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May 18, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 2018

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PAGE 22B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 18, 2018 ot Orange County, Flor- ' lo his T stee proceeding the T tee payable to the DOMINIUM THEREOF, AS 60477, s1ooc, 34, ANNUAL, Rec lnto.# Claim ot Lien right to redeem lts lnlerest up lobby ot Sulte 500, or Capital ida and all amendmen s,by se lng wn en objection ' Lienholder in the amount of RECORDED IN OFFICIAL 201 80035228, 84, 573.96. Amount Per Dlem to the date the Trustee issues Plaza Bulldlng 1, 201 E. Pine thereof and supplements on the Twstee named below 81o,339.76, plu5 lnteresl RECORDS BOOK 8030. 81.98 16791330, OWERE 16790175, LUIS A LECAROS the CertificateotSale by paylng ' Strezt, Orlando, Fl 32801, all thereto ('Declara ion') me Obligor has the right to (calculated by multiplying $3.31 PAGE 241, AND ANY BENSON RAFAELA SAPPA ANA L LECAROS 4022 the amounts due as ou lined ln rlght, ltle and interast ln the The defaul giving rlse o cure the detaul and any illnior tlmes the number of days that AMENDMENTS THERE- 70|1 N Flsk Avenue Kansas Cedar Llmb Ct Tampa, FL the preceding paragraph. By: property situated ln he Counly these proceedings is the lnteres holdeF may redeem its have elapsed since May 9, TO, OF THE PUBLIC City, MO 64151, S1O4D, 50, 33614, s214B, 3, ANNUAL, GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, ot ORANGE, Flonda, described failure to pay condominium interest, for a minimum period 2018), plus the tOStS of this RECORDS OF ORANGE ' ANNUAL, 20180035228, $5, 20180035147, $2, 900.42, Twstee. as: An undivided (SEE WHIBIT assessments and dues of to y-fiva (45) days until the proceeding. Said tunds ror COUNTY, FLORIDA, TO- 229.61,$2.54 16776663,$1.42 16818408, ERIKA A HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF ' A"l interesl in tee slmple as r6sulting ln a Clalm ot Len Tw5tee iMues the Certificate cure or redemption must be GETHER WITH AN UNDl- MICHELLE p BIRT RONALD,LOPU ANGELITA CHAVU TRUSTEE'S SALE tenant in common in and lo Uni ancumbering the fimeshare of Sale. me Len may be received by the Twstee berore VIDED INTEREST IN THE c BIRT 104 Lee Dr Dlckson. Po Box 28296 San Antonio, 16801953, DONALD E RYAN Number(s) (SEE WHIBIT '.A"), Ownenhip lnterest as recorded cured by sending Bified the Carfificate ot Sale is iNued COMMON ELEMENTS TN 37055-3444, S2O2A, 26. N 78228, S2O5D, 5, ANNUAL JR HARLEY ANN RYAN 1240 together with a corresponding in the O cial Records ot hnds to the Twstee payable Nicholas A. Woo, Esq AND LIMlnD COMMON,ANNUAL, 20180035228, $5. 201 800351 47, $2, 058.79, Fai iew Rd Grantsville, MD undividied inte st in the Orange Coun,Florida. me to the Lenholder in tha amount Valerie N. Edgecombe Brown,ELEMENTS DESCRIBED 184.27, $2.55 16801314, $1.00 16851137, GUSTAVO 21536, S3O8D, 33, ANNUAL, Common Furnishings which Obligor has the righl to objecl of 83,235.63, plus int6r8st E5q. AS AN APPuRnNANcE MICHAEL H BOURASSA A MA,3805 mayer Ct 20180035178, 81, 843.79, are appurfenant to such to this Twstee proceeding (calculated by muWiplying 81 .12 Cynthia David, Esq. IN SAID DECLARATION SUSAN M BOURASSA 8710 Fairfax. VA 22030 YOLANDA 8o.9o 16812054, CARLOS Unit(s), as well as lhe racu ing by se ing wrmen obj6ction tim6s the number ot days that as Trustea pursuanl to Fla. OF CONDOMINIUM. E Oak St ScoWsdale. AZ MA,1210 BAWIEW CT A SEBASTIAN BELINDA nl 6xclusive (SEE WHIBIT on the T stee named below. have elapsed since May 10, Stat. 721 .82 ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN 85257, s2o4c, 26, ANNUAL. FRANKLINTON, NC 27525- sEBAsnAN 9275 Whisper A") right to se e, use and ma Obligor has tha righl to 2018), plus the costs ot this P. o. Box 165028 INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS 201 80035228, $4, 499.58, 7390, s1o1Q, 6, ANNUAL, Glen Dr Jacksonville, FL occupy an Assignad Unrf wrfhin cu the defauW and any junior p ceeding. s d hnds tor Columbus, OH 43216-5028 FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, $2.08 16792239, MICHAEL 201 80035147, $4, 493.80, 32222, S2O1A, 21, ANNUAL, Cyp ss Pointe Rasort ll, A inta stholder may deem rfs cur6 or r6d6mp on must b6 Telephone: 407-404-5266 OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY H BOURASSA 8710 E Oak St $2.08 16730507, DAVID M 201 800351 78, $5, 489.90, Condominium (tha "Projact"); (ii) int6r8st, tor a minimum period G v8d by the Tw b6tor6 Telecopier: 614-220-5613 OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF ScoW5dal8. AZ 85257, S2O7C, MCC Y DOREEN E 82.54 16768725, YASIR 8xclu5iv8 rightto usa and 6nj0y ot torty-five (45) day5 until the the Certificate ot Sal6 is issuad. May 18, u, 2018 THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE 27. ANNUA 20180035228, MCCARTHY 118 Rainbow Rd A SHAMMAMl ANAM G the Lmited Common Elements Tw5te8 issues the Certificate Nichola5 A. Woo, Esq. L166479 A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS 84, 499.58, $2.08 16810513, Wlndsor, CT 5. S2O8 SHAMMAMI6994 Golden N w and Common Furnishings ot Sale. The Lien may be Val6riaN.Edgac mbaB wn, AFTER THE SALE. DAVID G BRANDA THERESA 44, ANNUA 20180035147, Bloomfield, Ml 48322, s21o lotated wrthin or othe ise cu d by sending cert ed Esq. lt you aP a penon with a A 8RANDA 129 Blue Hill 83, 036.79, $1.32 16808739, 44, ANNUAL 20180035178, appurtanantto such signed hnds to e Twst66 payabla Cyn hia David, Eq. NONJUDICIAL disabil y who naads any Rd. Hop6w8|| Junrtion, NY JESUS MEDINA NORA $4, 493.30, 82.o8 16798797, Unk: and [li non-axclusiv6 right to the Lenholdar in tha u DavidA Cr r, sq. PROCEEDING accommodalion in order to 12533, S2O6D, 24, ANNUAL. FLORES 5204 Eloy Street MELISSA D SMITH 5987 to use and anjoy heCommon ot $1,754.92, plus inte as T ee punuant to Fla. TO FORECLOSE participale in this proceeding, 201 80035228, $4, 497.68, Brownsville, TX 78521,S3O5D, Natoma Clover, sc 29710, Elam6nts of the PDj8,for lcalculaled by muWip ing $0.42 Slat. 721.82 MORTGAGE BY you are ent lad, al no co lo $2.08 16811288, DAND G 49, ANNUAL. 20180035147, S3OOD, 41, ANNUAL, their inlended puposes, tim6s the number ot days that P. o. Box 165028 TRUSTEE you, to the p vision ot certain BRANDA THERESA A BRANDA 83. 295.42, $1.61 16776566, 20180035178, S2. 058.79, during the Use P6riods as shall have elapsed 5inc8 May 8, Columbus, OH 43216-5028 FILE NO.: 1 7-042247 assistance. Please contact 129 Blua Hill Rd. Hopewell SHERRY A MERKEL MICHAEL S1.oo 16777N9, ROBERT pDp8 y have b86nras8 8d in 2018), plus tha costs ot this Talaphona: 407-404-5266 SHERATON FL vAcAnoNs, the ADA Coo inator, Human Jun ion, NY 12N3, s2o3B, G MERKEL 720 Planh S at SM H 2818 MICHELU RD actodancewrfhtheprovisions p ceeding. Said tunds for Teletopier. 614-22 5613 LLC, A FLORIDA LIMlnD Resources, Orange Coun 17, ANNUAL 2018 3522B, Dund86, Ml 48131, NO1B, MANCHESTER, MD 21102- of the lhen-cur nt Rulas and cu or redemption must be May 18, 25, 18 LIABILITY COMPANY, Courfhouse, 425 N. O nge 84, 494.72, $2.08 16796202, 25, ANNUAL, 20180035147, 1754 IVA JEAN SMITH 5299 Ragulations promulgated c8iv6d by the Twst86 betoP L 1664n Lienholder, Avenue, Suite 510, O ando, DAVID GENE BRANDA $3, 295.42, 81.61 16797636, SCHALK ROAD NUMBER 1 by CypPN Pointe Resorf II tha C6rtificat8 of Sala i iMu8d. vs. Florida (40 836-2303, at least THERESA ANN BRANDA DANIEL MORGALO 9725 sw MANCHESTER, MD 21102- Condominium Association, Cythia David, Esq. MARY |. KRAUSE, ROGER A. 7 days b8tor6 your scheduled 129 Blue Hill Rd. Hopewall 75TH ST MIAMl, FL 33173- 3029, S211B, 25, ANNUAL, lnc all punuanl to he Valarie N. Edgecombe B w. NONJUDICIAL KRAUSE courf app8aranc8, or Junrtion, NY 12533, NO9D. 3133, S1O2C, 41, ANNUAL 20180035178, 84, 493.48, Declaration ot Condominium Esq. PROCEEDING TO Obligor immediate upon ceivingthis 23, ANNUA 20180035228, 20180035147, $4, 493.30, 82.o8 16798578, ANGELA tor Cypress Pointa Resort ll, A David A. Cramer, Esq. FORECLOSE CLAIM TRusnE's NoncE notification it tha time befoP $4, 493.48, $2.08 16799181, $2.08 16818036, MARY EVA J SNAPP 891 FRANKUN Condominium,dulyrecordedin NiGholas A. Woo, Esq. OF UEN BY TRUSTEE OF FORECLOSURE the schedulad appearanca is JAMES K BUCKLAND JR MORQ LUIS E TURCIOS LAKES BLVD FRANKUN, the Public Recods otOrange as T slee punuant to Fla. FILE NO.: 17-037311 PROCEEDING I8N than 7 days; it you are ANGEL M BUCKLAND 114 4114 Fo man Ln Louisville, KY IN 461 1-7948, S1O6D, 23, County, florida. in OMcial Stat. 721 .82 BELLA FLORIDA TO: Ma |. Krause haaring or voice impaired, call W 2nd St Sanford, FL 32771- 40219, S2O6D. 42, ANNUA ANNUA 20180035178, $1. Recods Book 5044, at Page P. o. Box 165028 CONDOMINIUM 18187 McDive Road 711. 1212. s214B. 45, ANNUA 20180035147, $5, 177.99, 843.79, $0.90 16737N3. 3557, as am8nd6d hom lime Columbus, OH 43216-5028 ANoclAnoN, INC A WiWanburg, wl 54499 SubmiWed By: 20180035228, $5. 1 77.99, 82.54 16808132, CARY RICK R SOBANSKI 6190 to time (the Dacla tion ). Telaphone: 407-404-5266 FLORIDA coRPoRAnoN, Roger A. Wause ATTORNEY FOR PLAINnFF: $2.54 16814075, JOHN NORRIS JR 1325 mornlon Plainfiald Av6nu8 Kalamazoo, Designated Season: (SEE Telacopier. 614-220-5613 L holdar, 18187 MtDiva Road SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a CALDERON 4037 Ma ow Ave Trfusville, FL 32780 AMIE Ml 49048, S213A, 6, ANNUAL, WHIBIT A") Number of Rights: May 18, 25, 18 vs. wmenbug, wl 54499 GACH,LLP Loop LandO Lahas,FL34639- M RANDALL 4358 EASTMAN 20180035178, $4, 493.80, (SEE WHIBIT "A Vatation L 166475 SIMON CANIDY YOU ARE NonFIED that a 2424 North FederalHighway, 4071, S2O9A. 21, ANNUAL ST COCOA, FL 32927- $2.08 167697o0, RICK R w68h No. (SEE HIBIT .'A") Obligor TRUSTEE'S NON-JUDICIAL Surta 360 20180035228. $5, 179.41, 3928, S2O3A, 2, ANNUAL SOBANSKl DIANA E BRAY CYPRESS PolNn RESORT rRUSTEE'S NOrlCE PROCEEDING o entort6 a Boca Raton, Florida 33431 $2.54 16814929, ENRIQUE 20180035147, $2, 258.79, 690 CARRIAGE LAKE WAY II 12118 TREASURE CAY NONJUDICIAL OF FORECLOSURE Lian has baan instituted on the (561)99&6700 A CARDENAS JESSICA A $1.10 16800014, ANGEL A VERO BEACH, FL 32968- LANE, LAKE BUENA VISTA PROCEEDING PROCEEDINO following Timashare Owanhip (561) 998-6707 CARDENAS 5510 N Himes PARRILLACARMENPARRILLA 9477, S213A, 7, ANNUAL, ORLANDO, FL 32836 Said TO FORECLOSE TO: Simon CaMidy lnterast at Flax Vacations 17-306508 FCO1 CXE Ava Apl 1604 Tampa, FL 500 w Aiport Blvd N1111 201 800351 78, 84, 497.68. &2.08 sale will be made (wrfhout MORTGAGE BY 25 E5tua Vlew Condominium d8scrib6d as: May 1& 25, 18 33614, 211B. 8, ANNUAL. Santod, FL 32773, S2O3C, 16T97Z45. JANET K SPRAU covenants,orwa an ,6xpreN TRUSTEE Newquay, Comw,TR7 1Qx vol Number 219879-01, L 166079 201 80035228, 82, 258.79. 9. ANNUAL, 20180035147, 17518 ANTWERP RD HARLAN, or implied, r6garding the title, FILE NO.: 18-003114 Unked Kingdom an Annual Type, Numbar $1.10 16811618, MARINA 85, 497.86, $2.54 16812838, IN 46743-9757, S21OA, 34, poN8Nion or ancumbrances) SHERATON FL vAcAnoNs, YOU ARE NonnED that a ot vol Ownarship Points CASTIUO RAMIRU 3880 KEITH REID POOLE CHARUS ANNUAL 20180035178, 81, to paythe unpaid assassments LLC, A FLORIDA uMlnD TRusnE's NON-JUDICIAL 67100 in lhe nex Vacation NoncE OF TRusnE's Wynn Rd Apt 313 Las J NUARA 703 Chayanne Ave 838.79. 80.9o 16791590, due in the amount ot (See LIABILITY COMPANY, PROCEEDING to 6nf0w8 a Ownarship Plan, accod- SALE Vegas, NV 89103, s1o4 M6lboum8, FL 32935, s211B, MIOLASY SUARU RAQUEL Exhibrt A"), with interest Lenholder, Len ha5 been instituted on lhe ing and subject to the Flex BAU INnRNAnoNAL 45, ANNUAL. 20180035228, 1,ANNUA 20180035147, 84, c MARQUU 2730 Sw 28m acc ing at the te ot (See vs. tollowing fimashara Ownanhip Vacations Declaration ot RESORT CLUB,85, 488.48, $2.54 16799837. 280.15,S2.10 16793500, EARL N Miami, FL N1N, S2OOD, Exhibrf A.) par day, punuant to YANETH SARMIENTO lnterest at Bella Florida Vacation Ownership Plan 4g . oBNm ERIC M COPELAND 8854 J POTTS nREsA POTTS 40, ANNUAL, 20180035178, theTlmesha Plan,advancas, Obligor Condominium describad as: ('.Daclaration"), as cod- On /0812018 at 11:00 AM, Valley Cirtle Dr Florenta, KY 907 R86c8 Rd Sevarn, MD $5. 493.48, $2.54 16811739, it any, und the erms of said TRusnE's NoncE Unk Week 35, in Unit ed in omcial Recod Book GREENSPOON MARDER, 41042, NO1D. 21, ANNUA 21144, s213B, 20, ANNUAL, HUNG THACH KAREN RENEE Claim ot Len, chag6s and OF FORECLOSURE 201, an Annu Unrf 1o893, Page 1223, Publit 201 E. Pina Street, Suke 20180035228, $2, 058.79, 20180035147, 84, 559.32, THACH 1918 Calumet Parh expanses of tha Tw5t88 and ot PROCEEDING w86k in Bella florida Con- Recods ot O nge Coun,5,O ando, norida 32801, $1.00 1 54, TAU $1.61 16804337, DEIDRA p ille, AL 36066, s1o1c, lh8t stscr8at6d bys dClaim TO: Yaneth Sarmien o dominium, punuanl to Florida and all amend- as Twst punuant to that CRAWFORD 2848 Phaasam RANDOLPH 3544 E 1MRd St 1, ANNUAL 20180035178, otLen.Obligo s)shallhavethe 316 Pa side Drive the Detla tion ot Condo- ments and suppl6m6nts Appointment ot T 86 Dr Hephzibah, GA 308156422 Clevaland, OH 44120, S1 D, $5, 178.49, 82.54 16810617. righl to cure th6 d6lauW and any Ven e, FL 34285 minium as ratordad in Ot- tharato tha Declaration. recoded on 01/23/2018, ZAYNUS CRAWFORD 15N 37,ANNUAL20180035147,83, UNDA L THOMPSON 6838 juniorlienhold shall haveth6 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that a ficial R ds Book 6222, me d6rault giving ris6 to under Document lnstwment 31st St s Saint Petenbug, 186.31, $1.42 16815513, ELIAS p ma Jacksonvill6, FL rigM to d66m k5 i e up TRUSTEE.S NON-JUDICIAL Page 1987, Public Recods theseproceedingsisthetailu no. 201 814 ot th6 FL 33712-2537, s2o7c, 41, RIVERA DERAE RIVERA 7421 3u22, NO3A, 9, ANNUAL to tha datetha Tw ee iNu8s PROCEEDING lo 6nf0Ke a ot O nga County, Flor- to make payments as settorth Public Retods ol ORANGE ANNUAL 20180035228, $5, Ne on St etWe min er, co 20180035178, $5, 497.86, thaCert cataorSalabypaying L6n has b68n in rf ad on the ida and all amandmank in tha Mortqage encumbaring County, Florida, by Pason 488.48, $2.54 16814624, KARL 80030, S3O8A, 20, ANNUAL $2.54 16808153, MICHELLE the amounts dua as outlined in tollowing Tlm8shar6 Ow&ship We of and suppl6m8ms the Times a Ownenhip of a now tontinuing defauW CURRY BELINDA D CUR 201 5147, 82, 895.42, TRACY MA TRACY 5348 tha preceding paragraph. By: lnt6rest at FIBx Vacations theao ('Declara on') lnte st as retodad in tha by Obligo s), (Sae Exhibrf 406 Hicko Fai ay Courf 81.42 16807652, MARK D Lanyard Ct Winter Pa,FL GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, Condominium describad as: me d6 uW g ing rise lo OWicial Racods ot Orange A,whose addr8N is (Saa Woodstoth,GA3O188,NO4B. ROACH JEANNIE M ROACH 32792, s1o2c. 36, ANNUAL T ee. vol Numbar 226581-01, th8s6 proceedings is tha Coun,Florida. ma Obli or Exhibh A"), in Me paynantor 35. ANNUAL 2018 35228, 344 Robinson Rd Chatsworth, 201800N178, $5, 673.80, HIBIT A - NOTICE OF an Even Biennial vol Typ6, tailura to pay condominium ha5 th6 right to obja to t is p8rformanc6 ot he obligations 81, 166.51, $0.56 GA3O7O5, s21oB, 28, ANNUAL 82.o8 16796923, AUYSON B. TRusnE's MLE Number ot vol Ownenhip aN8Nm8nts and dues T stea proceeding by se ing secured by said Claim of Lien May18, 5,2O18 20180035147, $5, 489.64, VAUSTRA 113 Blackba ACCT NO OBuGoR(sV Points 100,000 in the Flex wWing in a Claim ot Lien wriWen obje ion onthe T stee r orded in O cial Records L1 $2.54 16806273, DORIS Dr Riva iew, FL N569, S2O8A, OWNER(S)IADDRESS, Vacation Owanhip p n, ancumbering tha fim8shar6 named below. me Obligor has Book(See Exhibit A"T, atPage ROBBINS 2M2 Ho5kins Rd 25,ANNUAL,20180035178,82. UNDMDED INnREsT, accoding and wbjerf to Ownenhip lnter t as rded the right to cuP h6 datauW (See Ewhibil A"), of th6 Public Bu ington, NC 27215, s3o2B, 685.42, 81.32 16812437, LUPE UNIT(S). WEEK(S)-USE BASIS, the Flex Vacations D la- in tha omti R o s of and any junior int& tholder Retords ot ORANGE Coun,NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 30, ANNUAL 20180035147, VARGAS ERWIN VARGAS ASSIGNED YEAR(S), SEASON, ration ot Vacation Ower- O nga CouW, norida. me may daem ks int8 5t, for Florida, includingthe b ach or SALE 84, 884.64, $2.24 1681 70, 13105 Sutl6r Square Ter CUAM OF UEN REC. BOOW ship Plan ( Declaration,Obligor has the right to obj6cl a minimum period ot to y- deauw,noticeotwhich wassat BALI INTERNhnoNAL PABLO RODRIGUU MAYRA Clark5bug,MD2O871,S2O6C, PAGE OR INSTR CLAIM as record6d in OMcial R to this Twst66 procaading tiva (45) days until th6 Tw ee fo h in a Notice otDefaultand RESORT CLU8 ORTIZ 2N3 Flint Ln DeWona, 36, ANNUAL 20180035178, OF UEN AMOUNT, PER DIEM cods Book 10893, Pag6 by s6rving wn en objartion issu6s tha Certificate of Sale. lntent to FoBlose pDvided . (LEChROS) n 32738. s2o3B, 1, ANNUA S5, 493.48, $2.54 167,1 ,EUGENEWKRUBACK 1223, Public Recods ol on Me Tw ee named below. m6 Lien may b6 cu d by lo tha last know add ss On 0610812018 11: AM, 201 5147, a, 280.15, SHARON VERNON MARY 5620 Cloudburs LnLncoln, .- Orange County, Florida me Obligor has th6 right to sending certified hnds to ot Obligo s), (See Exhibit GREENSPOON MARDER, S2.1o; CLEVERSEV 8095 Ros6 Ave NE 68521-1003ARUEN and all am6nd nts and curetha datauW and anyjunior tha T ee payabl6 to the A,by certmedlRagistarad uP, 201 E. Pin6 W at, Suite May18, 5,2O18 O ando, FL 32810, NO5C, D KRUBACWO6 9TH wppl nts MaBo thB int& Mold6r y d m s LBnholdar in Ma um ot Mail or by public ion by th6 500, O ando, norida 32801, L166O47 45, ANNUAL, 201 5178, STAURORA, NE 68818, Declar ion. int&,for a n niwm period 822,6OO.9O, plus int und igned T rt6e, will s6|| as T slee punuant to mat S2, 248.79, 81.1o 16798574, 1151, C56AB, 45, ANNUAL, me dataul giving rise to ot ror -five (45) days umil Me (talcula ed bymuWip ngt6.49 at publiG aurtionto Me higha Appoi t ot Tru ee VAUA VIDAL CARLOS ald. 20180035 02,' | these p ceedingsisthetailu Twrtee iNu the Bificate timBsth8 number ot days th biddertor la ul money otthe God6d on 01 23 2018, NoncE OF rRusnE's GARCIA 1409 Sw 11m Tar S4, 650.04, 82.28 155318, to makapaym6nts as settorth ot Sala. ma Len may b6 have 6laps8d since May 10, Un adStat ofA &ca,intha und& Docum6nt ln wB SAU Miami, FL M135, s3o8B, WIUIAM UNDSAY DORINA ir th6 Mortgage encumbering curad by sending cartified 2018) lus the Gosts ol his lobby ot Suke 500, otCapit no. 20180043874 ot tha BALI INTERNhnoNAL 9, ANNUAL 201 178, c UNDSAY168O7 sw 51ST th6 Tlma5ha Ownenhip nds to thB T 5ta6 payabla ptoca ing. Said nd5 tor Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pina Publit R6tO S ot ORANGE RESORT CLUB 85. 492.86, $2.54 16818525, STMIRAMAR, FL 74918, lnte as r6cord8d in me oth6L8nhold8rinth6 unt cura or redemplion w be Stra&, O ando, Fl 32801, all County, orida, by ason . (R AN JR) JAMES J WARD III 6367 1151. D45B, 3, ANNUAL, omcial Racord of O nga or S1,89o.12 plus i 6r8st r8t6iv8d bythBTw5t86 b6to right, t la and intePst in lh6 ot a now tontinuing datauW On 06108 2018 at 11:00 AM, KEARCE ST ORLANDO, FL Em d, 20180035702, CouW, Florida. me Obligor Tt wl 6d by muWipl ng So.51 the C6rtifical6otSal6isiMu6d. pDp 5rfuat8d intha County by Obligo s), (s86 Mibrf GREENSPOON MARDER, 32807-4741 B JWN 82. 274.63, $1. 147257, has tha right to obj to this tim the numb6r otday Mal NicholasA. o,Esq. otO GE,norida,d65crib6d A',whosa addr6N is (S6a uP, 201 E. Pin6 St el, Suke WARD 864 PENNINSULA DONALD w LOGUE 132 Hill T ae ploc88ding by s ing have 8laps6d sin May 14, Valerie N. Edgecombe 8row, as: Tog&her wrm a mainder Exhibk A .inthepayantor 500, O ando, florida 32801, DR ORMOND BEACH, FL StMantua, NJ 080511545 wrm6n obi6rtion onth8Tw 86 2018l, plus the co or this Esq. ov intae simple absol a, as p6rformanc8 otth6 obligations a T ee punuant to that 32176-7B63. NO4C, 33. RW LOGUE 612 COUEGE namBd balow. me Obligorhas proceeding. Said tund5 tor Cynthia David, Esq. t6nam-in om Dnwrmallolh6r Bu d by 5aid Cl m ot Len Appoima ot T ANNUA 201 5178, S2, BLVD WENONAH, NJ O1414, the right to cura the datauW cu or damption mu be DavidA.Cramer,Esq. Owars ot all Me Unk Weeks coded in omci Recods od6d on 01123 2018, 9 .42, S1 .42 16791206, 1T51, A12B, 28, ANNUAL, and any junior inter8s lold& ived by Me Twrf bato as Twrfaa pursuantto Fla. in the h6r8a ar d8sGrib8d Book[SaaExhibk A ,atPage und6r Document ln wmant JOHN M WATSON MARYLISA Di nd, 20180035702, $3, may r8d86m hs inl,tor tha Cerfificate otSal6isissued. Stat. 721 .82 condominium apartmant tor (Sae Exhibk wA,otthe Public no. 20180043908 ot tha CARUON wAnoN 1418 256.57, $1.59 149826, ELISHA a minimum period ot torfy- Valerie N.Edg mbeB wn, P. o. Box 165028 th6 tollowing d crib6d real Records ot ORANGE County, Publit Recods ot ORANGE Brookwood Ct Seabrooh, TX LONDON 308I Spanow Hawk five (45) days until the Twstee Esq. Columbus, OH 43216-5028 estata localed in he County Florida. intludinq the breach Dr Coun,Florida, by reason 77586, s213 28, ANNUA CIHalrmoon, NY 12065-4655 iNues the certmcale of Sale. Whia David, Esq. Telephone: 407404-5266 ol O nge State ot Florida, detauW, nolice o which was set ot a now continuing defauW zo1aoo35178, $2, 900.42, DARLENE G LONDON 227 m6 Len may be cured by David A Cramer, Esq. T8|8copi6r: 61 4-220-561 3 as tollow5: (SEE WHIBIT to h in a Notice ot DefauW and by Obligo s), (See Exhibh S1.42 1 6802480, LONNIE s 3d AveMechanicville, NY sending ce ed hnds to Nicholas A. Woo, Esq. May 18, u, 2018 A Unk week(sl No.(s) (SEE lntent to Fo close provided A"), whose addr8M is (See R WEDDINGTON JOYCE B 121 18-2226, 1151, B43AB, the Twstee payable lo the asTwst86 punuantto Fla. L 166480 HIBIT A in Aparfment to the last know addRM Ewhibk .A"), in the paymant or WEDDINGTON 201 Benyman 38, ANNUAL, Emerald, L8nhold6r in lhe amount of Stat. 721 .82 No. (SEE HIBIT A ot BALI ot Obligo s), (See Exhibrf performance ot the obl ations Rd Apt 28D Vlcksbug, MS 20180035702, 86. 334.72, $15,855.49, plus in e st P. O.Box165O28 INTERNATIONAL RESORT "A ), by Ce ifi egist secu d by said Claim of Len 39180, S3O5B, 25, ANNUAL, $2.24 1 86224, MICHAEL (calculated by multiplying 85.45 Columbus, OH 43216-5028 IN THE CIRCUIT CLUB, according to the Mail or by publication by the corded in omcial Retords 201 800351 78. $3, 130.97, MACK 1o6 SurPy LNGrimn, times the number ot days that Telephone: 407-404-5266 COURT OF THE Daclaration or Condominium undersigned Twslee,sell Book (See Exhibit '.A,at Paga 81.52 16786539, DUANE A GA 30224-8833NIC0U have elapsed since May 11, Telecopier. 614-220-561 3 NINTH JUDICIAL and Amendments theraot, at public aurtion to the highest (Sae Exhibit "A"l, ot the Public WELLS KATHERINE E WELLS MACK 841 NORTH COLONY 2018), plus the costs ot this May 18, 25, 18 CIRCUIT IN AND FOR as recorded in the OMtial bidder for law,money ot th6 Racords ot ORANGE County, 5488 High Ridg6 Dr Ypsilanti, RD MERIDEN, CT 06450, proceeding. Said nds tor L 16647a ORANGE COUNTY, Recods Booh 3325, Page Uniled States ol America, in the Florida, including the breach or Ml 48197, S3OOA, 51, ANNUAL, 1/51, E34AB, 16, ANNUAL, cure or r8d8mption must b8 FLORIDA 521, in the Public Records ot lobby ot Surta 500, of Capital datau . notice ot which was s& 20180035178, $951.51, $o.46 DianDnd, 201 80035702, ceived by the T stee beto CIVIL DIVISION Orange Coun,Florida, and Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pina fo h in a Notice of Detault and 16799062, STEVE WILBON $2, 007.00, $0.98 149061, the Certificale ot Sale is iMuad. NONJUDICIAL Case N: 2017-CA- as am6nded in OMcial Recods Stre6t. O ando, Fl 32801, all lntent to Fo&lose provided EUZABETH WIWAMS 1321 LUCIANO MA,KARIN Nicholas A. Woo, E5q. PROCEEDING 00561 9-0 Book 3717, at Pag6 1522 right, title and inlerest in the lo the last known addPN Carmen Ave Da ona Beach, JACOBSEN RODRIGUES 3291 Valerie N. Edgetombe Brown, TO FORECLOSE DIVISION: 37 et.seq in Publit Records of property situated in the County of Obligo s), (s68 Exhibh FL 321 17. s3o1 B, 20, ANNUA SE WEST SNOW RDPORT Esq. MO TGAGE BY D6ulsch8 Bank National Twst Orange County, Florida, and of ORANGE. Florida, describ6d wA ), by C8rtifi8d/R8gisteRd 201 800351 78, $2, 258.79, SAINT LUCIE, FL 46526, Cythia David, Esq. TRusnE Company as T stea tor GSAA any amendments thereot. as: Togather with a Rmaindar Mail or by publication by the $1.10 16777962, WENDY F 1151, B12B, 22. ANNUAL, David A. Cramer, Esq. FIU NO.: 17-020505 Home Equi Twst 2006-1 1 Proparfy Appraiser Parc6| over in tee simple absol e, as undenigned Twstae, will sall WIUIAMS 113 Burf Dr Roselle, Diamond, 201 80035702, as Twstae pursuant to Fla. PALM FINANCIAL Assal-Backed Cartificates ID No.: 31-24-27-0486 me tenant-in-common w h all other at public auttion to th6 highest NJ 07203, S2O8B, 31,ANNUAL, 81, 416.29, $0.68 153614, Stat. 721 .82 SERNCES, INC. A FLORIDA Saries 2006-1 1 physical addPM of he proper Owen ot all the Unk Weehs bidder tor lawhl money ot the 201 80035178, $1, 166.51, KENNETH L MCLIN Po P. o. Box 165028 CORPORATION, PlaintiW, is: 17777 Bali Boulevad, Winter in the he aWer describ6d Unked ates otAmerita, in the $0.56 16789169, JAMES J Box 31045ST0CKT0N, CA Columbus, OH 43216-5028 Lenholder, -vs.- Gard6n, Florida 34787 BALI condominium apa ment tor lobby of Suka 5,ot Capkal WILUS III DEVON R WILLIS 95213-1045, 1/51, D31B, Telephone: 407-404-5266 vs. Juan Parez Mercad; Lizbelh INTERNATIONAL RESORT the tollowing described real Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pina Po Box 25 North Evans, NY 45. ANNUAL, Emerald, Teletopier: 61 4-220-561 3 TYRONE D. BALL, RENEE Elias Baez; Southmeadow CLUB 1 7777 BALI BOULEVARD e at6 located in the CouW Street, O ando, Fl 32801,14112, NO2D, 40, ANNUA 201 80035702, 83, 256.57, May 18, 2s, 18 M. BAU Homeowners Association, lnc.; WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787 of Orang6 State ot Florida, right, rfle and inta st in the 201 80035178, $5, 493.48, $1.59 1 55846. RICARDO L 166476 Obligor Oakcrest at Southmeadow Said sala will be mada (without as follows: (SEE WHIBIT property situatad in lhe Coun $2.54 16815240, CARLTON L MoNnRo 3215 ROYAL TRUSTEE'S NoncE Condominium Association, covenants, or wa an,axpraM "A") Unit Week(s) No.(sl (SEE ot ORANGE, Florida, describad WYMAN P.o Box 3172 Deland, GARDENS AVEFORT MYERS, OF FORECLOSURE lnc.; Unknown Parties in or implied, regarding tha tille. WHIBIT A") in Apartment as: Togethar wilh a maindar FL 32721 ROSEANN WYMAN FL 3391 6-4583 JUDIM NONJUDICIAL PROCEEDING Possession N1, lt living, and poss8Nion or encumbrances) No. (SEE WHIBIT A ) ot BAU over in tee simpla absolute. as 324 GREEN MANOR DR SUN MONTERO 968 sw 149TH PROCEEDING TO TO: Tyone D. Ball all Unknow Parties claiming to pay the unpaid assaMm8nts INnRNATloNAL RESORT tenant-in-commonwilhallolhar CITY cENnR, FL 33573- TERSUNRISE, FL 26509, 1/51, FORECLOSE CLAIM 2 Rolhermara Streat by, through, und6r and against due in the amount ot (See CLUB, according to the Owen of all the Unit Weeks 5815, w 7, ANNUAL D46B, 43, ANNUAL, Emerald, OF LIEN BY TRUSTEE Buchans. NL AOH1GO the above named Detendanl(s) Exhibit A"), wkh intarast Declaration ot Condominium in the h6raaWar described 201 800351 78. 84, 497.68. 201 80035702. 82, 059.80, $1 .oo FILE NO.: 17-042356 Canada who are not known to be dead acc ing at tha rata ot (S86 and Amendments th6raot. condominium apartment tor $2.08 16813069, PEGGY DEAN 171198, JO ANN G MOORE BELLA FLORIDA Renee M. Ball or alive, whether said Unknown Exhibit A") per day, pursuant to as racordad in the O cial the tollowing dascribed al 70 Center St Jachson. OH LEONARD A MOORE11563 CONDOMINIUM 2 Rothermare St et Parfie5 may claim an intaP th6 Timesha Plan, advances, Records Book 3325, Page astate located in the County 45640, S2O8D, 37, ANNUA REGISTRY BLVDHAMPTON, ASSOCIATION, INC A Buchans, NL AOH1 GO as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, it any, under the terms of said 521, in the Public Records ot of Orange Stata ot Florida, 201 800351 78, 81, 166.51, GA 86392, 1/102, D56A, FLORIDA CORPORATION, Canada Grantees, or her Claimants; Claim of Len, thages and Orange County, florida. and as tollows: (SEE HIBIT $0.56 6. EVEN, Em6rald, Li6nhold8r, YOU ARE NonFIED that a Unknown Parties in PoNeNion 6xp8ns6s ot the T stee and of as amended in omtial Retods A Unit w88k(5) No.(s) (SEE May 18, u, 2018 20180035702, $2, 001 .77, vs. TRUSTEE'S NON-JUDICIAL #2, lf living, and all Unknown th6 twsts cre ed by said Claim Book 3717, at Page 1522 HIB A") in Apartm6nt L 166048 $0.97 1168290, WENDALYN DEREK CROSS, AKA D. PROCEEDING to anforca a Parfies claiming by, th ugh, ot Len. Obligo s) shall have the el.seq in Public Records ot No. (SEE WHIBIT wA' of BAU MouNTcAsnE 787 CROSS Len has been instituted on the under and against the above right to cure the datauW and any Orange County, Florida, and INnRNAnoNAL RESORT FRIENDSHIP RDSHAWSVILLE, Obligor following Tim6share Ownership named Detendant(s) who junior lienholder shall have the any amendments tha ot. CLUB, accoding o th6 NoncE OF TRusnE's VA 24162-1213 MARK TRUSTEE'S NoncE lnterest at Disney's Animal are not known to be dead or right to radeem its intarest up Prope y Appr ser Pa el Declaration ot Condominium SAU L MouNTcAsnE743 OF FORECLOSURE ngdom Vlllas described as: alive, whethar said Unknown to he date tha Tw5taa issues ID No.: 31-24-27-0486 me and Amandmants thereot, CYPREN PolNn RESORT II COLONIAL RDBLUE RIDGE, PROCEEDING An undivid6d 0.64469b Parfies may claim an inteP thace mcateotsalebypaying physicaladdraMotth8prop8rfy as recoded in the O cial 4av3. (KRUBAC VA 24064, 11104, E14A, 41 TO: D6r6k CrON, AKA D. CrON inle st in Unil 80c of lhe as Spouse, Hein. Devisees, the amounts du6 as outlined in is: 1 7777 Bali Boulevad. Wi er Retords Book 3325, Paga On 06/0&2018 at 11:00 AM, Floating, BIENNIAL ODD, 13778 So hwest 144th Disney's Animal ngdom Gran ees, or h6r Claimant5 lhe prateding paragraph. By: Gard6n, florida 34787 BALI 521, in tha Public Recods ot GREENSPOON MARDER, Em ald, 20180035702, Ta ata Vlllas. a leasehold con- Defendant(s). GREENSPOON MARDER, L INnRNAnoNAL RESORT O nge Coun,Florida, and L 201 E. Pine Straat, Surfe 81, 271.26, $0.61 1310253, M ami, FL 33186 dominium (the Condo- NOTICE OF SALE Twstee. cLuB177nBAuBouwARD as nd6din OMcialRecords 5,O ando. Florida 32801. JOHN K N N DINORA Y YOU ARE NOTIFIED thal a minium'.), according to the NOTICE ls HEREBY WHI8lT "A - NoncE OF WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787 Book 3717, at Page 1522 as Tw ee punuant to that NEYLAN2849 Duncan TRe TRUSTEE'S NON-JUDICIAL Daclaration ot Condomin- GIVEN punuant to order TRusnE's SALE Said sala will be mada(wrtholrt el.seq in Publit Recods or Appoimment ot T ee CiNalrico. FL 44245, 1/104, PROCEEDING to 6nt0w6 a ium th6raot as Pcodad rescheduling fo tlosure sale 16792073, BOBBY LEE ABNEY cov6nants, or wa anty, axpl ss Orange Coun,Florida. and tecorded on 011231201 8. E14 10 Floating, BIENNIAL r en ha5 been in rf ed on the in omtial Retods Book or Final udgmanl, entered BRENDA F ABNEY 2404 Denny or implied, regarding th6 itle. any amendmants h6r6ot. und Document lnstwmenl EVEN, DianDn O18OO357O2, llowing fimeshara Ownenhip 9077, Pag6 4252, Public in Civil Case No. 2017-CA- Hwy Saluda, sc 29138, S2O4A, pouession or encumbrances) p perty Appraiser Parcel no. 201 80044704 ot the $1, 626.93, .61 146559, lntera at Bella norida Records ot Oranga CouW, 005619-0 of the Circurf Court 36, ANNUAL 20180035228, to pay tha unpaid aNassm8nts ID No.: 31-24-27-0486 ma Public Recods ol ORANGE RONALDJ NISIVOCCIACAROL Condominium d8scrib6d as: Florida and all d- ot lh6 h Judicial Circuit $4, 493.30, $2.08 168 481, due in th6 amoum ot (s physicaladdr6Not h8p p6rty County, florida, by Pason A NISIVOCCIA1355 MINUET Unit Week 50, in Unrf ments th&eto (tha 'Decla- in and tor Orange Coun,JOSE L ACOSTA DAILEEN Mibit A,wrth inte is:17777 BaliBoulevad,Wintar ot a now continuing detauW STHENDERSON, NV 89052, 09208, an Annual Unit tion'l Florida, wherein Deutsche Banh ACOSTA 5001 Sw 142 Pl accwing at tha rate ot (s86 G den, Florida 34787 BAU by Obligo s), (s Exhibh 1151 1151, A41ABA41AB, 33341, Waeh in Balla Florida Con- me default giving rise to National Twst Company as Miami, FL 33175, S2O4D, Exhibit A ) par day, pursuantto INnRNAnoNAL RESORT .A,whosa add N is (See ANNUAL ANNUAL Diamond dominium, punuant to thes6 proc68dings islhafailur6 Tru eetorGSAA Home Equi 2, ANNUAL 20180035228, th6 Tlmesha Plan, advances, CLUB 17777 BAU BOULEVARD Mibh A"), in the payent or Di nd, 2018 35702, tha Declaration ot Condo- to make paymen s set to h Twst 2006-11 Asset-Backed $5, 233.03, $2.54 16814453, it any, under tha tarms of 5 d WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787 performance ot the obligations S2, 012.00, $0.98 465324, minium as reco ed in - in tha Mortgage encumbering Certifitates S8ri6s 200611, DENNIS c ALMAND 4412 Claim ot L6n, chagas and Said sala willbemade(wkhout s6wrad by said Claim otLan JAMES w OBRIEN CAROU ficial Recods Book 6222, the Tlme5ha Owenhip PlaintiWandJuanP8RzMe 8d Plum Frost Ct Oakwood. GA expen es ot heTwsteeand ot covenanls,orwa an ,exp ss r8colded in OMcial Records L OBRIEN 109 PELHAM Page 1987, Public R8Gords lntare as orded in lha aR datandant[s), |, Cle ot 30566, s2o9B, 5, ANNUAL, tha,s t ated by said Claim or implied, gading the title, 8ook (See Exhibk A,at Page DRSUMME ILLE, sc 29483- of Orange Coun,Flor- omcial R ords of Orange Court, TIWany Moore RUN8||, 201 8 35228, $5, 1 78.49, ol Len. Obligo s) rnall hav6 the poss8Nion or ancumbranGas) (s Exhibk A"), ot the Public 4951, 3, 000 1, 854, 000, ida and all amendments Coun,Florida. m6 Obligor will sell lo the highe and 82.54 168 861. ROBERT righttocu thedetauWand any to paythe unpaid ass8Nm8nts R rds ot ORANGE County, F45AB, F46AB, F47AB, F48AB, theraof and suppl8m6nls has th6 rigM to obja to lhi5 best bidd6r tor ca5h AT www. ATKINSON 4105 Heather Way junior lienholder shall hav6 Me due in the un of (See Florida, including lhe bPach or Flex, WA, N 20180035702, thereto ('Declaration') T staa proc6eding by sa ing myorangeclerk.realforeclose. Cumming, GA 30041, S3O9C, right to r6d86m ks int6 st up Exhibk A,wrfh interast detauW, notice ot which was set S3, 500.79, $1.17 464457, me delauW giving rise to wen obja ion on tha Twstee com, AT 11:00 AM on June 12, 27, ANNUAL 20180035z28, to th6 date lhe T staa iMu8s accwing at the te ot (Sae torth in a Notic6 otDetauW and SHANNON s ONEAL 1856 th858 proceadings is the nam6d below. me Obligor has 2018, the tollowing described $5, 499.76, 82.55 16806156, th6 Cartificate of Sal6 by paying Exhibk "A ) per day, punuant to lntent to Foraclose pDvid8d RHIANNA STSANTA ROSA, CA tailure lo pay condominium he right o wre the default proper as set to h in said DANIEL ATOCHE CARMEN the amounts due as outlined in the fimesha Plan, advances, to lhe last hnown address 95401-4431,7, 00011,854, 000. assassments and dues and any junior int8&thold6r Final JudBmant, to-wit: ATOCHE 1 Dagraw Ave the pracading paragraph. 8y: if any, under the terms ot said ot Obligor(s), (See Ewhibit F45AB, F46AB, F47AB, F48AB, sulting in a Claim of Len may rada&n ks inte,tor COND MINIUM UNIT NO. Cl on, NJ 07013, s211c, GREENSPOON MARDER, Claim ot Len, charges and wA"), by Ce ifiedlRegistePd Flex, NIA, N/A, 20180035702, 6ncumbering the TlmeshaP a minimum period ot to y- 63, PHASE L, OF OAK- 42, ANNUAL, 20180035228, Twstee. axpensas ot tha T stee and ot Mail or by publication by the 82. 870.18. 8o.961 53234, Ownanhip lnteRst as &oded five (45) days until tha T stae CREST AT SOUTHMEAD- $951.51, $0.46 16851856, EXHIBIT "A - NoncE OF thet sts c aled bysaid Claim undersigned Twstae, will s6|| JAMES T PATTMAN in the O cial Racords or issues the C6rfificat8 ot Sale. ow, A CONDOMINIUM, ROMEO B BALEDIATA IRMINA TRumE's SAU ofLen. Obligo s)shallhavethe al public aurfionlo the highe EARNEsnNE PATTMAN Orange Coun,Florida. me me Len may be cu d by ACCORDING TO THE B BALEDIATA 7413 175m Owner(s) Addr8N Unrf Waek right ocu WedetauNandany biddertor law,money otthe 3210 So hridgeStockbridge, Obligor has the right to obje sanding tertified tunds to DECLARATION OF CON- St Apt 101 Tlnley Pa,IL Usage Occupancy Use COL junior lianholder shall have the Unk S es ot nerica. in lh6 GA 15665, 1 51, D31B,