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June 15, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 2018 PAGE 5A 9 By Hanna Gerber With the recent passage of the Taylor Force Act, Congress called on the Palestinian Au- thority "to stop payments for acts of terrorism ( ) and to repeal the laws authorizing such payments." In response, the Palestinian Authority re- affirmed its "national right" to financially support terrorists and has even increased its budget to do so. This is a blatant disregard of U.S. policy, and it's time for the Treasury Department to target the administrators of the "Pay to Slay" practice for sanctions, United States Executive Order 13224 gives the Trea- sury Department a powerful tool to combat terrorism, It focuses not only on the obvious villains--those who pull the trigger or smuggle explosives--but those who assist terrorists, often behind the scenes. The legislation specifically targets those who provide banking services to terrorist groups and funding for terrorist attacks. This Executive Order can also be applied to those who provide material assistance for acts of terror. One such person is Issa Qaraqe. He must be designated for what he is--a facilitator and sponsor of terrorism. Qaraqe is the director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Af- fairs. He heads a department committed solely to providing financial remuneration and other support for Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel. The Commission's website states that Palestinians who commit acts of terror "deserve the legal and legitimate title of warrior." Qaraqe's ministry provides monthly stipends to prisoners and released pris- oners who, as defined under Palestinian law, are "anyone incarcerated in the occupa- tion's prisons for his participa- tion in the struggle against the occupation." That is anyone who has aided or carried out a terrorist attack against Israel. The list of recipients is a who's who of cold-blooded killers, including Mohammed Abdel Bassetal-Kharoub,who murderedAmerican teen Ezra Schwartz and two others. Also featured on the ministry's pay list is Bilal Abu Ghanem, the killer of Richard Lakin, an elderly Israeli-American. In 2017, the Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs had a bud- get of $161 million, all spent to incentivize terrorism and support terrorists. The Executive Order allows the designation of "persons determined by the Secretary of the Treasury to assist in, sponsor, or provide financial, material, or technological support for, or financial or other services to or in support of acts of terrorism." Qaraqe clearly fits this definition as he is the direc- tor of a ministry whose sole purpose is to "provide finan- cial support" to terrorists. Indeed, his unambiguous and enthusiastic support for terrorism is evident in his comments following the erection of a monument honoring Abu Sakkar. The Palestinian terrorist planted a bomb in Jerusalem in 1975 that took 15 innocent lives, including an American and her husband. Qaraqe stated that "Ahmad Abu Sukkar is a real man, a fighter, and a man who left his impression on everyone and who was a school for giving, resolve, and courage. We are proud of him as one of the symbols of the Palestinian national struggle." Qaraqe's designation could help efforts to reform the PalestinianAuthority by send- ing a message that the U.S. government will not allow a Palestinian exemption for terror financing. Concerning Qaraqe himself, this designa- tion will bar him from U.S. travel, prohibit him from conducting business with U.S. companies, and freeze his assets in the U.S. Designating specific indi- viduals has been used against Iranian officials, such as the recent designation of the head of the Iranian central bank, and now it is time for Trea- sury to employ this measure against Palestinian terror leaders as well. With the Trump adminis- tration's clear commitment to eradicating terrorism, and in the immediate aftermath of the March 2018 enactment of the Taylor Force Act, the Treasury Department must act. It is time for the end of the Palestinian exemption, and for Treasury's anti-terror powers to apply equally to anyone who sponsors these abhorrentacts. Designating Palestinian of- ficials would send a powerful message that the U.S. will take action against terrorists and their sponsors, whether they are ISIS members in Syria, AI Qaeda in Afghanistan, or Palestinian officials wearing business suits in Ramallah. Hanna Gerberis a contrib- uting author at The Tower, a publication of The Israel Project. By Stephen M. Flatow (JNS)--To the editor: Do you want to know why most American Jews don't believe what you publish about Israel? An article in The Washington Post this week explains it all. It had to do with a Pal- estinian Arab rock-thrower murdering an Israeli man. The facts of what hap- pened are beyond dispute. On May 24, Israeli soldiers entered al-Amari, a neigh- borhood near the Palestin ian Authority capital city of Ramallah, in pursuit of terrorists. Residents took to their rooftops and began hurling objects at the sol- diers. A chunk of concrete thrown by a Palestinian from the third floor of a building struck 20-year-old Ronen Lubarsky, shattering his helmet and inflicting severe injuries. Three days later, he died of his wounds. This episode is especially newsworthy because it runs so counter to the narrative that is typically presented by the American news media. Mobs of Palestinian Arabs throwing rocks at Israelis are portrayed as peaceful protesters. Rocks are not considered potentially lethal weapons, even though 16 Israelis have been murdered by rock-throwers. So here we have an im- portant man-bites-dog story. Maybe that explains why The Washington Post buried it--because it contradicts so much of what the Post tells its readers about the Pales- tinians. The news about the mur- der-by-rock of Lubarsky was confined to the Post's "news briefs" section. And itwas near the end of the briefs--below much longer ones about Ebola vaccinations in the Congo and plans for a right-wing march in Germany. Not only was the story buried, it was miniscule. The murder of a young man by terrorist merited just a single paragraph. A grand total of 60 words. And, incredibly, the word "Palestinian" never appeared in the article. Not once. The headline read: "Is- raeli Soldier Wounded in Action Dies." They could have written "Palestinian Kills Israeli Soldier." But, no. He just "dies," in the passive tense. A reader might think he suffered his injuries in a traffic mishap, or a friendly- fire accident. The article began: "The Israeli military says" (note the word "says," as if there is a doubt), "a soldier who was seriously wounded in action last week has died." He was "wounded in action." By whom? The Post wouldn't say. The article continued: "The soldierwas mortallywounded Thursday when, during an arrest near Ramallah'--a city name which most read- ers would not recognize as Palestinian--"a large marble blockwas dropped on his head from the top of a building." Thrown by whom? Why? Have they done these sorts of things before? The Post wouldn't say. Acknowledging that rocks can kill reminds readers that many Palestinian "protest- ers" are would-be murderers. Acknowledging that Palestin- ians have murdered 16 [sraelis in rock-throwing incidents reminds readers of the dan- gers Israelis face. Giving such a story prominence would only create sympathy for Israel. All of which impedes the cam- paign to create a Palestinian state in Israel's backyard. And it's clear that is why the Post handled the story the way it did. The motives of the editors are transparently obvious. This isn't journalism. It's blatant political advocacy. The Washington Post is not the only newspaper that does this. Almost every major American daily newspaper, wire service and television news program incorporates a similar bias when it comes to Israel. That's why I'm ad- dressing this letter to all of you. Because you've all given American Jewry a mountain of reasons to distrust what you publish about the Jewish state and its citizens. Sincerely, Stephen M. Flatow Stephen M. Flatow, a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, is an attorney in New Jersey and the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestin- ian terrorist attack in 1995. q .q By Shalom Pollack I return to the continuing one-man battle that I have been trying to wage in recent years. As a tour guide, I have visited Yad Vashem many hundreds of times, both J the former and the current version. Many structural and technical innovations have upgraded the visiting experience. However, one very glaring content change has caught my eye now for a while and it leaves me no rest. I am asking for yet another attempt to draw the attention to the whitewashing of our history. I will not be silenced by the forces of political correctness, especially in the hallowed ground of our Yad Vashem. The following is a letter I sent to Mr. Avner Shalev, the current chairman of Yad Vashem. (avnr.shalev@yad- If I am joined by other car- Letters To The Editor We are a diverse community and we welcome your letters and viewpoints. The views and opinions expressed in the opinion pieces and letters published in The Heri- tage are the views of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Heritage Florida Jewish News or its sta~ The Heritage reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, content, and accuracy. And respectful of lashon hara, we will not print derogatory statements against any individual. Please limit letters to 250 words. Send letters to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. Or e-mail to news@ Democrats are riding on the wrong horse when it comes to Israel Dear Editor: I have never been able to understand why Jews are so wedded to the Democratic Party. First, FDR and his anti-Semitic Congress re- ing people, the powers that be will take note and truth may prevail. I urge you to make your thoughts known to him. Dear Mr. Shalev, My name is Shalom Pollack, veteran tour guide. I have visited Yad Vashem hundreds of times during my almost 40 years of guiding tourists in Israel. In the "old" Yad Vashem, there was a floor to ceiling photograph of the infamous meeting between Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj fused to allow the S.S. St. Louis to land at Key West, thereby relegating hundreds of Hungarian Jews to the concentration camps. Now we see that not one Democrat attended the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusa- lem-not Chuck Schumer, not Bernie Sanders, not Dianne Feinstein. Further- more, it would appear that the progressive liberals, who seem to have taken over the party, care less and less about Israel. I can only hope my Democratic friends will learn, sooner than later, that they are riding the wrong horse. Richard H. Gleick Maitland Amin E1 Husseini, leader of the Arabs (Palestinians). Op- posite it was an equally large photo of Jewish volunteer soldiers of the Jewish Brigade. It was an excellent study in contrasts and historic roles and was greatly appreciated by my guests. In the new Yad Vashem, this is gone. In its place is a tiny photo of the Mufti with Himmler. Hitler is gone. Today far fewer visitors at Yad Vashem even learn of the Arab (Palestinian) role in the Holocaust. In the past when I raised this question with Yad Vash- era, I was told that the ne,~ museum "concentrates on the victims rather than the perpetrators, and therefore does not offer much space to them." However, there is indeed a full wall of very large photos of German perpetrators just a few steps from the small Himmler - Mufti one. I assume that itwas decided to tone down and hide the Arab (Palestinian) role due to the post Oslo attitude and policies of building bridges with our new peace partners. There are rumors that our popular peace partner, Faisal Hussaini himself insisted that his uncle's photo be removed from the museum. In any case, it is deeply disturbing and a national tragedy that a new generation of visitors, Jew and non-Jew, are not educated to a very basic and significant part of the Holocaust. I insist, in the name of all those misled and denied the facts, that this is rectified immediately. Thank you, Shalom Pollack