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May 26, 1978     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 26, 1978

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Page 4, Friday, May 26, 1978, HERITAGE HERITAGE Flor,da JEWISH NEWS VOL II, No. 40 MAY 26, 1978 Published Every Friday of the Year With Orlando and Tampa Editions 2nd Class postage paid at AItamonte Springs, Fla., with additional entry at Orlando, Fla. Gene Starn, Editor  Publisher Tinker Sale, Managing Editor CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Ads Begelman, Renee Greene, Judy Goodman,/twin Wilensky, Linda Amon, Dena Koller. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Sidney Schuster, Torn Shipley ADVERTISING STAFF, Orlando Martin Gelb, Susan Estevez Tampa, Judith Jacobson, Unda Zalkin. CIRCULATION t ACCOUNTING: Elaine Starn PUBLICATION Et BUSINESS OFFICE: 711 E. Altamonte Dr., Suite 120-,4, Altamonte Springs, Fla. MAILING ADDRESS El" PHONES ORLANDO: TAMPA: P.O. Box 446 P.O. Box 271141 Altamonte Springs, Fla. Tampa, Fla. 33688 32701 B13) 224070, 8724451 (305) 834-8787, 834-8277 SUBSCRIPTIONS: To Florida addresses, $11.00 per calendar year beginning Jan. 1, 1978, pro.rated thereafter. Add $1.00 for mail elsewhere in the U.S., $2.00 to Canada, 35 single copy. pEb'lEN'Qmo By DAVID SCHWARTZ (Copyright 1978, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) We often hear it said that behind every great man is a woman. Sometimes it is the reverse. In 1492, Queen Isabella turned down Columbus, but the Jew, Luis de Santangell, per- suaded her to change her mind. In this case, behind the great woman was a man. Without him, America would not have been discovered then. Anyway, the people behind the front are sometimes as important or more important than the people in front, though they don't get the advertising. Stuart Eisenstadt is remarkable. He is behind the front in the present Administration -- is regarded as President Car- ter's leading advisor on domestic problems and he also did similar behind the front work for Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey. In the Carter Admires" tration he has a research staff we are told of some 30. They say he puts in a 16-hour day and seven- day work week. One of the things that caught my attention reading his biography was that he has a Mezuza on the door of his home. In front of every good Jewish home is a Mezuza. A man with a Mezuza on his door can't really do a bad thing. Speaking of Mezuzas, there is an old Yiddish story. Chayim and Beryl passing the Rothschild mansion in Paris, stood gazing in admiration. "What a home!" exclaimed Chayim. "Why it occupies a whole block. I wish I had a home like that. I would sleep in a different room every night." "No," said Beryl, "I wouldn't take this house, if they gave it to me free. Do you realize how much it would cost to put Muzuzas on all the doors?" As I say, one cannot but respect anyone with a Mezuza on the doorpost. In the Mezuza are inscribed the words which all true religion must have: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy might." It just occurs to me that perhaps Eisenstadt should toll his boss about the Mezuza, about the repetition of the word "all." I think perhaps it points to the chief defect of this Ad- ministration. One day Carter is for one thing, the next day he takes another line. Eisenstadt describes Carter as a "moderate progressive." Why not be an all out progressive sometime. I think Americans like an "all out" fellow. Where is security? In the streets of Italy and France, men are being kidnapped. Similar reports come from Germany. Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem, visiting America, the other day said on television that he did not have any problem of security until he arrived in the United States. In Jerusalem he walks about in both the Jewish and Arab areas unguarded. How do you explain that? Jerusalem is still the city of peace. Now we can understand why a Harvard degree is rated so highly. The understanding came after a letter of only several paragraphs by Richard Pipes, professor of history at Harvard. The letter, published in the New York Times, was in answer to an article writt by James Reston who wrote that "most of the AraL govents are ready to accept Israel but the trouble is, Israel is still relyiv on force and not ready to com- omo ' ' Replying to this, the Harvard professor wroto: that if it was true the Arab states are ready to accept Israel, "there are two steps open which will completely settle the problem: "1. They can integrate into their society the several hundred thousand Palestinian refugees whom they have deliberatoly isolated in camps for the past 30 years as a permanent threat to the existence of Israel -- much as West Germany has in- tograted millions of German refugees from Easter Europe and, eastern Germany; "2. They can stop subsidizing the terrorist activities of the PLO which is said presently to be the recipient of forty million dollars every year from Sgudi Arabia." The Gutenberg Bible, the fast Bible ever printed, was sold at an auction for two million dollars -- the highest price ever paid for a book. Doesn't Israel have a right to a commission for it? After all, it came out of Israel. If Israel could collect royalties for all the Bibles sold, it would not need to have any taxes. ON THE ALERT: An American friend of mine stationed in West Germany sent me a letter describing the tactics neo- Nazis use in attempting to influence American military forces there with their vitriolic anti-Jewish propaganda. Accompanying the letter is a leaflet -- in English -- disseminated near U.S. military compounds. The leaflet is issued by the "Association of Fighting German Soldiers." It contains the usual poisonous Nazi incitement against Jews, and it singles out "Zionism" and the B'nai B'rith as "evil collaborators against mankind and humanity." It seeks to create the impression that German soldiers are speaking to American soldiers, and it brands as "idiot and criminal" anyone who believes that even one single Jew was gassed in Hitler's concentration camps. "It occurred to me that you would be interested in receiving a copy of a flyer that has been appearing in various places in Germany in English. It is a piece of propaganda that a man in my office found on the windshield of his car. He had parked adjacent to a building used for American military bachelor housing only one block away from the military compound. I found out that many have found this leaflet upon their cars. Cars owned by Americans Germany is a dangerous sympton in the Federal Republic. In addition, I am afraid that many young Germans don't know the real truth and are likely to believe the kind of lies they read in flyers they find on their windshields. Where do we go from here?..." DISTURBING SIGNALS: The neo- Nazis may not succeed in their attempts to penetrate into the ranks of American servicemen in Germany with their anti- Semitic propaganda, but they are ob- viously having some success among men in the German military service. An ugly scene took place in Munich when a dozen of drunken army officers- in-training tossed slips of paper with the word "Jude" scribbled on them into a bonfire, as a symbolic act of killing Jews and cremating their bodies. Following this repulsive example, a group of high school students repeated the perfor- mance. In Frankfurt, Nazi swastikas are being smeared on term papers. Nazi flags and anti-Jewish slogans appear from time to time in Berlin. Nee-Nazi in- formation booths are set up every Saturday in Hanover, distributing anti- Semitic newspapers and blaring Nazi songs from loudspeakers. Macabre jokes are being spread about the Holocaust. stationed in Germany are very easy to Some leaders of the Jewish corn- identify. They all have green U.S. For- munity in Germany are inclined to con- ces license plates instead of white Get- sider neo-Nazis as not a serious threat. man plates. They cite the fact the leading rico-Nazis "One of our American Jewish friends told me that the Bonn government is planning to take some sort of legal ac- tion against the group distributing the flyer. Personally, I find it difficult to believe that the Federal Government of Germany, as sensitive as it might be to the real dangers in this vicious propaganda campaign, would ever risk the publicity of raising this question to a level of public issue. It is inconceivable to me that a government which for thirty years has largely succeeded in in- sulating its younger generation from the horrible truths associated with Hitler's Germany would prosecute some of its own citizens for a 'logical' restatement of its own lie of omission. "In any event, the open distribution of new instruments of propaganda in West party, the National Domokratische Par- toi, is now virtually defunct, having suf- fered a severe loss in the 1976 elections when it polled less than a third of one percent of the votes. But the Central Council of Jews in Germany says publicly that one cannot assume that mass-scale anti-Semitism in Germany is "impossible," even though 99 percent of the population support the three major political parties and spurn the rightists as well as the leftists who, in their press, follow the Moscow anti-Jewish propaganda line. All the rightist parties in Germany are said to have about 18,000 members. This estimate was given by the West German President, Walter Scheel, recently ad- dressing a meeting of the Association of Christian-Jewish Cooperation. He cautioned that Germans "especially vigilant" and not the signs of anti-Semitism do in fact exist." JEWISH STAND: of Jews in Germany believes most serious problem is failure e man schools to teach young people Hitler's responsiblity for "collapse in World War II. The feels that behind the new manifestations is ignorance of a generation of Germans of really taken place during the regime. Several years ago, when I Germany, I had an discuss this matter with top the Ministry of Education in Bonn. I was shown a collection of the editions of German history high schools. I found that this ject is dealt with in just a paragraph or two in the exception of one book which I about a full page illustrated of "Jude" signs smeared by windows of Jewish stores. teachers were still porary history in high programs were being Nazi principals. I left the Ministry the discussion with officials about two hours, with the that the Bonn government wanted to erase anti-Semitic implanted in German youth Nazi era, but was not entirel in this task. It was cautious develop antagonism between and children in families parents were members of or Nazi sympathizers. In many and the youngsters when 1 of the Nazis as criminals. A set of history textbooks schools was presented to me Minister of Education for elaborate study of what is to German youths in the of these books I recently gave Kameny, a leader of the Defamation League of B'nai when he asked that they be ADL library. The Jews of Rome and Ostia By EDWIN EYTAN (Copyright 1978, Jewish Tele- grapic Agency, Inc.) Part H There is one thing the noshrim (Soviet Jewish dropouts) know and insist on -- they don't want to go to Israel. They are adamant and obstinate about it. Most of them, if not all, have made up their minds on this subject even before they left the Soviet Union. During the four days I spent in Rome I talked to more than 50 noshrim, some who have just arrived, others who had been waiting for months. None could or would ex- plain his decision. A former prominent Jewish journalist, who had been a Zionist ac- tivist for years, tried to ex- plain that he does not like the "Begin regime. It is too liberal, it does not know how to deal with the Arabs or with torrerists." He is 56 years old and knows that he will not find work in his profession in theU.S. He also knows that life in New York, where he has a cousin, will be hard and cold. He has been waitin in Ostia, oskle Ron for re men and lds visa m/ght still teke a loug t/me to come througl through. "It is pointless to talk to me about Israel. I shall see once I am in America. Not now." In spite of his adamant refusal even to discuss the possibility of going to Israel, he feels in an awkward position because of his for- mer pro-Zionist stand. "I was so active on behalf of aliyah to Israel that it just is not nice for people to see me," he said. A chief electronic engineer from Moscow who I met at the HIAS office, explains: "After having lived all our lives in a country which con- stantly made demands on us we are just not ready for ad- ditional sacrifices. We just want to take it easy for a few years in a country where no one will ask us for anything, where for once we can think about ourselves. We are sim- ply dead tired, worn out. Israel? Maybe, but in a few years when I shall feel a dif- ferent man." A woman, also from Moscow, well dressed and with a diploma from one of the Soviet Union's best medical schools said: "We heard (in the USSR) than once we go to Israel it is very dif- ficult to leave should we change our minds. It is always possible to go from America to Israel -- the other way round is impossible." A young man, a chemist, has his mother in Haifa. He is tempted by Israel but would first like to go to see "whether I like it and whether I can find suitable work." He explains: "I was told that if I go to Israel first, I will lose all my other rights. Neither HIAS nor Joint (Joint Distribution Committee) will help me again should I decide to change my ndnd." This is obviously against Jewish Agency policy; if people were enabled to go and "look around first," as a Jewish Agency official ex- and the Jewish plains: "We would become a A man in his travel agency, shuttling mer store people around." Odessa, replies, '" This argument does not we owe a carry much weight with the and say thank noshrim. A woman engineer woman adds: ,,OnCe from Leningrad, says: "We fie in America see in Ostia and Yordim, working, we also those who went to Israel first, money to help Now they are stranded and You won't who knows what will become ungrateful." of them. I'll go to Israel with Another man, an American passport, like worker from Kiev, the American Jews do, and love Israel and then decide whether to stay people. If Israel there or not." In a group which had danger wewould Inan, arrived in Rome the day An elderly before, I ask: "Don't you Leningrad, realize that you were let out have suffered too because you are Jews and past. We have because Jews the world over We don't want our ( asked the Soviet government go through what to let you go? Even now you dured. We want are helped by Jewish live in peace." organizations. Don't you feel you owe something to Israel (Next week: 00009teea//00 Your Orlando edition of the me Tampa editio Heritage covers several Heritage? counties, i listing activities in the Jewish community, a synagogue, synagogues and community Emanuel of centors from Orlando to as is on lake far away as Sanford and Drive. It is Daytona. This is a good thing, synagogue in but your Tampa edition and many covers only Hilisboro County; newcomers to it does not cover Pinellas, might be Paseo, or Po. These court- e0dstonce. ties are in the same We en geographical relationship to Hillsboro as the area you MR. and cover in your Orlando edition. Why aren't they included in