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Fern Park , Florida
June 1, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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June 1, 2018

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PAGE 4B . HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JUNE,2018 Se ice. wuTGAn LAKES FILE: EVEN, F ad WeeMixed Unk. 0 8tlh6 amounts secu d by loc ion .thereof: (2l Recod B LA NEEKA M GILBERT 1954, 28, EVEN, 1/2, Floating, fo hinthis notice alanytlme June 1, 8, 2018 2T . 2010-2017. S6. 799.96, $1.68; the lien. By: GREENSPOON the notic6 ot s e in the Public JACKSON 3725 Big Horn Ct 2014-2017, $6, 063.12. 81.56: befo the t ee.s sale of your L166965 Punuant o Sertion MARIBEL MARTELL NIEVES MARDER,LLP, T stee. Racods of ORANGE County, Ellenwood, GA 30294, 900, RICARDO LEPE 17 Yad St timesha inte st.ltyoudonot 721 .855. Florida at rtes, 124 Van Bu n St New B6dtod. WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF Florida: and (3) Publish a 966, 17, MN, 112,Season- Cran on, Rl 02920-2332, objert to the use ofthe t rtee e undenigned T stee as MA 02746- 1552, 1900, 1945, DEFnuLT hND INnNT TO copy ot tha notice of sale Flo Weak Float Unrt. 2014- 2100, 2115, 5, EVEN, 112,for losute procedu,you will NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S appoint8d by WESTGATE 28, EVEN. Fixed Wee Fwed FORECLOSE two (2) tin s, once each 2017,S4,718.36,$1.23: Season-Float Weekl Float not be subjerf to a deficiency SALE LAKES OWNERS Un,2010-2017, S6, 799.96, Own8 s)Add N Building Unh week, tor two (2) suGceMiv8 June1,8, 16 Unrt, 2014-2017, $6, 799.96, judgn nt even h Me ptoceeds NoncE ls HEREBY GINN, AMoclAnoN, INC. $1.68; STEVEN MARTEU 17 Week Year Usage OKupancy weeks, in an ORANGE County L1689O7 $1.68; MYRNA LEPE 17 hDmth8sal8ofyourti Bsha that GBsdick Stanton . me inaRe ref& d to as Court St Borton, MA 02108- TS Undivid6d lnte Saason nawspaper. p vided such a Yad St C n on, Rl 02920, inter a insuMcient to PA 1601 w. Colonial Dr ciation h&aby tom,2 1, 1900, 1945, 28, EVEN, Use Basis TS Phase Yean nawspaper exists at tha time 2100, 2115, 5, EVEN, 112, All ometthe unts secu d by O ando. FL 32804. as TWee notmes (See Exhibh A l Fixed W88M 6d Un,2010- O&inqu8nt ntP&Di6m ot publishi . N you fail to NontE OF DEF^WT ^ND S on-FloatWeaW Flo& Unh, the lien. By: GREENSPOON in the intB Pcold8d you a in de&W dueto your 2017,S6,T99.96.S1.68;MAR MAURICE A VIOLTON 35 Ru6 cure the d auW as set torfh INnNrTo FORECLOSE 2014-2017, S6, 799.96, S1.68; MARDER, L Twst66. at O.R. Book 10666 at Page lu topay t(5)du8 E AGUILAR 22137 PDsp cassi6nsl8clal saint-Epm, ln Mis notice or take o er WESrGATE LAWS FIU: RICARDO LEPE LOPU 25 Hull NIBrr n" - NOTICE OF 9238 otthe Publit R s ot r(S Mibk.A punuantto St Hayward, CA 1-2672. 97270 MARnNIQuE. 1,ap pri&e artion w h ga n . St Bava y, MA 01915-1454. DEF^ULT nND INnNT TO OrangeCouW,florida llsBl e ci ion' s pov ning 1,1967.23. ODD, noati . 1N1, 30, EVEN, 112, F ed, to this toBbsu m&Wer, you Punuant to S6 n 2100, 2115, 5, EVEN, 1 2,FORECLOSE at public Aurfionto e high docu nk ( ov ning 2011-2017. 6, 453.16, t1.7 ; 2014-2017, S3 150.46. to.92; risk losing owenhp ot your 721.8M, norida StaMes, s son-noat Weekl Float Owne s)Address Bullding UnW bidd or Dow and you now JOSE FLORES 1614 81 Ave JEANNrm LOPU CarBea tin shara lm6 rt Dugh me We undenigned T ae as Unrt, 2014-2017, S6. 799.96. w86k Year Usage OKupancy certm hndson ,onJune27, owe on (s M rf OaWand, CA 94621-2342, Ochoa 38 RT w3 hanlca, tw ea to bsu pDt8duR appoi ed by WESTGATE S1.68: SON K SALINAS Po TS Undlvided lnte rt Season 2018 at 9: am, at Gasdick A which um in udes 1 ,1967,23,0DD, ing, PR6N,15 ,1536,29,EVEN, 6rtablish8din&i0n721.855, LAKES OWNERS Box 99z1 T&ton, NJ o- Use Basis TS Phase Years Stamon Ea y, PA 1 1 w. im6la,| e,and 0 6r 2011-2017, t6, 453.16, S1.76; 1n, Flx,2 8-201T, 88, Florida Slat es. You may AMoclAnoN, INC. 1921, 22,2224, 20, MN, D8linqu8ntAnDuntParDI8m Co n IDr O ando,FL328,ch g . Add n im ROBERT BINQS TANYA I961.55.W. ;TYR0NE BR O choose to sign and send to 8 ina 6r B to as 1n.value season-noatw MARIADMUNOZ513Caldinal all right. m and ilrt8 rt in rmnu to w8 le 8 AINGAW581W&&yBranch 5019 Low6r Elm St Atlanta, the undenigned twrtea Me Association h y brm ly noal Unh, 2014-2017, $6, Manor New Braun ls, TX the pDp6rti lirted b&ow of(S Mibk.A p day.A Chu h Rd slamonsbu,NC GA 30349, 1700, 1T22, 25, enclosed obja lon brm, notmes (Sa6 Exhibk A that 7 .96, $1.68; PIETRO A T613O. 1T,1T21,34,EVEN, in o 6 Cowrfy. Fbnda br,br w anDm 2T863-9184, . 201 . 3T, ODD, 1 2, F 6d W86kfiix exe ising your ghtto obje you a in detauWduatoyour SALINAS65 Soa6Ct,Apt 1n, Flo ip, 201 2017, cormnuing nonpay m of e has s We MN, F a ng, 201 201T, Un . 2015-Z01T, t2, 859.38, to Ma u56 of tha t 86 ilu topayassessment(s)due D Bound 8Dok, NJ 5- S&, 799.96. 1.68; AGusnN periodic payT ms due u tol w ed t6, 799.96, t1.68: WE v So.9&; ANDREW DAVIS 357 toBlosu pDc u . Upon br(SeaExhibk.A pu uamto 2170, 2200, 2224, 20, WEN, G IERRU DA DJOSHUA the D gag6s d b in o GE Coun . norid BROWNll2O212 Munay Hills Rdg8 on6 Dr sw, Ma eWa, the undenignad twst68's the Associa ion' s qoveming 112,Value Season-FloatW GL IERRU 1812 Ro sl b&ow, as,ws: (S Mlbk A (SU HIB sl k, Ml 482w2129. GA 3,1T00, 1722, B6lptotyoursiqn8dobj8rtion documants ( oveming float Un,2014-2017, S6, B an.M 77 2. 1700, 1746, GLENDA J. sANnAGo A TN Sha lm8 WsllSEE 21 ,2114,21,MN,no ing, 25, ODD, 1n, Flxed Wee torm, tha to&osu of the Documa s and you now 799.96, $1.68: ALFONSO R 37,EvEN,1n,#lse n-Float MARRERO and LEOPOLDO HIB `A as defined in 201 2017, S6. NO.96, S1.65; F Unk. 2015-2017, g2, llen wWh sp6rttoth8 detauW ow6 AMociation (s86 Exhibh MARTINU,|,135 T erAve, Wee Flo Unh. 201 2017, SANT GO, Notice of De uW Fe Decl n of Covenank, LAWONN BROWN 115 959.38, $0.9&; DEBORAH L specmed in Mis notic6 shall A") whith amount includes San Antonio, m 78204, 2200, 86, 799.96, $1.68; VERNARD and lme to FoRclose at Condrtions and Re rirtions w Hildale Det rt, Ml 48203, FREELAND 500 Roarlng Run be subjerf to the judicial in e st,e tees, and other 2233. 29, ODD, 1 2. Floating. s MCPHEE NEVILLENE via c8rtm8dlRegi eRd MaiU for We gale Lakes |, O cial z1oo, 2114, 21, WEN, Floating, Ln Clearfiald, PA 16830-3168, foreclosu protadu only. chages. Addkional interest 2014-2017. 86, 453.16. $1.76; c MCPHEE 3 Ham er Rd public ion to: Po Box 6465. R8colds Book 5020. at Page 201 2017, $6, 530.96, S1.65; 1700, 1723, 29, WHOLE, 1, You have the right to cure conlinuas to accwe the te ISRAEL M PENALOZA 9530 Nassau. CR56716 BAHAMAS, San Juan, PR 00914-6465: 327, of the Public Recods ol ROY SHERMA MAUNICK 70. Fixed WeeklFixed Unk, 2013- your default in the manner set ot (See Exhibrf "A' per day. A Yea ing B nch Dr Hou on, 1700, 1762, 38, NEN, 112, All Mortgage r oded on Ortober Orange Coun florida (We Folden Lane Bugess Hill, 2017, S6, 802.82. &1.98; TODD torth in this notice at any time lien tor the atoresaid amount TX 77075-4832, 2200. 22N, Season-Float Wee Flo Unrf, 23, 2013; O.R. Book 10653 at Plan,and all ndmen (sl RH15 ODX ENGLAND, 2100, D FREELAND 310 Burchfield before the t stee's sale ot your has been Bod8d again the 29, ODD, 112, Floating, 2014- 2010-2017, $6, 799.96, $1.68; Page 8581 Public Recods ot he to, rf any. Together w 2122, 32, ODD, Fixed W W el Clearflald, PA 16830, timeshare interast. lfyou do not bllowing al properfy located 2017, $6, 453.16, $1.76; CICELY SCOTT 656 Rantha Orange Coun,FL. Tot Due: the right to occupy, punuant Fixed Un . 2011-2017, $6, 1700, 17z3, 29, WHOLE, 1, objart to the use of the ttustee in ORANGE CouW, Florida: JULIET DALRYMPLE 31 Rd, Apt 2 Belle Glada, FL 831.51o.o3 as of Augu 17, o the Plan. Bui ing-Unrtls) 453.16.$1.76;S0NIA E PERU Fixed WeeMixed Unrf. 2013- toreclosu proc6du,you will (Sea Exhibk A ESEE HIBIT Clarendon Rd Hemp ead. NY N43 4181. 1800. 1834. 20, 2017, int6P $13.33 per diem: (SEE HIBIT A,during CATALAN 71 Wanan S t Apl 2017, 86, 802.82, $1.98; not be subject to a deficienty "A") Tlme Share lmerest(s) (SEE 115#5303, 23,2314, 19, EVEN, 1 2, All Season-Flo d8Krib8d as:One(1TVatation Unk Weak(s) (SEE HIB 1 Stamto,CT 6902, 2300, EVELYN MATEO B MARIA judgmentevenitlhe pDc88ds HIBIT A") as defined in ODD, 1n, All n-hoat WPeWFb Unh, 201 2017. Ownenhip lnt (vol A . during AM ned Yea s) 2315, 48. NEN. A Sea n- SANTIAGO Urb.Lomas DelSol homthesale ofyourtimeshate the Decla tion ot Cov6nants, Weekl ho Unk, 2014-2017, $6,799.96,S1.68;LulsvEGAa having a 224. 01554,257, - (SEE HIB A . in Float Weekl Float Unh, 2010- Calle Casiopea N154 Gurabo, inte are insu tlen lo Condhions and Rermrtlons g6. 4N.16, $1.76; AINSW D VEGA16NSWTOthAve und ded lnte rt in unks ime Sha Plan (PDPWT 2017.S6,634.46.$1.68;KEvlN PR778,17OO,1744,29,EVEN, oWs&the unts setured by for Westgate Lakes |, O cial DALRYMPLE96 M6adow k Miami. FL 33155, 1800. 1842. num 147, 148, 150-152, Add s5 . As a 18wW of L KENNEY B TOI D KENNEY 112, Fixed, 2010-2017, S5, the lien. By: GREENSPOON R8Gods Book 5020, at Page Rd Hemprtead, NY 11550, 19, NEN, 112,Season-Floal 154-162, 247-252. 254-262. the afo tioned de uW, 3266 Fa n a W etPW bugh, 829.81,81.44;J0SEALBERT0 MARDER, LLP, Twstea. 327, otthe Public R8tolds of 2300, 2314, 19, ODD. 1 2, Week flo Unh, 2010-2017, 347-352, 354-362, 447-452, ANoci ion h&aby el s to PA152O4,23OO,2324,2O,ODD, LOZADA 5109 Golden Leat EXHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF Orange CouW, Fbrida he All Season-Flo Float S5, 912 $1.45; MADEUNE 4544&2loc ed in .BUILDING sell the p per punuant All n-noat Waakl Flo&t T Madlson, wl 53704-8940, DEFQULTAND INnNTTo Plan,and all d m(s) Unh, 2014-2017, S6, 453.16, M WILSON 1019 OdelB Cir 3, PHASE lll ; ANNUAU to S ion 721.855, Florida Unh, 2011-2017, 86, 028.67, 1700, 1745, 24, WHOLE, 1, FORECLOSE the to, rf any. Tog6h6r w h S1.76; BRENT B BEARDEN a Mcdonough, GA 302N, all ed 224. 0 Poims as StaM . Pl be advised $1.70; FRAT M IQBAL 40 s . Fix6d, 2014-2017, $6, og7.46, Owne s)Add ssBuildlngUnN tha ght to owupy, punuant JILL D BEARDEN Tlson 1 . 1911. 38, WHOU, 1, d8fin6d in e Daclara on tor thal in the antthat e debt Cole Ave 414, Spring.V&ley, S1.88; NORMAA DE vlGENn w66k Yeer U5ag8 OccupanGy to the Plan. Building-Unk(s) B nham, TX T7833, 2300, AW n-floa W Mb usa in EACH y8a s). owedtothe aionis not NY1 77 900,912.39, MN, 5109 Golden LaatTrlMadison. TS Und idad lnte rt Season (SEE HIB A,durinR 2316. 24. MN, 1 2, hoa ng, Unh, 2014-201T, t6, N2.59. BERNADrm MARIN and paidw inthirty-fiv&(3 days,Season-Float WaeW Float wl 53704-8940, 1700, 1T45. Use BBsls TS Phas8.Y6ars Unk Weak(s) (SEE HIB 2014-2017. S5, 912 $1.45; $1.88; AMIN H UNDSEY a ANDY R. MARIN. No ce of aW& Rc6ipt of the No,Un 2010-2017, g6, 799.96, 24, WHOLE, 1, F ed, 2014- Delinquant A Dunt Per .A,durin2Assigned Y s) DAMON GARRISON 3408 DEUHARN D CHAVIS 1425 De uW and lntemto Fo&lose the unden nad Tw S1.68; DIUP CHANDRAN 2017,t6,097.46.$1.88;WLA DiemNELYAVARELA JORGE - (SEE IB A . e in Cra AveCha oWe.NC28211- Bl r Bridge Rd 13o8 Au &|, sent via c6rtm8dlR8girt&6d shall p whh Me 2660 Aqua ne Bhd Apt4H SANTAMARIA 100 Chu hill RVARELA431OSW54thAve na Sha Plan pDpBr ) 1526, 24,2413, 2, OOD, GA 30168, 2100, 2112, 11, M Upublitalion to: 3927 w of me p Bs pDvided Mis5iMauga, ON UN3K4 Wey,RoyalPlm Bch,FI33411 Davle, FL 3M14, 1700, 1713, Add . A5 a suW ot 1 2, Fbatinq, 2014-2017, EVEN, 1n n-no& 83ld Sl, Chitago, IL 2- in in a on 721.655, norida CANAD 900,912,39.EVEN, 1700, 1745, 28, MN, 1n, 2,EvEN.1n, lsaason-Float 18 ato m tion d6 uW. S8, 458.32, .12; PAT C# W o& Un,2010-2017, 2919; Mo gage o ded on StaMes, e under gned,se -Fbe w kl no& F ed,2o -2o17,S8, 962.38, w Float UnW, 2014-2017, Association h&eby & b to A ABDULLAH SIMMONS $6, T . . S1.68: BIWE J April26,2O16;ln mentNo. T shall: (1) PDvd8 you Unh, 2010-201T. t6, 799.96, S2.O2;JUAN A MIUAN 1285 S6, 755.96, S1.68; DULYX sell e p purwant a MU ABDUUAH DERREBERRV 1 Ash ll6 201602 167PublicR o sot w wrmen noti otthe s&e, S1.68; DORIS J MUWNGS N Shoop Ave Wauseon, OH JACQUET EDNA JACQUET to &ion T21.655, norida SIMMONS 2257 FocM Ave RdSwannao4NC2877&3 4, Orang Coun ,FL Tot& Due: inGluding a d 6, and 5615 s T ve n Pam Ln T-1847, 1T,1745, 23 BaeGon S 2 Hyde Pa,Stabrf85. PI6as8 be advised lemow, PA 18104, 24 . 2100,2125 36,EvEN,1n, | g11,o26.1o as of Augurt 17, Bion r, (2) R T c, FL 33319 185, 28, EVEN, 1n, Fix6d, 2008- MA2136,1TOO,1713,8,ODD, atlnM88v8ntthat 8d6bt 2413. 47, WHOU, 1,n w Unh, 201T, inta g4.53 pardiam; M8notic6ofsa inth8Publit 900. 928, 27, w F ed 2017, S8, 2.3B, S2.o2: 1n, #| Season-hoa Weekl owedto e i nisnot n-Fbat FbalUnrt, 2010-2017, t5, 912. . S1.45; destribad as: One(1)V ion R8Golds ol ORANGE Coun,W ad Unrt, 201 2017, DEBORAH DACOSTAGOMU Floa Unk, 2014-2017, $4, paid wrminthir -five(35)day 2014-201T, g5, 5.36. S1.86; SEAN G 35 sp k Rd Owne hip lm e ( ol Fbrida; and ( ) Publish a $6, 7 .96, $1.68; DOLCIE 2 London Dr p m Coa,622.06, S1.38; YOLANDA M a & pt ot tha No,AUC EMERSON1OBamw&| Swannanoa, NC 287T&9237, havlng a 52,5 20,T09,5 py of the no ice of M AARON 1z Wlllo ch Dr FL 32137, 1700, 1763, 25, WILSON 201 Mar s St, Unrf the undenigned T LnWillingbo ,NJ ,24,21,2125. 36. MN, 1 2, und idad lnt6 st in,o (2) ti s, once each L onia.GA -17Q,WHOLE, 1, F 6d Mixed c New O eans, LA TO112- shall pmaed whh tha sale 2432.24.EvE n,Fbating,n-noal W klfloal Resid6nti& UnWs lot&ed ln w k, ror lwo (2) iva 937, 29, WEN, Fwed Unrt, 2015-2017, S2, 542.4&, 3378, 1700. 1713, 27. EVEN, ot Me PDp as pDvid8d 2014-2017,799.96, Unrf, 201 2017, g5, 912.00, 8UILDING 1"; BIENN U weeks,in an ORANGECounty Flwed Un,2010- 201T, t6, SO.8T; LUIS T A COSTA 1n, All n-Floal w kl in h &lon 721.855, nonda t1.68; RANDY J GARDNER a S1.45;KYAGRANT452 ken alloc&ed 105, 0 Polm5 Bs newspap&, pDvid8d Wth a 799. . 1.6&: J N GOMU NMC B way Float Unrt, 2014-2017, S6, StBbrf 5, w6 unde igned CANDIE Y GARDNER 15214 Rd heviHe. NC 2 -8741, daRned in e D laBion r &spap& exl s at the tin 2Q6 Pkwy NO DM. Apt23E N Yo ,NY1O 1, T99.96, S1.68; cHARLom Tru ee sh |: (1) PDvid8 you Jennings Lana MrtdelhllB, 21,2125, 36, EVW, 1n. use in ODD y8a 5). ot pu is n lt you el to GA 3-317O,9 ,937,29, 1700. 1763, 25, WHOLE, 1, J WOODS 8#s DARREL wrmwrm n otMa,MD2O721, ,926,W.W, #| n-no Mbat CAROLYN QUINTANA ROSA, tu ma da w as s& EVEN, F ed UnW, Fixed Mixed Unk, 2015- B s SR 1013 Hun r rd in udlng the data. t and 1n, Fbating, 2014-201T, S6, Unh, 201 2017, S5, 912. . NOtiG olD W and lm6ntto in li notite or e6 o l 201 201T,t6,T . ,t1.68; 2017,S2,542.46.S0.87;MAR Rd Be Cha es, LA 15,on t: ) R 7 .96, S1.68; VERN A L t1.45: p p MODY 28 FoBlos8 sant via B appDpri 8 a n wrth ald Ju 1,& 18 LLASENOR 3218.Fm 1m 1T,1T32, 10, NEN, 1,M6no ot5al8in aPubl PAmRsoN 2311 Holyald Black Ho Pl Pl ille, R &ed M UpubliBon to: to th osu . you L1 Royse W, TX T5189. 19,| n-F e w floa Raco s of ORANGE County. Ln rn,M T7493,9 ,934, NJ 08232-2855, a,2212, 4 lle Oviedo, Utb Totrimar, risk losing ow ip ot your 1923. z9, WEN, 1n, Fhed, Un . 2014- 2017,T99.9&, Florida; and I3) Publ h a 25, N. 1 2. Fbating, 2014- 39, MN. 1 n-F al Guaynabo, PR im& rough e 2012-2017. 4, 971.26, S1.32: t1.68; PEARL ROBINSON 850 Gopy ot the noliG8 ot s e 2017,g6.789.96,tl.68;ENIE W o Unk, 2014-2017, 3008; Mortgaga ld8d Wrt Blow p G8du NOW OF DEFAULT AND CAROUNE M RIOROAN a TupaoT ,Apt6Hinesvil ,GA two ) lin s, once each JEMIE 5 Ja n sl 2 W, 912 g1.Q5; s on S mb6r z7, 2016; I hed S nT21.855, INnNT TO FORECLON NEIL.A conEY 11 wlBmey, 31313-34u, 17,1733, 41, w k, for two (2) SUK8SS 6 Hou on,TX 77004-598T,HAYNES aANNrm YNES ln wm&rf No. 20160 F S &rtes. Vou y WESTGATE UK# nLL IRELAND, 19,1941, 25. MN, 1n,on-Float w ks,inan ORANGE Coun 9N,40,Evw,1n,h 3418 n8TopDriv6ValriGo,FL of Me Publ R8GOrdS ot dooseto 5 and to 2rm.0T 1 ODD, 1n, F ed W bed w Floal Unh. 2014-2017, n spaper, pDvid sud a Floal w w Float Un,2014-' 33594, w,2215, 20, MN, Orange Coun ,FL Tot Due: la und s 68 Pu uant to n Unrt, 201J201T, S1. 593.N. 6, 799.96, S1.68; MARION newap exl s & the ti B 2017,W,641.21,t1.43: 1w,S n-float w t7.&69.o2 Bs ot Augu 17, closed objec on rm. 721.855, horida,O.N; MAURICE VIOLTON 35 ROBINSON 186 CDSS c ot publishiRlf you f,to JUM1,8, I8 Fbat Un 2014-2017, S6. 2017,inte S3.3& perdi&n; exe sing yow rigMto oQ e urd&sged Tw as Rua C s n Ste Clal s m- D Midway, GA 31320-3920, cure the d6 w as s& to h L1 6 799. .S1.68;MERYEs0T0a d G b as:ona(1)v eon to e uge or a Ourt appo rted by wEsTGAn Espm, 9T270 NIQUE. 17,1TN. 41, EVEN, 112, in this notica or take o AIDA SAWGO Urb Jardines hip lnt&e (vol losu pDc8du . Upon LAWS . OWNERS 1 0. 1943. 30, ODD, 1n Saason-Flo w Float appDp 8 artion wM ga . De Pue o Box 4505 8elkys St having B 52, 554,25T. 18 und 5gn8d tw ae's Asm noN. INC. Fwed, 20|3-2D T. 84, T .3O. Un,2014-201T, S6. T .96, to lhls b&losu maner, you NoncE OF DEFAuLTnND Cabo Rojo, PR 623, 22,2223. und d6d lma i unrts &&plofyows ob on e n t(o as t1.38 MICHAEL G CONNER 1.68; MICHAEL J CORP 15 sk losing own8Rhip of your INrENT TO FORECLOSE 9. EVEN. 1n Season-Float nu 14T, 148, 1#152, rm, tha ol Me .Asmiat n h& by lmB a UNDA A CONNER PO.8ox Lak8sid6 Ave Mechanicville. limesha int thDugh the wuTGnn LAKES hLL Wa6Mbat Unrf, zo14-2017, 154-1&2, 247-252, 2#262. lienwkn sp tothede uw 6s (Sea Mibrt A & 690 Moriar,NM 87035- NY 12118-,1700, 1762, hurtae foBlo9u pDt8du 2T .0T01 S6, 799. . 21.68; nMIEKA L 34T-U2, >54-362, 447#2, ed in th nol e shall you a in W duet your,19,1964, 24, ODD. I6,0DD. 1n. lseason-Float astablishedinSartionT21.855. Pursuanr to & n ILL MS 2a3Pa r.R rQ 2 4544&2loc&edln 8UILDING be subj lo the jud i t lu to t(:ls)dua 1n, F,2015-2017, S4, Wee Float Unrt, 2014-2017, .Flo da St&rt6s. You may, 721.855, Flo da StaMes, Newatk,NJO71 -1282,23OO, 3, PHASE lll"; 8lENN U to losu p u on . fot(S ibk A punwa to 425.08,$0.96;SAM JACKSON 86, 150.T6, $1.72; LATOYA choose to s n and eend to the und6rsign8d Twstee as 2312, 32, EVEN, 1 2. noaliS, all ed 1,0 Poims as Vou have th6 rigM to wl8 6 mi n' s gov ing JR 291D Hill Ave T on, GA M MYERS M1 E Lnden St lha und6nign8d t Aee the appointed by wEsTGAn 2014-2017,S5,912.00,81.4 ; deRned in e Oe ar ion 1or ur lauWin e n a ts ( Go ing 31T94-5810, woo, 2244, 22, Kanne Square, PA 19348- enclosed objertion torm, LAKES OWNERS SIDDEEQ a WIU MS 115 u ln ODD y 5). rmin M noke at&nyti Dowwb and p now ODD, 1n, Fwed W M ed 2910, 1T00. 1762, 16, ODD, exe istng yourrigMto objert AssoclAnoN, INC. My le St Ctan,NJ OT1O6- LAWRENCE E SM H JR and b8 th8bu 66'ss&8ofyour owa n (Sae Mibk Unh, 2013-2017, 86, 143.17, 1n,n-no Wae to the use ot Me t Aee mereinawet rete to as 32M, 2300, 2312, 32, MN, KATHRYN L SM H, Notice of a im .ltyoudonot A ich amou includ S1.o9; MAXSIMO c TORRES Float Unk, 2014-2017, S6, to closu p cedu . Upon Association he by fon IW 1n, Floallng, 201 201T S5, De uwandlntemto FoBlosa obj to aus6ot I8 urt88 im&,| e,and oth a BLANCA T TORRES 63s 150.76, 81.72; MICK p DAnv Me undenigned twstea's not es (Sea Ewhlbh A Mat 912. ,S1.45;R0BBYAL0TT sent vla certm agirt &losu u . you,ch&gas. Addhion inte rt Esp8Bza Dr Bosque Farms, 150NSpringStW2Bloomfield, cgiptofyoursignedobjerflon ou a in deteuW dueto your a ROSANN s LOTT 711 North M pub c lonto:18935T not ba sub to a d8fiG cormnuesto aKw8 atQe rate NM 8T068-9703, 2200, 2245, NJ 7003, 1900, 1932, 25, torm, the lo clowre ot the lurato payass8Nm8nt(s)du8 8th St Vand ia, IL62471, 2300. Dr, oshen, IN 46528-8114: judgm tev rfthe s ol(S Mibh A p& day.A 38. WHOU. 1, Fixed w EVEN, 112,Season-Float lien wkh resperftothe d&ault tor(SeeExhibit A. pursuantto 2N2. 20. EVEN. 1 2. va e Mo gage d6d on May homMa otyour meshare lien tor w6 ato sad anDunt F ed Unh, 2014-2017, $5. w Float Unrt,-2014-2O1T, specified in this notice shall the Asgociation' s qoaning Season-Flo WeeMloat Un , . 29,2013: O.R. Book 10576 al inte a insu cient to has beenr again the 3 .30, $1.62; WA BUTLER $6,655.96,$1.68; ROBERT w be subje to the judicial docu Bnls ( ov&ning 2014-201T, 86, 799.96, 81.68; Page N94 Public R od ol oRBMe a Dunts ecu d by tolbwing al p per c ed 618 Avenue z Birmingham,AL HOBBS a ROBIN E HOBBS fo closu p cedu only. Document ") and you now AMNERYSVDAVILARr12Bow Orange Coun,FL Td Due: th6 lien. By: GREENSPOON in ORANGE County, Florida: 35214, 26,2637, 26. NEN, 316 Abshire Cir Ardmo,OK You have the ght to cu owe Association (See Exhibk 9726 Bayamon,PR 956,24 , $22.303.28 as ot D mb 15, MARDER, Tw ee. (See Exhib A ISEE H8 112, Fixed Wee F ed Unk, 73401-6941, 1900, 1935, 35, yourdetauW in the mann r set A") which amoum includas 2413. 27, EVEN, 112, Floating, 2017, int& S7.43 per diem; HIBIT A" - NoncE OF A fime MaP lnt8Rst(s) (SEE 2012-201T, $4, 165.36, $0.95; NEN, 112, All Season-Float forth in this notice at any time interest, late tees, and oth6r 2014-2017, 86, 799.96, $1.68; d tribed as: One (1) Vaca on DHnuLr AND INTENT TO QHIB A as dafin in ANA L RWERA PO Bow 219 Weekl Float Unrt, 2014-2017, betorethetrustee'ssaleotyour chagas. Addhion& inta st ANTONIO D WILKES 218 Owne hip lm8l8 ( ol FORECLOSE the Declaration of Covenants, Manali, PR 674, 900, 918, 30, $6, T99.96, $1.68; ULIANA tim6shar8 interest. lt you do nol contlnues to acc e at the rate Hillc rt Ridge camon, GA having a 464, 0 826,821,0 Owe sTAdd u Building Unk Condkions and Rerm ns ODD, 1/2, F ed WeaMixed LoNDoNoaJosEvBuRGos objecttothe use otthatrustea ot (See Exhibk "A perday. A 30115. 900, 927, 4, EVEN. 112, und ided lnte rt in unks W k Year U5ag6 Otcupancy r Wa gate Lakes |, O ci Unk, 2015-2017, 81, 081.00, 13969 86th Ave Jamaica, breclosu procedu,you will lien for lhe ato said amount #| Season-Float Mloat nu 101-1,10&110, TS Und d lnt S6ason Reco s Book 5020, at Page $0.46; KEVIN,MURRAY 256 NY 11435, 2200, 2214, 37, notbe subje to a d8fici6ncy has b68n dad ag n th6 Un,2014-2017, S5, 912 0, 201-2,208-210, 212-214. Use Basis TS Phase Yean 327, ot the Public Reco s ol Wainwright Ave Staten lsland, EVEN, 1n, All Season-Float judgment even ilthe p ceeds tollowing al proper loc ed S1.45; naulLA L RANSBY 216222, 301-3,30&310. D&inqu t unt Per Diem O nge Coun,Florida ha NY 10312, 900, 922, 1, EVEN, Weekl Float Unit, 2014-2017, fDmth8 sale ofyourtim6sha in ORANGE County, no da: 1465 Mid BDadw8N, Apt 312-314, 316-322. 401406, DARA K NOLAN 15781 sw Plan,and all amandment(s) 1 2, Fixed WeeM ed Un,$6, 755.96, $1.68: WENDY int8 5t are in5umt nt to (SeeExhibk A' (SEE HIB 4304 ph a, GA - 408-410. 412-414, 416422 106 h n Miami, FL 33196- M6Bo, rf any. Togeth& wrth 2014-2017,S3,150.46.$0.92; D BEAUGU 36 Mantilly Ter o sel the amounts secured by A' Tlme Sha lnte (s) (SEE 1194, 900, 927. 4, EVEN, 112. localed in BUILDING 6, 4243,1700,1713,4Q,WH0U, Me right to ocwpy, punuant Ju 1,8, 18 Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520, he lien. By: GREENSPOON HIBIT A") as dafined in All Season-Float. WeaMloat. PHASE vl"; ANNUAUalloged #| Saason-Float Wee Float to the Plan, Building-Unkls) . L 166905 2200, 2216, 10, EVEN. 112, MARDER, LLP, Twstee. the Declaration of Covenants, Unh, 2014-2017, S5, 912.00, 464,0 Point5 a5 defined in Unrf. 201 201T. 85, 995.36. ISEE HIB A,during All Season-Floal Weekl Float NIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Condrfions and Rerfnrf ns 81.a5; KIM8ERLY R TAYLOR theDecla tion rusainEACH 81.88: JUUO E ARJONA Unk W k(s) (SEE HIB Unk, 2014-201T, $6, T99.96, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO tor W8 gat6 Lakes |, omcial 220 w Mcarthur Dr Oklahon yea s). 20723 Summ& Swaet Ter A,during ANign8d Yea s) NOTIV OF DEFAULTAND $1.68: GERALD J BEAUGU FORECLOSE Retods Book 5020, al Paga c y, OK 7311 5520. 900. TOMAS GARC RUIZ and G town, MD 20876, - (SEE HIBIT "A . e in INTENT TO FORECLOSE 311 Seventh St Bay St Louis, Owne s)Address Bullding Unrf 327, ot the Public Retods ot 938, 4, EVEN, 1n,S6ason- ROSA EUNA RODRIGUQ 1700, 1752,29,0DD,Floaling, fin Sha Plan (PDp8l ) WUTGATE LAKES FILE: MS 39520-2219, 2200, 2216, Week Year Usage OKupancy Orange County, Florida he Float wee no Unh, 2014- MONTANO, No ce ot DetauW 2011-2017, $6, 453.16, $1.76; Add ss . As a .&uW ot 2T669. T . 10, EVEN. 112, All Season-Floal TS Undivided lnt&e Season Plan,and all amendment(s) 2017, S5, 912.00, S1.45; and lntem to FoBlos8 sem ENGELBERT z DIOSO 6 the afo mentioned d&ault, Punuant lo Se ion Weekl Flo Unit, 2014-2017, Use Basis TS Phase Yean lheBo, rf any. Tog6th8r wkh WADE JONES B VAUNCIA M via certm egirte d Mai MICHELLES ROSELLODIOSO ANociation he by ele s to 721.855, Florida St& es, $6, 799.96, $1.68; JOSE v DelinquentAmountPerDiem lhe rigM to ocwpy. puRuant JONES 1101 7 F Ave w6 Apt public ion to: 5235 Polk c y 9816 Nonae Drive O ando, sell Me Prope y puRuant the undersignad Twstee as ROMO JR a MEDAIDA ROMO JACQUELINE w PERRY 408 to the p n. Building-Unrf(s) 1-2 Birmingham, AL 35204, Rd. H nes c y, FL 33844- FL 32832, 18,1812, 27, to Settion 721.855, Florida appointed by WESTGATE 4207YveweDrPha m78577, G ntham Rdlrmo, sc 2,(SEE HIB A . during 900. 938. 39. EVEN, 1n, All 66 : Mortgage &oded on NEN, Fixed WeaMixed Unk, Statutas. Please be advised LAKES OWNERS 2200, 2226, 18, NEN, 112rAll .1700, 1745, 31,WH0LE, 1,All Unrt W68k(s) (SEE HIB Season-Flo& W86Mloat Unk, August 29, 2016; lnrf ment 2010-2017, $6, 799.96, $1.68; Wat in the evant that the debt ASSOCIATION, INC. Season-Flo Weekl Float Season-Float Wee Float Unrf, "A,during ANign6d Y6a s) 2014-2017, 86. 829.94. 81.68; No. 20160454350 at Page CECIUAICARRANZA16O6NW owadtothe Associationis n ereinaWer fened to as Unk, 2014-?017, 86, 755.96, 2014-2017, $5, 979.78. S1.88: - ISEE HIB A . me in MARUNE PomNGER 11771 Public Recods of O nge 21 1806NW21 StBoynlon paid wWhin thlrty-five (35) days Associalion.') he by formally $1.68: GERALDINE A GAUS KIMBERLY K me Sha Plan (P par ) WestAllantic Blvd N4-33 Cor Coun,FL Tota,Due: Beatn, FL 33436-2823, 1800, aWer c pt of lhe Notite, notmes (See Exhibk "A that 164 Scenic Dr Bard own, KY wrmlN 3670 Daemongale Address . As a suW ot spnngs, FL NO71, 900, 946, $13,158.99 as of December 15, 1816, 25, EVEN, All S8a5on- th6 undenigned Trustae you ara in defauW due to your 40004-2177, 2300, 2313. 25, Dr E Saginaw. Ml 48601, 1800, the aforementioned de uW, 47, EVEN, 1 2, All Season-Flo 2017, int&ert 85.42 per diem; Flo Wee Float Unh, 2010- 5hall pmeed w h Wa sale failu topayaM8Mment(s)du8 EVEN, 112,Season-Float 1812, 41, EVEN, 112, Fixed AMociation he by ele s to WeeWFlo Unk, 2014-2017, described as: One (1T Vacation 2017. 86, 799.96. $1.68; LUIS of the p perty as pDvid8d f (See Exhibh A punuantto Wae Floal Unit. 2014-2017, WeeklF ed Unrf, 2014-2017, sell the PDp8r pu uant 86, 799.96, 81.68: LERAK Ownanhip te lvol FREDY F ANAYA 11 Chelsaa in in S6rtion 721.855, Flo da the Association' s governing $6, 755.96, $1.68; KELLY L $6, 815.57, 81.68; OMAR o to Sertion 721.855, norida ROJAS 8880 old Wngs Rd having a 52,5001613,176,000 Ln Boynton Beath, FL 33426- Statrtas, the undanigned documents ("Governing GEBHART 344 Meadowood cALDERoNaoFEL J Statutes. Please be advised Sorth Unrf 14 Jatksonville, FL undivided lntePst in unks 7765, 1800, 1816, 25, EVEN, Twstee shall: (1) PDvid8 you Documents and you now Road Louisville, KY 40229, SCROCHl DE CALDERON that in the event the debt 32257, 900, 954, 20, EVEN. 1n, numbe d 547-552. 554-562, All Season-Float Wae Float with wrmen notice of the sale, owe Association (S68 Exhibh 2300, 2313, 25, EVEN, 112,Calle 10 #21-30 Segundo Piso owed to the Asmia on is not All Season-Float W Mloat 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, Un,2010-2017, $6, 799.96, including tne date, tin and "A' which amounl includes Season-Float Wee Floal Unk, Ba io Obre San Crirtobal- paid whhin thirfy-five (35) days Un,2014-2017, $6, 799.96, 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, $1.68; JAMES E WINGFIELD location th6 ot; (2) Reco interest, late feas, and o her 2014-2017, $6, T55.96, $1.68; Edo-Tachira, VENUUELA, a er &eipt ol the Notice, $1.68; PENNY J STANW Po 949, 950, 954-g56, 959, 2635 s Paca St 8aWimore, MD the notice of5al8 in the Public ch ges. Addrfional int8 5t VERONICA c GONZALU 1900. 1912. 38. ODD, 112, the undenigned Twrtee Box 832 Granbvilla, 26147- 960 loc ed in BUILDING 21230-3067, 1800, 1843, 29, Racords of ORANGE Coun,continuestD aKw8 a therale 10227 Ki vale Dr Houston, F edWeeM edUnk,2O14- shall p wrfh the s e 0832, 9,965, 9, EVEN, 1 2, 3, PHASE lll"'; BIENNIAU ODD. Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, Florida; and (3) Publish a of(See Exhibrf A p6rday. A TW 77089. 2300. 2313. 37. 2017. $5. 862.74, $1.65; of the p per as p vided All Season-Float W Mloat allocated 105, 0 Points as 2011-2017. 86. 453.16, 81.76; Gopy of tha notice ot s e lien for the ato said unt EVEN, 112, All Season-Float ENOL THOMAS 2298 s in in &ion 721.855. Florida Unk, 2014-2017. g6, 799.96, defined in Me Declaration for VKTOR E LOPU a ELVIS J two (2) tin s, once each has been &oded againstthe Weehl Float Unh, 2014-2017, Kenton Way,Auroa,CO 80014 Statrtes, F8 undenigned 81.68; DusnN R SHELLEY use in ODD yea s). MIJARES Urb Tiuna, a San week, tor two (2) succeuive following al p p& located $6, 755.96, $1.68; GEO Nl a BERNICE THOMAS 2849 Tn rfee rn |: (1) p vide you 8362 Sob& Rd Fowle ille. All, wkhin the Condominium Judas Tadeo Av. Principal weeks. in an ORANGE Coun in ORANGE County, Florida: BLANCO a JANET FARIGOLA Milwalkee St Denver, co wrth wrmen notice olthe sale, Ml 6-9319, 9,965, 9, Proper submm8d lo 18 Ma cay-E ado Aragua, nawspaper, p vlded sucn a ESee Exhibk A (SEE WHI8lT 8073 W36lhAveApt6 Hialeah, 80205. 1900. 1913, 34, EVEN, including the date, time and NEN: 112, All Season-Float m85ha Plan of FAIRFIELD VENUUELA, 1800, 1844, newspap& 8xist5 tha time A TimB Sha lnte (s) (SEE FL 33018, 2300, 2315, 31, 1n. Fbating, 2014-2017, location theRor, (2) Record WeeklFlo Un,2014-2017, ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK 34, ODD, Fixed Wee Fixed of publishinq. lf you t,to HIB A as defined in EVEN, 112, All S6ason-Float $6, 745.12, $1.68; JOSE DE the notice otsalein e Public 86,799.96,81.68; RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM Unk, 2011-2017, $6, 453.16, cu the deauw as s& to h the Datlar ion of Covenanls, Weekl Float Unh, 2014-2017, JESUS PINEDA GunERRu R ords ot O NGE County, Jun 1,8, 18 (meResortFacil y ,log&he $1.76; JOSE R ESPINOZA 6 in this not[ce or lake har Condrfions and Rertri ions $6, 755.96, S1.68; DORIS a SARA cRlsnNA LOPU norida; and (3) Publish a L166 9 whh lappurtenancasMa to, MA CRUZ ESPINOZA 1508 appDpri 8 a ion wM raga tor w8 g 6 Lakes |, omGial SEKI1595B&twood Rd Bay oRnz Lago Michigan 227 copy ot the notice ot sale atcolding and 5ubj to the LajPinoscT.DalasTx752116 to this fo&losu B&, you Retods Book 5020, Page Shora, NY 11706, 2300, 2323, Fluvial valarfa Puerto Vallarta. two (2l ti s, once each Detlaration of Condominium JUAN M HERNANDQ 1252 risk losing owenhip ot your 327, ot the Publit Re ods of 45, NEN, 1 2.#ISeason-Float J iKo, M ICO, 19,1915. week. for two (2) Succ8Niv8 NoncE OF DEFnuLT AND br Faimeld O ando Bonna Cedar Cr Drive Mesqu a, ti sha inte thDugh the Orange Coun,Florida he Weekl Float Un,2014-2017, 1T, ODD. 1 p Season-float weeks, in an ORANGE Coun INTENT TO FORECLOSE C ek Reso a Condon nium" m 75149, 1900. 1918, 32, t rfee to&losu p G8du Plan,and all amendment(s) $5, 421.16. $1.42; LATOYA T We6 Float Unk, 2014-2017, n spaper, pDvid8d suth a me,at Di8Myb re ded on June 8, 2004 in NEN, Fixed WeeM ed Unk, establishedinSertion721.855, therato, rf any. Tog6her wrth SAUNDERS B BRIDGrm A $5, 882.72, $1.65; ANGEL newspaper exi s & the time Wll s Lodge: omcial Retords Book 7475, 2010-2017, S6, T99.96, $1.68; Florida Statutes. You may the right to oKupy, punuant CARIWRIGHT 36 Arawack R ALVAUE C le Leon F 19. ot publishing. lt you tail to 41&N. Page 881. et seq, Public ESPERANZA HERNANDU Ghoos8 to sign and sand to to h6 Plan, Building-unms) LaneAptNo2F eport,F42443 Vlllacontesa, Bayamon. PR cure he d&auH as s6| lo h Punuant to &ion Recods of Orange Coun . 1419 WoWe c y DrG ville, e und6nign8d t 86 th6 (SEE HIB .A,durin BAHAMAS, 2400, 2415, 11, 00956 a NA M PEUOT AE8 in lhis notice or take oMer 721.856, Florida Sta es, Florida. as h8 to R or m 75401-2109, 1900, 1918, enclosad obi ion rm, Unrf k(s) (SEE WHIBI MN. 112,Season-Flo Calle Gladys. BayanDn. PR appDpnate action wkh gad the undenigned T ae heRa er ded(coll8rf 8 . 32. EVEN. F ed W Fixad exercising your right to objert A,during Assigned Year(s) Wee Float Unrf, 2014-2017, 00959, 1900, 1945, 50, EVEN, to this foBlosu maWer, you as aPpointed by MONERA the Declar ion . Being the Un,201 2017, S6, 799.96, to e use of the bu - (SEE WHIBfr A . m&ein 86. 799.96, S1.68; MARY M . 1 2, Flxed WeeM ed Unk. risk losing ownenhip ot your FINAN IAL INC e ina ar exart same p per conveyed $1.68:R0BERTETALIAFERR0 to&losure pmedu . Upon Tlme Sha Plan (PDp8 y) SMALLS a QUATANAH M 2014-2017, $S, 799.96, $1.68; timesha inte through the Rt8r d to as Mone '.) toMortgagorbydeedRcoded a LAURA TAUAFERRO 85 the undenigned tw ee.s Add ss . As a suW ol cHlsHoLMaDENlsEsMALLs RAKSMEY K DERIVAL 380 t ee fo closu p cedure he by formally notifies you immediate prior to the Un s y St ion Cir Apt 1512 B8iptotyoursign8d obje ion the abrememioned defauW, a ALEXANDRIA SMALLS 112 Riverside St Lowell, MA 01854- established in Section 721 .855, that you hava def Wed under Rcodation heraot. Apl1322 Cha o e. NC 28269. torm, the tor b5ur6 ol the A5soci ion ha by ele s to We 60lh St & Savannah, 1739, 1900, 1953, 28, EVEN, Florida Statutes. You may the Note and Mortgage by Obligon shall have the right to 1900, 1938. 26. ODD. Fixed lien w h spert to the de uW sell lhe Proper punuant GA 31405, 2400, 2426. 48, 1/2. Fixed WeeWFixed Unk, choose to sign and send to failing to make the payment cu the de uW and any junior WeeMixed Unh, 2011-2017, specmed in this noti shall to Sec ion 721.855, Florida WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float 2014-2017, $6, 799.96, $1.68; the unde igned tw ee the due on (See Exhibrf A and lienholder sh,have the right $6. 453.16, $1.76; GEORGE be subjert to the judicial Stat es. Please be advised Weekl Float Unit, 2014-2017. BORY KEM 6 DARITH DETH entlosed objaction form, all subsequent payments. to Rdeem rts inteP up to PAGAN 7249 66th St Glendale, to closure pDc8du on . lhat in the avant that the debt $5, 995.36, $1.88; ALFREDA L 200 Branch St. Apt 1, Lowell exercising your right to objact You cu ently owe Monera the tha date the t stee iMues the NY 11385-6931. 1900. 1942. You have the right to GU owed to the AssoGiation is no LEE a ERIE w SMITH P.O Box MA 01851, 1900, 1953, 28, lo the use ot the t ee amount of (See Exhibrf A'.) certmtate ol S e by paying the 50, EVEN, Fixed WeeklF ed your defauW in the manner set p d whhin lhirty-five (35) days 683 momasville, GA 31799, EVEN, 1, Fixed Wee F ed foreclosure p cedure. Upon wkh intarest acc ing at the amounts due as o lined in Me Unk. 2010-2017. $6. 669.96, torth in is notice at any time aWer &eipt of the Notice, 2400. 2432, 22. EVEN, 1/2, All Unrt, 2014- 2017, $6, 799.96. the undersigned tw5tee's rate ot (See Ewhibit "A.') per p&eding paragraphs. $1.68; JEANmE PAGAN 1920 befoRthetwstee's sale otyour the undekigned T stae Season-Float WeeW Floa Unit, $1.68; ANNY B DIN 173 Schod receipt ot your signed objerfion day, wkh ragard to the tollowing BC NJ NOS 0618-B - NOS Stanhope St, Apt 2 Flushing. timesha int8 5t. lf you do not shall protaed w h the sale 2014-2017. $5, 345.53, $1.40: St #1 Lowell. MA 01854- form, he foreclosure of the real p perty lotated in Orange June 1,8, 2018 NY 11385-1236, 1900. 1942. obje to the use ot the tw ee of tne Property as provided COLIN R BROWN 112 Brick 3252, 1900, 1953, 28, EVEN, lien wrth respert to the defauW County, Florida: An undlvided L 166930 50, MN, F ed WeeMixed toRclosure p c8duR. you will in in Section 721.855, Florida TE East Stroudsbg, PA 18301- 1/2, Flxed WeeMixed Unrf, specified in this notice shall (See Exhibk "A") inte stTs) in Unh. 2010-2017. 86, 669.96, nol be subjert to a deficiency Stat es, the undenigned 9344, 900. 911, 2, EVEN, 1/2, 2014-2017, $6, 799.96. $1.68: be subjert to Me judicial Un (s) (See Ewhibk "A of me $1.68; ELIZA8ETH E MARTEU judgmenl even rf the pDceeds Twstee shall: (1) Provide you All Season-Float Week/ Float JOHN p WO THY a VICKIE L foreclosure procedure only. Villas at Disney's WildarneN NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 4427 TRehous8 Ln. Tamarac, hom the sale of your tim6shar8 wkh wrmen notic6 ot Me sale, Unit, 2014-2017. 85, 873.48, WORTHY 3704 Los Angales You have the righl lo cure Lodge, I8as6h0ld condominium INTENT TO FORECLOSE FL 33319, 1900. I945. 28, intePst e insumcient to including the date, im6 and 81.45; MICHAEL p JACKSON St Houston, N 77026, 1900, your default in the manner se (the Condominium'.),