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May 18, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 2018

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HERITA E FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MA 18, zo18 PAGE 43B Re lds of OK la County, Page 1700 Publit Records Claim of Li6n Bod8d on sent via carfm Regirte d Florida34T47 8 in PD 10527 SADDUBROOK tor the tollowing Propar : A Datad: May4th,2O18 FL Tot Due: 89.485.26 as of of Osteola County, FL. Total November 8, 2017; O.R. Book Mai publication to: 245 Add N . me ANign8d Unh CT, LAURE MD 20723; 77,0001150,916,000 undivided By: GREENSPOON MARDER November 13, 2017, inteRst Due: $701.81 as ofNovember 5236 at Page 1777 Public QUACCO RD, SAVANNAH, Period(s) (19T-203) ln Assign k Balanc6: inte st in Unk 111; ANNUAU L Twst $4.07perdi8m:d8Krib8das:A 17, 2017; described as: A Records of Osceoia Coun,GA 3141g-9627: Cl m ot Unk (9401) aR d8signat6d as .99; as evidenced by th6 allotatad77,OOO Points rusa HIBlr A" 64.0001188,645, 0 und ided 84, 01420,960,000 undivided FL. Total Due: $T46.O6 as ot Li6n recoded on Febwa PlatinumUnh Period(s). Claim of Lien &oded on bythaGranteein EACHyear(s). CLAUDIA E FORERO VIVES, int in Unk 103; AnnuaU inte st in Phase |; BIENNIAU September 15, 201T; describad 14, 2018; O.R. Book 5285 at The ownan murt pay tha Ma h 15, 2018 in Book 5302 & Contra Number: 330702127 CARRERA 52 76 166 APT 603 allotalad64,OOO Pointsforuse allocaled 168.000 Points tor as: A 128,0001188,645,000 Page 2066 Public Recods TOTAL li ed plus 83 . lee Page639otth8PublicR8colds - JAMES KENNETH LEVA, BARRANQUILLA ATLANTICO, by the Grantee in Each yea s). use by the G ntee in EVEN undivided inte st in Unrf 103: of OK8ola Coun,FL Total tor tw ee fo losu sale of OK8ola Coun,Florida 3926 HIDDEN GLEN DRIVE, COLOMBIA, Timesha nk DONALD GILLm. Noti e of year. AnnuaUallocat6d 128,000 Due: 82,o69.34 as ot Janua plus tO S as they aK 8, rf tor the tollowing p perty: A KINGWOOD, m 77339-1337; 161001, Week 25, Annual, Delaul and lntent to Foreclose ARMANDO JIMENU and Points for use by the Grantee in 4, 2018; described as: A any. F lura to tU the detauW 52,500 490,299,000 undivided Ass8Nm8nts Belance: 8588.35: Timesha lnte st 1, p& sent via cerfmedlRegistePd FRANCESCA M JIMENU, Each yea s). 84.0 1150,916,000 und ided set torth he in or take oM& tenant-in-common l simple as evidencad by the Claim of Diem $8.58, De uW Balance M Upublication to: Po 80x Notice of De uW and lntent o ANTHONY M SANDLE and int6r8st in Unk 106; ANNUAU app priate aclion regading inteRA in the al prope y Lien r8God8d on March 29. $22,772.64, Dafault Date 658, EasDointe, Ml 48021- FoPclose sent via cerfmedl JACQUELINE L SANDLE, allocated 84,000 Points tor use this mawer will sult in the commonly known as Phase lll; 2018 in Book 5308 at Paga 8115/16, Morfgage Recorded 0658; Mortgage coded Registered MaiUpublication Notice of DetauW and lntent to by the Grantae in EACH yea s). ION ot ownenhip ot Me BIENNIAUallocated 1 05,000 226T of the Public Recods 7113 12 in OR Book 4296. on Feb a 10, 2016: O.R. to: 2230 sw 67TH LN, Fo close sent via Ce edl NARAYAN c timesha MDugh the t ee PointstorusebylhaGranteein ot Osteola County, Florida Page 481 LEONARDO A Book 4912 at Page 886 Public MIRAMAR, FL 33 23; Claim Registered Mai publication 8ANDY0PADHYAY and ANIMA foreclosu p cadu B torfh ODD year. for tha following Proparfy: A SOTO BOSCAN a IRLENY Recods ol Osceola Coun . of Lien recorded on Feb a to: 924 EAGLEWOOD AVE. BANDYOPADHYAY, Notice of in F.S.721.855. You have tha Conlrarf Number: 370210213 84,0001188,645,000 undivided M MARQUU FUENMAYOR, FL Total Due: $10,984.72 as 9, 2018; O.R. Book 5283 at CHARLOTTE, NC 28212; DetauW and lntent to Fo&lose right to submk an obje ion - SUSUMU SHIMAMOTO and inte in Un 110; BIENNIAU URB PARQUE SOL VILLA 4 otNov8mber13,2O17,int8R Page 2138 Public Retods Claim of Lien &oded on sent via cartm Registe d form, exe ising your right to KAZUKO SHIMAMOTO, 2251- allocated 168,000 Points lor STA BARBARA DE ZUILA, 84.42perdi8m;d8Krib8das:A ol Osteola Counly, FL. Tolal November 8, 2017: O.R. Book MaiUpublication to: 1849 objerf to the use ot tha t stee 11 MAGORI-CHO, NISHI-KU, u a by the Grantae in ODD VENUUELA. Timeshara Unk 64,0001188,645,000 undivid Due: 8865.84 as of December 5236 at Paga 1779 Public HIDDEN HILU DRIVE,NORTH to&losu p cedu . lt the HAMAMATSU, SH, TOKYO y8a 5). 2103,k 39. Annual, int6R in Unk 103; AnnuaU 18, 2017: d8Krib8d as: A Records of Osceola Coun,AUGUSTA, sc 29841; Claim ob ion is filad this g 43102. JAPAN; ms CYPRESS PALMS Ti Bsha lnte st 1, er alloc ed 64, Poinkforuse 64, 1490,299,0 undivided FL. Total Due: .89 as ot of Lien &oded on Feb a shall be subj to lhe judicial Balanc8:S633.6O;as8vid8nG8d CONDOMINIUM, togather Diem $9.99, De uN Balance br e G ntee in Each yea s). inteRst in Phase ll; BIENNIAU September15,2O17;described 14, 2018; O.R. Book 5285 at toBlosu pDc8du on . byMeCleimotLlen&ordadon wrm all appurtenanceslhe to, $25,546.36, DefauN Dale Al of CYPREN PALMS alloc&ad 128,000 Poims fot as: A 105,0001188,645,000 Page 2075 Public R8colds ma d&auW may be cu any Ma h15,2o18inBookNo2e aKoding and subje to the 11115116, Mort&g6 Retoded CONDOMINIUM. togaM usebyMaG nteeinODDyear. undivided ime st in Unrt 112; of o Coun . FL Tot& ti b&o 16 t 66's s e Page64Oot ePublicReco s D la tlon of Condominium 3 1711& ln o Book 4929, wkh,appu 8naMes eBo,ot F RFIELD ORLANDO AnnuaUalloGal8d 105, Due: S629.o2 as ot Janua of your li ime rt. lf ot Osc6olB Coun,Florida tor CYPRESS PALMS Page 1822 JULIO EDUARDO acco ing and wbj to the AT STAR ISLAND, together PointsforusabytheG&teein 4, 2018; d8Krib8d as: A foudonotobl tothatru r the llowlng PDp8r : CONDOMINIUM as corded ZURITA a MAR#ALUANDRA D la tion otCondominiumtor wM all appurtenan s thaPto, Each ear(sT. 84,000 188.645, 0 und ded o ow p ,p will A 1w. 490.299,0 ln O clal R o s Book 1289, ALENA, ESME A Cyp N p n Condominium aKolding and subje to the nME HARE TRADE INS LLC, inte rtin Unh 107:ANNUAU notb6 wbl to a cy und id tana -ln m Dn 19T1, and &o ed ln 5455 VILLA BALUSTER, asBord8din O c R o s D QBion ot Covenants, No te otDe uN andlmentto bcated84, O Point5brus6 judgB ev rfthe p s tee slmpla lnt ert n M6 & c,Rato s Book 1281, BSAS, 16N ARGENTINA, Book 1289, Page 1971, and Condkions and Restri ionsfor Fo&lose sent via certme byth8Grant68lnEACHy8a s). homd esaeotyour ae pD GomD ow as Page 2810, publ ods Tin share Unk 210815, Bo in O cial Recods Faimeld Orlando Star lsland Regi e d Mai publication to: CYPREN PALMS im a a insu &too e Phage lll; ANNUAU ed of Ost la Coun,Florida, Week 28, Annual, fin sha Book 1291, Page 2810, publ as in omclalR6cods 1 23 STATE HIGHWAY 176, CONDOMINIUM, tog&h the unt5 Bu by Me 132. Polntstorusa byth6 toge er wkh eny and all lnte st 1, Per Diem $12.14, lds of O Coun,Book17 ,Page17O1 6t5eq WALNUT SHADE, MO 657T1; wkh allappu ancas eBo, lien. Gramee in EAC ear. ndme s and suppl8n nt5 De uN BaBn g3o.8o8.o9, Fbrida, toge et whh any Public R8colds of Osceola TIMESHARE TRADE INS LLC, aKoding and subi to the Punuant to F8 F r Dabl #| ot FAIRFIE ORLANDO We to. OalauW D&e 1v15 16, and,nd w and CouW. Florida, toge er wM clo NATIONAL REGISTERED D lara onofCondon nium r Collerfion p rt Arf, h AT STAR ISLAND. togath& me own R mu pay tha Mortga R odad 9R116 wppB rm &&o. any and,dments and AGENn, INC, REGlsnRED Cyp M p ms Condominium is qui that we a e wrm lappu enan stheao, TOTALligted plus $300.00fee ln o ook 5021, Pege 2451 Obligon rnau r ve the r ht to suppl8n 5 the to (the AGENT,12OSOUTHCENTRAL as &odadin O ci& Retods tollowing lo you: THIS ls AN aGcolding and sub to the tor t Aea to Glosu s a EDWIN ESTE N LOPERA cu the de uW and any junior D la ion . AVENUE, CLAYTON, MO Book 1289, p 19T1. and AmMPT TO COLUCT A |& ion ot Covenana, plus co s as Mey accwa, rf MEDINA a PAULA MARCELA lienholder rn&| have e rigM Obligon sh,hav8th6 ghtto 63105; Cl m ot Len r orded o in Gi R rds DEBTANDANYINFoRMAnoN Condkions and R6 ions r any. F lu to cu th6 de uW LEDESMA VALENCIA, CIRC to s i up to the de uW and anyjunior on Novemb& 6, 2017; O.R. Book 1291. Page 2810, publlc OBT NEDWIUBEUSEDFOR Feim&d O ando al Starlsland set forfh herein or take othet 733708APT0402 MEDELUN the d e Wa t st68 sues the lienhold shall have the right Book5236atPage1783Public &ods ol Osceola County, THATPURPOSE. Bs dadin O ciel Records appDpriat8 arflon gading ANTOQU,COLOMB , cartmcataotsalebypayingthe to eem rfs inte up to Records of Osc6ola County, Florida. together wM any By:Gasd kS on ,PA Book17 ,Page1TO1&seq M[s ner wlll ww in the Timeshe Unk 170310, n du8asolrtlin8din 8 Wedate etw eeiswesthe FL. Total Due: S57o.21 as of and all Bs and Tw ee, 1 1 w. Cobni o . Public Records ot la loss ot owne hlp ot the Week 52, Annual, Tlmasha pB8d g raphs. Bmc 6ofs 8bypayingth8 September 15, 2017; d8scrib6d supplWtheBo. O ando, FL 32804 CounV, Flo da, tog6th8r wrm timeshe th ugh the tru ee lnte st 1, Par Diem 88.87, CP N 18-N0S amounts dua as orthned inlhe as: A 52,5001150,916.000 Obligon shalhavethe rightto SLNJ COLNOAO518 any and &| amendBs and toBlow pDc8du s& brfh DafauN B an g24,OTT.16. M y 1& w, 18 pr ing pa graphs. undividad inte st in Unk 106: cu tha detauW and anyjunior M y1&U, 18 suppl th to he in F.S.721.855. You have Me DafauW Date 11 1w1&, L166256 FOSl COLNOSO616-NOS BienniaUallocated 105.000 lienholder shall have u r ht L1 55 D larat n . right to submk an objertion Mortga e Recorded &6113 M y18,U, 8 PointstorusebytheGrantaein to deem s inta up to ma ownan wst pay the torm, exe ising your right to in OR ook 4483. Pa 261O L16625T odd yea s). the date the w ee iuu6s the TOTAL li plus Mo .oo tee obj tothe use otthetw ee LUIS FERNANDO CA ALLO NoncE OF TRwnE's MARK SHUMAKER, Notice ot certmc eofs ebypayingthe NoncE OF DEFnuLTAND for twrtee to& w saB to&losura pDc8du . lt the a RUBIA ELENA GARCIA u De uW and lntent to Fo lose unt5 due as ortlined in T8 INTENTTO FORECLOSE us co s as they a wa, h oblertion ls Rled this manar SANCHU, AV MILAGRO NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN. NoncE OF TRusnE's se via CerfifiadlRegi e d p&edlnaparag phs. Gasdlck Stanton &. any. Failu to curethe d&auW shall be subjarfto m6judlcial NORTE CICAUE 25 URB th Gasdick Stanton Ea y, SAU MaiUpublication to: 1420 CPNJC LNOSO618-NOS P.A. has baen appoimed s& to he in ortake other b&losu pD du on . COSTA ROSMINI VIUAS P.A 1601 w. Colonial Dr NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, SONORARD,ZANESVIUE,OH M y16,U, 18 as Tw ee by WYNDHAM appDpri 8 amon gading me d&auW may ba cu d any CASA 24 MARACAIBO ZUUA, O ando, FL 32804, as Twrtee lat Gasdick Stanton Ea y, 43701; Claim ot Len re oded L166255 vAcAnoN RESORTS, INC thls mawer will suW in the tinF8 beto lhe t ee's sale VENQUELA, Timesha Unh in the Appoinm nt Rtord8d P.A 1601 w. Co!onial Dr on November 8, 2017; O.R. FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, loN of ownenhip ot the ot your tim ha lmerest. II 170507, k 46, Annual, at O.R. 8ook 4542 Bt Page Orlando, F 32804, as T ee Book5236atPage1784 Public INC FIWA FAIRFIELD tim ha thDugh the h ea youdonotobi tothetrustee Timasha lnte 1, P6r 2219 otWe Publit R6tords of in the Appoinlment &oded Records ot Osteola Coun,NoncE OF DEFAULT hND COMMUN IES, INC A to&losu pmedu setto h to closu p cedu,you will Diam $ .68, DetauW Balance B Coun,Florida, will al O.R. Book 4542 at Page FL. Total Due: $703.78 Bs of INnNT TO FORECLOSE DELAWARE CORPORATION in F.S.721.855. Yoll have tha not be subje to e d8fiGi8ncy $19,842.27, Detault Date sell public Aurtion to e 2219 otthe Public Records of September15,2O17;described Gasdick Stamon Ear . P.A. br lha puposes ot insth king right to wbmit an obja ion judgmenteven rfthe p ceeds 11 1116, Mortgage R8 ld8d highe bidder of u.s. nds, Osteola Coun,Florida, will as: 84,0001107,937,000 has been appoi ted as a T rf FoBlosu and Sale rm, exe ising your right to t mthe sale otyourtimesha 412313in0RBook4430,Page in cash or cerfmed hnds on,sell at public Au ion to he undivided int8l8rt in Unh 105; T ee by SILVER LAKE under Fla. tat. 721.855. me obi to tha use otthe twstea inta a insumciam lo o et 2995 JONATHAN RODRIGUU on June 12, 2018, at9:O5 am, highe bidd of u.s. nd,Annuallallocaled 84,000 Points RESORT, LTD A FLORIDA following own6n ara he by Blow p tedu . lf the the amounts sacu d by lhe SERRANO B ZULMY YOZ#LY at Orange Legal, 722 p rick in cash or ce ifiad hnds only. for use by tha Grantee in Each LIMITED PARTNERSHIP for notmed th you ara in defauW obj n is filed this maWer,n. PERU SEIJAS. TAJ,4MAR A St et. KiNimm88. Florida on June 12, 2018. 9:05 am, y6a s). the pupos ot in rt ing a ot aN8N an las well as shall be subl tolhejudicial Punuant to the Fair Debt PuENn MONAGAS CASA 34741, all right, tkle and Orange Legal, 722 p rick DOROTHY NGOZI OGUNDIPE T 5t88 Fo&losu and Sale pDp8 y taxes, int,late toBlosu p cedu only. Colle ion PrartiG8s Att, it 3713 IA PASTORA CARACAS, intera in the pDp8 ies li 6d Str t, KiMimm86, Florida and OLATUNDE OGUNDIPE, under Fla. Stat. 7 1.855. me lees andlorco s, fi applicable) me detauW may be cu d any is required that we state the 1010 VENUUF-LA, Timesha below and cordad in Osceola 34741,all right, title and intere Noti e ot DefauW and lntent to following ownen are heRby due for e tollowing p pertias time be Wle hstee's sala tollowing to you: THIS IS AN Unrf 170903, Week 47, Biennial CouW, Florida for continuing,in the pDperfies listed below FoBlos8 sant via certmedl notmed that you a in defauW located in OK8ola Coun,of your timeshare inte st. w ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A ODD, Timesrla lntera 1/2, nonpay Bnt ot aN8N Bnts in Osceola Coun,Florida Registerad Mai publication ol assaM Bnt5 (as w6|| as norida: you do not obje to tha twstaa DEBTAND ANY INFO MATION PerDiem $3.98, DetauW Balance (as well as p perty taxes. for continuing nonpaymenl to: 18 INVERMORE PL, prope y taxes, inte st. lale Contrat Numbar: 3e002 b closure p cedu . you will OBTAINED wlu BE USED FOR $10,806.97, DetauW D e interest, late fees andlor ot aNeNm8nts (as wall as LONDON, GT SE18 7DG, UK; feesand/orto s,rfapplicableT - JAMES EY and LEAH not be subjarfto a deficiency THATPURPOSE. 811/16, Mortaage Recoded costs, rf applicable) due lurther proper laxe>`, interest, late Claim ot Lien recodad on due tor the following p perties JOHN NKA LEAH NARISSA judgment even rfthe pDc88ds By: Gasdick Stanton Ear,P.A 11125/13 in R Book 4536, destribed as follows: teas andlor costs. rf applicable) November 8, 2017; O.R. Book loc ed in Osceola Coun,CAROO, 64 BRITTAIN ROAD, hom the sale of your timesha T stee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr Page 2641 ITALO ARCADIO BENJAMIN w ALUN and due rther described as 5236 at Page 1786 Public Florida: DAGENHAM GB RM8 3DB, inte aR insumcient to oWset Orlando. FL. 32804 GARCIA ESCALAMF ROB N ALUN. Notice ot follows: Records of Osceola Coun . Contra Numb6r: 20228 - U.K.; ssments Balanca: he ums setu d by the CPNJCOLNOAO518 6 NANCY MERCEDES De uW andlntentto FORCIO58 JOELL DUKES and RICHARD FL. Tolal Due: $681.64 as ot RICKY L CALDWEiL and $713.76: as evidenced bythe lien. May 18, w, 2018 PERFml DE GARCIA B s6nt via certmed/Registered A DUKES, Notice ot Detault S8ptemb8r15,2O17;de5crib8d KATHLEEN A CALDWELL. Claim of Len Bold6d on Punuant to the Fair Debt L 166482 LUIS FERNANDO GARC MaiUpublication o: 25847 and lnlent to Fo close se t as: A 128.000 125,926,500 121 JENNA GROVE LANE, Marth 15, 2018 i Book NO2 at Collerfion p rtices Art, k PERFml, URB CANA DULCE ROYAL OAK RD, EASTON. via Ce eglst&ed MaiU undivided interest in Unk 101; DUNCAN, sc 29334: Page632 otthePublicRe ds is qui d th we stale the AV LOS CHAGUARAMOS 4 MD 21601-8079; Cl m ot publication to: 587 w KEMPER Annuallallocated 128,000 Assessmants Balanta: of Osceola Coun . Florida llowing to you: THIS ls AN NOTltE OF TRUSTEE'S LA MORA CABUDARE LARA, Len Rtod8d on November RD. CINCINNATl. OH 45246; Pointsfor use bythe Grantae in $4,287.00; Total Taxes: lor the tollowing PDp8r : A ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A SALE 3023 VENUUELA, fim8shaR 27, 2017: O.R. Book 5244 at Claim of Len racoded on Eachyear(s). 8653.34; TOTAL: $4,940.34 as 63, 01420,960, 0 undividad DEBTANDANYINFORMATION LANDO REsoRn Unrf 160204, Week 14, Biennial Page 1625 Public Recods November 8, 2017: O.R. Book LYNN BAKER, Notice ofDe uW evidenced by the Claim ot Lien t8nant-in-com Dn e simpla OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR CORPORATION, B Florida ODD, Timeshare lntarest ot OK la Coun,FL. Total 5236 at Page 1818 Publit and lntent to FoPclose sent &od6d ol Febwa 8, 2018 inte rt in tha Ral property THATPURPOSE. co uratlon 1/2, Per Diem $4.87, DefauW Due: S697.25 as ot September Recods of Osceola Coun,via Certihed/Registe d MaiU in 8ook 5282 a Page 1620 of common known as Phasa |; By: Gasdick Stanton Ea y, P.A On June 7, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. Balan e 812,621.8O, DefauW 19, 2017; described as: FL. Total Due: $658.77 as of publication to: 928 BARNARD the Public Recods of OK la BIENN#U located 126,0 Tw ae, 1601 w. Colonial Dr GREENSPOOr MARDER LLP, Date 11115/16, Mort age A 105,000/490.299.000 September 15, 2017; described MILL RD, HAMPTONVILLE, NC County, Floridatorthefollowing Poimstorwe bythe Grantee in O ando, FL, 32804 100 West Cyp ss C ek Road, Recoded 613/14 in OR ook undivided int&e in Phase as: A 84,0001188,645,000 27020; Claim ot Lien &orded PDp8rfy: An undivided ODD year. FOSI NJ COL NOA 0518 Suite 700, Fort Laudedale, FL 4617, Page 498 BARBARA |||; Annua alloc ed 105,000 und ided interest in Unrt 114; on DRc8mber 19, 2017; O.R. 1/1560 int t as a tenant in Contrart Number. 4 903176 - M&y 16, U, 8 N3O9, as T ae pu uant to STANLEY, 11 8RUNSWICK Poin sforuse b. heGranteein AnnuaV located 84.000 Poin s 8ook 525T at Pag6 184 Publit comnDn wrfh other own&s in WILUAM H. GARRm, JR and L166O5T that Appointment ot T ee LN WILLINGBORO, NJ 08046, Each y . loruse bythe G ntePin Each R6cods of Oscaola Coun,the Resort FOcil y (ONE fin UA D.GARRm, M2 LOKEYS . . r8cold8d on Mawh 22, 2018, Tlmesha Unk 210903, Week RANDAU J NUSS. Not 6 ot y s). FL. Total Dua: $645.00 a5 ol Share lnte rt), accoding o RIDGE RD. BETHLEHEM, GA in O.R. Book NO5 al Page 7,Annual,fimesha lnte rt1, DelauW and lnient to Foreclose JOHN MARL Notice Octobar 23, 2017; deKrib8d the Tlm6 Sh&ing Plan the ol, 30620; B an : NoncE OF DEFAULr nND 1493 of the Public Retods of P6rDi8m88.62.D8tauWBalanc6 sent via c8rfm8dlR8gist&6d ot DetauN and lntent to as: A 77,00011z5,926.500 Bod8d in omci R8 Td 81.79T.17; as iden d by INnNr TO FORECLOSE Osceola Co nty, Florida, by $26,289. 1, DetauW D te M Upublic ion to: 5 WATKINS Fo&los6 sent via certmedl undivided inte st in Unk 101: 8ook 1267, Pag6s 2801, et the Claim ot Lien Bord8d on Gasdick stamon Ea y. ason ol a now tonlinulng 7/15116, Mortgage Recoded p PALM COAST, FL 32164- Registe d Mai pubhcation ANNUAUallocated 77,oo0 seq.; ot the Public Recods ot Match 15, 2018 in Book53O2 at P.A. has been appointed detauW by O igor (s), (See 3113115 ln OR Book 4748, 7643; Cl m ot Len a rded to: 34 PIERSON ROAD, PointstorusebythaGranteein Osceola County, Florida, and Pag6634of 8PublicR8cods as T ee by WYNDHAM Exhibk A whos6 add ss Pa 165 ORLANDO REYES on November 27, 2017; O.R. WINDSOR AND M.qlDEN, BE EACHyea s). all subsequem ndmants ot OK County, Florida VACATION RESORTS, INC is (See Exhlbk wA"), in the HA KER B LUZ AMPARO B k5244 Page1627 Public SL4 5RF, ENGLAND; Claim of RAEFORD A WIGGINS, thereto ( Plan . Togethet w tor the toilowing PDper : FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, payment or performance ol GONZALU GONZALU, Recolds ot OK8ola Coun,Lan Rcod8d on November Notice ofDelauW and lntentto the right to usa and occupy, A 100.0001420,960,0 INC FIWA FAIRFIELD the obligations Bu d by said CARRERA67 10834 INT3APT FL. Tot Due: $1,296.00 as ot 8. 2017: O.R. Book 5236 at Fo close sent via certmedl punuant to the Plan, Unrt 431 undivided t8nant-in-com Dn COMMUN IES, INC A Morfgage cod6d in O.R. 302 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA. S8pt8mb8r19,2O17:deKrib8d Page 1822 Public Records R8gi eRd Mai publication and each un which is subja tee simple inte in lha al DELAWARE CORPORATION Booh(See Exhibk"A"), atPaqe Timeshara Unrf 10706, Weak as: A 300, 0/420,960,000 of Osceola Coun,FL. to: 2705 DENISE DR, o the Flexible Use Plan, during pDp8rty common known as tor the puposes of instk ing (See Exhibit wA"), ot lhe Pubic 41, Triennial A, Timeshare undivided intererf in Phase To,Due: $4,177.26 as ot GREENSBORO, NC 27407; Flexible Unrf Weak 34, and Phasa |; ANNUAUalloc ed a Tw ee Fo&losu and Sale Retods of Osceola Coun,lnta st 113, Per Diam 83.86, |: AnnuaUallocated 300,000 Seplember 15, 2017; d8Krib8d Claim of Lien ded on during each Unk Week that is 100,0 Points tor use by th6 under Fla. Slat. 21.855. ma Florida, ncludinq the b ach or DefauW 8alance 81o,418.19. Points for use by the Gram in as: A 154, 188,645.000 December 19, 2017: O.R. 5ubjerf to the Rexible Use Plan, Grantee in EACH year. lollowing ownen a heraby delauW, notice o whith was sat DetauW Date 8l1/16, Mortgage Each year. undivided int&e in Un 103: Book 5257 at Page 186 Public p vid6d, how6ver, tha use, Conlra Number: 380119644 notmed that you a in delaul forth in a Notica ot DetauW and Recoded 7l16l15 in OR Book BRIAN BARD, Notic6 AnnuaU lotated 154,000 Records ot Osceola Coun,poss6ss on,and occupancy ot - GEORGE SWART and ot a mank (as well a5 lntent to FoBlos8 p vid6d 4809, Page 2472 EDUARDO of D auW and lntenl to,Pointsforus6byth8Grante8in Fl. Tolal Due: 8619.22 as ot a Unh durinR any UnkWeekis VIRGIN SWART, 245 property taxes, int st, late to the la known add s5 ol SIMOES ESTANISLAU a Fo&bse sem via am8dl Eachyea s). O ober 23. 2017; d8sGribed subjarf to,the t8 M ot the WILDWOOD DR LOT 115, teesandlorcosts,rfapplicabla) ob go s),(see Exhibrf"A ),by MIRELLI AUGUSTA DE Regirt&ad M Upubli tion BRATISLAV VUJIC', Notice as: 84,0001188,645,000 Flexible Use Plan; (il] a prior SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL due rthetollowing p partias Ce madlRegiAe d Mail or by ARAUJO ESTANISLAU. RUA to: 8925 YARMOW RD. of De uW and lntent to undividedinte stin Unit1O7; &8 ati0nn d8inacc01danc8 32086; As m&b 8&an :,in O IB CouW, publieionbyMeundenigned 19 DE ABRIL 1 B DAS JACKSONVILU, FL 32257- Fo&lose sent via certmedl ANNUO.Ualloc ed 84,000 wrthth6 Rulesand Regu ions .58; as 8vd8nc6d by me norida: Tw5t86, will sall at publit AGUAS IPATINGA MG. 35160 5220; Cl m of Len ded Regi e d MaiVpublitation PointstorusabytheGranteein gov6mingr6s8 ions; and(iil] Claim of Lien rded on Cont ct Number. 210230264 auction to the highest bidder 160 BRAZIL, Timasha Unk on Nov er 27, 2017; O.R. to: HAINBURGER STRABE EACHyeaWs). specmc compliantewkh arficle Ma n15,2o18inBookNo2 - BRIGmE sMnHwlcK and forlaw,monay otthe Unhed 18403,Week38, Bienni&ODD, Book5244 Page1628Public 29, LIENA, TA, AUSTR ; GREGG KNISELY, Notice of vl and Artlcle lll. p graph Page6yofMePublicR ords RANDALLSM HWICKlll,2118 States otAmerica, &the hon Tlmeshare lnterest 112, Per Recods ol Osceola CouW, Cl m of L6n rded on DetauWandlntentlo FoPclose E ot the Plan. m6 p perty ot OK la County. Florida STAPLES AVE, KEY WEST. FL steps of lhe OK8ola Coun Diem $5.26, DetauW Balante FL Total Due: S588.3o as ot November 8, 2017; O.R. Book sent via Ce iliedlRegiste d has the addrass ot 7751 tor the bllowing PDp8rfy: uo4o; AM8ss Bnts 8alance: Courthousa, 2 Courfhouse $13,222.71, DefauW Dee S8pt8mber19,2O17;d8Krib8d 5236 at Page 1823 Public Mai pub!itation to: 11831 Black Lak6 Road, WNim,A 1,0490,299, g1,54o.65; as eviden d by Squa . KiNimme8, FL 34741, 1 1117, Mortgage Recorded as: A 52,5001490,299, RecoTds ot Osceola Coun,Appla Ha ert Dr, lnwood. wv Florida 34747 e in PD und ided t8nant-in-com Dn m6 Cl m of Len &orded on allrigM.tkle andinte inthe 1VV15in0RBook4879,Page und ided i in Phase FL. Tot Du6: $2,250.50 as ot 25428; Claim ofLien recold6d AddRss . lt the FI8xibl6 Un tee simple inte rt in the al Makh19,2O18in8ookNO3at p ger shuatedinthe Coun 643 TERESINHA GOMES DA ||; BienniaU loc ed 105,000 September15,2O17;described on Dacembar 19, 2017; O.R. Week express a torfh p perty common known as Paga882otthaPublicRecords ot scaola, Florida, dascribed SILVA a VAGNER MOREIRA PointslorusebytheGrameein as: A 350,0001150,916,000 Book 5257 at Page 189 Publ abovais UnhWeek1,7. 13-33, Phase ll; ANNUAUalloc of Oscaola CouW, Florida as: au o JUNIOR a TORIA odd yaat. und ided intEr8 in Unk 104: Re ods ot Osc6ola Coun,inclus e,46, 47, or52, tB 105, Poirm ruse by Me r the llowing PDper : (SEE HIB fime Sha GOMES MOREIRA QUITO, TAMMY HARDIN, Notice ot Annua loc ed 350.000 FL. Total Due: $619.22 as ot Grantordoes he by designale Granteeln EACHyear. A 154,000 188,645,000 lnte st(s) as defined ln the RUA FRANCISCO MENDES De uW and lntent to Fo& se Pointstoruse bylhe G ntee in Ortober 23, 2017; d8Krib8d such Flexibla Un w k as a Conharf Numbe 380122671 und ided inte st in Unrt 110; Detle on of Covenants, 45o APT 401 BLOCO c 5ent via ce ma Regi e Each y6a s). as: A 84,0001150, q16,000 PrimeUnhW k. - y.ERBERT BERRY and ANNUAUallot ed 154,o Condkions and Re ri ions CENTRO CABO FRIO RJ, M Upublication to: 663 CAR L F BECK and L.C. undivided int8Rst in Unk 113: Contract Number. 26333 - BELINDA ANDERSON Points ru58 byMa Gra eein torVaGation Village & Perkwg, 28907 070 BRAZIL, Timeshare BEVERLY DR, MAYSVIUE, BECK, Nolice ot DefauW and ANNUAUallocated 84,000 BENNYANDLIUY, LLC, 501 BER 753 E 32ND ST FL EACHyaa s). Bs co edin O cialReco s Unit 210915, We6k 9, Annu , KY 41056-9145; ALLEN lntent to Fo&lose sent via Points lor use by the Grantea in SILVERSIDE ROAD, SU E 3, BROOKLYN, NY 11210; Conhact Numb6r: 64135M13 8ook 1591, at Page 379, of Ti Bsha lnleRsl 1, Per HARDIN, 2144 BUCKINGHAM CertifiedlRegi Mai EACH year(s). 82, WILMINGTON, DE 19809; Ass nts Balan : - TONYA LAvrm HYDE and the Public Recods ot Osceola Diem $12.10, DetauN Balanca sa MAYSVIW, KY 41056- public io to: 106 NICOLE RICHARD PROKOP, Notice AM8M nts Balance: $673.45; as 8vid6nc by tha LANCELOT o GRANT, 10139 Coun,FloridB (the Plan). as $29,116.81, Detault Data 7910; Cl m ot Len &oded CT, THOMASVIUE,NC2736O; of Default and ln ent to $4,488.12; Tot& Taxas: Claim ot Len &o on CELTIC ASH DR, RUSKIN, FL anPnded hom lime to time. 411117, Mortgage Re rded on Novamber 27, 2017; O.R. Claim of Lian racorded on Foreclose sent via Cerfifiedl 8700.98; Total Late F s: Ma h15,2O18inBookNO2 M573; Aw8Nn&k Belance: Tog&har wrm the rigM to 5123116 in OR Book 4964, Book 5244 Page 1630 Public November 8, 2017: O.R. Book R8gisteRd MaiUpublication g125. ; TOTAL: S5,314.1o as Pag6636 otMa Public Ratods S662.26: as e denced by the oKupy, punuam to the Plan, Page 1203 JUANA GABRIELA Re s ot Osceola Coun,5236 Page 1824 Public to: 68 ADALINE ST Apt 2, avidentadbytheClaimotLan ot OK8ola County, Florida Claim ot Len r8cord6d on Assiqned Unit Week TSEE HERNANDU HARO acEsAR FL Tot Due: 8747.65 as ot Recods ot Osceola Coun,OWEGO, NY 13827; Claim of recoded on March 23, 2018 tor the tollo PDp8rty: Ma h19,2O18in8ookNO3at H8lT and ANign8d Unk EDMUNDO VAUNCIA Septambar19,2O1T;described FL. Tol Dua: $540.12 as ot Lien recorded on Decembar in Book 5306 Page 595 ot A 128, 490,299, Page881 ofth8Publ R8co 5 (SEE HIB A), in AMign8d GARCIA, FRANCISCO as: A 105, 01490,299.000 S8pt8mber15,2O17;d8Krib8d 19, 2017; O.R. Book 5257 the Public R ords otOK la undivded tenant-in-com of Osceola CouW, FloridB Year(SEE HIBITA). cANNm 8142 COL MERIDA und ided inte in Phase as: A 84, 011 50,91 6,000 at Page 190 Public Recods C un,Florida tor tha following tee simple inte st in the al r the tollowing p per : 3001 Parkway Blvd TIJUANA BCN, 22660 MWICO, |||; AnnuaUalloc ed 1o5,ooo undivided ime st in Unrf 106; of Os ola Coun,FL. Total Prop6rty: An undivid6d pDper common known as A 112,0 150,916,000 KiNimm88, FL 34747 (herein Timeshare Unh 15406, Week Poims br use by the Gra in AnnuaUallotated 84,0 0 Points Due: 8582.o5 as ot Ottob6r 7114560 inte rt as atenant in Pha5e ll; ANNUAUal c& und ided inte in Unk 113; me Ma Plan (Propar ) 41, Biennial ODD, fimesha Each ea r use by tha Grantee in Each 23, 2017: deKribed as: A common wM o herownen in I28, Poink for use by Me ANNUAUallocated 112, Address lnte A 1/2, Par Diam $5.74, SHIR UINTA SILAS and y s). 84,0001150,916,000 undivided the TPHASE EIGH ot Reso G teein EACH year. Points for us6 by the Grantee in Said sale will be made (wlthout DetauW Balante $14,288.00, DENATRAS SILAS, Notice ADRIAN MARK DURRANT interestin Unit113;BIENNIAU Facill wkh 154,000 Silver Con arf Number: 641502398 EACHyea s). covenanls, orw,8xp18M DetauW Date 1115117, Morfgage of DetauW and lntent to and JULIA DURRANT, Notice allocatad 168,000 Points tor Points appu enant the to -JACOB LWEST,41 w POINT Con art Number. 219805892 or implied, garding th6 tkle, Recoded 111u16 in OR Book Fo lose at via certmed of DetauW and lnt6nt to use by the Grantee in ODD (ONE Tln Sha lnte st), PLEASANT AVE, OCEAN - WILL M F SWANN and poM8ssion or encumbrances) 5050, Page 96 MAHMOUD ~ Regi &ed MaiVpublitation Fo close sent via Cerf ed/ year(s). actoding to tha Tlme Sharing GATE, NJ 08740; AsseNm8nts RHONDA p MCDANIEL, to satis tha unpaid balante ABD A IZ ALDWAKE, to: 109 EMANUELS WAY, Registe d MaiUpublication LACOYA BROGAN andJOLIBA Plantheraot, rdedinomci Balanc8:881O.O7;a5evid8nc8d 3221 COURTSIDE RD STE of each Rsp8rfiv8 Mortgage 18961 AuDmE STREET WILUAMSON, GA 30292- to: 98 AVALON GARDENS. BROGAN, Notice ot DetauN R ord Book 2101. Pages bytheC imofL Bold8don 261, BOWIE, MD 20721; Retorded together wkh DEARBOR |, Ml 48124, 6708; Cl m ot Len Bod8d UNL HGOW,WEST LOTH N, nd lntenl to Fo&lose sent 1813, et seq.; ot the Public March 15. 2018 in Book53O2 at AN8Mments Balante: acc ed interest in the amount Timesha Unrt 210911, Week on Novamber 27, 2017; O.R. EH59 ZPL, SCOTLAND; via CertifiedlRegiste d MaiU R8tolds of OKaola Coun,Page637of ePublicRe ds 82,o15.86; as avidenced by of (Sea Exhibk A,wkh 15. Biennial ODD, Timesha Book 5244 Page 1631 Public Claim of L6n recoded on publication to: 1208 DALE Florida, and,subsequent ot Osceola Coun,Florida th6 Claim ofLen rdad on inte st accwing the rate lnte st 1l2, Per Diem S6.8o, Re s ol OKeo Coun . Novemb& 8, 2017; O.R. Book HOLLOW DR, INDIANAPOLIS, a Bnd ms ther&o ( Plan . for Me tollowinq PDp8rty: Ma h15,2O18inBook53O2at of ISee Exhib "A p6r day, DetauN Balance $16,856.79, FL. Total Due: S635.81 as of 5236 t Page 1827 Public IN 46229; Cl m of Lien me numer or ot such inte st A 210.000 490,299,000 Page 576 ot the Public Recods punuant to the Timeshare DelauN Date 211/17, Mortgage September19,2O17; described Recods of Osceola Coun,recorded on December 19. being the b6low-d8Krib8d undivided tenant-in-tommon ot OK la CouW, Florida Plan. advanG8s, it any, under Recold8d 1111117in OR Book as: A 84, 1490,299,000 FL Tot Due: $814.64 as of 2017; O.R. Book 5257 at number ot Unh Period(s) in a tee simple int in the tor th6 folb ng PD : the terms ot said Mo gage, 5084, Page 1022 CARLOS und id inte in Phase Sept6mb&15,2O17;d8Krib8d Paga 192 Public Recods ot Unk in (PHASE EIGH otme pDp8r common known as A 154,000188,645,000 chargas and expensas ot ROBERTO AQUINO JR a ||: BienniaUall ed 168,0 as: A 128,0001188,645.000 Osceola Coun,FL. Total Resort Facil y alloc ed to P ase ll; ANNUAU loc ed undivided intere in UnW 107; lhe Tru ee and of the twsts cRlsnANE FELIC NO Points tor use by the Granlee in undivided into sl in Unit 110; Due: $1,039.50 as ot Ortob6r the arantee ot such inte . 210, Points br use by he ANNUAU located 154,000 cRat8d by said Morfgaga. AQUINO & GABRIEL ARRUDA odd ya . Annua lot ed 128,000 23, 2017; described as: A Together wkh Me rightto use GranteeinEACHyear. PoinktorusebytheGra eein Obligo s) shall have the ght ROCHA B ALESSANDRA JIMBCHINNSRandTHERESA Pointstoruse bytheGranteein 84,0001132.051,500 undivided and occupy, punuant to the Contrart Number: 38 23093 EACH year(s). to cu the d tauW and any MARA SALVIONI GUARNIERl, CHINN, Notice of D auW and Each yea s). inte in Unk115;BIENNIAU Plan and the Silver Poin s - JERRY B ROBERTS DBA Contrart Number. 381204742 junior Lenholder shall have RUA PROFESSOR NOBIL lntent to Fo&lose sent via JOSEPHA.HUMBU,Noticeof allocated 168,000 Poin s tor Valuation Model and Calendar ROBERTS ENnRPRlsE, - FABIAN TABORDA Po Box the right to deem ks int8Rrt MARCACINI39 CASA 3 C Y certm egirtered MaiU De u andlntenttoFo&lose we by the Grant86 in ODD aWached a5 Exhibh G to the 201 AARON SM H DRIW 721801,0RLAND0,FL32872- up to the date the T stea JARAGUA SAO PAULO, sP, publ ion to: 291 MOORES at via ce medlRegirte d yea s . Plan, Assigned Unrf Period(s) BRIDGEPO% WEST VA 1801; Ass8Nm8nts Balance: issues the Cert cate of Sale 02998 030 BRAZIL, Timesha DR, EDGEFIELD, sc 29824; Mai publication to: 1736 CHRI TY BURCHFIELD (197-203) in Assigned Unh94O1 25N0 and USA ROBERTS 81,468.88; as eviden d by by paying the amounts due Un 21O1O9,We6k44,Annual, Claim of Len Pcorded on EASTWOOD DR,EUREKA,CA and DA D BURCHFIELD, inwhichUnrtPeriod(s)andUnrf D8A ROBERTS ENnRPRlsE, Me Cl m otLen Bod8d on es ortllned in the p&eding Timesha lnterest 1, Per Febwa 8, 2018; O.R. Book 95501; Claim ot Lien &orded Notice ot DefauW and lntent to the herein-gran ed lin share Po Box 942, KILGORE, m Makh 29, 2018 ln Book NO8 paragtaph. To GU the delault Diem $9.78, Dafault Balance 5282 at Page 1695 Public on November 8, 2017; O.R. Fo close sant via Cerf edl int6 st shall exist. Togath6r 75663; Ass8Nm8nts Balance: at Page 2264 ot the Publit axplained in this Notice you $23,534.1 4, DetauW Date Recods ot Osceola Counly, Book 5236 at Page 1828 Public Registe d MaiVpublication wrfh the right to use, poN8ss 855o.74: as evidented by Me Records of OK la County. mustr6mhW8amountyou now 4 1117, Mo ege R8 6d FL. Total Due: S585.26 as ot Recods ot Ost la Coun,to: 310 N SHERMAN AVE, and occupy other Unrt Period(s) Claim of ded on florida for the tollowing owe, as set torth in Exhlbrf A", 3123117 in OR ook 5121, Page Nov&nber17,2O17; described FL. Tot Due: 8675.15 as ot OKMULGEE, OK 74447: Claim and Unrfth a wbje tothe Ma h15.2O18inBookNO2& p per : A 84,000 71,958.000 including the perdiem amount 299 ASHLEY LYN CECILIA as: A 77. 01420.960.000 Sep ember15,2O17;described ot Lien Pcoded on Feb a Flexible Use Plan provided, Page638 ofthe Public Recods undivided interest in Unrt 102; toreach dayfollowing tha data DUVAL a MARC DEWAYNE und ided inte st in Phase as: A 105.0001150,916,000 7, 2018; O.R. Book 5281 at how8v&,suchus8,poNeuion, ot OKaola CouW. Fbrida ANNUAUellocated 84,000 ofthis noticeth ughthe date FORD, 3618 ALDON LANE |; ANNUAU lotated 77.000 undivided int a in Unrf 111: Page 24N Publit Recods and occupancyis subjetlto nl br Me tollowing PD : A Poinlsforu58byW8G nt88in paymentismade.lfyouchoose FLINT, Ml 48506, Timesha Pointstoruse by the Gra in Annua all ed 105, of OK8ola Coun,FL. Total the tenw ot the Flexible Usa 77, 490,299, 0 und ided Each yea s). to cu the defauN s& forfh in Unk 15408, Week 41, Bi nial EACH year. Points tor use by the G ntee in Due: 8657.25 as ot November Plan; (ilF a prior s6 alion t8nant-in-comnDn e simple Conbarf Number. 389905126 this Notice,thehllamountdue ODD, Timeshare lnte KEVIN UE RYAN and ERICA Eachyea s). 13, 2017; described as: A made in accordance wrth inte in the pDp8r - FAB NTABORDA, Po Box mu be mmed to: LANDO 112, Par Diem 85.85, DafauN ANN RVAN. Notice of DetauW NELSON DEUS ALW and T7,O /125,926,5OO undivided the Rules and R6gulations comnDn ow as Phase 721801,0RLAND0,FL32872- RESORTS CORPORATION, Balance $14,334.31, DetauW and lntent to Fo&lose 5ent ADR#NA DEUS RODRIGUQ, inte in Unrf 101; ANNUAU govemingrese ations;and(iii) ||; ANNUAUalbGated 77,000 1801; Nm8nts B&ance: AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt Date v1l17, Mo gage via certm egi &ad Mai Nolice ot De uW and lntent to allocatad 77,000 Pointsforuse specific compllance wrfh article Points ruse bytheG nt in S1,496.66;as evid c by We Resol rtion Dep nt, 5405 Recoded v6l17 in OR Book publ &ionto:562CAVEFARM FORtlOS8 se via certmedl bytheGranteein EACH ea s). vl and Artic |||. Parag ph EACHy . ClaimofL8n ld6donMa h Diplomat Cilcl8, Ste. 106, 5097, Page 2458 JORGE RD, TROY. MO 63379; Cl m Regi e d M Upublica ionto: CHARLES L ROGER and E ot the Plan. me PDp8r Contrart Numbe 321301616 29,2018in Book53O8atPaga O ando, FL 32810 befo the CISNEROS JR, 716 CARBON ot Len oded on Feb a CIUDADDEGUAYAQUIL1386. GLORIA ROGERS, Notice ot ha5 the add 5s ot 7751 - ANDRE BmNAs and 2266 ot the Public Reco s sale dateandtimasettorthin ST E LEHIGH ACRES, FL 8, 2018; O.R. Book 5282 & MOWIDEO,MO,URUGUAY; DetauW and lntentto For lose Black Lak6 Road, ssim,EUZABFfH PAVLOV ot la CouW, norida thisNotic6. M974, Tlmeshare Un 8503,