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June 1, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 1, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 1, 201& PAGE 35B 48N, Page 1219 TAMMY E Mortgage R ed 5n3116 odd.s2,489.44, S1.22, 5258- appointed by WESTGATE W86M 8d Unk, 2015-2017, 2191, T, 8, 48, WHOLE, F 6d FORECLOSE ex cising your right to obj DECKER JAMESHDECWR, in OR Book 4964, Page 1966 2972: JESSICA UBRON 1025 vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS $3, 342.67, $1.22; MICHAEL WeeMixed Unk, 2015-2017, Own8 s)Add NBuilding Unrf to the us6 of the t ee N11 ARNOLD AVE OPEUKA, BRENDA JOAN sTARRm LeggaW Av6 Apt3E BDnx,NY ASSOCIATIONINC. e inaWer E ENGLISH 70 BAWIEW AVE $3, T22.71. $1.24; MARK Week Year u g6 Ocwpancy foBlow pmedu . Upon AL 1. fin&ha Unh AKA8RENDAJOANHENSUE 104M2013,10,301,34,0dd, r8f6n8d to as ci ion' PORTSMOUTH, Rl 028T1- HOWARD 1856 Bells Mill Rd TS Und ided lme rt Se on Me unde igned hu ee's 17,w68k 5, Biennial AKA BRENDA JOAN WALWR $1, 435.95, $0.50, 5258-2972; h8Rby tormally notm6s (Sae 3102, FF, 12,9, WHOU, Fixed Sheph8rd5vill8, KY 40165, T. Use Basis Yean Delinquem &eiptofyoursignedob rfion ODD, fimerna lnt a LARRY EUGENE sTARRm, PETERJLE8RON35O521 St Exhibk wA that you e in WeehlFixed Un,2015-2017, 9, 5, EVEN, F ad Wee Fiwed AmountPerDiem form, Me to&osu ot the 1 2. p& Diem a.66, DetauW 503 CHESTNUT STREET Apt4BA ori4NY111O6-4718, defauW du6 to your tailu lo $3, 342.67, 81.22: REGINALD Unk, 2012-2017. 84. 208.27, ANGELA D ROSS Po Box lien whh sp8rttoth6 detauW Balanc6 $13,712.20, DetauW DOWAGIAC. Ml 49047, 10. 301, 34, odd, $1, 435.95, pay assessment(s) due for GUNN 2T349 Aberdeen Street 81.14: NISHA HOWARD 1105 842 8 HOUSTON.TX 77284- sp med in this not e shall Date 1u15115, Mortgage fimesha Unh 14708, Waek So.5o, 5258-2972: AVERIL c (See Exhibk A punuant to So hfield, Ml 48076, x, 5, 15, s CHESLEY DR LOUISVIW. 2 8,LLL2,31,WH0U,Fixad be subjert to Me judicial Recoded v1&14 in OR 5. Biennial ODD, fin sha HORSFORD 8491 Noeline Pl the Association's qoverning EVEN, Fiwed WeeklFixed Unk. KY 40219-4903,T,9,5,WEN, W ixed Unk. 2014-2017, foBbsu pmedure on . Book 4571, PaRe 2562 FABIO lnte rt 1n, Per Diem 85.73, San Diego, CA 32114-7447, documents ( oveming 2014-2017, $4, 178.27. $1.14; Fixed Wee Fixed Unrt. 2012- $6. 431.24, 81.98; BRUCE You have the right to cu JESUS GIRON ERNANDQ B De uW Balance S14.317.31, 14, 208, 48. odd, $3, 959.52, Documenls.') and you now GILBERTO HERNANDU 17 2017, $4, 208.27, $1.14; DuMMm Point Ta a,167 your de uW in lha nner set MONICASANDRA L AVILA DetauW D 6 111117, S1.7o, 5258-2972; TYRON owe ANociation (See Exhibk w 103RD ST APT 3F NEW EUGENEGSNEADBDELORIS MiddleRdSouthampton,SNO2 torm inthis notite gtanytime MALPICA.CRA89 22 B96lNT Mortgage Reco 1113 17 URBAN BAPnsTE 2626 Park A which amount includes YORK, NY 10025-4607, x, 7, A SNEAD 7311 R hville Road BERMuDA,uLauL6a6,51 be rethet ee'ss eofyour 5 APTO 312 BL R BOGOTA, in OR Book 5085, Page 2458 Ave Apt 12101 TallahaM88, FL interest, late taes, and other 28, WHOLE, Fixed WeeMixed p vidente Foge, VA 23140, a 52,WH0U a WHOU, F 6d timesha inte st.Wyou donot COLOMBl Tl shara Unh MARUNE MoNsERRAn 32301-0819, 14,208,48,0dd, chages. Addrfional interast Un,2015-2017, $3, 722.71, T, 12, 1, ODD, Flxed Weekl WeeklF ed Unk. 2014-2017, obje tothe use otMetw ee 160506, k 6. Annual, VIUAVICENCIO F ARDO B S3, 959.52, $1.70, 5258-2972; continues to att a at the rate 81.24; CECILIA MENDU- Fixed Unk, 2015-2017. $2, $6, 590.79, $2.56: CORRENE toBlosur8 pDc8duR, you will Tlm8shaT8 lnt6 1, Per JOEL SA R GONZALU, MARIE ELENA PENALVER of(See Exhibrt A parday.A HERNANDU 314 Cambridge 476.43, $0.83; ROSE ANN s DuMMm Poi T,167 notbe subjartto a deficiency Diem 89.o7. DelauW Balance MANUEL GALACIO 329 RIO 12621 sw 223rd St Miami, FL lien tor the alo said amount Rd Hollywood, FL 33024,x, 7, TREVINO a LUIS TRMNO MiddleRdSouthamplon,SNO2 judg Pm even rfMe pmeeds 823.8N.35, De uW Date BAMBAGUAYAGUIL,GUAYAS, 33170-4492, 11, 2,38. odd, has been coded againstthe 28, WHOLE, Fixed WeeklF ed 7906 aui St San Antonio, M BERMUDA, UL B UL, 6 a 6, t m I8 saB otyourtimesha 8/1116, Mortgage Recoded ECUADOR. Tl sha Un S2, 228.79, $0.79, 525&2972; tollowing real p perfy locat6d Unk, 2015-2017, $3, 722.71, 78227, u, 2, 50, ODD, F ed 51 a 52, WHOLE B WHOU, int aR insumcient to 4129115in0RBook4771,Page 211409, Waek 28. Annual, IVAN RAMOS 1635 w 3Rd in OSCEOLA Coun,Florida: $124; LINCOLN B PARKER a W klFixed Unk, 2015-2017, Fwed W F ed Unk, 2014- o 6the unb gu d by 1107 HECTOR EDUARDO fimesha lnte 1, P6r Avenue Hialeah. FL 33010. (See Exhibrf .A ) (SEE WHIBIT LISA G. PARKER 418 s 16TH S2, 472.01. $0.83; VICTORIA 2017, $6, 590.79, S2.56; the lien. By: GREENSPOON MoRENoMoRENoanREsA Diem $12.61, De uW Balante 11, 206, 38, odd, $2, 228.79, A TimeSha lnterest(s)(SEE AVE MAYWOOD. IL 60153- E CUSICK 528 SOL H ST EDWARD L MC GmlGAN MARDER,L Tw . DE JESUS ROBLES MUNAR, 832,412.51, DafauW Date $0.79, 5258-2972; STEVEN WHIBIT "A' acco ingtothe 1439,X,10,29,WH0LE,Fixed THROOP, PA 18512-1M8, u, a EILEEN M MC GrmGAN HIBIT A" - NoncE OF TRANS 80 215 30 CASA 1111116, Morfgage Recodad w MCFARLAND a VERA D TimeSharingPlantorWestgate WeeklFixed Unk. 2015-2017, 4, 35. WHOLE, Fixed Wee me Avenue lconnell Glebe DEFnuLTAND WNTTO 72 BOGOTA, COLOMB,9130/16 in OR Book 5034, Page MCFARLAND 6153 Calhatine Vacation Villas, xll, omcial $3, 722.71, $1.24; LOUIS Fixed Unk, 2015-2017, $3, Kil cRnnen LeheFk8nny, FORECLOSE Timesh Unk 170906, 243 St Philadelphia, PA 19143, Recods Book 0933, Page TSAROUHAS 8 DEVON DR 722.71, $1.24; JEFFREY s IRELAND,LLL,8, 34,WH0U, Ow8 s)Add NBui ingUnk W68k 26, Annu,Tlmeshare (40839.015 31, 1O9, 41, Even, $1, 537.11, 0423, of lha Public Recods NEW HOPE, PA 18938-9210. HATOWAY a TARA HATOWAY Fixed. 2014-2017. $5. Week Y8ar Usage OKupanU lnte 1, Per Diem S12. . May ; June 1, 18 $0.75, 5258-2972; DARIA,ot Osceola Coun,Florida x, 11, 44, WHOLE, F 6d 1 128 Pinaridge St t Conway, 236.61, $1.66; SUSAN A VAN TS Undivided lnte Season De uW Balance S31,994.98, L 166530 MCFARLAD 5834 Willows (th6 "Plan' . Togather with the WaaklFixed Unk, 2015-2017, sc 29527, u, 11, 17, MN. HEERDEN 3 me nt 35 s m Use Ba s Yean Delinquent De uW D e 811116, Mortgage Ave Unrf 1F Philad&phia, PA righl to occupy, punuant to $3, 722.71,$1.24; TINA Flxed, 2012-2017, $4, 208.27, Johns Rd. HuWale Edenvale. A Dum Per Diem R8cod6d 7116114 in OR 19143-4519.31.109.41.Even, the Plan, Building-Unrt (SEE TSAROUHAS 27 EVANS LN S1.14; TINA c TSAROUHAS 01609 SOUTH AFRICA.MMM, ANTONINO B GAMBINO a Book 4636, Page 2958 MARY NoncE OF TRumE's $1, 537.11, $0.75, 5258-2972; HIBIT "A',during Unrf LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, 27 NANS w LAWRENCE 1.34.WH0U,n-Float LoRmA GAMBINO 104 old LUZ GARCIA SANABRIA, SAU MARVIN R MCFARLAND JR Week(SEEWHIBIT A )during NJ o8648-1585, x, 11, 44, TOWNSHlp. NJ 08648, u, 11, WeeMloat Unh, 2014-2017. Selden S ge Rd S&den. NY TRANS 42 3B 64 BARRIO THEPALMSCOU CLUB 5834WillowsAve Philadalphia, Assigned Year- (SEE WHIBIT WHOLE, Fixad WeaM ed 39, WHOLE, Fix6d WeeM ed $6. 41T.36. S1.98; BARBARA 11784,RRR,2,15,EVEN.Flxed LAPRIMMAVERA BOGOTA AND RESORT 21 . PA 19143-4519, 31, 109, 41, "A' . merain Time Share Plan Unh, 2015-2017, $3, 722.71, Unrf. 201J2017, S3, 722.71, WASHINGTON 2611 PanMer WeeM ed Unk, 2014-2017, CUNDINAMARCA, COLOMBIA. (SM Even,81,537.11,8O.75.5258- (PDp8rty)Add ss'.).Asar8suW $1.24; JULUAN M BIGGERS 81.24; LOUIS TSAROUHAS c k Rd. T h . FL $2. 636.84. $0.79; WIWE G Tlmesha Unh 210601, k On 0612112018 & 11:00 am, 2972; VERONICA WHITLOW ottha afor8m6ntion8d datauN, BROWN 12912 aay Hlll Dr 8 DEVON DR N HOPE, 32308, MMM, 4, 23, WHOU. HICKS LINDAHHICKS4421 38, Annual, fimesha lnte st GREENSPOON MARDER, 25510 N River Rd Ha ison Association he by elerfs to BeWsville, MD 20705. z, 5, 34, PA 18938-9210, U. 11, 39, Fwed W ed Unk, 2014- Bonnie Fo Bhd Columbig, 1, Per Dan S8.61, DetauW uP, 201 E. Pine St 6, Suke Twp, Ml 48045, 22, 104, 4, sell the Proper punuant ODD, Fixad WeeWFixed Unrt, WHOU, Fixad W wed 2017,$4,989.42,S1.62;KAREN sc 29210, RRR. T,ODD, - Balance S22.368.84, DetauW 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Even, 81, 249.91, 8o.61, 525B- to Section 721.855, Florida 2014-2017, $3, 800.36, S1.18: Unk, 2015-2017, g3. n2.T1. R UON 2919 Ol n Landing F ed W Fwed Mk, 2013- Date 1011y16, Mort age as Twstee punuant to hat 2972; WINSTON RICARDO Stat es. Please be advised May ; Jun 1, 18 S1.24; CUFFORD BRISKEY a Rd Tall . FL 32308, 2017, S3, 914.72, S1.18; R6co 811114 in OR ook Appoi ment of T stee WH LOW 35397 fimbe ood that in the event Mat the debt L166NT MARGRrmPBRlsKEY MMM, 4. 23, WHOU, F ed SARrrA G SOUDER ,Page 2 7 ANTONIO &oded on ovo1l2o18 CtClintonTownship, MI48O35- owed to the Association is not smrmfield DrN Birmingham,AL WeeklF ed Un . 2014-2017, CAPEVIEW CT NORFOW, VA LUCIAM MARANGUAPE DE in omti Recods Book 2115, 22, 104, 4, Even, S1, paid wrfhin thi y-five (35) days 35207, u, 12,28.EVEN.Fwed $4, 989.42. 81.62; NICOU 2351&5936, SM, 102, 39. SA6FRANCINEIDEAZEVEDO 5278, and Page 878 of the 249.91, So.61, 525&2972; aWer ceipt ot the Notice, NoncE OF DEF^ULT ^ND W M ed Un,2012-2017, M CHRIST N 4579 Laci e ODD, F W wed Unh, SILVA, RUA DOM JOAO 30 Public Records of OSCEOLA MA LAURA RIVAS tha undenigned T stea INTENT TO FORECLOSE $4, 208.27, S1.14: MICHAEL Ave Ste 355 Saint Louis, MO 2 9-2017, $5, 959.94, S1.52: CONJ LA DO REI BAIRRO Coun,norida, by r6ason 22106 Caldeboork Dr Ka,shall procead wkh the sale wuTGnTE vAc^noN D WRIGM 20519 11wh Ave 63108, MMM. 6. 3. WHOU. IKAH S FAMILY. LLC 5810 PARQUE 10 MANAUS AM, of a now continuing default TX 77449-3822, 22, 401, 38, of the Property es pDvid8d VIL lx FILE: 2TT . S nt Albans, NY 11412. v. Flwed Wea F ed Un . 2014- Santa Maria Aaue Copu5 69054 B IL,fi Bsha Unrf by Obligo s), (See Exhibit odd, S1, 620.51, $0.79, 5258- in in Sartion 721.855, Florida Punuant to Sarf n 4, 10, WHOU, F ed w 2017, $6, 398.T5, 81.98; Mrim, TX 78401, SN, 108, 15206,Week40,Biennial0DD, A . whose add ss is [See 2972; PEDRO RIVAS 4726 c Statrtes, the undanigned 721.855, Florida Statrfes, F 6d Unrt, 2015-201T, S3, HUSNIHSAIDAU aMuNIERA 36,WH0U, F ed W M fim6sha lnte 1n, P6r Ewhibk A,inth6 paynantor ypBsblu Ln Ka ,N77449- T st86 shall: (1) PDvid6 you th6 undemgned Tw tee as 722.71, 81.24; MILAGROS p A SIJENTAN Po Box 3437 Unk. 2013-201T. S4, 183.04. Diem a.58, D6 uW Balance performanteotlhe obligations 4 1, 22. 401, 38, odd, $1, wWh wrmen notlce otthe le. appointed by wEsTGAn sERNAa DED HAP SERNA- Jeddah.21471SAUDIARAB S1.36; SANDRA CHACON $1 1 ,547.93, Da uW D e secu d by said Claim ot L6n 620.51,80.T9,5258-2972; including he da,time and VACATION VILLAS. OWNERS FORONDA 2 9 Bonar sl MMM, 12. 28, WHOU, Fwed R k t San D go, V1 1T, Mortaage R8cod6d Bord8d in omcial Racods M yU:Jun 1,2O18 location the f; (2) Record ASSOC inaR& Be eley, CA 94702, v, 8, 6, W ed Unh, 2014-2017, CA 92115, su. 112, 10, 1v17 14 in R Book 4709, Book(SeeExhibk.A ,atPage L166765 the nolice of9al8intha Public t d to as Associalion ODD. Fwed W xed Unh. S6.431.24, S1.98; wl w MN. F ed M Un , Page 2576 CARLOS JULIO (See Exhibk A"L, ofthe Publlc Recods of OSCEOLA Coun . he by rmal notmes (s86 2013-2017, S3, 950.74. S1.18; POWEU LORNA F POWEU 2012-2017, a, 173.72, g1.14; cAsnuoEsPEJo RUBY Records ofOS EOLA County, Florida;and(3)Publishacopy Exhib A that you a in PATRIC ANN EU 840 8ridge c Dr 1 Ad4 LUIS E CHACON B PARK MIREYA GOMQ BERNAL Florida, includinqthe b ach or NoncE OF TRUSrEE'S ot tha notice ot sole two T2) defauH due to your ilu to 1242 Town C&rfer Bhd Apt Ml 49301, NNN, 1, 45, OOD, WAYAPTJ CHULANST CA KRISTEL ANDREA CASTILLO da uW, notica o which was s& snLE tin s, once eath w86k, for pay ass8ssm6nt(s) due tor 114 Coqu lam. Bc CANAD F ed W wed Unk, 2014- 9191 3659, SM, 112, 10, GOMU B RUBY PAOLA rfhinaNoticeotDefauWand O.R.B.|.T 11. two I2) SUCC8M 8 w88k5, (See Exhibh A punuant to V, 11, 41, WHOU, F ed 2017.t5.457.26.S1.52: MN. F ed W M ed Unh, cAsnuo GOM ,CAUE169 lntent to For lose p vided (BEDELV in an OSCEOLA Coun the ciation.s qovaming WeeM Unh, 2015-201T, w BROWN 4025 NE 15 Ava 2012-2017, $4. 173.72, S1.14; AT4 32lNTER24 BOGOT to the lart known add&s ot On 0 2112018 a 11:00 am, nawspap&, pDvided such a docu nts (. ov6ming g3, 722.71, S1.24; DOROTHY Portland, OR 97212, NNN. 4, RANDY J LO COURIS 2608 COLOMB,fimesha Unrt Obligo 5), (See Exhibk .A,by GREENSPOON MARDER, newspaperexi s al theti Docu ts and you now M VARANEW 5 17TH ST 10, ODD. F F ed Le s o Gray DrSaugus, MA 18302. k 20, 8iennial ODD, CertifiedlRegiste d Mail orby LLP, 201 E. Pine St &, Suk6 ot publi5hing. lf you il to owe Association (See Exhibh WEST BABYLON. NY 11704- Un . 2014-2017, t5, 457.26, 1,SN,2O5, 11,0DD, F ed Tl sh,1n, Per publicgtion byth6 undesigned 500, Orlando, Florida 32601, tura tha detauW as set to h .A which amount includa5 2633,W,12,17,WH0U,Flxed S1.52;HENNRmARAvENELL W ed Unk, 2013-2017, Diem a.84, D6fauW Balance Twrtee, will sell public as Twst68 puRuant to that in this notice or take other lnte,late fees, and oth6r W M ed Unrt, 2015-2017, 410 nRRIER RD GOOSE S3, 165.66. So.99; UR $12,562.95. De uW Dale aurtion to the highe bidder Appointment of T ee appDpriat8 arfion wkh gBd thages. Addrtional int&e g3, 490.19, S1.2o; ERIC BYRD CREEK,SC29445-5 1,NNN, A DE RIGGS a LORNA A DE 1011y16, Mortgage R ed for law,Dn8y otthe Un ed corded on 01130 2018 to this for8Glosur8 ma er. you tontinuesto acc e al er e 5226 HEMLOCK ST APT 37 4, 17, ODD, F W6eWF 8d RIGGS 7158 Heliwell St North 6118115in0RBook4795,Pa&e States ot aca,onthehont in O cial Recods Book risk losing ownanhip ot your of(S Exhibh.A p& day.A SACRAMENTO, CA 95841- Unrf, 2014-2017, g4, 814.02. Port, FL 34291. NS, 303.N. 1749 DORIS UL#NA QUIR Z eps ot the Osceola Coun 5277, and Page 1127 of the timesha inte st thDugh the lien r th6 afo said amoum 3 2,W,12,51,WH0U,F ed t1.39; RICHARD RANNEU WHOU, F 6d klF ed CARDENAS,CAWCAYAMBE Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Public Recods or OSCEOLA twstee ro&losu pDt8dur8 has Gord8d again me W M ed Unk, 2015-2017, 212 THROOP AVE APT 15L Unh, 2013-2017, $5, 326.84, E3 38 Y MONTECRISTI Square, KiMimm88, norida Counly, Florida, by ason e ablishedin&ion721.855, tollowinq,pDpar loc 8d S3,722.71,$1.24; BROOKLYN, NY 112 5746, t1.65; GILBERTO J ACOSTA QUITO, 17064 ECUADOR, 34741,allrigM,t leandinte ot a now continuing d6 uW Florida Stat es. You may in osc OLA Coun floridB: M yu;Jun 1.m8 NNN, 4, 17, ODD, F ad 8764 NW 1Nd T& Miami Tlmesha Unh 211101, k in the pDp6rty s uat6d in the by Obligor(s), (s86 Exhib thoose to sign and send lo (See Exhibrf A (SE HI8 L1 Na WeeM ed Un,2014-2017, Lakes, FL 33018. NS. 312. 36, Annual, fi Pshara lnterest Coun ot OSCEOLA, norida, A,whose add ss is (See the undenigned t 68 the A fi Shar8lnt8 (5)(SEE 4, 814.02, t1.39; NICOU 4, EVEN. F ed W88Mix6d 1, p& Diem S7.98, DetauW describad as: Buildina(sEE Exhibk"A . inthe paymen or enclosed obja ion torm, HIB A accoding to the LAMOTHE 350 DanL sl & Un . 2014-2017, 82, 636.84, B ance $20.788.49, DeeN HIB A ,Unh(SEE HIB performante otlhe obligations exe ising your right to objarf Tlme Sharing PlantorWertgate NoncE OF DEFAULr nND Lav,ac H7P2K9 $0.79;FW E.V.TROOP14O- Date 10/15116, Mortgage A"). Week (SEE HIB setu d by s d Claim otLien to the use ot the tw ee Vacation Vlllas, lx, omcial INTENT TO FORECLOW NNN, 12, 16. WHOU, F ed 29 1T1 StApt 1 J ca. NY Recorded 3 13115 in OR 8ook .'A,During Assigned Yea s) recorded in omcial Racords foreclosu pDc8dur8. Upon Recods Book 0882, at Page wEsTGnTE v^chnoN Fix6d Un,2014-2017. 11434, m, 1. 34, ODD, Fixed 4748.Page 380JUAN DANIEL (SEE HIB A of THE Book(SeeExhibrf A .atPage the undersigned t stee's 2709, of the Public Reco s UAS,FIU: m . S6,431.24,S1.98;GUY MANE W F ed Unh, 2013-2017, TORRES vmRl a CECIL PALMS COUNTRY CLUB AND (See Exhibh A,ofthe Publit receiptotyoursignedobjection of Ost la CouW. florda Punua to Sertion 350 Dany w Lav,ac S3, 914.72. 81.18; ARUNE MARGOT TOBAR ALARCON, RESO A CONDOMINIUM, Records ofOSCEOLA Coun,torm, tha foreclosu ot the he Plan . Toge her whh the 721.855, Florida Statrtes, H7P2K9 CANADA, NNN, 12, A SM H 169 CIRCLE DR E URB CATALINA MZ5 v3 actoding to the Declar ion Florida,intludinqlha b ach or lien wrfh sperttothe da uW right to occupy, punuant to Ma undenigned T ee as 16, WHOLE, Fixed w ELMoNT.NY11 3-2115,m, GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR, of Condominium the of de uW, notice o which was set sp6cm8d in this notica shall th6 Plan, Building-Unrf (SEE appointed by WESTGATE Flxed Unrf. 2014-2017, g6, 2, 44, ODD, F ed WeeMixed fin sHare Unk 160804, Week Rcod8dintheomti Retords torthin a Notice ofDefauN and be subjerf to the judicial WHIB A ,during UnkWeek vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 431.24, S1.98; JORGE BRAVO Unk. 2015-2017. $2, 451.24, N &ennial ODD, fimeshare Book 1545, Page 2911, Public lntent to Foreclose p vided to&losuR protedu on . (SEE HIB A,during AMoc nawer DANLA a NONNE BRAVO SO.83:DARLENELGRIFFIN42 lnleR 112, Per Diem $5.12, Records ol Ow6ola Coun . to the lart known addPss ot You have tha right to tU Assigned Year- (SEE HIB t to as Asmiation Urb Lomas DelP do DelErte E 34th St Patenon, NJ 751 l DefauW B ance $13.028.89, Florida, and all exhibhs Obligo s), (See Exhibh A"l. by your defauN n the manner set A"). me in Tlme Sha Plan he by m,notm6s (See C leLoma DelAguilaCa tas. m, 2, 48. EVEN. F edWee DetauWDate11l1l16,Morfgage aWached me to. and any certm egi e d Mailorby fo hinthis notice gtanytime p perfylAdd w .Asa wW Ewhibrf .A that you a in NNUUEL NNN, 12, 36, F ed Un,2014-2017. 82. Re lded 5 13 15 in OR 8ook amendments the f l he publica ion bythe undenigned b8lol8 h8tn t88'5sal6olyour ol the a ntioned d6rau,de uW due to your ilu to WHOU, Fw6d Wee Fwed 636.84, SO.79; STEPHEN R 4778, Page 1156 OLUBENGA Declara ion .TOGETHERwM Tw,will 58|| at public li shareintl A.lfyoudonot Auociation he bp elerfs to pay aM8ssm8nt(s) due tor Unh, 2014-201T, g6, 431.24, CRICHTON B JENWFER E A7| A || . LUOHUN a a md rover simAe aurt n to the highe bidd6r obj6rttoth6us8o1 h8 w 88 sell the Ploper punua t (S86 ExhibW A pursual lo S1.98;Wo dotTe ,lnc A CRICHTON 1107 IDn Ridge a IBIWUNMI KAFILAT as lenant-in-common wkh all torlawhl money otMe Un ed to losura procedu,you will o S6t ion 721.855, Florida Me ci ion.s qoverning Floridg Copora ion 138T6 SW Ct Hemdon, VA 20170, m;' OLUOKUN, 25 AKINTOYE other Ownen of time periods States ofAmerica,onthe hont not be subjertto a deficiency Statrtes. Please be advised dotu ts l ovaming 56th Sl et Ste 262 Mi i, FL 4, 47. ODD, F 8dW68Mix8d SHOGUNLE STR OFF JOHN in the same Ti share Unrf steps of the Osceola Coun judgment even rfthe proceeds lh in he eve that the debt Docun nts and you now N175, NNN. 13, 30, WHOU. Unh, 2015-2017. S2. 451.24, OLUGBO STR IWIA LAGOS, on ermination ofthe Vac ion Cou ouse, 2 Courthouse tDmthe saleolyourti share owed tothe Associ ion is not owe Assotiation (See Exhib Fixed W86Mix8d Unh, 2014- 80.83; OFEUA L BAUTA14g65 , NIGERIA, fimeshare Unk Ownenhip Plan. wbjert to Square. KiNimmee, Flonda intere a insumcient lo paid whhin thir -five (35) days A which a Dunt includes 2017, S6, N3.77, 81.98; So h W6st22nd St Miami. FL' ' 14602. W k 18. Biennial the Condominium DocunPnts. 34741. all right. trtle and oRsetthe amounts secu d by a er B8ipt ot the Notite. inte,late fees. and other MayU;Jun 1, 18 33185. 4, 32, ODD, F ed ODD, . fimeshaR lnteP THE PALMS COUNTRY CLUB intere inlhe p pe y skuated the lien. By: GREENSPOON th6 undersigned T rtae thages. Addkional i e L166747 Week F ed Unh, 2013-2017. 1/2. Per D n $4.70, D&auW AND RESORT 7600 MYSTIC in the Coun ot OSCEOLA, MARDER,LLP,T ae. shall pDc88d wrth the sale continuesto aKw8 attha te 83, 914.72, 81.18; JEAN BALY Balance $12,216.52, DefauW DUNES LANE cELEaRAnoN, Florida, descnbed as: Together HIBrr "n" - NOTICE OF of the Proper as pDvid8d ot(S Exhibrf A p day.A a FANILIA BALY 2218 E 113th Date 10115116. Mortgage FL 34747 Said sale will be w h a mainder over in ee DEFAULT AND INTENT TO in in Sertion 721.855, Florida lien for lhe aforesaid an unt NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Ave Tampa, FL N612, vw, 6, Re ded 7/14115 in OR Book made (wMout covenants, or simple absolute, as tenant- FORECLOSE Statrtas, the und&signed has been r6co 6d againstthe INnNT TO FORECLOSE 36, ODD, Fixed WaeM ed 4808, Page 1559 CLARK wa an,exp N or implied. in-common wkh all other Own8r(s)Addr8N Building Unk Tw ee shall: (1) Provide you tollowing al properfy located wEsTGAn vAcnnoN Unrf, 2015-2017, $2, 451.24, DAVID JOHNSON ABBOTT Rgarding e t le. possession Ownen ol Bll the Un Weeks Week Ye Usage Occupancy wrfh wrman nolice otWe sale, in OSCEOLA Cou,norida: VIL mll FILE: 80.83; LmlclA THOMAS a MAR DEL CARMEN or encumbrances) lo pay lhe in the he Rer described TS Undivided lnte sl Season including the date, time and (See Exhibk A (SE HIB 2n . T1 11314 SPRING CT APT B DURON ALVARADO. CALLE unpaid a5seNments dueinlhe condon nium apa me tor Use Basis Yean Delinquent location the ot: (2) Recod A fimeMa lnte ls)(SEE Punuant to Section TAMPA, FL 33612-6214, DE MAHOGANY BAY BRICK amount ol (See Exhibrt A,the following d8Kribed al AmountPerDiem tha nolice of sal6 in the Public HIB A atcoding to the 721 .855. Florida Stat es. 6, 36, ODD. Fixed klFixed BAY ROATAN, HONDURAS, wkh inleR aK ing at lhe estate located in Me Coun WILLIAM L HOOPES a ANN Records ofOSCEOLA Coun,fimeSharingPlantor gate the undenigned Tw ee as Un,2015-2017, $2, 451.24, Tlmesha Unk 10206, week rale of (See Exhibh A per ot Osceola. St e of Florida, M HOOPES 4918 FALCON Florida;and(3)Publish a copy Vac ion Vlllas, Ql, O cial appoint6d by WESTGATE So.83; RONALD LEBLANC PO 52, Annual, fimeshare lntere day, punuant to the fimeshaR astollows: Unrf Week No. (SEE NEST PL APT 105 HAMPTON, ot lhe notica of sale two (2) Recods Book 1200, at Page VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Bow 82450 Tampa, FL 33682. 1. Per Diem $13.09, De uW Plan, advances. rf any, under HIBIT A in Apa ment VA 23666-0907, AA, 6, 14. tim85. once each week, tor 2720, of lha Public Records ASSOCIATIONINC.m6 inaWer vw,6, 36. ODD, Fix6d Weekl Balante $34,071.69, DefauW Me t&ms ol s d Cl m ot No. TSEE HIBIT A ) ot ODD, Fixed WeeMloat Un,wo (2) 5ucc65siv8 weeks, ot Osceola Coun,Fbnda tanad to as Asmiation F 6d Unh, 2015-2017, S2, Date 1011116, Mortgage Len, chages and ewpena of O.R.B.|.T A CONDOMINIUM. 2015-2017, 82, 476.43, 8o.83: in an OSCEOLA County (the Plan . Tog&her w the he by tormally notmes (See 451.24. So.83: SUE M JONES Re ded 5113116in OR Book Me T ee and of Me u s accoding to the Detla tion WILLIAM D WHITE B ARLENE newspaper, pDvid8d such a right to occupy, punuant to Exhibh A"T th& you a in a ERIC SSTAPUS3124 Kings 4959, Page 2415 MARINA we ed by s d Cl m ofLen. of Condominium and MWH E1O4O24OOAveGanoa n8wspap6r exi s at the tin Me Plan, Building-Un (SEE d6tauW due to your failura to Rd SaintAugustine, FL 32086, AL ANDRONl CORDOVA ObligorTs) sh,have the rigM Amendments thereof, a5 c y,wl53128,BBaFF,1a6, ot publishing. w you il to HIB A ,duringUnrfWeek pay aM8Nm8nt(s) du6 tor,8, 26, EVEN, Fixed DE SOUSA B EDUARDO to CUR the defauW and any r orded in me OMcial 52 a 31, WHOU a WHOLE, cu the defauW as 58t torm (SEE HIB A,during (s86 Exhibk .A punuant to W68klFix8d Unk, 2012-2017. VIOLA. COL AGRICOLA juniorlienholdershall havethe Recods 8ook 649. Page F ed WeeMlxed Unh, 2015- in Mis notlc6 or tak6 oth AMign8d Year - (SEE HIB the ci&tion's qov&ning a, 173.72, $1.I4; MICHAELA SAMAMBA CH 6811 Lon righlto Pdeem sint& up 040 et seq ot the Public 2017,$6,58E.71,82.49;IANC app priate artion wrth gard A . me in Tl Sha Plan dow nts ( ov6ming ELLlsaMoNlcAM ELUS1925 14 TAGuAnNGA NORTE tothe d e We Tw eeiNu8s Records ot OKeola Coun,LAWRENCElkalan Law nce o this foBlosu ma er, you (PDp& )Add&s .Asa suW Docu Bnts and you now Dickey Ave North Chicago, BRASIL#. 72001 625 8RAZIL, thecertmc eots ebypaying Florida. Toge wh all the 6 JULIE LAVRENCE 23 old risk losing ownanhip ot your ot the afo n ntioned detauW, owe AMociation (s68 Exhibk IL 6,www, 9, 41, ODD, Timesh Unk 211205, Week We unk due as ortlinedin tenenPnts. h&edkamerm fitarage Clae CardM, CF14 timesha inte st thDugh the AMotiation h&eby BI8rts to A which unl includes Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, 2015- 31,Annual,fi&a lnte the pB8ding parag ph. By: and appurtenana theBo 5UZ uNmI KINGDOM. BB t rtee to&losu pDc8du sell the PD punuant inte,late f s, and other 2017. 81, 528.96, 8O.55; 1. p& Diem S7.14, DetauW GREENSPOON MARDER, L belonging or in any se B Ba,4a4,21 a22.wHoLE establish6din&ionT21.855, to Sertion 721.855, Florida chages. Addhion& i 6 HYEONJIN KIM875Wymount B ance $19,9 .41, De uW Tw ee. appe ning. O.R.B.|.T. 2950 a WHOLE, fix6d W66M 8d Florida Statutes. You n y Stat 6s. Please be advised continu6stoac u8atth6rel8 Ter PDvo, UT 84604, WWW, Dale 111y17, Mortgage HlalT h" - NoncE OF E POINT BOUWARD Unk, 2015-2|17, S6, 588.71, choose to sign and ad to th inthe 8v8ntMatth6 debt ot(Sae Exhibk A perday.A 12.6,NEN,FiwedWeeMixed Retold8d 8n115 in OR Book TRUSTEE'S E KIMIMMEE. FL 34T4T Said $2.49;CARM N LJASHINSKY e undenignad twstee the owedto Me cialionis not lien tor Me atores d unt Un,2012 2017, S4, 173.72, 4819. Page 2243 GUSTAVO Own8 s)AddRN BuildingUnrf sale will be made (w ho 435 WISCOrSIN AVE UPPR enclosed obje ion torm, paid wrminthir -Rve(N) days has b n ded ag nrtthe g1.14; RICARDO A URANGA ADOUO LLABONA MWICA Waek Year unt Per Diem cov .orwa an ,expr s WAUKESHA,Wl N1864735, exe ising your right to objert a er & pt ot the Notice. tollowinq & pD located a ROBIN v URANGA 149 a ANA cRlsnNA AYALA COLReGlnb or implied, ga ing Matkla, BB,7,39, NN,Fixed WeeW to the use ot Me twstae We undenigned Twrtee in osc OLA Coun,florida: Count Club Dr Williarmbug, slcAcHAacARMENHEuNA CASSANDRA M SM H 4 pou sion or encumbranc l Fixed Unk, 2014-2017, $2, to&losu procedure. Upon shall pD whh the 5aB (s Exhibh.A (SEE HIBIT VA 23188. w, 6, 7, WHOLE, VIUABONA AYAL CALLE Gabby Lane Midd ow, topaytheunp dass sm 885.41,$0.74FRANKDvAns Me undenigned t stea.s of We PDp& as pDvid6d A Tl Sha lnte Ws)(SEE Fix WaeMixed Unh, 2015- 25 69D 80 AP 2 404 p NY 10940, 31, 203, 37. odd, due in le unt of (See BSYLVIAYA%S2Ma boDugh iplofyoursignedobje ion in in Sartion 721.655, Florida HIB A awordingtothe 2017,83,T07.13,g1.24; REALllBOGOTA,COLOMB 82. 489.44, $1.22, 5258- Exhib A,w h imeRst Road Shalimr, FL 32579, B8, rm, e toBlosu or the Statrtes, Me und gned TlmesharipPlantorwe gate M yU;Junel, 18 Tln rnal8 Unrf 210212. 2972; nREsA M HONORES a ing Me e ot (See 8. 26. Ml, F ed W6e li6n wrm spe tolhed&auW Tw ee rnall: (1) PDvid8 you Vatation Vllas, |||, O cial L 166748 Week 52, Annu,fi&aR ROSARIO 9208 9rm Ave Exhibk A perday,punuantto F ed Un,2014-2017. 82, specmad in lhis noti sh,w h wen notite ottha s 6, Recods Book 1202, & Page lnte 1, Per Diem $14.54. Ozone Pa,NY 11416, 31, theTl&a P n,advanc,6N.22, $o.a; MICHAEL E be subja to the judicial including the date, ti and 0071, ot the Public R ords De uW B ante S38,o27.o8, 113. 7. Annu,$5, 280.72. rfany,underMet&ms otsaid MEHLMANN235W BRISTOL lo losu pDc8du on ion me ot; (2) Recod ot OK8ola County, Florida NoncE OF DEF^ULT nND De uW Data 1011116, 82.38, 5258-2972; UONARD C im ot Len, chag and RD WARWllK, PA 18974- You hava the righl to cu the noticeotsaleinthe PubliG (the Plan . Togeth& wkh Me INnNr ro FORECLOSE Mortgage Recodad &25/15 GARNER a JACQUEUNE D ewpensesottheTwrtee andof 1004,CC,3,9,WH0LE.F ed yourde uN in the manner 58t Retords ofOSCEOLA County, right to ottupy, punuant to wNTGAn vncnnoN in OR Book 4831, Page 1581 WILSON 15027 CoWage G ve thetrukc ated bys d Claim Wee Fixed nk, 2015-2017, lorth in this nolice at any time Florida; and I3T Publish a copy the Plan. Building-Unk (SEE VILUS xv FIU: TT . 1 VICTOR MANUEL GOMQ Ave DoWon, IL 60419, 19, ofLen.Obligo s)sh lhaveMe $3, 722.71, 1.24; 8ARBARA beb thet stee's saleotyour of the notice of sale two (2) WHIB A,during Unh Week Punuant to Sa ion RODRIGUU a MILENA 203, 44, Even. 5258-2972 81. righttowRthedetauWandany M MEHLMA 50STIUSAVE timesha inte .ltyoudonot times, once each waek, tor (SEE HIB .A,during 721.855, Florida St es. ESTHER VALENC# AVILA. 933.74, So.95: cHEsnR Y juniorlienholdershallhavethe MAPLE SH E, NJ 08052- obj8rtlo 6us8ofth8t 88 two (2) SUtt8M 8 weeks, Assigned Year-ISEE HIBIT the undenigned Tw 86 as AV DE LOS PRECUSORES UE 505 Magnolia N Mamon, rightto eem k5 inte up 2633,CC,3. 9,WH0LE,Fixed fo&losu pDc8du ,you will in an OSCEOLA County A . 6 in ln Sha Plan appoint6d by WESTGATE 485 DPTO 402 SURCO NJ 8053, 27. 301. 28, odd, to Me date Me Tw ee iMu8s WeeM ed Un,2015-2017, not be subjerfto a deficiency newspaper, pDvid8d such a (PDp8r )Add M .Asa suW VACATION VILLAS OWNERS LIMA. PERU, Tl sha Unrt S2, 489.44, S1.22, 5258-2972; thece mtateotsalebypaying S3. 722.71, S1.24; ROBERT judg ant even rf the pDt88d newspapar exi s at the time ot the afor8m6ntion8d det&uW. ASSOCIATION INC. 6 ina 6r 210314, w68k 46, Annual, ANGELA DJONES 40 Banana theamountsdueaso lin in L DAVIS a MIZEU DAVIS homMesaleotyourtimesha of publishing. lt you rail to AMociation he by elecls to te to as Associ&ion") Tim6sha lnte 1, p Cay DrAptC Sorth Da ona, the p eding pa g ph. By: 411 Cha o e Dr BonaiP, GA inte rt a insu tient to cu the de uW as 5& forfh sell the p per punuant he by fo,notmes (Sea Diem 89.48, DetauW B ance FL 32119-2971, a, 208, GREENSPOON MARDER. LLP, 31005, DD, 5, 25, EVEN, Fixed o et the amounls secu d by in this notice or take other to Sertion 721.855, Florida Exhibrf A that you a in S24,589.58. DetauW D e 42. Even, 81, 249.91, $0.61, Twrt . WeeklF ed Unk, 2014-2017, the lien. By: GREENSPOON appropriata artion whh gard Statrtes. PI6as8 be advised detauW due to your tailu to 10115116, Morfgage Re ded 5258-2972; KAREN KAY SISK HIBIT A - NoncE OF a, 208.27, &1.14; LOUISE MARDER, LLP, Twstae. to this to closul8 n er, you thal in the evan th the debt pBy aN8N Bnt(s) due tor &21115 in OR Book . a ROBERr AWN SISK 120 TRumE's SAU RAWUNS a YOLANDA SM H EXHIBlr wA" - NOTICE OF risk losing ownership ot your owed to the AMociation is not (See Exhibk A punuant to Page 723 AURI FERNANDES Susan Hendenonville, TN Owne s) Add N Unrf Week 29 Ha ey Rd Paget, Poo4 DEFAULT AND INTENT TO timesha interest thDugh the paid whhin thirty-five (35) day Me Asmiation.s qoveming GOMES a WRA ISILDA DE 37075, 27, 307, 2, Even, S1, Year Usage Occupancy Use BERMUDA, DD,9, 52,WH0LE, FORECLOSE trustee foRclosu pDc8du a er &eipt of the Notice. documents ( oveming AGUIAR. RUA DONA MARIA 244.91. $0.61, 5258-2972; Basis Amount p& Diem COL Fixed Wee Fixed Unrt, 2015- Owne s)Address Building Un e ablished in &ion 721.855, the und6nign8d T ee Documents and you now CUSTOD#197APTO124SAO MICHAEL A nELuMAN SR Reclnfo 2017,$3,722.71,$1.24:MARIE Week Year Usage Occupancy Florida Stat es. You may shall pmeed wkh M6 s e ow6 AMoci&ion (s68 Exhibrt PAULOSP,O246OO7OBRAZIL, a PAMELA D TIEUEMAN ROBERT L HARADER 31945 D CRAMER N Lanesbo St TS Undivided lntePst S6ason choose to sign and send to of the p perfy as pDvid6d A which amount includes fimesha Un 210511, Week 14532 Redden Rd Bridgeville. 53Rd Rd A ansas C,KS Binghamton, NY 13903, DD, Use Basis Years Delinquent the undenigned twstee the in in Sertion 721.855, Florida inte rt, late fe6s, and other 20, Annual. Tin share lnte&t DE 19933-4199, 24, 401, 67005, M12, 25, $1, 627.80, 11, 44, WHOU, Fixed wee Amount Per Diem enclosed objertion torm, StatL es, Me undenigned chages. Addrfional inte 1, Per Diem $9.44. DelauW 44. Odd, $4, 731.46, S2.1O, $0.79, 5277-955; MARY A F ed Unrt, 2015-2017, 83, EDWARD M SMITH a exawising your right to objert T rtee shall: (1) Provide you continues to atc 6 at the rate Balant6 823,531.32. De uW 5258-2972; ISRAEL VEGA HARADER717SAStA ansas 722.71. $1.24; FRANK M O STEPHANIEA SMITH 6130 SE to the use of the,st68 wrfh wrmen notice otthe sale, ot (See Exhibrf A") per day. A Data 1115117, Mortgage a MARIBEL A VEGA 2327 c,KS 67005-3403. M12, KANE 1649 w Edgewater Ma inique Dr Unrt 104 Stua,foreclosure procedure. Upon including the date, time and lien tor the ato said un Reco ed 11119115 in OR No h 7rm Cou Elmwood 25, 81. 627.80, 8o.79, 5277- Ln Palatine, l 60067, EE, 2, FL 34997, T, 3, 39. ODD. Fiwed lhe undenigned twstee's localion th8Rot; (2) R d has b68n Rcod8d ag nst the Book 4874, Page 19|0 ALDO Park. IL 60707, 10, 208, 25, 955; GEDDES MOHAMMED 15, ODD, F ed WeeWFixed Wee Fixed Unk, 2015-2017, Rceipt of your signed objerfion the notice ot sale in the Public tollowing al proper located FRANCESCO CAMPODONICO Even, $963.91. $0.47, 5258- B TERRYL MOHAMMED 7604 Unk, 2015-2017, $2, 476.43, $2, 476.43, $0.83: KEITH torm, the foRclosur8 ot the Records ot OSCEOLA Coun,in OSCEOLA Coun,Florida: PERU B BEATRIZ IRENE 2972: IVERY CHESTNUTr 6 Redwood Ave Hesperia, CA $0.83; WILBERT J HAGER B J GRINAGE 99 TAPSCOTT lien wkhrespe tolhe detauW Florida:and(3)Publish a copy (SeeExhibh A (SEE HIBIT CRUZ AMORES, BOGOTA MASHELL CHESTNUTT 200 92345, M22, 19, $1, 627.80, SHIRLEY F H GER 86 Silliman ST APT 1F BROOKLYN, NY specified in this notice shall of the nolice of sale two (2) A fime Sha lnte (s) (SEE 1004 Y CAUE C GUAYAQUIL. StaWod Rd Columbia. SC 8o.79. 5277-955; JAMES Rd Wallingford, CT 6492, EE, 3. 11212-3963. T. 4, 21. ODD. be subject to the juditial limes. onte eath week, for HIBIT A attoding to the ECUADOR, Tlm8shaR Unk 29223, 24, 103, 37. Even. $1. STRONG 4 N Heaton St Knox, 50, WHOLE, Fixed Wee Fixed Fixed Wee Fixed Un,2015- foreclosure procedu only. two (2) successive weeks, Tin Sharing Plan for Westg e 1 8205, Waek 5, Annual, 249.91,8o.61 . 5258-2972; IN 46534, AO3, 46, $1, 801.60, Unrt, 2015-2 17, $3, 722.71, 2017, $2, 476.43, $0.83; You have the rigM to cu in an OSCEOLA County Vacation Vlllas, XV, omcial Tlmeshare lnlerest 1, Per TRAVIS DION MACK 109 Deer $0.88, 5277-955; JESSICA $1.24; WILLlhM D WHITE a SALERNA L HATTEN 5751 your default in the manner set newspaper, p vided such a Recods Book 1072, Page Diem 810.o7, D6tauW Balance Run Ln Leesbug, GA 31763. STRONG 17950 Main St Tyner, ARLENE M WHITE 10402 40 h River Dale Rd Apl 45G College forth in this notice at any ime newspaper exists at the time 1194, of he Publit Recods 826,o95.44, DetauW D e 29, 301, 1, Annual, 84, 6|6.16, IN 465T2-3405, AO3, 46, $1, Ave Genoa cl,wl 53128, FF Park, GA 30349, T, 4, 21, ODD, betoP the trustee's sale ot your of publishing. lt you fail to ot Osceola Coun,Florida 10/15 16. Mo gage Reco ed 82.26, 5258-2972: BIDGm 801 .60. $0.88, 5277-955: a FF. 6 a 6, 10 a 11. WHOLE Fixed WeeWFixed Un,2015- imeshare interest. lf you do not cure the detauN as set forth (the "Plan"). Together wrfh the 11/20/15 in OR Book 4875. SHAWNYEL MACK 1578 May 25; June 1, 2018 a WHOLE, Flxed Wee Fixed 2017, 82, 476.43, $0.83; DIEGO oblett to the use of the wstee in this notice or take other right to octupy, punuant to Page 1577 CLARA SMITH us Highway 19s Apt 2105 L 166770 Unit. 2015-2017, $6, 588.71, G SOLANO 608 ELM AVE toreclosure proceduP, you will appropriate artion wrfh regard the Plan, Building-Unk (SEE a THOMAS ANDREW PAUL Leesburg, GA 31763-5933, $2.49; WILLIAM D WHITE a DUMAS, M 79029-2606, T, 4, not be subject lo a deficiency o this fo closure ma er. you HIBIT A . during Unrt Week SMITH, 44 VIEWFIELD 29, 301, 1, Annual, $4, 616.16, ARLENE M WHITE 10402 400 32, ODD, Fixed, 2015-2017, judgmenl even if he proceeds risk losing ownership of your (SEE HIBIT A,during TERRACE COWDENBEATH,$2.26. 5258-2972; REUBEN NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Ave Genoa ci,wl 53128, FF $2, 476.43, 8o.83; DENNIS M from the sale of your timeshare timeshaR interest through the Assigned Year - (SEE HIBIT - FIFE, KY48AB SCOTLAND, ORTIZ MAYS 2021 Kingsbrook INTENT TO FORECLOSE a FF, 6 a 8, 5 B 8, WHOLE a CARSON 273 COPELAND ST interest are insumtient to twstee roRclosuFe procedure A . (herein wTime Share Plan Timeshare Unrt 210902, Week ! T Fort Woth. N 76120-5080, WESTGATE VACATION WHOLE. Fixed Wee Fixed QUINCY. MA 02169-4006, T, 8, o set the amounts secured by established in Settion 721 .855. (Proper ) Add ss . As a resuK 16, Biennial ODD, fime5hare 24, 204. 43. Odd, 82, 489.44. VILLAS xll FILE: 2T756.08T8 Unlt, 2015-2017, 86, 588.T1, 48, WHOLE, Fixed WeeWFixed the lien. By: GREENSPOON,Florida Statutes. You may,of the aforementioned defauW, lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $6.46,81.22. 5258-2972; BENNY Pursuant to Section $2.49; ANNA H ENGLISH 4588 Unlt, 2015-2017. $,722.71. MARDER, LLP, Twstee. choose to sign and send to Association he by elerts to Default Balante 816,687.94, ! GAIL MAYS 113 G ve Crk 721.855, Florida . Statutes, Vt Route 313 W Arlington, VT $1.24; GAYLE D CARSON 15,EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF the undersigned t slee he sell lhe Proper pursuant Detault Date 1O/15/16,Waco, TX 76708. 24, 204, 43,the undersigned Trustee as 5250, FF, 12. 9, WHOLE, Fixed Lochmere Ave Weymouth. MA DEFAULT AND INTENT rO enclosed objettion form. ' to Section 721.855. Florida n II r l . l . r | . .i | | V |. . '? 7 '. ! l . ' lt T | r ! |,' ' . .| | IF | . . 7 l ll ; C ; T F [ l F,II,tl r ). .r . : V r. l . : . 1