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May 18, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 2018

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NERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 1&, 201& PAGE 49B FLORIDA 1 CIDL ofthe Cikuk Courf 2 AS SHOWN ON MAP PINES, 8EING A POR- hearing impai,call 1-8 800.00 FEET TO THE pgrtles clalmlng by, th ugh, VOLUS couw, CASE NO: 2015- otthe SevenM Judicial Ci urf in IN MAP BOOK 11, PAGE TION OF sEcnoN 6, 955-8771; rf you a voice POINT OF 8EGINNING; under and egein the above FLORIDA 010821-CIDL and for Vo sia Coun . Florida 164 OF THE PU8LIC RE- TOWNSHIP 15 SOLrrH. impai d, call 1-80 955-8770. THENCE NORTH A DIS- named Detend |(s) who CIVIL DIVISION u.s. BANK NA, SUCCESSOR in which u.s. Bank National CORDS OF VOLUS RANGE 31 EAST, VOLU- THIS ls NOTA COURT TANCE OF 120.00 FEET e not known to be daad or Ca58 : 2017-1 0- TRusnE TO BANK Asmiation, as t stee, lor COUN FLORIDA. TO- s couw, FLORIDA, INFORMATION LINE. To file TO A POINT; THENCE alive, wh8th6r said Unknown CIDL OF AMERICA, NA, the holde ot the J.P. Mogan GETHER W H THE RIGM BEING MORE PARncu- lespons8 pl conta EAST A DISTANCE OF Pa ies may tlalm an inte st DIVISION: 1 SUCCENOR IN INnREsT AWemative Loan Tw 2006- TO USE A PoRnoN OF LARLY DESCRIBED AS Volusia County Cle of Court, 100.00 FEET TO A POIN% as Spouse, Hein, Devisees, D6rtsch8 Bank National Tw TO LA BANK s4. Morfgage Pass-m ugh SOUTH CORY DRIVE AND FOUOWS: COMMENCE 101 N. Alabama Ave, DeLand, THENCE SOUTH A DIS- G ntee . or har Claimants; Compan,a T ee for NAnoNAL Assoc noN, ce mcates, is the Pl nliW and NORTH CORY DRIVE AS AT THE SOWEAST FL 32724, Tel: (386) 736-5907. TANCE OF 120.00 FEET Unknown Partias in PoN8ssion Moqan tanleyABS Cap al | AS TRusnE, ON BEHAU me Unknow Hein, Davisaes, RECORDED IN CORY ES- CORNER OF SECTION 6, May 18, z5, 18 TO A Pol THENCE 2, fi living, and all Unknown lnc. tUrt 20 -HE4, Morfgage OF THE HOLDERS OF THE G ees, Auignees, Lienon, TATES PER OFFICIAL RE- TOWNSHIP 15 SOUTH, L 186092 WEST A DISTANCE OF Parfi6s claimlng by, thDugh, Pass-mDugh amcat , BEAR STEARNS ASSET C drton, Tru ees, or other CORDS BOOK 233, PAGE RANGE 31 EAS% THENCE 100.00 FEET TO THE und6r and again the above s 2 6HE4 BACKED sKuRmEs TRUST Claimanls claiming by, h ugh, 29, PUBLIC RECORDS NORTH DEGREES POINT OF BEGINNING. named Detendant(s) who Plaint , 2005-2. AMET-BACKED under, or again,James L. OF VOLUSIA couw, 40 MINUTES 24 SEC- IN THE CIRCU ALSO KNOWN AS LOT ala not own to be dead or -vs.- cERnFlcAns, SERIES F,deceased, Layla Roxana FLORIDA, MORE PARnc- ONDS WEST 50.34 FE COURT OF THE 446 DAYTONA PARK ES- alive, wh&her s d Unknown Angela Renb: Unhnow 2005-2, Hoppie tMa Layla Roxana ULARLY DESCRIBED AS THENCE NORTH 71 DE- SrVEW JUDICIAL TATES, sEcnoN H", Parfi6s may cl&m an lnle A Spouse ol Ange Renb; Pl ntm, Sing tMa Layla Roxana FOLLOWS: GREES 17 MINUTES 59 CIRCUrr IN AND FOR UNRECORDED suB. NO. as Spouse, Hein, Oavlsees, Mortgage n v. F,Slate of Florida, United A PoRnoN OF SOUTH SECONDS WEST .30 VOLUSIA couw. 253. Grantees, or her Clalmants R on Sy &m, IM PAMELA GODIN WA States ot Am8riGa, Deparfment CORY DRIVE, AND ALL FEET TO THE POINT OF FLORIDA TOGETHER W H IN- fendant(s). as omin rD ionOne PAMELA E. GODIN AIWA ot T asu,Volusia Coun,OF NORTH CORY DRIVE 8EGINNING; THENCE CINL AcnoN GRESS AND EGRESS NoncE OF MU Mortgage Mortgaga Co par , PAMELA E. BURDA: E AL, norid4 Cle of Court, Any PER CORY ESTATES AS NORTH 71 DEGREES 17 Case : 2015-11759- EAsEMENn AS SET NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN LLC; Unknown Pa asin D& dant(s), . and All Unknown Parties RECORDED IN OFFIC#L MINuns 59 SECONDS CIDL FORTH IN INSTRUMENT puRuentto o uling Po n 1,wl nq,and NoncE OF SALE UNDER Claiming 8y, ThDugh, Under, RECORDS BOOK 233, WEST 262.35 FE% DWISION: 1 RECORDED IN OFFIC L toBlosu or Finel &IUnknowPa ng F.S. C R 4 and Ag nst Me He in Named PAGE 29 OF THE PUBLIC THENCE NORTH DE- Walls Fago Bank, Na onal RECORDS BOOK 2019, Judga,em&adinc ilc by, Dugh, u and ain NoncE ls GIVEN Mal, in lndlvidual Detendam(s) Who RECORDS OF VOLUS GREES 40 MINLrrES 24 ia ion PAGE 1089. AS EVI- No. 2017-31379-clcl of the tr above D&andanQs) accoldant8 w Te Summa A Not Mown to be Dead or COUN FLORIDA, DE- SECONDS WEST 529.22 p intiW, DENCED BY EASEMENT Ci uk Court otMe 7th Jud i who B nothnowto bad d Fin Judgment of Fo&lo5u ive, Wh&her Said Unknown SCRIBED AS FOUOWS: FE% MENCE sow 86 -v .- DEED RECORDED IN OF- Cl uhinand rvolu lacouW, or &he. wh&h sed Unknown d&edSeptember29,2O16,and Parti6s Mey Claim an lnterart COMMENCE AT THE DEGREES 37 MINLrrES 44 Joann6 Plumb Rlager, FIC L RECORDS BOOK Fb da, whe in HSBC Bank Part m claimanlm& the Old& on Plaintms Motion as Spouses, Hein, Devisees, INTERSECTION OF THE SECONDS EAST 248.12 Unknow Spouse olJoanne 2302, PAGE 812, OF THE us N&ion& iation, as 56,H ,D8vis s, to Reschedule Fo Glosure G ntees, or her Cla nants, NORTHERLY UNE OF FE% THENCE SOUTH 00 Plumb R Unknow PUBLIC RECORDS OF as Tw r Now Hon G&t885,orO &Cl man ; Sale dat6d May 4, 2018, intha a defendants, tha Volusia LOT 3, BELLA VISTA DEGREES 40 MINuns 24 Part sin 0558ssl0n 1, VOLUSIA couw. FLOR- Equ Loan, lnc AsBBack6d Un own Pa B in Possession above-s led cause, the Cle Coun Cle ot tha Ci urf UN NO. 2 PER MAP SECONOS EAST 598.T5 lt,ing, and &| Unknown IDA. Cert. Ga8S, Sarias 7-1, m,Nl ing,and&lunknow ofCi uk Court, Laura E. Roth, Court will sell to the highe BOOK 11, PAGE 164 OF FEET TO THE POINT OF Parfies claiming by, Dugh, AN PERSON CLAIMING AN Plaimm and Btandon ahri PaW85 clalming by,MDugh, shall sell the subjert pDperfy and b6 bidder for cash irfon THE PuBuc RECORDS BEGINNING. under and again the above INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS a daBdem(s), |, Cle ot und&andagainrt eebove at public sale on the 1wh day elerfronicallylonline at h p:/l OF VOLUS# couw, WA 339 sw COURT, n Datendant(s) who FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, Court, Lau E. Roth, will sell n De&dam(s)who ot June, 2018, at 11:00 A,www.volusia.realroreclose. FLORIDA, AND THE EAST- ORMOND BEACH, FL a not known to ba dead or OTHERTHANTHE PROPERrY to Me high and be bidder a notknowtobedegdor to the highe and be biddar com, Volusia Coun,Florida ERLY RIG -OF-WAY 32174 alive, whether U w OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF r cash AT W.VOLUS# aliva,whethes d Unknown tor cash, at www.volusia. at 11:00AM EST on lhe 31ST LINE OF u.s. HIGHWAY Any n clalming an inle rt Parties may tlaim an imerert THE us PENDENS MUST FILE REALFORECLOSE.COM at Parfies mayGlaim an inte tor the day of May, 2018 the following NO.1; THENCE SOUTH in tha suplus hom me s e, rf as Spouse, H n, Devis s, A CL M W HIN 60 DAYS 11:00A.M.on June 8,2018,Me as Spous6, Hein, D8vi5885, lollowing d8scrib6d pDp8rty: d8Krib8d property as set 16 DEGREES 19 MIN- any, other than the pD y Grant88s,or h6rCl : AmR THE SAU. tollowing d6Krib8d pDp8rfy as G&tees, or h6r Clain n LOT 5, BLOCK 1039, OF to h iri said Final Judgment of UTES EAST A DISTANCE ower as ot the d e o tha Unknown Parfies in Pou8Nion Punuant to na. R. Jud. set torth in Flnal Judgment, D&endant(s). DELTONA LAKES UNIT FO&IOSUR: OF 399.90 FEET ALONG Ls Pendens must file a claim 2, Wl ing, and all Unknown Admin. 2.516DH1)(A), Plaintm's to-w : NOrlCE OF ShLE FO ACCORDING LOT 85 AND 86, MAPS OF THE SAID EASTERLY wkhin 60 days a 6r the s e. Parties cl ming by, thDugh. unsel h8Rby designates k5 LOT 4, OAK FOREST NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN TO THE PLAT THEREOF, GEO B. CLARK'S SUBDI- RIGHT-OF-WAY UNE FOR D ed in HillsboDugh underand agaln th6 abov6 priB email add N for the PHASE III REPLAT, AC- punuam to oder wheduling AS RECORDED IN MAP VISION OF LOTS 5 AND 6, n E POINT OF BEGIN- Coun,norida, Mis &h day ol named Detendant(s) who pu B of email se ice as: CORDING TO THE PLAT toBlosu sala or Final BOOK 27, AT PAGE 224 BLOCK 16, ROGERS MAP NING; THENCE NORTH May, 2018. are not known to ba dead or SF Tam&aSe ice THEREOF, AS RECORDED Judgment, ente d in Civil Case THROUGH 240, OF THE OF DELAND, ACCORDING 68 DEGREES 41 MINUTES Alb&t&li Law aliva. w er 5aid Unknow SHAPIR,FISHMAN a IN MAP BOOK 34, PAGE No. 2017-1 -CIDL ot the PUBLIC RECORDS OF TO THE PLAT RECORDED EAST A DISTANCE OF 425 AWomey tor PlaintM Parties mey claim an interert GACH . LLP 161, OF THE PuBuc Ci uit Court ot Me 7th Judicial VOLUSIA couw, FLOR- IN PLAT BOOK 6, PAGE FE% THENCE NORTH 16 P.o. Box 23028 as Spousa. H n, Devi s, A om s for PlaimM RECORDS OF VOLUS Ci urt in and tor Volusia IDA 24, OF THE PUBLIC RE- DEGREES 19 MINLrrES Tampa, FL M623 Granteas, or h Cla ts 4630 oodland Copor e couw, FLORIDA County, Florida, whe in PD o Add s': 1455 CORDS OF VOLUSIA WESTA DISTANCE OF 275 813 2214743 Detendant(s) . Blvd Ste 100 ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN Dertsche Bank Neional Twrt Mo Avenue, Dal- couw, FLORIDA FE% THENCE NORTH 68 813) 221-9171 csimile NoncE OF SALE Tanpa, FLM614 INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS Company, as T ea tor tona, Florida 32738. WA 735 N CLARA AV- DEGREES 41 MINUTES ic6: se e aw NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN Telephone: (813) 880-8888 FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, Mogan Slan y ABS Cap all Any n cl ming an inte ENUE, DELAND. FL 32T20 EAST A DISTANCE OF pu ant to o er Kh8duling M. 515& OTHER THAN ME PROPERTY lnG. Twst 2 -HE4, Morfgage in w6 suplu5 hom a s e, rf Any penon c iming an int8r6st 2225 FEETTO THE WEST- N 17D1 T5 &bsu s e or Final Fax:(813)86O-8800 OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF pgss-mDugh Cert c as, any, oM6r lhan 18 pDp8rty in M6 wplus homthe sale. if ERLY LINE OF EASTCORV AmNnoN: PERSONS W H JudgB, ent&ed in CivilCase For Em&il &G8On : THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE Series 20 -HE4, Pl&nt and ower as ofMe d&e otMelis any, other Man M6 pDp& DRIVE; THENCE sow DlsAalunEs No. 2015-11T59-CIDL of tha SFGTampaS6 ic8 A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS Ang a Renb a detendam(s), pendens w fileacl mwhhin owner as of the date of the 16 DEGREES 19 MINuns w you a p&5on wkh a CikukCourtotMaT Judlci& Forallotherinquirias: AFTER THE SALE. |, Cle otCourt, Lau E. Ro . day5 aRer Me s e. Ls Pendans mu file a tlaim EAST A DISTANCE OF di5abil y who n an Ci u lnand rVoluslaCoun,dwh F .Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. will sell to m6 hOhe and Dalad: M y a. 2018. wWhin 60 d s aRer Me sale. 50.19 FEET ALONG SAID ac da on in 0 6r to Florida, whe in Wal F&go Pu uant to the Fair Debt Admin.z.516D)(1) ,Plaim s be bidd rtorGash AT . PEARSON B LLP Datad in HillsboDugh WESTERLY LINE OF EAST parti pata in this pm lng, Banh, Natlona Gi lon, Col rtlons Prartices Art, you unsal hereby d6signat8s s VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. Nico D. McKee, Esquire CounV, Florida Mis 3 day ot CORY DRIVE; THENCE you a trtBd. al no Gortto PBnt and Joanne Plun eT advls8d hatthisoRIG8may prlma &nail eddw r M6 COMat11: A.M.onJune14, Fbrida BarNo.: 011 May, 2018. s 68 DEGREES 41 you,to Me pDvis n ol n Riager dat dam(5b |, bad edebtcollertorand pugoses ot emall se i as: 2018, 18 llowlng da9t b NMcK bertelli Law MINUTES WEST A DIJ aNi . p comarf Cle otCourf, Laura E. o,any information obtalned nay SF TampaSe,logs. m' pDp8r e9 & rm ln 485 N. K& Rd hk64o1 AWomey r Plaint TANCE OF 2175 FE% Court AdminiA ion. 125 E. wlll sell to the hlghe end b6u58dtorM pupos8. SHAPIRO, FISHMAN Final Judgw, t wh: Ma land, Fbrida 32751 P.o. Box 23028 THENCE SOUTH 16 DE- OranReAve Ste.3 . Da ona be biddar r cash ATWWW. 15-z88803 FCO1 CHE GACH,LLP LOT 34. BLOCK B, PLAN- T&ephona: (40 64T- T a, FL 33623 GREES 19 MINuns EAST Beac,fl 32114, 386-257- VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. M y18,V,2O18 AWom 5 r Plaint TAnoN EsTAns, UN Fac miB: (40 647 2 (813 221-4743 A DISTANCE OF 299.99,wWhin 2 days ot your COM&11: A.M.onMay31, L16 94 4630 oodlandCo rale 5, ACCORDING TO THE Atbmay r Pl&mm 1 &-02 FEET; MENCE sow &aim ot lis notice. Wyou 2018, th6 blbwing d8sc b6d Bhd Sle 1 OR PLAT THEREOF, M y 18, 18 AmNTloN: PERSONS WITH 68. DEGREES 41 MIN- heerinAlmp d, c&| 1- - p es s& rth ln s d T 4 nN614 AS RECORDED IN PLAT L186O68 DlsABILmEs UTES WEST, A DISTANCE 955-6 1; rf you a voice FlnelJudgm m,to-w#: IN THE CIRCU T8|6phon8: (813) BOOK 11, PAGE 239. II you ar6 a penon wM a OF 50.19 FE% THENCE imp&i d, tel 1- 955-8770. Lon 5059 AND 5060, COU T OF THE M. 5156 PuBuc RECORDS OF disabil who ne6ds an NORTH 16 DEGREES THIS ls NOTA COURT BLOCK 172, FLORIDA SEVEW JUDIC L Fax: (813) eao VOLUS# couw. FLOR- IN THE CIRCUIT aKom ion in oder to 19 MINUTES WEST A INFoRMAnoN LINE. To fil6 SHORES UN NO. 6. CIRCU IN AND FOR For ISe e On : IDA CINL COURT OF partitlpat6 in this pDc88ding. DISTANCE OF 25.00 pons6 p ase conta ACCORDING TO THE VOLUSIA COUN SFGT a& logs. m ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN THE SEVENTH you a 8ntitl6d, at no cost to FE% THENCE SOUTH Volusia Coun cl6 of Court. MAP OR PLAT THEREOF, FLORIDA For all olher quiries: INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS JUDICIAL CIRCUIT you, to the provlsion of certain 68 DEGREES 41 MIN- 101 N. abama Ave, De,AS RECORDED IN MAP CIVIL ACTION dwhhn FROM THE SALE, IF OF FLORIDA, IN assl ante. Please contart UTES WEST A DISTANCE FL 32724, Tal: (386) 736-5907. BOOK 23, PAGE(S) 109, Case w: 2016-31669- Purwant to e F r Debt OTHER THEPROPERTV AND FOR VOLUSIA Court Admini ralion, 125 E. OF 425 FE THENCE May I8, u, I8 OF THE PUBLIC RE- clcl Coll ions p c Arf, you OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF couw Orange Ave Ste. 300, Da ona NORTH 16 DEGREES 1g L1 CORDS OF VOLUSIA DIVISION: 31 a advised & o G8 may THE LIS PENDENS MUST nu CIVIL DIVISION 8each, FL 32114, 386-257- MINUTES WEST A DIS- couw. FLORIDA. W6|ls Fatgo Bank, N.A. bed adeb coll orand A CL M W HIN 60 DAYS Case No. 2017 30747 6096, wrfhin 2 days ot your TANCE OF 50.19 FEET TO ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN Pla ntm, any in m tion ob ined may AmRTHEsAu. clcl ceipt of thls notice. lt you are THE POINT OF BEGIN- IN THE CIRCUIT INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS -vs.- be usad torth pupo58. 'Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. Division 32 hearing impairad, call 1-800- NING, ALL LYING AND COURT OF THE FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, Susan 8aqby; Unknown 17-308859 FCO1 WNI Admln. 2.516DN1,Plahrf 5 MTGLQ INVESTORS, LP 955-8771; if you ara voice BEING A PART OF LOT 1, SEVENTH JUDIC L OTHER THAN THE PROPERrY Spouse o Susan Bagby: May 18, u, 18 couns& h& y d8signal6s hs Plaintm, impai d, call 1-800-955-8770. BELLA VISTA UNIT 3, AS CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF Unknown Hein, Davisees, L1 prima,add M r e vs. THIS ls NOTA COURT SHOWN ON MAP IN MAP VOLUSIA couw. THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE G nt885. AMign88s. pugo58s ot,& e as: MARK T. JONES AIWA MARK INFORMATION LINE. To file BOOK 9. PAGE 298, OF FLORIDA A CLAIM W HIN 60 DAYS C drfon,Lienon.and SF Tam al THOMAS JONES, KRISTI sponse plaase contact THE PUBLIC RECORDS CIVIL AcnoN AmR THE SALE. Ttustees ot Gerald L. Bagby IN THE CIRCU SHAPIR,nsHMAN a L. MARTINU WA KRISTI Volu5ia Coun Clerk of Court, OF VOLUSIA couw. CASE NO.: 2016 .Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. aGa ldBagby,Deceasad. COURT OF THE GACH,LLP L. JONES AIWA KRISTI 101 N. Alabama Ava, DeLand, FLORIDA, AND LOT 3, 11564 CIDL Admin. 2.516D)(1)p), PlaintiWs and All her Penons Claiming SMNTH JUDICIAL Anorneys tor Pl ntM LYNN MARTINU, USAA FL 32724, Tel: (386l 736-5907. BELLA VISTA UN NO. CIT BANK. N.A counsal he by design es rfs by and mDugh, Under, CIRCU IN AND FOR 4630 Woodland Coporate FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK, May 18, 25, 2018 2, AS SHOWN ON MAP >laintm, . Rrimary email add r tha Again me Named Oefendant VOLUS couw. Bhd Ste 100 AND UNKNOWN TENANTy L 166065 IN MAP BOOK 11, PAGE vs. Ou ses ol email sa ice as: [s; CroMC 8kCondominium noRIDA Tampa. FL 33614 OWNERS, 164, OF THE PuBuc THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, SF Ta aS ic Associalion, lnc. Cl L AcnoN Telephone: (813) 880- . . Defendants. RECORDS OF VOLUS# DEVISEES. GRANTEES, SHAPIR,FISHMAN a Delendant(s). Case N: 2017-10351- M. 5156 NOTICE OF SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COUN FLORIDA. ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, GACH . LLP NoncE OF SALE CIDL Fax: (813) eeo-eeoo Notice is he by given, COURT OF THE AIWA 133 N CORY DRIVE, CREDITORS, TRusnEs. AWomeys for Plaintm NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN DIVISION: 02 For Email Se ice On : pursuant to Final Judgment of SEVENTH JUDICIAL EDGEWATER, FL 32141 OR OTHER CLAIMANTS 4630 Woodland Coporata punuant to oder rescheduling W6|ls Fago Bank, National SFGTampaSe it Foreclosu for PlaintM ent CIRCUIT IN AND FOR Any penon claiming an intere CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, Blvd Ste 100 to closu sale or Final Association, Successor by For all other inquiries: in mis cause on April 18, 2018, VOLUSIA COUN in the suplus hom the sale, rf UNDER, OR AGAINST. JAMES Tmnpa, FL 33614 Judgment, ente d in Civ,Case Megerto Wachovia Bank, dwhrfney in the Circuk Court ot Volusia FLORIDA any. other than the p per H. BEAMER WA JAMES T&6phon8: I813) 880-8868 No. 2016-31668-clcl of the National Association Punuant lo the Falr Debt Coun,Florida, Laura E. Roth, CIVIL ACTION owner as of the date of Me HUGH BEAMER, DECEASED. M. 5156 Circuk Court of the 7th Judicial Plainti,Collerfions Prattites Act, you Cle o the Ci urf Cou,CASE NO.: 2017 Lis Pendens must file a claim et al, Fax: T813) 880-6800 CirGurt in and tor Volusia -vs.- a advised that this omce may will sell the properfy skuated 10551 CIDL wkhin 60 days a er the sale. Defendant(s). For Em,Se ice Only: Coun,Florida, whe in Walls Robert L. Hauck; Unknown be deemed a debt collerfot and in Volusia Coun,Florida FBC MORTGAGE, LLC. Dated in HillsboDugh NoncE OF RESCHEDUUD SFGTampaSe ice Fago Bank, N.A Plginti and H8iR, Devisaes, Grantees, any inform ion obtained may deKrib8d as: PlaintiR. Coun,Florida, this 7th day ot SALE For all oth6r inquiries: Susan Bagby are defandant(s), Assignees. CredWon and b6 used tot h pupose. THE SOUTH 1l2 OF LOT vs. May, 2018. NOTICE ls HEREBY dwhrfney |, Cla of Court, Laura E. Roth, Lienors ot Phil p Charlas 16-305245 FCO1 sPz 12, BLOCK 6, REPLAT OF NEILTILBOR WA NEIL |. Alberfelli Law GIVEN Punuant to an Od6r Punuant to the F r Debt will sall to the highest and Heuck, Sr and All her May 18, u, 18 BRIDGEPORT HEIGHTS, nLBoR, et al, AWornay lor PlaintiW Resch uling FOR OSU S e Colle ions p rticas Art, you best bidder for cash AT www. Persons Claiming by and L 166359 A SUBDWISION ACCORD- De1endant(s). P.o. Box 23028 datedApril5,2O18, andent&ed are advised th this ORIG8 may VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. Th ugh, Under, Again ING TO THE MAP OR PLAT NOTICE OF SALE Tampa, FL 33623 in Case No. 2016 11564 CIDL b8d86m8dad8bt ll8rtorand COM at 11:00 A.M. on Juna 8, ma Namad Datendant(s); THEREOF, as RECORDED PURSUANT ro CHAPTER 45 (813) 221-4743 ot he Ci urt Court ot We any intom tion obtained may 2018, th6 following dascrlbed Unknown SpouseotRobert L w THE CIRCU IN PLAT BOOK 9, PAGE NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN (813)221-9171 laNimil8 Seventh Judicial Ci urt in and be usedforMatpupose. pDp8rty B9 s& torth in said Hautk;TawanaD.C ss a COURT OF THE 207. OF THE PUBLIC Punuant to a Final Judgment aSe ica: se ealaw tor Volusia Coun . Fbrida in 15-290754 FCO1 WNI Final Jud&ment, to-wN: Tawanza D. CDSS SNEW Jumc L RECORDS OF VOLU- ot Fo&losu dated April 16 albe which c Bank. NA, is the May 18, 25, 18 COND MINIUM UNIT B, Detandant(s). . CIRCU IN AND FOR s couw, FLORIDA; 2018, and ante d in Case No. CJ-17-006140 Plaintm and me Unknown L 166082 CROSS CREEK, A CON- NoncE OF SALE VOLUS couw, AND LOT 13, BLOCK 6, 2017 10551 CIDL ofthe Cikurf ATTENTION: PERSONS W H Hein, Devisees, Gr teas. DOMINIUM, TOGETHER NOTICE ls HEREBY GINN FLORIDA BRIDGEPORT HEIGHTS. Court of lhe Seventh Judicial DlsABILlnEs Assignees. Lenon. C drton, WITH AN UNDIVIDED IN- pursuant to o er scheduling CML DIVISION A SUBDWISION ACCORD- Ci urf in and for Volusia lt you are a penon wrm a Twstee . or olher Cl mants IN THE CIRCUIT nREsT IN THE COMMON br8clo5u 5al8 or Final Case n: 201611 7- INGTOTHE MAP OR PLAT CounV, Florida in which FBC disabil y who needs an claiming by, M ugh, under, COURT OF THE ELEMENTS, ACCORD- Judgment, enta d in c il Case CIDL THEREOF, AS RECORDED Mortgage, LLC, is the PlalntiW accommod ion in oder to or against, James H. Beamer SEVEW JUDICIAL ING.TO THE DECLARA- No. 2017-10351-CIDL ot the DMSION: 02 IN MAP BOOK 10. PAGE and Neil filbor alWa Neil |. participate in this p ceading, a Jamas Hugh Be CIRCUIT IN AND FOR noN OF CONDOMINIUM Ci uN Court ot the 7th Jud B WilminQon Sa s Fund 231, OF THE PUBLIC Tllbor, Janice Tilbor, State you a entWad, atno costto deceased, Unknown Pa y VOLUSIA couw, THEREOF, RECORDED Ci uh in and r lusia Socie ,FSB, a Chri na RECORDS OF VOLUS of Florida, Volusia Coun,you, tothe provision ofcertain 1 nMa Shane Pogg, Shane FLORIDA IN OFFIC L RECORD County, norid4 wh n Twrt, notind ual b a COUW. FLORIDA Florida Clerk ol Court, a aMistanc8. Please contact Ma 6 Be r, as an Heir to CIVIL DIVISION BOOK 5091, PAGE 883, lls Fatgo Bank, Natlon& twrt forPaium Morfgage and com Dn known as: d8t6ndants,th8 Volusia County Court Administ tion, 125 E. the ErfataofJ s H. B r Case w: 2015-11N1- AS AMENDED FROM TIME AMociaUon, Suw r by Atqu H nTw 2327 s. PENINSULA DRIVE, Cle of the Ci u Cou will OrangaAve Ste.3OO,Da ona Ma James Hugh B r, CIDL TO nME, OF THE PUBLIC Mager to WachovB Ban Plai , DAYTONA BEACH, FL sell to the highest and best Beach, FL 32114, 386-257- dece ,Shaw Lee Beana, DIVISION: 02 RECORDS OF VOLUS# Netlon A ocialion, Plaim -vs.- 32118: intluding the building, bidder for cash elerf nic ly/ 6096, wkhin 2 dBys ot your as an Heir to the E e of JPMoganChaseBank, couw, FLORIDA. end Rob6rt L Hauck a R WP&ulKod;Sha nK h: appurtenan s. and fi u s onllna at hWp:l/www.volusia. receipt otthis notica. ltyou a Jan s H. Beam& a J Na onalAMociation ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN de& ). |, Cle ot Court. Un ow Parti in PoN8#Dn loc 6d the in, publit 5al8, a &, Volusia hea ng impaired, call 1-800- Hugh Beamar, d sed. 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Kopp aDoraA.BDw; OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF REALFORECLOSE.COM n D8Bdant(5)who 20|8 & 11: AM. pDp8 y as set forfh ln said INFORMATION LINE.Tofile a d&6ndants, e Volusia UnknownPart inPosseuion THEusPENDENsMusTnLE at 11:00 A.M. on June 12, a nol owtobe or Any penons cl ming an FlnalJudqmentofFo&losu : spons6pl8as8conta Coun Cle ot e Ci urt 1.Wl ing.andallUnknown A C M WHIN 60 DAYS 2018, the tol w g d . e er dUn ow ime in the suplus hom PARCE 18 AND THE Volusia County Cle ol Courf. Court will sell lo a h B Parf cBiming by, Dugh, AFnR THE SAU. proper as t in p &t anim Me sale, fi any, other Man the WESTERLY 112 OF 101 N. Alabama Ave, DeLand, and be bidd6r r eh ir on und and ag n the above .Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. FinalJudg t,to-wW: as s6, w, pD own8rasofMedat8of PARCEL 19, CORY ES- FL 32724, Tel: (386) 736-5907. 8|8 Dni,I0nlin8 hnpJl n Detendan s)who Admin. 2.51&D)(1),Pl ms LOT e, BLOCK 1,DEL- GB,orO & c : the lis pendens mu file a cl m TATES. AS RECORDED M y 18, u, 18 www.volusia.realtoreclose. a notknowto be dead or uns6| ha by d nates Ws TONA LAKES, UN n3, Unknow Pa Po on wkhin 60 days a er the sale. IN OFFICIAL RECORDS L166O59 tom, sia Coun . norida aive,wh&har dun ow pri amail edd r We ACCORDING TO THE m. w,ng. and aN Un ow Dated this 1 h day of May, BOOK 233, PAGE 29 OF at 1|: AM EST on th6 7th Pa smaycl manim&ert pu s ot en &|| se lte Bs: PLATTHEREOF, RECORD- Pa i c ing by, thDugh, 2018. THE PUBLIC RECORDS day otJune 2018 e lb ng asSpous6. H n. D i,SF Tam&a&ic ED IN PLAT BOOK 25, und& and ag nst 6 above Laura E. Noyes OF VOLUS couw, IN THE CIRCUIT d tnbed p as s6 Grantees,or harCl manQ; SIQPIR,FISHMAN PAGE 110. OF THE PUB- n &dam(5) who (813) 229- x1515 FLORIDA AND BEING COURT OF THE to in said F Judg t ot Unknow Part sin PoN6s5ion GACH,uP UG RECORDS OF VOLU- a nol tob6d6ador KaN Muler, P.A MORE PARrlCULARLY SEVENTH JUDICIAL Fo&losu : 2. w,ing, and,Un ow Anom6ys tor Pl lrfm s couw, flORIDA. al 6, whe ar d Unknow 1505 N. FloridaAve. DncRIBED AS FOL- CIRCU IN AND FOR Lon 7833 AND 7834. Parties claiming by. thDugh, 4630 dBd C t6 ANY PERSON CL MING AN Part s &c imanim Tampa. FLN6O2-2613 LOWS: COMMENCE AT VOLUS couw, BLOCK 258. flORIDA und& and aga the above Bhd Sle 1 INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS asSpousa. H R, Devisaes. Fo&low S8 i kaMlaw. THE INTERSECTION OF FLORIDA SHORES UN NO. e, RE- n DaBdan s) o T,FL33614 FROM THE SAU, IF G s,orO &CBmant5 com THE NORTHERLY LINE OF CINL AcnoN VISED PLAT, AKORDING a not b ow to be dead or T&8phon6: (813) 880- OTHER THE PROPERrY De anUs). May18,U, 18 LOT 3, BELLA VISTA UNIT CASE NO.: 2017- TO THE PLAT TWEREOF al e, wheM Unknow M. 5158 OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF NoncE OF qnu L1661O4 NO. 2 PER MAP BOOK 31162 clcl RECORDED IN MAP Pa ias may c im an rm& Faw: (813) ee ae THE LIS PENDENS MUST FIU NoncE ls HEREBY GNEN 11, PAGE 164. PUBLIC GTE FED CREDIT UNION BOOK 23, PAGE 132 OF as Spouse. H n. Devi,For,Se e On : A CLAIM W HIN 60 DAYS punuantto o heduling RECORDS OF VOLUS# DIBl GTE FINANC L THE Pu8uc RECORDS Gr rfaas. or h Cl mank SFGT&npaS6 8glogs.Gom AFTER THE SALE. lo clow 5al8 or Fin IN THE CIRCU COUN7V, FLORIDA. AND Plaintm, OF VOLUS# couw, De&d t(s). For,oMer inquiries: .Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. JudgB,ent& inC ilCase COURT OF THE THE EAsnRLY R LINE vs. FLORIDA NoncE OF E dwh logs.Gom Admln. 2.516Dl(1)W, Pl m 's No. 2016-11007-CIDL ot e SEVEW JUDIC L OF u.s. HIGHWAY NO.1, BARBARA MURPHY GRECO WA 3127 KUMQUAT NoncE ls HEREBY Punuant to the Falr Debt Gounsel he by d6slgn&8s Ws Ci uh Courf ofMe7th Jud iel CIRCU IN AND FOR A 158 FOOT AS WA BARBARA GRECO, DRNE, EDG AnR. fl GIVEN pu am to ord& Collerflons PrarfiGes A,you prlma em&| add ss lor me Ci uhinandtorVolu aCounty, VOLUS# couw, NOW L D o% MENCE et al, 32141 Kh8duling bsu sale ar8advis6dthatthisomG8 may pugos89 ot email s8 ic6 as: Florida, wher n WilminQon FLORIDA NORTH 68 DEGREES 41 Defendant(s). Any p&son tlaiming an inte or Fin Judgmen ente in be deemed a d6btcoll6Glotend SF Tamgase ice Savings Fund Socie . FSB, CIVIL AcnoN MINLrrES EAST ALONG NoncE OF SALE inthe suplu hom F8 s e, rf c il Ca58 No. 2015-11531- any intormation obt ned may SHAPIR ,FlsHMANa dlbla Ch iana T,not CASE NO.: 2017 THE SAID NORTHERLY PURSUANTTOCHAPTER45 any, other than tha p per CIDL ot th8 Ci uk Court of b8us8dtorthatpupos6. GACHC, LLP individual bLrf as t ee t 10449 CIDL UNE OF LOT 3, A DIS- NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN owner as ot the dale of e the 7lh Judici Ci urt in and 16-304593 FCO1 WNI A omays for PlaintiW Pretium Mortgage Acquis u.s. BANK NAnoNAL TANCE OF 1250.00 FEET Punuant to a Final Judgment Lis Pendens must fil6 a claim for Volusia County, florida, May 18, 2s, zo18 4630 Woodland Corporata T,Plaintm and Ricky p | AssoclAnoN, AS TRusnE. FOR THE POINT OF ot Foreclosure da ed April 18. wrfhin 60 days aWer the sal6. wh8Rin JPMogan Chase L 166o95 Blvd Sta 100 Koch a d&endan s), |, cBk FOR THE HOLDERS OF THE BEGINNING; THENCE 2018, and ente d in Case No. Daled in Hillsbo ugh Bank, Nalion AMociation, Tampa, FL 33614 ot Courf, Laura E. RoM, || J.P. MORGAN ALTERNATIVE CONTINUE NORTH 68 2017-31162 clcl of the Circu Coun . Florida this 9th day ot Plaintm and Nicholas R. Kopp Telephone: (813) 880-8888 sell to the highe and LOAN TRUST 2006-s4, DEGREES 41 MINUTES Court of the Seventh Judicial May, 2018. are detendant(s), |. Cle of IN THE CIRCUIT Ext. 515& bidder tor cash AT w . MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH EAST A DISTANCE OF Cirtuk in and tor Volusia AlbertelliLaw Cou,Laura E. Roth will sell COURT OF THE Fax: (813) eao-eeoo VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. CERTIFICATES, 112.50 FE% THENCE Coun . Florida in which GTE AWorney tor PlaintiW to lhe highest and best bidder SEVENTH JUDICIAL For Email Se ice Only: COM at 11:00 A.M. on Juna 12, PlaintiR, sow 16 DEGREES 19 Federal Credrf Union d/bla/ Po. Box 23028 for cash AT WWW.VOLUSIA. CIRCUIT IN AND FOR SFGTampaSe ice 2018, th6 following destribed vs. MINUTES EAST, A DIS- GTE Financial, is the Plainti Tampa, FL 33623 REALFORECLOSE.COM at VOLUSIA COUNTY, For all other inquiri6s: pDp8rfy as set to h in s d THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, TANCE OF 124.9 FEET and la13) 221-4743 1 1 :oo A.M. on June 5, 2018, the FLORIDA dwhrfney Final Judgment, to-wrt: DEVISEES, GRANnEs, TO THE NORTHERLY Barbara Murp GPtO 16-026925 tollowing describad properfy as CIVIL ACTION Pursuanl to the Fair Debt LOT 5, BLOCK 1094. OF ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, LINE OF NORTH CORY a Barbara reco, are ATTENTION: PERSONS WITH set fo h in said Final Judgment, Case #: 2017-31379- Collertions Pra icas Art, you DELTONA LAKES, UNIT CREDITORS. TRUSTEES, DRIVE; THENCE SOUTH defendants, the Volusia County DISABILITIES to-wit: clcl ara advised that this o ce may FORrY ONE, ACCORDING OR OTHER CLAIMANTS 68 DEGREES 41 MIN- Clerk of the Circuit Courf will lf you are a person wrth a PARCEL 446: COM- DIVISION: 31 be deemed a debt collector and TO THE MAP OR PLAT CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UTES WEST ALONG SAID sell to the highest and best disabilrfy who needs an MENCE AT THE sw COR- HSBC Bank USA, National any information obtained may THEREOF, AS RECORDED UNDER, OR AGAINST, JAMES NORTHERLY LINE OF bidder for cash electronically/ accommodation in oder lo NER OF THE NE 1/4 OF Association, as Trustee for be used for that purpose. IN MAP BOOK 27, AT PAG- L. FRY. DECEASED, et al. CORY DRIVE, A DISTANCE onllne at hwp://www.volusia. parfitipate in this proceeding. SECTION 12, T. 17S R. Nomura Home Equily Loan, 16-305278 FCO1 WEQ ES 246 THROUGH 261. Detendan (s). OF 112.50 FE% THENCE, Volusia you are ent led, at no cost to 30E VOLUSIA couw, lnc Asset Backed Certificates. May 18, 25, 18 INCLUSIVE, OF THE PuB- NOTICE OF RESCHEDULED NORTH 16 DEGREES 19 Coun,Florida at 11:00AM you, to the provision of ce ain FLORIDA; RUN THENCE Series 2007-1 . L16 15 LIC RECORDS OF VOLU- SALE MINUTES WEST A DIS- EST on the 6th day of June, assistance. Please contacl EAST A DISTANCE OF Plainti,SIA couw, FLORIDA. NOTICE ls HEREBY TANCE OF 124.9 FEET TO 2018 the tollowing described Courf Administration, 125 E. 174.78 FEET TO A POIN% -vs.- ANY PERSON CL MING AN GIVEN Pursuant lo an Oder THE POINT OF BEGIN- property as set forfh in said Orange Ave Ste. 300, Da ona THENCE NORTH A DIS- Brandon Sethrist; Jill K. IN THE CIRCUIT INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS Rescheduling Foreclosure NING. ALL LYING AND Final Judgment ol Fo closure: Baach. FL 32114, 386-257- TANCE OF 180.00 FEET Sechrist a Jill S6christ; COURT OF THE FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, Sale dated April 12, 2018, BEING A PART OF LOT 3, LOT 2B1, UNRECORDED 6096, wrfhin 2 days ot your TO A POIN% THENCE Unknown Parties in PoN8ssion SNENTH JUOICIAL OTHER THAN THE PROPERfY and ente d in Case No. 2017 BELLA VISTA UNIT NO. MAP OF PLANTATION receipt ot lhis nolice. lf you al8 EAST A DISTANCE OF N1, fi living, and all Unknown CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF