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Heritage Florida Jewish News
Fern Park , Florida
June 15, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2018

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PAGE 26B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 2018 $12,397.78, $6.11 1276305- the payent or performance the undenigned t st86's sale ' torm, the toreclosure of the of your obligations to pay Shotgun Rd Ste 400, Weston, Bend Drive, Raleigh, NC 27613, days trom the fint date ot 3391382003 Amanda C Dyer ot the obligations secured by ol your timeshare inlerest. lt you lien wrfh respert to the detault assessments due to Westgate FL 33326, 1/2 Fixed Wae 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, 1500- publication, the undenigned 6317 Ne own Circla B6 a Mortgage recorded under do not object to tha usa ol the spetified in this notice shall on the following destribed real Fixed Unit, 900-925, 3310DD, 1513, 411WH0LE, 1/2/2014, Trustee shall proceed with Tampa. FL >3615, 1 All Season- Document 201701398271 t ee fo closure protedure, be subject lo lhe juditial properfy' located in Orange 1lU2014, 201 7/0691 227, 201 81001 4839, $6,690.46, th6 sale ot the Property as floa WeeWFloat Unit, 2200- (See Exhibk A ), ot th6 Public you will not be subject to a toreclosure procedure on . County, Florida: (See Exhibk $3,1 06.03, $1.53; O ando $3.30; Andrew L Mayer, 8102 provided in Sertion 721.855, 2244, 10 WHOLE, 10769/8249, Records ot ORANGE Coun,defitiency judgment even it You have the righl to tUP your A") fime Share lnterest(s) Chacon and qla E Guzman, Stodyte Rd 3, Mount Pleasant, Florida Statutes, in which case. $17,735.01, $8.74 1255077- Florida. including the br6ach or the proceeds trom the sale defauW in the manner set forfh (See Ewhibit A") as defined in 849 CPshiaw ir, Weston, FL Ml 488u, 1 Fixed WeeM ed the undenigned Twstee sh |: 3394880003 Anthony Figueroa detault, notite ot whith was s ot your timashara intaRst in lhis notice al any lime before the Declaration ot Covenants, M327, 1 Fixed WaaMixed Unrt, 1500-1535, 49 H0U. (1) PDvid8 you with wrmen Celeste Rodriguaz 3749 N torth in a Notite ot Detault and aR insuWicient to oWsat the he undersignad t staa's sale Condrtions and R6stri ions for Unk, 900-953, 20 H0U. 1 U201 5, 201 &001 4839, notice of the ale, including New England Ave Chicago, lntent to Foreclose provided amounts sacurad by the lien. of your timeshare interest. lt you the Westgate Lakes |, omtial 1/v201 4. 201 7/0691 227, 85,1 98.04, 82.56; Quinlin lh6 date, lime and location IL 60634, 1/2,Season- to the last hnown address ot By: GREENSPOON MARDER, do not obje to the use ot the Recods Book 5020, al Page $6,875.85, $3.39; Reno Mc Claveria, 3955 Golden p irie lhereot; (2) Recod the notice noat w68kl Float Unh, 2300- Morfgago s), (Sae Exhibit LLP T st68. lw ee toraclosura proceduP, 32T, ot the Public Recods ot Leod, 46 Woodside Ave, CT. Las Vegas. NV 89129, 112 of sale in th6 Public Records ot 2326, 46 EVEN, 1069413410, A,by c8rfm8dlR6gist6Rd HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF you will not be subj6ct to a Orange County, Florida (th6 Freeporf, NY 11520, 1/2 Flxed WaaklFlxed Unk. 1900- Orang6 Coun,Florida; and (3) $12,660.67, $6.24 1332997- Mail or by publication by the DEFAULT AND INTENT TO defitiency judgment even if Plan") and all amendment(s) Fixad WaeklFixed Unil, 900- 1932, 47 EN. 1n1201 4, Publish a copy ot he nolice ot 3701420503 Roberf E Monday undenigned T ee, will sell FORECLOSE: the pm ds hom the sale thereto, it any. Tog6th8r with 955, 21/EVEN, 1 /2/z01 4, 201 81001 4839, $4,597.62, sal6 two (2) t mes, once each II Sarah Monday 52 PrintaM public aurtion to the highe Owe sVObligo s), Timesha ot your timeshare interest the right to occupy, punuant 201 710691 227, $4,597.62, $2.27; Priscilla s Claveria, 9344 week, for two (2) sutcaNive Dr Madison, CT 06443, 1,bidder tor law,monay ot tha lnterest, BuildingWnh, W6e aP insuMtiant to oWs& Me lo th6 Plan, Building-Unk(s) $2.27; Lo ain6 p Mc Leod, 47 Tall Wood Ln, Las Vegas, NV weehs, in an Orange County season-noat W68klfloat Unhed atesot rica,inthe DefauN Date, BooklPage ot unts aured by the lien. (See Mibh wA,during Unh Twig Ln, LeviWown, NY 11756, 89129, 1 2 Fixed WeeMixed newspaper, provided such a Unit, 240 2412, 20 WHOLE. lobby of Surfe 500. ot Capkal Retorded Lian, Amount, Per By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Week(s) (See Exhibk A,112 Fixed W88klFix6d Unh, Un,1900-1932, 47nvEN, n6wspap6r exists at lhe time 1 079412481,$25,080.10, Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Diem Amount: LL,T st66. during Ass ned Y6a s), (Saa 900-955, 211MN, 1 v2014, 1 2 014, 2018 001 4839, ot publi5hing. lt you il lo $12.>6 1169292-3368505003 Street. O ando, Fl 32801, Paul Mkrovich and Sara Di Maria NIBlr h - NOTICE OF Ewhibh A . 10, Tu ey 201 710691 227, $4,597.62, g,597.62, S2.27; Benjamin cu the datauN as set forfh Maria Del Pilar Vegara 5039 all right, tle and ime in M Dvich, 104 Vla Santa C z, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Lak6 Road, O ando, fl 32819 S2.27; Au lio G orio, 2831 R Smrfh. 216 s Hoop Ave. in thi5 notite or take oth 64th St wood5id8, NY 11377, the pDp8 y situated in the Jupket, FL 33458, 112 Value FORECLOSE: a in fime Share pr ) w Cla ndon Dr, D las, Aubum. NY 13021, 112 Flxed app priate artion wM Rgad 1,Sea on-Float Weeh/Float County ot ORANGE, norida, S8a5on-Float WeeMloat Unk, own&(sVobligo fimeshare Add N"),Building(S88 Exhibrt M 75211, 112 Flxed We6kl W xed Un . 1 to this toraclosure maw&, you Un,2400-2422, 42 WHOU, d6scrib8d as: (SEE WHIBIT 1-1611, 21/0DD, 1/212014, lnt6 st, Buildin nk, h, "A") m6r8in Tlme Sh Plan Fixed Unrf, 9 -955. 34T0DD. 1941, 40nvEN, 1 2O14, rish losing owenhip of your 10367 587, 81o,o7o.35, a.96 A in Plan, Building(s) l 201 7/0624462, $2,21 0.88, DefauW Date, BookRage ot property) Add N . As a 11v2015, 201 710691227, 201 14839, a,597.62, timashar6 inta h ugh Me 1 1N905-9015962903 Richald Unrf(sT (SEE HIBIT A.) l 81.o9; HolWn Riva and Luz R oded Lien, AnDunt, Par sult ot tha atoramention S3,o86.19, 81.52; V oria $2.27; Michelle M SmM, tw ee toretlosure proc ure D Snyd& Lano B Snyd& Unrf k(s) (SEE HIBIT AColon,Calle7 F3 S8t.D6san DiemAmoun : delaull,W6 gat8 h6 by6|6rt5 G gorio, 2015 s UHL RD, Wlllow Gr. Sarasota, FL 34234, e ablishedin S6rfion 721.8M, 3021 Apache Ln PDvo, UT A ign6d Y s), (SEE Famando,Carolina,PR,Migu6 A Gawia, 10283 to sell th6 Ptoparty pu uant Red Oak,M75154, 1 2 Fixed 1n Fix6d W klfixed Unit, Florida Statu es. You may ,1,Saason-Floal HIB A in a Unk ot 1nFloating,1-1807,18nvEN, F uez Dr, Soco o, TX to Section 721.8M, Florida WaeMixad Unit, 900-955, 341 1900-1941,40nvEN, 1M014, choose to sign and send to w noat Unrf, 2400-2431, DiM8y's Po nesian Vlllas a 112n014, 201710624462; 79927-2N8, Ve nita H&,St es. Please b6 advised ODD, 1/v2015, 201710691227, 201& 14839, $4,597.62, the undenigned t ae an 2 WHOUQg 5 032318243, Bungalows he condominium), g3,25o.94, S1.6o; Nisha M 5928 N G nlee Av6 8, th in M6 evant mat your S3.o86.19, $1.52; Lookeshwar S2.27; PaulF Major, 11 Lanora objectiontorm,8x8rci5ing our $19,422.67, . 1224323- aKo ingtoM8D la tion ot i, 102 Hugh Acc s od . TX 79764, 112,obligationisnotbDugh cu t R Singh, 2101 NE 33rd St, Av PO Bx cb12376, NaNau, right to objact to tha use o the 901744 G8o 6 L BeMell Condominiumth& t co Rd, Elk c y, OK 73644-9100 s6ason-no o Unk, flncluding the payem ot any Cape Coral, FL 33909, 112 BAHAMAS,1Fix6d x8d tw ae to closura p cedu . Julie G Bethell 1020 Ch6ny in omti R8co 5 8ook10857 MineshM Desai,312 Maveric 1-1 . 1 0DD, 1n12015, fees incu ed by gate in Fix6d xed Unrt, 900- Unh, 1 1947, HOU, Uponthaund8nignedtwst86's Ridga DrAlaxand6r, AR 72002. Paga 4 4, Public R o s ot Elk c y, co 73644-9168, 1 201 7106z4397, S1,899.5o, mmanGing this to cl u 956, 2y EN, 1 2014, 1 2n014, 201&0014839, r8c6ipt ofyour s n6d objertion 1 All S6ason-Float WaaMlo o ng6coun ,norida,andall V ue S6ason-Float W6ekl So.94; K And n p N) wrmin thirfy T3o) 201710691227, 84,59T.62. S7.T .65,; Ger d torm, th6 tor8clowR of Me Unk, 2600-2611, 20 WHOLE, exhibits a athed tha to, and FloatUnk,1 1904,35 H0U, and Bwce T And n, 1 day hom the fim d e ot S2.27; And w M Blake and R Rami z URB EuQipto, lian wkh spe to Me derauW 1057918845, S18,o23.88, $8.88 any am6nd nt5 the ot he 11212015, 201710624462, lbis St NW, Minneapolis, MN publitation, M6 und8n n6d Maria 8lak6, 35 HoBead Canovanas, PR 729, 1 spacified in this notice sha 1381282-3701883503 Daniel .D6cla tion . Disn6yVacation $4,172.32, S2.o6, 1 Value 554N, 1n #| S6ason-Float T 68 shall pD wrm Road NSW, Wadalba o, Fixed xed Unrf, 2 be subi6 to Me judici Orfiz Espimu Yesenia Guti6n8z D8v6lopmant, lnc 1600 Seven Season-Float WeeklFloat Unk, Weeklfloat Unrf, 1-1204, 111 the sale ot Me p per as AUSTRALIA, 112Fix 2043, 1 H0U, 1 2014, ror lo5u pm u on . 11081 Hwy 97 We Middlesex, S8a5 Drive, Lake Buena Vl a, 1 1904, 35 H0LE, 112n015, ODD, 1 2014, 201 7/ 2439T, p vided in S6rtion 721.855, FixedUnit,9OO-g65,33/ODD,1/ 201& 14839, S6,69o.46, You hav6 the rigM to cu your NC 27557, 1 All S8a5on-float FL 32830. Said 5al8 will be 201 7 0624462, a,172.32, S2,21o.88, S1.o9; #i5a D Wright Flo da St as, in which case, 2 201 5,201 7 0691 227,S3,1 06. S3.3o; Maria v Rey,929 da uW in th6 mann& sat forfh waeklnoat Unk, 2600-2655, mada T out Govenants, or S2.o6; Wllliam c BoWz and andH6|8nBWrigM,1441NW1 tha und8nign6d Tw 6a shall: 03,81.53 Calle Durb6c, Urb coumly in lisnotica anytim6b&o 2 2663,49 ODD, 17 ODD, w,6xp M or implied, William C BoWz and MariW St Court, Boyton Baach, FL (1) p vid6 you whh wrmen Jun 8,1S, 18 Club, San Juan, PR 4, 1 the undenignad tw 68's sal6 108731M25, S22.392.36, ga ing Ma thl6, poaion A Summen BoWz, 45 Sco N435, 1n #| S n-Float notiG8 ot hB sale, including L16716O Flx6d W6a x8d Unh, 2 otyourtimasha i e st.ltyou 81o.o5 1363&97-3701375303 or enwmbrana) to pay me Driva, Williamsville, NY 14221, w86 noat Unrf, 1-1403, Q7l th6 d a, time and location 2043, 13 H0U, 11212014, do not obj6 to the use ot lh6 Micha6| ScoW Manos Rosanne unpaid printipal b ance due 112 floating, 1 1907, 430DD, ODD, 11v2015, 2017 0624397, thereot; (2) Record M6 notic6 201&0014839, $6,690.46, twsta6 to tlosure pDc8du , H Manos 13 Granville Ave under the nDrtgag8 in lhe 11212015, 201710624462, S2,21o.88, $1.09; John olsale inlh6 Public Re ds ot NoncE OF DEFhULT nND $3.30: K an Cohanim, 43 you will not be 5ubj8rt to a Park RidgB, IL 60068. 1n amount ot (s86 Ewhibrf A,82,21o.88, $1.09; D e Babou,137 PicaNo Dr, Orang6Coun ,Florida;and(3) INnNT TO FORECLOSE LaacDW s, Norm Yo,deficiency judgment even it #| S6ason-Float w86 noat wkh inte accwing at the F p w, 136 s 3d,wime ille, GA 3 Candice Publish atopyotth6notit8ot WESrGATE LAWS,nLE: ON M3B2W. CANAD 112 the procaeds hom lh6 sala Unit, 900-953, 29 MN, te ot (Sea Ewhibk A per Pa 5bug, wv 26101-9665, Sawicki, 128 Pinehum