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May 7, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 7, 2004

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FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 7, 2004 PAGE 17 r Continued from page 1 because they L"George really loved this is for 1. In accepting the award,only a role model, a mentor, community the kind of ser- work you do in our commu- The evening concluded Weinersaid, "It really is with a co-worker on many differ- vice that he did. I want to nity, and l'd like to thank all with the announcement of great humility and apprecia- ent community activities, thank the committee for giv- of you lthe guests in the au- the winners of the pre-din- tion that l accept the award but he was a friend and he ing me this award; I want to dience] forwhatyou do for ner silent auction and a live To have the George Wolly was a gentleman thatweal- thankalltheworkersofJew- this community through auction conducted by Alan Award is probably the most ways aspire to emulate,ish Family Services--the your contributions, to your FrenkeI.Theauctionsraised meaningful possible award I "I hope we would all try professionals, the volun- efforts with Jewish Family more than $130,000 for JFS can have. George was not to, in some way, give to our teers--for the incredible Services." programming and services. d from page 1 kov is the camp and has a reputation positive rela- with the campers parents. "What a lovely person she is," saidAmy friendly, energetic, passionate instruction. The arts program Shabbat dinner, challah bak- Blumkin, a past camper's and tireless. She went every- will include music, dance, act- ing, a camp newspaper, per- mother."Shekneweverychild wherewiththosekids, andthey ing, comedy, food decoration, formances, stories, hiking by name. She made it a point adored her." woodcraft, cooking and bak- and more. The camp is open to know the parents and re- The sports program will in- ing. to children ages 4- 12, and port on the kind of day that clude basketball, baseball, Camp Gan Israel also of- will be located at Dr. Phillips they had. She was outgoing, football,soccerandswimming fersweeklytrips, overnights, High School on Turkey Lake Rd. It runs from June 28 - July 16. Campers who register by May 19 will pay $110 per week. For more information, visit www.J camp or call 407-354-3660. from page 2 said the high- sent to political leaders on eve of European Union that all forms of are unaccept- not been done by in Germany, I the Jews would be a mistake in calling conference," nger, chairman of the ewish told sked Aus- Wolf gang to attend last year's na but was ' among many partici- was growing vilification of the spillover effect m recent years on .on Jews and Jewish in Europe. tmberofper- have been young particularly in that point was rectlyat the we confront the ugly anti-Semitism is of history, but a event," Powell told the gathering. He said that criti- His remarks underscored the practices" from non-govern- sity of Berlin's Center for Re- Israel too directly and too cism of Israel was not neces- hesitancy toaddress the issue mental organizations search on anti-Semitism, graphically," added Hoffman, sarily anti-Semitic unless"Is- of Muslim anti-Semitism di- throughout the region "for Observers said some Arab whowas a member of the offi- rael or its leaders are demon- rectly, preventing and responding to countries had pressured the cial U.S. delegation."The U.S. ized or vilified, for example by Speakers offered numerous anti-Semitism." Several non- OSCEtoexcludelanguagelink- government fought hard to get the use of Nazi symbols and suggestions in workshops on Jewish activists attended the ing criticism of Israel with Is- a reference, but the consensus racist caricatures." In the days topics such as anti-Semitism conference, including a del- lamic anti-Semitism. In addi- was not there among many of before the conference, the in the media and Internet; the egation from the Washington- tion, some European members the European memberstates." Anti-Defamation League re- role of governments andcivil based Leadership Conference of the board reportedly balked Rabbi Andrew Baker, the leased a report showing a de- society in promoting toler- on Civil Rights. at including such language. American Jewish Committee's cline in anti- Semitic attacks ance; and diversity training The conference "pushedThefinaldeclaration,which head of international affairs, in Europe from their peak two and Holocaust education, anti-Semitism back on the was read aloud by conference told JTA that the event was a yearsago, butamarkedrisein Non-governmental organiza- agenda," said Fahmia Huda, chair Passy, condemns all success despite the compro- anti-Israel sentiment, tions shared their materials head of the Faith Communi- manifestations of anti- misesoverthefinaldocument. The disparity between the and networked in the tiesOfficeofBritain'sForeign Semitism and other forms of Evenwithoutpressurefrom dropinanti-Semitism and the ministry's library. Office. discrimination based on eth- the Arab states, the finaidocu- rise in hostility toward Israel Participants committed to "Everyone has a duty to nic origin or religious belief, mentprobablywouidnothave suggests that political inter- honing their legal systems, take part in the discussions as well as attacks on religious explicitly linked Israel and ls- vention has helped Europeans promotingacademicexchange and do whatever they can to institutionsmotivatedbysuch lamic anti-Semitism, Baker separate their feelings about and educational programs--- combat it,"said Huda, whois hatred, said. Jews from their views on Is- includingHolocauststudies--- Muslim. Stephen Hoffman, presi- "There were too many rael, said Abraham Foxman, and pledged to "collect and While several concrete rec- dent and CEO of the United people who were nervous the ADL's U.S. national direc- maintain reliable information ommendationsemerged from Jewish Communities, the about it," he said. "The ques- tor. and statistics about anti- the conference--including a umbrella organization of tion is whetheryou will note "It's open season on Israel, Semitic crimes and other hate call for acoordinator to moni- North American Jewish fed- what the declaration says or an open season of criticism at crimescommittedwithintheir toranti-Semiticcrimesacross erations, told JTA that the what it doesn't say. And the a level that is almost beyond territory." They pledged to re- the continent-some observ- Bush administration encour- answer is that it is noteworthy reason and rationale," Foxman portsuchcrimestotheOSCE's erssaidthemereconveningof aged the delegation "not to for what it does say." Foxman said. Ultimately, he added, bias Office for Democratic Institu- the event made it a success, make blanket statements say- agreed, notingthat though the against Israel"impacts on how tions and Human Rights. Such a conference on the ing'Muslims say this' or'Mus- final declaration didn't men- Jews are perceived." Paul That office is to be charged highest political level "shows lims say that,' not to blanket a tion Muslim anti-Semitism, Spiegel, who survived the Ho- with monitoring anti- that anti-Semitism is not a wholereligion,justaswedon't the topic was much discussed Iocaust in hiding in Belgium Semitism with the coopera- legitimate political instru- want to be," he said. in both the OSCE event and at and today heads the Central tion of the 55 OSCE member merit, and it sends a signal to In debars over the final pre-conference events. Council of Jews in Germany, states, anditwiUmakeitsfind- the Eastern European states statement, OSCE members "We broke an important ta- said anti-Semitic attacks of all ings public, that have not always seen it expressed"considerable oppo- boo," Foxman said. "The next kinds should be denounced Finally, the OSCE's human thatway,"saidWolfgangBenz, sition to referencing the situ- thing is to talk about the per- 'Wherever they come from." rightsbranchistocoilect'Ooest head of the Technical Univer- ation in the Middle East and petrators." Tobin - th ued from page 4 t upn th e U.N. institutions Peeifically to aid the t human ri hts have so . g methmg of a mock- The IJ N Human R Coraalio', ' ights that recentl met in Cen Y exam I eva zs j ust such an %rre e, The COmmission's Stlch at n embers include uespotisms as Cuba, ntinued from a e 5 of P g the Shekhinahcan- ' ~ inSorrow ,Pltless ~ orpain;ha - es Kabbalah Po Ano anti cleave to Him. ther challenge of thu Philosophers to the rehgl Canadac. g :' tinued from Page 12 Ore ent-- r has committed L an $8 billion to en- ".anCing n " Slnce De o hOnal security urther e" er 2001 and has ',co .Z ,nonstrated that it leasin"'ng onstream, by re- rit new national secu- taWa. this Week in Ot- Saudi Arabia, Sudan, China abuses goingon in the Sudan, Hamas and other Palestinian and Zimbabwe; the group it- as well as those taking place groupsdidn'tinterestthecom- self has been chaired by rep- in Zimbabwe, Tibet andmission. Nor did the world- resentatives of the tyrants China. wide rise in anti-Semitism', a that run Libya and Syria. Co- But it did find time to adopt term that Bayefsky says goes lumbia University law pro- five resolutions condemning unmentioned in the fessor Anne Bayefsky, an ex- Israel, and even "took three commission'sglobal report. Of pert on the commission, has hours out of its schedule,' to, course, it was the United Na- written that the latest six- as Bayefsky reports, "mourn tionsthathelpedpromoteJew- week-long session of the the death of Hamas terrorist hatred during its 2001 Con- group managed to, for the leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin." ference on Racism in Durban, most part, ignore the war and The violation of Israeli human South Africa. widespread human-rights rights by terrorists from All this adds up to a ratio- nale for a foreign-policy ap- proach that both Democrats and Republicans ought to be able to agree on. A multilat- eral policy that is rooted in support of the cesspool of anti- Semitism and corruption that is the United Nations is no prescription for the promo- tion of democracy in Iraq or anywhere else. But it is an albatross that Republicans can tie around Democratic necks in November. Though some of his Euro- pean friends won't like it, if Kerry is to score points on Bush, he might have to shift course and abandon the sink- ing U.N. ship to which he's lashed his campaign. A healthy dose of unilateralism might be just the thing for Kerry, lest he be linked with the real poison in global di- plomacy that is the United Nations. Jonathan S. Tobin isexecu- tire editor of the Jewish Expo- nent in Philadelphia. He can be reached via e-mail at: j tob in beliefs was to reconcile God's and speech to the capacity of omnipotence with human free his audience. All religions of Su~ser will. Some referred the answer that time insisted that the Bible Continued from page 5 they will seek a role within the partly because of its support for to mysticism, others explained was factually true in every de- frameworkofthelsraeli-Ameri- Israel and partly because of the bravely that God adapted Him- tail and the more severe criti- suggest an alternative plan to can plan and will use their sup- situation in Iraq. self to our human limitations cism of Scriptures did not be- the one Bush and SharonportforthePalestinianstomake Leslie Susser is the diplo- in the Bible, just as a skillful gin before the Enlightenment agreed to in the White House. inroadsintheArabworld,where matic correspondent for the speaker adjusts his thoughts period later on. It's more likely, however, that the United States is struggling, Jerusalem Report. Lly the national se- the clearest iously the se- and how corn- is to to security said. artin, who re- an Chretien as prime minister in Decem-Bell, who grew up in "A guy with a green gar- are interested not only in tionalPost'smanagingedi- ber, recently established a Vancouver, said he was bage bag was collecting the killing but in the rues- tor, Mark Stevenson, said. new Ministry of Public deeply affected by the 1985 piecesofpeople," Bellsaid. sage," he said. "So it's sur- "There are a lot of people Safety and Emergency Pre- Air India terrorist bomb- "I remember thinking, prising how open these or- who don't like what he does paredness, and put Deputy ing, in which Canadian-'How could someone walk ganizations often are to because he reports the Prime Mini,ster Anne based perpetrators blew up into this crowded roommeeting with journalists news." Bell's articles also McClellan in charge of it, an aircraft carrying hun- fiiledwithinnocentpeople, and explaining where generate many appreciafive Jubinville noted, dreds of people. Thecaseis look them in the face and they're coming from. Toan phone calls and e-mails Until relatively recent still before the Canadian just obliterate them?' " extent, I exploit their need from readers who regard times, fund-raisers for tea,- courts. During one ofseveraijour- to talk." In Toronto, how- the issue as one of primary rorist groups have been Though he had writtennalistic stints in the Middle ever, the award-winningnational concern, able to raise millions of about terrorism for years, East, Bell also visited reporter has received Stevenson added. dollars in Canada because Bell said he never fully Hezbollah headquarters in enough threats that the"He's a good, oid-fash- most Canadians don't real- grasped the subject until Beirut, but said he was not newspaper hasput security ioned news reporter and in- ize where their money is two years ago, when he overly fearful of putting precautions in place to pro- vestigative journalist. He going, Bell said. walked through an Israeli himself in Hezbollah'stect Bell and his family, gets it first and he gets it "The primary targets are pool hall that had been dev- hands. "He sparks controversy right." "Cold Terror: How outside ofCanada.Wedon't astated by a Hamas suicide "You have to remember among those who believeCanada Nurtures and Ex- see the final explosions, so bomber. The bombing that terrorism is a psycho- that anyone arrested on a ports Terrorism Around the we don't come face to face killed 16 people and injured logical act as much as any- terrorist charge has been World" was published by with the violence," he said. scores, thing. Those that foster it wrongly accused," the Na- John Wiley & Sons Canada.