 146, vol is a Floating Usa Right. Recolds Book 11 9, Page Ju 13,18 84,2o3.o5, $2.07; JOSHUA choose to sign and send to Plan (PDp&ty) d . the Plan Un Qur ion s6 231-246, 331-346 lot&ed DENISE DEOLIVEIRADUARTE 7799 in Me Public R ods of L1686OO LANE CULLARS and SANDY the und&signed twst86 the a wW otthe a ionad lorfhbe w,ina w , in .BUILDING 2, PHASE ll"; and LUIS FELIPE MOUTINHO Orang6 Coun,Florida he LEIGH ANN CULLARS 205 enclosed objertion rm, detauW, ERGS h&aby el andsub totheD laB ns, BIENNIAU located 210,000 MATHIEL, Notice ot DefauN Condominium Declaration ; MUUINS CIR, TALLANEE, 8x6 ising your rightto objert to sell the p puRuant as d,toge er w h Points Bs defined in tha and lnte to FoBlos8 sent and(il)Mat& n D6claralion NoncE OF DEFnUL AND AL36O78-1219,1l1O4,9NI45, to th6 us6 of Me tw 86 to Sertion 721.856, Fbrida the right com Dn wh all Detlaration for use in EVEN via certm8 R6gi &8d M V ol covenams, Condkions and INnNTTo FORECLOSE ONE BEDROOM PLUS, to&losu pDt8du . Upon Statrtes. Please be advi58d Own 5 to us6 and en y yea s).meusageRightoftha publ ation to: Rua Jose Rertrirfions and Vatahon LPvAcAnoN SUITU - GOLDI93345 o, MRY ODD the undenigned tw ee's that in tha eve that your the fimesha Con#non vol is a Floaling u58 ight. rico De n ida 686 Apto Ownenhip ln wn nt ror LP . NUMBERED YEAR, 1V112016. t8iptotyour5ign8dobj8 ion obligation i5 not b ught Elemen and Condominium LUIS ENRIQUE UMAS YANU 101,Rec io DosBandeirantes, Vacation Su es, &ord6d on Pukuant to Se ion 20160560274; 82,392.76; torm, the loBlosur6 ot th6 cu en Tincludingthe pay nt ComnDn Ele nts during andROSALBACASTELLANOS Rio De JaneiD, RJ, BRAZIL Nov&nber 6, 2015, in omtial 721.856, Flonda St es, 81.18; TERRY MAUNG mortgage with sperf to the otanyf86s incu by ERGS the Ho B Week &e ed to BAYONA. Notice of DefauW 22795-045;Mo gag8Bord8d Recolds Book 11,Page the undenigned T rtae WINN 490 WESTTREE LN, de uN spacified in this notice ln comm8ncingthisfoBlosu each ato sad Tl Bsha and lntent to Fo&lose sent on Ma h16.2O17;ln wn nt 8650, in the Public R ods as appointed by ERGS PLANTAnoN, FL 33324-1879 shall be subject to the judlclal process) wkhin thir (30T lnte as a and may be via certm egi e d MaiU No. 20170139722 Public ofOrange County, Florida he nMEsHARE, uc me ina & NYEIN NUWINN,47O6QUEEN lo closure procedu only. days hom the fi date of set torfh ln lhe Decla ions; public ion to: Calle 5-7E- Reco s of Orange Coun,m ha Declar ion . me fe to as ERGS")he by PALM LANE, TAMARAC, FL You have the right to cu publitation, Me undenigned Time sh,(s) (s66 17 Apto 2R, Cuc a, No e FL Tolal Due: $16, 9.51 as Condominium Declaration and tormally notmes you that 33319, 11104, 83v33, ONE yourdetauWinthe manners& Twrtee shall pD wMlhe Exhibh A ClubSuheNu De Santander, COLOMBIA otDac6mb8r15,2O17,int8r8st the fimeshare Decla tion, you have defauWed under BEDROOM. PLATINUMI832- to h inthis notice a any ime sal8otth8Plop8rtyaspDvd8d (SEE HI8 A Unrf w k 540004;Morfgage&odedon $6.73 perdiem; described as: as each may be hrther the Note and Mortgage by 33-0,0DDNUMBEREDYEAR, befo thet ee'ss&eofyour in Sertion 721.856, Florida Numbe (SEE HIB A April 14, 2016; lnrt mant No. One (1l Vacation Ow8Rhip ndedhomtimetotima,a lailing to maka the payment 1v1412016, 20160294962; timesha i e rt.ltyoudonot StaMes, in which,the Plan Configur n: (SEE 20160187868PublicRecod ot lnte st ( ol having a he ina ertolle e tenad due on IS6e Exhibk A and $3,951.00; $1.95; ANDRIA obj8rttoth8u58otth8twrt8e undenigned Tw ee sh |: (1) HIB .A Season: (SEE