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May 18, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 2018

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PAGE 46B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 18, 2018 NC 2B32 9749,GG, 10T, 16, in an OSCEOLA CouW,pay aN sB(s) dua tor 81.24; ANDREA M TAVLOR IN THE CIRCUIT in O cial R ods Book l Room m6o2, Kissimmea, FL (813)221-9171 tacsimil6 ODD, F ed Mix6d Unrf, nawspap&, p vidad wd a (s Mibrf A punuant to 1400 HERRINGTON RD APT COURT OF THE 1564. at Page 1479 ot th6 34741, on June 19, 2018 at 8S8 ic8:s6 6alaw 2014-2017, S3, 242.48, $0.99; n6w5 exi s at the ti the miabon's qov&ning 14302 LAWRENCENLU, GA NIW JUDICIAL Public Records ot Osteola 11:00A.M. albe BECKY J WIGGINS 8221 ot publi hing. lt you t,to dowments ( ov ing 3 -1805, uu, 7. 36, ODD, CIRCU IN AND FOR County. Florida. Any p6 ns claiming an N-15-181908 Slonehaa & Ct Las V6gas, w the d6rauW as s& rorth Dow k.) and you now,ns, 2015-2017, S1, OKEOLA couw. Any p6non claiming an int6 st in th6 suplus hom lf you are a parson whh a NV 8911T-7630, GG, 112, 8, in this notit6 or taka othar owe iation (See Exhibh 9 .80,$0.73;ADAMCCLURE FLO DA inte st in the 5uplus hom the sale, itany, dherthan e di5ability who naads any WHOU, Fixad W66M 8d appDpri 8 a ion wrfh gald A whith amount includ6s 3705 PROSPERITY CHURCH CASE O. 16 CA tha sale, if any, oth than the p p8rfyow6rasotth8dat6of accommodation in order to Unit, 2015-2017, $3, 086.37, to his toBlosu maw you inte&,e t,and oth6r RD cHARLom, NC 28269- 778 MF prop6rtyown8ra5 otthe date ot thelis pendans w file aclaim pa cipata in this pmeeding, S1.o4; PAUL M WIGGINS 145 risk losing ownarship ot your chag . Addrtional ime 8392, uu, 8, 48, EVEN, Fixed wEsTGAnvAcAnoN th8li5 p6nd8ns mu file a cl m wkhin 60 daas a &the sale. you ar6 anthlad, at no lo Ea man St Mount Clemens, tim6sha intarest h ugh th6 continu to actw6 at tha te wnixed U. 2014-2017, $2, VILLAS, LLC a norida wkhin 60 days a ar tha sala. Nicholas J. 08taD you, to th6 p vision ot t6rtain Ml ,M, 112,8,WH0LE, t st6e toPtlosu pDc6du ot(See Mibrt A per day. A 611.02, 8O.79; COLUMBUS limrfedliabil yconpany. lf you ar6 a penon wim a (813l229- w1484 aNi anc6. PI8as8 Gontart Fwed Mix6d Unk, 2015- e ablishadin Se ion 721.855, lian for la ato said a Dunt MC CLURE 13427 Homewood PlaintiW, disabil y who naads any KauShular,PA Courf Administration Two 2017, S3. 086.37. S1.o4: nRN florida Stat 85. You y has been odad againstthe Dr Cha o e, NC 28262. UU, v. accom Ddation in order to 1505 N. Florida Ave. courmou58 Squa,Suke WPALFl JOAN D PAUI6121 choose to sign and send to tollowing al pDpa y located 8,48.EVEN Fixed Wfilx8d u, ELENOJR.CARB AL etal partiGipat8 in this pD ing, Tampa, FLN6O2-2613 6300, KiNimm8a, FL 34741, w Paw n Ave Chitago, IL the undarsigned tw ae tha in OSCEOLA couU florida: 2014-2017, $2, 611.02, 8o.79: Detandants. you a entitlad, al no co to Fot8tlosu Sa ic8 kaNlaw. Telephone: (40 742-2417, ,GG. 201, 31, WHOLE, 6ntl0s8d obi on torm, (S Mibh A")((SE HIBIT May18,25, 18 NoncE OF SALE you. to th6 p vision of cert n com wrfhin two (2) wor ng days Fw6d W wad Unh, 2015- ewe ising your rigM to obje A fi Ma lnte (s)(SEE L1 O PuRsuANTTocHAPnR45, assistance. PI8as6 contaGt May11,18, 18 of your receipt ot this notic6; 2017, S3, 051.84, S1.o4; to the usa ot Ma lw 68 HIBIT A aKo ing othe noRIDn sTnw the ADA Coodinator. Court L 165941 lt you al hearing or voice MARIO BARRIOS 317 Ea foBlow p cedu . Upon fi SharingPlantor tg a NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN Administration, Osceola County impai d, call 1-800-955-8771 . V tine slrTnar, M 75702, We undenigned t ee's V on vllla5, W, om AMWDED NonGE OF punuant to an Old8r or Flnal Courfhous6, 2 Courthouse To fila r6 onsa please conta GG, 202, 4, N, Flxad Waekl iptotyoursiqnad obj ion R ords Book 1072, at Page DEFnuLT AND INnNT TO Judg nt ot Fo clow d ed Squa,Suka 6300, IN THE CIRCUIT Ost6ola oun Cle ot Courf, Fw6d Unk, 2014-2017, 82, form, tha for8Gosur ot he 1234, ot th6 Public R o FORECLOSE the 25th day ot April, 2018, ssimmaa. norida 34741, CINL COURT 2 Courthouse Squa,hke 184.48. So.66; ANA BARRIOS lien whh &pect to tha datault ot OKaola CouW, norida WUTGATE TOWN CWTER and ent in Cas6 No. 16 (40 742-2417,atlea 7days OFTHE NIW 2 0, Kiwimmee, FL 34741, 10184 County Road 490 Tyl6r, sp8cifi6d in thi5 notice shall (the Plan . Togethar wrfh the nu: . CA 778 MF otthe Ci urt Courf b&o your 5ch6dul8d tOUrt JUDICIAL CIRCU Tel: (40 742-3479; Fax: (40 TX 75706 027, GG, 202, be subjert to th6 judicial right to occupy, pu uant o Punuant to Sertion ot the Nimh Judicial Cir rt appearance, or imm iale OF FLORIDA, IN 742-3652. 4, MN. Flxad WaeMixed toBlosu pDt8du only. the Plan, Building-Unh (SEE 721.85s, Florida StatLrt8s, in and lor Ow6ola counW upon ceivingthis notmca ion AND FOR OSCEOLA May 11, 16, 16 Unk, 2014-2017, S2, 184.48, You have the right to w HIBIT A .duringunkw68k the und6Rign8d Tw 66 as Florida, wh6r8in WESTGA it he time b&ore tha sGhedul8d COUNTY L165819 So.66; JENNIFER LAMBERT yourde ultin a mannarsal (SEE HIBIT "), durinq appoint6d b wEsTGAn vAcAnoN NLLAS, LLC appearancaislassthan7days; CINL DINSION 57 C wford sl Eatontow, brfh inthis notiGa atanytime sign6d Y6ar- (SEE HIBl TOWN CEN ER OWNERS att is the Plaimiw, and it you ara h6aring or voice Case No. NJ on24-2915, GG, 202, 35, b&o th6t 's 5al8 otyour A ). 6 n Sha Plan AssoclAnoN, INC. ELENO JR. CARB A imgaired, tall711. 49-201 7-CA-001 1 N- IN THE CIRCU ,F ad W xad Unh, m ha intarest.ltyoudonot pDp8rt Add .Asa&uw mePinawer f& d to as et al a tha Detendants, atad al Osceola, Florida on MF COURT OF THE 2014-2017, $2, 184.48, 0.66; obj toth6 u58 otth6 86 of tha at tionad defauN, ciation.l hetaby tormally that th6 Clerh of the Court, the1 dayofMay,2O18. Division 22 NINTH JUDICIAL GWENDOLYN M SCHEU toBlow pDtadu ,you,miation h y 8|6 s to notm (s Ewhibh A that ndo Rami z,58|| to BY:AmandaL.Chapman,Esq. FIFTH THIRD BANK, AN OHIO CIRCUIT IN AND FOR 513 N Clinton Av6 nonah, notbe subj to a deficiancy sel e PDparty pu you a in d&aultduelo your the high6 and b6 bidd& FloridaBarNumber176O95 BANKING CORPORATION OSCEOLA COUN NJ 0 2113, GG, 202, judgm8nt6v6n rfthe p s to S6 ion 721.855, norida tailuretopayaamem(s)dua for ta5h in Suke 2,Room Email1: sto losu gmlaw. Plaintm, FLORIDA 35, MN, Flxed W Mixed homthasal8otyourtim haR . PI8a56 be ad 5ad tor (See MibW A punuan 2602 ot e OK8ola County com vs. CIVIL AcnoN Unit, 2014-2017, 82, 184.48, inta are insumciem to that in th6 ev t M the debt to th6 AssoGiation'sqov8ming Courthousa, 2 Courthouse Email2:Vani5a.Rich rds N ENNE WOLSEY WA V.E. CASE NO.: 2017 CA $0.66; CARLOS E sANnAGo oWs& lh6 amount5 58cu d by owed to tha socia on is not dotum ts ( ovaming Squa,Nimm86, FL 34741, WOLS UNKNOWN HEIRS, 001514 MF a DAMARIS,RODRIGUU the lien. By: GREENSPOON p dwkhin Mirty-five(35Tdays Documents and you now OKaola Coun,norida, enspoon Marder. LLP. DENSEES, G ES, DIVISION: 20 Calle 49 3| m7 AWura5 De MARDER,LLP,T ee. aR6r ipt ot the Notice, owe 50Giati0n (See Ewhibrf 11:00o'tlockA.M.on June12, CaphalPlaza1 ASSIGNEES, UENORS, u.s. BANK NAnoNAL . Buca bonas Toa AWa, PR HI8lT NA" - AMENDED the und6 ign8d Twstee A whiGh amount intludes 2018, th6 tollowing dawribed 201 EastPin6St at,Surf85OO CRED ORS AND TRusnEs ASSOCIATION, AS TRusnE 9N, GG, 204, 47, ODD, Fix6d NOTICE OF DEFAULr nND shall pm d wrm h6 sale int6r8,late t86s, and other p pa y as s& forth in said O ando,FL328O1 OF CHRIS WOLSEY FOR STRUCTURED ASSET We6kl x6d Unk, 2014-2017, INnNT ro FORECLOSE ot he PDp8rfy as p vidad cha as. Additional interast FinalJudgm6nt ot FOPCIOSUR, 407-425-6559 AIWA CHRISTOPHER INVESTMENT LOAN TRUST S3, 298.40, 8o.98: JOSHUA Own6r(5) Add ss Building in in Sa ion 721.855, norida conlinuesto aGc 6 altherale towk: Counsel for PlaintiW ROBIN WOLSEY AIWA MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH ABUH a MARIA ABUH No 3 Unk Week YearTS Undividad St,Wa undenigned ot(Sae Exhibh"A")perday.A A t6e inla in al plop- Publication ot this Notice on CHRISTOPHERLVOLS CERTIFICATES, SERIES 20 - llogbo Cbse ow E ate Drive lntarest Season Yean Tw J |: (1) Provide you lien for the ato said amount erty srtuat and located May 11 and 18, 2018 is in the DECEASED,MARGARET BNC3, Ojode E e lk Lagos DelinquantAmountPerDiem w h wrmen notic6 ot th6 sale, has bean torded again the in Ost la Coun,norida. Heritaga Florida Jewish News. wou KNOWN HEIR PlaintiW, Lago5, NIGERl G ,205,26, SALIH OSMAN a NURA including lhe d 6, ti P and tollo ng al prop6r located and legally d b as: May11, 18,2018 OF CHRIS WOLSEY vs. ODD, Fix6d W68Mixed Unk, OSMAN 5042 Sand wood loc ion th&aor, (2) R old in OSCEOLA Coun,Florida: signad Un w k Num- L165T65 AIWACHRISTOPHER CUFFORD STEVENS, et al, 2015- 2017, 82, 028.74, $0.69; Drive G nd Blanc, Ml 9. th6 no ce or5al8 the Public (See Exhibk A (SE HI8lT b6r 49 Even, in gned ROBIN WOUEY WA Dafandant(s). GORDON D KIRKLAND 1002 5100,5114,51,WH0U,Flxed R ords otOSCEOLA County, A fim6 Sha lnt (s) Unit Numb6r 5 608 CHRISTOPHER WOLS NOTICE OF RESCHEDUUD s Peny St K6nn8wich, WA WeeMixad Unh, 2015-2017, norida:and(3) Publish a copy (SEE HIBIT A") accoding #| Season-Float Weekl IN THE CIRCUIT DECEASED, AMANDA SALE 99338, GG, 208, 50, EVEN. $4, 559.73, $1.44; HELEN Dt Me notice of e two (2l to the Tlme Sharing Plan for Flo Unk COURT FOR WOLS KNOWN HEIR NOTICE ls HEREBY Fixed Wa6klFix8d Unit, 2014- ALATSAS 92 8 h St BrooWy, times, once 6ach week, tor wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR, wEsTGAn TOWN CEN- OSCEOLA COUN OF CHRIS WOLSEY GIVEN Pursuant to an od 2017, 83, 459.78, $0.95; JOHN NY 11209, 5100, 5144, 16, two (2l succ8Niv8 w86ks, &oded in omcial Recods nR, a fime Share Resort, FLORIDA AIWA CHRISTOPHER R8Kh8duling Fo losul8 KKWAN6B MLEE4132 WHOLE, Fixed WaehlFlxed in an OSCEOLA Counly Book 1564, at Page 1479. ot according to the Tlme PROBATE DINSION ROBIN WOLSEY WA Sale daled April 5, 2018. and 39th Pl Apt 2FI Sunnysida. NY Unit, 2015-2017, $4, 559.73, n6wspap8r, pDvid6d such a the Public Racords ot Osceola Sharing Plan for the Reso File No.: 2018-cP- CHRISTOPHER WOLS enta d in Case No. 2017 CA 11104, GG, 2,18, EVEN, $1.44; ERNESTO PAREDES a n8wspap6r 6xi s the time County, Florida (the Plan"). FacilS, racord6d in Ot- 295-PR DECEASED, KERRY 001514 MF ofthe Ci uh Court Flxed W8aMix6d Unk, 2014- MILAGROS PAREDES Calle ot publishinq. lt you tail to Tog6thar with lhe rigM to ficial ecods Book 1564, Division Probate LOUISE WOLSEY, KNOWN ot the Nin h Judicial Circuil in 2017, $3, 459.78, $0.95; ERWIN Barcalona 13 R8sid6ncias tU the deauW a5 set torth occupy, punuant to the Plan, at Pag6 1479 ot the Public IN RE: ESTATE OF HEIR OF CHRIS WOLSEY and for Osceola Coun,florida B MOREY 11701 Lomb Nicomar,- Apto. 5B Caracas, in this notic6 or take other Building(s)Wnit(s) (SEE HIBIT Racods ot Oscaola Coun- KATHRYN L. LAWSON AIWA CHRISTOPHER in which u.s. Bank National Pincknay, Ml 48169, GG, 211, VENUUELA, 5100. 5146. app priate artion whh gad A,during Unk Week(s) (SEE,Florida. Deceasad. ROBIN WOLSEY AIWA Association, as wstee lor 24, EVEN, Fixad WeeMixed 35, WHOLE, Fix6d Weekl to th to closu n ner, you HIBIT A"), during signed Any panon laiming an NOTICE TO CREDITORS CHRISTOPHER WOLSEY, Stwclured Asset lnvastm6nt Unit, 2014-2017, 82, 184.48. Fixed Unit, 201 5-201 7, risk losing owanhip ot your Year(s) - (SEE WHIBIT A' . int6r6st in the suplus hom me administration of th6 DECEASED, REUNION Loan Twsl Mortgage Pass- $0.66: JAMES WASHINGTON $3, 848.50, S1.24; CAROL timesha inta st th ugh lhe m6 in Time ShaP Plan the sala. it any. other lhan the estate of Kath n L. Lawson. RESORT a CLUB OF mrough Ce ificates, Saries a THERESA WASHINGTON A BRAVO a DONALD G t ea toBlosu ploc8dur6 prop8 yTAdd N").AsaresuN prop6 yown8rasolth8dateof d8t6as8d, whose data ot oRLANDoMAsnR 2006-BNC3. is the Plaintm and 125 Marbrook tce CIO FRANCISCO 132 sTEINMm established in Se ion 721.855, of the ator8m6ntioned defauw, the lis p8nd6ns mu file a claim death was Ortober 17, 2017 AssoclAnoN. INC AND CliWord Stevens, Lsa Stevens. Vanessa Gadsden Oxfod, GA RD HILLSBOROUGH, NJ Florida Stat as. You may Association hareby ele s to within 60 days aWer the sale. is pending in the Ci urf Courf UNKNOWN nNANTsl are detendants, the Osceola 30054, GG, 302, 19, ODD, 08844-1503, 5100, 5153, 17, choose to sign and send to sell the Proper punuant lt you a a penon wrth a for Oscoela County, Florida, OWNERS, County Cle of the Ci uh Fixad WeaMixed Unit, 2015- ODD, Fix6d WeehlFixed Unit, the undenigned tw ee lhe to Sec ion 721.855, Florida disabili who needs any p bate Division, the addr8N of Detandants. Court will sell to the higha 2017, 82, 028.74, $0.69; 2015-2017, $3, 048.65, 8o.96; 8ncl058d objertion form, St W6s. Please be advised accommodalion in order to which is 2 Courthouse squara NoncE OF SALE and best bidder lor cash inlon R MUNDO D ROJAS a MERY AVIS LEWICH 10225 Hen exewising your righ lo objerf that in tha 8v6nt that the debt parfitipate in this p ceeding, #2000, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Notite is he by given, Suite 2600 Room #2602 of lha ROJAS Urbanizac n Juana Mill Rd Fairburn, GA 30213, to tha use ot the twste& owadtothaAssociation is not you a antrflad. at no co to me names and addPMas of pursuant lo Final Judg nt ot Oscaola County Courthous6, 2 La Avan ado Calle 1 Casa 5100, 5154, 36, WHOU, to&losu pmedu . Upon paid within thirfy-fiva (35) days you, to the provision ot certain the parsonal presemative and Fo closu tor PlaintiW ent6 d Courfhousa Squa,Oscaola 7 M urin Estado Monagas, Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, 2015- the undenigned Wst68's aWar &eipt of the Notica, assi anca. Please conta th8 personal representative's in this cause on Apnl 25, 2018, County, Florida at 11:00AM on 6201 VENUUEL GG, 302, 2017, S4, 741.76, S1.34; CLAY &eipt ot your sign6d obje ion tha undanigned Twstee tha ADA Coordinator, Court aWom6y are set torth below. in the Ci urt Cou ot Oweola the 5th day ot June, 2018 tha 40. EVEN, Fiwed WeeMixed CAMINI Pob 7355-1000 San torm, th6 to los re of tha shall proteed with the sale Admini5tration,OK laCoun All c dkors of the d6c8d8nt County, Florida, Armando following destribed p perty as Unit, 2014-2017, S2, 184.48, Jose, COSTA RIC 51,lien wrm to the detau ot the Property as pDvid8d Courthouse, 2 Courthouse and other penons having Ramirez, Cla ot the Cirtuit set torfh in said Final Judgm6nt $0.66; GUY E SOUUERE a 5163, 1, WHOU, Fixad Weekl spacmed in this no ce shall in in Saclion 721.855, Florida Squa,hhe 6300, claims or demands against Courf, will sell the p parfy otForeclosu : SUSAN o BELANGER 37- Fixad Unrt, 2015-2017. 84, be 5ubj8rf to Me judicial Stat rtas, the unde igned Mimm66, norida 34741, d6ced8nl's estale on whom a siluated in Osceola County, LOT 21, 8L0CK 199, 5887 Highway 11 No h No h 559.73, 81.44; JAMES M to closura p ceduP only. Tw ae 5hall: (1T p d6 you (40 742-2417,atleart7days copy orthis notice is requi d Floridad6Kribedas: BUENAVEWRA LAKES Bay, ON CANADA, GG, 309, PRUDOM 494 Niagara St Po You hava MR right to cul8 whh wrmen notite otthe sale, belo your Kh uled courf to ba s6rv8d must file Wair LOT 6 OF REUNION - UNIT 9, 5TH ADDlnoN, 27, WHOLE,Season- Box 84 Petrolia, ON NON1RO yourdefauWinthe mann& 58t including the date, ime and ap anca, or immedi ely claims wkh this tourt ON OR PHASE 2, PARCEL 3, AC- AKORDING TO THE flo Waek Flo Unit, 2015- CANADA, 5200, 5215, 44, lo hin Mi5 notice atanylime location lhereot; (2) Recod upon B6iving mis notmcation BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 CORDING TO THE PLAT PLAT THEREOF AS RE- 2017, 83, 051.84, &1.04; GUY WHOLE, Fix6d WaaklFlxad b6torathat 86'ssal8olyour tha ndice otsal8inth6 Public rfW6ti b6toR esch8dul8d MONTHS AmR THE nME THEREOF AS RECORDED CORDED IN PLAT BOOK E SOUUERE a SUSAN o Unk, 2015-2017, $4, 559.73, timesha inte t.lfyoudonot R6cod5 ot OSCEOLA Coun,app6aranc8isleNthan 7 days; OF THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN IN PLAT BOOK 14. PAGES 5, PAGES 177 AND 178. BELANGER 37-5887 Highway $1.44; coLrm A PRUDOM objerttotha use ofthetwstea Florida; and (3) Publish a copy if you a hearing or voice OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS 136-140, OF THE PuBuc OF THE PUBLIC RE- 11 orth P1B8G3 NoM Bay, 494 Niaaata sl Po Box 84 lo losu pDc8dur8,you will ot tha notiG8 of sala two (2) imgaired,call711. AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE RECORDS OF OSCEOLA CORDS OF OSCEOLA ON CANADA, GG, 309, 27, Pet lia, NNON1ROCANAD not ba wbjerfto a deficiency times, onte each weak, lor ated atOKeola, norida on OF A COPY OF THIS NoncE COUN FLORIDA couw, FLORIDA r.- WHOU, #| Season-Float 5200,5215,44,WH0U,Flxed judgnBm 6v rfMepDc s two (2) wct8Nive w68ks, th61 dayotMay,2O18. ON THEM. and commonly know as: 1456 AIWA 215 coMPmnoN oal Unh. 2015-2017. WaeMixed Unk, 2015-2017, homthes aofyourti&a in an OSCEOLA County BY:AmandaLChapman,Esq o her t dhon of tha REUNION BLVD, KISSIMMEE, DR, KISSIMMEE, FL 34743 $3, 051.84, $1.04; F S4, 559.73, S1.44; EUGENE int ara inwmGi6nt to n8wspap6r, plovid8d suGh a noridaBarNu 1T6o95 d6c8d8nt and oth6r penons FL 34747; including the Anypenonclaiminganinta st HAu NIKKID.PRlcEaJoDl H WNUR a UNDA LOU om6tth8 ms by ne exi s at Me ti En il1:tsto&lo R gmlaw. having cl or d6mands building, appurtenantes, in he suplus hom th6 s 6, il, LHAUBCLARENDARPRICE WSSLER 3955 NERINGIN the B GREWSPOON ot publshin . you t,com agains decedent's 6 tat8 and fi ures lot 6d the in, any, o er than the p erty' 190 Mala a Rd Fr8d6ri on,NB RD MONROENW, OH MARDE Tw ee. cu lha deauW as s& to En il2:Van a.Rich must file theirclaims wkh this at public s e, to tha high85t ower as ot the d e ot the E P6 ANADA, GG, 310, 7, 44847-9437, 5200, 5222, 10, Hlalr h" - AMEND in this notiG8 or take oth& courf WITHIN 3 MONTHS and be bidd&,torGarn,at2 Ls Pendans mu file a claim ODD, Fixed Mixed Unk, WHOLE, Fixed We6k wBd NoncE OF DEFhULT nND appDpri 6 artion w h gad 5p00n Matder, LLP. AmR THE DAn OF THE courmousasqua ,hhe26oo whhin6Odaya &thesale. 2014-2017, S3, 242.48, $0.99; Unk, 2015-2017, $4, 559.73,ro FORECLON to this toBlosu maW you Cap alPlaza1 FIRST PuBLlcAnoN OF THIS l Room m6o2, Nimm88, n Dated in HillsboDugh MARLON J THOMAS 1210 El $1.44; RAMONA PAULINO 103 Owe s)Add u Bui ing Unit risk losing own6nhip ot your 201 Ea Pina t.Su e5 NoncE. 34741, on June 12, 2018 at County, fl onthe 7th Day ot Camino Vlllaga DrHouston,M FERRY ST LAWRENCE, MA Weak Y r Usage O@pancy timesha int6 rt thDugh thB O ando,FL328O1 AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD 11:00AM. May, 2018 no58-3o7o,GG,31o,31,oDD, 01841-2144, 5200, 5228, 25, TS Undivided lnta Saason t stea t lo5ur8 pDc8dur8 407-425-6559 WITHIN THE nME PERIODS Any p8non5 claiming an #b8rt6|liLaw Flx6d W M 6d Unh, 2015- ODD, Fixed W68Mix8d Unh, Usa Bas Y6an D6linqu6nt 8 li5hadln S6 ion 721.855, CounselforPla tM SET FORrH IN FLORIDA int in Ta suplus tDm AWomeyforPl nt 2017, S2, 028.74, So.69; SILVIA 2015-2017, t2, 570.42. 0.83; um p& Di Florida Statutas. Vou may Publitation ot Wis Notica on STATUTES sEcnoN 733.702 the s 6, rf any, othethanthe P.O.Box23O28 THOMAS 1210 El C ino LUIS PAULINO 111 Fakh Ln THOMAS L BuRNm 617 MDOS8 to sign and send to May11 and18,2O18isintha WILLBEFOREVERBARRED. pDp&tyow8rasotth8de6ol Tam a, FL33623 Vlllage Dr. Apt. 4014 Hourton. Mancha NH 3103, 52,Swa WWayc .GA315O1, tha undan nad t Aee the H6r ag8 noridaJawish N6ws. NOTWITHSTANDING THE lh8li5p8nd8nsmu fil8aclaim 813 221-4743 M 770a3013, GG,31O, 31, 5228, 25, ODD. Flxed w kl aa, 4, 16, w. 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No 11c-66 sama MERCEDES DE MENDOZA Republic, MO 65738, 5100, p pe y as 58t torth in 5aid THERMACTRUST,SERIES Schro6d8r, SLV Homeowen vs. (SEE HIB A accoding Marfa,COLOMBIA, ,5421, Ava La Ceiba Resid cia 5136,10,WH0U,Fix6dW Fln& D&auW Judg nt ot 201S-CTT tion, lnc Stat6 ot JAIROMENDOZA,6tal, to Ma Tlme Sharing Plan for 2, WHOU, F 6d W8aW x6d I5la De LQ5 Roqa Pi5o 11 Flxed Unh, 2016-2017, S3, F owl ,towk: PlainliW, Florida D6pa n8nt ot R6v8nu8, Detendants. wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR, Unh, 2015-2017, S3, 848.50, Apl 11A V a C bo, 316.98, $1.11; NAYO COFER A f68 int& in r6 prop- vs. Tanant nka Bryan Toa, NoncE OF AcnoN BY 6d in omci Ratotds S1.24; BEWO M STAMBUK a VENUUEL N. 2, 37, ODD, 1318 John Robert Dr MOrDw, shua ed and lotated DOMINIC DURANT, a defendants, the Os ola Pu8ucnnoN Book 1564, Page 1479, ot ROSADELC RErAMALCa os Flx6d WIFwad u, 2015-2017. GA 3 60, 5200, 5254. 23, in K la County, horida, GUELMARIE CONDE, County Cle ot the Ci uk TOTHEFOLLOWING tha Public R6cords otOK ola Mon ,545OC fiufioa samiago. S2. 451.24, to.83; DELROY WHOU, Flx6d W Mix6d and lega d6Krib as: HAMMOCK TR LS Court will sell to the high85t DEFENDANTSWHOSE CouW, Florida (th6 Plan"). 56 CHILE, 5400, 5435, 6, OAKW 6724 n t Unk, 2016-2017, $2, 821.16, gn6d Unrf w k Num- OMEOWNERS and b bidd tor Gash inlon RESIDENCES ARE TogetB wkh the right to WHOLE, Fixad W88klFlx6d Philad6lphia, PA 19149, ss SO.9T; SIMON BunER C le ber 44 odd, in Awgned AMoclAnoN, INC AND Surfe 2 1Room m6o2 otMe UNKNOWN: otwpy, punuant to the Plan, Unit, 2015-2017, a, 558.73, 3, 4, MN. 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M6chanicsbug, Unh Numb6r 560 5644, punuant to Final Ju m6nt of sat forth in said Final Judgmant otherGlaimant5, by, thDugh, pD TAddl8s5 .Asa&uw 81.24;VALERIE SMIT KENN 8o.79: J B p ming D wall PA 17055, 5400, 5426, 10,Season-Float w68 Fo clo5u for Plaint. ente d ot Fo&losu : undar or ainst, Kay E Byen ofMe ato Bioned d&auW, ASM lw8idtj61OB8g Sa c,uc A norida WHOU, Fixad, 2016-2017, Flo Unrf in this Gaus8 on Detember LOT 92 SPRINGLAKE 14220JA ECL R DR Auoci ion hereby 8|6 s to Nh, NETHERLANDS,Copo on, Po Box 135309, 82, 459.53, 8o.84; AUCIA gned Unrt week Num- 13, 2017, in the Circuil Courf VILLAGE PHASE 2B AC- IRWIN, PA 15642-1630 sell the PDpar pu ua 5446,50,WH0U,F 6d k1 CBrmont,fl34713, O1,46, wHmAKER, 37B RocMaad b& 20 odd, in ignad ot Oscaola County, florida, CORDING TO THE PLAT ma above named D8f6ndam(sT to Se ion 721.855, Florida Fwed Unk, 2015-2017, S3, WHOU,1 nmDwEEwFlxED St at, Dalabole, Comwall, Unrt Numb6r 5600-5652, Armando Ramirez, Clerk of THEREOF AS RECORDED iJara not known to ba dead utes. Pleasa b6 advis6d 669.78,$1.18; UN 2015-2017, $4, 1.25, UKRAINE, 5700, 5732, #| S n-Float w Me Cirtuh Court, will sall the AT PLAT BOOK 12 PAGE or aliva andlor, it dead, the th in tha event hat the debt May 18,2s, 18 82.45; DOROTHY KIDNEY 21, WHOU, 1 Valua Season- flo Unk prop6rty 5kuat8d in OK8ola 132 IN THE PuBuc RE- unknown spouses, h n, owed to the ANociation is not L166447 127 Eng6rt Av6nu6 BDoWy, flo WeaWfloat Unk, 2016- As5ign8d Unh Week Num Coun,Florida d8scrib6d as: CORDS OF OSCEOLA d8vi588s, g ntaes, assign6as. p d Min thir -five (35) days NY 11222, 7, 31, WHOU, 2017, $5, 044.67, $1.11; ber 22 Even, in signed LOT 92, OF HAMMOCK COUNTY FLORIDA lienon, uedhon, t st . aW& recaipt ot th6 Notica, Flxed wn ed u, 2015-2017, PATRICE A JAMES 8 Easedale Unk Number 5600-5654, TRAILS, ACCORDING AIWA 3073 8AY LAUREL or o er cl ma s. by, the undenigned Twstee AMENDED NoncE OF $3, 684.84, $1.24; ELIZABETH Lane Ord Road Wa ich East,Season-Floal WeeW TO THE PLAT THEREOF CIRCU N, KINIMMEE, through und6r or against said shall pmaed wM tha sale DEFAULT AND INnNTTo JOAN DEBLASI 12 Mo an BERMuDA,59ooa59oo,3o8A float Unh AS RECORDED IN PLAT FL 34744 Delendanls and all parties ot Me Prope y a5 provided FORECLOSE Ave Graenwith, CT 6831, TT, a 309B, 24 a 24, WHOLE a Assigned Unrf Waak Num- BOOK 19, PAGE S) 106 Any p son tlaiming an inteR having or claiming to have any in in &ion 721.855, florida wEsTGAn vAcAnoN 9, 15. ODD, F ed wnixed u, WHOU, All Season-Float ber 51 Evan, in signed THROUGH 110, F THE inthe uplu5 homthe sale, if right, lrfle or int6 in 16 Slatrt6s, the und6nign8d uns x nu: 27T . 201J2017, S2, 451.24, So.83; W68Mloat Unit, 2016-2017, Unit Number B-1308, PUBLIC RECORDS OF any, othar than the pDp8r p p8rtyd6scrib8d below. T shall: (1l Provide you Punuant to Sertion OTTO L GONZAW ANA,$3, 366.45, $1.11; DIANE M Fixed WeeMloal Unrt OSCEOLA COUN own6r a ot the da e ot the YOU ARE HEREBY NonFIED whh wrmen no ice otthe s e, 721.855, Florida Sl lrt8s, COUAZO 2641 MooNun RAPER 39 VOYUSTOWN RD Assigned Unk Week Num- FLORIDA Lis Pandans mu file a claim ot he institution ot the abov including e date. ti and the undenigned T as DR suMnR, SC 29153-7135, MORGANTON, GA 30560- ber 51 Even, in signed and common known as: 4648 within 60 day aWerthe sale. styl6d fo clo5u p ceedings loc ion lh 6ot; (2l Reto appoi ed by wEsTGAn UU,3,18,MN,FlxedWl xed 1591, 1403, 30, WHOU, Unh Number B-1620, CAVERNS DRIVE, KISSIMMEE, Datedin Hillsbo ugh County by the Plainti,WYNDHAM tha notite ofs 6 in tha Public vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS u, 2014-2017, 82, 636.84, Floaling, 20162017, S2, Flx6d WaeMloa Unrt FL 34758: including the on the 1 Day ot May, 2018 VACATION RESORTS, INC Recods of OSCEOLA Coun,ANoclAnoNINc. e inawer $0.79; NICOU E UZELAC 027.32,80.70; #| ol wEsTGAn TOWN building, appurt8nanc8s, b8rt8|li Law FIWA FAIRFIELD RESO TS, Florida;andl3lPubli5h acopy tenad to a5 AMotiation 54 WOODSTOCK AW N 1 May1aW, 18 cENnR, a Tln Sha and fi u s locat th8l8in, AWomeytorPlaintiW INC FnvA FAIRFIELD ot the notica ot sala two T2) heraby formally not as (Saa PWAM,CT 26 1424,UU, L166451 Resort, actording o the at publit sale, to the high P.o. Box 23028 co MuNlnEs, INC. A timas, onte each w86k, for Exhibit A.l that you a in 6,43,WH0U, Flxed Wl xed Tln sharinq Plan for the and best bidd for cash. at 2 Tamp4 FLM623 DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN, wo (2) success ve w86ks, defauW dua to your tailure lo U. 201J2017, $3, 648.75. Resort Faci y, Bod6d Courthousa Squa,h e 26 (813 221-4743 upon th6 filing ot a compl nt