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June 1, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 1, 2018

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PAGE B ' HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE 1, 2018 DeLaBahi,Te 4T . BUILDING 1.; BIENNIAU rti unWsnu 679- R d mi& Un s,lnt (vol ha ng a in ge CouW, florida 10, 201T; ln m No. Poim5 a5 deRned in w Chile; Mortgaa6 on el ad 1,p nts a 686, 68B, o 98, 778-786, Build g .BUILDING w, 626,821, undlvided bF minuing nonpay m 2017061604T Publit R Dlds D on tor us6 in ODD August 18, 2 1a; ln wwt defin inMe D lar n r 788, T T98, 87g886, 888, 1.;ANNUAU&| ed1,lm n all t unks ot (a5 w6|| as or og,ga CouW, FL Total y . No. 2O1604324O8 Publ[t us inMNy s). 898, 979-88&, 988, 99 Poims as dafin in 6 nu 1O1-1,108-110, taw,int rt, lat Du : ,446.92 as ofAugu STE HANIEGOLDER,Noticeot Records ot orq CouW, MOMLUK SABIR AHMED 998, 1079-1086, 1088, 1 D la ion lor usa in EACH 201-2 . 20&210, 212-214, 1 orcorts,rfapplic bla) 29, 2017; d t a5: D&auWandlnt6mtoF los8 FL. Tolal Du : t1 ,184.73 aE and NERA HASANAT KHAN. 1 8 bcat6d in .8UILDING 5, baabs). 216222. 301-3,30&310, du6 nlrta d bed a5 One (1l VaGa ion ip s6m a C6rf glrt ol Nov8mb6r 8, 201T, hrf Notita otD uW and lmamto PHASE v; ANNUAUalbcat6d ED o YUID u o 312-314, 31&-322, 401-4,lol ws: lnt t Uol ha ng a M publi n to: 5267 $4.57 p di n; a5: Fo&ose s t v c 1,Poin as d6fin8d in MARnNu and MERV 408410, 412-414, 416- D'ARTAGNION POPE. Noti 63,00D1450,489,000 undiv ad JAM CA BCH, @VESTON, One (1l va on p R gi &ad M blical[onlo: D t t usainEACH JODNA GO ALB 422 locat d in .BUILDING ot Da uW and lnt6nt to lnt6r8A in Unlt nu TX n554-8675;cl m otL6n lnterest lvol ha a 22K&n W Ava,At urk yea s). Noti otD6auW andlm tto 6, PHASE vl.; BIENNIAU F o at a am 431-446, 531-546, 631-646 Bo donNovamb 9.2O17; 52,500/613,176, Tow 2B,Banani,Dhaka flORDEUNO RAMOS and F s rt a c loc&6d 1,Points as R gi &ad MaiVpublic ion lot ed in BUILDING 2, ln w t No. 2017 13739 lnterest in all m unks 01213, g d h;M FRm RAMOS, Not e ot R6gi M U Ka on dafinad in M D a on t to: all7 DUMONT DR APT PHASEll";BIENN U loc ed Publit R ods ot numberad 547-N2, 4562, &o on S t 1Q, D6&wandlm8mtoF s6 to: Av ida Un Wa u inODD {s). 202, WN VA 22180; 126, Points as d6fin8d in County,flTot Dua:t57&. 647-652, 654-,74T-T52, 2015; O.R. Booh 1 82 a egirt n41-50, Aplo 1301, Tun Y RA su EN BAUUS and Claim ot L6n otdad on M6D6dat ion ru inODD as ot S t 14, 2017; 754-762, 849-8w, 654-860, Pag 5 Public R Gods ot MaiUpublic Dn to: 35 #pha Boyaca 7,Col ia; AUREUO UONEL MOUNA Nov 9.2017; lnsWB laa s). d a5: Ona (1) Vat 949, 950, 954 6, 8s8. O aCoun ,FL ToB Dua: Av6, old Bridge, NJ 08857- Mortgag rd on AuSu BAUUS, Nolic ot DelauH No. 2017 154n Publ uls F VAUNZUELA LOPQ, Ow ip lnt vol 960 loc ed in .BUILDING S1O8,934.O8 otNov 6. 22 ; M gaB B d on 20,2014;0.R. Book1O78 and lm6nl to FoBlo56 58m R6cords of O ng County, No ca orD6tauW andlnl6ntto ha ng a 63. 691.998, 3, PHASE lll"; BIMN@J 201T,int t43.69 di m; @I16,201 ; .R.Book1O8O4 Paga 2198 Publ R s ot via c rtm gi5t6 Maill FL. Tot Du6: $5,802.90 Fo closa 56nt via amedl und ed lm in Un s located 105, Po a9 :Or (1)VaQion Pag 9122PublicR ordsof Orang6 CouW,FL Toe Du publiGation to: Residenci a5 ot Augu 29, 2017; Ragi e d Maiugblication nu 1179-1186, 1188, defined in la tor ip lm (vol g6Coun ,FLTotalDu8: S16,O1O.51a5otNov 8, H sillo, La5 Lomas, d :One(1)Vac ion to: 81 s CANAL R, PALM 119 1198, 1279-1286, 1288, use in ODD y E). ha n 7 . 35.459, t19,239.14 otNov r6, 2017, int t6.76 p di n; Chiriqui, Panama: Mortgaga Ow ip lm6 ( ol HARBOR, fl 34684; Claim ot 1290-1298. 1379-1386, 1388, nMoTHY B IN d und lm rt aH 2017, im .92 p di : d dbadas:Ona(1)Va on M d 7, 2017; ha dg269,5 R2o,7o9,5 L6n 6d on Nova 1 1398, 1481-14 . 1491- MARCIA BICKE IN, & lial unhs nu b das:One(1)Vacation Ow lnt vol ln m t No. 20170119078 und. lnt in,10, 2017; ln wa No. 1496, 1&1586, 1591-1594 NoticeotD&auW dW rflo 1- . 90&910, 912-914, hlp lme A rvol having a 84, 20,T,Pub t R ot O ng6 Rasid&rtim Unh5 6d in 2017 1 Public 5o1,in .BUILDING 5, Foreclose sant via C edl g16-922, 1001-1,1 having a154, 554,257, O undivided lm&eA in,Cou FL Tot Dua: .BulLmNG 1.; ANNUAU Otang6Coun ,FLTotalDu : PHASEV;BIENN U&locat Register6d M Up ice on 1010, 1012-1014, 10161022, undi d6d lnt6 Et in all Re d ti Un 5 bc 6d in S11,2 .64asotNov 8, & ad 2 ,5 Poin as t62O.8OasotAugu 29,2O17: 126, Poin as d fined to: 9281 mormon Bhd, 1101-1104, 11,11,1109, id rfi& unrts numbe d Bullding amh .BUILDING 2017, int a.72 p6rdiBm; d Rn d in e D6tl ion ror d8Krib a5:On6(1)Vat ion W6D lat Dntorus6 MN Jonesboro, OA 302 - 1112-1114, 1117-11w, 1201- 147, 148, 15 152, 154-162, 1.; ANNUAU&lotal 64. d as:On6(1)Vacation u58inEAC s). Owenhip lnt (vol s). 5163; Mortgag on 1204,12 ,1208,12 ,1212- 247-252, 254-2&2, 347-352, Poim5 as d Rn in Ma Own6nhlp lnt&est vol MU N s, Noti ot having a 112,0 695,141, OMAS E BROWN and ANN August 25, 2016:,a 1214, 1217-1m b in 354-362, 447#2, 454-462 D,ion tor u5a in EACH ha ng 52,5001441,2 o, D6 uW andlnt6ntto Fo&lose undi d6d lnte in Unhs K BROWN, Notice ot tauW No. 20160447 Publ BUILDING 6, PHASE .; lo ted in .BUILDING 3, ea s). undwd lme st in,rt via c m6dlR6gi 6 d num 163-171, 173-17T, and,em to FO GIOS8 sent Re' 'd' ' ' `" ' N'AU 6d ' ' PHA""'.i.ANNUAU locat6d uls EDU ANLA i,unhs numb& d M Upubl n to: 1405 263-2T1, 2T3-278, 363-371, via c rm i M U FL. Total Due. ,N3.9T as Polnts as deRn ln tr 154, Polnk a5 d fin in NAvARRm,Noh ot uw 131-144, 146, 231-246, M1- JEnERsoN RD, FORT 373-378, 463471, 473-478, pu iG ion to: 1 724 FILBERT otNovember8, ZO1T, W A DaGlaral n tor usa in EACH th6D laBiontorusainEACH and lm rt lo FOBIDS6 at 346,d in BUILDING 2, WASHINGTON, MD 20744; 563-571, 573-578,ed in DR, BOTHELL WA 98012- a.82 per diam: b6d as: y B . yea s) . via B p@Ell.:BIENNIAUal ad C im ot L6n on BUILDING 4, PHASE ; :Cl motLan ordedon One (1) Vaca on Ow&shlp GLO IA JENWNS, No ot HARRV ONYANGO ODIPO MaiUpu ical n to: mon 105, Points as d6fin6d in Nov & 9,2017; ln5bun&t BIENNIAU loGat8d 224, Nov 9,2O17; ln m&rf lnterest ( ol ha ng a D8tauwandlmanttoFoB 5a and DEBORAH ANYANGO Bolivar 24 D6 Mayo, MaGa5, th8D la tiontorus6inODD No. 201 7 15478 Public Points as defined in M6 No. 2017 13741 Publ 52,500/613.176, 0 und idad s6nt via w OMONDl, Notice ot D6 uW MS, E ador; Mortgag6 y@sl. Retords ot o nqa County, D8GlaFation tor use in ODD R olds ot O nge County, lnterest in all unWE M li to: 23 L6at and lnt t to Fo&los6 s t Bord8d on S6pt&nb6r 15, HORACE MARS and FL TotalDue:S1,8 6.64 a5 of ). FL rotal Du6: S1,182.3o numbered 547-5,554-Q, Cir, a KB -2414; via I6 d MaiU 2015; O.R. B k 1 83 at JACWYNE MARS WINFIELD, Augusl29,2O17;d badas: M THY E MCKEE and as ot Septembar 14, 2017: 647-652, 6#662, 747-752, Mongag8 onF6bwa pu ic ionto:P Box15o49o, Pag6 2645 Publ R 5 ot Notice otD6taultand lntantto On6 (1T Vatalion Ow ip LESW E J RAMUSSEN, d cribed as: One(1)Vacation 754-762, 849-852, 854-,21, 2014; O.R. B k 10707 Shajah, Dub 150490, O ng6CouW,FLTot Du8: FoBlos6 & via Bifiadl lm Uol ha ng a Notic6 of DefauW and Ow ip lnt8Bt (wol ) 949, 950, 954- 6, 959, Pag6 4 4 Publ s ot UAE; Mortgag6 rded on S15,B.98a5otNov 8, R6gi M Upublic ion 5 . 613,176, 0undi ded lntent to FoBlos6 sent via having a 210, 04,420 960 loc ed in BUILDING O&g Coun ,FL Tol Due: Augu 29, 2016; lnstvment 2017,int S6.17 p di : to: 14014 Bascom Av6, lnt&art .in Unh5 numb CamR 6gi &8d Mai und ided lnt in Unks 3, PHASE lll ; BIENNIAU g34,162.73 asorNov&nb&8, No. 20160454176 PubliG d cribed a5:On8(1)Vaca on Apt 1, J o NY 11436- 1163-1171, 1173-1178, 126J publicationto: 13642 FOURTH num 663-671, 673 78. allocated 105, 0 Poinls .as 2017,im6l8 S10.20p6rdi8m; R8Gords ot O ng6 County, Ownenhip lnta t Uol 1709; Mortgaga ordad on 1271, 1273-1278, 1363-1371, UNE NASSAGAWEY 763-771, 773-778, 8&3-871, defined in the D6 aration tor daKrib8d as:One(1TVac ion h Tot& Due: S22,282.o7 as having a 84, 804,860, 0 S6m6mb8r 12, 2014; O.R. 1373-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- ROCKWOOD, ON NOB 873-878, 963-971, 973-97B, use ln ODD yaa s). Owenh lm ( vol otNov 8, 2017, inta st undivided lm t in all Book 10804 at Paga 0707 14T6, 156J1568, 1571, 1573, 2K0, CANADA; Cl m ot 1 3-1071,1073-1078| d DOLI JIMENQ-HENRIQUQ, ha nqg 554,257. g.26 p6r di6m; d6Krib6d as: sid8mi unrtsnumb6 d679- Public Records ot Oranga 1574 located in BUILDING 4, Li6n &od6d on Novemb& in BUILDING 4, PHASE lv; Notlce or De uW d lm6m to und d t in,On6 (1T Vac n Own6nhip 686, 688, 690s98, 779-786, County, FL Total Dua: PHASE ;ANNUAU located 10, 2017; lnstwm6nt No. ANNUAUalloc ed 210, 0 Foreclose sam via C6rfifiadl danti unhs num lnte ( ol having a 768, 790-798, 8Tg886, 888, ,684.14 as ot Novemb6r 8, 500, Points as defined in 20170616074PublicRecodsot Points as d6fin8d in Me Reglste M pu iQion 147, 146, 1#152, 154-162, 128, 35.459, undivided 890-898, 97g986, 988, 2017, int $4.15 p6r di6m; M6D la iontorus6inEACH Oranga County, FL Total Due: D laration tor usa in EACH to: 40879 High sl, F om, 247-252, 254-262, 347-352, lnt in all ida,unrf5 998, 107g1 6, 1088, 1 0- d bad as:One(1)Vacation y sl. S673.34 as otAugud 29, 2017; y6a sl. CA 94538Q06; Mortgage 354-362, 447-452, 454462 nu 901-906, 908-910, 1 8loc in BUILDING 5, Owa ip lm&a ( ol") JERRY MCCUBBIN and d8Krib as:One(1)Vac n CONNIE HOLDER, Notice ot recorded on S8pt b6r locat6d in BUILDING 3, 912-914, 916922, 1001-1006, PHASE v; ANNUAU IOG ha ngd 52,5 441,210, M8ERLY MKUBBIN, Ow6nhip lm Uol DetauW andlntantlo F s6 27, 2016; lnst m6l No. PHASE lll.: ANNUAU loc ed 1 8-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- 84,000 Poin asdaRn in e undi lm in,Not e otDe uW andlnt rtto havingg112, o 613,176, sem via cartm 20160507165 PubUG ds 600,000 Poink a5 d6Rn8d in 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, D8tlalation tor us6 in EACH sldential unks numb&ed Fo os nt via am6dl und d lm in Unrt5 M Upubl ion to: 1720 ot Orang6 CouW. FL Total e &iontoruseinEACH 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, y6a s). 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- R rt MaiUpublic ion num 547-552, 554-562, LAUREL LAW DR, WACO, Due: 86.451.85asdNov&n b s). 1201-1204, 12,1208, 1209, ADRIANA MORAES DE 346 localed in BUILDING 2, to: 7 OTTO RD, p 647-652, 654 62, 747-752, M 7671 2828; Cl m otLen 8. 20|7, int U p di m; o BENJAMIN 1212-1214. 1217-1222,&ad OUWIRA and MARCD PHASEll.;BIENNIAUallocatad c n 33567; Claim ot 754-7&2, 649-852, 854-860, &old6donNov &9,2O17; describedas: (1T Qion BAULDREE and NNDRA in BUILDING 6, PHASE N"; sEBAsnAo DE OUNIR 105, Points as d6finad in L old8d on Nov nba 948, 950, 954-956, 958, ln t No. 20170613742 Ownersh lm ol DRECHSLER BAULDREE, ANNUAU,128, 0 Noli otDa u andlm rflo aD,ntoru56inMN 8, 2017; ln5t m No. 960 lotated in BUILDING Public Recods of Orang6 having a 52, NoticeofD uNandlnt&rfto Po rfs defined in th6 Fo bs 6 via C Medl yaa sl. 20170615482 Publ Records 3, PHASE lll ; BIENNIAU County, FL Tot Du6:S655.41 undivided lm al F os6 5 t via c m D lamDntor u in CH R irteBd Mai publica on MATTHEW SYWHAHO, of ,g,L Total allocat6d w4, p nts a5 as ot S t&nber 14, 2017; sidential unWs nu b 878- Rqi Ma[upbli i to: yW5). to:RuaRah Da 35O, Not 8otD6 uwandlm6mto Du6: . . t Augu defin d in Me D la&on r d bad a5: One(1)Vacation 686, 688, 690- . n9-T8a, 12 o NW34M ,Ga lle, GunERREs OUVEIRA DA Reh gio Da a, Napac ca Fo&o a t a C8rf 6 29, 2017; d as: u inMNLea s). ow&rnip lnt Uol 788. 790-798, 87a866, a8B, FL 32605- ; Morfgaga SILV Notice of DatauW and DaS .SP 71-WO,B |; gl a M Upu ic ion Ona (1) Va tion SHAWN H HARUS, Not a ha ng a a4, o,7 ,5oo 890-898, 979-9,986, onJan&7,2O16; lnt6m to Fo&osa sant vio Mortgag6 ord6donO to: 2828 Val rtine Ave, Apt lm Uol ha ng a ol DatauW and lm o und idad lm in | 998, 1079-10,088, 1 lnsbu& No. 2016 11517 c6rfm i MalU 11, 2016; ln w No. 4F, BDnx, NY 10458-3145; 84, 01704,420, und id6d Fo clos6 s rt via cartmBdl R id6mi Un s lotal in 1098 lot ed in .BU DING 5, Publ R d publica on to: auadra asc 2016 30201PublitR6co so1 Mortgaga ld6d on lnt in Un s num R6glst8 d M ublit ion BUILDING 1.: BIENNIAU PHAsEv:BIENQ lota d Cou FL T Dua: 8 6, Cw 11. B sili4 DF O geCoun ,FLTot Due: Augu 29, 2016; ln nt 3s71, 673 7B. 763-771. to: BONAIRE, NC ORl ST lo ted 168, Point5 a5 105.000 Poims ad in t62, . otNov 8, 7201&D . BRAZl Mortgaga t12,811.o8 a5 otNov 8, No. 201 70 Publlt 773-778, 3 71, 873 76, MARKS, GRENADA: Cl m ol defined in h D8GlaBion tor theDecla tiont usa ODD 2017,im W1.16p d : orded on May 17, 2013; 2017,int S5.29 p di ; R ods ot OFanga Coun,3-9T1, 973-978, 1063- Len ed on Nov6mb8r u58inEV a s). year(s). dascribadas:On8(1)VaQDn O.R. Book 10571 Page d crib8da5:On8(1)V on FL Tot Du6: S6,414.69 as 1071, 1073-1078 loQ6d in 10, 2017; lnst wt No. DAND and KAREN OSCARALBERTOSABALLOS, Ow8Rhip lnt t (vol 7545 Publ R6Gods ot Ow ip lm rvol otNov&lb& 8,2017, int& BUILDING 4, p@E ; 20170616075Public dsot,Notita otD6 uW and Notice otDetauW d hrf6 to having a 554,0 1725.592, e CouW, FL Total Due: ha n dg 64, 441,210, t2.58 d m; d b6d as: BIENNIAUalb ted 16B, Otanga CouW, FL Total Due: lnt6m to Fo&los6 & a Foreclosa ent B G i undi dad lnte st in,68.88 a ofNovember 8, undiv lm in,On6 (1) Vacation Ow ship Point as d6fin6d in th6 S653.59asotAugu 29.2O17: c m iA M U Registe d Ma#Au ication sd6nti& un s num 2017, int S7.66 perdi ; sidential unrt5 num lnt rvol having a D,ation r u a in MN bada5:On6(1)Vatalion publ ion to: 21 CTOR lo: 2500 PI8a5am Av Apt 501-506, 508-510, 512-514. ribed :On6(1)Vac&ion 131-144, 146, 231-246, N1- 52,500 613.176,000 undivid6d s). Ow ip lnt ( vol GARD S, DONAGHADE 2, Minn l,MN 55404- 516522, 1,608 10, ip lm vol 346 lot 6d in .BUILDING 2, lnt in all &idential unks CHEL CORBIE, Ndit6 ha ng a 84,0 n04,420, couw DOWN Bn1 OJE, 4211: Mort9a96 612 14, 616 w, 701-706, h dg112. 613,176, o PHASEll";BIENNIAU lo ted nu 547-552, 5#562, of DatauW and lnt6nt to undivid6d lnte rt in Unhs IRELAND; Claim ot L6n on S8pl6mb 2T. 201&; 7 T10, T12-T14, T16722. u . lnt& in all 128, Poinb as defined in 647652, 2, 747-T52, Fo clos via Certifi numbarad 663-671, 673-6T8, d6donNov6 6r9,2O17; lnstwm6n No. 201 735 801-,&810. 812-814, id&rti un s nu thaDaG B torus8inODD T#762. 84g852, 854-860, Regirt MaiUpubhc ion 763-771, 773-n8, 863-871, lnsDu nt No. 20170613726 Public Reco s ot Oranga 8168w bcat din.BUILDING 116J11T1. 1173-11Ta, 1263- yaa ). 948, 950, 9#956. 959, to: 917 SHEPHERD ST NW, 873-678, a63-971, 973-978, Publ Rac ot O nga County, fl To1 Du : 6, PHASE .; ANNUAU 1271. 127J12T8, 1363-1371, BLANCA D. EKOBAR 960,6d in BUILDING WASHINGTON, DC 2 11; 1 J1071, 1073-1076| atad coun ,fl.TdalDue: .5a 81O,416.96asot b 8, loGatBd 554, Poinb as 13T3-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- RODRIGUU and A snDEs 3, p@E lll.; BIENNIAU # m ol L6n ded on in .BUILDING 4, PHASE ; as ot S pte 14, 2017: 2017, int a.3a p r di m; dafined in the D,ion tor 1476, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, A RWERA MACHUC all ed 1,Point5 a5 Nov 9, 2017; lnsbu t BIENN U,ad 168.000 d Mb as:One(1)Vaca on d8scrib6d a5: Ona (1) VaG&lon us6in EACH y s). 15T4 bc ed in 8UILDING NO t6 otD6fauW andlm&rfto defin in We Daclaration lor No. 2017 1 Public Point5 a5 deRn d in th6 Ow ip lnt& Uo Owenh lm& U MUHAMMADARIFandWRAN 4, PHASE ; BIENNIAU Fo los6 s rf via am useinODD sl. R o of o nqe County. D la ion lor use in MN ha ng a 166, 1554,257. 0 - having a 52,5 20,T ,5 ARIF, No c6 ot DetauW and cated 224, Point5 a5 Ragi Mal publ ionto: DA D L JOHNSON and h Tot Dua: tT 5.82 as ot yea s). und d6d lm in Unhs undivid6d lm& ln &| lm rt to F 6 a d Rnadintha aBlonfor 3135 F&|&on Av6, B vil,MELADGIBBON,NotlG of AuguA 29, 201T; b6d J,N T A N A nu 147, 146, 1#152, Residem Unhs .b&t d ln i M u56 ODD s). MD 20T - Mortgaga D uwand t mto FoBlos6 as: (1)Vac& onOw&shiP PLANUNTAKUNTHORN, 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, Building h 6d .BUILDING pb to:AM213M cHRlsnNE M. Pms and S t 5 t v W t& d lnt Uol having a Notlc ofD&auwandlm6ntto 347-352, 354-362, 447-452. 1"; BIENNNU d Bdi,P RUN L D. Prm. N ice 13, ZD16; 1n a No. M U to:21 N 6M 154, 613,1T&, Md id d Fo lo56 s,vi& am 454-Q62| din.BUILDING 105,0 P nts d n 7 ;Mo qage& ol &w and lm t to 201 544 s . Ea on, PA 1a042- ; lm in Unhs num R ist&ad M U,n 3, PHASE lll.: - u '+' th6D8cl nloru MN gu 12. 014;0.R 8ooh Fo o a t a C rt ol O ng Coun,FL Mortgpg8 dadonoGl 11&J1171,1173-1178.1263- to: 7 PHAH NYOTHIN bQ 1 . Porms as yea s). 10789 & Pa OO1 Public R,M Upubl ionto: T Du6: t9, .T1 ot 11, 16: IMbU t No. 1271, 1273-1278, 136J1371, RD. KHWAENG KHLONG d fin in D ontor SABRINA MACHADO R6GO E ot ga CDUW. 4 MQ St, Mgn8Rald, Nov m 8, zo17, t 201 1PublicR o sot 137J13T8, 1465-1471, 14TJ THANON, KHET S M,u inEACHJ s). LOURENCO and CARDO h Tolal : 6, .61 OH 448 -10M; Morfgage W.66 p r di n;d b as: Coun ,FL To Due: 1478, 156J1,1571, 15T3, BANGKOK. LAND; m CATHE NE OYCEandGA N SPINDOLA Ml E,NOtiG ot Nov a. 201T, d on SQ mb r 15, Ona (1) Vat ip t41,86T.17a&otNov b 2o, 1574locat d .BUILDING 4, olL6n rd8donNov n JOYCE. N ot &w ot Det W and lm k to t t24.58 d n; 2015; O.R. Book 10983 at lnt vol having a 2017,| S17. p rd m; PHASE ;ANNUAU lotated 10, 2017; ln w m No. and lm tto Fo&bse at Fo&o5 & a c rtinedl d as: 1)vdi Pag6 1&21 Pu ic R o 5 ot 52,5 1613,176, undv bed as:Ona(1lVacation 154, Poims as d6finad in 20170616076 Public Retods via C rt 6gi 6 d MaiV Registe M UpubW nto: ip lm Coun ,FLTotalDu : lm ln al un s h,(vol 8D &i0nt0rus6 EACH ol O e County, FL Tot publ lon to: 1634 r Joge fib a 40 BL 2. to ha ng a 4 . 25,B 7.85 ot Nov 8, num 54T-S2, 554-562, he ng a 2,441,210, yQ5). Du : .41 as ot Augu . HDD,and, QLD 4 2. 707. M ua. sP 3T1-190. undMd d,&| 2017,im 7.37p di&n: 647 52, 2, 747-752, un lm in &| CHARLW E MORTON, 29, 2017: d cnb : AUS Cl m ol U n Brazil; Mortgq co on id tial unb n b as:On6(1lVaG lon T54-T62, B 9 52. 854,| unM nu N otD Bwandlm rfto On (1l Vac&i Ow Nov 9,ZO17; Novembar3, 016;ln&rum rf 501-506, 508-510. 512-514, lm Uol 849. 850, 954- 6, 9, 131-144, 146. 231-24&, M1- F t a c m lnt (vol ha a ln No. 201T 13728 No. 201 04k Public 518-522, &01s,608k10, ha n 1O5, 2O,7 ,5OO 960 bG t .BUILDING 346 6d in .BUILDING2, R g Ma,64, 441,210, und PubliG s ot q6 R6cords ot County, 612 14, 616-622, 701-7 . undiv lnt ln all 3, PHASE lll"; BIENNl J PHASEll";ANNUAUal c&6d to:229W11OrHSTAPT2G, lnt in unm n Coun ,FLTot Due:W8O.3 FL. Tot DuB: t1 ,636.42 a6 70e710, 712-714. 716TQ, R d rt Unit8 lo t in allDd 105, Poink a5 280,0 P nts as defin d in NEW YOR NY1 26;Cl&m 131-144, 146, 231-246, u1- as ot sQ 14, 2017; ofNov 8.201,rm 1,10. 812 14, Bu ding 6d BUILDING dafin in D,on tor th D a iontorus6inEACH of on Nov nbar 346 loc ed in 8UILDING 2, d b a :Ona(1) ca on 84.72 p d m; aa: 816822 B .BUILDING 1.;ANNUAU& 1,useinODD s). 5). 10, 2017; IMbum t No. PHASEll.; ANNUAU loca ad Ow ip lnt vol One (1) V n Ow& hip &, PHASE .; nNNuAu Po defin d in Ma FANCHON JEANNE flELDS, EULAH M MIWR end 2017 16042 ic R od 84, Poimsa5daRn8dinth8 havlng a 84. 613,176, lm&est rvol h g a 4,Po rfs a5 ntorusalnEACH CHANEL B. nuDs and JOSEPH GUNN MIUER, ot g C nty, FL Tot D6cla iontoru inEACH und d6d lnt in UnWs 52,5001626,821, und idad d fin d le r rfs). G GIBSON AKA GIANA Not of uwandlmertto Dua: t1.961.68 as orAugu s). num 547-552, 554-562, lnterest in all sd8ntl,unhs u5 lnEACH Qs). JOHNNY CUEVAS B.GIBSON.Not aot uW F 5 m a w 29, 2017; as: AEL HERNANDQ and 647-&52, 654 62, 747-752. numbe 101-1,10&110, YINEVA JA ET RIQUELME GON and FANNY and,rt to Fo,e s rf i MaiUpubliBionto: One (1) V ion Ow ip DENINE VEW VAZQUQ, 754-762, 649-852, 854-8 , 201-2,20&210. 212-214, GARCl Notita ot Da uW ADRIANA RRA HERRER via c6 i6 M U GaaimoLoop,H&nphill, lm Uol having a NoticeotD&auNandlmantto 949, 950, 954- 6, 959. 216222, 301-3,30&310, d lm6m to F ose &6m Notic6otD6rauNandlnt8ntto publitalion to: 12 Riv& sl, M 7594&5413; Mo gag 84, 613,1T6, undi dad Fo lo s rf via am 9 loQ in .BUILDING 312-314, 3163Q. 401-4,a w gi M U Fo lose 9 t via C6rf 8dl Bo on, MA 021366407; ld6d on Augu&t25,2O16; lm in Unhs numbe d Regist M publ at n 3, p@E lll"; BIENNIAU 4o8-41o, 412-414, 416- public n to: o Ragirt MalUpubllc&ion to: Mortgag& ld6d on ln m&rf No. 20160447768 1163-1171. 1173-1178, 126J to: 17 KM ST, TOA ALT PR alloc 166, p rm as 422,ed in BulLmNG C 0576, Antotaga 4 CL18A NRO 78-35,Apt1007 Janua 19. 2017: h wa Publit Rato s ot Oranga 1271, 1273-1278, 1363-1371, 0 54;Claim otUen ad d Rnad in th6 D lara on tor 6, PHASE N.; &ENN U rfo ga a 1270713, Chile; To e2.8ogo Cundinam No. 2017 Publit CouW, FL Total Due: 137J1378, 1465-1471, 1473- on Novemb6r 10, 2017; u5 inMNy6a s). allocated 105, Point5 as Morfgag8 ld6dono obar 115241, Colombia; Morfgage R olds ot Otanga Coun,S12,943.88asotNov b6r2O, 147&, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, ln wm6nt No. 20170616080 SAMUU c ROGERS and defined in Me D la tlontor 11, 2 16; lnsbum t No. B d8d on D embar 2, FL Tot Dua: S1o,3o5.5& as 2017,im tW.45p6rdiam; 15T4 locat d in BUILDING Public R6 rds ot O nge -ANN L RWOLDS use in ODD y8a s). 20160529925PublicRecotdso1 2015: O.R. Book 11021 at ot Nov nb 8, 2017, im d bad a5:On6(1)Va tion 4, PHASE ; BIENNIAU County,FL To alDu6:t576.O4 ROGERS, Notice of DetauW RICHARD PAGE and JANINE O ngaCounly,h TdalDua: Pag6 3734 Public R o s of S3.93 p6r di ;d Mb8d as: Ow&ship lm rt vol locatad 166, Points a5 as of Augu 29, 2017; and lnt6nt to Fo bs6 s6nt PAUL, Notice ot D&auW and $33,424.73 as otNov 8, Olang8 Coun,FL Total Due: Ona (1) Vacation Owanhip ha ng a 64, 410, 1,0 deRned in Me Dad alion tor d trib as:On6(1)Vac ion via Carf egi MaiU lntent to Fo&losa s t via 2017,im rtS13.94pardi6m; S18,713.o2 a5 otNov6mb&8, lnt6r6 (vol having a und id lnt in all us6inODDyaa s). Owanhip lnta ( ol publ n to: 4934 NW 21ST Certifi 6gist Mai d t bed a5: On6 (1)Vacation 2017, im6Bt S7.58 p& diem: 52,5001735,459, 0 und ided sidanti unitsnumb&ad731- JOHN H WALUR lll, Notice having a 63, 0 554,257, ST, GAINESNUE. fl 32 5- publicationto:638W kinsSt, Owenhip lma ( ol b a5:On8(1)Vac ion lnte in all sid6l ial unW5 746, 831-846, 933, 934, 937- of DetauW and lnt6nt to und ded lnte in Un s 5472;Cl mofL otdedon Apt. 2, Brook n, NY 11212- havinqdg2,I613,176, hip lnte ( vol num 901-906, 90&910. 942 locat6d in BUILDING 2, Fo los6 at via Certifiedl numb6 d 147, 148, 15 152. Novembar9, 2017: ln mant 5743: Mortgag6 on und lme in aN having a 105, 735,459, 0 912-914, 916-922, 1 1-1,PHASEll"; BIENNIAUalloc Ragirt6 d M Upublication to: 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, No. 2017 13730 Public August 18, 2016; lnA m6nt identi unks n und ded lm in,1 8-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- 128,0 Poims as dafined in 22 BENTBIU CIR, NORTH 347-352, 354-362, 44T-452, Records of O nga County, No. 201604321N Publlc 1163-1171, 1173-1178, 1263- id rti un s numb6 1022, 1101-1104. 11,1108, eD la iontoruseinODD MYRTU BEACH, sc 29582; 454-462locat6din BUILDING FL Tot Du6: 81,476.47 as ot Records ot OBgB Coun,1271, 1273-1278, 1363-13T1, 901-,910, 912-914, 11,1112-1114, 1117-1122, y s). Claim ot L6n &orded on 3, PHASE lll"; BIENN U S6pl&nb8r14,2O17;d8Krib8d FL. Total Dua: S9,686.98 as 1373-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- 916-922, 1 1-1 6, 1 8- 1201-1204, 12,1208, 12,#|, w in We Condominium Nov&nb&1o,2o17;ln wn m allocat 126, Poink as a5:On8(1)Vacalion nhip ot November 8, 2017, int t 1476, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, 1010, 1012-1014, 10161022, 1212-1214, 1217-1222| p p wbmmad lo the No. 2017 1 Publ d6fin8d the Decla ion tor lnt (vol having a 84.31 per diem; d crib6d as: 1574 loGat8d in BUILDING 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, 1109, in wBUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; tim ha Plan ot FAIRFIELD R6cords ot e County, useinMNyaa s). 63,0 186,803,5 undi d6d One (1l Vacation Ownership 4, PHASE lv; BIENNIAU 1112-1114, 1117-1122, 1201- BIENNIAUallocated 105, 0 ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK FL. Tot Due: S1,293.83 nMEsHARE TRADE INS uc, lnt in Unhs numbe lnterest (vol ha ng a locat6d 4,0 p ms as 1204, 1206,120B, 1209,1212- Point5 as defined in th6 RESO A CONDOMINIUM as ot Augu 29, 2017; NotitBorDetauWandlnt8ntto 3316, N17, M18, M19, 52,500/920,7 ,500 und ded d6fin6d in th6 Ded ation tor 1214, 1217-1222 located in D la tion tor use in ODD ( m6 Resorf FaGil ,tog8ther d8wrib6d aE: One (1)Vacation Fo&lose sant via c6 m8 3320, 4416, 4417, 4418, 4420 lnlerest in all R6sid ial Unrf5 usa in ODD yea s). .BUILDING 6, PHASE "; s). w,appurtananta5 the to, Own6nhip lnl ( vol") Registerad Maillpublic ion lo: loc ed in . LLAGE cENnR located in Buildin 6nth d GILBERT COSME SANDOVAL BIENN U,6d 210,000 AEL FONSECA DE acGording and subi to the having a 308, 450,489,0 10923 STATE HIGHWAY 176, WPANSION"; BIENNIAU "BUILDING 1"; IENN U JR and NANCY DIZA Points dafined in th6 VASCONCEUOS and D la t n or Condominium undividad lm in Un s WALNUT SHADE, MO 65771; alloGatad 126,000 Poims as allocaled 105, Point5 as SANDOVAL Not 6 ot D6tauW Dec on tor u58 in EVEN LUANA MENQES AZMDO torF mald O ando Bonne nu 431446, N1-546, nMEsHARE TRADE INS uc, d6fin6d in e D8Glaration tor detined in the D6tla ion tor and lnt6 to F losa sent y6a s). VAKONCEUOS, No ot C ek R rt a Condominium. 631 46,ed in .BUILDING c o NAnoNAL REGIEsnRED usain MNyea sl. use in MN yaa s via c8 m8dlR6gi 8 d ROBERTO CARLOS DE LA De uwandlnlemtoF lo d on Juna 8. 2 4 in 2, PHASE ll.; ANNUAU AGENn, INC REGlsnRED CINDY VOWGEW, Notit6 ROBERT BREAUL, Nolice ot Mai publication to: 14738 ROSA BADIUO and IRMA 98nt via c6rtm 8girf&ad omci R8co 5 Book 7475,d 308, Point5 as AGE 12OSOVTHCE ot D6tauW and lm6nt to DetauW andlntentto Fo ose eyonridga B thSpring,RAYA BELTRAN, Notic6 ot Mai publicationto:RuaG una Page 881, e seq, Public dafin6d in the Datlar ion tor AVE, CLAYTON, MO 63105; F lose s rt via c m sent via ca m R i & d M 751 28; Mortgaga De uW andlnt8lrtto Fo close 282 me,Rio D6Jan6lro,RJ R ods ot Orange County, wainEACHyea sl. Cl m ot Lan ad on R i & M ueublic ion MaiUpublic ion to: W lis rd6don Fabwa 2.2O16; & via C6 6dlR8gi 8 d 21011-160, B zil; MortgagB norida, as ha toto Ot SWAWN D KONINGEN and Novamb&9,2O17;ln wment to:94 DEARBORN TSEAPT St, GI8n5 Fal,NY 12801- ln B No. 201 91 M publ ation to: p s dedon 6,2o1a; h R& d6d(coll8 iv8,SANDRA M KONINGEN, No. 20170613761 Public 330, A GA 30317; 4417: Mortgag ld8d on Public R ods ot OBga Da Taxqu na, Pa5ao De Los lnsbu m No. 201 0 9 Ma . laration . Being a NoticaotDa uWandlnt6nt o Reco ot Orang6 Coun,Cl m ot Len cordad on O ober 11, 2016; h w m Cou,FL Tot Due: CipB 54 Dem2O4,Ciudad Publ R s ot O&ge 8xatlsam8pD c0nv6y6d FD IOS8 s t via C6rt FL. Total Due: S599.o1 a5 ot Novemb 9,2O17;ln wment No. 20160N 9S Public S29, 0.12asotNov 8, D6 Maxi 04250, M CO; Coun,FL Tolal Due: toMortga orbyd dR rd8d Regirt&ad Mai publication September 14, 2017; d8Krib8d No. 2017 13731 PubliG Records ol Orange County, 2017,im S11.66p6rd m; Mortgage ordad on Juna S11,4a5.46a5ofNov 8, irm dial y prior to Me to: 1042 COVE DR as:On6(1)VacationOw8 ip R ods ot Orange Coun , FL. Total Due: S9,189.57 as d6scrib6d a : OnB(1)Vatation 12, 2015; O.R. Book 10933 at 2017, inte rt S4.72 perd : d ionh t. NE, CAL AB T3K lnt ( ol ha ng a FL Total Due: .23 as ol ot November a, 2017, terast Own6nhip lme (vol Paga 5464 Public RaGods ot daKrib8d as: Ona(1)Vacation Obligo shallhavetha righl o 4P2, c Claim ot 77,0 R20,709,5 und ded S6p 14,2O17;d crib8d $3.84 per diem; d MbBd as: havin dg189,o 7o4,42o,o Otange CouW, FL. TDtal Du6: Ownership lnt Uol wrath6 d6tauW and anyjunior Len o on Nov lnt in all R8sid6n Un s as:One(1)Va ion ip One (1T Vacat n Owanhip und lm in all S16,5O8.79a5 olNovemb&8, having a 52,50 626,821, 0 li8nhold6r shall hev6 the rigM 10, 2017; ln ment No. localad in .BUILDING 1"; lnt vol having a lnterest ( vol h ng a sidantial un num 2017, rfe A S6.38 p diem: undlvidad lm in all to rad m ks int& up to 2017 16 6PublicR8to 5ot BIENNIAUalloc ad 154, 84, 86,803,5 undi d 52,500/554,257, und d6d 663 71, 673 7B, 763-771, d Mb6d a5:On8(1)Vat ion id6mial unrts nu ed 8d BM8tw aai suaslhe O nga CouW, FL Tot Du6: Points a5 d6Rn8d in M6 lnte in Un 5 nu lntere5t in all derm& unh5 n3-T78, 863-871, 8T3-878, Ow&ship lm6 (.vol2 101-1 . 10&110, 201-2,Bificat6 ol Sala by pa ngth6 S784.73 as ot Augu 29. 2017; Daclaratlon tor use in MN M16, M17, 3318, N19, numb 147, 1 8, 1#152, 3-971, 973-978, 1 J ha ng a 1 ,0 R20,7 ,500 208-210, 212-214, 216222, ms du6aso lin6dintha bad a : Ona (1)Vacation ea s). N2O, 4416, 4417, 441B, 4420 154-162, 24T-252. 2#262, 1071, 1073-1078 lo in und ded lm in all 301-3,308-310, 312-314, inaparaqraphs. ip lm ( ol AN p REILLY, No ot lotalad in WLLAGE cENnR 347-352, 354-362, 447-452, "BUILDING 4, PHASE ; R tial Un 5 loB6d in 316322, 4014,408410, BCNJN s 8-N0S having a 154, 25.592, D6tauW and lnt6m to F s6 PANSION"; BIENN U 454-462 located in BUILDINO ANNUAUallocated 189,0 Building enthled BUILDING 412-414, 4164w locat in MayU;JuM1, 16 und ided lm in Unhs s6m via C8 ifi i &Bd lo ted 168, 0 Poims as 3, PHASE lll"; BIENNIAU Polnts as d6ned in tha 1"; BIENNIAUallocated 8UILDING 6, PHASE N ; L166525 numb& 501-5,50&510, Mai publit ion to: 25 d6fin in M6 D laration tor allotated 105,000 Poink as Datlaration tor usa in EACH 210, 0 Points a5 d6fin8d in BIENNIAU local6d 1,512-514, 516522, 601 06, NWON RD, HAUPPAUGE, useinODDy ). dehned in lhe Decla tion tor y6a 5). theDa ar ionforuseinODD Poims as definad in Me 608-610, 612-614, 616-622, NY 11788-1&46; Cl m ofLan MARKNJ BIGG andTRACEY use in ODD y8a s). ABDU MAN AU yea s). D la tion tor usa in ODD NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 701-706, 708-710, 712-714, recodedonNovember9,2O17; J BIGGS, Notica ol D6tauW KARENCOU. NoliceotD&auN ALGHAMDI and SAMIA WUY QUACH, JENNIFER y6a s). snLE 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, ln ment No. 20170613766 and lntem to FoBlos8 sent and ln enl lo F lose sem QASEM o. ALGHAMDl, nEu and MICHAEL DANG, SANDRAFABIOLACALDERON NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, 812-814 816-822 located in Public ReGod5 of Orang6 via Cerfi edlRegiste d MaiU via ce m 6gi 6r8d MaiU Notic6 of DetauW and lntentto Notica olDetauW and lntent to CALVO and MAR BE th Gasdith Stanton Ea y, BUILDING 6, PHASE N"; County, FL. To al Due: 8657.23 public ion to: WILMARIE publication o: 1836 s 2nd St Fo&lose sem via c6rtm6dl FoBlo 8 s6nt via Certifiadl CALVO VDA DE CALDERON. P.A, 1601 w. Colonial Dr ANNUAUallocated 154,0o0 as ot September 14, 2017; CHATHAM RD, MAIDSTONE, Apt 1, Philadelphia, PA 1914& R6gista d MaiUpublication R6gi 6 d MaiUpublicalion Notice ot DefauH and lment to O ando, FL 32804, as T 86 Points as d6fin6d in the destribed as: Ona (1) Vacation KENT ME14 AY. ENGLAND; 1936; Morfgaga racordad to: - owad, Jeddah, o: 12 Annis Ct, BocMon, For8clo58 at via amedl in Me Appointment r oded Daclaralion tor use in EACH Own6nhip lnt6 st ( vol Claim ot Len racoded on on July 14, 2016; ln wmant VA 23466, Saudi ia: MA 02301-2307; Mortgage Regi &ed MaiUpublication O.R. Book 10666 at Page yea s). having a 84,0 T35,459, 0 Nov6mb8r 9, 2017; ln wmanl No. 201 60360843 Public Mortgage Bod8d on June r6corded on November 23, to: Av6 Herfor Om ch6a 9238 otth6 Public Racords ot SUNNY lsus vAcAnoN undivid6d lnta in Unhs No. 2017 13732 Public Records of O nga Coun,26, 2014; O.R. Booh 10765 at 2015: O.R. Book 11016 at 4770, Obrajes, La Paz, Orange County, Florida, will sall CLUB, UC, Notice ot DetauW numbered 901-906. 908-910, Recods ot Oran Coun , FL. Tot Dua: $8,347.55 as Pag6 2183 Public Retods ot Paga 9421 Public R ords ot Bolivia; Mortgage Bo 8d on public Aurfion to the highest and lntent to For6clos8 sent 912-914, 916-922, 1001-1006, FL Total Due: 31.26 as of November 8, 2017, inter t Orange Coun,FL Tolal Due: Orange County, FL Tolal Due: D8c6mber 20, 201 6: lnstwment biddar ot u.s. funds. in cash or via certifi egistered Maill 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- ot Septembar 14, 2017; $3.12 pat di6m; d8Krib8d as: 827,462.83 as ot Nov ber 8, $14,308.52 as ot November 8, No. 201 6 28 Public ifiad nds only. on Juna 19, publication to: c o JONATHAN 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, destrib6d as: Ona (1) Vacation One (1) Vacation Owenhip 2017, im e 81 1.32 per diem; 2017, inte st S5.12 per diem; R ods of O nga Coun . 2018 at 9:05 am, at Gasdith CARCASSESS, REGlsnRED 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, Ownership lnterest ( vol") lnterest ("vol having a described as: Ona (1) Vacation deKrib8d as: One (1) Vacation FL Tolal Due: 811,427.85 as Sta on Ea P.A 1601 w. AGENT, 19201 COLLINS 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, having a 105,000/626,821,000 52,5001920,709,500 undivided Ownenhip lnte st ( Ol Ownenhip lnt6rest ( vol ) of November 8, 2017, inte Coloni Dr ando, FL328O4. AVE, CU-120. SUNNY ISUS 1212-1214, 1217-1222 lotated undivided lnt6 st in Unks lnterest in all Residential Unrfs having a 166,0001804,860,000 hav ng a 105,0001920,709,500 $4.72 per diem; described as: all right, thle and i erest in BEACH. FL 33180; Claim ot in "BUILDING 6, PHASE "; numbePd 101-106, 108-110, located in Building 6ntitl8d undivided lmerast in all undivided lnterest in all On6 (1) Vac ion Ownenhip the properfies listed below L6n recoded on November BIENNIAUallocated 168,000 201-206, 208-210, 212-214,