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May 23, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 23, 2014

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HERITAGE FLORIOA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 23, 2014 By Ben Shapiro Jewish Journal This week, the Hollywood left finally discovered some- thing it had apparently been missing for the last few de- cades: Countries that impose Islamic law, known as Sharia, brutally violate human rights. This shocking realization came after the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, who owns the Beverly Hills Hotel, announced on May 1 that Brunei, a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, will imple- ment Sharia, which dictates that homosexuality and extra- marital sex be punished with penalties including stoning and amputation. Hollywood Denounce Sharia everywhere reacted with morally righ- teous indignation, staging protests outside the pink hotel where the preening elite sheltered during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Over the past week, in- dustry groups have relocated events away from the hotel, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, the Motion Picture & Televi- sion Fund and other celebri- ties' spasmodic interest in Islam's violation of human rights. Welcome to the party, gang. Wish you could have shown up to fight against folks who labeled the war on terror "Is- lamophobic" and Sharia law worries as racist, while simul- taneously labeling domestic conservatives the "American Taliban" and whining about lack of taxpayer-funded birth control pills. Oh, wait. That was you. Where were you when Tom Hanks was blathering that the war on terror was based on racism and xenophobia? When Woody Harrelson said that the Bush administra- tion pursued "perpetual war" based on racism? When the Council onAmerican-Islamic Relations--an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case--forced Fox to run dis- claimers about the wonders of Islam during "24"? When Michael Moore lamented the Bush era as an "ugly chapter" of Islamophobia in American history? It turns out that Hol- lywood's fresh moral clarity only extends as far as the pent- house suite over at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Countries all over the woTld practice Sharia, dis- criminating against women, homosexuals, Christians and Jews. Many of those countries currently fund Hollywood's biggest stars, work with groups to whom HollYwood kowtows, or own Hollywood's favorite hotspots. Matt Damon, for example, took cash from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to make his 2012 box office dud "Promised Land," a diatribe against fracking. (Naturally, the UAE opposes fracking, given that it could undercut the moneymaking capacity of oil-rich dictatorships.) The UAE operates under Sharia law, which includes death as a punishment for homosexual activity--but that didn't seem to trouble Damon. Speaking of the UAE, the Dubai Film Festival draws the best and brightest of Hol- lywood to that emirate each year, including human rights activists George Clooney, Richard Gere, Ben Affleck and Oliver Stone. Another emirate, Abu Dhabi, has inked rich deals with Warner Bros., Universal Studios and Para- mount Pictures. Where's the outrage? If the Hollywood set really wants to get serious, perhaps they'll take a look at separating from Al Gore, who reportedly earned $70 million when the government of Qatar bought Current TV for $500 million. Sodomy is currently punish- PAGE 5A able by jail time in Qatar. Or, perhaps Hollywoodites will turn their attention to major universities such as Harvard, Columbia and University of California at Berkeley, all of which have accepted major money from the government of Saudi Arabia, a country that punishes homosexual- ity with death and lashings, whose infamous treatment of females has been common knowledge for years. No doubt, Hollywood has all of these targets lined up for boycott. O r perhaps they're too busy targeting Donald Sterling, the 80-year-old owner of the Los Angeles Clip- pers, who was caught on tape making racist statements. Shapiro on page 14A By Gabriel Rochelle I was in one of those big boxes in another city, wait- ing for a prescription. After wandering around for a few minutes, I sat down across the aisle from the pharmacy on one of the benches kindly provided by the store. I was wearing my cassock and vest and skufia (a priest's cap). I had attended the New Mexico Orthodoxy clergy April meet- ing, and stopped on my way home to fill a prescription, because it was significantly less expensive than at our home pharmacy. =.Several people wheeled their carts past me and said hello or made various com- A priest's encounter with Jew-hatred ments. I forget that folks are not used to seeing clerical garb in public any more, not even Roman Catholic priests, so often people will comment or ask the question, "Oh what denomination are you?" That affords me the opportunity for the stock response, "I'm not in a denomination, I'm Ortho- dox," which may or may not lead to further conversation. She was wearing a flower print dress and a matching scarf. The cross around her neck was tasteful, not too prominent, but nevertheless was not a mere charm; she meant it as a statement. She was, I would guess, about 40, though my estimate of people's ages is notoriously flawed. She did not ask about my "denomination." She al- lowed as how she had once visited an Orthodox church in yet another city in the state, and she was curious about something. She asked if I wore my hat when I was at prayer because, you know, St. Paul says that women should cover their heads in church, but right after that he says that men should not cover their heads. I replied that I was not then at prayer, and asked if she was. I said that, if the priest in that other parish had worn a hat in church, he would have taken it off at moments of prayer because that's what we do, us Orthodox. That seemed to settle the issue. In the next breath she quietly said something like, "You've got to be careful who you talk to, because many people who call themselves Christians have given up the true faith." I realized that this might go rapidly downhill, so I simply agreed with her on the theory that she would wheel away at this point, satisfied that I was really Orthodox, or whatever she defined as Orthodox. I was wrong. She said, "You've got to be careful about the Jews, because you know they have taken over Hollywood and Wall Street and all the news- papers." At this point I looked for any exit I could fihd, butthe prescriptionwas not yet ready. I said, "Where do you get such Letters To The Editor We are a diverse community and we welcome your letters and viewpoints. The views and opinions expressed in the opinion pieces and letters published in The Heritage are the views of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Heritage Florida Jewish News or its staff. The Heritage reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, content, and accuracy. And respectful of lashon hara, we will not print derogatory statements against any individual. Please limit letters to 250 words. Send letters to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. Or e-mail to news@ Hats off to the annual Post Office food drive Dear Editor: On behalf of the many food banks in this area, I want to commend the Postal workers who volunteered for the An- nual Post Office food drive. The food was of excellent quality and in date. During the holi- days, donations are plentiful but around this time of year, people forget that hunger is a year around event. There are still many people who are not employed because they are sick, and disabled and even if they were successful in finding employment, it was at a much lower salary. The need of food banks is still a necessity. The Post Office workers do not have to collect this food, but I admire them so much because their efforts made our pantry at the Jewish Federa- tion's Jerry Doliner Food Bank brimming with food. Please convey to everyone who took part in this food drive, how appreciative we and our clients are that so many people cared to take the time to purchase and deliver this much needed food. Bless you for this good deed. Gloria Max, Executive Director, Jewish Federation's Jerry Doliner Food Pantry There are Muslims working to 'reform' Islam Dear Editor: I am responding to Rich- ard Ries' May 9 Viewpoint, "Beware the ides and tides of Jewish racism." In Mr. Ries' conclusion he states, "It is well past time for Islam to usher in Reform movements of their own with equality for women and gays." I agree with Mr. Ries' conclusion however, non-Muslims need to under- stand the Islamic concept of 'Ijtihad' or innovations in Islamic doctrine. Ijtihad is a technical term of Islamic Law that describes the process of making a le- gal decision by independent interpretation of the legal sources, the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Islam teaches the Qur'an is the exact words of Allah/God, which can't be changed, altered, or in- novated. For any man to put himself above the exact words of Allah is blasphemy and often punishable by death in a court of Islamic Law. The doors of Ijtihad were officially closed some 300 years after Mohammad's death. Therefore, we non- Muslims can't dictate what the Islamic world should do in violation of strict Islamic doctrine and theology. However, devout Muslim Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, is working aggressively in the United States to separate the reli- gious rituals of Islam from its political arm. Dr. Jasser has paid dearly for his efforts at 'reforming Islam.' He and his family have faced several fatwa's or death sentences and kicked out of three mosques he started in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If Richard Ries truly wants to see Islam reform itself, as I do, he would be well served standing side by side with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and helping him with his work here in Central Florida. Alan Kornman Ovieclo Give Temple Israel a second chancel Dear Editor: I was so disappointed to read the letter to the editor in the May 9th edition that was so pointedly critical of Temple Israel. I felt compelled to share my experience, which has been completely opposite to hers. While I am happy to know that she had good experiences at the other synagogues, I actually had to read the letter twice to make sure she was talking about Temple Israel in Winter Springs! I have found this congregation to be very warm, friendly, and extremely welcoming. I can only wonder what "function" she attended that she was not warmly welcomed. From the minute I first walked into Temple Israel, I was greeted by people introducing themselves and inviting me to join them--and my family has had the same experience. I would like to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Chase on behalf of our synagogue and ask her for a second chance. I think she would be pleased with her reception and enjoy her time at Temple Israel. Nancy Stern Longwood slanted information?" She replied that she did not really attend a church, because most of them were bogus, but she trusted a handful of preachers she had found on YouTube. They were telling the truth "like it is," including the stuff about the Jews secretly ruling everything. I thought I would throw in a sarcastic quip about the Protocols of Zion, but I realized that she would have received such a note unblink- ingly, as if it Were the truth and meant I was beginning to bond with her in our secret knowledge about the state of the world. I asked if she remembered 'that Jesus was a Jew and that the earliest church was and could only have been made up of Jews who followed him. She replied that Paul and Peter had argued about this, that Paul had won, and the Jews under Peter had lost, and nobody could force the Law on us anymore. I could see that this line ofreasoningwouid lead to all Roman Catholics burning in hell, because they followed Peter as the first pope, but I didn't go there. I said that Paul struggled mightily with the relation of Jews and Chris- tians under the Romans--his masterwork, particularly in chapters 9-11--and that he said that God's plan was to reunite us in some mysterious way at the end of time, but that for the moment we had to struggle to find our unity on the ground. She stood upright, with a knowing look and narrowed eyes, and told me that I was one of those "Christians" who had given up the faith. I heard the quotation marks in her tone of voice. So I said in a loud voice, as the anger built within roe, "These people are liars, they are leading you in the wrong direction, and you had better watch out for your soul." At this she hastily pushed her cart down the aisle of over- the-cotrhte riedieines: and disappeared around the end cap of the next aisle. My heart was pounding. People were looking but trying not to. I was rattled. I drove the couple hundred miles home, rolling the events over and over in my mind, looking for alternative ways I could have handled the situation. None appeared. This incident reminded me, in a stark way, that we have not dismantled the tide of hatred for the Jews who "rule the world." No matter how many decades we have Rochelle on page 14A Dry Bones ,N00.cT00 THE AgL GLOBAL Z6 PE2CENT OF THE ;U2VEY OF IOZ WO2LO'S AOULT5 HAVE COUIVI'RIE5 2EVEAL5 B ItkFECTEO WITH POLITICALCARTOONS.COM DRYBONES.COM BASHIN OF THE I I INFECTED MORE ,I'EWtSH STATE BY THE I UN, THE AAEOIA, A BY I I THAN LY Z(; "!1