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June 15, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2018

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PAGE 36B HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 2018 4650 Adamson Ln Apl 2 lntere S8a5on Yean th6 und ign twstae's ot Osceola Coun,Florida ' Avenue Ap 4K New Yom, NY Rd. Bald n. NY 11510, 1 2 publicalion, the undenigned objaction torm, exartising your Mache Pa,IL 61115, ||, Delinquent Amounl P6r Di n ip ot your signad obj6ction (the '.Plan"). Together wrfh the 1OO29, H, 6, 45, EVEN, 1/2, #| Flxed xed Unh, AA-03, Tw shall p caad wrfh right to object to the use of the 2, 30. N. 112, Flxad Weekl GORDONFRED w WEST torm, the to sure ot the right to occupy, punuant to S6ason-Float WeeMloat Unrt, 48/0DD, 11V2014. 52N1166 the sale of the Property as stee toreclosure proceduR. Flxed Un I2, 85,758.32, $1.45, TRusnE OF THE mortgage wrm respert to tha the Plan, Building-Unit (SEE 5/5/2015, $6,035.95, $2.98; 172, $3,950.74. $1.30; Shahid pro ded in S ion 721.855, Upon the undenigned tws ee's 5214-8: SHAWN NEARV 694 GORDENFRED w. WEST detauW med in this notica WHIBIT"A',during UnitWeeh KIMBERLY A KOWALSKI 7811 Nawaz and Nasr s Nawaz norida StaMes, in which case. receiptotyoursigned objertion w Mt v6mon 114 Nixa, MO REVOCABLE U NG TRUST sh,be wbje lo Wejuditial (SEE WHIBIT .'A"), during VINEYARD AVE CLEVELAND, aka N.S. Nawaz. c 132. PO the und8nign6d T 66 5hall: rorm, the toratlosure ot the 65714, W, 2, 22, WHOU, 705 Chalmen St, D8tDrt, t low pDcedure only. Assigned Year - (SEE WHIBIT OH 44105-6529. H, 6, 49, Box 7897, Riyadh, SAUDI (1) PDvide you wkh wrinen lien with respa to lhe detauW 1, Fixed W68Mix8d Unrt. Ml 48215. 54 . 5416, x. You havB le right to cur6 .'A"). marein .'Tlme Shar6 Plan EVEN, 1/2, #| Season-Floa ARABIA 11159. 1 Flxed noti ot th6 sale, including specified in this notice shall $4,955.04, $1.62, 5214-8; WHOLE, 1, Flx w your de uW in e mannar set (Proparty)Address").AsaresuW WeeklFloat Unk, 4/1012015, WeeM ed Unh, AA-06, 281 th6 date, tima and location be subjact lo he judicial LYNN RUWE 2171 Highway Unk, 2015-2017. S5,118.39, torm in rDb any tima ot tha atorementioned datauN, $7,250.55, 83.58; CHARLES J WHOU, 1 v2015, 52N1166 th t; (2T Record tha notice foraclosura procedure only. 69 N Gr nvilla, M 75403,JJ, $1.64; USA J COWNS 7443 b&o 6 8otyour WG hereby elerts lo sell the KOWALSW 4037 Bradlay Rd 172, S3,722.71, S2.49: fim of s e in e Public R ods You hav6lh6 rightto cureyour 4,31,WH0LE, 1,Flxed Wae RW HIU TRL ORLANDO, n ti im&d.wyoudonot Property punuant to Se ion We lake,OH 44145, H,6, 49, Mamx Holdings, uc. A otOs laCounty,Florida;and defauWintha mannersetforth Fwed Unk, S4,989.42, 81.62, 32818-8772, 54 5416, 35, ob lo M6 u ot the t ee 721 .856, Florida Statlrt8s. EVEN. 1 2, #| Season-Float florida Coporation, N W (3) Publish a topy ot the notice in this notice at any me before 5214-8: TADEUSZ SZOT 6 WHOU, 1, Fixed w t w poc u ,you will Please be advised that in the WeeMloat Unk, 411012015, 106th Way, Pompano Baath. ofs atwo(2)tim6s,on 8ath the undenignad twstee's sale nREsA SZOT a RYSZARD Unit, 2015-2017, $5,118.39, notbe wQ to a deficianty 6v8nt that the debt owed to 87,25o.55, $3.58: AMY c FL NO76 Ro n, w tor two (2) sutcessive otyourtim8sha inl6P .ltyou SZOT21 NevadaCtMatawan, $1.64; DAWN M DAY a judgaev rflhap caads WG is not paid wkhin thirty- CONVERSE a JEFFREY A 607 Slat& Hwy 165, hke 1, w,in an OK la Coun donotobjerftotheuseotMe NJ 07747, JJ, 5, 52, WHOLE, RICHARD E HAMILTON 12 homlh8s 6otyourlim6shar8 five (35l days aWer &eipt ot CONVERSE 306 Woodpoinl6 Branson, MO 65614 Donald n spap6r, pD ded wch a twstee toreclosu pmedu , 1, Fixed w8Bwno Unrf, Avebu -Berwick ard. CT im inwmcient to thi5 notice, the undanigned DrWoodville,OH43469, H,7, A. Sda&ar and Laurie S. n 6xi s at the ime you will not be subjert to a 4.989.42, 81.62. 5214-8: 6339, 56,5663, 17, ODD. oWs& 18 unt5 secured Tru5t88 5hall p ceed with the 9, ODD, 1 2, #| Season-Floal Schaeter, 3 Suns6 ot publishi . lt you tail to deficiancy judgm6nt even rf AMOR c CABERTO a EUIE Flo ing,2O1J2O17.a,O13.25. by 16 gag8 li8n. By: sal8 tth6Pr p8rtyasP vid8d W88h floal Unrf. 4/112016, S aunton, IL 62 8, 1 Flx6d w the d auW as set to h th6 proc66ds hom the sale c CABERTO 1308 Noe ni St 81.18; LAWRENCE WAYNE GREENS N MARDER, LLP, in Section 721.856, Florida $4,701.12, $2.32; INOCENCIO Wea F ed Unk, AA-12, 16 in this notica or take other ot your timasha int8r6st Pea C y,HI96782,W,7,2O, SCHW D ORAH T . Statutes. Punuant to Sartion ALONZO 136 E CIRO DR SAN WHOU, 1 v2014, 52N 166 appDpriat8 artion wkh regard are insuMti6nt to o s the WHOU, 1, Flxed W W xed AUNE SCHW 3 IBIT n - NoncE OF 721.856, Florida Nat es, the JUAN, M 78589- 3707, H, 8, 172, 88,159.o1. 83.22; Goldon to this to losu ma ar, you amount5 sacurad by lhe lien. Unit, 84,989.42, S1.62, 5214- Ciwl6 Orang6, CT 647T, B B. D ^ULT ^ND,TO under igned Tw 66 shall: (1) 45,0DD, 1 2, ls6a on-noat M And and Mari n A risk losing ow6nhip ot your By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 8; FREDDIE G HIU a Brm 1101all02,7 T,wH0ua RKLOW PDvid8 you wrfh wan notica floal Unrt, 4/1/2016, And n. 7550 Tany Dr, Fort ti&a im8r6 th ugh the L Twst68. J HILL NN DBmar Ln NW WHOU, 2, Flxed, 20142017, OwBs) Bui ingUnk otth6 sale,includingth6 dale, $4,832.88, $2.38; SAMUEL D WoM, M 76180, 1 Fwed,ee fo&lo5ur8 pDG8duP WNIBIT A" - NoncE OF A lanta,GA 30331,JJ, 12, 22, S7, 2.19, 82.11; JOHNNY L Y Usage Otcupancy tima and location M&Bol; (2) ANDERSON 1116 CASEY DR W x6d Unrt, B,19 lirn6dins ion721.855, DEFhULT nND INTENT TO WHOLE, 1, Flxed W68Mix8d BURT 7108 Woodfi6d Drive n UndM lm Season Recodthanoticeotsaleinthe WAKE FOREST, NC 27587- WHOU, 112 015, 52u 166 florida St ut85. You may FORECLOSE Unit,$4,989.42,$1.62,5214-8; Tampa, FL 33617, B, 1114, U De uNDaleAmount Publit Recods ot OSCEOLA 78,H, 9, 49. ODD, 112, #| 172, S3.7Q.71, W.49; Gm dDo to gn and ad to Own6 sVObligo sl, Tlmeshare ROBIN N McKNIGHTa ELECE 42, ODD, Floating, 201J2017, p& Di Coun,Florida; and(3)Publish Season-float Float Un,Dev8 p t5 lnc. Man& 18 und ign bu an lnt6 st, Building-Unk, w KMCKNIGHT2OO Laheland Dr S2,598.68, 8o.86; C E JUAN,LOPU BRYAN acopyotth8noticBot5 6lwo 1v5 2016, g2,5o2.2o, S1.23; Court, The M ll, P.O. Box obDrt nto n,ex g your AMign8d Year. DetauN Date, Apt E16 Hot Springs National BURT59O2 E1WNDAVEAPT LOPU a s LOPU B (2)times, onc6 6ach w66k,for LATOYA L STANLEY 2317 F-42683, F,B . righltoob toM8us8otth6 BooklPage ot R ed Len, Park, AR 71913, KK, 3, 32, 201TAMP FLU617-1616,B, JOANV Y LOPU a SILVIA two(2)succeNiv8w88hs,inan HAVERING PL RAUIGH, NC 112 Flxed W x6d Un,twstee f low p u . Amount, Per Diem unt WHOLE, 1, #| Season-Flo 1114,42,0DD,n ng,201J LOPQ 1618 Fm 2468 Canter, OSCEOLA Coun newspaper, 27604-0803,H,9,49,0DD,112, cc-05, 4,1M014, Uponthaunden n6dtw aa's Eric F mompson and Beve y wnoat Unrf, S5.o73.7o, 2017,g2,598.68, . ;LUZ E M 75935,J,2,43,EVEN, 1/2, provided 5uch a n8w5pap8r #| Season-Float WeeklFloat 52N 166172, a,2o8.27. eiplotyoursiqned objertion A mompson, 1313 Fm 2919 S1.48, 5214-6;TED M BYRD B RIV c38 ST PASE G N,F al klnoat 6xistsatth6tim80tpublishing. Unrt, 1v5/2o16, $2,502.20, S1.93; Ed n v D by, 26 torm, tha to&ow ot the Rd, B6asl6y,M 77417, 1 2 All MARY A. BYRD 203 El W vlsTIGuRABo,PR n8,B Unh, T 1T O16, a,o58.oo, lt you tail to w the da uW 81.23:MONICATDAVIS16476 Newbugh St . mom, NY lien whh sp6rttoth8 dafauW S6ason-Float WeeMloat Unit, D PinkHill, NC28572, K 6, B,122oB1222,15a15,Evw W. ma J JOHNSON as sat toM in this notice or Mkulley Mill Rd, Athens, AL 11 3. 1 Flxed klF ed specm in this notice shall LLL-01, 2nvEN, 1n12014, 31, WHOU, 1, Fixad WaaW a EVEN, 1, F W al 140 K rf Bhd S ,NY ake other appDpriat8 artion 35613,|,2,28,WH0LE, 1,#| Unh, CG,17 H0U, be subj to Wa judicial 526512734-2739, $2,660.98, Flxed Unrf, a,989.42, $1.62, Unk, 2014-2017, W.6o7 147T9, J, 3, 18. ODD, 1n, All whh gard to this toBlosuP n-flo Wee IFloat Unrt, 1 v2015. 525y1 172, to&ow pDG8du on . 81.91; Ronald Yates and 5214-8;JUAN DIAZ SANTANA 8|.o2; EsnaAN BERMUDQ n-flo oat Unk, maWar, all sums dua and 8R 2015 $7,287.00, 83.59: S3,7W.71,S2.49:VDlaD v,You havetharighttocure our Nalonha Ya 6s, 475 Cays Po Box 327 Patillas, PR 723, CENTENO 38 c ST u PASE 4 016. a,374.3o, 82.16; owing und6r th6 Note and CEDRIC B JOHNSON 8884 277NSWELUNGRD, lling, datauWin emann set orth Rd. St udsbug, PA 18360. w, 7, 23, WHOLE, 1, Fixed GRAN VIST 1 GURABO, PR ROBERT E JOHNSON II 98 Morfgaga 5hallb8 accele ted DOVELANDDRCORDOV TN OK 74471 B Maw, inM nobc6a anytim8b8fo 1l2 Fix6d WaeklFixad Unrt. W88Mix6d Un,$4,989.42, 00778,BaB,122061222,15 WNT BLVD c NY and will become immediately 38018-6908, |, 4,33, WHOLE, 14801 u l CDuing, Me u gn8dtwrt '5 s a w-06, 30/0DD, 1n/2015, 81.62, 5214-8; AMERICA DIAZ B 15, WEN a MN, 1, Fwed 14779, J, 3, 18, ODD, 112, All due and payable. Additional,1,All Season-Float Wa6klhoal Plyorth,48170, 1 Fwed otyourti&a int . lt you 5265 2734-2739, $2,476.43, VEGA 9 Calle 3s Guayama, WeeklFloat Unrf, 2014-2017, n-fl oat Unit, as a rasult ottha datault, you Unit, v25/2o16, $6,347.75, WaaM ad Unk. KD7, 1 do notobj tothe u oftha $1.26; Toy Lae Mc Kinney and PR 00784, K 7, 23, WHOLE, $3,607.06, S1.o2; MAR L 4n 016, 84,374.3o, 82.16; risk losing ownership of your $3.13; WALTER GIOVANNY DE WHOU. 1 v2015, 52y1166 tw ae to&losu prDc ur8, LolaMtKinne ,2O3Monumant 1, Flxed WeeW xed Unh, SIFUENTES36RIVERSTAPT MARGARlrA MOLYNEAUX timeshare interast th ugh the LA ROSA MOREIRA a MARY 172, $3,722.71, S2.49; Micha6| you will not be wbjerf to a Dr, Tupelo. M 38801, 1 Fixad S4,989.42, 81.62, 5214-8: 2 BOSTON. MA 021 -1132. a Ml KHEVARRIA 10 twstaa toreclosure procedure F MOUNA MOREIRA Murialdo D Tuckenon and Kay d8fiti6ncy judgmen even it W88k/Fix6d Unk, LU-08, 40 NCTOR VEGA CRESPO B 6 B, 13O86 1310. 15a 15. May Sl Norm Haven, CT establishedinSartion 721.856, o E 1-141 Y NiGolas Vazcon6z Tuckenon, 11 Univen y ha pD s hom the sale WHOLE, 1/2/2015, 5265 2734- 208 Buena Vlsta Gralda aya WHOU a WHOE 2, F ad, 473, J. 3. 23, MN, 112, All Florida Statutes. Any right auito, ECUADOR, |, 6, 49, Ave, New Ca la, DE 19720, ot your timesha inter6 2739, 83,487.31, $2.20; John Patillas, PR 00723, KK, 7, 2014-2017, $7,062.19, 82.11; nno Mloat Unk, you may haveto in ate Me ODD, 112, #| Season-Flo 112 Flx6d W ad Unk, a insumGi8nt to oWset the A WaWs, 17 Clemens Ava, 23, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee USA A slMoNrm 1910 711 016, S3,871.4o, $1.91; mo gage aWer acceleration WeeMloat Unit, 812012015, cc-,3610DD, 1M014, unts Bu d by the lien. T mbull, CT 06611, 1 Fixed Fixed Unk, $4,989.42, 81.62, Pelham Pkwy s Apt2C B nx, snPHANIE L LEAVELL a will be punuant to the terms $5,476.46, 82.7o; CHARLES 525y166172, S3,861.69, By. GREENSPOON MARDER, W88k/Fix6d Unit, MMM- 5214-8; WIUIAM DIAZ VEGA NY1o461.BaB.1311a1313. J L rmPATRlcK 3g00 ot the mortgage. You may E HILL 264 Mcmilly Rd NW $1.30; Chri opher Gullikson Tw 66. 01, 32 H0LE, 1 u201 5. 208 Bu6na Vlsta St Patillas, 34 a 34, EVEN a MN, 1, N Redding Rd Muncie, IN choose to sign and send to Cha oWe, NC 28470, |. 7, 12, and Swanne G y Gullikson, HIBIT A" - NoncE OF 526512734-2739, 83,722.71 , PR 00723, KK, 7, 23, WHOLE, All Season-Float WeeMloat 47304, J, 3. 23, ODD, 112, All the undersignad t staa lhe ODD, 1/2, #| S6ason-Float 35880 Jena Road, Nor DEFnuLT AND INTENT TO 82.46; Kennelh L Scow, 128 1, Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, Unrf, 2014-2017, $3,607.96, S n-hoat Mloat Unit, anclosed obje ion torm, weewnoat Unk, 11/11/2014, Branth, MN MO56, 1 Flxed FORECLOSE Royal Pine Cir N Apt cl, Royal $4,989.42, $1.62, 5214-8; 81.o2; RICHARD JARUCZYK s 5n2 016. a,9o1.6o, $2.42; exercising your right to objerf $8,865.03, $4.37; W F ed Unh. cc-10, 81 Owe sVObligo s), Tlmesha Palm Beach, FL 33411-8672.: LUIGI DEVOTO a ANA MARIA JESSICA JARUCW 28 ng MONIQUE CHARDSON lo the use ot the t 5tee June8,15,2O18 WHOU, 1 v2015, 52N1166 lnte,8uilding-Unrf, weew Dawn c StOn, 14 BDnxvill8 MAGOFW Camino onal 2396 St Cla,NJ 7066, B, 1322, 5, 6309 OAK MIDDU CT APT tor8clo5ur8 procedure. Upon L 166974 172, $3,647.52, S2.45: Robg Auigned Y6ar, De uW Date, Glen Dr Apt 3-24, Bronxville, Las Condes Santiago, CHILE, WHOU, 1,S n-hoat 1 RICHMOND, VA 23231, the undersigned t stee's K Schopfar and mbe y BooklPage ol Recorded Len, NY 10708, 1/2 Fixed Week/ KK, 9, 6, WHOLE, 1, Fixad WeeMloat Unh, 2013-2017, J, 5, 20, MN, 112, All receipt ot your siqned objection A Sthoptar, 445 w Pine s,unt, PBr Diem Amoum Greg Fixed Unit, MMM-01, 37nvEN, Wa8 Fix6d Unrt, $4,989.42, $6,718.98, $1.97; FERNANDO n-no Mloat Unk, torm, the forecosure of lhe NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Audubon, NJ 08106, 1/2 Fxed Delgado, 32956 Rivar Frontaga 11212014, 526512734-2739, 81.62, 5214-8: WIUIAM COSTA 9528 PmswooD 1011N016. 83.625.o3, 81.79: mortgage wilh raspact lo lha ' INnNT TO FORECLOSE WaeMixed Unh, EE-06, 421 Rd, siw, co 81652-9573Silvia $2,660.98, $1.91; Deborah B NORTH a EBBA NO TH 749 DR HuNnNGToN BEACH, EMERSON E LLANUEVA delauW specified inthis notice wEsTGAn vAcAnoN ODD, 11v2015. 525N166- DBgado, 420 Lodgepole Cir, Wad, 9722 57th Ave Apt 11L, Hillcrost Street Oshawa, ON CA 92646-4110, B, 1606. a GILDA J UANUEVA 161 shall be subjact to th6 judicial LLns xll FILE: 2TT56. T 172. 82.476.43, $0.69: Denis Parach e. co 81635-9572, CoDna, NY 11368, 112 Fixed L1G7H8 CANADA, KK, 12, 4, 26, EVEN, Fixed weekmo MM Rd Spring Valley, roreclo5ur6 proc8dur6 only. Punuant to Section 721.855, Tejada Riv a and Gbria 112 Fix6d Wee xed Unk. WeeWFixed Unrt, MMM-03, 441 WHOLE, 1, Fixed Weeh/Fixad Unit, 2012-2017, 83,53o.34, NY 1 77, J, 5, 30, ODD, 1/2, You have the right to cure florida Statutes, WESTGATE Parada De Tajada, R o FFF-05, 15 0DD, 11v2015, EVEN, 1/212014, 5265/2734- Unil, 84,989.42, $1.62, 5214-8; 8o.94; SIMONE COSTA,n-noat WeaMloat yourdefault in the mannar set vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Y Pasao Mi h le, 146,San 526 N1-3N, S2,456.99, 2739, $4,208.27. 81.91; John June 8, 15, 2018 9528 PmswooD DR Unk. g 1s o16, $3,765.06, fo h in this notice al any time ASSOCIATION. INC. Salvador, EL SALVADOR, 112 81.27; John v Cu ey Jr, 1719 N Richs, 8 Walker Heights Rd L 166994 HuNnNGToN BEACH, CA S1.86; Y DEUN A FEUCIANO betorethet stee's saleotyour ereinaWer rete ed to as Flxed W xed Unh, FF-05. C on Ridge Dr N De, Plainfiald, SE, Lnd e, GA 30147-1227, 92646-4110, B, 1606. 26, 11214 NW 4TH ST MIAMl, timeshare int8r6st. lf you do not wWe gate"), has recoded a 1nvEN. 1 2014. 52N 166- IL K M Cu ey. 3002 Rejeana L Riths, 8 Walk6r EVEN, Fixed W oat Unk. n N172, J, 5, N, ODD, 1/2, object to the use ot the t stee Claim ot Len in the amount 172, 84.2o5.13, 81.93; hy F nk Turk Dr, Pl nfi6ld, IL Heights Rd SE, Lndale, GA NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 2012-2017, 83,NO.34, So.94; #| no WeaMloat toreclosure procadura, you will ot (See Exhibit "A"), whh L ConWin, 555 Danbury Drive, 60586-8674, 1n Fixad Waak/ 30147-1227, 112 Flxed Weekl INnNT TO FORECLOSE nTus EDWARD SNANLY 501 Unh, 9121n016, S3,484.44, not ba subje lo a deficiency interest acc ing at tha rate ol Osw o, IL 60543. 1 2 Fwed Flxed Unh, FFF-14, 1610DD, Fixad Unit, MMM-05, 47/ WESTGATE TOWN cENnR East Dr F,OH 4u24, S1.72: CAR RODRIGUU judgmentevenit he proceeds (Sae Exhibk A perday, and Wea ixed Unk. FF-11, 2v 11212014, 52661N1-333, EVEN, 112/2014, 526512734- FILL . B, 1617, 14, MN, F ed. 11301 NW 4 l sl Miami, FL homth85al8otyourtim8share Boded in O.R. Book (See ODD, 1M015,5253166172, 83,95O.74,81.28;JeWWheeler, 2739,82,660.98,$1.91;Grtana Punuant to Serfion 2014-2017. $2,697.19, SO.79; N172, J, 5, N, ODD, 112, inter t a in umcient to Mibk A"). at Page (See Exhibrt S2,476.43, S1.3o: An lony 65 B6nneW Pl. AmWille, NY G Robe son, 16108 134th 721.855, Florida Stat 6s, ENRIQUE GARCIA 1981 #| noal Mloat oWset the amounts secured A,otthe Public R6cold5 or MaryK& andL n N an 11701, 112 Flxed W6ahl xad Ave, Jamaica, NY 11434, the undenigned T ee as 11 St 1 Floor B wy, Unh, 9n1n016, W,484.44, by the mortgage li6n. By: Oweola County, norida, and and D nis N and un ,|||-o4,1 oDD,1n 2o14, 112 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, appointed by WESTGATE NY11223,B,1719,26,MN, t1.72; MNUEL A LUGO GREENSPOON MARDER, the undanignad Twstee as Gar din6 Phil KB,5266M1-3M. 83,95o.74, MMM-08, 4&0DD, 1/v2015, TOWN CENTER OWNERS Fixad, 2014-2017, S2,697.19, ALMODOVAR ROSE MARV Twstee. appoint6d byW8stgal6, h&8by sy A p rick S1.28:John R Jr,5797 5265127#2739, $2,476.43, AssoclAnoN, INC. $0.79; GEMMA HWRV 116 LoPQ nsTAP EITuque HIBlr "AH - NoncE OF lormal notmBs (See Ewhibk Rd, Nmnane Co L d Wlndhov Driva, O ando, S1.28; Julio Velasquez, 6251 e inaWer rel to as s Shak6sp8a Anaheim, ao8 rfor Gu & z Ponce, DEFnuLT hND INnNT ro A th duetoyourtailu to IRELAND, 2 Flwed kl n 32819, 1 Fw w kl North SaclaBo Avenue, ANo a ion hereby tormal CA 92806, B, 1720, 6, MN. PR 728. J. 6, 17. ODD, 1n, FORECLOSE pay the annual aN8Nm6lrf(5) Flxed Unrt, x,x,411 Fwed Unk. III-07, 10 HOU. Chitago. IL 6 59, Mirian notifi6s (S6e Exhibrf A") that Fix6d, 2 &2017, tT,728.84. #| noat kmoat Own8 9)Addr8ss Building Unh due on (s Exhibk A") and WHOU.4 LE,1MO14. 1n 015. 5266M1-M3, V&asquez. 5349 N Sawy8rAv6 fou a in detauW du6 lo your $1.74; CONNIE J WWDT 6801 Unk, 12 16. S3,514.o5, week Yaar U5aga Occupancy all aMassm t(sl thereaWer, 525y166172, S13,557.3o, S3,722.71, S2.46; Wllliam c Unrt 2, Chicago, IL 6 25-4717, ailu topayauesy&(sTdua SE 175TH nR HAWTHORN t1.73; ELNENE p GARFIELD TS Undivid6d lnt t Season you a cu 6n ly in d6tauN S5.58; Nicho John Da ne S s 5.14JosephineLn, 112 Fixed W86 Fix8d Unrf, tor (See Exhibk A punuam FL 32 7038, B, 1T21, 52, 6814,Av6nua Usa BasisAmount Par Diem ot your obligations to pay and Jane O ab&h D8 n6, Oc nVl ,DE1997O,1Fixad MMM-11, 361MN, 1nn014, lo h6 ANocialion's v6ming WHOU, 1, F PA 19142, J, a, MICHEW MERCES MOURA nt5 dua to We gate 17 Snallholding5, Bubb6nhall W ed Unh, III-13, 1v 526512734-2739, g2,672.64, documents (. veming Unh, 2012-2017, 8.263.22. 3,N 1n,#| f1o TAVARES DEBORAH onth6tollo ng d cribad al Road. Bagimon, uNmD WHOLE. 1M015, 526 N1- S1.91; Nancy Gon alaz,54O w DOtUB5 and you now t2.31; Un 2 017, LOUISEMOURATAVARESRua p lot ad in OK la WNGDOM cv8 3BB. 1 Fw d 3N,M,722.71.S2.46. 55th sl Apt 6u, N6w Yo,NY owe Asmiation (Saa Mib Jun 8.1s,m8 W, . . t1.3B; DONNA F Sandoval Tava 5 GU D Cou Florida: (See Mibk klF Unk, x-11, a JUM8,1S, 18 1 19-3554, 112 Flx6d w A whith amounl includ6s L1 G 1 WAbxand6rSt 150 - Cm 27 Condo nio .A,Sha lnt& (s) WHOU. 1 015. 525y166 L167O76 Fixad Unh, NNN-07, 1nvEN, , interast. lale ta,and oM& O e. LA T O1, J, 8, 47, Mo mbi Patk Pamamirim - (S86 Exhibk A as d6fin8din 172, W,722.71, W.49: Mdaal 11V2014, 5265 7#273g,' . - charges. Addhional int6r6 ODD, 1n AH n-no RioG ndeDoNorte,BRAZIL MB D6tla tion otCov8nant5, K6| and o K&,S4,2o8.27, S1.91; Mild d conlinua to acc a at th6 r e NoncE OF D ^ULT nND Unh, 1v19no16. G, 5, 15, ODD, 1 2. Fix6d Condkions and R6 rirfions 1668 Bl mT LadyLake, NOrKE OF DEMULT hND Pa igna. 30 Te er Pl, K6ndall ot (Sae Exhibk A p6r day. A INTENT TO FORKL E W,263. . t1.61: nMoTHY Wae ho Unh, 10n1no15, tor th6 wgate Vacalion FL 32162, 2 F IQTO FORKLOU Park, NJ 08824, 1 2 Flxed lien tor tha afor6said amount wEsTNn vncnnoN A OU NOLA a BETSY K $5,189.83, 83.41; NATHAUA vllla5 xll, cial R6cords Flxed Unh, YD4. YD4, 31 wGnn vnc^noN W88 x6d Unrf, NNN-07, M hasb86n cord6d againrtth6 uMwnLL OLUWASOLA 118 Cl emont LOUISE MOURA TAVARES a Bookg33, Paga 423,otthe WHOU,32 HOLL1MO15, uumnLE n . MN, 1wn014, 526512734- tollowing R p party lot ed Pukuanl to S n Av,gl,NJ 7111, J, 10, TITO TAVARES Rua Sandov Public Recods ot Ow la 525y166172, 86.588.71, Pu am to s i 721.855, 2739, 82.66o.98, S1.91; in OSCEOLA Cou Florida: 721.856. florida S M,8,0DD, 1n,#| n-f1oat Tava s Gua i 150 - Casa Coun,Florida he Plan.) $4.41; Ed n v D by. 26 n da Stahk,wEsTGAn Jonas Mata and Yasmin De (See Mibrt A.T(SE HIB Me und6n n8d TW Unrt, 1 16n015, 27 Condominio Mowmbi Park and all amendment(s) tha to. Newbugh w, Elmont, vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS Mata.Calle 2 Ed Dona Mawja A Tl Sha lnt8r8 (5) as appointed b gal6 5.726 U.82; NA B Pamamirim - Rio Grande Do itany.Togetherwhhtherightto NY 11,1 F ad kl ANoclAnoN. INC. Apt 41 San lsidD, Maracay, (SEE HIBIT A according VacationVlllas,U naR DOUGLN 4815 DOVER DR Norf6,5915235OBRAZILG,5, ocwpy. punuant to th6 Plan, F 6d Unk. YD4, 391WH0LL me nawar t to as VENUUELA 02101, 112 Fix6d to the fime Sharing Plan tor t& d lo as G h y BEAUMO M mo8, K, 2, 15,0DD,112,Fix8dw68wnoat Building-Unrf(s) (See Exhibrt 1 v2015, u5y166-172, . gale . has,toded a W88Mix6d Unk, NNN-07, 351 wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR, tonnal notmes (s M 3,1n,#ls son-no Unrt, 10121 2015, S5,169.83, A,during Unh Weak(s) (s S3,722.T1. t2.49: F nando Claim ot Len in the anDunt ODD, 11v2015, 526512734- r6corded in omtial Racods wA")th youa ind&auWdu8 Unh, y16l2o16, $2.55; TARSHA N LAWSON Mibrf A,during ANiqn8d D6lgado, 77 Ay N Apl 3 ot (See E ibk A,wkh 2739, 82,4T6.4,81.28; Gloria Book 1564, at Paga 1479, ot toyourtailu topayp S5, .48, W.49; MA IN 303 MYRTUAVEIRVINGTON, Yea s),(See Exhibrf A.). 7 T8an6t NJ OT ina im& a g at 6 tata ot A Hap&. 8527 B st Rd, the Public R8cod5 otO5G6ola dueon(See Exhibh A und& W DOUGLAS 3565 D&aware NJ 07111-2715. G. 6. 25. g a Bhd KiMimm,Roja and 8 w Roj ,9213 (s A p6r day, and Randall own, MD 21133, 1 County, Florida (tha "Plan ). the Note and Mo gage (as w Apl 3 B6aumont, EVEN, 1/2, #| season-noat FL 34747 m ein Trme Sha Nlgo Rd,O ando,fl32836, ad in O.R. Booh (s68 Fixad Waeh xed Unrf, NNN- Together wrfh the righl lo defined balow) and you now M m,2, 3, MN, 112, Waak/Float Unit, 61412015, prop6rfy) Addr8N"l. As a 1 F ed ed Unk, Mibk.A,Page(S Mibk 07, HOLE, 11212015, occupy, punuant to tha Plan, owe WG (S6B Exhibrf A,-Fbal WeakRloat $6,836.54, $3.37; MIKAL L suW ot the atorementioned z- . 4 0E 1M014, .A,ofMe Public R ods ot 5265/2734-2739, 83,721.71, Building(s)Wnrt(s)(SEE HIBIT which untintlud6sim,Unrf, y1 o16, S5,o58.48, LAWSON 114 Gwmman Ave detaul,W6 gat8 he by elarfs 525y166172. 87.898.o7, Ow la CouW, Florida. and $2.46: Deloria p Jackson, 4403 A,during Unk W88h(5)(SEE lata f&es, and o & dag . t2.49: CESAR A DU MAZO Apt 1 Newark, NJ 7112, G,6, to sall the Property punuant S3.22: 11412 B&da Y tha und&signad Tw5t88 a5 R8naRdApt1O3.Sch8n6ctady, WHIBIT A,during AMign8d Addkionalim continu to OLEA ERIKA M BE O 25,MN,1 2, ISeason-Float to S6 ion 721.855, Florida Johnson, 4681 Fo appointed byw g 6,h8 by NY 12345. 1 2 Fixed w86hl Yea s) - (SEE HIBIT A"). actwe thar eot(S Exhibk WHWA C Gonz o Piza o WeeMloat Unit, 6/412015, Statutes. Please be advised Ln.saintcloud.fl34n2-7208 tormal notmes (See Ewhibit Fixad Unit, NNN-11, 21 mePin Tlme Sha Plan A per day, wkh gard to the 1 Dmo 501 Urb Maranga s 86,836.54, 83.37; AIMEE M that in lha avent that your Billy R Horton. 10N1 191 St, A") thal due to your tailura to ODD. 112n015, 526512734- (Property)Add N").Asa suN tollo ng re p,ed M u& L a 32 PERU, K, 2, MILLS 627 E Min6r St West obligalionisnotbDughtcu nt S nt #bans, NY 11412, 112 pay the annual au sment(s) 2739, $2,528.92, $1.03; Dava ofthe afo mentioned defauW, in OSCEOLA Cou florida: 28.0DD, 1n. ls n-Float Chestar, PA 19382, G, 6, 38, (lncluding the payent ot any Flxed W ed Unk, Z-09, due on (See Exhibrf A and Saunden and K R Mo ison, ANociation hereby 8|6rts o (See Exhib A (SE HIBrr a Un,7 13l2016, ODD. 1 2, All Season-Float tees incu ed by Westgate in 35nvEN. 1M014, 52w 166 all aN t( ) the aW&, SHINGLE CO77AGE NR sell the Property punuam '.A")Tlmesha,e rt(s)(sn t4,B.45, U.26: DOREEN E W86Mloat Unrt, 511712016, comm6nting this to closu 172, S1,814.78, S1.38. you are cu t in detauW BROMED, sucKsnD GRN, to Section 721.855, Florida WHIBIT A") atcording tothe NN 6 SCOTT M ZINN 729 $3,404.50, $1.68; SHERIFA L p c6N) wrfhin thirfy (30) June & 15, 18 ot your obliga ons to pay ENex, ENGLAND CM62DB, 1 Statutes. Pleasa be advised fimeSharingPlantorWe e p nag6 s B dwin, NY GATLIN a JIMMY GAnlN JR days hom the fim date ot L167O74 gs du6 to Westgate Fixed WeaMixed Unrf, NNN- that in the evant that tha debt Vacation Vllla5, lv, cial 11510. K, 3, 25, EVEN, 112, 15857 Asbu Park Detroit, publitation, a undanigned on tha tollowing described al 12, 49 H0U, 11v2014, owedtolheAssociationis not Records Book 0766, at Page #| n-noat WeeMloat Ml 48227 SHEILA M DALEY T ee sh,pDc88d wrm p p6rty,ed in Osteola 5265/2734-2739, 88,159.o1, paid within thi y-fiva(35) days 0854, of the Publit R8cod5 Unh, 11 17n016. 83,957.76, 17574 Monic St, Det h. Ml the 5al8 ot the Prop6rty as NoncE OF DU^ULT nND County, florid (See Mibrt $3.19; Antonio Ca os s a er recaipt ot the Notice. of Osceola CouW. florida g1.95:BRANDONKKING13O5 48227,Gal,761,4B4.EvEN p vided in Se ion 721.855, INTENT TO FORECLOSE A") Tlme Shara lnte s (s) Minuzzi and Lyan6 K Minuzzi, he undersignad Twstae he Plan"). Tog&h& w the ACWEN AVE NASHVILLE, a ODD, 1, All season-noat FloridaS at es,inwhichcasa, WUTGhTE vAc^noN (Sea Mibk A as defined in Rua Do or Mario ToWa, 278, shall p ceed wkh lha sale right to otcupy, punuam to TN 37212. 4,20,0DD, 1/2, WeeWFloat Unit, 51112016, the undenigned Twstee shall: VIUAS wx nLL nT . the Declaration ot Covenants, Tri eza, Porfo egra, BRAZIL ot the PDp8rfy as pDvid8d lhe Plan, Building-Unk (UE #| -hoal weeklnoat $6,850.90, $3.38; KIMBERLYI (1) p vide you wkh wrmen Punuam to & n 721.855, Condhions and Re rirtions 91920-130, 1 Fixad WeeW in in Se ion 721.855, Florida HIB A"),during Unh w k Unk, w o16, S4,771.oo, DOUGLAS112O NW45TH AVE notice ot the sala, including Florida aM,wEsTGAn for lhe We g e Vacation Fiwed Unit.NNN-15,2 HOLE, Stat es. lhe undenigned (SEE HIBIT A . during S2.35; DANl MORENO B GAINESVILU.FL326O9-1882, lha date, time and location vAcAnoN NUAS OWNERS Vllla5 m. omtial R6cords 1 2l2015, 5265/2734-2739, Tw ee shall: (1T PDvide you Assignad Year-(SEE HIBrr ANA,Y 1* N 4 h G. 7, 26, EVEN, 112. Fix lh6r8ot: (2) Recod the notic6 ANoc noN. INC. Book 1200, at Pag6 2720, of $3,722.71, $2.46; Franchia wrfh wrinen notice ot the sala, A"). e in fime Sha Plan Slone Par IL 60165, K, 6, 35, Week/Float Unrf, 12.16/2016, ot sala in tha Public Recods mereinaR& Rt to as the Public RacoTds otOsGaola CollinQon,37O5 Santa Barbara including tha data, tima and (Prnperty)Addreu .Asa wW MN, 1 . #| s son-noat 83,458.55, $1.71; DARUNE otoKeolacoun ,norida;and gale,has d a couW,honda(the Plan.)and Blvd. Cape Coral, FL 33914, 1 location thereof; (2) Record ofthe afora ntionad de uW, al Unh, 51512016, L DOUGLAS 1120 NW 45TH (3)Publish acopyofthenotice Claim ot L in th6 unt,dm t(s) the to, it F ed Wee xed Unrf, NNN- the nolice otsaleinthe Public WG haraby ala s to sell me a,883.25, S2.41; nMoTHY E AVE APT 8 G#NESVIUE, otsaletwo(2)times.onceaach ot (s Mibrf .A,w any. Togeth w the rightto 15, M HOLE, 11v2016, Records otOSCEOLA Coun,p per punuant to &ion v 1715 GuiWold St et FL 32609, G. 7. 26, EVEN, weah, for two (2) succ8Niv8 int6 aKwing 6 ta ol py. pukuam to lh6 Plan, 526512734-2739, 82.9o5.8o, Florida; and (3) Publi5h a copy 721 .856, Florida Natlrt . Philadaph,PA 19111, K, 8, 1/2, Fixad WeaMloat Unk, weeks, in an Osceola County (See Exhibk A day, and Building-Unh(s) (s Mibrf $1 .85. ot the notice ot sala two (2l Please be advisad l in he 35 MN, 1n. lseason-Float 1v16/2016, $3,458.55, 81.71; nawspapar, providad such a &o ed in O.R. Book (s86 A,during Unk Waak(s) (Saa June& 1s, 18 times. once each week, tor event that the d t owed to w Unk, 9120/2016, FAWZY ROFAIL a MAGDA newspaper exists at tha time Exhibk A,Page(SeeExhibit Exhibh A,during ANign6d L 167078 two (2) suctessive weeks, WG is not p d w in Mirfy- S3,852 S1.9o; USLIE B AWAD 10614 A oria Dr ot publishing. lt you tail to A.), ot tha Public Reco s of Yea s). (See Exhibh A"). 7700 in an OSCEOLA County five (35T day5 aWer ipt ot GLOWR, W34 karborough Frisco, M 75035, G, 9, 21, cu the detauH as sat forth Osceola CouW, Florida, and We gate Blvd ssimm6e, newspapar, provided such a this ndice, e und& gn way, Burnhll, PA 18324, 112 ODD, 1/2. #| Season-Float in this notite or tah6 other tha und ignad T st as FL 34747 a in wTim6 Sha NoncE OF DEFAULT AND newspapar exists al the ime T ae shallpD e #| - hlnoat W6aklFlo Unit, 114/2017, app priate artion with gard appoimed byW g e,ha by (P perfy) Add ss"). As a INnNT TO FORECLOSE ot publishinq. lt you tail to salaotthaP p& aspDv ad Unh, 4n4n016, $4,994.25, $1,901.90,$0.94; MARJORIE J to this toratlosure maWer, you tom notm (Sea Exhibrf r6suW ot tha ato mentioned wuTGAn vAcAnoN cure the deauW as set forfh in Sertion 721.856 horida W.46EME SALOMON CHAVARRIAVARGAS291ONW risk losing owekhip ot your A that due to your tailu to detauW,We g e herabyelects VILLAS X FILL 2TT . - in this notic6 or tak6 other Stat es. Punuant to S ion 1522 Cide Park Bhd Forf 22ND CT MIAMl, FL N142- tim8shaR inleRs through th6 pay the annu nt(s) to sell the PDp punuant Pursuant to Settion 721.855, appropriata artion with regard 721.856. Flonda Stat,the . TX T6164. K, 11, 21, 5993, G, 9, 37, ODD, 1 2. t ee tor6closur8 proc6du due on (Sae Mibrf A and to &ion 721.855, norida Florida Statut85, wEsTGAn to this foraclosure maWer, you undanigned T ee shall: (1) MN. 1n,S n-Floal All Season-Float WeeMloat establishedin Se ion 721.855, all t(s) T a Stat . PI6as6 be advisad VACATION VILLAS OWNERS risk losing owna hip ot your PDvide you with wrm6n no al Un,11110n016, Unit, 6114/2016. $4,760.49, Florida Statrt . You may you aR w in d&auW that in tha avem that your ASSOCIATION, INC. timeshare inte st through the of the sale, intluding the d e, S3,o77.64. t1 .52: $2.35; LUIS F CHAVARRIA choose lo sign and s6nd to ot your o igalions to pay oblgalion is not bDugM cu ent me inawar te ed to as twstae toreclosu procedu tima and location th (2) Ju &1 18 a AURORA c CHAVARRIA the und6nigned tw ee an aMaNmems duato W gate fln uding ma payr nt otany W6 gat6,has &orded a 8 ablish6d in Section 721.855, R6cord the ndite ot inthe L166973 15821 sw 103 N Miami, FL objertionform,exe ising your onthefollo ng d b6d al tees intu d by W tgata in Cl m ot Lan in the amount Florida Slatut . You may Public R ords ot OSCEOLA 33157, G, 9, 37, ODD, 1/2, All righttoobjerttothauseotthe property lotated in OK8ola commencing this fo&losu of (Sae Exhibk A,wrfh choose to sign and send to Counly, florida:and(3)Publ h S6ason-Floal WeeMloat Unit,st86 foPclosu proG8du . Coun,florida: (S66 Exhibh p c8N) wkhin thirty (30) interest aKwing at lhe rate ot lhe undenigned t ae lhe acopyotth8notic6ot two Non OF DUAULT nND $4,760.49, 82.35; SHANTAE Uponth8und8nign8dtwst66's A fi Ma lm (s) days tDm lhe fint data ot (Se6 Exhibk A p& day, and en osed objertion torm, (2) timas, onc6 ead w for,ro FORKLOSE D SINGLETARY 98 WABASH B8iptofyoursign8dobj8ttion (See Mibk A as defined in publitalion, ha undanignad recorded in O.R. Book (See exe ising your right to objerf two (2lsucceu e w,in an w#Mn vhcnnoN AVE PATERSON, NJ 07503- torm, the toraclosu ot. the thB De on ot Cov6nams, Tw sh,pmaed wkh Exhibit.'A"),at g, a(seeExhibit to the u e or the twstee OSCEOLA CouW n,UN VhLL . 6 1618, G, 12, 11, MN, 112, li6nwkhBp8rttoth6d&auW Condk M and rtions the sale ot the PDp& as A ,otthe p t Recods of foretlosu p cedure. Upon p vided uth a na to &ion,Saason-float W66Mloat specified in lhis notite shall for Me gale Vac ion p vid6d in S6rtion 721.855, Osc6ola Coun,norida, and the undenigned t ea's 8xistsatW6lin 0tpubl hing. 721.656, norida Stal es, Unit, 8 10 2014, S7,247.32, be subjert to tha judicial Vllla5 W omc s norida 6s,inwhichcas8, thB undenigned T ee as - receiplotyoursiqnadobjertion lt you tail o cu e detauW a n6d Twst86 S3.57; RAPHAEL AUGUSTO to&losuP pDt8du on . Book 113z, Page 1485, of th6 und8l5ign8d Tw sh |: appoint8dbyw6 Sat6,her6by form, lhe forecosu ot tha as sat torfh in this no c8 or as med by gata PERDIGAoFERREIRAaAuNE You havatheright oGu our Ma PubliG orOK la (1) PD d8 you w wrm tonnal notmes ( ee Ewhibh lien wrfh to th6 detauW take other appDpriat8 a n V at nVll s,UC e inaWer ALVES MENDES Rua Araujo detauW in the manner sa orth county,nonda@6.Plan and noti of the 5&8, iMluding A hat duato yourtailuPto specified in this notite 5hall wkh regad tolhi5to&lo5u B to as G he by PorfoAleg No36Gwpo13O9 inthisnoticeatanytimebeto all dB(s) a to. rf Me dale, tin and location pay the annual aN6N nt(s) be subjart to the judicial maner, all sums due and t norm (See Miblt 1312 Rio De laneiro, BRAZIL, the undenigned tw5t88's sal6 any.Toge h6 rightto M r. (2) rd th notice due on (See Exhibrf A and toreclosu pDc6dur8 on . owing und e Note and .A alyoua indetauWdue H, 1, 15, ODD, 1/2, Flxed otyourtim8rna int6r8st.llyou occupy, punuant to M6 Plan, ot s a in Ma PubliG Recods all as56u &t(s) theRa er, You hav6 tha right to cu Mortgaq6 sh,be a toyou lu topayparants Wae Float Unrf, 11128n014, do notobjecttotha use oftha Building-Unh(s) (Saa Exhibk otOK laCouW,Florida;and you are tur nt in detauW yourdetauW in he mannerset and wil b on im i ay dua W ibrf A und6r $8,048.40, $3.97; AMBER D t ee to&osu pDt8du,A,during Unrf Week(s) (s (3)Publishacopyotthenotice of your obligations to pay torth inthis notice atanylin due and paya 6. Add,No a and Mortgage (as MORGAN 935 POPPLETON you will not be subjert to a Ewhibk .A,during gned ots 6two(2)ti s,onta8ach ass8Mm8nt5 dua to Wertg 6 b8for8th8t 5t88'ss 8otyour a5 a w otlhe det W, y dafi and you now DR HINESNW, GA 31313- d6ficiency judgment 6v8n if Y s), (S68 Mib .A . 77 wee ror two (2) suK siv8 onthelollowing d cribed al tim8shar6int8 .ltyoudonot risk I05ing ow&ship of y r ow6 WG ( Mibrt A 9459, H, 1,34, MN, 1n,#| Me pm s hom the 5al8 We gale Blvd uim,w,in an OK6ola County p perty locatad in Osceola objecttoM8us8otM6 wstea tim ha int& Mmgh ud ilrf8 st, S6ason-Floa W oat Unrf, ot your ti rnare int& t FL 34747 er n fi Ma ne p pDvid6d 5uch a COM,Florida: (S6a Exhibit foreclosu protedu ,you will t 66 toBlow pD u e t,o l chages. 2 712016, $5,195.80, $2.56; a insu ent to oWsat the d .). As a newsp e s the time A Tlma Shara lnt (sl not be subject to a d8fiGiancy establi5h8dinS ion721.856. Add og te ntinu6sto DANACMORGAN 5501 N7TH unts s u d by the li . suW ot of publishinq. w you tail to (Sa6 Exhibk A as d6fined in judgm6nt8v8n rfthe proceeds florida St . y rigM a 8 Maral6of(S66Exhibrt ST PHILADELPH,PA 19120- &: GRUNSPOON MARDER, de uW, g e y s w w6 d6auW as s6t torth Me D6tlaration ot Cov ams, homthasale otyourtim6rnaP you may haveto n a a .A day,w ardtotha 2708, H, 1, 34, MN, 1n,T ee. tD,18 PD pu in is noti or take other Condhions and R6rmctions inla 5t a insumGi8nt to mortgaga aWar aKa ion tollo lotated S8a5on-Float lo Unk, NIBIT A" - NoncE OF lo & n n1.855, nonda appopnat6ac on w h gad for lha W6stg 8 Vacation o s&the amountssecu d by will ba punuam to e t in OKEOLA CouW, Florida: 2/712016, $5,195.80, 82.56; DEFnuLTAND INnNT TO Statrt . ad to w &, you Vlllas O cial dsBook the lien. 8y: GREENSPOON ot the mortgage. Y y (s Mibk A (SEE HIBIT CHARLENE HAYNESWORTH FORECLOSE thal in 18 ev&rf al your risk bsing owanhip or your 927. at Page 2730, of the - MARDER, T ae. choose lo gn and ad to .A fi Ma lnle (s)(SEE 3039 WALLACE AVE APT 6A Owe s)IObligo s), Tlmasha obliga onisnotboughtcua ti&a im& thDugh the Public Recods ot Owaola QHlalT h" - NoncE OF the und6r gned wrt la HIBrr.A a ordingtoth6 BRONX,NY1O467-8410, H,6, lnter,Building-Unit, w86kl flncluding Me p or any tw ae foBlow pDcedu County, norida he Plan DEFAULTAND INnNTTo entl ob&bon torm, fin M rg for te 45,EVEN,1/2, ISeason-Float Assigned Year, DatauW Date. t s in d by W gate in a abli5hadinS8rtion 721.855, and all amendment(s) Me to, FOREtL E 6x6 ising yourrigM o ob v vlll . v weewno Unk. 5 5 015, BookRage ol R8tord6d Len. con & ng Mis toB w fl Statutes. You may ifany.Tog8th whhth6rightto Owe sl Add Building to 16 u ot e 0775, al Paga S6,o35.95, $2.98; MERCEDES nount, p Di6m m ) w in ir (30) doos6 o sign and send to occupy, punuanttotha Plan, UnrtW8akY6arTS Undividad to&low . u 2N7, ot B Pu R o s HAYNESWORTH 1952 Flm AgnesM M ,642SlraWord day h n M6 fim dale of e und gnad bu ee an Building-Unh(s) (s Exhibk