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May 11, 1979     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 11, 1979

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Page 2, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News, May 11, 1979 I grew up on gasoline and oil. My dad was an independent distnbutor with a filling station or two of his own. Besides pumping gas, I managed one of the outlets one summer to earn money for college, ddving a big tank truck about 40 miles each day. That doesn't make me an expert on what's happening today, however. In fact, I am extremely puzzled and perplexed at the energy situation. I think we are being manipulated. I think the big international, energy conglomerates either control, or are controlled by, some people in very, very high place ! do not know whether there is truly a "shortage" of oil or if it's an artifidal situation created to raise pdces or control international developments. I have the feeling, however, that all is not kosher. In 1973, the year of the Yore Kippur War when Israel was invaded and Saudi Arabia declared an embargo on oil for our helping them, David Rockefeller organized the Trilateral Commission. David Rockefeller is chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank. From what rve been able to learn, the purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to "investigate" solutions to the world's monetary problems. Involved in "monetary problems" is energy -- oil. And oil is the key to many of our current dilemmas involving Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, high prices, shortages, the decline of the dollar, etc., etc., etc. The list of those named to this Trilateral Commission is fascinating. Heading the list was Zbigniew Brzezinski as chairman. "With one important distinction" between himself and ONE DOWN ONE TO 60 SPECIAL TO READERS OF HERITAGE Israel's rebirth, in ence, immigration, war, and the struggle or peace. Oue:m. mo Youn free with ever T new subscription to The Jcasalem Post -- the only Israeli newslper written in English. The latest in poliUcaJ, military, Oar Itee gill cu]t]JraJ, rltous Rlch illustrated collector's and business news Item. Imported rom Israel. each week. 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Kissinger, he told Playboy interviewer Robert Scheer, "Henry worked for Nelson as an employee and I work for David as an associate." Also on the list of Commission members was Jimmy Carter. They wanted a southern governor as a Trilateralist and chose Carter, who was then Governor of Georgia, over Florida's Reubin Askew, because Jimmy already had opened trade offices in Brussels and Tokyo. Other names on the Trilateral Commission included Walter Mondale (now vice president of the U.S.), Cyrus Vance (now Secy. of State), W. Michael Blumenthal (Secy. of Treasury), Harold Brown (Secy. of Defence), Andrew Young (ON Ambassador), Leonard Woodcock (United Auto- workers president and possible ambassador to Red China), J. Paul Austin (president of Coca Cola), Prince Bernhard (Netherlands royalty and "Lockheed representative") among others. Which leads me to wonder: did Jimmy Carter pick his vice president and his cabinet? Or did they pick him as their president? In other words, who works for whom? Writing in The Nation (April 9, 1977), Kai Bird wrote that "the bridge between the Trilateral powers and regional powers like Saudi Arabia is the multi-national corporation. ARAMCO, the Arabian American Oil Company, representing Mobil, Exxon, Texaco and Standard Oil of California is an appropriate conduit diplomacy ... Aramco is a perfect tool policy makers to integrate the Saudis international economic order. While the relationship between the royal family in Arabia and Aramco continues and even strengthens, there is the fear that the nature of the Arab nationalist etc.) could radically alter this "special ship." According to Bird, the price of this relationship" is a peace treaty to Israel. The treaty was outlined in a 1975 Brookings Institute report, "Towards Middle East," signed by Zbigniew William O.uandt (now "Zoiggie's" Middl at the National Secunty Council). invisioned was a PalesUnian state West Bank and Gaza, and the nominal J international sovereignty over the Old Jerusalem. Sound familiar?! The Trilateral Commission has called I global realignment of economics. C Bergsten (an original Commission now Ass't. Secy. of the Treasury for Economic Affairs), claimed that Iran, Brazil and Mexico as "major new should be brought into the "inner national decision-making on economiC' To quote the Washington Post (Aug. "At a press conference, he (Bergsten) by remarking that with the decline State's power, the collective approach is way 'to make the world safe for Is this "collective approach" making ! safe for the Israelis? For you and the Rockefellers and the Trilateral There are more puzzles. We'll next week. bJI Jewlbh Tdlp'aphic P.gnoj, Inc.) by DaVid Sch.W Over a Tea Cup It's funny how the mind works. I was having a cup of tea and suddenly I was a hundred miles away -- back in history. Around me were Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and then I saw a couple -- you wouldn't believe it -- yes, Mr. and Mrs. George Washington. And you know what they were doing? They were drinking tea too. I always pictured the early Americans as drinking stronger stuff -- rum. The males did do a lot of such drinking, but the women drank tea and the men did too, for that matter, though less than the women, but tea was very popular. You wake up in the morning and you feel a little listless. It's a kind of energy crisis and a cup of tea supplies the energy. Then one day the people read in the papers that the price of tea was to be raised by the British. Actually it was all done by one company which had a monopoly. The British tea business was all controlled by the British East India Company, one of those super corpora- tions which was a kind of government itself. In fact, the British East India Company even had its own army. Through its influence a tariff was imposed on all foreign teas, so that Americans had to buy their tea from them. Monopoly doesn't ask questions. It just tells you and you have no choice. Americans didn't like it. Sam Adams arose at a Boston town meeting and said, it's no use just talking. We must do some- thing. Let's have a parade, he said. So the members of the town meeting dressed up as Indians and marched to the harbor and dumped the British tea in the harbor. That was what became known as the Boston Tea Party. The Spirit of '76, the American Revolu- tion, really began because of the raising of the price of tea! I guess all these thoughts came to mind while drinking the tea because I was reading a newspaper story how OPEC plans to further raise the pnce of oil. It's a much more severe energy crisis today, of course. What will be the result? No one can foretell. But it's the same story of monopoly. It's against the anti-trust law for several companies to join together and raise prices; it can be even more harmful. In his speech at the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, Premier Menachem Begin remarked that the oil producing nations do not show any gratitude to the Western nations whose technology made it possible for the Middle Eastern countries to make use of their oil resources. If Begin ever left Israel America, I think he Congress and like old Sam Adams strikes thejugulr, He can speak without Nowadays, speakers speeches. This is Patrick Henry reading give me death." They him the razz. To move us the present us with convince us above all us to feel is what he gives us this feeling himself. And where did Begin c express himself so well in Abba Eban is of English. But we can ur was raised in En Oxford. But Begin is a Europe and must English as Ben Gu night in Israel. Yes, we like his s man himself. Also, was a picture in the and Mrs. Sadat and an girl. It inspired us details of the peace Red Magen David Invited Special to HERITAGE New York -- For the first time in its history, the American National Red Cross (ARC), issued an official invitation to Magen David Adorn (MDA). Israel's Red Cross Service, to send a dele- gation to the ARC National Convention in Kansas City, Mo., beginning Sunday, which will be attended by more than 3,800 delegates from ARC chapters all over the United States. George M. Elsey, president of the American National Red Cross, in his letter of invitation, assured the MDA delegates of a warm welcome and invited them to a ten day tour of ARC chapters throughout the country. Despite the fact that MDA in Israel has been consistently denied membership in the International Red Cross (IRC), because the MDA Red Star of David symbol has not been accepted, the American National Red Cross has always extended to MDA its full support and cooperation. As evidence of this support, ARC recently instructed its chapters to include the MDA Red Star of David flag when- ever they display the other three recognized Red Cross flags i.e. the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crescent and Lion Published W r (except for two weeks dudng separate Orlando, Tampa and Pinellas calendar year to Florida addresses (1.00 r U.S.) and pro-rated thereafter, by Heritage ( News, Inc., 711 E. Altamonte Dr., Suite Ft. 32701. Second-class postage paid al additional mailing offices. Postmaster & Subscribers: Send address P.O. Box 446, Altamonte Spdngs, FL 32701- GEPIE STARN, Editor & Publlsh NICK RACKOFF. Business Manag EDITORIAL: Managing Editor, Tinker Sale. 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