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May 18, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 2018

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| | HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 18, 201& PAGE 3TB NoncE OF E florida (40 836-23,at leart Flnal Judgment, to-wh: NoncE OF DEF^ULThND Conba Numb6 641254586 EMYUEUNCAZITTASARLO, ha ionalOwnenhiplnte rtin Coll ion p it A,h NoncE ls HEREBY GIWN 7 day befo your scheduled LOT 10, BEAR LAKE INnNT TO FORECLOSE - JOHN KURIA NU and RUA HENRIQUE STAMIU,sidenti units numba d is uilBd lat w6 rtata e punuant to oder ch8dulin9 Gourf app8 Gel or HIGHLANDS FIRST AD- Gasdick Stanton Ea y, MARGARET NJOKl KURIA, COUTINHO 247, RECREIO 431-446, N1-546, 631-646 following lo you: THIS ls AN tol tlosu s e or Final immedi &yupon eivingthis DlnoN, ACCORDING P.A. has been appoimed OBST NWEG 19, DOS BANDEIRAW, RIO and nona othe loc ad in AmMPT TO COWCT A Judg t,8nt& inCivilCas6 notmcation rf e me beto TO THE PLAT THEREOF, a5 Tw5t68 by WYNDHAM GAmKoN,zuRlcH,cH 8136, DE JANEIRO, RJ 22795-2,8uilding 8nthl6d BUILDING 2, DEBTANDANYINFoRMAnoN No. 2016CA-001769-0 ot he the sdedulad app c6 is AS RECORDED IN PLAT VACATION RESORTS, INC SWITZERLAND; Principal BRAZIL Principal Balance: PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallocated OBTAINEDWIUBEUSEDFOR Ci u CourtolMa9 hJudici I8N Wan 7 day; rf you a BOOK 3, PAGE 38, PuB- FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, Balanc6: S1o,518.63; lnt t: 821,o59.89: lnte : S2,956.67: 105,000 Poinls a defined in THAT PURPOSE. Ci u in and tor O nqa h6aring orvo impai d, call uc RECORDS OF OR- INC FIWA FAIRFIELD $1,674.43; Lat6 Chages: Late Chages: $40.00; TOTA th6 D6claration lor u58 in ODD By:Gasdick Stanton Ea y,P.A, Coun,florida, whe ln 711. ANGE COUN FLORIDA. coMMuNlnEs, INC A S45.oo: TOTAL 812,238.o6 $24,056.56through 11120 2017 yaa s). T ea, 1601 w. Colonial Dr JPMogan Cha58 Ban hbmmed ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN thDugh 1 1 20 201 7 D& er diem: 81O.O9 day Co rt Numbar. 1851212092 O ando, FL 32804 N ional ia on, Plaintm ATrORNEY OR PL NnFF: INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS tor th6 puposes ot insthuting diem: S5.1&day herea a . thaPa a . One (1) Vacalion - nREsA TAYLOR and ERIC Bc NJ NOAO518 and Beny Joyce Gambling sHAPIRo,FlsHMANa FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, aT st6B FO tlOSU and Sale One (1T Vacation Ownenhip Ownenhip lnt6&t ( vol TAYLOR, 502 OXFORD PARK May11,18, 18 a g, ca Ellis aMa GACH ,LLP OTHERTHANTHEPROPERrY underFla. sl . 721.856. me lnt6ra ( vol having a having a 166,000R20,709,500 BLVD, OXFORD, NC 27565- L165816 Bel J. G ng aMa BeWy 2424 Norm Fed al Highway, OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF lollowing owen ar6 he by 84, 04.420,000 undivided undivided tenant-in-Gommon 9722: Principal Balance: J. lis a datendanl(s), |, Cle Su e 360 THE us PENDENS MUST FILE notified that you ara in dafauW tenant-in-common lee simple fae simplet rtionalOwnanhip $5,500.67; lntal8 : S51o.15; otCourf, T y Moo RuNall, Boca Raton, noridaN431 A CLAIM wnwlN 60 DAYS ot the nota and Drtgag8 tor ha ion Ownenhiplnte&lin lntere in all Residential Unrts Late Chages: 83o.oo; TOTAL: NoncE OF TRusnE's will s6|| to 6 high t and (561)99&6700 AmR THE SALE. thetollowing pDp8 i8slocat8d,&idential unk numbered lotat6d in Building enthlad 86,o4o.82 th ugh 1112012017 SAU b bidd6r tor cash AT www. (561)99&6707 lt you a a panon whh a inOrangeCoun ,Florida: 663-671, 673-67a. 763-771, "BUILDING 1 ; ANNUAU D6r diam: 82.1 1/day ORLANDO vAc^noN myorang8cl8rk.r6altor8clos8. 16-301231 FCO1 WNI disabil who needs any Cont c Numbe 19216 136 773-778, 863-871, 873-878, allocated 166,000 Points as th8r6aW8r). One (1) Vacation sulns II tom, AT 11: AM on June 19, May 11, 18. 18 aKommodation in od& to -PERCEE BRANDON GOINGS 963-971. 973-978, 1063-1071, defined in the Declaration tor Ownanhip lnte st ("vol") U T4.O1 pORSFm 2018, Wa tollowing d6Krib8d L1659n participat6 in Mis pmaeding. and DAMAU TAMU G NGS 1073-10T8 and none othar us6in EACH y6a sT. havlng a 105,000 554,257.000 On 06 0612018 at 11:00 AM, p as sa forfh in said you a 6nthl8d, at no cost to RECTOR, 1252 F AY loGa ad in Building entkled Contract Numbar. 641541032 undivided tenant-in-common GREENSPOON MARDER, Fin Judgmem, to-wh: you, to th6 p vision ot certain PL NE. WASHINGTON, DC BUILDING 4, PHASE lv'; - MARIO NESHIBA and SARA t86 simple hartional Owenhip 201 E. Pine StRet, hke LOTS 12 AND 13. LESS IN THE CIRCU aNi anc6. PI6as8 conta 20017-2814; Printip Balance: BIENNIAUallocat6d 1 68,000 HIZUE KANNO NESHIBA, 12- lnte st in all resida ial units 500, O ando, Florida 32801, THE @T 60 FEET IN COURT OF THE th6 ADA Coordin or, Human S17,5O4.1O;lnt :S3,293. ; Points as defined in the 26-703 YOTSUYAKAMICHO, numbered 147, 148, 150-152, as T s ea punuant to thal BLOCK c, OF CROSS- NIW JUDICIAL R ources, Orange Counly Late Chages: S25. ; TOTAL Decla ion tor we in ODD KAWASAKI KU, KAWASAKI 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, Appoinlmen of Twst6e ROADS SUBDINSION, CIRCU IN AND FOR Courfhou e, 425 N. orange 82O,822.1Oth ugh11lO&2O17 y s). SHl, KANAGAWA KEN 21 347-352, 354-362, 447-452, coded on 1v27/2017, ACCORDING TO THE ORANGE COUN Avenue, Su 6 510, O an o, Der diem: 88.1yday Contrart Numbe 641328562 0828, JAPAN; Principal 454-462 and nonaotharlotated under DocumBnl lnst menl PLAT THEREOF, AS RE- FLORIDA,florida (40 836-2303, I6ast therea e . One (1) Vacation - ITALO NEY BUERRA Balance: $13.070.19: lnte st: in BuildinS entrfled BUILDING no. 20170699122 ot he CORDED IN PLAT BOOK CIVIL DMSION 7 days betore your sch6dul8d Ownenhip lnte ( vol PAUUNO and MARIA $1,526.55; Lat6 Chag6s: 3, PHA E lll"; ANNUAU 'Public R8cord5 of ORANGE a, PAGE 148, PUBLIC Case N: 2010-CA- court appearance, or having a 105,0001920,709,500 APARECIDA GUEDES $35.00; TOTAL $14,631.74 allocat6d 105,000 Points as Coun,Florida, by Pason RECORDS OF ORANGE 007966-0 immediate upon B8iving this undivided tanan -in-tommon BUERR RUA JOAO th ugh 1 112012017 Dar defined in the D6claration for ot a now continuing defauW couw, FLORIDA. DIVISION: 34 notmcation it th6 time betore ta6 simple ha ion Owenhip FRANCISCO SAMPAIO 1300 diem: $6.0&day th8r8a 6r). use in EACH yearTs). by Obligo s). (See Exhibk TOGETHER WITH THAT BAC Home Loans Se iting, the scheduled app6aranc8 is lnt8 5t in all R6sid8ntial Unk5 APTO 23, NOSSA SENHORA One (1) Vacation Owenhip Contrart Number: A"), whose addPN is (See CERTAIN MANUFACTURED LP FKA Count wide Homa laN than 7 days; it you are loca ed in Building entkled DE FAnMA, BARBALHA, CE lnlerest vol") having a 2201502481 - MONIQUE Exhibk A"), in the payment or HOME, YEAR: 2002, MAKE: Loans Se icing, LP hearing or voic6 impaired, tall,BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU 63180D00, BRAZIL Principal 84.000n35,459,000 undivided SCOTT-SPAULDING, 3752 performante of the obligations HOMES OF MERIT, VIN#: Plai i . ' 711. allocated 105,000 Points as Balance: 812.797.76; ln eRst: tenant-in-common lee simple PLATT DR, BATON ROUGE, secured by said Claim of Lien FLHMBA1 652481 94A AND -vs.-,Submm6d By: defined in the D la lion for 81 ,240.97; Late Charges: hartional Own&ship lnt6 st in LA 7081 4-421 o; Principal recoded in omcial Records VINN: FLHMBA1 65248194B. Louisiana Lmose; Unknown ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF: use in EACH year(s). 83o.oo; TOTAL $14,068.73 all residential units numbered,Balance: 8127,892.06; lnteRst: Book (See Exhibk A ) Page ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN spouse of Louisiana Lmose, SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Cont ct Nl mber. 641390968,th ugh 1 1 20/201 7 er 901-906, 908-910, 912-914. 815,882.16; Late Chages: (See Exhibit A,of the Public INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS il any; any and all unknown GACH . uP - ANGELICA M. RAMIRU- diem: $6.31 day therea er). 916-922, 1oo1-1006. 1o08- $45.00; TOTAL 8143,819.22 Recods ot ORANGE Coun , FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, partias claiming by, th ugh, 2424 No h Federal Highway, CAMPOS, 1019 BRIARLEIGH One (1) Vacation Ownenhip 1010, 1012-1014, 1016-1022, lhrough 1 1/20/201 7 Der Florida, including the breach or OTHER THAN THE PROPERTV under, and again the he in,Suit6 360 CT, LAWRENCEVILLE. GA lnte 5| ( vol ) having a 1101-1104, 1106, 11O8, 1109. diem: $49.0Vday therea er). detauW, notice ot which was set OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF named individual detendant(s) Boca Raton, Florida N431 30044-2734; Principal 8alance:,84.0001920.709.500 undivided 1112-1114, 1117-1122, 1201- i One (1) Vacation Ownership torth in a Notice ot Detault and THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE who are not know to ba dead (561) 998-6700 $1 0,325.89; lnterest: $1 ,974.73; lenant-in-common fee simple 1204, 1206, 12o8, 1209, lnterest ( vol") having a lntent o Foreclose provided A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS or alive, whether said unknown (561) 998-6707 Late Chages: 855.00;,hactional Owenhip lnta st 1212-1214. 1217-1222 and 1 ,385,0D0/637,876,500 to the la known addreN AFTER THE SAU. parties may claim an inlerest 17-307623 FCO1 WNI TOTAL $12,355.62 th ugh in all Residential Unks located none other located in Building undivid6d tenant-in-tommon ol Obligo s), (See Exhibrf lt you a a person with a as spous8s, h8irs, d8vis88s, May 11, 18, 2018 1 1/81201 7 Der diem: $5.09 day in Building entilled BUILDING entrtled BUILDING 6, PHASE tee simple ha ional Ownenhip .'A,by cerfm egi e d disability who needs any grantees, or other claimants, L 165797 thereaWe . One (1) Vacation 1"; ANNUAUallocated 84,000 vl"; ANNUAUallocated 84.000 lnte st in all residential unks Mail or by publication by the accommodation in order to Joanerme Dorson; Stata Farm Ownarship lnterest ( Ol") Points as definad in lhe Points as d6fin8d in the numbe d 1601, 1603, 1604, undenigned T stee, will sell participate in lhis pDceeding, M ual Automoible lnsuranca having a 64,000/920,709,500 Declaration tor use in EACH Declaration tor use in EACH 1608, 1609, 1612-1614, 1618- at public aurtion to the highest you are entitled, at no cost lo Company; John Doe and Jana IN THE CIRCUIT undivided tenant-in-common y 5) . y8ar(5). 1622. 1703. 1704, 1708, 17O9, bidder tor lawhl money ot lhe you, to the p vision ot tertain Doe as unknown tananls in COURT OF THE tee simple hartional Ownekhip Contrart Number: 641362462 Contract Number: 641680079 1712-1714, 1718-1722, 1803. Unked States of America. in Me aNi ance. Please contact poMession NINTH JUDICIAL lnta st in all Residential Unks - GREGORY H CLARKE - ARIADNA SOPHIA 1804, 1808, 18,1812-1814. lobby of Suhe 500, ot Cap lhe ADA Coodinator, Human Datendant(s). CIRCUIT IN AND FOR located in Building e kled and CHERYL A CLARKE, AGUILIAR HINOJOSA, 1818-1820, 1822. 1903, 1904, Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Resouwes, Orange Coun NoncE OF SAU ORANGE COUN BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU 60 INNSBRUCK BLVD, HUITZILOPOCHTU 750, COL 1908, 1909, 1912-1914, 1918- Street. O ando, n 32801, all Cour ouse, 425 N. Orange NoncE ls HEREBY FLORIDA allocated 64,000 Points as HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NY LOS PINOS 4T0 SECTOR, 1920. 1922 and non6 other righl,le and interest in lhe Avenue, Surfe 510, Orlando, GIVEN pursuant to order CIVIL ACTION dehned in the Decla tion for 12N3-8317: Principal Balanc8: SALTILLO, COAHUILA 25204, located in Building enti led p pe y s uated in lhe County Florida (40 836-2303, at lea Kh8duling toreclosu sale Case N: 2017-CA- use in EACH year(s). $14,475.14; lnterest: $533.53: MWICO: Principal Balanc6: BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; ot ORANGE, florida. dgscribed 7 day beloP your sch6dul8d or Final Judgmant, anta d 001 105-0 Contrart Number. 641518634 Late Chages: 8o.oo; TOTAL: $9,854.10; lnt6r8st: $1 ,570.80: ANNUAUallocated 1,385,000 as: ANign8d Unk week No. cou 4pp te, or in ci,Cas6 No. 201 CA- DIVISION: 33 - MICHAEL SARMIENTO 815,OO8.67lh ugh 11120/2017 Lata Chages: 845.oo; TOTAL Points as definad in the (SEE HIBIT A ANign8d immediately upon &eivingthis 0079660 ot the Ci uit Court w8|I5 Fago Banh N.A. as ABAD and ROSAUE BAUGA Der diem: $5.351day $11,469.90thDugh 11120 2017 Declaration tor use in EACH Unh No. (SEE HIBIT A,ot notmc ion rf the time beto ot the 9th Juditial Circuh in SucceNor by Meger lo ABAD, 161 BRAMBUWOOD thereaWer). Ona (1T Vacation (p6rdiam: 84.72ldaylh6rea 8 . yea s). ORLANDO vAcAnoN sulns the Kh8dul8d appearance is andlorOrange Coun,norida, Wachovia Bank, N.A. LN, EAST AMHERST. NY Owanhip lntere ("VOl") One (1) Vacalion Ownanhip Cont Number. 2511301244 ||, a condominium, wkh (SEE | s than 7 days: rf you aP wha in BAC Hom6 Loans Plain m, 14051-1417; Principal Balance: having a 154,0001735,459,000 lnterast (.'VOl ) having a - DEBORAH HAYMAN. 155 HIBIT A occupancy rights, hearing or voica impaiRd, c,Se icing, LP FKA Counl wida -vs.- $25,777.50; lnter t: $4,235.57; undividad tenant-in-common 52,500/441 ,210,000 undivided POTOMAC PSGE UNIT 625, actoding to lhe D lar ion ot 711. Home Loan5 S icing. Unknown Hei,Devisees, Late Chages: $45.00; TOTA fee simple hartionalOwnenhip t6nant-in-tommon tee simpl6 OXON HILL, MD 20745-1574; Condominium th t Ptold8d submm By: Pl ntm and Loui5iana L DS8 Granteas, Assigna6s, 83o,o58.o7 th ugh 1 1 0&201 7 lnte st in all sidential units tractional Own8nhip lm8 in Printipal Balance: $4 571.31; in omcial Recods Book 5196. ATTORNEY FOR PLAINnFF: ara d6tandant(s), |, Cle ot Credrfon and Lenon ot Der diem: &1 2.001day numbe d 901-906, 908-910, all residential units numbarad lnta : 8772.78; Lale Chages: Page 632, in the Public Records SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Court, Tmany Moo Russ6||, Jean A Youngman, and All therea e . One (1) Vacation 912-914, 916-922, 1001- 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- 845.OO; TOTAL: $5,389.09 ot Orange County, Florida, GACH,LLP will sall to th6 highest and her Persons Claiming by Ownenhip lnte ( vol 10,1008-1010, 1012-1014, 346 and non8 oth8r local6d in through 1 1120/201 7 Der and all amendments lhe to, 2424 Norfh Fede,Highway, best bidder tor cash AT . and mDugh, Und,Against having a 224,000 735,459, 1016-1022, 1101-1104, 1106, Building antitl6d BUILDING 2, diem: $2.251day therea er). and any amendments th&6ot Suke 360 myorang8cl8rk.r8altor6clo58. m6 Named D8t6ndant (5); undivided enant-in-common 1108, 1109, 1112-1114, 1117- PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallocated Ona (1l Vacalion Ownership (the "D&claration l: Togather Bota Raton, horida 3 431 com, AT 11:00 AM on June 5, Wells Fago Ban National tee simple ha ion Ow6nhip 1122, 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 105,000 Points as dafined in lnterest (wVOl") having a with a mainder ovar upon (561l 998-67 2018, the lollo ng d8Kribad sotiation, SucceNor in lntere in,residemi unks 1209, 1212-1214, 1217-1222 th8 D8claration for usa in ODD 84,0001441 ,210,000 undivided termin ion ot tha vacat on (561) 998-6707 proparty as sat foM in said lnt6 to Wathovia Bank, numbePd 901-906, 908-910, and none other located in yaar(s). tenant-in-common fee 5imple owership plan as t8nant in 15-295139 FCO1 CHE Flnal Judgma,to-wk: Na ion ANotiation.; 912-914. 91 6-922, 1001- Building e led BUILDING 6, Contract Number. 641681697 ha ional Ownenhip lnterast in common with o her purchasen May 11. 18, 18 LOT 6, BLOCK |, SILVER Zellwood Station co-oP, lnc.; 1006, 1008-1010, 1012-1014, PHASE vl": ANNUAUallocatad - MAURO JOSE MAUES all residential units numbered ot Units Weeks in suth Unrf, L 166022 STAR EsTAns 1ST AD- ' Z6|lwood Station Commun y 1016-1022, 1101-11o4, 1106, 154,0 Points as definad in PAIXAO and LILIANE 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- in the percentage int8 5t DlnoN, ACCORDING Association, lnc.: Unhnown 1108, 11o9, 1112-1114. 1117- the Decla tion tor use in EACH MOREIRA MAUES, TRAVESSA 346 and none other located in determinad and established by TO THE MAP OR PLAT Parties in PoN8Nion #1, 1122. 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, yea s). ANGUSTURA 1402 APTO Building enthled wBUILDING 2, Exhibk D" lo tha D6claration IN THE CIRCUIT THEREOF AS RECORDED lt living, and all Unknow 1209, 1z12-1214, 1217-1222 Contra Number: 641384250 1601, PEDREIRA, BELEM, PA PHASE ll"; ANNUAUallocated of Condominium to have COURT OF THE IN PLAT BOOK Y, PAGE Parfies claiming by. through, and none other loc ed in - snPHENIE GARCIA and 66080-180, BRAZIL; Printipal 84,000 Points a5 definedinthe and to hold the same in tee NINTH JUDICIAL 39 OF THE PuBuc RE- undar and against tha above Building anlrtled BUILDING 6, JUAN JESUS GARCIA, 2430 Balance: 89,854.1o; lnterest: Decla tion tor usa in EACH simple foreve r. ORLANDO CIRCUIT IN AND FOR CORDS OF ORANGE named Detendant(s) who PHASEVl":ANNUAUallocaled WAUNJUS CT. HOLT, Ml $1,542.74; Late Chages: yea s). VACATION sulns II 6924 ORANGE couw, couw, FLORIDA. a not known to be dead or 224,000 Points as defined in 2-9703;PrincipalBalanc6: 840.00; TOTAL: 811,436.84 Conl Number. 641361001 Grand Vatations Way O ando, FLORIDA ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN alive, whether said Unknown the D lara ion for use in EACH S24,514.64; lnt6 : 83,697.4o; lhrough 1 112012017 (per - GAIL J SCHARF, PETER J FL 32821 Said sale will be CIVIL ACTION INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS Parti6s may claim an in e st yea s). Late Chagas: 845.oo: TOTAL: diem: S4.72lday th8r8aW6 . SCHARF, R L BORRELLO JR, made (witho cov6nants, or Case w: 2016-CA- FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, asSpouse,Hein,Devi,com rf Numba 3216 413 $28,257.04 rough1112012017 On6 (1) Vacation Owership and KARA ANN BORRELLO, wa an,exp N or implied, oo -o OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY Grant,or herClaimants; - REGINALD ON ANAM D diem: 812.O&day lnt6r8st (.vol") having a 40 ALAMO p BUFFALO, NV regading tha trtle, poN8Nion DINSION: 33 OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF UnknowPartiasinPoss sion and KADZO WEST, 318 th6 aW6 . One (1) Vatation 52.5001441,210, undividad 1422 1216; Principal Balanc6: or 6ncumbrancesT to pay th6 w8|I5 Fago Bank, National THE us PENDENS MUST FILE w2. ltliving, and,Unknown OLD FORGE w APT 52,nhip ln ere ( ol 6nan -in-c0mm0n 1ee simple S11,977.54:lntarest:S3.873.77: unp d aM8Nm6nts dueintha ANociation A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS Partiesclaiming b thDugh, ODENTON, MD 21113-299 ; g a 189, 0 545,430,000 hartionalOwn hiplnl in L e Chages: $20.00; TOT amourk ol (See Mibt A"T, Plainti,AmR THE SAU. under and ag nst the above Principal B ante: $9.285.32: und ed tenant-in-common all r idential unrfs numb $15,8T1.31 through 11l20l201 whh inte accwing at he -vs.- lt you ate a p n wkh a nam6dD8f8ndant(s)who lntere : 81 ,401.35; L e f68 si pl6 ha ional Own hip 131-144, 146, 231-246, 3 1- D6r diem: $5.901day r a ot (Saa Mibh A p6r James T. McPhillips alWa disabil who n66ds any a nothnowtobedeador Chages: 845. ; TOTAL lm& in all Bid6ntial unhs 346 and non8 oth& lotaled in th8Ra e . One (1) Vacalion day, punu ttotha fim85har8 Jam85 McPhillip : Unknown acGommodation in od6r to alive, whether 5aid Unhnown $10,731 .67 thDugh 1 1l20l2017 numbered 1301. 1302, 1303, Building emhlad BUILDING 2. Ownenhip lnle ( vol ) Plan, advantes, it anL, under Spouse ot Jamas T. McPhillip5 parficipat6 in thi5 p ing, Pa ies may tl m an inte Der diem: $4.3Vday 1304, 130B, 1309, 1312, PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUalbcated having a 84,0001804,860.000 lhe I8nM ot said laim ot a Jamas McPhillips; you a 8ntitl6d, no tO5t to as Spouse, Hei,D8vis885, th8l8aW8 . One (1) Vacation 1313. 1314, 1318, 1319, 1320, 105,000 Poin as defined in undivided tenant-in- mmon Len, chages and expanses ot Un 6d Statas ot AmBrica, you, to the pDvision of cert n Grant6,or her Cl mants Ownenhip lnter6st ( Ol.) 1321, 13W, 1401, 1402, 1403, the Decla tion for use in ODD f simple harfion Ownenhip tha Twst86 and ot the tw s A ing mrough th6 Sec ta assistance. PI6as8 conta Dat6ndant(s). having a 52,5001613,176, 0 1404, 1408, 14,1412, 1413, yea s). lnte in all r idemial unks cPa 6d by s d Claim of Len. ot Housing and Uban the ADA Coodinator, Human NoncE OF uu undivided tenant-in-tommon 1414, 1418, 1419, 1420, 1421, Contratl Number. 641700794 numbe d 679-686, 688, Obligo s) shall have Ma right Dav6lopm6nt; Unknown Pa ies R6souw8s, Orang6 Coun NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN tee simplehartion Ow6nhip 1422, 1501, 1503, 1504, 1508, - INGRID IVONNE CARRASCO 69 698. 77g786, 788, 79 to cu the detauW and any in PoNeNion N1, ltliving, and Courfhousa, 425 N. Orange punuan to ord6r Kh6duling lnte st in,resida i unks 15,1512, 1513, 1514, 1518, ARAVENA and J ME 798, 879-886, 888, 890-898, junior lienho shall hava w6 all Unknow Partias claiming Av6nu6, Surfa 510, O ando, to&losul8 sale or Final numbe d 547-552, 554-562, 1519. 1520, 1521, 1522 and EDUARDO GAncA TERZIJAN. 979-986, 988, 99 998, 1079- right to d86m ks i up by, hrough, undar and against Florida (40 836-2303, at least Judgmen ,enta din CivilCase 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, non6 oth6r located in Buildinq BUCAUMU 01130, REGION 1086. 1088, 1 1098 and to tha date the T iuu6s lhe above named D6tan ant(sl 7 days b6to your schedulad No. 2017-CA-001105-0 oftha 754-762, 84g852, 854-860, 8nthl6d BUILDING 6, PHAS NOVENA nMuco 4812868, nona other lotated in Building tha c6rtmcata otS 6 bypa ng who a not know to be dead courf ap ante, or CircurfCourfotthe9lhJudicial 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 vl"; ANNUAUallocatad CHILE; Printipal Balance: enthled BUILDING 5, PHASE the ums due as o lined in or alive, wh6th8r 5aid Unknown imm6diat6ly upon Baiving this Circurf in and tor oranqa and none other loc ed in 189,0 Points as d6fin8d in $15,254.10: lnte : $2,314.69; v; ANNUAUallocated 84,000 the pr eding patag ph. 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LOPES and ADRIANA CARLA Ownanhip lnte st ( vol - FRASER VERDUN FIELD and Owna s) Add N Unh W6ah Parfi6s claiming by, th ugh, submmed By: Assign,Credkors and Contra Numbar. 401516158 SERRAT GONDIM LOPES, having a 84,0 1613,716,0 DOROTHY DIEUWKE WIPWE usaga occupantyAmoumP& und6r and again the above ATTORNEY FOR PL NnFF: Lenon otJean A. Youngman, -KIM ATEETERS,3O9AVIARY TRAVESSA PIR A 2077, undivided tana -in-common FIELD, 9629 JOHNSTON RD, DiamCOLR lnto n D8t dant(5T who SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a and#| herPenonsClaiming p TRENTON, OH 45067- APTO3O3,MARCOBELEM,PA t66simplalraclionalOw8khip DEROCHE, Bc VOM 1G0, ROBERT DoRsm 1910 are not known to b6 daad or GACH,uP by and m ugh, Under,Ag nst 9010; Principal Balanc6: 66095-470, BRAZIL; Principal lnt&esl in all &id6nti unrts CANAD Princip Balance: PALISADE AVE UNION c ive, wheWar 5 d Unknow 2424 Norm F6d6r Highway, me N Defendant (s) $9,799.30; lnl e : $1,692.14; Balanc6: S12,93o.13; lnt6Bt: numb ed 547-552, 554-562, S9,325.81; lnt : 81,345.17; NJ 070874428, 407, 21, Parfies may tlaim an inte rt Suka 360 are datendant(s), |, Cle ot lale Ch ges: $50. ; TOTA $2,096.72; Late Chages: 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, Late Chagas: 84o.oo; TOTAL Eve Y6ar, S1, 782.N, So.88, as Spouse, Hein, D6vis66s, Bo Raton, florida 33431 Court, Tmany Moore Russ6||, 811,541.44thDugh11l2O O17 845.oo; TOTAL: $15,071.B5 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, S1O,71O.98th ugh 111201a017 2017 99102; AWANDRO Grant86s, or har Claimants (561) 99&6700 will s6|| to the highe and Der di6m: a.56lday thDugh 1 11201201 7 er 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 Der diam: $4.471day G GAWARES a MARIA Detendant( ). I561) 998-6707 best biddertorcash AT www. th6rBaW8 . One (1) Vacation diem: 86.37 day th6r8aW8 . and nona other located in therea e . One (1) Vacation DEL CARMEN RES NoncE OF snLE 15-287118 FCO1 CGG myorangecl6rk.r6altor8clos8. Own&5hip lnt6&t (.vol On6 (1) Vacation Owne hip Building en itled BUILDING Ow6nhip lnt6r85t T"vol T ANDRES BEUO NO 45 24 NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN May11,18. 18 com.AT11: AM on June 7, hav g a 56,0001613,716. lnt&est ( vol having a 3, PHASE lll"; BIENN U having a 52,500 725,592,000 Plso COLONIA Poaco pu to od6r heduling L165924 2018, the tollowing d6Krib8d undivid6d tena -in-common 84.0001920,709,500 undivided allocalad 168,000 Points as undividad tenant-in-common M ICO Cl 11560 M CO, to&ow s 6 or Flnal prop& as set foM in said tee simpleha ionalOwnanhip tenant-in-common t88 simpla defined in lhe Declar ion tor fee simpl8 ha ionalOwnanhip 411, 27, Eve Year,S1,9 .9O, . 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McPhillips a J cMLAcnoN PROPRIETARY UASE 3, PHASE lll": BIENNl l Conbarf Numba 641392279 o.oo; TOTA 89,OM.98 oth& lotatad in Buildinq OSVALDO MoNnRo 732 McPhillips a det dant(s), Case N: 2017-CA- RECORDED IN OFflCIAL alloc 112, Poims as - BENNV SIERRA, EUGENE h ugh 1 1120n01 7 Der 6ntrtl8d BUILDING 6, PHAS sw 97TH COURT CIR |. c ot Court, Tmany 4 2-0 RKORDS BOOK 4644, d6fin6d in the D la tion tor N FARRELL CONRAD diem: S3.96lday F 8 . "; BIENNIAUallocated MIAMl, FL u174-1987. 473, . M re Ruw6||, will sell to the DINSION: W PAGE 1380, PuBuc RE- usa in MN y8a s). GREGORY FARRELL and One I1l Vatation Ow hip 105,000 Points a5 deRnad in 27, Ev6 Y6ar, S1, 862.70, high and be bidder tor I5Fag0Ban NA CORDS OF ORANGE comrartNumbar.64125 o- RAYSA MARIELA DE CUBA, lnt vol having a thaDacla tiontorusalnEVEN $0.92, 20170699102; ANA | cash AT www. yoranp8tl6rk. Plaint,couw, FLORIDA JOSE L FuENns and T A 158 w 144M ST APT 2D. 84, 1554,257, undivided y6a s). MoNnRo 9431 sw 4w sl aWoBlo .tom,AT1 : AM -vs.- TOGETHER WITH THAT ALMEsnc 22 E 112TH ST N YORK, NY 10030-1327; tenant-in-common tee sinple ALL wkhin w6 Condominium Apt214 Miami,FLN174-2021, on Jun6 7, 2018, me tollowing Sheldon c. BDW a CERT N MANUFAL APT 414, N YOR NY PriMip Balanca: S13,147.o3; harfion Ow&shiplnt in p wbmmad to the 473,27,Eve Ye ,S1,862.70, d Gribad pDp8 y a5 s6t torth Sh6ldon BDW; Unknow TURED HOME, YEAR: 1 2g2613; Princip Balance: lnt : S1,893.1o; Late all Bid8ntial unks nu Tlmasha Plan ot F RFIELD gO.92,2O17O6991O2;AUREDO in s d Flnal Judgma,to-wh: Spous6 ot sh&d c. B w 1989, MAKE: BAR- S3O.21T.34:lnt :t4.443.15; Cha as: S35. : TOTAL: 147, 148. 1#152. 154-162, ORLANDOAT8ONNETCREEK cE ANns AHUMADA a BEGIN AT A POINT a Sh&don BDW; Unh RINGTON, VIN : FUL- L e Chag6s: a5. : TOTA S15,o75.12thDugh11nono17 247-252, 254-262, 347-352, RESO A CONDOMINIUM MA DEL CARMEN ESPINOSA sow 89 DEGREES 58' Statas or #n6rica Arting J33A117O1BA AND NNN: $34,705.49M ugh 11120 017 D& diem: S6.4&day 354-362, 447-452, 454-462 ( meRasorf Facil ,together sonLo ZENZOW 124 " WEST 248.83 FEET h h s6caa of Howing FUUMB117O1BA. Der di n: 813.34lday aW6 . One (1l Vacation and nona oth6r lo ed in whh allappurf8nanc85th8 to, RESIDENCIAL STABARBARA AND NO TH o DEGREES and DavalopB; ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN therea e . One (1l Vatation Ow6nhip lm&e ( ol") Building emkled BUILDING 3, a ording and w ert to tha COLIM COL28O17 MQICO, 29' oo" EAST 30 FEET Unknown Partiesin Po ion INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS Own ship lnt&ast Uol ha ng a 84, 1626,821,000 PHASE lll.; ANNUAU locat6d Datl ion of Condominium 474,39,Ev&yYe S1,826.55, FROM THE sow- #1, lt living, and,Unknow FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, having a 308,000 626,821, und ided tenant-in-common 84, 0 Poimsas d8fin8din h6 fot F meld O ando at Bonne to.9o, 2017 99102; DR. EAST CORNER OF THE Parties claiming by, thDugh, OTHERTHANTHE PROPERTY undivided 6nant-in 0mm0n t simpleha ionalOwership Declar ion tor use in EACH Cr k Reso a Condominium DEAN A WILSON AKA DEAN SOWWEST 114 OF THE under and ag n the above OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF teesimplehartion Owenhip lnt& in all sidential unks yea sl. racorded on June 8, 2004 in A WILSON 270 21rt Ava SE SOWEAST 114 OF ME named Detandant(s) who THEUS PENDENS MUSTFIU lnt6 st in,re identi unhs num 101-1,108-110, Conba Numb6r. 1231319286 omcial Recods Book 7475, St P66nbug, fl 33705-2929, NORTHEAST 114 OF SEC- are no know to be dead or A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS numbe d 101-106, 108-110, 201-2,20&210, 212-214, -KENYATTAH BOHANONand Page 881, et s6q, Public 478,4,Eva Y6 ,S1,782.35, noN 25, TOWNSHIP 23 aliv6, whether s d Unknow AmR THE SALE. 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, 216222, 301-3,30&310, UZARD c BOHANON. 3828 R ords of Orang6 Counly, to.88,2o17 1o2;snPHEN SOUTH, RANGE 29 EAST; Parties may claim an i lf you are a penon wrfh a 216-222, 301-3,30B-310, 312-314, 316322, 401-406, HAWKT#LRD,L W, florida, as h6 toto or POWEU a LORR NE RUN THENCE NORrH O as Spouse, Hei,D6vi,disabil y who needs any 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, 40&410, 412-414, 416422 GA 3 52-8694; Princip h aR6ram d6d(colla iv6,POWEU 6422 cls DR DEGREES 29' oo" EAST G ntaes, or her Cl mants; accommodation in odar to 408-410, 412-414, 416-422 and none other locatad in Balance: 88,o95.7o; lnt : the D laralion . VICTOR, NY 1 -9206, 478, 130 FE% THENCE Unknow Pa i85in PoNeNion parfiGipal8 in his protaeding, and non6 oMer located in Building 6mhl6d BUILDING 6, $1,771.56: Lat6 Chag : meowenmu paytheToTAL 33, Every Y S1. 782.35, NORTH 89 DEGREES N2, lt living, and all Unknown you a anl led, at no cost to Building 8nthl6d BUILDING 6, PHASE .; ANNUAUallocated $55.00; TOTA $9,922.26 li 6d above plus tha per diem So.88, 201706991 : L OS 58' oo" EAST 64.5 FE% Parties cl ming by, th ugh. you, to the provision ot certain PHASE vl"; ANNUAUallocat6d 84, Points as defined in tha thDugh 1 1w012017 D6r and a S25o.oo fee tor lwstae MADER 223 w Caldwall Dr THENCE SOUTH O DE- undar and again the abova aNi ance. PI6as8 conta 308,000 Points as definad in Declar ion tor use in EACH diem: $3.991day &BaR6 . fo losu sale plus to 5 as Round Laka, IL 60073-4293. GREES 29' oo" WEST 130 named Datendant(s) who the ADA Coordinator, Human he Decla tiontorusein EACH y sT. One (1) Vacation Owenhip thay ac ua, rf any. Failu to 494, 13, Ev6 Year, $1, 862.70, FE% THENCE SOUTH 89 are not know to be daad or Resourcas, Orange Coun y8a s). Contra Nu ber: 641402672 lnt&e ( ol having a tu thade uWsetloM h in 8o.92, 2017 99102;sMnw A DEGREES 58' oo" WEST aliv6, whather said Unknow Courfhouse, 425 N. O nge Contta Number. 641254198 - JAIME SUARU oRnz and 64,0001M4,257,000 undivid6d orlak6otharapp pri 8action HOOPER 1646 Taw Ct 64.50 FEETTO THE POINT Parfie n y claim an i era Avenue, Suit6 510, O ando, - JOSE L RUIZ and CYWIA DIVA CANO TORRES, CALLE tenant-in-tommon fe6 imple regarding this ma 6rwill suN Trin y, FL 34655-5348, 478, OF BEGINNING, LAND as Spouse, Hain, D6vis8,Florida(4O 836-2303, at least A RUIZ, 226 NEWWRK AVE, 18 38-22, NEIVA, HUILA, harfional Ow ship lnte in inthaloN ofownenhip otth6 36, Eve Y6ar, S1, 782.35, s uAn AND LYING Gra,or h& Cl mants 7 days b6to your sthedulad TRENTON, NJ 0861 4825; COLOMBIA; Principal Balance: all r6sid8nlial unhs numbered timesha thDugh the lwstee $0.88, 20170699102:CYWIA AND BEING IN ORANGE Detendant(s). court app8aranca, or Principal Balance: $8,326.75; $10,266.60; lnta st: $1,654.62; 147, 148, 150-152, 154-162, to lo5ura pDcadur8 s6t torfh L HOOPER 2100 Nu Rd couw, FLORIDA. NoncE OF snLE immediately upon r6c6iving this lnte st: 81 ,327.99; Late Late Chagas: $45.00; TOTAL: 247-252, 254-262, 347-352, in F.S.721.856. You have the Apt E4 Cl al6r, n N764- ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN NoncE ls HEREBY notification it lha time betora Chages: $50.00; TOTA $11,966.22thDugh11120/2017 354-362, 447-452, 454-462 rigM to subm an objertion 2645, 478, 36, Eve Y S1, INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS GIVEN pursuant to odar lhe Kh8dulad app8aranG8 is $9,704.74 thDugh 1112012017 & di6m: 85.O6lday and none dher lot ed in form, 8x6 ising your right to 782.35, So.88, 2017 99102: FROM THE SALE, IF ANY. Khaduling f losura sale leM lhan 7 day5; it you ara Der diem: 83.76lday Me aWe . One (1) Vacation Building enthled BUILDING 3, obje tothe usB otthat st68 CAROUNA MARTA DALTON- OTHERTHANTHE PROPE or Final Judgmant, ant heanng orvoice impai d, Gall tharaaWa . One (1T VaGation Owenhip lntarast ("vol"] PHASE lll i ANNUAU located to&losura procadu . lt the MAGANA CALU LA OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF in Civil Case No. 2017-CA- 711. Ownership lnterast ( vol having a 64,000/613,176,000 64,000 Points as definad in the objet ion is filBd lhis ma er MASCOTA w988 COLONIA THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE 004032-0 of the Ci uk Cou submmed By: having a 84,0001704.420, 0 undivided enant-in-common Declaralion tor us8 in EACH sh,be subje to the judicial MAQUILISHUAT SAN A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS of the 9th Judicial Cirwh in ATTORNEYFORPL NTIFF: undivided tenant-in-tommon tae simplelra ional Own6nhip year(s). foreclosure procedure only. SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR, AmR THE SAU. and tor Orange Coun,norida, SHAPIRO, FISHMAN B tee simple ha ion Ownenhip lnt in all residential units Contract Number: 1261601900 me detault may be Gur8d any 500 6 5,11 a 12, Eve lt you a a pe on wkh a whe in Wells Fago Bank, GACH,uP ln erest in all sidential unhs numbered 547-552, 554-562, - WILLIAM c SMITH, 409 tima batore the t 5t88'5 sal6 Yaar a Eve Year, $3, 1N.94, disabil y who n86ds any N Plaintm and Sh6ldon c. 2424 Norfh F8d6ral Highway, numba d 663-671, 673-678. 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, BETH ST, PANAMA cl FL ot your timasha int6 st. lr 81.55, 20170699102; NELSON accommodation in order to BDW a Sh6ldon BDW Suh636O 763-771. 773-778, 863-871, 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, 32407-3007; Princip Balante: you do nolobj tothBt 88 A RODRIGUU CALU part ip e in this proteeding, are detendan (sl, |, Cle ot Boca R on, Florida N431 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 $7,157.88; lnterest: .57; foBlo5ur8 proGadura, you will LA COLINA RESIDENC you a 6ntklad, at no co to Courf, TMany MOOR Russ6||, (561l 998-6700 1063-1071. 1073-1078 and and none other located in Lata Chages: $30.00: TOTAL not b6 subject to a deficiency MANGOS VILLAGE II CASA you, o M6 p vision ol certain will sell lo the highest and (561) 99&6707 nona oth6r located in Building Building entrfled '.BUILDING 3, $8,032.44 through 1 112012017 judgment av6n it th6 proceeds w 21 UR8 MANONGO auirtance. Plaase comart be biddertorcash AT www. 16-304892 FCO1WEQ ent lad BUILDING 4, PHASE PHASE lll"; ANNUAUallotated Derdi8m:$3.43ldayth8r8aW6 . tDm lhe sal6 ot your timeshara VALENCl EDO. CARABOBO the ADA Coodinator, Human myorang8cl6rk.raaltor8tlos8. May 11, 18, 18 lv": BIENN Uallocaled 64, 0 Points as defined in the One (1) Vatation Owne hip intarest are insu cient to oWsat 2001 VENUUELA, 269, 21, Resou es, O nge County com, AT 11: AM on June 7, L 165798 168, O Points as d6fin6d in Declaration tor use in EACH,ere ( vol") havin9 a the amount5 ecu d by the Eva Yaar, $2, 353.95, $1.16, CouMou,425 N. Orange 2018, the follo ng d bed the D6cla ion tor use in ODD yaa s). 52,5001450,489,000 undivid6d li6n. 20170699102: PATRICIA Avenue, hke 510. O ando, p as s& torth in said . y6a sT. Conha Number. 641427984- tenant-in-common fea simple Punuant to th6 Fair Debl PLASENCIA 2706 Flo s Ave