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May 19, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 19, 2017

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 19, 2017 PAGE 5.q IC ml: By Caroline Giick By all accounts, U.S. Presi- dent Donald Trump is a friend of the Jewish state. It is due to Trump's heartfelt support for Israel and the U.S.-Israel alliance that his meeting with PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas at the White House is most discouraging. By meeting with Abbas, and committing himself to working toward achieving a peace deal betweenAbbas and his PLO and Israel, Trump undermines Israel. He also undermines him- self and his nation. Israel is the most im- mediate casualty of Trump's decision to embrace Abbas and the PLO, because the PLO is Israel's enemy. Abbas is an anti-Semite. His doc- toral dissertation, which he later published as a book, is a Holocaust denying screed. Abbas engages in anti- Semitic incitement on a daily basis, both directly and indirectly. It was Abbas who called for his people to kill Jews claiming that we pol- lute Judaism's most sacred site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with our "filthy feet." The Palestinian media and school system which he controls with an iron fist both regularly portray Jews as evil monsters, deserving of physi- cal annihilation. Abbas's PLO and his Pales- tinian Authority engage as a general practice in glorifying terrorist murderers. As has been widely reported in recent weeks, his PA and PLO also incentivize and underwrite terrorism to the tune of $300 million a year, which is paid, in accordance with PA law, to convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons and their families. And that's just the money we know about. In welcoming Abbas to the White House, Trump chose to ignore all of this in the interest of fostering a peace deal between Israel and the PLO. There are three problems with this goal. First, the peace process between Israel and the PLO is predicated on the notion that the U.S. must pressure Israel to make mas- sive concessions to the PLO. So simply by engaging in a negotiating process with the PLO, Trump has adopted an antagonistic position toward Israel. The second problem is that Abbas himself has proven, repeatedly, that he will never support a peace deal with Israel. Abbas opposed Is- rael's peace offer at Camp David in 2000. He rejected then-prime minister Ehud Olmert's peace offer in 2008. He rejected then-president Barack Obama's peace offer in 2013. Since then, Abbas made no sign of moderating his position. The third problem with Trump's decision to engage in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is that any hypothetical deal a hypothetical Palestinian leader would accept, would endanger Israel's very ex- istence. So in the unlikely event that he reaches "the deal," his achievement will imperil Israel, rather than protect it. Again, Israel isn't the only party harmed by Trump's deci- sion to embrace the Palestin- ian dictator whose legal term of office ended eightyears ago. Trump himself is harmed by his move. Trump's move is self- destructive for two reasons. First, he is setting himself up for failure. By positioning himself in the middle of a diplomatic initiative that will fail, he is guaranteeing that he will fail. Trump's move also en- dangers the support of one of his key constituencies. Evangelical Christians in the U.S. voted overwhelmingly for Trump in both the Republican primaries and in the general election. They rallied to his side due to Trump's pledge to support Israel. By initiating a diplomatic process that pits his administration against Israel, Trump places that sup- port in jeopardy. Then there is the U.S. itself. Trump's engagement with the PLO harms U.S. core interests. First there is the issue of coalition building. The U.S.'s chief challenge in the Middle East today is to form a coalition of states and actors that can help it stem Iran's rise as a nuclear- armed, terrorism-sponsoring regional power. The members of such a coalition are clear. Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE stand united today in their opposition to Iran, its nuclear program, its support for Sunni and Shi'ite jihadists and terrorist groups, and its moves to establish an empire of vassals that spans westward through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, southward to Yemen and eastward through Afghanistan. The members of Iran's coalition include its Lebanese foreign legion Hezbollah, the Assad regime, the Shi'ite militias in Iraq, Hamas, other Sunni terrorist groups aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and Yemen's Houthis. By embracing the PLO, rath- er than build and strengthen the anti-Iranian alliance of Israel and the anti-Iranian, anti-Muslim-Brotherhood Arab states, Trump is tearing that alliance apart. In its place he is cobbling together an anti-Israel alliance comprised of Iran's allies in Qatar and to a degree in Turkey, the PLO, and at least passively, Hamas. This anti-Israel alliance is supported, grudgingly, by the Saudis, Egyptians and others who cannot afford to be seen abandoning the Palestinians. In other words, by em- bracing the PLO, Trump is strengthening Iran and its supporters at the expense of Israel, the U.S.-aligned Sunni states and the U.S. itself. Moreover, by embracing the PLO Trump is directly undermining the U.S.'s goal of defeating terrorism in two key ways. First, Trump's move under- mines congressional efforts to block further U.S. funding of Palestinian terrorism. Today, the Taylor Force Act, which en- joys massive support in both houses of Congress, is making its way through Congress. The act will block U.S. funding of the PA due to its payments to terrorists and their families. To embrace Abbas, Trump will either have to veto the Taylor Force Act and other congressional initiatives or insist on receiving a presiden- tial waiver for implementing them. Such waivers will ensure that U.S. taxpayers will continue to incentivize Palestinian terrorism against Israel. The second way Trump's decision to embrace the PLO harms the U.S.'s efforts to fight terrorism became clear this week with Hamas's new PR document. Hamas's new policy document departs not one iota from the Muslim Brotherhood group's devotion to the goal of destroying Israel. In adopting its new docu- ment, which calls for Israel to withdraw, first and foremost, from Judea, Samaria and Je- rusalem, Hamas has adopted the PLO's wildly successful strategy of engaging in a dual campaign against Israel, waging terrorist war against Israel on the one hand while winning the support of the West on the other. Hamas's document is a restatement of the PLO's 1974 phased plan for destroying Israel. The PLO's plan involves accepting limited territorial gains from Israel. Under the phased plan, the PLO adopted the ruse that it is interested in territorial compromise with Israel, in order to advance its actual goal of destroying Israel piece by piece. Trump's decision to be- come the fourth U.S. president to welcome a PLO chief to the White House, andhis apparent decision to continue funding the terrorist group are new evidence of the wild success of the PLO's strategy. Just as the Hamas docu- ment neither contradicts nor abrogates its genocidal pledge to eradicate Israel boldly asserted in its covenant, so the PLO's phased plan and its subsequent embrace of the "peace process" neither contradicted nor superseded its founding charter that calls for Israel's destruction. PLO leaders simply stopped discussing their founding documents in their dealings with gullible Westerners keen to win peace prizes. In a similar fashion, the Western media received the news ofHamas's PR stuntwith respect and interest. Given the reception, Hamas has every reason to expect that in due time, its transparent ruse will open the doors of the chanceries of Europe and beyond to its terror masters. In otherwords, by embrac- ing Abbas and the PLO on Wednesday, Trump empow- ered Hamas. There is no upside to Trump's move. Itwill notbring peace. It will not strengthen Israel. It will not help the U.S. to build a coalition to defeat Iran and its vassals. It does not advance the U.S.war on terror. It empowers terrorists to kill Israelis and others by using U.S. tax revenues to fund the PA. And it harms Trump by alienating a key constituency and undermining his rela- tions with Congress. It is hard to see how Trump, now committed to this dan- gerous folly, can walk away from it. But to diminish the damage, a way must be found, quickly. Originally published in The Jerusalem Post. Caroline Glick is the senior Middle East Fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, the deputy managing editor of The Jeru- salem Post and a contributor to the Jewish World Review. By Abraham H. Miller San Francisco State Uni- versity has been a hotbed of anti-Semitism for decades. During this time, Jewish com- munity leaders either ignored the hostile campus environ- ment orworked quietly behind the scenes, failing to alleviate the problem. But a year after protesters from the General Union of Pal- estinian Students prevented Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat from speaking, shouting him down with amplified obsceni- ties while the police stood by, the anger in the Jewish com- munity has recently surfaced in a long series of published articles. SFSU President Leslie Wong, who is no friend of the Jewish community, declined to take any disciplinary action against GUPS. During his five- year tenure, anti-Semitism has gotten substantially worse at SFSU. Last month, students at the local Hillel chapter declared in a letter to Wong that SFSU suffers from "in- stitutional anti-Semitism." Even in the current climate of political correctness, safe spaces and capitulation to the demands of militant, "mar- ginalized" students, SFSU possesses a unique view of the academic world. Since the tumultuous days of the late 1960s, SFSU has made its resources available to a segment of students and faculty less interested in the objective conduct of inquiry than in creating an activist base to organize identity groups. SFSU takes pride in its political activism, which it pursues at taxpayers' expense. GUPS has a long history in the Middle Eastas the training center for numerous Palestin- ian militants and terrorists, including Yasser Arafat. It is also one of the best-organized and most politically influ- ential groups on the SFSU campus. The most prominent alum- nus of GUPS is Hatem Bazian. During Bazian's student days, a controversial mural, a trib- ute to Malcolm X, was painted on the student union building. Within the mural were Jewish stars surrounded by dollar signs, invoking ancienttropes that denigrate Jews. Bazian organized a press conference to defend the mural. Although the press conference was held on school property, Jewish students were forcibly ex- cluded from it. Jews are barred from par- ticipation in campus events for being Jewish, but there is almost nothing a Palestinian could do that would prevent him from being welcomed into the school. InAugust 2013, GUPS Pres- ident Mohammad Hammad posed on social media while brandishing a knife, saying, "I seriously can not get over how much I love this blade. It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through everything like butter and just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier." Hammad also targeted a female Israeli soldier on her Facebook page writing, "The only 'peace' I'm interested in is the head of this [expletive deleted] scum on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF." SFSU claimed the school was not responsible, as Hammad was not enrolled at the time. Any other university administration, however, would have taken the threat seriously, espe- cially if it applied to any other group. But without so much as informing Jew- ish faculty and students, whom Hammad clearly threatened, he was quietly readmitted to SFSU. Some two years after Ham- mad's bloodthirsty rant, SFSU President Wong, speaking publicly of the GUPS, said the group has "been an in- spiration for me." He then said he has had to "tell other community groups to mind their own business. GUPS is the very purpose of this great university." Knife-wielding maniacs who forcibly prevent free speech can provide inspiration only to those who share their prejudices. Asked to identify the "other community groups that should mind their own business," Wong had a lapse of memory. His "inspiration" led to SFSU developing a partner- ship with An-Najah National University, located in Pales- tinian Authority-controlled Nablus and known for its ties to the terrorist group Hamas. The orchestrator of the relationship is Prof. Rabab Abdulhadi, who came under fire three years ago for us- ing university funds to meet with convicted terrorist Leila Khaled in Jordan. Under the arrangement, students from An-Najahwill be able to secure student visas to study at SFSU. Against this pro-Palestin- California on page 14A End the Turkification THE TURK H OICTATOR WANTS TO THE ",1'UDAtZ G" OF ,1'B MJSALEM? E THE CONSTA TNOPLE NOT ]STANBUL TAKE