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May 18, 1979     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 18, 1979

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Page 2, HERITAGE, Flodda Jewish News, May 18, 1979 Editor's Desk By Gene 8tarn, Editor & Publisher OIL! Is this why? Last week, I mentioned the Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller's organization that was put together in 1973 and included such notables as Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Cyrus Vance, Walter Mondale, Harold Brown, W. Michael Blumenthal, and many others now influential in Washington. I am concerned and puzzled about our country's current dilemma about oil and energy. And I am trying to detemine if there is some connection between the Trilateral Commission and the Rockefellers and our current plethora of problems involving Israel, oil, the Saudis... I have the feeling there is and that we are being manipulated by the Administration. For example, I wonder why the administrtion feels so strongly about Saudi Arabia. Why do we send F-15s to the Saudis when we have already been burnt by supplying our most sophisticated weaponry to the Shah of Iran, only to have his so- called stable government overthrown. Saudi Arabia is just as unstable, as past history will prove. Is it because this "friend" raised their oil prices a mere 14 and-one-half percent? Look at the events of the past several months. President Carter unilaterally, WITHOUT THE CONSENT OR ADVICE OF THE SENATE, alters our country's traditional foreign policy. Taiwan has been abandoned, declared a "non-country." Within a few days, his friend J. Paul Austin (Tnlateral Commission member) made a deal with China on behalf of Coca-Cola, which he owns. Iran's leader, the Shah, was abandoned, despite warnings a year in advance by Israeli intelligence. Why? We have a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Great! But our President's plans for the future are practically the identical solution voiced by Brzezinski in a Brookings Institute paper of 1975 that calls for a Palestinian entity on the West Bank and Gaze, and the return of Jerusalem to either Arab or international control. All of this to placate the Saudis. The Rockefeller Family Trust owns a lot of stock in a lot of companies. Among its largest blocks of holdings are Exxon, Mobil, Standard Oil of California (all members of a consortium with Texaco in Aramco, the Arabian American Oil Company that operates in Saudi Arabia). The Rockefeller Family Trust also holds large blocks of stock in ITEK, TWA, Rockefeller Center, Overseas Nat'l. Airlines, Chase Manhattan Bank, Northwest Airlines, Eastern, Delta, Braniff and IBEC (International Basic Economic Corporation). Despite Bill Carter's claims to the contrary, it is not the Jews who run CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times and Time/Life publications. The Rockefeller Family Trust has large stock holdings in each of these corporations. Is the constant devaluation of YOUR dollar due to the Trilateralists agreement that the dollar should no longer be the international "sun" around which all free world economy is based, or that national currencies should be "pegged7 to their relative and interdependent strengths in a fluid manner? "Fluid," as in "oil7' Who There was a little item in the paper that got my interest. A Mr. Blumenthal, the paper said, had been dining at Beethoven's restaurant in San Francisco. It seems to be a good restaurant, judging by the prices, although you can't tell with prices what they are everywhere. Anyway, as I say, this Mr. Blumenthal was dining with a friend when the check arrived for $37 for the meal, he tried paying it with a credit card, but the restaurant owner noted about Yacov? Yacov and his family were lucky. They were among the last to leave a Moslem "area of distress" before the gates closed down. But now they wonder if they've come home only to be left behind. Yacov has to learn a new trade. His wife needs adjustment counseling and guidance. His teenage children, on the verge of dropping out of school, need special instruction. They are all on waiting lists. There are many Yacovs. In Israel. Here. All over the world. Highly visible when they arrive in a free land.., invisible all too soon. It's possible to forget them. But to forget Yacov you must forget who you are. You must ignore a heritage of six thousand years of shared joy and suffering - the oneness of all Jews everywhere. Yacov isyou. His needs and his family's needs are your needs with a different emphasis. / Renew yourself as you renew their lives - and Jewish life everywhere. Make your pledge to the 1979 campaign. WII00 m about aml lamll00 Wedo. Vtm do. 1'be Jewish Federation of Plnellas County 8167 Elbow Lane No. 6t. Petereburg, Plla. 33710 344-5795 Yeor of Jewish Renewal at Home and Serving 55,000 readers weekly (except for summer) in separate Orlando, Tampa and $11.00 per calendar year to Florida rest of the U.S.) and pro-red thereafter, by Florida Jewish News, Inc., 71 ! E. Altamonte Spdngs, Florida. Second-class Altamonte Springs and additional mailing Postmaster and Subscdbers P.O. Box 446, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. GENE STARN, Editor G Publ NICK RACKOFF, EDITORIAL: Managing Editor, Tinker Sale, Ass't- Barbara Coenson-Roth; Editorial Associate: Contributors: Linda Anon, Ada Geier, Anita Trtt: Photography: Eva Durann. PRODQCTION: Fran Rackoff, Laura Roth, WuL ADVERTISING: Coordinator, Susan Esteve2 tire, Ethel Golclberg; Pinellas Representative Tampa Reprentatives, Jean Buchman, Sonny MAIUNG ADDRESS: P.O. Box 446, PHONES: (305) 834-8787, 834-8277. In Where are Woodward and Bernstein such a great investigative job on need them, or people like them to fully to us the "why" of the many besetting our economy and our energY I would like some answers, while I dollar in my pocket and while there is Israel. ed to Alexander New york ponded But what I -- suppose had been would it have ence in his Would he of the TreasUl 1 think he there is Salomon. more Salomon. Charles Jewish name 3/ He was of tendent of is of Robert Salomon. His stood, when the think Henry, They What's In A Name The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando 851N. Naitlmd Ave. JqalUand Pla. 32751 645-5933 The Tmml Jewish Pederatllon 2808 HoraUo Tampa, Fla. 33609 872-4451 that the date on the card showed that it had expired. So Mr. Blumenthal said, "Excuse me," and wrote a personal checlc "Do you have any identifica- tion?" asked the restaurant owner. Mr. Blumenthal scratched his head, then took out a dollar bill on which was the signature W.M. Blumen- thai. Do you know -- the owner was immediately satisfied. Somehow it seems if they know you are Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, they don't worry about the signature on your check. I suppose it is a kind of sign of progress that a man with a Jewish name like Blumenthal can be Secretary of the Treasury. The first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States was Alexander Hamilton. Suppose he had a Jewish name. Suppose his name, for forget war matter of instance, had been Levine or Levin. After all, he almost had that name. Anyway, his half- brother was named Peter Levin. It was like this. Hamilton came from the West Indies. His mother was married to a Jew named Levin. There were a good many Jews in the West !ndies in those days. Judah P. Benjamin, who later became Secretary of State of the Southern Confederate States, was also born in the West Indies. As I say, Hamilton's mother was married to Levin but after the birth of Peter Levin, the couple separated and Hamdton was the product of a later alliance of his mother with a Scotchman named Hamilton. There is a legend that Hamilton could recite the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. He may have been sent by his mother to a Jewish school in the West Indies. Peter Levin later immigrat- SPECIAL TO READERS OF HERITAGE Yours free with every The Jerusalem Post -- the only Israeli newspaper written in English. The latest in ix)liUcal, military, cultund relJRious Richly llhmtroted collector's ' -- Item Imported from IrNI I and business news " I each Week I The Post is your entry int) the To receive your free  sub- I life. heart, and very ,soul of Israel scribe tlay. Or extend your I today, Written. aPr ,all, by people current subscription before it I who don'tjust report the news. expires. T hey live i Supply is limited. " Imlmmamemmmm Imm CUP&MAJLTODAY Immmmnmmmlmmmlm have the furnish of the for the that time taxes. It states but they any fun c Salomon, importance' You Treasury Salomon, get any [] Bon new subcrlpaon in my name; or 1 o  ment o =.a my ,....t ..b.,p,o. A.d. ,.v  "" : get back JeruaLhrm Poa biOllOn labGI I lmllUlJlmmL ilellrlll t [] I wnt to send gl subscdploru, see anached lisl [3 $.30 fo each subscriplion is nJod (52 Iues, I year) | own I had lent t* .... I I . I I I I Civ Sae z,p I Mall to G SubHpflonl: [7 Yes Send The Jerusalem Poe! to those | The Jtusshm Post on Ihe allached (ist ($30 each) And send a beaulitul very special 110 East 59th Streeq gift c.rd in my name, signed, ' | | New York. NY 10022 | I am mn em mu am al mn me am mt am um am em  im im m le mm am m m m m m m  After his move to ents, but it At memory Chayim.