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June 15, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2018

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PAGE 38B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 201a Wee Float Unit, B-1516, 211 Camphos, Ruta 8, a. Sonia, otyourtim8rna im6 st.ltyou of sa in Me Public R ords a ar ipt ot tha Notica,ro FORECLOSE 34714-7298, 1n Fix6d hl WFw6d Unh, u-07, 51 ODD, 112n015, 526512722- Caracas 01080. VENUUEL do notobj to h6 use otthe ofOK8daCouW,horida;and a undenignad Twrtea WGhrE vncnnoN Flxed Unh, EE-11, 35nwN, WHOE 1M014, 5266n71- 2727, $2,721.26, 81.34; Martin 1 Fixed Mixad Unrf,52OO- twst66 to&lo5u pmadure, (3/ Publish a copy ottha nol 6 rn,pD wkh tha sal6 uu wl nLL mb 1 1n12014, 52651270g2714, 376, t6,671.88, W.22; Stuarf F Jack5onand Linda Am6s 5244, 35 H0U, 1n 2015, you will not b6 subja to a o saBtwo(2)tim ,onceeach ot M6 Roparfy as providad Punuam o & n 721.855, S2,66o.98, $1.93; Dabo K Kuln and GKlrtnar,882 Jackson, 110 Hicko Street, 526512715-2721, $6,184.63, d6fici6ncy judgment even it w k, tor two (2) suKaw 8 in in ion 721.855, FIDrida Florida St es, wEsTGAn Muldoon and Chrirtoph6r A RouSt 6,R way,NJO7O65, Egg Harbor Township, NJ $3.05; Han Quintaro and th6 pDc88d5 hom the sale w66hs, in an OKeola Coun StaMa . the und8rsign6d vAcAnoN NLLAS OWNERS Muldoon. 204 Wlnd 1FlxedW edUnrf,U-08, 08234, 112,Saason-Float onn6Ca illo, R Chamonix ot your timasha inte n8wspap6r, p vidad such a Tw shall: (1l Provida you ANoclAnoN, INC. Drive, Klngsland, GA3154B, 1/2 31WH0U, 11v2016, 5266n71- WeaMloat Unit, B-1615, 171 Apt 14B U ManzanaPs, are insu ci6m to of at the newspap& 6xi s at tha tim6 wrm wrm6n notic6 ot th6 sal6, m6rainaR r6 to as Fixed WeeMixed Unk, EE-11, 376, S2,414.56, S1.8O; Leo ODD, 11v2015, 526512722- Caratas 02210, VENUUEL amounts s8cur6d by thB lien. ot publishing. lt you rail to including lhB date, time and W8stgat6,has &ord6d a 35 0DD, 11v2015, 5265 2709- L Mengel, 512 Cha Ave, 2727, S2.721.26, $1.34; Dennis 1 Fixed W66Mix8d Unrf, 5200- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, cuP the detauW as 58t torth location lhareot; (2) Recod Claim ot Len in the amoum 2714, S2,439.14, $1.27; Ros8|I6 p NJ 07204-1561, A Fick, 1807 Ea lw Placa, 5252, 37 H0LE, 11212015, LL,Twst68. in this notice or tahe olhar tha notite otsale in the Publit ot (s Exhibh A,wrfh Fabric6 s Sadhvani, 3A Calle 2 Flx6d xad Unk, v-03, Sioux Falls, SD 57103, 112,526512715-2721, S6,184.63, HIBlr A" - NoncE OF appDpriat8 artion wkh rega R6cods ot OSCEOLA County, int6 accwing al th6 r e ot Poniente N39, Bo. Cahario, v-03, 5 H0U, 51WH0LE, S6ason-flo W66Mloat Unit, M.O5; Vlnc6 E W kar and DEFAULT AND INTENT TO to mi5 foreclosu maner. you Florida: and (3T PubliEh a topy (See Exhibh A p day, and San Salvador, EL SALVADOR. 1MO16, 52661371 -376, B-1709, 4910DD, 11212015, Mya A Walk&, 7894 Rue FORECLON: risk losing owne hip ot your ot tha not a ot sale two (2) ordad in O.R. Book (See 1/2 Fixad We xed Unk, 84,368.56, $3.27; Patricia B 526512722-2727, $2,093.86, Bonni6r. Lasalla, ac H8P1V6, Owe s)IObligorTsT, fim6shar6 limashara int6 thDugh 6 timas, onc6 6ach w6ak, lor Exhibh A"), at Pag8(S86 Exhibrf v-10, 4710DD, 1 2 015, Mang6|, 1209 L chfiad Dr, $1 .03: CANAD 2 Fix W68 x8d,6Bt, BuildingNnk, Wee lw e6 tor losu pm6du two (2) Succ8Niv6 w k5, A ), orM6 Pu ic R6coTds ot 5265/2709-2714, $2,476.43, Sun c c6m,FL N573, June8, 15, 18 Unh, 5415, 54 5415, D&auW Date, Boo Page of 6stablish8dinati0n721.8M, in an OSCEOLA Coun OK8ola County, Florida, and $1.30; RajpaWie Mangra and 2 Fw WeaMixed Unk, L167156 31, 32 H0LE, WHOLE, R ord6d Len, nount, P6r Florida Stat es. You may n8w5pap8r, provided suGh a the undenigned T rt as sewanne Mangta, 10411 v-03, v-03, 50 H0U, 511 1n12015, 5265 2715-2721, Di&n Amou : choose o sign and s6nd to n8wspap6r 8xi 5 al th6 time appointed byWa5tg 8,h6 by 211m Pl, aueans Vlllage, NY WHOU, w2o16, 52661371- S1 1,053.N, S5.45; Y8m8n5on J L Jackson and Ha ld the undanignad twst an ot publishinq. lt you tail to tormal notmes (s Exhibit 11429, 112 F ed Wae xad 376, S4,368.56,S3.27; p ricia NoncE OF DEFAULT nND Garcia and Dama s J Ba i a, L Owens and Chiari L Owens, objactiontorm, 6x&cising our cu the deault as sel torfh "A' that due o yourfailu to Unh,Z-05, 16nvEN, 11v2014, B M6ng8|, 512 Che & Ave, INnNT TO FORECLOSE 2801 old wl Gard Rd, 9241 Dauchy Ave, Rivenide, righttoobi8rttom8us6o th6 in this notice or take other pay the annual mant(sl 526512709-2714, $2,660.98, Ros6le Par NJ 072041561, wuTGAn TOWN cENnR o,FL 34761, 112 Flxed CA 92508, 1 V ua S6ason- t stea toraclosu pocedu . app pri e action with gad du6 on (See Ewhibit A") and 81.93; Lelia L Williams, 415 2 Flxad xed Unk,V-03, nLE: .OTO2 W Mloat Unh, 54 -5441, noat w wnoat Unk, 4000- Upontha und6nign8dtw a8. to this toreclowre ma er, you all aN8ssm6nt(s) Merea er, Oak Brooh Cl SE, Smyma, V-03, 50 H0U. 51 H0LE, Punuant to ation 721.855, 5110DD,112 201 5,52651271 5- N 40 -NB, 40, 40nNN, receipt ot your signad objertion rish losing own8nhip or yout you a cuBtly in detauW GA 30082-4611, 112 Fixad 1n12016, 52661371 -376, Florida St es, WESTGATE 2721,S1,579.10,S0.78; Av6 MN, 11v2014, 52651272& torm, lha to&losu ot e timasha inte through the ol your oblig ions lo pay WeaMixad Unk, z-10, 201 $4,368.56, 83.27: me Fi side TOWN CENTER OWNERS Jordan 495 Hillsd e Dr, 27N,83,718.90,$1.83:Gamal lien wrm tothe d6fauw t ea to&losure pDG8du ass6Nm8nts dueto Westgate ODD, 1/212015, 526512709- Re9ist,uc A Delaw a AssoclAnoN, INC. FayenevilB, GA 30214,Zayed, 7414 Bal Vl a Tr, spetmed in this notit6 shall established in S6ction 721 .8x, on the tollowing described raal 2714, 82,476.43, $1.30: Alh d Lmit6d Labil Company, aRinaW8r t6n8d to as s6ason-noatw o unh, RocMord, IL 61107, 1 Valua ba subje to the diti Florida S atu 8s. You may propa y located in Osceola G Jackson, 2116 ChandlerSt, 316 w. MiMion Ave Ste 121, We gate"), has Bo 8d a 550 5N2, 4710DD, 1l2no15, Season-Float W Mloat Unk, to low procedure only. choose to sign and s6nd to Coun,Florida: (S6e Exhibit Philadelphia, PA 19152-3716, Escondido, CA 92025, 1 Fixed Claim of Len in the amount 5265n715-2721, 83,224.15, 4 42 4 42B, 3a, You hav6th6 rigMto cu our tha und6nignad lwst86 the A") Tlme Share lnte st(sl 112 Fixed ak Fiw6d Unk, W86 x8d Unrt, v-08, 241 ot (S6a Exhibk A"), wi 1.59, khulz and Do thy 3,EVEN. 11v2014, defauwinthamannera o h enclosed obi6ction torm, (See Mibrf A") a5 defined in z-12, 28nvEN, 11212014, WHOLE, 1/v2014, 52661371- in accruing at the ta ot khulz, 66 Ma Andr Way, 5265n72&27M, S2,835.25, in is notice at any ti b6ro 8x8 i5ing your right to obje the Decla ion ot Cov6nan s, 526512709-z71 4, $2,660.98, 376, S6,574.41, S3.22; Will (See Exhibrf A per day, and Winnipeg, MB R3W1N7, $1.40; J Howse and tha und8Nign8d tw ae's sala to th6 use ot the tw aa Condrfions and Rastri ions $1.93. Kind6t and Eddia L Kindar, recoded in O.R. Book (S86 CANADA, 1,Season-float Diane Howse, 24 Stockbridge otyourti& im6 .ltyou to&low prot8du . Upon tor the W tgate Vacation June8,1S, 18 1O969 202nd St, Saint Albans, Exhibit A"l,at g, a(saeExhibh W Mlo Unh,5 5621,4l Cove, Hu ldl, TN 38343, do notobiB toth8 u58 otth6 the und8nign6d twrtee's Vlllas xll, omcial Recods L167149 NY 11412, 1 Flxed w68hl A,ot th6 p c Racords ot WHOU, 1n12015. 526512715- 112 #| Season-Float Weekl t 5t88 to losu p c8du,&eipt ot your signed objerfion Book 933, at Page 423, ot lhe Fixad Unrf, v-,31 H0LE, Oscaola Coun,Florida, and 2721, S5,222.17. 82.58: John M float Unk. 4 -60, 1610DD, you will not be 5ubi8 to a torm, Ma to closu ot the Public Records ot Oweola 1 V2016, 5266 371 -376, lha und8nign6d T stee a5 co irn and Sand A cor rn, 1 v2015, 526512728-2733, d6fici6ncy judgB 8v6n if li6n whh pe to the detauW County, Florida he Plan NOTICE OF DEFAULT hND S2,414.56, S1.8o: Michael appoint8dbyW8 ,h8raby 2 Royal Park Rams8y lsl8 $2,721.26, $1.34; Manuel J th6 proc d5 hom th8 s B sp8cm6d in this notic6 shall and all a andment(s) tha to, INTENT TO FORECLON J Hack6W II and Jannrfer G - tormally notifias ( Exhib Man,Ramsey,lsleOfManlM8 Rami z,Calle 11 Res Dacota, ot your li&a int ba subjert to the judicial rfany.Tog&Bw hth6rightto WESTGATE vnchnoN HackeW, 219 WellinQon Placa, A )thatdueto yourrailureto 3uF.uNlnDKINGD0M,112#| Apt21B Urb La Paz EIPa 5o, a insumci6 to oWset tha to closur6 procedu only. oKupy, punuant to the Plan, UN IX nLE: 2TT . 13 Bwn wic GA 31523, 1 Fixed pay tha annual ass8Nm8m(5T Season-Float kmo Unh, Ca cas, VENUUEL 112,amounts s6w d by th6 li6n. You hava the righ to cu Building-Unrt(s) (See Mibit Punuant to Sartion 721.855, Wa8klFix6d Unrf, v-10, 501 due on (See Exhibh "A and 590 302B, 31 0DD, 1M015, n-Float WeeMloat Unrf, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, yourdalauW in the mann6r set A . durinq Unh Week(s) (See norida Stalut85, wEsTGAn WHOU, 1 v2016, 52661371- all assessmant(s) thareaWer, 5265 2715-2721, S2,647 4 60, 43 0DD, 1n12015, LL,Tw 68. form in lhis notica al any ime Exhibrf A,during ANigned VACATION NLLAS OWNERS 376, $2.414.56, 81.8o; Joseph you are tu ently in detauW $1.31; Douglas A Davis and 526y272&2733, 82,721 .26, QHIBlr h - NoncE OF b6forB Ma hurt68's sale of your Yea s). (s Exhib A . 7700 AssoclAnoN, INC. J Franzen Jr and Suzanna ot your obligations to pay DahliaDavis,821 SW6 hAve, $1.34; Ca o5 D E imbo and DEFAULr nND INTENT TO im6sha int& .llyoudonot gat6 Bhd KiNimm88, inaW6r r6f6 to a B Gamble, 30 Jol Ln, aN8ssm8nts due lo We gata North Laudedale. FL N 8, 2 Ma J Esti,1M23 Rio FORECLOW obj8rtto I8u58 otthatw ae FL 34747 e in fime Share W6 gat8"), has rdad a L6vmow, PA 19055, 1 Fixed onthetollowing d6Kribadr8al,Season-Flo We6Mloat Plm Dr, Hou on, M 77083, ow8 5Vobligo s), Tln sha lo losu p u,you will p p Add N"). a Claim ot Lan in the unt W86 x8d Unrf, w-02, 381 pDp8rty located in Osceola UnW, 610 23G, 6100-NF, 8, 1n,Season-Float Wa6kl lnta st, BuildingWnk, k, notbe subi6 to a d6fici8ncy &uW ot lha afo &ioned ot (Sea Exhibit A,wkh WHOLE, 1M016, 52661371- County, Florida: (s68 Exhibk 23 H0U,WH0U, 1nn015, noat Unk, 4 0-69, 45nvEN DetauW Data, BoohPage ot judgment even rfth6 pmeeds datauW, g e h6 y8|8 s int6r acc i q, the rate ot 376. S2,414.56, g1.8o; Dean A") fima Sha lnte st(s) 526512715-2721, $4,764.04, 1M014, 5265 2728-2733, R oTd8d Len, nt, Per homM6s 8otyourtim ha to sall a PD punuant Exhibit 6rday,and T D n 2541 unah (Sea Exhibit wA ) atcording S2.35; Ca os J. B ancourt S3,129.98, S1.54: m6ka B DiamAmoum: int a insumtient to to &ion 721.855. norida recodad in O.R. Book (Sea Ave, BaWi D,MD 21216 to tha Tlmasharing Plan tor and Leticia B&ancourt, Rua Rurning, 1600 Pear O had Babara J Pe &, 5212 Savoy oWsa he amounts sacured by StaMes. Plaase be ad sed Exhibrf A ,atPag6(S6BMibh Con anca D. Dodson, 6 the Westgata Town Center, J8Dnimo De Orn6las 688 - Pl, Jackson, MS 39211, 112,Dr, Baton RouR6, LA 70812, 1 tha lien. By: GREENSPOON Mal in ma ev t that your A,ot the Public Reco s ot WoodB Ava, BaWi D,MD r8cord6dinth8 O cialRetods Aplo. 302, Porto eg O Season-Float WaaMloat Unrf, Valu6 n- oat w hlnoat MARDER, Twst68. obligalionisnotbroughtcuat OK la Coun,Florida, and 21209,1 F 6d x6dUnrf, Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot 340, 8RAZIL, 112 Flxed Weekl 4 87, 17nvEN, 112/2014, Unit, 4 13c, 4 130, HIBrr n" - NoncE OF [lncluding Me payent of any tha undarsignad Twstaa as wa, 47 H0U, 1n12016, the Public R6cords ot O5c60la Flo Unit, B-12o7, 610DD, 526512728-2733, $3, 3.98, 50, 50nvEN, EVEN, 1n12014, DUAULT nND INTENT TO raes inw by gale in appointed by w6 ,h6 by 52661371-376, S2,414.56, County, Florida (the Plan ). 11v2015, 526y2715-2721, g1.53; Ka L Rushing, 236 52661340-345, g4, FORECLOSE comn&cing this toBlosur8 torm notifies ( Exhibk $1.80; Scon w Sho y, 2405 Together with the right to $2,721.21, S1.34; Anghela L Lakeshi Pkwy Soulh,Canton, 81.98; Marilin Ruiz and Ow6 s) Addrass Building pm 5) wkhin thirty (30) A") that dua to your tailu lo Sh& n St, Hou on, TX otcupy, pursuant to th6 Plan, Ba i8nto5Banh8zandAdrian L Ms39o46,1n#lsaa on-no Pedro Ruiz, 14 Sw6n5on Dr, Unh W6ak Year TS Undivided days hDm th6 fim dale ot pay the annual a m6nt(5T 77 7, Ca e E Mo y, 2875 Unrf(s)(S68 Exhibk"A',during Agui a, Urbanizacion Cumb s W oat Unrf, 4 a7, 171 Wappingan Fall5, NY 12590, 1 lnt S6a5on Y6 s publication, Me und&signed dua on (S Mibh A and B6wck,B okfiad. wl Unrf Week(sT (s86 Exhibit "A"), D6 Cuwmo Avanida, Principal MN, 1n12014, 5265/2728- Value season-noat Mloat D6linqu8ntA DuntP6rDi8m T stae shall p c d wrm all aw8ssm6nt(s) the aW . 53045-N58, 1 Flxed w during ANign8d Yea s), (Sae EdificioV ntPi5o2Aplo22, 27N,$3,093.98,$1.N;John E Unit, 4000-14 4 14B, RVAN c EMMANUEL a Me sala ot the Property as you ara cu ant in datauW Flx6d Unk, w-04, 1 H0U. Exhibh wA"). 7700 We gate Caraca5 01080,VENUUELA, 1 Smhh and JudyA Smkh, 11261 37, 37 0DD, ODD, 11212015, KAMELLA M EMMANUEL 2 R vided in &on 721.855, ot your obligation5 to pay 1 2n016. 52 371 -376, Blvd Nimm86, FL 34747,s6ason-noat weewnoat Laka Plaasant Rd, Union C y, 5266/340-345, S1,713.86, Donat Road Hanow, uNlnD oridaSlat rt ,inwhiGh Gas8, ass6umants due to W8 gat6 S2,414.56, S1.8O: Marissa 8uilding &ein Tlme Shar6 Unk, B1611, 35 H0U PA 1643B, 112 Fixed w86kl $0.65; Lui5 H Riv&a and Luz WNGDOM, 5100, 5142, 17, lhe undenigned T ae shall: onthetollowing d6Krib8d al Flelds, 3 3 lndian c Rd, Plan (PlopertyT Add y"). As 11v2015, 5265 2715-2721, Flxad Unit, 53 -N67, 4 0DD, E Ortiz, Hc Box 13377, ODD, 112, Fixad, 2015-2017, (1) Plovid8 you w h wriWan prop& locat6d in OK8ola Dandridge, TN 37725 Laura a r uW ot the ator8m6ntion8d 85,222.17, $2.58; Jai 1n 2015, 5265/272&2733, CoDzal, PR 783, 112 Valu6 S3,o48.65,So.96; notice ot tha s e, including Coun Florida: (s86 Ewhib Hinc6, 2163 w H s Ct. d8lauW,W6stgata h6 by elerts Sanchez and Ana F Sanchez, S3,224.15, S1.59;; #nanda L Season-Float klFlo Unk, PATRICE L CALDWEU th6 dat6, tima and loc ion A lme Shar6 lm (5) NW, Sal n, OR 9T,112 to 58|| Ma p perty punuant 54 Chobot Ln, Elmwood Parh, C wd,5035 K8nn6dy Rd, 4000-30, 37 0DD, 11v2015, Unk 79 Box 210 Dpo, AE the of; (2T R8cold the notica TSea Exhibit A as defined in Flx xed Unh. w-08, to Se ion 721.855, Florida NJ 07407, 112 #| season-noat Munrfh, Ml 49259, 112 Fixed 52661340-345, 82,721 .26, 9213, 5500, 5522, 35, ODD, ot s e in tha PubliG RaGods the Daclaration ot Covanants, VODD, 11v2014, 5266^T1- Stat es. Please be advised W68Mloat Unh, B162o, 471 w no Unrt, x 5563, S1.34; Chri ine Simon, 3809 1n, Floating, 201 5-2017, otOs la County, Florida; and CondrfioM and R6rfric ons tor 376, S5,641.78. S1.3o: Jason th in the av6nt that your ODD, 112n015, 5265 2715- 610DD, 1n 2015S,5265n728- Dauntl6N Dr, North La5 Vagas, S3,o48.65, So.96; RONALD w (3TPublish a copy otM6 notic6 the W85tgat8 VaGation vllla5 Wa ey Smhh, 39777 Ja B obligation is not b ughtcunant 2721,S2,721.26,81.34 Doris 27N,S3,224.15, .59; Darn6|| NV 89 1, 1 2 Value S6ason- CALDWELL519 DAKOTA DR of sale two (2T ti s, onc6 aach lx, omtial R6cod5 8ook 882, wad,Malden, MO . [lncluding th6 paye ot.any K D ne, 1942 Holbom Rd, D Campbell. 411 W Bellwood FloatW Mlo Unk, 67, HERNDON, VA 20170- w68k, tor wo (2T suct8Niv8 at Paga 2709, ot th6 Public 1 Flx Mixed Unh, t incu ed by We gate in BaWinD,MD 21222, 1n,Dr. Apt. 32, Spokana, WA 19 0DD, 112 014, 5266134 5471, 5500, 5522. N, ODD, w k5, in an OK la Coun R ords ol OK8ola County, w-09, 1 H0U, 1M016, com ncing lhis toreclow S8a5on-flo klho Unk, 99218, 1 #| on-float 345,t2, 3.32,S0. ; IR 112, Floating, 2015-2017, n8w5pap p vid6d such a Florida (the Plan") and all 52661371-376, W,414.56. pDc8s5) w hin lhir (30T B-1719, 34 0DD, 1 v2015, w6 nlo unrt,5 1o1A,8l Riva ,25 S2ndSlr, Mil illa, S3,o48.65, So.96; CHANTAL n6wspp axi s at thB lime a ndm6nt(s) th6 to, rf any. S1.8o; Q M Bailey, 2449 daS hom th6 fim dat6 of 5265 2715-2721, S2,721.26, WHOLE, 1 N015,5265n72& NJ 08332, 1 Fwed, 520 PmoN 2425 Nostrand Ava ot publishing. lt you tail to Tog6h6r wrm lha rigM to Ew ar w Bahleh,PA pu liG ion, th6 und8nign6d S1.34; 27M, t5,18o.49, S2.55; Jim 5224, 25 H0U, 1M014, Apt6O3, Broowm, NY 1121 w the detauW as s& torth occ py, punuant to the Plan, 1B017, Gamel v B ley, 708 Tw ee sh,pro wM Ju 8,1S, 18 Dani6| K n6 Jr, 1618 3rd w, 52661340-345, $8, 4.54, 1043 WLAN p ON 1N7 E in this notic6 or tak6 othar Buil g-Uni T5) (s68 Exhibk Spoon& Ava, Plainfield, NJ th6 sale d the PDp8rty as L16715a Da ona Beach, FL 32117, 1 W.95;EricaLFauv 8C oris h St Apt 1 BDok n, NY appropri a a ion wkh gard Ah), duri R,Unrt W6ekls) (s68 0706 2206, 1 Flx6d pDvid8d in &ion 721.8M,n-Fbat WWfloat Ave, Milhille, NJ 08M2, 1 11236, 55,5525, 35, ODD, tothislo&low &, you Exhib ",during gned F ad Unh, w,29 H0LE, Florida St 6s, in which tase, Unk, 59 -412 17 H0U, Fix,520 5224. 25 H0U, 1n. 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