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May 30, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 30, 1980

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hull 4. HERITA6, Flofllll .,Io_whll IS,, N0V 30, IgS0 Editor&apos;s Desk y Geue Staru, Editor & Publisher Presidential Election Will Influence Other Races A knowledgeable Republican member of our community told us the other day, "The U.S. Senate race in Florida will be decided in the Democratic primary and it will be between Dick Stone and Bill Gunter. A Republican doesn't stand a chance." We disagree. Although it is still much too early for anyone to make even logical guesses, with election day more than five months off, it's interesting to look at what might develop. First of all, we see the possibility of a Republican sweep across the country, brought on by the electorate's deep-seated disallusionment with President Carter's handling of both domestic and foreign affairs. Even though you can bet the President will do everything in his power to look especially good by election day, managing to pull some spectacular rabbits out of his hat, we think that he'll also manage to bungle up enough of these rabbits to lose the election. That means that his political opponent, Republican Ronald Reagan, will win the election. If he does, he could also sweep in a great number of other Republicans -- senators, congressmen, governors, etc. We have made two assumptions in the above. First, that Carter will win the Democratic nomination. There is an outside chance he won't. Senator Kennedy is still fighting and may yet manage to block his nomination. This scenario, according to the politicos, would have delegates, even those committed, with second thoughts about nominating Carter. A rules change could release them from a first ballot commitment. They could then vote for whomever they wanted. We don't think they would vote for Kennedy, but they might go to an alternate -- a compromise canidate such as Vice President Mondale or Sec'y of State Muskie, or some dark- horse canidate. The second assumption is that Congressman John Anderson will be unable to mount an effective campaign for president as an Independent. But suppose he does. And suppose he wins enough states that neither Carter or Reagan get the electoria/votes to win them the election. Then it will be up to the House of Representatives to elect the President. Chances are, because of the large Democratic majority,. they would name Carter. We feel, though, that the odds favor a Carter vs. Reagan race on November 4. At this stage of the race, we believe Reagan stands an excellent chance of winning. In which case, a Republican also stands a good chance of winning Florida's U.S. Senate election, the seat now held by Stone. Stone is trying to win reelection. It is said his strongest opponent will be state Insurance i USPS 340370 Inl]uenciuq 2 I,()O Jt,wii reacler ,'ach we'k in thv Hit'ate, Orland<), I)<lona Ik'ach and Si)ac'e Coat (ilie ol <enlral I.l<.ida. I.d)lihed hy Iterita<lU Cenlw,I I.loricla J(,wish Ih.w. Inw., 207 ()'lIrien Hd., I:ern Park. Fla. 2nd clas i)ohxcl e i)i,icl at Ii,rn Park afl olher nnilinfl otli('('. Subscriptions: $ I I .(X) I x,r <alerth. year 1() I"lorid, I aclche.' ($ I 00 vnort' Io th(' .,1 o111i' (U..) and I'o-r,d('cl monlhlv Ihq'r(',llh'l. Mailing Adciress: P.(). I>x 742. I",.rn I.k. It 32730. GENE STARN, Editor & Publisher I'DITORIAL: I..h,.,) ('('t',0 I(,Ih. A.',  HI,' I ,hh ,v ( ih ,H,n 'P,.,-.h,, PRODUCTION: I ].m,' ..,. I..,'hq .%t'+ll ADVERTISING: M.,'.h.* I Iv.h, m Phones: (305) 834-8787 or.834-8277 American Jewish Press Association Jewish Telegraphic Agcvlcy Retigims Nos /cc. commissioner Bill Gunter (Tallahassee) who nearly won the nomination six years ago. Also seeking the Democratic nomination are State Sen. Kenneth W. MacKay (Ocala), Richard Pettigrew (Miami), James LeRoy Miller (Lutz) and Richard E. Ulbricht (Indialantic). If there is a Republican upset, who will it be? Maybe former U.S. Congressman Lou Frey, Jr. (Winter Park), or Paula Hawkins (Maitland) who was Jack Eckerd's gubernatorial running mate. Or Miami attorney Ellis Rubin, Ander Crenshaw (Jacksonville), John Ware (St. Pete) or Lewis E. Dinkin (Ocala). Theremay also be an independent candidate, former State Sen. Lori Wilson of Cocoa Beach, who is out collecting the signatures necessary to get a place on the ballot. ... and Congress The presidential election may also have a bearing on the outcome of the U.S. Congressional seat now held by Republican Richard Kelly. Three candidates have already announced for the Democratic nomination, as well as two GOPers. Kelly, who hasn't said so officially, is expected to seek reelection again, despite his problems with the FBI's Abscam. May Meet with Candidates In less than two weeks, we'll be going to Washington for the summer American Jewish Press Association meetings. Already on the agenda is a White House briefing with President Carter, but still in the works is a press conference with all of the major canidates -- Reagan, Anderson and Kennedy, if he's still in the race. The last of the primaries will have ended, and we hope to return with a much clearer picture of what we expect at the conventions and the November presidential elections. We'll let you know. Bill Frederick Answers University Club If you're a local politician running for office and want Jewish support, it appears that the first order of business is to wipe away the stigma of membership in the University Club, that bastion of exclusivity that restricts the membership of Jews and Blacks (oh, they may have a token or two). Last week, Bill Frederick, who wants to be mayor of Orlando, did just that before a luncheon of prospective Jewish supporters. He said he had joined the University Club simply because "it was a place to play handball," but he resigned+when he learned of their bias, long before he decided to run for mayor. Frederick praised the Jewish people as "the litmus of social change," a "weathervane of values," who put "emphasis on achievement" and give "'service to a community." But, he said, unlike his opponent, city commissioner Shelton Adams, Frederick said he wanted to be mayor of all the people of Orlando without reference to "color, creed or location, and without the philosophical overtones of division in the city." D'ya mean, Bill. that we ain't gonna be singled out no more? III IIIA( il w.k ,.. ,iii+I q11 +llhl+l,'. h,lh'l h, lh(' +hl.a. hd II.", n+tl I 1 l, lll+',l W' ',+.lll ':'lldh'lh'l+. h,l'(l li,. /.I. , I'IIII',IlK. II ++illl II Questions Ordaining of Women l-dilor: I have just learned thal a majorily of Conservative rabbis haw endorsed women h be. ordained rabbis. the. issue lhal is al stake here is whher Judaism can allow rabbis, who are unhapll with certain asl,+cts ol our tradilion. Io lake salters into lhei+ own hands. II we Jews art, to survive, we must have somethin(l to anchor ourelw's to. At issue is llOl whelht'r <! WOlllan Call Ix'c<+vwe a rabhi, bt,I whether Conservative rabbis haw" a nght to negate thousands of years of tradition, whether man has the right to make chan.qes. I alreciate that respect for lhe imsl is difficult to accept in a society in which newness is worship. But if man is granted the right to legislate his own religion, then his lailh will no lon.qer be God-given, as one day he miqhl it,st discover that he has become spiritually h,ukrul)l and lhal he has nolhinq lell Io beliew, in. N+]) ROMBRO Winleu Park Dry Bones "another VIEW" invites readers to submit their viewpoints on any subject of Jewish interest, local should be limited to 750 words, preferably spaced, and submitted to HERITAGE, P.O. Box Park, FL 32730. Ancient Jewish by Rabbi Rudolph Adler showbread, the Modern man is constantly Hig and above all searching for more know- branched ledge. Sometimes he delves most im into the remote past to unearth secret places and symbol of there are the learn from his ancient cruse of oil, wine ancestors, and sometimes he Ark with or without lifts himself high above the the crown horizon to discover new crowns and the two phenomena with far-reaching the law. future implications. It is quite similar with Jewish 2. Decorations studies. Sometimes we nectionwith the inquire -- what form will we find Judaism and Jewish life adapt arrangements, in the year 2000, and baskets of fruit, sometimes we are just as and various curious to know how our the cherubim. people lived 2,000 years ago. 3. Depictin! Modern Jews are interested in holidays all facets of Jewish learning and of because it increases our frequently found. knowledge about ourselves single and our own people, like horseradish Ancient Jewishsymbols occasionally a can tell us much about our knife or perhaps a people, their values, thoughts, i ng knife (ch hopes and aspirations. The accompanied by oldest extant engravings and .cattle. pictures are from the first few Without going centurie,# before and during deeper meaning our common era and are it is obvious primarily associated with sumvnaw, that ancient synagogues, coins expressed and the calacombs of Rome. It is interesting to note that agree that if the most of the symbols are found found in in all of the three categories all have to refer and that this seems to indicate death as a universal acceptance of especially since these Jewish emblems as well signs appear on as the rqotifs expressed by coins and the them. the Beth Alpha Before summarizing the ancient recurring themes . of the ancienl Jewish art+isls, let me the Shofar 1 add that the Menorah symbol evoked a feeling <: is the most frequent one. lhecoming ofthe/ However. no one knows for il also copld have erlain the actual reason for Jewish mark of the symbol as Cohn-Wiener as the Star of remarks so well. "'the actual Moreover. any reason for the Menorah is no many symbols better known than for the meant one lhng ct,rrent Mogen David." But something else thal does not mean thal no [+he realist, tile one attempted to inlerprel the and the mystic. Menorah symbol as well as inh'rpreted eaC many of the olher siqns which clilferenllv - Ix,l I shall mention, them as Jewish I believe lhat most ancient demonslrtilinq Jewish symbols can be unity. classified in lhree categories: l+nile in lheir I. Representations of the which was Temple of Jerusalem and the worshipinH God Synagogue. Here are included lemple and colurrlns and pillars, many lh, ot,ql'i the for JI! lime, just two. representing ,)rid the lhv fwo sacred pillars of h,)lid,ws an(l Yothim and l]oaz in h,lhevettlrrinHl I' ,'')lonloll'S temple, the h+ver lhlt,, m, liov (',lit'+ I tl lhe [.cvites. the table of ,uwi,nl Jewi,+h