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June 15, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2018

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PAGE 32B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 2018 Page 361 nTIO A COUNCIL fimesha Unrf B 201, Week newsp p exists at the tima R6cods otOSCEOLA Coun,264: UNCOLN L WHITE 6423 Milfod, NH 03055, PP, 210, 711-717: SETH R PACKER a SHANNON D COUNCIL 43, Annual, fin share lnteresl ot publishing. lf you tail to Florida, including lhe braach or Oakcreek Way Cit s HeigMs, 22, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Waek/ a ALTRINAH p PACKER 90 AKA SHANNON DENEA 1, Per Diem $1.84, Dafault cure the defauW as set to h detauN, notice of which wa5 s6t CA 95621, zzz. 4, 44, WHOLE. NoncE OF rRumE's Fix6d Unit, $4,049.10, $1.35, NW 139TH St Miami, FL ELLIOTT, 85 CRUTCHFIELD Balanca $4,703.27, DetauW in this notica or take other to h in a Notice ot Detault and 1. Fixed WeeMixed Unk1, SAU 5214-371-376: ERNESTO s 33168, SSS, 308, 38, ODD. DR, CAMERON, NC 28326; Date 1 0125/16, Mortgage appropriate ac ion wrfh ragard lntant to Foreclosa provid6d 86,431.24, 81.98, 5218-259- WESTGATE vAcAnoN RIOS a SILVINA RIOS 10132 1/2, Flxed, 84,929.7o, &1.34, 13o6 KOINONIA DR, SPRING R6cord8d 7123115 in OR Book to this toreclosure ma er, you to the la known add ss ot 264: VIL wl 2n N Forest Landing Dr. Cha oWe, 5214-711-717: OLINDO DE LAKE, NC 28390, Tlmeshare 4813, Page 2720 DIEUDONNE risk losing owenhip of your Obligo s),(See Exhibrf A"), by June15,a,2O18 ILLIAMS JR) NC 28213, pp. 304, 2, WHOU, snFANo a EUSA CHIARADIA Unit E 202, week 39, Annual, JEAN, 10001 OXBRIDGE WAY tim6sha interest through th6 CertifiedlRegistered Mail or by L167317 On 0711012018 at 11:00 am, 1, Fixed WeeMixed Unk, Vla Tommaseo 1 Pordenone Tlmeshare lnterest |, Per BOWIE, MD 20721, Tlmesha t stee toreclosure procedura publication by the undenigned GREENSPOON MARDER, 84,o49.1o, $1.35, 5214-371- Spilimbago, NO97 ITALY, sss, Di6m $1.60, Default BalanG8 Unit D 305, Weeh 4. Annual, established in S6 ion 721 .855, Twstee, will sell at public LLP, 201 E. Pin6 StP6t, Suk6 376: KENNETH A POLOKOFF 310, 4, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee $4,100.30, Default Data fimesha lnterest 1, Per Florida St utes. You may au ion lo the highest bidder NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 8730 Via Reale Boca Raton, Fixed Unk, $5,226.72, $1.65, 9125/16, Mo gage Recorded Diem $1.83, DetauW Balance choose to sign and send to for law,money ot the Unrfed SALE a5 T stee punuant to that FL 33496, PP, 311, 4, EVEN, 5214-711-717: CATHERINE M 1v1v13 in OR Book 4544, $4,681.41, D6tauN Date the undenigned twstee an States otAmerita,on 6h0nt wEsTGAnTowNcENTERl Appointment ot T st68 1/2, Fixed WeaMixed Unk, BUCKMAN 58 Main StApt 19 Page 1854 ONATHAN J 10/25 16, Morfgage Recorded obj6 ion torm. exercising your 5t8ps ot the OK6ola Coun 3.023T (DAVIL r6cord8d on 1 9 201 8 84,717.3o, 81.21, 5214-371- Lmle Feny. NJ 7643, SSS, 310, DENToNaKENDRAJDENToN 7/23/15in0R8ook4813,Page righttoobi8rttoth8u58otth8 Courthouse, 2 Cou house On 0711012018 at 11:00 am, in O tial Recods Book 376: ANDREW J PAROTTI B 34. WHOU. 1, Fixed Wee AKA KENDRA JORDAN HOLT, 2628 KEINON K SAMUEL. 6201 twstae toreclosure procedure. Square, KiNimm88, florida GREENSPOON MARDER, 5287, and Page 2816 ot the NATACHA L PAROTTI P.o Box Fixed Unk, 85,226.72, $1.65, 1411 NC 55 WEST COATS, LOMBARD ST, CHEVERLY, MD Upon th6 und6rs gned twst6a.s 34741 . all right, tkle and int8r85t up. 201 E. Pine St et, Suite Public Raco s or OSCEOLA Ex 29212 Exuma, BAHAMAS, 5214-711-717: PROJECT NC 27521, Timeshare Unit 20785; 10001 OXBRIDGE WAY, receipt ot your signed objection in the properfy skuatad in tha 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Coun,Florida, by reason,2, 15, WHOLE, 1, Fixed PHILAWROPY INC A F 202, Week 46, Annual, BOWIE, MD 20721, Tlmesha torm, the tor6tlosur8 ot th6 County ol OSCEOL Florida, as Twstea pursuant to that ot a now continuing d&auW WeeMixed Unk, $4,997.70, Di ri ot Columbia NonpDM fi sha lntarest 1, Per Unit D 305, Week 4, Annual, lien wrfh r8sp6 lo the detault described as: (SEE WHIBIT Appointment ot Twstee by Obligo s), (See Exhibit $1.62, 5214-371-376: WILUAM Coporation 3701 T kk& Trail Diem $1.74, DetauW Balanca Tlm ha lm 6st 1, Per sp6cifi8d in this notite shall .'A") Tima Sha lntarast(s) (SEE Pcodad on 02127/201 8 "A"), whose addraN is (Saa GARCIA 13281 sw 17th Ln Surfe 2 J Boz6man, MT 59715, S4,721.88, Detault Date 5/5/16, Diem 81.83, D6tauW Balance b6 subjert to the judicial HIBIT A actoding to lh6 in OMcial Recods Book Exhibit A"), in tha payn6nt or Apt 5 Miami, FL M175,6, uuu, 2, 43, EVEN. 112, Fiwed Mortgage Racorded 12/12/13 $4,681.41, DatauW Dat6 foreclosure p cedure only. fime Sharing Plan tor Westgate 5292, and Page 2156, of the parformanta ot tha obligations 19, WHOLE, 1, Fixed W86 Wee xed Unk, $7,479.22, in OR Book 4544, Page 1861 1012y16, Mortgage Recoded You have the right to cure your Vaca ion Vlllas, Qlll, omcial Public Records ot OSCEOLA secured by said Cl m or L6n Fixad Unit, $4,989.42, 81.62, 81.75, 5214-711-717: KELLY BERNARD T ARMSTRONG 7/23/15in0RBook4813,Page detauWinthe mann6rs8trorfh Recods Book 1202, at Page Coun,Florida, by ason .&ord6d in omcial R ords 5214-371- 376: WANDA SUE ANN SISK B KENNETH w 3RD. 7948 WYNBROOK 2628 DANIEL R EVERHART inthisnotic8 ytim8b8tor6 0071.otthe Public Racods ot of a now continuing defauW Book(S86Exhibh A .at Paqe LARSON 14393 Wayfi6ld Ln SISK SR 44 Ga etson Ave w 1 w MECHANICSVIUE, VA AKA DANIEL R GARNER, 194 tha undanign6d t aa's sale Ost6ola County, florida (th6 by Mo gago sT, (See Exhib (s86 Exhibk wA,otM6 Pubic Slanfield, NC 28163, w, 8, 37, Bayonne, NJ 7 2,6, 33, 23111, fimeshare Unit B 307, wAnRBuRv PL mlNGToN, otyourtim8shaPimer6st.ltyou "Plan"). Tog&h& wkh Me right A . who58 addr8M is (See R6cords ot OSCEOLA County, WHOU, 1. Fix6d W66 x8d WHOU, 1, Flxed W xed w86k 8, Annual, Timeshata NC 27292, fimeshare Unit do not object to tha us6 ot the to otcupy, punuant o th6 Plan, Mibk A,in the payme or florida, including th6 h or Unh, $4,989.42, S1.62, 5214- Unh, t6,431.24, S1.98, 5214- lnterast 1, Par Di6m 81.51, c 104, w6 k 46, Annual, twstae tO tlo5u procedure, Building-Unk (SEE HIBIT p8rformanc6 ot the obligations darauW, nOtiG6 ot whwh was 5& 371 -376: 711-71T: CARLOS MoNnRo De uW BalanG8 $3,828.95, Tlmesha lm 1, Per you will not be subje to a "A"), during Unit Waak (SEE s6cu d by a Mortgage torfhinaNo it6otD6tauWand Jun 1S,q2O18 a MAR MAUA RODRIGUQ De uN Date 1 1125/16, Diem S1.77, D&auH Balance d6fiti6ncy judgment 6v6n it HIBIT Ah), durinq sign6d coded in omcial Retods lntent to Fo losa pDvid8d L167327 568-1260 Estazu, COSTA Mortgage Re ded 1211v13 $4,122.11, De uW Date the p s hom th6 sale Y6ar - (SEE IBIT A . Book(S66Exhibh A T,atPag8 to the last known add ot RIC,8, 4,0DD, 1n. F ad in OR Book 4544, Page 1918 5125117, M tgage Recorded ol your m hare int6 st wEsTGAn vAcAnoN VILLAS (Se6 Exhibit wA"L, oltha PubliG ob (s68 Mibh A,by Wee xed Unh, S6,295.o7, CRYSTAL D THOMPSON, 4/29115in0R8ooh4771,Page a insumci6nt to oWs6t tha 7700 We g e Boulavard Recods orOS EOLA Coun,c6 egi M,or by NoncE OF rRUSrEE'S $1.67, 5214-711-717: WILLIAM 7948 WYNBROOK LN, 908 LAURA M SIMPSON AKA ums s u by the lian. wim,FL 34747 Said norida,includinqthe br6athor publication byMa undenigned MU A SOBOT MARV LYNNE MECHANICSVILLE, VA 23111; LAURA M MRH 194 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 5al8 will be made (w o d8tauW,notit6o whichwass6t T 68,sal at publiG wEsTun vncnnoN SOBOTKA 14328 s GI6n Dr w 6295 MORNING GLORY RD, wAnRBuRv pL NGTON, T stee. covenants,orw ,expreu to h in a Notice ot DetauW and aurfion o he h h bidd6r LLAS,T . Hon r Glen, IL 60491, w, MECHANICSVILLE, VA 23111; NC 27292, nm ha Unil QNIBIT n - NoncE OF or implied, galding the lhle, lnt6nt to For6clo 8 provided tor lawhl money otMa Unrt6d OGUILhRl 1, 31, ODD, 1n. Flx6d w 1409 CREEKPOINTE CT, APT c 104, Waek 46, Annual, DEFnuLThND INTENT TO poN8Nion or 8nwmb nt6sT lo lha la know addreu ot States ol Ga. thatDm On 07110n018 at 11: am, Fwad Un,S5,457.26, S1.52, 4, MIDLOTHIAN, VA 23114, Tim ha ln1 1, Par FORECLOSE topaythaunp d ments Morfgago (See Exhibk rt6ps ot the OK la C nty GREENSPOON MARDER, 5214-711-717: ARNOLD G fim85ha Unit B 307, w68k Diem $1.77, D&auN BalanGe Own8 5VObligo 5), Timeshare due in the amount ot (See A"), by e ifi egista d Courthou58, 2 Cour lous6 201 E. Pin6 Strael, Suke WALWR JR a CES J . 8, Annual, fim85har8 lnterest $4,122.11, D6lauW Dat6 lnt6,Building-Unk, Wee Exhibit "A"), wkh int6 Mail or by publitation by Square, Mimm,horida 500, O ando, Florida 32801, WALKER 121 sewal B nth 1, Per Di&n 81.51, DefauW 5/25117, Morfgage Recodad AMign8d Vear, DetauW Date, accwing at the rate ot (See the undanigned Twst68, 34741,allrigM,tklaandim as Twst68 punuam lo th Rd. Cla on, DE 1,W, B ance S3,828.95, DetauW 4129 15in0RBook4771,Paga BooklPaae of Recorded Len, Mibit A lperday,punuantlo will sell at public aurtion to in the pDp8rty shual d in tha Appointment ot Twstee 4, 1T, WHOLE, 1. F ed w68kl Date 1 1125116, Mo age 908 JAMES JOHNSON JR, Amount, DiemAmount the fin sh Plan, advanc85, Me highest bidd6r for lawhl Coun OSCEOL horida, Bord8d on ov19l2o18 Flxed Unk, $5,130.50, 81.62, ded12l1V13inOR ook 8408AWS0NW,R0SEDAU, Holiday Lea ng Holdings, itany, und& lat otsaid money ot tha Un ed States descri as: (SEE HIBIT in OWicial Records Book 5214-711-717: ,Page1918 LATRONE M MD 21237; 5707 ADUIGH uc A Lmked Labil Claim ot Len, thag and of America, on the t nt wA Tlm6Sha lnt& (s)(SEE 5288, and Page 1173 of the Junel5,U, 1B DEMIEL 2000 CEDARWOOD AVE,APT,BALnMoRE, MD Company, du organiz6d and expenses ottheTwrtae and of steps or th6 Osceola County HIB A aKo ing lo the Public Records ot OSCEOLA L 167326 w SUFFOW, VA 23434, 21206,fi&are Unh B 207, exishing underand byvirtua ot th8twstsc al6dbysaidCl m Courthouse, 2 CouMousa fim8SharingPlantor al6 Coun,norida, by n Tlmeshare Unk E 102, Week 51, Weak 36, Annual, Tlm6sha the law5 ot the State ot Navada, of Len. Obl o sl rnall have the Squa,ssimmee, Florida Vat ion vlllas, wl, ot a now tontinuing da uW nual, fimashara lntarast 1, lntare 1, p Diam 81.84, 5313 Painted Mi ge Road, righttocu th6d8tauWandany 34741,right, trtle and Racords Book 1103, at Page by Obligo s), (s68 Mibrf NoncE OF rRwnE's PerDiem$1 .52, Dalau Balanca DetauW Balanca 84,319.35, Las Vegas, NV 89149, 1 Fixad junior lienhold 5hall have the intere in th6 prop6rty sku ed 0462, ol lhe Public R s ot A"), whose add M is (Sea NU 83,55O.64,DetaultDate4/5/17, DefauWD ey25 17,Morfgaga W86 Fixad Unit, G-02, 22/ right to deem hs im8R up in the Coun of OSCEOLA, Osc6ola County, horida (M6 Exhibk A',inlha payent or wuTGAn vAcAnoN Mo gage R6co 8d 7/2315 R6cord6d 115115 in OR Book WHOU, 1/2/2015, 52531205- to the date the Twrtae iNu8s Flonda, d6scrib6d a5: (SEE Plan . Togeth wrth th6 right p6rformanc6 orthe obligations UN m . T @ in OR Book 4813, Paga 2707 4717, Page 1107 JUANITA 210, $3,722.71, $2.46: MelWn the Cart cate ot Sale by paying HIBIT A") Tlma Sha to occupy, pursuant to th6 Plan, secured by said Claim ot Len BADER) SQNON s DEMIEL, 2000 c JACKSON, 12 hNNSBU w Prie and Patricia Pri6st the amou s du6 a ortlinedin lntere (s) (SEE WHIBIT .'A") Building-Unrf (SEE HIBIT recorded in omcial R6cords On 07 10 2018 11:00 am, CEDARWOOD LN, SUFFOW, PL MIDDU RWER, MD aka P. Pria,H6imali Pond the pB8ding paragraph. By: accordingtotha fime Sharing wA ), during Unrf k (SEE Book(SeaExhibit"A .atPage GREENSPOON MARDER, VA 23434; 127 CHURCH ST, 21220, Tlm ha Unk B 207, Lane, Su ingham, No ich, GREENSPOON MARDER, Plan tor WESTGATE TOWN HIBIT A"), durinq igned (See Exhibit A"), otlhe Public L 201 E. Pine Streat, Suita SUFFOLK, VA 23434; 605 Week 36, Annual, Tlmesha ENGLAND NR14 7DA,2 Fixed Tw ae. cENnR, Bord8d in omcial Year - (SEE IB A . R8Gords otOSCEOLA County, 500, O ando, florida 32801, WNSEY w, SUFFOW, VA lntera 1, Per Diam 81.84. WeeW xed Unk. G-03, G-03, HIBIT A" - NoncE OF Retods Book 1564, at Pag6 wEsTGAn vAcAnoN NLLAS Florida, includinqthe b ad or as Twrtee punuam to that 2,Timashare Unit E 102, D6rauW Balance $4,319.35, 14 H0LE, 15 HOLE, TRusnE's MU 1479, ot the Public Recods 7700 We gatB Boul8vald detauW,noticeo whichwass Appointment of T stee Week 51, Annual, Tlmeshare DetauW Date 3125117, 11v2015, 52531205-210, Owe s) Add N Building Unrf ol Osc6ola Coun . Florida Nimmee, FL 34747 Said fo h in a Notice of DetauW and Bodad on ov19no18 lntere 1. Per Diem $1.52, Morfga a Retoded 1l5/15 86,588.71, 84.39: Louis M Waek Year Usage Occupancy (th6 wPlan"). Together wrth the sale will be mada (WhoLrf lntent to FOr8GIOS8 p vided in omci R ods Book De uW Balance $3,550.64, in o ook 4717, Page 1107 Campenni Sr and Romaine J TS Undivided lnte st Season right to occupy, pursuant to Gov8nanls, or wa,8xp N to the last know add M of 5288, and Page 1161 of tha DefauN Date 4/5/17, Morfgage KIONI J HA EY AKA WONI Campanni. 23 E Sunrise Dr, Use Basis Amount Per Diem the Plan. Building(s)Wnit(5) or implied, r6gading the tkla, Obligo s). (Sae Mibk A,by Publit Racods ot OSCEOLA Re ded 7123/15 in OR Book SHEVONNE JEFFERSON, 38 PMston, PA 18640, 1 Fixad COLReclnlo (SEE WHIBIT A"), during Unrt poss8Mion or enwmb nces) Certifiad R8girt8r6d Mail or by County, Florida, by r6ason 4813, Page 2707 JAQUISHA VICTOR STREET HAMPTON, WeeklFixed Unit, G-06, 521 PATRICIO MOUNA a Waak(s) (SEE WHIBIT "A"), to paythe unpaid aN8Nme s publication bythe undenigned ot a now continuing detault A FORD, 9375 ORCHARD VA 23669, fimesha Unrf WHOU, 11v2015, 5253/205- ROSALBA OUIROZ Ca os during Assigned Yea s) - (SEE due in the amou ot (Saa Trustae, will 58|| at public by Obligo s), (See Exhibk GARDEN W SMITHFIELD, VA F 202, w k 20, Annual, 210, $3,722.71, $2.46: J6sus Martel 5645 Dep 101 Las HIBIT A"T. WESTGATE Exhibk A,whh int st auction to tha highesl bidder '.A,whose addr8N is (See 23430, Tlmeshare Unk E 201, Tim85ha lm e 1. P6r F Na iso and Euhotina A Condes Santiago, 1014-A TOWNCENTER77OOWestgata atc ing at th6 r a ot (Sea for la ul money otthe Unrfed Exhib A"). in the payent or Week 47, Annual, Tlmesha Diem $2.06, D&auW Balance Na iso and meresa To alba CHIU, JJJ, 3, 35, WHOU. Boulava ssimmee, FL Ewhibk A p&day, punuantto States ol America, on thB hont parformance ot the obligation5 lntere 1. Per Diem 81.61, $5,438.15, DetauW Date and Cesar To alba and Jessica 1, Fixed W88Mix6d Unrf1. 34747 Said sal6 will ba theTlmeshare Plan, advances. aps ot the Osteola Coun s6cur6d by 5aid Claim ot Len DetauN Balanca $4,049.66, 5/25/16, Morfgage Retord6d Calaste and Hany Celeste $6,431.24, $1.98, 5218-259- mad6 Twrthout covenants, or it any, under the te ot said Courthousa, 2 Cou house r8cod6d in om al R8co 5 DetauWData12/5/16,Mortgage 7/23115in ORBook4813,Page and Ma on Narciso and 264: CLAYTON o MC KNIGHT wa an,express or implied, Claim ot Len, chages and Squara. KiMimm88, norida Book(SeeEwhib A,Paga Recodad 6/10/14 in OR Book 2634 DELORIA D PENDLETON, L6ila Narciso, 900 Easter Rd, a WONNE v MC KNIGHT regading the trfle, poss85sion axpenses ot th6 Ttu ee and ot 34741, all righl, titl6 and int&est (See Exhibh A,of the Public 4620, Pag6 2183 BETHANY B 95 SHELBY CT, AY VA Vl oria, BC.CANADAV8WZ8, 360 Pennin4on Av6 Apt 208 or encumbrantas) to pay the th8twstsc at6dbysadClaim in the prope y srfuated in tha R6cords ot OSCEOLA Coun , HEAPE, 102 PINEPOINT RD, 23009 92 EULA CT, AYLm, VA 1 Fixed W68Mix6d Unit, Trenton, NJ 8618, JJJ, 5, 22, unpaid principal balance due ot Len. Obligo s) shall have lhe Counly ot OSCEOLA, norida, Florida, including Me b ach or WIWAMSBURG, VA 23185; 23009, Tlm ha Unrf G 201, G-10, 42 H0LE, 11212015, NEN. 112 Fixed, 87,515.18, under the mortgage in tha right to cure the detauW and any described as: (SEE HIBIT defauW, notice otwhith was sat 13309 GARDEN STATE DR, w k 20, Annual, Tl sha 52531205-21 o, 83,722.71,$1.75, 5218-259-264: NADIA a amount ot (See Exhibrf "A"), junior lienholdar shall hav6 tha wA") Tlm6 Sha lnte (s) (SEE forfh in a Ndica ol DetauW and APT B, NEWPORT NEWS, VA lntare 1, Per Diem S2.2o, 82.46: Rodn6y Fu6ntas and GUIER 21 Wheatland StApt 1 with int6r8st accwing at the right to redeem hs inta st up WHIBIT wA"l accoding to the lntant to FoBlos8 pDvid8d 23602, Tlm85har8 Unh F 304, DatauW Balante 87,233.85, Kanaka Fuemes, 2301 Durand Some ille, MA2145, SSS, 112, te ol (S68 Exhibit A") per to the date the Tw ae issu85 fime Sharing Plan tor Wa gata to the la5t known add N ot Week 28, Annual, Tlmeshara DerauW Date 1 1 5 14, Mortgaga Road sw. Albuquerque, 16, EVEN, 1n Flx6d,S6,6N.38, day, pursuant to the Mortgage, the certmcate ot Sale by paying Vacation Vlllas, Qlll, omGial Obligo 5), (See Exhibit A',by lnte 1, Par Diam $1.69, Recorded 10117114 in OR NM 87105, 1 Flxed Weekl $1.60,5218-259-264:GERARD advances, if any, under the tha unts du6 asorflinedin R8colds Book 1202, at Page c8rtm 6gi Mail or by D6auN Balance 84,26o.88, Book 4682, Page 1849 MARK Fix6d Unk, G-10, 48 H0LE, DALE 15 Perm Avenue We tamw or said Mortgag6, th6 preceding paragQ. By: 0071, ot th6 Public Retods ot publit ion by the und8nign6d DefauW Dalall/5/16,Mortgage C IRWIN B NICOLE M IRWIN, 1lv2o15, 5253/205-210, lndi6s Cocoy6a San Femando. chages and expenses ot GREENSPOON MARDER, Osc6ola Coun,florida he Tw 6,will 5&| at public Retoded 6110/14 in OR Book 1482 cow MARSH CREEK 83,621 .72, $2.39: Calvin E Jolly, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, sss, tha Tw ee and ol th6 t sts T stae. Plan"). Togather wrfh the right au ion to the high6 bidder 4620, Page 1929 SEAN M RD CAMDEN WYOMING, DE 1830cheshireLn,Houston,m 112, 35, WHOLE, 1, Fixed weated by said Mortgage. HIBlr "A" - NoncE OF to occupy, punuantto me Plan, tor lawhl money of T8 Unked MOREHEAD, 208 TARLETON 19934, fim ha Unh B 202, 77018 V erie o Jolly, 23735 WaeMixed Unk1, 86.39B.75, Morfgagorl5) shall hav6 the TRUSTEE'S SAU Building-Unit (SEE HIBIT St 6 ot neriO onthe hont BIVOUAC WILLIAMSBURG,VA Week 2, Annual, fime ha Jasmine Te aca Dr, Spring, $1.98, 5218-259-264: ISHEKEE right to cura the detault and Owne s) Add N Building Unrf A,during Unit weak (SEE stap5 ot the Osc la Coun 23185. Tlm85ha Unit F 304. lnt8r85t 1, p& Diam $2.68, M 77373-8041, 1 Fixad TOWNSEND 1301 Louisvill6 S any junior lienholder shall have W k Y6ar Usag6 OKupanty HIBIT A"), during ANign8d Courthousa, 2 Cou hou5a k 28, Annual, TlmeshaP DatauW Ba ta 86,931.18, Wae xed Unit, G-12, Ml Apl 25 St illa, MS 39759, the rightto deem its inlerest TS Undivided lnt6 t Season Year - (SEE WHIB A . Squa,Kissimmee, florida lnt& st 1, Per Di6m $1.69, D6 uW Dal6 5l16, Mort age WHOU, 11v2015, 52w205- sss, 306, 1, WHOU. 1, Fix6d up to the date tha Twst86 nou P8rDi6mCOLR8clnto WESTGATE vAcAnoN VILLAS 34741,allright,thl6andint8 st D&auW B ance $4,260.88, Recorded1V1U13inOR ook 210,$3,722.71, S2.46: Holiday Wee Flxed Unrf1, S6,398.75, iNu85 tha Bificat6 of Sale JERRY L WILUAMS JR 900 7700 wa5tqat8 Boulevad inth pr erty skuat6d in.the DetauW Date11l5/16,Mortgaga 4544, Pag6 1958 CAROLINE Leasing Holdings, LLC, du $1.98, 5218-259-264: JANICE by paying the amounts due as Washbum Ava N Minneapolis, Kissimmee, L 34747 Said County o OSCEOL Florida, od6d 6 10114in OR Book HENDRICKS, 210 CANNON organ ed and axisting under M MCSWEWEV 3240 Red ortli d abov6.By:AmandaL. MN55411,PP,1O2,7,WHOU, sale will bB mad (wrmout dewribed as: (SEE WHIBIT 4620. Page 1929 BOBBY C WAY, WARRENTON,VA2O186; and by virtue ot lhe laws of B6nyDrWllminQon,NC284O9, Chapman,AuthorizedAgent. 1, F 6d W68 x Unk. cov6nOnts,orw ,8xpr8ss A fim8ShaRhtB U ME6 ARMWOOD, 900 BIRKDALE 546QUINCE LAPLATA,MD the St e ot Nevada, 531 UUU,1O,26.WHOLE.1.Flxed EXHIBIT Aw - NoncE OF 84,o49.1o. S1.35, 5214-371- or implied, r6gading We trt,HIBIT A actoding lo the DR CLAVTON, NC 27527, 20646,fim ha UnitG 301, Painted Mirage Rd, Las WaaWFixed Unit1, $6,472.28, TRUSTEE'S SALE 376: LA UTA wl s 4211 poss8Nion or encum cesl TlmeSharing antorW te fim85har8 Unk C 106, Week w k 41, Annual, fim6 har8 Vegas, NV 89149, 1 Fixed $1.98, 521&259-264: Owe s) Addr8N Building Sheridan Ave N Minneapolis, to paytha unpaid ass8Mm8nts Vatation Vlllas, .al 34, Annual, Timesha lntarast lnt e 1, Per D m S2.6o, WaeMixed Unh, H-01, 18/ cHARuEwTAYLoRaAmcE Unit Weak Year TS Undivided MN55412,PP,1O2,7,WHOU, due in the unt ot (Sae Retods Book 1665, at Page 1, Per Diem 81.67, DatauW D6tauW B anc6 86,586.67, WHOU, 11v2015, 52531205- G TAYLOR 124 Maplehum lntere Season Amount Per 1, Fixed w knix6d Unrt, Exhibrf "A,whh inte 1597, ot e Public R rds B anca 84,198.13, DatauW DetauW Date 1 1125116, 210, S3,722.71, 82.46: Nicole Dr Smyrn4 DE 19977, 6, Diem MTG Rec lnto $4,049.10, $1.35, 5214-371- accwing at th6 rata ot (Sae ot Osc6o County, norida Data 5116, Mortgaga Mortgage ed 4/20/15in E B uN8au and Ad6lad J 37, WHOU, 1, Flx6d w MARIA E DAVILA 1201 Ave 376: MEGHAN E CLARK a Ewhibll"A")perday,punuantto (the Plan . Togetharwhh the Recodad 7123115 in OR Book OR Book4766, Page 970 Brouueau, 14 Applewood Fixed Un 1, $5,942.15, $1.84, J So h Houston, M 77587, JEREMIAH B CLARK 1650 lh6 Tim85ha Plan, advanc6s, rigM to occupy, punuant to 4813, Pag6 2712 RICHARD (46929. ) Drive, Wood ot CT 06281, 5218-259-264: AMADO 40 a 4000, 31A B rJ1B, Highway 69 Grand Ridge. it any, under th6 t6rms of said the Plan, Buildinq-unit (SEE D WIUARD a ELIZABETH M Jun 15,q 18 1 Flxed W68Mixad Unh, E ROSINA a ASTRIED w 45 a 45, ODD a ODD, 1, All FL 32442. PP, 1o4, 6, ODD, Claim of Lien, chag and HIBIT A (SE WHIBIT WILLARD AKA ELIZABETH R L167334 H-02, 45 H0LE, 41v2015, ROSINA Pam a sb N15F Season-hoat WeeklFlo 112, Flx6d We6W x8d Unk, expenses ottheT rtae and ot A,during Unit Weak (SEE o 1639 ORCHARD GROVE 5253 205-210, S3,686.62, Oranjestad, ARUB 7, 41, Unit, $10,818.69, $5.N. 84,456.86. 81.26, 5214-371- thetwsts c ated by said Claim HIB .A,during igned DR CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320, $2.45: Bradford R ScoW and WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee xed 4363- 1503: JACQUELINE 376:ANDREALEAsn 00D otLian.Obligo s)shallhave he Year - (SEE HIBIT A"l. fimeshare Unit G 202, Week NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Mild d M Sco,22 Dyke Lane, Unh1, 86,431.24, $1.98, 5218- ESPINAL 187 Austin St 1136 Birch Ave Maumee, OH righlto cu th8d6fauWand any wEsTGAn VACATION NLLAS 45, Annual, Timeshare lntere INnNT TO FORECLOSE South Darfmouth, MA 02748, 1 259-264: USAM SHOLDER27 Lndenhurst, NY 11757, 4000 43537, PP, 104, 16, WHOU, junior li8nhold6r shall have tha 7700 We gata Boul6vad 1, P6r Diam 81.46, Datault wEsrGAn vAcAnoN FixedW68Mix8dUnit,H-O4,5/ Donai pLUmat lla, L32784, a 4000, 42c a 42D, 37 B 1, Fix6d weeknix6d Unh, rightto d88mit5int up Nimm86, FL 34747 Said Balanca $3,452.84, DetauW LW v nu: 2Tr .08 WHOU, 11212015, 52531205- WWW,3,27,WHOU,1,F ad 37, WHOLE a WHOLE, 2,$4,055.60, $1.16, 5214-371- totha dalethe Tw ee iNu85 sale,be made hhout Data 4125117, Morfgage Pu uam to &ion 721.855, 210, $3,404.71, $2.30: Sydney W88klFix6d Unk1, $6,431.24, Season-Float WaeklFloat Unit, 376: CARLA JEAN GIWAM the Certiticate ot Sale by paying covanants, or wa an,8xpr8N R8cod6d 3121/14 in OR 8ook Florida es, wEsTGAn L Fuller Jones, 29 Hosmer $1.98,5218-259-264:JAMESA 815,459.39, $7.62, 4401-377: 4394 N Stat6 Rout6 48 theamountsdueasoutlinadin or implied, garding the tkle, 4585, Page 1473 FRANCIS vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS Stre N2, MaWapan, MA vAuNnN 2516 Joel Johnson LUIS E PERU CARABAUO Lebanon, OH 45036, PP, 104, tha preceding pa graph. By: poN8ssion or encumbrances) s GAUDLIP 6 DEBORAH A AssoclAnoN, INC. 02126, 1n #| SaasonJFloat Rd LllinQon, NC 27546, a YOLANDA PERU 16, WHOLE, 1, Fixad Weehl GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, to paythaunpaid aN8ssm8nts GAUDUP, 16909 ESSW RD ina Rfe 6d to as WeeMlo Unrf, H-05, 421 WWW,3,27,WHOU,1,F ad RODRIGUQ11O9ZebulonAve Flxed Unrf, 84,OM.6O, $1.16, Twstae. due in Me unt ot (See UWES, DE 19958, Tlm85har8 Wa gate,has recoded a ODD, 11V2015, 52531z05- W68Mix6d Unrf1, $6,431.24, Columbus, OH 43224, 40 5214-371-376: WLGENCIO WHIBlr "A" - NoncE OF Exhibrf A . wkh inta st Unit A 103, weeh 31, Annual, Claim ot Len in lhe amount 210, 82,476.43, S1.28: Janelle $1.98, 5218-259-264: nNA M a 4ooo 6 4000 a 4000, 31A a RODRIGUU PEINADO a TRUSTEE'S SAU at#ving the tate ot (See fimeshara lnterast 1, P6r ot (See Mibk A l, with E MaM, 103 E Pleasant St, vALENnN 1098No nQon Rd 31B B 61Aa 61B, 14 a 14 a nREsA GONZAW GARCIA Owna sl Add M Building Exhibh A.)p day,punuantto Diem $1.52, Datault Balanc6 intara aKwing at tha rata of Ca lawood, SD 57223-2038, 1 Lillington, NC 27546, www, 15 a 15, WHOLE a WHOLE a Avda Ciudad D6 Baw ona Unh Week Year TS Undivided lhe Tlm ha Plan. advances, S3,488.69, Detault Data (See Exhibk A per day, and Flx6dW88Mix6dUnit,H-O9,7/ 3, 27, WHOLE, 1, Flxed w86hl WHOLE a WHOLE, 4, Flxed 183 Escalera 3 Madrid, 28007 lnt8r6st Saason Amount Per it any, und&th8t8nN ot said 5117, Mortgage Racod6d Gord8d in O.R. Booh (See WHOU, 1n12015, 52531205- Fix6d Unk1, 86,431.24, S1.98, Wea Float Unit, $35,565.97, SPAIN, PP, 104, 36, WHOU, Diem COL Rec lnfo Cl m or Len, cha and 511U14in OR Book46O7, Pa26 Exhibrt A ,atPaga(SaaExhibrt 210, 83,722.71, $2.46: R6gina 5218-259-264: BRYAN K 817.53, 4363-1 1 32: ELIO 1, Fixed weeknixad Unit, ERIC USVALDO AGUILAR 8xp8ns Dflh8Twst88and of 1608 FRANCES H CUFFI,A,otMe Public R6cords of Ea ridge, 2122 s Fremont SHOLDER 475 c.w. Johnson PINEDA a CARMEN RIOS Conj 84,o49.1o, 81.35, 5214- 17518 Fm 493 Edinburg, TX th8twskc at6d bysaid Claim 710SER0 ESTATES DR, FORT Os ola County, Florida, and Ave, Springfi&d, MO 65804- Lan6 Lllin4on, NC 27546, Resd Naranjal To e F Apto 371-3T6: UONA MOWS a 78542, JJJ, 7, 27, WHOU, ot Len. Obligo s) shall hav6 the WASHINGTON, MD 20744; th6 und& gned T staa as 2209,1Fix8dW66k1Fix8dUnh, www, 3, 27, WHOU. 1, 184 Piso 18 Las Minas Banrfa TAMARA MOWS 277 Fox Hill 1, Fixed W6eklFix8d Unh, righttocu th8d6 ultandany 4810 SAINT BARNABAS RD, appoimed by tgale,he by H-09, 42 H0U, 41v2015, Flxed Wee Fwed Unk1, Caracas, 1080 VENUUEL Ave K6nhill8, NS CANAD $6,472.32, $1.98, 5214-711- juniorlianho & shall havetha sn B TEMPLE HILLS, MD form notm6s ( ea Exhibh 52531205-21 o, 83,686.62, $6,431.24, $1.98, 5218-259- 5100, 5167, 43, WHOLE. 1, PP, 107, 10, WHOU, 1, Fixed 717: PHILIP J BECK a DENISE right to radaam ik inte up 20748,Tlm6share UnitA 203, A")thatdueto yourtailu to $2.45: Diago H Conal, 70 264: HAROLD CU NGTON a #| Season-Float WeaMlo W xed Unk, t4,989.42, G BECK 8154 Woods Hwy tolhe dat6 the Tw5t88issu w86k N, Annual, Tlmesha pay me annual au8sNrBn sl Winfield St, No h,CTD8855 LAVONNE CURINGTON 1400 Unit, S12,995.49. $6.40, 4430- 81.62. 5214-371-376: Whh6sboro, NY 13492, RRR. 3, th6 c6rtmcat6otsala by paying lntere 1, Per Diam $0.83, due on (See Mibh A and Ma ha Hu ado,35 Main St Fl w Roo58v8W Rd BDadvi8w, 354: SOPHIA R CAMERON a GERARD NDALE 703 Ha 20,0DD,112,F edWeeM ad the msduaaso linedin DelauW Balante $2,472.92, all aN &rt(s) therea er, 1, No alk, CT 06851, 1 Fixed IL 60155, 7, 1, WHOU, KEVIN M CAMERON 909 Avent w Youngrtow, OH 44510, Unrf, 85,457.26, $1.52, 5214- the pr eding paragraph. By: DelauW Date 10/25/16, you a lly in d6tault WeeMixed Unit, H-10, 6/ 1, Fixed W68W x8d Unit1, Meadows Ln Holly Springs, PP, 107, 28, WHOU, 1. F ed 711-717: PING CHIU WONG GREENSPOON MARDER, Mortga Retodad 3/21114 ot your oblig ions to pay WHOU, 1/v2015, 52531205- 85,83o.o9, $1.83, 5218- 259- NC 27540, 5200, 5227, 27, WeeMixed Unk, $3,649.48, a SHUK CHONG LEUNG T 68. in OR ook 4585, a 1474 aN due to W6 ga 8 Z1O,$3,722.71,$2.46:Heather 264: LESBIA p DF JIMENU EVEN, 1/2, #| Season-Float $1.26, 5214-371-376: MNH Rm 21 421F, Golden Conrforf HIBIT ^" - NoncE OF GIL o DIOKNO a J mE F onthafollo ng d8Krib8dr8al Ann Siggen, 183, 10333-121 Apartado Portal 11264-1000 WaeMloat Unit, $7,076.35, FAMILY uc, A Lmrted Labil y Golden on Garden li Tai Wai, TRUSTEE'S SALE DIOKNO, 6220 HOT SPRINGS prope y,ed in Osceola St NW, Edmonton, AB, San Jo58, 1 0 COSTA RIC 83.48, 4362-1632: GERALD B Company duly oganized and HONG KONG, sss, 103, 8, Own6 s)Addr8ss Building Unit w, FREDERICKSBURG, VA County, Florida: (s68 Exhibrf CANADA T5N1J1. 1 Flxed 5, 28, WHOU. 1. Fixed BARNES a SHARI L BARNES Ewi ingUnd6rAn ByVlrtueOf WHOLE, 1, Fixad W66Mix6d Weeh Year Usaga Otcupanty 22407; 1609 GREENFIELD wA") Tlma Sha lnt8r6st(s) Wee xad Unit, H-11, 491 Wee xed Unk1, $6,431.24, 706 N Mesquise St Ca sbad, me Laws and me S ate Unit, $5,226.72, $1.65, 5214- TS Undivided lnte st Saason CT, GURNEE, IL 60031, (See Mibh A as defined in WHOU, 1 v2015, 52531205- $1.98, 521&259- 264: GARY NM 88220, 5200, 5228, 43, Delawar6125 S.St e Rd 7S e 711- 717: JUAN M vALIENn AmountParDi6mCOLR8clnfo fim6shar8 Unk c 203, W6ak the Declaration ot Covenants, 210, $3,722.71, $2.46: Phillip MANNa wAMRoPER5626 EVEN, 112,Saason-Float 104-301 Wallin4on, FL 33414, B MARIA VALIENTE Avenida HAMAD N AL BADER Po Box 51, Annual, Timeshare lnterast Condkions and Restrirtions E Borger and Jane S 8orger, 8ob Whke Circle NW Llbum, WeeMloat Unit, 88,219.O7, PP, 108, 31, WHOU, 1, F 6d Olimpita, 3821 San Salvador, 14946 Doha, QATAR,2, 30, 1, Per Diem $1.45, Detault tor the Westgate Vacation 215 1 h Ave S Unk 1004, GA3OO47, 10,2,WH0U, $4.05, 4515-1398: TANAI WeeMixed Unrf, S4,o2o.51, EL SALVADOR, *, 103, WHOU, 1 Flx6d WeeMixed Balanca $3,511.47, Datault Vlllas v, OMcial Racords Book Minneapolis, MN 5541 5, 1, Fixed Wee xed Unit1, 80NAPARTE a KWESI YATES $1.35, 5214-371-376: JOHN 44, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Weakl Unk, $3,786.86, 81.28, 5218- Date 3/2511 7, Mortgage 775, at Paga 2537, of the 1 Fixed W68WFix8d Unit, 86,398.75, $1.98, 5218-259- 99 Ma le Hill Ave Apt 2H wlNcHEsnR 231 E Nd St Fixed Unk, $5,226.72, $1.65, 271-277: JOSEPH A MARINO B Recoded 7/1/14 in OR Book Public R s ot Osceola |-04, 24/WH0LE, 11212015, 264: wALnR F BURGESS a Bronx, NY 10463, 5200, 526T, BrooWyn, NY 11203, PP, 109, 5214-711-717: JENNIFER KATHRYN A MARINO 5 Pillow 4630, Page 1510 JIMMY County, Florida (th6 Plan 5253/205-210, $3,609.06, ELUN M BURGESS Glanc e 7, WHOLE, 1, Fix6d W86WFloat 35, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Weekl RUFFALO a JAMES RUFFALO Lace Lane Beve y, MA 1915, B FLORENCE JR a TANYA and all dment(s) thereto, $2.39: Stanley KDl, Po Box 2 13 CriMon Ave Pembroka, Unit, $13,671.15, $6.74, 4908- Fixed Unit, $3,186.62, $1.05, 5153 Santa Ana Can on Rd llA, 5, 8, WHOLE, 1, Fixed, L FLORENCE AKA TANYA itany.Togetherwkhthe rigMto 7 .Londonde y, NH 0305,1 HM2O BERMUD 12, 2090: ANTHONY BRADSHAW 5214-371-376: cLAuDrm Anaheim,CA928O7,S s, 109, 84.569.61. $1.18, 5218-271- LASHAWN CUNNINGHAM, otcupy, punuant to the Plan, Fixed W68Mix6d Unrt,|-10,71 24, WHOLE, 1, Flxed Wea a AYONI BRADSHAW 68 wlNcHEsnR 1272 Hidden 3,EVEN,1/2,FixedWeaMixed 2n:cATHERINE G KENNEDY 5608 TOWNSEND FARM Building-Unh(5) (See Exhibit WHOLE, 412/2015, 52531205- Fixed Unk1, $6,431.24, S1.98, Welches Haights St momas. spim T Law nt6ville, GA Unit, 86,175.16, 81.46, 5214- B LARRV J KENNEDY 3507 CT BROWNS SUMMIT, NC .'A"), durinq Unit W66k(s) (See 210, $3,686.62, $2.45: Eleanor 5218-259-264: CHARLENE BARBADOS, 5400, 5442, 43, 3,PP, 109, N, WHOU, 711-717: JANICE FOSTER Bunker Blvd Pompano Baach, 27214, Tlmeshare Unit c 306, Exhibit wA,during ANigned v Poole, 758 Goodrith Street, w CHERRY 6616 Sisalbed Dr WHOLE, 1,season-noat 1, Fixed W M Unk, GRANT Po Box 325 Sudbu . FL 33 9. llA, 5, 50, ODD, Week 44, Annual. Timeshara Year(s), (S86 Exhibit "A . 7700 Uniondale, NY 11553, 1 Fixed Pleasant, MD .20743, WeeMloat Unil, 816,777.12, $3,186.62. S1.O5, 5214371- MA 1776, SSS, 109, 9, ODD, 112, Flxed, $5,457.26, $1.52, lntarest 1, Per Diem $1.57, W6stgat8 Blvd Kissimmee, WeeM xed Unk, |-11, 5/ 13, 38, WHOU, 1, Fixed $88.27, 4444-647: MARKLAN 376: RODGER B WING P.O. 112. Fixed W88klFiw6d Unrf, 5218-271 -2n: TRUONG DetauN Balance $3,894.19, FL 34747 erein fime Share WHOLE, 1l2/2o15, 5253/205- W68 Fixad Unit1, 86,331.24, o GREEN B LISA v GREEN Box 1008 Tampa, n 33601, $5,882.86, $1.52, 5214-711- u 12518 Shapviaw D DetauW Date 1/5117, Mortgage (PDp8rfn Add N"). As a 210, $3,795.63, 82.28. 81.98, 5218-259-264. ERIC M 17 Karendala Ct Baltimo,PP, 111, 13, EVEN, 1 2, Fixad 717: FERNANDO TORRES Hou on, M 77072, llA 10, [ R6cod8d 7/28/14 in OR Book PsuW ot the atoramentioned June15,V, 18 HORTON 176 Langdon Farm MD 21244, 5700, 5722, 26, WeeMixed Unh, 84,717.3o, DOMINGUU a DINORAH J 50, WHOU, 1, Fix6d W6ekl 4641, Page 2249 AMANDA G detauW, We gate hereby elerfs L167184 cl Odenlon, MD 21113, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Weeh $1.21, 5214-371-376: NAIRO OLMOS DE TORRES Calle Flwed Unk, a,96o.54, $1.62, PINER, 2N15 KING WILLIAM to sell the PDp rty pursuant 13, 38, WHOU, 1, Fixad Waakl Float Unrf, $17,033.17, 88.39, ENRIQUU RAMIRU 6 Alberto Velutini Rasid8nGia 5218-271 -277: RICARDO RD, WEST Pol VA 23181; to Sertion 721.855, horida Fixed Unk1, 86.331.24, 81.98. 4655-197g: ELIOT E TORRES MARISOL MORAN PERU 6368 Apt. 10 E Caracas, RUIZ NLLANUEVA J22 Calle 3060 N. CHEATHAM DR Statutes. Please be advised NoncE OF TRusnE's 5218-259-264: UKEYS M 40 Cyress Cr86h Pkwy #,Av 14B Calle 59 Urb El Pilar VENUUELA, sss, 203, 33, 9 vega Baja, PR 693, llA, 13, i WEST POINT, VA 231B1, that in th6 event that your SALE BARNES1432FodAveAptC 399 Houston, M 77090, Sector Las Tarabas Maracaibo, WHOLE, 1, Fixed WeaMixed 7, WHOLE, 1, Fixed w68 . l Tlmeshare Un,c 102, Week obligation is not brought cu ent wuTGAn vAcAnoN Birmingham, AL 35217, 5700, 5755, 27, ODD, 1/2, 4002 VENUUEL PP, 111, Unit, $5,226.72, $1.65, 5214- Fixed Unh, 84,963.54, $1.62, 7, Annual, Timeshare lnterest (including the payment ot any LLAS,2Tr . 2 14,33,WH0U, 1, Fix6d Wee #| Season-Float Week/Float 35. WHOLE, 1, F ed Weak/ 711-717: MICHAEL J FOUTS 5218-271-277: JOSE A 1, Par Diem $1.72, D6tault fees incu ad by Westgate in (MOLIN2 Fix6d Unrf1, 86.398.75. S1.98, Unit. $13.476.21, $6.64, 4514- Fixed Unrf. 84.o49.1o, 6 LYNN B FOUTS 801 St66r FERNANDES DE ARAUJO a Balance $4,346.67, Detault commencing this toretlosuP On 07110/2018 at 11:00 am, 5218-259-264: SUE M FLORES 2775: LORA L GONZALU $1.35, 5214-371-376: KRIS Creek Rd Tellico Plains, TN cRlsnANo DE ARAUJO JR Date 1 2/5/1 6, Mortgage process) whhin thi y (30) GREENSPOON MARDER, 7 Bushwick Pl BDokly, NY 2815 Fem Hill Dr Springs, TX NICHOLS 6011 Paimed Leat 37385, sss, 211, 44, ODD, Rua WoWs 02 Bai o Prim6iD R6co ed 7/1/14 in OR Book days hom the fim da e of LLP, 201 E. Pine Street, Suite 11206, 16, 52, WHOLE, 77373, 5700, 5755, 27, ODD, Ln Napl6s, FL 34116, PP, 112, 1/2, Fixed W88 Fix6d Unk, De Maio Balo Horizome - Mg, 4630, Page 1516 JAMES publication, the undersigned 500. O ando, Florida 32801, 1, Fixed WeeklFiwed Unit1, 1/2, All Saason-Float Wee 43, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Weekl $5,167.53, $1.39, 5214-711- 3181 000 BRAZIL llA, 13, p EDMONDS JR, 3 60 N Twsta6 shall p ceed wrfh as Tw 68 punuant to lhat $6,431.24. $1.98, 5218-259- Floal Unrf, 813,476.21, $6 Fixed Unit, $4,920.66, $1.62, 717: ROBERT R KIMBALL a 52, WHOU, 1, Fixad Wge CHEATHAM DR,WES POINT, the sale ot the Prope y as Appointment ot T 86 264: HECTOR FLORES 63 4514-2775: ERIK,FLORES 5214-371-376: ANTONIO MAGGIE W KIMBALL 1863 Fixed Unh, $4,989.42, $1.62, VA 23181; 960 w. us HWY provided in ation 721.855, recorded on 0211912018 Brandy ne Rd Fods, NJ 1802 Whkeback Dr Houston. CORDERO VELASQUU NW 191st St Opa-Locka, FL 5218-271-277: MOHAMED 50 PUEBLO. 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