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May 16, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 16, 2003

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 16, 2003 PAGE 5 HERITAGE encourages readers to send in their opinions for the Viewpoint column. They must be signed; however, will be withheld upon request. Due to space we reserve the right to edit, if necessary. printed in Viewpoint do not necessarily reflect opinions of the paper. rewarding terrorism By Mel Alexenberg Avi Taviv was absent from Wednesday morning class. classmates, tears roiling their cheeks, told me critical condi- :ally stopped aterrorist from entering a pub .PaCked with young people en- near the U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv. The terrorist blew Ill I self up at the entrance to the pub murdering an Ameri- Can filmmaker, a waitress, and lrnUsician, and in'urin fif 0the " j g ty rs. Miraculously, Avi survived Suicide bombers' homi- L! aims. Although maimed, y was not one of 1,000 Jewish men, and children tour- in cold blood since the accords. These disas- accords were the for- latest war . President Bush that negotiations with of Saadam and Bin worthless. Terror- n ust be totally defeated for peace to reign. Wise principle needs to to arch terrorist : and his PA mafia. The reliance on the "moderate" PA Abu Mazen to to the Pal- azen educated in communist hardly a model where he wrote fis denying the Hoio- has been Arafat's for decades and brutal murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Unfortunately, the new'"Road Map" provides a route to an even more disas- trous destination than Oslo. It rewards terrorism and sets the stage for Israel's annihilation. The American people and PresidentBush should not join with those who opposed America's brave action to lib- erate Iraq from its tyrannical rulers. The EU, UN, and Rus- sia are promoting a road map to hell. The British, who sup- plied the suicide bomber at Mike's Place, are experts at appeasement. Blair wants to sell out Israel to Ararat to ap- pease the Arabs as Chamberlin sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler for the illusion of"peace in our times." The American people and its Congress have the wisdom to reject a road map that will encourage in- tensification of the 55 years of Arab wars to exterminate Is- rael. It would be suicidal to give over the mountain ranges overlooking Israel's major populations centers to Arabs who never honored any agree- ment they made with Israel. Israeli statesman Abba Eben called the 1967 borders "Auschwitz borders." Israel is only ten miles across from the 1967 border to the sea. Any plan for peace in the Middle East cannot succeed if it ignores the major cause of the war. There can be no peace until all the Arab and Islamic countries openly accept the existence of Israel as a perma- nent, sovereign state in their midst. The anti-American Eu- ropeans and the UN, domi- nated by petty dictatorships, must cease supporting the genocidal aims .of the Arabs by rewarding them for their ag- gression. Israel does not exist on the maps of Arab countries. Militant Moslem clerics are raving in their mosques about the subhuman Jewish "mon- keys, dogs, cockroaches, and filthy bacterial growth" and how they deserve to be killed to save Palestine from being defiled by their presence. Arab leaders call Israel "a cancer on the Arab world that must be uprooted at all cost." Former Iranian president Rafsanjani has justified the building of an Iranian nuclear bomb to raze Israel to the ground. America's liberation of Iraq creates a new regional reality from which peace in the Middle East can develop. The terrorist Palestinian Authority must suffer the same fate as the evil regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. The PA and its partners in incitement and murder, Hamas, Islamic J ihad, al Qaeda, and PA imported in- ternational terrorists like the Mike's Place homicide bomber, must be militarily defeated in order for peace to exist. In the interest of genuine peace, America can promote the Elon Peace Plan that pro- poses a true two-state solu- tion rather than the road map's three-state solution that cre- ates two Palestinian states. In Elon's plan, problems of bor- ders and refugees will be settled in a regional way that encompasses the full extent of Mandatory Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River in- cluding the three-quarters of Palestine ruled by King Abdullah. All the Arab states will declare an end to the con- flict, recognize the Jewish State's sovereignty over the Land of Israel, and work to- gether with Israel for the bet- terment of the entire Middle East. Israel's Tourism Minister Benny Elon proposes a six- point plan for peace entitled: "In the Wake of the War in Iraq - A Historic Opportunity for a Regional Solution to the Is- raeli-Palestinian Conflict." It HERITAGE welcomes and encourages letters to the editor, but they must be typed or printed and include name and phone number. We will withhold your name ifyou so request. Please limit letters to 250 words. Due to space limitations, we reserve the right to edit letters. Send letters to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. Or e-mail to ran on 'roadmap' to correct a in in the April 18, my presenta- 10 to the Jewish of Orlando's Busi- ProfessionalNetwork. my name is Keith not Kenneth I was asked before coming to Florida to describe the views of the various schools of thought in Washington D.C on the most pressing Middle East issues of the day, includ- ing Iraq, Iran, and the pros- pects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Some of the views I described, particularly those on the so-called "roadmap," were mistakenly attributed to my organization, the Ameri- can Israel Public Affairs Com- mittee (AIPAC), and me rather than to the various schools of thought in Washington. Our position at AIPAC is that we welcome the release of the road map, a plan to imple- ment the vision of peace Presi- dent Bush laid out in a major speech last June 24. This ini- tiative presents a real oppor- tunity for the Palestinians to once and for all cut their ties to terrorism and to pursue peace with their Israeli neigh- bors. We are confident that President Bush- who offered the Palestinians statehood if they elect a new leadership that dismantles the terrorist infrastructure - will ensure that the implementation of the road map achieves his vision. KEITH WEISSMAN Deputy Director, Foreign Policy Issues to the victims of the Holocaust t P, diton help Fioridians whose Were victims of the LUst, Senator Billl now links to insurance claims : Claims. Simply go gov and click on the icon on tip that of racial, religious or political says, "unpaid Holocaust persecution during the Holo- claims." caust. The names on the lists are Constituents may search those of people who had or the list by person and click on may have had a life insurance progress of claims. policy of any kind during the Office of Senator relevant period of 1920 to BILL N LSON 1945, and who are though United States Senate likely to have suffered any form 202-224-5274 is a peace plan that can assure that Avi Taviv will be the last Oslo victim. The Palestinian Authority will be dissolved. Israel will put a firm end to Palestinian terrorism by expelling terrorists, collecting weapons, and dismantling ter- ror-hotbed refugee camps. The international com- munity will recognize the Hashemite Kingdom as the sole representative of the Pal- estinians, and will help it eco- nomically as it absorbs a lim- ited number of refugees. Israel will become sover- eign over Judea, Samaria And Gaza, and Arabs living there will be Jordanian citizens liv- ing under a form of autonomy to-be-determined. The exchange of Jewish and Arab populations begun in 1948 will be completed, and the international community will help rehabilitate the refu- See "Terrorism" on page 6 ll;RticAl- II , OF Rabbinical Thoughts his ink from a mixture of gall- nut, gum Arabic, and copper sulfate crystals. Rabbinic regu- lations prescribed for the scribe text divisions, paragraphs, spaces between letters, words, Short history of the Torah reading l nes, and sentences. For example, there must be 248 columns of 42 lines each, By Rabbi R. J. Adler Shabbat seven, and each column must be five The rabbis also stipulated inches wide; a four-inch mar- The beginning of the Torah thataminimumofthreeverses gin must be left on the bottom reading is mentioned in be read and the one who re- andathree-inchmarginonthe Deuteronomy (31.10) where it ceived the honor was to read top with a two inch wide mar- is stated that on Sukkot every himself. In Palestine the cus- gin between columns. Orna- seventh year the Torah should tomwastoreadtheTorahonce mental crowns, called Tagin, be read before the people of in three years, while in are placed on seven of the Israel. The next time we find a Babylonia it was once a year. twenty-two letters of the He- public Torah reading is in the The annual cycle began on the brew alphabet which are quite Book of Joshua, where Joshua Shabbat after Simchat Torah traditional and necessary. Be- at Mt. Ebal (Josh. 8,30) read all and the entire Torah was di- fore the sofer writes the name the words of the Torah, the vided into 54 weekly parshiot, of God he must declare, I am blessings and the curses, prob- TheTorahischantedaccord- writing the name of God for ably from the Book of ingtoacertainmelody, tropor theholinessofHisname.Mter Deuteronomy. The thirdpub- ta'amin, first suggested by checkingthecorrectnessofthe lic reading was done by King RabbiJochanan(Meg.32a)and new Torah Scroll, the parch- Josiah in Jerusalem (639-609) later further developed by a ment is attached to wooden during the 18th year of his group of text specialists from rollers, calledEtzChayim, trees reign. Most scholars hold that Tiberias who were called of life and the Torah is orna- he too read from the Book of Masoretes, handing down tra- mented with a cover and silver Deuteronomy. dition. They were also respon- crownsaswellasasilverpointer The most important source sibleforintroducingourvowel used by the Torah reader to of our Torah reading comes system to assist with the read- avoid touching the parchment fromtheBookofNehemia(8,9) ing and interpretation of the with his hands. where we are told that Ezra, text. It is interesting that nei- Let me end with an interest- the Scribe, read the Torah on therthevowelsnortheta'amin ing Talmudic story. When RoshHashanahtoallthepeople werepermittedwithinthetext Moses was on high, he found who had returned from the of the Torah. Over the years the Holy One decorating the Babylonian Exile. The assem- differentcommunitiesadopted Torah's letters with coronets. bly cried for they never heard various systems of notes for He asked the meaning of this, such a reading before and had their chants according to local and the Holy One said, "After not observed the laws previ- traditions and influences, many generations, a man by ously; they gathered now in The Torah scroll for use in thenameofAkibawillexpound the Temple Court in Jerusalem the synagogue must be written heaps and heaps of laws on and it seems as if this tradition on specially prepared parch- eachofthesetitles."Moseswent was continued on a regular mentandbyaprofessionalsofer and sat down behind the eight basis. (scribe) who must observe a rows of disciples listening to By the time of the Mishnah number of rabbinic laws and Akiba's discourse, but he was (second century) the Torah rituals. For study and for fol- unable to follow the discus- reading of the synagogue had lowing the reading in Shul a sion. At one point the disciples been well established as fol- book called the Chumash is asked, ' Vhence do you know lows;ThreealiyotforMinchah- sufficient.Beforebeginninghis this?"AndAkibareplied,"itisa Shabbat and weekdays, Mon- work, the sorer must immerse law given to Moses on Sinai." days and again on Thursdays; himself in a mikvah and must Said Moses, "Lord, thou hast four aliyot for Rosh Chodesh declare that all his actions will such a man, and thou givest and Chol Hamoed; five aliyot be done for the holiness of the theTorahby me?" God replied, for every Yore Tov; for Yore Sefer Torah. He prepares his "Such is my decree." Kippur six aliyot and for quillfromaturkeyfeatherand (Menachot, 29b). Tobin We should seek to avoid ac- speakforthemajorityofAmeri- Continued from page 4 tions that encourage Israel's cans, Jewish and non-Jewish a good idea or a peril to the terroristenemiesorthosewho alike, who love Israel. But it Jewishstate,asmanyofusthink seek to undermine its security, was still a mistake made by it is. such as the leaders of the Euro- people who ought to know bet- What we need now is some pean Union and the United ter. Let's hope the people of humility from American Jews, Nations. Though perhaps well- Israel will not pay for the error. including supporters and oppo- intentioned, the letter encour- Jonathan& Tobinisexecu- nents of the latest peace plan. aging Bush to press ahead on tire editor of the Jewish Expo- None of us can predict the dan- the road map did not exhibit nent in Philadelphia. He can gets that lie ahead, but all of us such humility. Its publication be reached via e-mail at knowthatpastschemesforpeace will hurt - not help - Israel's resulted in the catastrophe of search for security. Read the Jewish Exp nent n- the current war, which has leR I suspect the president line at wunv'jewishexp nent several hundred Jews dead. knows this group does not .com.