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June 15, 2012     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 15, 2012

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PAGE 10Bo . HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 15, 2012 (Family Features) When was the last time you ate three meals in a day? What was the last snack you had? If you can answer the snack question faster than you can answer the meals question, it's not surprising. Today's on-the-go, 24/7 lifestyle has created a nation of snackers. In fact. about half the nation eats fewer than three meals in a day, according to a survey for Emerald Breakfast on the go!TM Blends. Instead, people average two meals and three snacks in a 24-hour period. And no matter how health- conscious people are. more than two-thirds (69 percent) of people are snacking on what they want vs. foods with the nutrients they need. The good news is. that if you do it right, snacking can help you satisfy your cravings and give your body what it needs. Snack Attacks Snacks can help boost your energy in between meals and keep you from eating too rpuch when you do sit down for those meals. But not everyone is snacking wisely. Nearly half (48 per- cent) of those surveyed said they would be more embarrassed to tell people what they snacked on during the last week than reveal how much they weigh. Banishing enjoyable snacks altogether, however, may just increase your cravings. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says it's okto give in to cravings when looking at the total diet or overall pattern of food eaten. The organization says all foods can fit into a healthy eating pattern if consumed in moderation with appropriate portion size and regular physical activity. Making some smart substitutions and indulging in the oc- casional treat can go a long way toward helping you stick to your healthy eating goals. Become a Fan of Fruit The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that reaching for fruit can help satisfy a sweet tooth at the same time it gives you nutrients like vitamins A and C. folate, potassium, fiber and phytonutrients. Here are some delicious fruit snack ideas: Fruit pops: Freeze pureed fruit or juice in ice cube trays or paper cups with wooden sticks. Try mango, papaya, apricots or orange juice. Fruit mix: Mix dried fruits in a zip-top bag: apple slices. apricots, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, pear slices and raisins. --Frozen chips: Slice bananas, seedless grapes, and/or ber- ries into thin rounds and spread them fiat on a baking pan and cover. Freeze and serve frozen as a fun snack. mFrugurt: Slice favorite fruits to top low-fat yogurt. Mix Things Up "Combining the craving food with a wholesome one is a great solution says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For example, if you crave sweets, a banana dipped in chocolate sauce or almonds mixed with chocolate chips are good options: As a beneficial bonus, you'll satisfy a craving and get positive nutrients from those good-for-you foods. If you're a chocolate lover, try Emerald Breakfast on the go! S'mores Nut Blend. Cocoa roasted almonds, honey roasted peanuts and granola give you some energy, protein and fiber while you also enjoy the sweetness of chocolate, marshmallows and coconut. Size Matters It's easy to get carried away with the size of your snacks. .The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that 100 to 200 calorie, nutrient-dense snacks can satisfy hunger, keep you on your weight control plan, and make your mouth happy. Here are some great tasting, portion-controlled snacks that will help keep you on track: i cup sliced bananas and fresh raspberries 2 cups of carrots 3 1/2 cups air-popped popcorn 5 Melba toast crackers, rye or pumpernickel --2 tablespoons of peanuts 2 domino-sized slices of low-fat Colby or cheddar cheese I fat-free chocolate pudding cup You really can enjoy eating healthier all it takes is a little snack sense. For more information and money-saving coupons, visit What Are You Hungry For? The next time you find yourself craving some chips or a few cookies, try one of these better choices for your snack: Sweet -- Instead of cookies or ice cream, try creamy low-fat Greekyogurt sweetened with honey. Salty If you want chips and dip, try dipping veggies into a mixture of Greek yogurt and onion soup mix. --Chocolate --: Buy some bite-sized candy bars. or sugar free chocolates. Limit yourself to one. Also. sip some low fat cocoa made with skim milk. --Creamy Dip carrots or whole grain pita bites into guacamole. Starchy Try a baked sweet potato. It's fult of vitamins. minerals and antioxidants. Crunchy Crunch on Emerald Breakfast on the go! Berry Nut Blend. with nuts, fruit and grano!a clusters. Meaty Enjoy chicken or turkey on whole grain bread. Survey Says ... The Emerald Breakfast on the go! survey revealed some interesting insight into Americans' snacking habits: --Most snacking happens in the late morning (43 percent) and late afternoon (41 percent). --,Only 17 percent said that Mom would approve of all their snack choices. --A lot of people are like kid~ in a candy store when it comes to choosing snacks. 31 percent said they buy whatever snack catches their eye. --Snacks rule -- 46 percent couldn't live without their favorite TV show, but 54 percent couldn't live without their favorite snack. ByAbigailKleinLeichma research by occupation-covered that employees Israe121c al health expert Sharonwho took the time to en- Tok~r of Tel Aviv Univer- gage in physical activity If you don't get enough sity and human resources were healthier emotion- physical activity, you're management expert Michal ally. In particular, people more likely to experience Biron from the University who exercised for four on-the-job burnout and of Haifa. hours per week were ap- depression, according to The two women dis- proximately halfas likely to "Smile With.Confidence" .Board Principe Orthodontics Gilbert A, Principe DMD, MS Certified Specialist in Orthodontics for Adults & www.princlpeorthodontics, com C~ildren Area's Onll: Invisalign Elite. Preferred Provider 320 N. Maitland Ave. Maitland, FL32751 407-628-1426 * Complimentary Exam * Se Habla Espanol * Flexible Financing * Most Insurance Accepted The Excellence! quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. experience deterioration in their mental state as those who did no physical activity. In a recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Toker and Bi- ton suggest that employers could benefit from encour- aging the physical fitness of their employees. Building a gym on company grounds, sub- sidizing gym member- ships or allowing for flexible work hours to encourage physical activity are all strategies that pay busi- ness dividends in the long run by lowering heath costs, reducing absentee- ism and increasing work- place productivity. Depression and burnout are connected but not the same, explained Toker. De- pressrun is a clinical mood disorder, while burnout is defined by physical, cog- nitive and emotional ex- haustion. Both contribut~ toward a"spiral of loss." for brings on a sweat, instance a failing mar- The participantg were riage that results from the divided into four groups: negative consequences of one did not engage in getting laid off from a job. physical activity; the sec- Toker and Biron origi- ond did 75 to 150 minutes nally set out to examine of physical activity per the relationship between week; the third did 150 depressmn and burnout, to 240 minutes a week: Their study assessed the and the fourth got more personal, occupational than240minutesaweekof and psychological states physical activity. of 1,632 healthy Israeli Depression and burnout workers in the private and rates were clearly the high- public sectors. Participants est among the first group. completed questionnaires The more physical activity when they came for routine participants engaged in. checkups and had three the less likely they were to follow-up appointments experience elevated depres- over a period of nine years, sion and burnout levels Findings indicated that during the next three years. an increase in depression At 150 minutes per predicts an increase in job week. the benefits ofwork- burnoutovertime.andvice lng out really started to versa. But for the first time. take effect, and the impact the researchers also con- of burnout and depres- sidered the participants' sion was almost nonexis- levels of physical activity, tent in those who engaged defined as any activity that in 240 minutes of physical increases the heart rate and activity or more. BAKER, HEARD, OSTEEN & DAVENPORT P.A., ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Specializing in the treatment of: Sports Injuries including Arthroscopy Arthritis and Total Joint Replacements including Hand Surgery Trauma and GeneralOrthopedics Downtown Orlando: 345 W. Michigan St." Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 843-9083 .w, Next to Dr. Phillips Hospital 9430 Turkey Lake Rd. Suite 116 Orlando, FL 32819 (407) 345-1234 Ben-~urion University ship fulfillment due to self- self-criticism causing a del- of theNegev criticism. Participants had eterious effect on romantic anextremelys[rong tendency relationships. People who experience to bash themselves, and this "Over time, this tendency Childhood Emotional Mal- interferedwith their relation- might be consolidated, be- treatment are more likely ship satisfaction, coming a defining part of to have troubled romantic Thestudiesalsorevealedthat a person's personality, and relationships in adult years, some participants had symp- ultimately derailing relation- according to" Ben-Gurion toms of Post-Traumatic Stress ships in general and romantic University of the Negev re- Disorder due to the emotional relationships in particular." searchers, abuse they endured. This could explains Lassri. whose doc- In two separate studies, betheresultofinternalizingbe- toral dissertation, supervised doctoral candidate Dana haviorgcausedbythemaltreat- by Shahar. served as the basis Lassri and professor Golan ment or by a child's inability for thestudy. LassriandSha- Shahar of BGU's Department to properly comprehend their har are with the Sealth and of Psychology examined the circumstances. Health Research Lab at the stability and satisfaction of Childhood Maltreatment Department of Psychology intimate relationships among includes sexual and physical of BGU. college students with a his- abuse, emotional maltreat- Lassri believes that even tory of CEM. The studies, ment,and neglect, and is a though these findings were published in the Journal of significant contributor to the gathered from college-age SScial&ClinicalPsychology, dramatic increase in refer- individuals, the behaviors suggest that emotional abuse rals to university counseling could potentially worsen as a child impacted relation- centers. CM also foments throughout adulthood.