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June 20, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 20, 2003

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PAGE 4 David Bornstein When the country speaks, the 'Sentinel' listens An amazing event occurred recently in our National Conference for Community and Jus- community, one that speaks volumes to the tice towards the offensive Dick Locher cartoon power of cooperation, partnerships within and that recently appeared in the Orlando Senti- outside the Jewish community, and to the nel. ability of good things to come out of bad. I'm A little background speaking about the reaction of many individu- The cartoon portrays a hook-nosed Ariel als, the Jewish Community Relations Commit- Sharon wearing a Star of David on his clothes tee, the Holocaust Memorial Resource and following a path of money laid out by the Education Center, and the local branch of the United States as an inducement to follow the By Carl Alpert Zahars code of behavior HAIFA--A hostile press and foes of Israel The code of ethics continues. No damage frequently describe Israeli soldiers as cruel and shall be caused to any property of the popula- bloodthirsty, who vent animosity on helpless tion in Judea, Samaria and Gaza unless opera- Arab civilians. No mention is made, of course, tionai activities require it. In such cases, care of Palestinian suicide bombers who deliber- should be taken to keep the damage minimal. ately seek out the maximum number of Israeli Pillage or theft of Palestinian property are civilians they can kill. forbidden, and constitute serious criminal of- It is time that official Israel policy with lenses for which the offender will be given regard to action by its men in uniform is made severe punishment. It must be noted here that more widely known. A code of ethics is posted the destruction of specific homes is part of a in military barracks, and by way of emphasis necessary policy to prevent the smuggling of and reminder a special brochure has recently arms and to serve as a deterrent to terrorist been distributed internallyamongall the mem- activity. bers of the Israel Defense Forces, Zahal. The regulations insist that examination of In a special section soldiers are reminded individuals must be conducted with regard to that their operations must be carried out with their dignity. Women shall be physically full regard for human values, as has always searched only by women soldiers. The basic been Zahars policy In their relations with the principle is that the normal existence of the Palestinians, they are told to bear in mind that population shall not be interrupted unneces- every individual is entitled to respect, without sarily. Obviously, when the Palestinians de- any connection to his origin, religion, nation- clare war against Israel and take actions which ality or sex. require military response, they are, in effect, Soldiers who serve in Judea, Samaria and undermining their own normalcy. the Gaza Strip are reminded that they repre- The regulations provide that properly iden- sent the State of Israel, and as such they bear tiffed medical personnel and ambulances bear- the responsibility of behaving in manner befit- ing patients in critical condition shall be per- ting the spirit of Zahal and its values, mitted to pass check points without unneces- Specific guidelines are laid down for re- sary delay. It is no secret that terrorists have quired behavior at all times, sought to exploit this policy. With respect to the dignity of the civilians, Journalists, the Israeli soldiers are warned, three points are made: must be treated with respect and patience, and 1. Contact with the local population shall be permitted to fulfill their journalistic functions, in the line of duty only. except where areas have been proclaimed as 2.Careshouldbetakentoavoidanyutterances off-limits for military reasons. Further, sol- or behavior that might cause offence to the local diers may not enter delicate installations like population. Consideration should be given to the holy places, schools and hospitals, exceptwhere feelings and traditions of the inhabitants, there is suspicion that they are being used for 3. Wild behavior toward or humiliation of hostile purposes. the population are to be strictly avoided. Spe- Entrance to such places shall be only with cial care should be taken to prevent harm to polite and respectful behavior. women, the aged, the ill and children. Other regulations deal with care and treat- It is true that scattered instances of violent ment of wounded civilians and prisoners. It is behavior by Israeli soldiers have indeed been forbidden to utilize civilians as human shields. reported, but the press seldom follows up these Representatives of the Red Cross and the U.N. reports with the news that such soldiers have shall be permitted passage, except where there been punished and some ever~ sent to prison, may be suspicion that these are being used as A spokesman for the army has observed that cover by hostile elements. no one has ever seen Chechnyan children ap- Israel soldiers are for the most part not proach a Russian tank. They know they would professional men of war. be killed on the spot. Yet TV constantly shows They are the youth and the citizens of the Palestinian youth, unafraid, hurling rocks at country, decent men and women. The code of Israeli tanks, under their very noses. They ethics is to remind them of how they must know the Israelis will not shoot them. behave, even in times of stress. 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Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 emaih Society Editor Bookkeeping Gloria Yousha Elaine Schoopmg Circulation Rachel Hughes Account Executives Barbara do Carmo Marci Gaeser Sara Crusade Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley Carl A[pert Michael Gamson Tim Boxer David Bornstein Gail Simons Production Department David Lehman Teri Marks HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 20, 2003 "roadmap for peace," with a relatively benign Yasser Arafat waiting passively in the wings. Not only did the cartoon smack of blatant stereotyping, but it obviously bore a horrific resemblance to anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda from the second world war. Let's see: physical stereotyping of Jews with large noses (Ariel Sharon's nose is pretty darn normal, to name one), Jews as money grubbers who are easily seduced by wealth - the cartoon was shocking and should never have been published. Now the good news: Dan Coultoff, chair of the JCRC, and Tess Wise, executive director of the HMREC, together penned a My Word col- umn that appeared in the Friday, June 13 opinion page of the Sentinel. In it they said that, "Such anti-Semitic caricatures have no place in your esteemed news publication. These malignant images can serve only to promote hate against Jewish members of our commu- nity and serve as a divisive force working against efforts to build positive relations among di- verse community sectors." This kind of Jewish agency's quick response and cooperation should serve as a role model for effectiveness and the geometrically increased power of unity. Nu- merous community members also wrote the Sentinel to express their dismay. On top of that, Betty Lowery, executive di- rector of the local NCCJ, wrote the following letter (which I excerpt) to our"esteemed news publication": "I am ashamed that The Orlando Sentinel published what I consider to be one of the most offensive editorial cartoons I have ever seen this past Saturday, June 7, 2003 This cartoon is an offense to all of us -- Jews, Christians, Muslims --any person of goodwill who understands history and the power of these kinds of images to evoke that which is most ugly in humankind. I am appalled that such an anti-Semitic caricature Would find a place in The Sentinel. These images can only serve to promote hate against Jewish members of our community and further fuel the kind of stereotypical, vile, virulent and hateful ideol- ogy that is all too rampant in our post 9/I1 world. I do hope the Sentinel will be more sensitive, balanced and thoughtful in the fu- ture, but more importantly, I hope you will do the right thing, out of the same sense of moral outrage that compels me to write this letter, and print not only an apology, but also a retrac- tion of the impliedmessage." Now the mixed news: if you read the re- sponse by the Sentinel's Manning Pynn, their public editor, you probably came away, as I did, both chagrined and relieved, chagrined at the highly qualified apology by Pynn, relieved that we at least got a response and an apology from our local paper. To be fair, Tim Franklin, the editor of the Sentinel, offered a straightfor- ward apology. Manning Pynn, unfortunately, needs a few lessons in etiquette, the first one being that an apology, to be truly heartfelt and accepted, cannot be half-hearted and qualified, as his was ("editorial cartooning often involves exaggerated features" "the cartoonist said he got the idea after talking over the foreign-aid issue with friends, some of whom are Jews" "it is also true that the United States provides Israel with nearly $3 billion in foreign aid annually"). Did Pynn actually have the gall to evoke the old "some of my best friends are Jews" line? And did he attempt to excuse a physical slam in the cartoon? Shame on you, Manning. You could have done a better job, as your parent organization the Chicago Tribune did, as your editor Tim Franklin did. And kudos to our proactive JCRC, our dynamic HMREC, and our friends at NCCJ who stood together to take on the Sentinel Goliath, and for once to knock a little sense into it. The opinions expressed in this column are the writer's, and not those of the Heritage or any other Jewish organization. That's the good word until next week. Write the Heritage, or e- mail your comments, critiques, and concerns to y to fail By Morris J. Amitay Now that President Bush has launched yet another Middle East peace initiative with two summit meetings, how should Israel's friends here react? While cynicism and skepticism based on sad experience, is surely warranted, it is not enough. We must also make an effort to explain why, despite the best of intentions, the president's foray into Middle East peacemak- ing is destined to fail. Put simply, the roadmap fails to deal with the sad fact of Arab and Muslim rejection of Israel as a Jewish state. Once this is acknowledged all the pieces of the current puzzle will fall into place. With this assumption we can now under- stand why there had to be two summits instead of one. The Saudi monai ch refused to be in the same room with an Israeli leader which tells a great deal. We can also understand why there could be no joint communiqu but only sepa- rate statements, But the compulsively even- handed statements of the Administration's spokesmen demonstrate that they really don't comprehend the Arab world's single-minded hatred of Israel and, incidentally, our own country. A June 7 Voice of America report on the Middle East furnishes an example of the "both sides" mindset that is reflected in the roadmap, and that is now prevalent in the Administration's thinking. The VOA reported that: "Hamas has refused to commit to halting armed attacks against Israelis while Jewish settlers refuse to give up their presence in the West Bank." And reflecting the same insidiousness of the "both sides" syndrome in the media, the New York Times two days later headlined "Sharon and Abbas, Both Under Fire from Hard Liners." This came only a day after a murderous terror- ist attack killed four Israelis; while on the Israeli side there were peaceful demonstra- tions and open debate. This kind of moral equivalence makes it possible to equate the building homes on an ancestral homeland to blowing up women and children on buses. And by describing the ter- rorists as "enemies of peace" it puts the empha- sis on the process rather than the victims of the atrocities. Itwas hoped that this preoccupation with process rather than peace would have disappeared with the departure of the Clinton peace team. But now with American troops in Baghdad and U.S. influence in the region stronger than ever, we are still witnessing a reluctance to distinguish between our real friends and our foes. There should be little doubt as to how the Arab world and Palestinians feel about the United States. The day after the President's Aqaba summit the PA's official daily described Bush as "the Head of the Snake" and asserted that "America is sinking deeper and deeper in a putrid swamp." Why would we possibly want to reward those who reflect such sentiments vith statehood? On the operational side, a report that the U.S. is considering providing funds for buy- ing up arms from terrorists is equally pre- posterous. What a deal! Trade in your old Kalashnikov for a fancy price (one report cited $6,000 per weapon!), and then use the proceeds to buy more lethal weapons. Is this what the Quartet's roadmap envisioned when it called for "disarming" the terrorist groups? And look who the CIA chose to lead the war against Hamas and Islamic Jihad. He is quite a familiar figure- Mohammed Dahlan, whose counter-terrorism credentials for the job must be based on the notion "it takes one to know one." Dahlan, it should be recalled, has i been identified by Israeli authorities with planning specific terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. As one U.S. intelligence source described Dahlan "he's in bed with everybody". In the past he has even managed to wangle a one-on- one meeting with President Clinton. In end, Dahlan will not be able to But he knows that if he angers his George Tenet, he might only have his off, but if he crosses Hamas, he could much more than money. President Bush has emerged as a sought moral clarity in viewing the world, demonstrated by his "you're either with us or against us" approach. But whether influenced by our pusillanimous State Department, the blunder-prone CIA, or the lies of his Arab interlocutors, our President must not lose sight of the fact that having defeated two terrorist regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, he could now be helping create a third terrorist state at the expense of a real friend and ally. The allure of succeeding where so many have failed must remain a powerful attraction despite all the warning signs. while our"moderate" Arab friends, the SaU" dis and Egyptians, soothed the president with their private assurances of support, they still permit the most virulent anti-American hatred to be spread in their media and educational systems as recent polls demonstrate. It is not too late for the president to realize that Israel and the U.S. are in the same boat when it comes to engendering the hostility of most of the Muslim world. And it is past due for See "Amitay" on page 6